Chapter 3: A Fateful Encounter

By MarvelHypnoDude
published August 12, 2019

Mandrill has to push his plans up the time table with the unexpected encounter of an object of his recent fantasies…


Mandrill POV:

It’s been 24 hours since I was injected with that serum Mad Thinker had made for and now the time has come. It was time to see all of this paid off, all the money, all the time, and all of the fantasies that have been toying with me for so long now, it’s time to see if it all pays off. And now it’s time for a good test run, to see if this truly pays off. I thought about this long and hard and the best place for this sort of thing would be a gym. Think about it: mostly guys go there, nice crowd-controlled and enclosed environment. Perfect, I sit back and smile thinking that today is the perfect day to try out my newly augmented scents. Men will be begging for my tribute as a massive muscle bound orgy would ensue and the best part is, this is nothing compared to what I have in store for my list of “heavy hitters” one of them I already mentioned. Oh well, time to get ready. If nothing else, maybe this image induced that Thinker gave will work, I put it on, fuck around with it for a little bit and wad ya know I find a red button. Of course. I press it and the next thing I see is some jacked up stud that looks like me without the fur and ape face. Still the same muscles, the defined chest, the sculpted arms and legs. Lemme check down below, and I smile seeing the same Foot long cock. Time get going, should probably grab some gym gear along the way…

Wolverine POV:

Wakin’ up today in this hotel room is not tha way I thought I’d be spendin’ my day. Then again, it’s probably fer the best. Given that ev’ryone is still mournin’ the loss of Jean and some of us are taken it a little hard, me includin’. Of course Scott didn’t wanna deal with anyone an’ knowin’ me, I just wanted to get the hell outta there as quick as possible. Been havin’ Trouble with people that keep askin’ me if I’m gonna be alright. I told them I would be fine, just need time to myself is all. So I wake up in my room jus’ wonderin’ how I’m gonna kill the time. I thought the park might be good idea but they were callin’ fer rain later in the day. Hmmm, maybe a good lifting day at the gym might sound like a good time, given that’s been so damn long since I’ve been to one of ‘em. What the hell, why not? Throw on some gym shorts with a tank top an’ water bottle an’ off I go.

Mandrill POV:

Before I arrived at the gym I had to gather some of the necessities that are a good thing to have in a gym bag like a Back belt, wrist straps, the usual things a gym rat, or monkey, would have and this was all bought by the money from the robbery. I walk inside the gym and I see a male receptionist at the desk, I just walk right by him and tried to stop me.

“Sir you have to sign in first” he told me, no time like the present.

“ I go where I want to go” I said to the receptionist as I released a little pheromonal power.

He smiled weakly and said “Ok, just sign in when you’re done”

That was easy enough, at least I’m off to a good start. As I further walk into the gym, I noticed something, the gym is fucking empty!! There’s no one here which means no one to enthrall with my pheromones and that also means no test run!!! Fuck, I just thought about giving up and heading home but I figured if I bought all this shit today I might as well use it. I head into the locker room and put my stuff in there and head to the bathroom only to hear another locker door slam on the way in the bathroom. Just out of curiosity I went and checked and what I saw next turned my fucking luck around faster than you could blink. What I saw was one of the object of my recent fantasies sitting on the beach setting up for his workout of the day as well, it was the Wolverine!!!!

Holy Shit how could have I gotten so lucky, just standing there looking at him in my disguise made me think back to the fantasy that started it all, and not even these shorts would be able to conceal my bone that I was getting. I made a judgement call and I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, aiming for the toilet I shot my cum into the toilet and cleaned the rest up with the Toilet paper provided. A different warm up but I’m not complaining.

As I’m heading back out I’m trying to figure out how the hell am I gonna get to Wolverine, when suddenly I bump into the man himself, thankfully not shutting off my image inducer. We lock eyes and my first thought was “ Oh Fuck….” No time like the present.

“Watch where yer goin’ bub” he said in his usual rough and gruff way.

“Sorry man, I just didn’t see you there,” I said in a apologetic way, all the while releasing a little of my pheromones in the air. I hope this works.

“It’s ok kid. Just watch where yer goin’ ok” he said waking off with a smile. That was a close call, but the pheromones seemed to calmed him a bit. Let’s try again with a some more this time when he comes back from the water fountain.

“ Hey man, I’m looking to get some rack time in and I need a partner for today. It’s my chest day, you in?” Releasing even more pheromones in the air as I ask.

“Yea, sure bub, got really nothin’ else planned” That surely got his attention, looked like he was knocked back a little, eyes droopy as he responded. He did recover though.

As we made our way over to the racking, I was carefully increasing my pheromones in the air, that way I would increase my control over Wolverine. So far so good.

We made it to the racking and Wolverine began to speak, but they were kinda slurred from all my pheromones he just inhaled.

