Magical Misadventures of The Lounge Owners Ch. 1

By bleuboy
published January 28, 2016
6575 words

Four immortal and magical beings hailing from different eras in time have a lot of fun toying with the mortal men of New York City.


Greetings and salutations, I’m sure you’re wondering just who exactly are these owners of The Lounge? Well, I’ll try to make it a short story. 

Essentially, they are four old and super powerful wizards well versed in various forms of magic. A few have been alive since man’s earliest civilizations, while others are much younger. 

First we have Malik, who hails from the age of Tutankhamen in Egypt. He was the head acolyte for the royal court before the boy king’s father tried to switch from polytheism to monotheism. As one could imagine, it was a rather violent affair. Using magic, he and other court members mummified themselves. Their sarcophagi were hidden deep within Tut’s tomb. However, the magic working on the golden sarcophagi had a very large drawback. If it was ever opened or disturbed, the inhabitant will move on to the next life but if undisturbed the inhabitant will become immortal after awakening. Malik was the only survivor of his court, only due to how obscure his sarcophagus was in the tomb. Malik is well over 3000 years of age and one of the oldest of the Lounge owners. He stands stands at about 5’9” and weighs 165lbs, a lithe build with a perky butt and rich cinnamon colored skin along with 7.5” cucumber thick member. In conformity with the times, he also had styled his hair his an orderly yet stylish fade. He wore kohl around his eyes and always had a cane made of sycamore wood with gold embellishments. 

Next we have Cecil, who hails from the age of Homer and is nearing 4000 years old and is a child of Hecate, who consorted with her cult’s priest. Being a son of the goddess of witchcraft made him immensely powerful on his own right, but he learned to control his power as he was under the tutelage of his half-sister, Circe, and learned about herbology and potion work. He was born during a time where the gods of Olympus were having a feud; Hera was fighting with Aphrodite and Dionysus. Hera was tired of their followers taking married housewives from the home and was disgusted by their promiscuity. Hera, hanging Zeus’ many affairs over his head, made the gods and free titans, even the minor ones, pledge abstinence for 100 years to remove followers of the cults of Dionysus and Aphrodite. Hecate, a titaness, cared not for Hera’s decree had a child with one of her priests. Because of her breaking the pledge, Cecil was cursed by Hera to forever seek his mother but due to the nature of her work, he would never be able to find Hecate. The curse, by fluke and his magical power, also made him ageless. Cecil stands at 5’10” and 170 lbs, he worked out a lot and had a jock-butt and had a 6.5” banana sized member. His olive skin and dark hair only amplified his good looks. 

Now we have Kaine. One of the youngest of the quartet, who hails from the Caribbean during the age of piracy, making him a little under 400 years old. He was a ship boy for British Traders but his vessel was attacked and he was kidnapped by none other than Davy Jones. Davy was growing tired of his job of ferrying dead sailors to the afterlife and set about doing a plunder spree before he quite literally gave up the ghost. Davy was cursed before took on spirit of the sea, his body was old and failing and the spirit needed a new host. Kaine, and his youthful body and innocent emerald green eyes, was the perfect host. The transference occurred and Kaine become immortal with immense power over magic and the sea. The Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones’ ship, was now a massive luxury cruise liner that was even larger than the Titanic, and it pulled in thousands of dollars in revenue. Kaine also owned a profitable sea trade business that edged ever closer to a monopoly. Kaine stands at about 6’1” and weighed 220. He had boyishly good looks, milky white skin, and a jouncy bubble butt that stemmed from his working out and indulgent eating and he came equipped with a thick 8” member. He also had a southern twang to his voice. 

