The Change - A Wish

By anonymous4ox
published August 12, 2019

A homophobic wish to a genie has homoerotic results upon the whole population, as men turn into bois in what is known as “The Change”

I made my wish easily, it had been something I’d wished for before even without a genie in front of me.

“I wish the gays would make it clear what they really are, and stay out of our teaching and political positions”

The genie looked at me strangely, clearly he had been expecting something different, but my goal was to make the world better, and the biggest problem I could think of was the homosexual menace.

I guess the choice of wish was slightly swayed by the fact that my ‘friend’ Coby had just told me he was gay, to think he would hide what he was to get into my pants, the freak.

“Very well” said the genie, in a voice that echoed through me. “But understand that once the wish is granted, it will have been true for all of time, and you will have no knowledge of having made the wish.”

“Yeah yeah, now do it already!”

I believe like most men, those who fear same sex attraction, he was actually gay himself.

That is why I didn’t warn him of how I was interpreting his wish, as he would likely much enjoy the reality that was about to be created, even if he would never admit it.

I raised my hand, snapped my fingers and it was done.

I had a strange sensation of Deja Vu after I rubbed that lamp, but then threw it back in the storage box, I wasn’t going to be taking that to college with me.

Once we had everything packed it was time to ride off, I was finally going to Harvard for the history course I’d dreamed of since I was 12. My 4.5 GPA took a lot of long nights, and I was ready to finally have fun at College. Maybe date a girl or something?

My first class was cool. My professor for this year is the up and coming Professor Blake. He was 30, very young for a History professor and held a lot of confidence in front of the classroom, I had already held an admiration for him from his lectures that were posted online.

Less cool was the subject we’d be focusing on for the semester, bois through history. Like sure bois have always played a societal role but I’ve never thought of them as historically important.

Professor Blake seemed to think otherwise, and posited that without bois as a source of pleasure for the rulers throughout history, there would have been more wars due to pent up aggression.

He did understand that we were likely to be skeptical so our first piece of homework was to write an agree or disagree essay on his theory, based on our current understanding of history as well as any sources we could get from the library.

I figured a good place to start would be the basics, what bois are and their evolutionary purpose.

“A boi is what any man becomes if he has exclusive attraction towards men. Bois develop during a ‘second puberty’ known as The Change or more scientifically as Mutatiocunnus in which the body shifts to serve as a sexual object for men. All other bodily functions become secondary to this primal function”- A Basic Biological Approach to the Development of the Human Body and Mind by Dr.Heiko.

For the first time, I was finding a book a bit boring, I just couldn’t really take the information in as I usually would. I guess now that I was mainly studying what I was passionate about I just didn’t have the energy for biology.

Of course I understood the process pretty well, this guy at highschool named Coby who I knew for a while underwent The Change. I remember how he began to fail every test, how he would suck guys off in the bathroom, and how eventually he was sent to a boi training facility so he could learn the stuff that actually mattered to him by that point, which is to say sex.

There were physical changes as well, by the time he was 18 he had ballooned in the butt and lips, and apparently by the final stages his ass had become a fuckhole, leaking with its own lube and used only for fucking. Pretty hot honestly. I always found myself attracted to bois, I noticed when they would be used in advertising, though obviously it was a cheap way to associate products with sex.

I’d never had one in person though, my family isn’t rich enough to buy any and anyway, most of my time went to getting my good grades, not fucking boi toys. I figured to get the useful information it would be easier to go straight to Dr. Heiko, who I knew did research at Harvard.

I found him in his office just after lunch hours, I figured it would be a good time since he wouldn’t have fully gotten back to work yet.

Dr. Heiko was a muscled man, who’s light bearding and squared glasses made his jaw seem very sharp.

“Hello sir, could I ask you a few questions, I have a history essay on bois and would love to get your expertise.”

“Oh, I’ve never had a student from another subject coming to me for info” He looked at me with a smile. “Sure I could answer some questions.”

The interview went well. Dr. Heiko explained that throughout culture we can see how bois fill an evolutionary role to please men. He also got pretty in depth in the exact physical changes they go into. He explained that a boi doesn’t fully become a boi until a man fucks him in the ass, almost literally fucking the bois brains out.

I found myself shifting my bag over my crotch, and I found it difficult to fully listen my head began to fill with images of butts swelling to twice their normal size. Of lips wrapping around cocks with hunger, of eyes being glazed over as lust replaced all thought.