And finally we have the other youngster of the four, Lincoln. Lincoln was a slave during the Salem Witch Trials, making him just under 400 like Kaine. He was the son of Tituba, the infamous voodoo enchantress who was the start of the phenomena called the Salem Witch Trials. Lincoln learned the ways of voodoo from her and how to read and write from slaves who learned and taught in secrecy. He was a houseboy, unlike his mother, as he was a mulatto. When the townspeople seized his mother, he was but only a boy of 18 when he fled his master’s plantation. He wandered the woods lost and scared, in fear of being caught. He found a cave in which to stay and made a living for a few years until he was visited by his mother accompanied by a loa. She was happy that he was alive and gave her his blessing. She transferred her great power unto him. The overflowing magic made him immortal. He became a paragon of voodoo magic. In his years, he created a cooking show that featured different African and African American dishes along with owning a series of cookbooks. Lincoln stands at 6’3” and weighed 260 pounds of thickness all in the right places, of the four he had the biggest butt and was equipped with a weighty 9.5” member. 

The four all came together strangely enough by sensing each others magic and instantly became friends; they would have to be in braving the new world. With Malik and Cecil’s extensive knowledge of magic, Kaine’s money and access to goods, and Lincoln’s cooking they created the Lounge. What is the Lounge? Only THE premier gay bar to be at. Every one in the community was welcome. Gainers, chasers, jocks, bodybuilders, twinks, bears, fetishists…everyone! It’s located near the heart of New York and is a giant multi-floor discotheque, bar, and restaurant. On top of being owners, the Owners also engage in a little fun with their customers. 

Chapter One: Old?! 

Malik was walking into the Lounge at 10pm, and already the place was getting busy. The first two levels were the bar and dance floors, the topmost levels were for private rooms and dining. He was actually using his cane to walk as the club held a vogue night; vogue dancers from all over the world came out to see or participate. Malik participated as he knew how to vogue innately; it mimicked the dances from back in the day. Of course, while going for a death drop he threw out his knee. Cecil ragged on him as he applied a healing potion to his knee. 

Malik’s knee was still a bit dodgy but he was walking just fine. He was wormed his way through the dance floor to get to the Owners’ private room, where the four surveyed the club and watched the antics. On his way, he was shoved and pushed down to the floor, “Move out of the way old man, fuck!” a deep voice snapped. Malik looked up and saw a beautiful latino man who stood at 6’0” and probably weighed 180 lbs of solid muscle. He was wearing a neon orange mesh top, black skintight joggers, and stylish runners. His hair was spiked and there seemed to not be a single strand of body hair on his glistening caramel skin. The latino turned his nose up in disgust and continued to dance on the floor, grinding up on random guys and making out with others. 

“Boss!” the bartender said, coming to Malik’s side and helping him up and out of the crowd of the dance floor over to the Owner’s room, “You okay?” The bartender’s name was Sully. He was a 35 year old army vet and served multiple tours to the middle east. Malik came across him on the street as Sully, with his PTSD along with serving as a gay soldier during Don’t Ask Don’t Tell amongst other issues, had gone broke and turned to drugs and lived on the street. He was gangly and very ill when Malik found him. With a little of Lincoln’s cooking and Malik’s reformation magic, Sully was now a 6’2”, 250 lbs bodybuilder with blonde hair cut down into a buzz cut and a blonde goatee. He was wearing a tight, white v-neck shirt, skin tight jeans, and loafers. His tanned skin looked ready to pop at any moment with those bulging muscles along with a globes for a muscle ass. In addition to getting tips with every drink, he also went home every night with new tail before he found his current boyfriend, Eric, a swimmer twink who attended graduate school at NYU for economics. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for your concern,” Malik flashed a bright, white smile at his employee. Sully shook his head and began to walk back towards the bar. 

“Alright, just let know if you need anything!” and back he went to shaking up drinks. Malik entered the Owner’s room to see Lincoln setting down a tray of food on their dining table; bread, wine, and steak with a small side salad was Malik’s meal. 

“Wow, Lincoln. We’ve been friends for only 20 years, and you already know what I like!” Malik said jokingly, eliciting a smirk from Lincoln’s handsome face. Kaine was drinking a glass of wine while balancing books and Cecil was sitting on the couch reading a mythology book. I already knew he was reading about his mother and half-sister. 

“What can I say? I know the most about the people I love,” Lincoln said, he was dressed in a white chef’s uniform that clung to every curve on his body. Malik couldn’t help but lick his lips at the sight…of the food…and Lincoln. 

“You have a little confrontation out there,” Kaine said in his southern twang, as he turned away from the books. 

“Oh yes. I did,” Malik replied, sitting down to begin eating his food. 

“Well?” Cecil said, setting down the book and looking at Malik, “What are you going to do about it?” 

“Kaine, if you would start up a scry for us please?” Malik said after gulping down a few bites of the succulent wagyu filet. Kaine snapped his fingers and a golden basin appeared in the middle of the table. Malik, Lincoln, and Cecil looked on as Kaine snapped his fingers once more and water instantly filled the bowl. He chanted a small incantation and lights spread from the basin forming a viewing screen. The event of Malik being pushed played up to the current moment where the latino man was dancing while drinking. To the side of the screen information pulled up. 

“Hector Montenegro. 24. Recent college grad from Syracuse University with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Works as a banker. 6’3”, 185 lbs. Very active. Hates old people, body hair, and fat people, loves to work hard and play hard. He also has a major attitude problem and gets angry quickly,” Kaine read off. Just then, Hector splashed his drink on a poor twink who stepped on his foot and started shouting in Spanish at him. Another scene played from earlier where he laughed in the face of an older gentleman, Eric Lautner who was a 32 year old business executive. 

“Hmmm…Bring up Eric’s info for me please,” Malik said, not interested in his food anymore. He was formulating a plan on a punishment. 

Eric’s info pulled up and Kaine began reading off once more, “Eric Lautner. 32. VIP Executive of Ares Capital Inc., an extremely profitable business development firm. 5’10”. 175 lbs. Active. Doesn’t have many dislikes. He likes fattening up jocks and he has a thing for older men. He has a fantasy about stuffing and fucking and being fucked by his boss, a 55 year old man who used to play football in college and fell off working out in his mid thirties and consequently ballooned up.” As Kaine read off, Eric’s track record with fattening guys came into view. He fattened a Syracuse University football jock from a lithe 160 lbs to nearly 300 lbs before they broke off their relationship. He also fattened a worker under him from, shoving him off the deep end into gaining. The man went from a chubby 190 to a hefty 340 before the man got a better paying position at a different company. 

“That’s actually really hot,” Lincoln commented as his brushed his groin. 

“Yeah, really hot,” Cecil said. He looked over at Malik and smirked, “I think I know what good old Malik is going to do!” 

“Hehehe, we’ll see how Hector enjoys his new self over the coming days,” Malik said and chanted a spell and finishing it off with a stamp of his staff, sending a ripple of magic energy throughout the area. Only the four could see and hear it. And every time Malik stamped down that staff, the other three got chills, “Kaine, if you’d be a dear, I’d like to see a viewing of his changes every night until the punishment has taken him over!” 

“Will do, el capitan!” Kaine said, saluting. 

“Hoo boy, I’m gonna bust a few loads to this,” Lincoln jeered. 

“And I…will be doing the same,” Malik chortled. Cecil could chuckle in agreement. 

…Hector, now age 28… 

Hector woke up Sunday morning groggy and hungover, he looked at the clock and realized it was 4 in the afternoon, “Fuuuuuuck, I missed my workout,” he groaned. He got up and padded over to his bathroom. He passed by his full length mirror and stopped to admire his body; he flexed his hard muscles that looked wonderful under his hairless skin. He shaved his body regularly and was sleek all over so he could look hot in anything he wore. He padded into the shower and relished in the heat, alleviating the pressure of his headache. 