Dr. Heiko then put his hand on my shoulder, the touch took me out of my stupor and brought my attention to his deep brown eyes.

“Are you okay? You stopped taking notes and seemed a bit out of focus”

“Oh god, sorry. I guess I’m more tired than I thought”

The doctor looked concerned, and for some reason his concern for me made me happy.

“Well make sure you get good rest after you finish this essay okay?”

“Yes sir of course, will do”

I managed to stay focused enough to write the essay, using the notes I did manage to take down from the interview. But afterwards I had to jack off, I was grateful that I didn’t have a roommate as I watched boi porn and moaned myself to sleep.

I found that my increased libido didn’t quite go away, and it began getting in the way of my studies. Our next essay was on Genghis Khan and his huge collection of bois, and the image of a whole hoard of dumb sluts was halting all my progress.

I ended up not being able to finish it in time, and had to talk to professor Blake after class.

“You’ve been struggling more and more, do you know why this is happening?” The professor looked right through me, and I struggled to explain myself.

“I guess I was less prepared for this move than I thought.” Professor Blake didn’t seem to quite buy it.

“Well, you know my policy on extensions”

“Please sir, I’ll do anything” I needed to keep my perfect average.

“Anything you say?” And he smirked at me. Then he looked me up and down.

“Y-yes sir” I suddenly felt quite red.

“Then why don’t you show me if you know the stuff that was meant to be in that essay, show me how Khan’s bois were to behave.”

I gulped, I was meant to act out the boi’s ritual? I’m not sure I could keep my cock down while doing something like that, though then again, Professor Blake’s jeans seemed a bit tighter around the crotch as well.

The Professor could see my worry and explained more. “Well, not the anal focused version of the ritual. Of course I won’t actually fuck you because you aren’t a boi”

“R-right” I stammered, reassuring myself as well as my professor that I was one hundred percent a man.

I bowed low and said, “Master, may I approach so I can service you?” Beginning the ritual.

Professor Blake had a hungry eye as he replied. “You may, so long as your holes are ready for me.”

This is the first time I had ever thought of my mouth as something for a cock. Even if it was only in a hypothetical, and purely academic, roleplay; I still found it so hot as I approached Professor Blake and fell to my knees.

“May the gods bless me and grant me the ability to satisfy all your desires, master”

“May the gods allow me to use you in any way I desire, boi.”

I looked up at my Professor’s stubbled face with hesitation, he made no indication that I had done it right.

“Um, sir? Do you want me to continue?”

“Well, is the ritual over?”

He was right, I wouldn’t really be showing my knowledge unless I did the whole ritual would I? So I brought my attention to the member that was outlined in the fabric of his pants.

I was shocked by how natural it felt as I began to massage through the fabric, like this was what my hands were really for. As I caressed his cock I couldn’t help but move my face closer, breathing in his cologne. My brain began to feel fuzzy with how horny I was getting so I tried to just focus on going through the motions of the ritual, step-by-step.

Open up his pants.

Lick down his shaft.

Kiss the head.

God this feels good.

Swallow the cock.


“Good boi”

Up and down, up and down, up and down.

“There you go, you’re doing good.”

I am? Ohhh god, I’m doing good. Good for my Professor.

Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and

He came into my mouth and I swallowed it all, my brain melted down just like the cum flowing down my throat and I blacked out.

I awoke back in my dorm, snuggled in my bed. Professor Blake had left me a note telling me that I would get an A on that Genghis Khan essay, and that he was proud of me.

I didn’t think too hard about how he must have gotten back to my dorm, or about how I blacked out. I was just happy I could keep my grades up.

They should reflect how smart I really am.

That being said, the next few days after that I still had the same issues keeping my focus up. It helped somewhat if I sucked on a pen, but now I was having a strange itch coming from my butt that made me squirm. On top of that my pants weren’t quite fitting right.

I thought about going to see a doctor, but I didn’t know any doctors in the city and just couldn’t think of how to find them. I’m better at history and people in the past, not the present!

So I went to Dr. Heiko and hoped he could help me.

When I told Dr. Heiko what I’d been experiencing he didn’t seem surprised, in fact he smiled and said that he’d be glad to give me a check up and see what he could do to relieve my symptoms.

“Now I’ll just need you to sit on the table here so I can examine you, just relax so I can check every inch.”

I did as the doctor told, but as he began inspecting me I couldn’t help but start feeling horny again. There was nothing I could do to hide my rising boner from Dr. Heiko.