After finishing up his shower and getting dressed, he decided not to go to the gym today as his hangover was still pounding. His phone rang and hurt his head. He answered it, seeing it was his boss. 


“Hey Hector? It’s me. I’m just calling to let you know that you won’t be needed at all next week as there’s been a massive security breach we’re trying to correct. Have a wonderful week off!” And his boss hung up just like that. A week off? What? Cool. Hector relaxed on his couch and smiled to himself. A week to sleep, work out, and have sex! Fucking ace. His chest got a little itchy, and soon after everywhere on his body started to itch and tingle. It was uncomfortable and but he just simply ignored it. When he got up, he started to feel tired. What? I just woke up from a long ass sleep.

“I didn’t bring anyone home!” He thought but he couldn’t fight the call of his bed as he padded back tiredly to his room. 

He lived in a roomy studio apartment that he was able to afford with his banker income. For once, Hector was glad he payed attention in college and got a good job. He settled back into his bed and fell asleep. 

…Hector, now age 32… 

Hector woke up Monday morning and went to get ready for the day. He passed by the mirror and didn’t notice that he was a bit fleshier or that hair had begun to grow on his body. In his pits, on his groin, in and on his butt, his chest, his face…everywhere. He didn’t care, he was going to shave it all off soon enough. He put on some gym clothes and drove to the close-by LA Fitness, scanned his membership card, stored his stuff, and began working out. His usual routine was 20 minutes of heavy cardio, free weights, heavy lifting, and core training each before ending it all off with more cardio. But he soon noticed he was getting winded the more he pedaled on the bike he got on earlier. It had barely been 10 minutes and he had worked up a sweat. “What is this? Why am I so exhausted?” 

Hector tried to push but the more he tired, the less he could go on. He also noticed his gym clothes; a form fitting lycra tank top and basketball shorts were getting a little uncomfortable. He also noticed his arm hair was fully grown. “Wasn’t that just…growing back…this morning? What the fuck is…?” Hector stopped working out at 20 minutes and was sweatier than a whore in a southern baptist church. He decided to go do his regular routine and then push himself on cardio later. Weights were fine, in fact he felt stronger and was able to lift more than he ever could. “Aw fuck yeah! Them little bitch boys are gonna love this strong muscles!” 

Hector continued working out, unbeknownst to him that his basketball shorts were starting to fit him more closely and his belly was peeking out from under his lycra top. He got an elliptical and started going, but the same feeling exhaustion came over him. He panted and struggled to make it to 10 minutes. He hung his head down and when he did he stopped, jumped off of the machine, grabbed his stuff and sped home. He locked and bolted his door and ran to his bathroom, ripping off his super tight and sweat drenched gym wear. 

He looked at himself in his full-size mirror. In the gym, he saw his gut grow right in front of his eyes and others probably saw it too. His whole body was curvy and flesh; he was losing definition and he no longer had abs. In fact, they were quickly getting replaced by a small paunch. Hair had also started sprouting on his body. He was scared.

“What the fuck…I never had this much body fat! And it grew before my eyes! I’m sure!” He said out load.

Hector rushed to his computer and started Googling to see if he was suffering from something. The only things that came up was this…disgusting fetish shit called gaining, where men purposefully gorged themselves on food to gain weight and found fat arousing. Fucking disgusting. Hector looked down at his small paunch in disbelief and disgust. And just then it growled and the most intense hunger came over him. He threw on a shirt and some sweatpants and stormed into the kitchen.

He opened to the fridge hoping to see his proportioned meals but was greeted with a fully stocked fridge with all sorts of high calorie, high fat content goodies he would never allow himself to eat, “WHAT THE FUCK—!” he shouted. Someone had been in his house. At first he thought it was a joke but his friends would never joke with him like that. He checked his pantry and cupboards. All fattening, high fat foods along with beer. He tried to back away but his stomach was now roaring. He turned around with immense will power and decided order out from a healthy asian bistro.

He tried to dial them but got a message, “Sorry, we’ll be closed for the week. My family from Korea came into town. I missed them for 10 years. Thank you.” The phone dropped from Hector’s hands. He ran to the bathroom and weighed himself. He was now 210 pounds. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit. How can I gain 25 pounds of fat in a day?!” His hunger was now driving him crazy. “Whatever, I’ll drive somewhere.” He grabbed his keys and went out to his car to find that it wasn’t starting. “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”

Hector’s mind was racing. He opened up his phone and tried to access his UBER app but a message popped up on his phone, “Phone service temporarily off. Your bank has notified us to stop all outgoing payments and caused you to miss your bill being paid. Please understand.” Hector stared in disbelief as his stomach’s growl was now quite literally a roar. He ran back inside and locked the door after him. He threw open the fridge and grabbed whatever would be healthiest. He settled on a leftover supreme pizza he never remember ordering and didn’t even bother to warm it up. He began stuffing slice after slice into his greedy mouth. He grabbed a Modelo beer can from the fridge and downed it and a few more before he finished the extra large leftovers. In a drunken food stupor, he padded over to the couch and fell asleep. 

…Hector, now age 36… 

Hector awoke with a start. It was Tuesday afternoon. Birds were chirping. Sunlight was streaming in through the blinds in his room. “Whew…it was only…a nightmare.” He got up and instantly something felt wrong. He walked over his to his full size mirror and almost screamed. His gut was REAL. And it wasn’t a small paunch anymore, it was more the size of volleyball. He was also very hairy. If it wasn’t for the gut, he’d actually rethink his stance on body hair now. He went to weigh himself. He now weighed 240. “30 pounds…in a day…what did I…?” He looked down and saw food boxes and cans of beer littering the floor. 

Hector’s size medium shirt was riding up and showed 2 or 3 inches of his belly and his once roomy sweats were getting a little bit uncomfortable. He began to break down and cry. He didn’t know why this was happening to him. He probably had been infected with some new bioweapon that slowed metabolism and increased appetite or something. Everything that had been happening to him was unreal, so something as uncanny as being infected with a bioweapon could be entirely plausible now. His stomach grumbled and he was slowly starting to learn that his hunger wouldn’t stop until he ate more. He cleaned up the mess he left last night and opened the fridge. It was still full. Even after all that he ate. “This…this…I don’t even…”

Hector couldn’t even think as his discipline built up over the years was being ebbed away by his hunger and intense cravings for fatty foods. He grabbed a small pan of lasagna he didn’t remember making and put it in the oven to heat. He cut up bread and slathered about 5 large pieces with butter, his mouth was salivating as tears rolled down his face. His body was rebelling against him and he tried to fight putting the carb overdose in his mouth, but once his wet mouth touched the buttery bread, he bit down and continued to do so until the the chunk of bread disappeared. The oven dinged with his lasagna being done. He pulled out the pan and set it on the countertop. He grabbed a fork and could stop himself from stuffing his face with a rich Italian dish, bread, and sweet wine. 

…Hector, now age 40… 

Wednesday rolled around and Hector rolled out of bed. He padded into the bathroom to see how much he gained. His volleyball gut was now looked like he swallowed a basketball. His shirt rose over his bellybutton and his sweats were hard to move in. He took them off and weighed himself. 265. He padded into the shower and washed himself, his once soft skin was now a little rough with all the black body hair he had just grown. He got out of the shower and found clothes his friends gave him as a joke. They were a blue XL shirt and black XL sweats. “As if I would ever be XL…well back when he was slimmer. Which was only just a few days…or was it months…a year?” 

Hector couldn’t remember as his gut gurgled for food. He caught himself in the mirror as made his way from his bathroom to the kitchen. His black hairs now specks of gray and white in them. “Am…I…getting older? How OLD am I? I thought I was…?” 