“Mmnh, see what I mean professor? I can’t stop myself.”

“No need to feel embarrassed, I might actually have an inkling as to what’s going on here.”

Him telling me not to be embarrassed made me realise how easily I was opening up to the doctor where normally a person might be more awkward about something like uncontrollable arousal. Then again, I just felt so trusting of Dr. Heiko. He was so big and smart and strong.

“Yes, flip over, I’ll need to check your prostate.”

“Oh, ok”

I turned over and subconsciously began to raise my ass towards the doctor as he slipped on a latex glove on. With his ungloved hand he began to pull back my pants, by butt bouncing out of the slightly too tight confines.

I began to feel myself slip into a bit of a state. Just like when I did the boi ritual for Professor Blake this whole scenario just felt so right. It was like my brain was shutting down and my body took over as my hole began to twitch in preparation.

“Yes I can see already that your prostate is somewhat engorged.”

Something about the way the doctor said “engorged” made me squirm even more and I asked “That means, um, bigger right?”- clearly excited by the idea.

“Hm… yes, and if I’m right then it’ll also be more sensitive.” He said as he brought his fingers and lightly began to brush my hole.

I instantly moaned out with pleasure and began moving back into is hand.

“Oooh yes, I see” the doctor cooed as he slipped his fingers in easily and began moving them back and forth. I was surprised that this happened so comfortably as I had never had anything up my ass, and I didn’t even see him bring out any lubricant!

I wanted to ask the doctor if he knew what was causing me all these symptoms but the words weren’t forming in my head. I was only able to get out a confused “uhhwhh?”

“Yes, you have a condition that’s actually quite common. Known scientifically as Mutatiocunnis” he explained knowingly.

Something about the word Mutatiocunnis was familiar but the more I tried to locate the knowledge in my brain the more I felt like I had no brain at all.

“I have just what you need.” Doctor Heiko declared, before leaving me panting and exposed to fetch something. He came back with a small black object that to me looked like some type of butt plug from all the porn I’d been watching.

“Is that a butt plug? I asked, unable to quell the excitement in my voice.”

“Now why would a doctor have a butt plug? This here is a long lasting vibrating anal stimulator. Used to treat the condition you are… suffering from. You really must be sex crased to think this medical tool is something perverted”

God, whatever thing I have really is messing with my head, I thought as the doctor inserted the long lasting vibrating anal stimulator into my hole. I felt the light tingling from the constantly shivering device, and the stimulation really let me relax as I sighed out.

“There, keep that in there and you should be able to not worry as much.”

I left Dr. Heiko feeling much better and in the next few days I saw that he was completely right! In all my classes when ever I started feeling lost or confused I would just focus on the lovely feelings in my hole and let all my worries go. I even stopped caring about keeping my grades up so much. I don’t need high grades to prove that I’m smart, I know I’m smart, even if I was having more and more ditzy moments where I’d go to the wrong classroom or have a text book out on the Renaissance when we were talking about the civil war.

I also noticed that people were treating me differently, lots of guys were laughing at me or would slap my ass as I walked past, sending a jolt to my anal stimulator. It was really flattering.

At the end of each day I would find that my underpants would be a bit wet and my stimulator slick with a really sweet smelling juice. I called Dr. Heiko about it and he said that meant the stimulator was doing its job so I didn’t worry about it too much, he did tell me to switch to a jock strap though if I didn’t want my underwear to be so wet.

At the end of one of my classes where I really spaced Professor Blake called me up to his desk as everyone else was leaving. I could feel multiple eyes on my ass and as I looked up at the Professor I saw that he was looking me up and down as he often like to.

I blushed and waited for him to tell me what he wanted me to do, just awaiting his command. I guess you could say I have a healthy respect for my teachers.

“So I recently had lunch with Doctor Heiko, and he told me what was going on with your… condition. And I can see from the stains on those tight pants of your that you’re sticking to his prescription.”

“Mm-hmm” I replied, completely unable to see where he was taking me but completely rapt with this smart gentlemen before me.

“I was just wondering if I could help at all. I’m actually pretty familiar with the condition and I’ve heard that getting a cock in the ass can sometimes cure it.”

I bit my lip when he referred to getting a cock in the ass and said, “But I’m not a boi or anything, wouldn’t that be weird?”

“Oh my ditzy little student-” the professor said as he took hold of my waist “-if you know you’re not a boi then being fucked in the ass shouldn’t be any problem now should it?”