Hector went to go find his wallet. He found it. It read that his birthdate was in 1976. That couldn’t be…or could it? The intense hunger, and the roaring his stomach was making, distracted him. He quickly made his way into the kitchen to stuff himself stupid once more. The strange thing about it though, Hector was beginning to enjoy stuffing himself. He still had thoughts about how disgusting he was for letting himself go and for stuffing himself way past what he needed to eat. “I needed…what was it? Controlled portions? Low fat, salt, and small amounts of sugars? More natural grains? Greens and lean meat?”

Whatever those thoughts were that were shouting at him to do, his kitchen clearly didn’t have it. He just bought all of this food and he wasn’t going to let it all go to waste. 

…Hector, now age 48… 

It was now Thursday. Hector woke up groggy and hungover. When he sat up, his gut sat in his lap. His mind was fuzzy. It was like there was something in his head screaming at him. He rubbed his furry gut that had a nice pelt of salt and pepper fur growing. He scratched his beefy chest and got up to go use the restroom. He had outgrown his XL shirt and sweats and had a raging hard-on. He weighed himself. He was now 305. “Fuck yeah! What a fucking manly gut I got,” he said, rubbing the round 54” inch around ball of fat and fur. He turned to the side and saw that his ass had plumped up. All those years of playing football in high school and college had left him a strong frame of muscle. Now that he had a job as…what was it? A construction worker. He was foreman. He mastered in architecture but found that he couldn’t find a decent enough job to keep his studio apartment. 

He now worked as foreman and made good money. His team of guys were all jokers but they got work done. They had been finishing projects in record time recently and so he gave them a week off of work. Hector didn’t know this, but his team also loved his fattening frame. They always left food in his wake and purposefully made him finish their plates when they went out to buffets. Even after Hector had scarfed down 3 or 4 loaded plates worth food. His stomach grumbled and chuckled, “Time to outgrow these clothes.” His fuzzy mind began to ebb away as a sauntered towards the kitchen. He walked passed his trophy case of various football trophies and awards. He could’ve gotten the Heisman Trophy and went pro if he hadn’t had busted his knee during a game from his senior year… 

…Hector, now age 55… 

Hector woke up at 6am. He waddled into his bathroom and turned it on. His mirror greeted him with a view of his massive belly. He was shirtless and was only wearing boxers. A man who looked to be in his 30’s came up behind and grabbed his belly on either side, “Hey big boy, the bed got cold. Have to go to work?” 

“Yeah. Robbery at a bank messed up their vault system. Can you believe they blew out a wall? I’m gonna go in early and get everything ready for the team,” Hector said in his gruff voice. 

“Mhmm…lets see how much you weigh. You have to have broken 360 by now. I’ve been stuffing you for a week,” Eric said. Eric Lautner was a rich and powerful executive for Ares Capital. He was incredibly handsome, and whenever Hector looked at him his heart fluttered. Hector waddled onto the scale. 

“Read what it says,” Hector said as he rubbed his bulging gut. 

“HOLY SHIT. You weigh 372!” Eric said, rubbing his hands on Hector’s rotund, overblown beachball. His belly was now 65” around and growing. His whole body had bulked out actually. 30” arms, 55” legs and giant shelf-like ass to serve as the perfect ballast for his gut. 

“Díos miooooooooo!” Hector moaned, rubbing his gut. He grabbed at his hard 6” cock. When he was slimmer, it was 10” hard but now it’s buried in fat. It was still rather substantial and Eric loved getting fucked by it. 

“We’re not stopping until you hit 400! Maybe more. I’m gonna fucking tie you down and stuff you all day and night long until you hit 400,” Eric breathed into Hector’s ear as he got behind him and pulled down the older man’s boxers. 

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” was the only thing Hector could muster before remember he had somewhere to be, “Babe…work,” he managed to get out as Eric began to rub his raging 8.5” cucumber of a dick up and down in Hector’s valley of a crack. 

“Right…right. Get to work. When you get home, I’m gonna bust you out of your clothes, you fat fucking pig,” Eric growled. Hector almost came right there. Eric went back to bed, as he didn’t have to be at work till 9. Hector got into the shower and got ready for work as he remembered how he met Eric. 

…5 years ago… 

Hector heard about a new bar. He was fat and he heard the place was a hangout for bears and gainers. It was called The Lounge near central Manhattan. Hector walked in and felt uncomfortable. He never dated any woman and being a baby boomer, he was raised an ultra conservative Catholic. Being gay was never allowed. But he decided to explore. He didn’t have family in Manhattan. He didn’t know why it took him so long to explore his sexuality. He walked in and found his way up at the dining area. A handsome brunette jock type noticed him, they made eye contact as Hector was guided to a private dining room. The brunette joined him. 

“What’s your name?” The brunette asked. He was young looking. And fit. And really hot. 

“Hector. Hector Montenegro. You?” he replied. 

“Eric Lautner. Nice to meet you,” the two shook hands and exchanged other pleasantries when the waiter came in to take their order. 

“I’ll order,” Eric said, taking Hector slightly aback, “Let us get the Gainer Special with beer.” The waiter smiled and walked away to put in the order. 

“H…how did you…?” Hector tried to ask. 

“You have a big gut. A big body. I like guys like you. I like making em bigger. Stronger. Gets my dick harder than you would believe,” Eric said. Hector felt a tingle start in groin. He had just got off of work from his foreman job. He was in a meeting so he had to dress sort of professional; he was wearing a button up white dress shirt and black slacks and shoes. Instead of going home to his small apartment in the Bronx, he came to The Lounge to check it out. And now he had a guy after him already. This was all going to fast. They made small talk until the food arrived on a cart. 

“Wait…all of that is in the special? I don’t think I can eat all off—“ but Hector was caught off guard with a kiss and groping as Eric forced himself onto Hector. Hector could only give in as deep down, he wanted it. Eric pulled the cart closer to their private rooms table. He opened a random platter that had chicken and rice with a terribly rich, thick sauce. Eric began feeding Hector. Hector did have limits that sort of teed off Eric. 

“The Gainer Special is a lot of money. I know you can stuff more in that gut, man,” Eric said, encouraging Hector. Hector looked at the food. He finished 3 entrees and 2 deserts and was beginning to feel bloated but his dick had never been harder. His shirt buttons were straining. He rubbed his gut, leaned back in his chair and opened his mouth. 

“Stuff me.” After that day, Eric and Hector had regular meetings at the Lounge and together, Hector ballooned up even faster. They began dating after talking more and more after sessions. They went on dates and Eric always made sure Hector ate the most calorie dense fattening foods. Hector moved in with Eric in his fancy studio apartment and they had been together ever since. 

…Present Day… 

Hector entered the room. He finished meeting with the bank people and other potential construction jobs. He was dressed business casual in the last button up that fit him, a XXL black and white checkered Ralph Lauren one. But even that shirt’s buttons were strained. His pillar like legs were fighting each other in his tight dressed slacks and his ass shelf filled out the seat, which was also where he felt a breeze. He must of ripped the seam when he sat down his truck. That got him hard. He smelt food cooking as he walked into the dining room. Eric had whipped up a buffet of food. Bacon mac and cheese, steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and had three pitchers of beer and a pitcher filled with a thick brown substance. Probably a weight gain shake. 

“Honey, I’m home,” Hector purred as he rubbed his gut on the small of Eric’s back. 

“Mhmm. Yes I know. And my fat piggy is hungry, I presume?” Eric said. 

“You know it,” Hector said. Eric turned around and backed him into one of the dining room chairs. He grabbed ropes from a drawer and tied Hector’s legs and arms up and to the chair securely. Hector was leaking now. 