Of course he was right. I was beginning to think maybe I wasn’t quite as smart as I always thought, so it was nice that I had so many smarter men around to set me right.

“Now, why don’t I take you back to my apartment and we can see this issue-” he gave my plump ass a little caress “-done with”.

I began to enter that state I often did again and the trip to his apartment became a bit of a blur, though I distinctly remember him leading me by the waist. Like I was his.

By the time we arrived I could feel my juices running down my leg and my ass pulsating around the anal stimulator. As much as Professor Blake seemed to want help “cure” my condition, I actually had come to enjoy the kind of sexual changes that had come over me. Maybe that made me kinda a slut, seeing Mutatcum-whateveritwas as something hot istead of the medical condition it was.

As the professor took me into his bedroom I saw that Dr. Heiko was waiting there, in nothing but his lab coat and some briefs that really showed off the outline of his cock.


“Why hello, boi. You finally ready to get properly fucked.”

As confused as I was about why now there were two men about to fuck me and why the doctor had called me a boi my first thought was to moan yes. I giggled at the fact that I was so slutty and instead said, “but I’m not a boi, sir”.

“Oh look at that” Blake laughed as he began undoing my pants. “He still thinks he’s a man.”

I began to instinctively arch my back and push my ass towards my professor as my soaked underwear was exposed.

“Tut tut” Heiko grinned with that knowing look that made me feel so small as he came up to the end of the bed, is throbbing member drawing almost all my attention.

“Really now boi, we thought you might have figured it out by now. I guess you’re an extra dumb one huh?”

I began to step out of my pants on the floor as my mouth instantly began to massage the cock before me through the doctors briefs. That hazy sexual part of my brain, which now felt like almost all of it, was commanding my body. Meanwhile the tiniest bit of me was trying to deny that I was a boi, but beginning to remember where I heard Mutatiocunnus before.

As the doctor slowly pulled his briefs down and taking control of my head I could feel the anal stimulator, or well, the butt plug being taken out of my hole. As it was an extra load of my juices spilled out down by ass and onto the pouch of my jockstrap.

“Mmmmm” I moaned into Heiko’s cock.

“Just as you theorised, babe” Blake began to say lovingly to Heiko.

“Yes” Heiko replied with true pride. “The vibrating butt plug has really increased the amount of melt from his brain. Confirming that anal stimulation is the scource of the brain melting aspects of the final stages of The Change!”

“Nnng?” I was so confused.

“Aww, little slut. Let us explain.” Heiko whispered as he gyrated his hips, sending is cock deeper down my throat.

“All this delicious lubricant spilling out your ass used to be all the knowledge and critical thinking up in your head.” Heiko said before he began to lap up some of my brain-melt.”

“That’s right-” Heiko continued as he caressed my chin and brought himself to my ear. “-and now we’re gunna fuck the last few bits out of you.”

That last little thinking part of my brain began to worry and deny some more, but as Blake’s cock slid into my ass it began to die down, drowned out by the immense pleasure and anticipation of about to be getting fucked.

For a moment the two men looked at each other, hungry and excited to begin. Then-

In and out.

In and out.

In and out.

They began to fuck me in earnest, the two cocks sliding in and out of my body in unison and I felt my whole being melting into nothingness. Worries, problems, concerns… um, what does that word mean again? I fully realized I was a boi, nothing but a slut and slave to true men. It felt so right.

I came quickly and in volume, not from my penis but from my fuckhole, and it wouldn’t be the last time I came that night.

“A boi is to cum as many times as his masters desire him too” Professor Blake explained.

“A boi’s masters are whoever fuck him first, so you’re ours forever now” Doctor Heiko added.

I was so lucky to have such good teachers, as they fucked me for what felt like days they taught me all about being a boi, and ensured me that if I forgot anything they would help me remember with another good fucking.

Since that wonderful night when I finally let go of… learning English or whatever I was doing I’ve been so happy with my masters. They often use me in their lectures as a prime example of a boi, and even used me in a paper on my fuckhole and what it did to my brain.

Of course after each lecture they let all their students fuck me if they want, it’s important for a boi to have a variety of cocks. Plus being fucked over and over like that really helps me relax, and of course makes my masters very happy.

See, he’s much happier in this new reality than he would have been being closeted. As I’m sure are all the bois bouncing on their masters’ cocks right now. Another good deed from a genie, I wonder who’ll rub my lamp next?

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