“Told I was gonna tie you down and stuff you,” Eric smirked. He picked up the bowl of bacon mac and cheese and lifted up a big dollop, “Open wide, piggy!” And Hector obliged. Time was a non-factor as Eric stuffed his love’s gut full of fattening food. He enhanced the recipes with fattening and thickening agents, with tips from gaining forums he and Hector frequented. Soon the large bowls of broccoli, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes along with with two large sirloins and a few pitchers of beer were tucked away tightly in Hector’s gut. Hector was having trouble breathing with all the food in his distended gut, but his rock-hard cock kept throbbing, “Now it’s time for dessert!” 

Eric grabbed a special funnel piece that held the mouth open and attached around the head. Eric grabbed the pitcher with the thick mixture and began pouring it into the funnel. Hector could only gulp and moan as he tried to keep with the flow the mixture was coming in. When the full pitcher was fully drained into his gut, a button flew off followed by a second and soon a chorus; Hector’s furry ball gut was now exposed. Eric detached the funnel and began making out with Hector while rubbing his lover’s gut. He soon untied Hector and helped the man stand up, he was quite literally trapped under his belly. Hector was soon standing upright but he felt extremely heavy. He burped more than a few times. 

“Bend over you fat pig. I’m gonna stuff you from the other end now,” Eric commanded. Hector bent over, his heavy gut hung down and stuck out at the sides—making him feel like a prize hog, “Ooh fatty got a rip in his pants!” Eric ripped open the hole on the slacks and pulled down Hector’s straining boxers to unveil his furry, fattened buns. Eric began licking and slurping Hector’s sweaty hole and soon was spitting and furiously jacking his cock off as he slide into Hector’s warm, juicy hole. 

“AYYYE! BUENO!” Hector moaned as Eric began to slide in and out of his lover’s hole, picking up fervor. Hector bucked forward with each thrush, the table creaked under his weight and movement. Eric smacked Hector’s ass and grabbed handfuls of his lover’s fleshy backside. 

“Fuck yeah, you fat pig. I want you bigger. I want to look like you’re fucking pregnant with quintuplets. Aw yeah that big fucking gut and this fat fucking ass. Shit I want you bigger. 400 isn’t enough,” Eric said as he panted. Hector could only moan as they both fast approached their orgasms. Eric came deep inside Hector, and Hector creamed in his boxers. Both let loose torrents of cum. The kitchen smelt of food, sex, and sweat. Eric pulled out and Hector sat down a chair. Eric straddled him and made out with the older man and he caressed the furry man gut that took up his lap. 


“Hoo-whee!” Lincoln said, “You are a fucking master at this Malik!” 

“Couldn’t have done it without you giving Eric knowing of how to cook any and everything fattening!” Lincoln scratched behind his head smiling. 

“Ace as always,” Cecil said. 

“Wow,” was all Kaine could said as he snapped his fingers. The basin and view disappeared. Malik felt contented. His revenge exacted. While he could’ve been more diabolical, the stealing of 20+ years from the kid and making him rapidly gain weight was enough. He wasn’t as dastardly as some of the others. 

“Well, lets go check in on them shall we?” Malik said, getting up. The four took a private elevator to the private dining rooms. Malik knocked on the door and entered. There was Eric feeding Hector food and Hector was shirtless, his giant furry ball gut looking bigger than from the basin scrying earlier. Kaine and Cecil eyes opened in awe, and Lincoln whistled in disbelief. 

“Enjoying the special gentlemen?” Hector replied with a muffled yes and Eric nodded his with a smirk. 

“Very much so!” 

“Well keep on enjoying it then. It’ll be on the house tonight. Give grandpa there a smack on the gut for me would ya?” Malik said, closing the door behind him. The other three owners looked at him. 

“Remind me to never shove you down on the ground,” Cecil said. The quartet laughed. A few more mortals lives had been changed by The Lounge. As the four withdrew to their VIP booth, they knew there would be more to come.

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