“Hey kid… not trying to make ya feel uncomfortable or nothin’… but ya gotta nice smell to ya…” he said like he was high and kinda started to crack a smile.

“Um, ok thanks I guess” I tried acting a little weirded out but that’s not the weirdest thing I’ve done.

“By the way, I never got you name?” I’m sure he’d give it to me.

“I’m Logan, what’s yer’s” he said with a dreamy smile slowly increasing.

“Jerome, nice to meet you” Yea I’m pretty sure I had him now if not now, I surely will after the workout.

Man that was an intense workout, that Wolverine, or Logan, doesn’t mess around when it comes to fitness does he? Especially after the last set of bench press when Logan slammed the bar back into the racks and gave a primal growl that even took me back.

“FUCK YEA BUB!!! That’s a real workout for real men like the Wolverine!!!” The moment he shouted that, even in the cloud of pheromones that he was in at this point, he knew he fucked up.

“WAIT, you Wolverine? THE WOLVERINE?!?!” I feigned shock as best I could and it looks like he’s buying it. Especially since no one else was here.

“Dude that’s fucking awesome man. Look don’t worry your secret’s safe with me” I had to get closer to him, damn near in his face to ensure that to him, and an extra dose of pheromones wouldn’t hurt either.

“Thanks Jerome. Yer a true friend an’ I trust ya an’ that’sa short list, they are” he was shaking with anticipation. Yea I had him, time to seal the deal.

“Let’s go get changed man. I think we’re done here” I told him.

“Ok. Let’s go, after you” he smiled damn near ear to ear and had a thousand yard stare going as we made are way back to the locker rooms.

Turns out he arrived almost the same time as we were 3 lockers down from each other. He opened his door and I couldn’t help but get a good look at him stripping off his tank top first, revealing that chiseled torso and his sculpted arms. Next was my favorite part when he took off his shorts revealing his 10 inch cock and a hairy yet fine ass. As he was getting changed, I released as much pheromones as I could to ensure that he would be mine and I turned off my image inducer to reveal my true self, The Mandrill.

Upon the slightest whiff of my musk, Logan’s cock sprang into action and he was teasing himself, not for much longer.

“Oh Logan, turn around” he so without hesitation and when he did his smile never wavered, in fact it grew even wider and his eyes were wide open. I took his naked feral body into my arms, wrapped both ends of my cape around him and pressed my crotch against his, grinding against his. He moaned and closed his eyes in a euphoric shudder and when he opened them again, he was met with the hypnotic spirals of mine.

“That’s right…. you love it when I grind my cock against yours…don’t you, Logan?” I said in a sinister and yet seductive way to him while hypnotizing him.

“Y…yes… yes I love this so fucking much” a shudder came over him as his eyes widened and matched the spirals in my eyes.

“Why don’t we celebrate today with a kiss… do you want a kiss Logan…. a kiss from The Mandrill… your ALPHA???” I asked my new pet, whose hard on was leaking.

“YES, YES PLEASE KISS ME MANDRILL, MY ALPHA” he responded maniacally and with now solid light-green irises that signified he was now my thrall.

I planted my lips onto his and a make out session ensued, along with furiously rubbing out crotches together.

Wolverine POV

I get there at tha gym and tha guy behind the desk seemed a little out of it. When he saw though, jus’ said go on ahead. Whatever. Place looked empty to, wonder where everyone is, oh well.

I put my stuff in the locker and a head out to my bench when I realized I didn’t fill it up with water. I’m about to head over to the water fountain to fill it up with water, but some guy bumped into me.

“Watch where yer goin’ bub” I told the kid. Oddly enough there was this smell to the kid that kinda came off to me as relaxin’ so I wasn’t that mad at him, not that I was to begin with.

“Sorry man, I just didn’t see you there,” he said to me in a whimperin’ kinda way. Kinda shrugged it off, though that kid smelled a little weird, senses might be on tha fritz.

I come back from the fountain and there he was again this time there was a smell definitely coming from him, damn near punched me in the face, but oddly enough it went away and It didn’t smell that bad anymore. He wanted to ask me something.

“Hey man, I’m looking to get some rack time in and I need a partner for today. It’s my chest day, you in?” He asked me, well I didn’t wanna be rude to tha kid… not to mention he smelled kinda nice…

“Yea, sure bub, got really nothin’ else planned” Like I said, nice kid, did no wrong, an’ gotta nice scent to him to.

We made our way over to the weight racks an’ I gotta say, this kid’s gotta nice smell to him…. real nice. Whoa, that was weird, I mean seems like a good kid….. yea… good kid….good smell….every breath I take feels so fresh…. so relaxin’…. feel like I should tell him….

“Hey kid… not trying to make ya feel uncomfortable or nothin’… but ya gotta nice smell to ya…” Hope he don’t mind…. damn I feel so good….so good….an’ happy….

“Um, ok thanks I guess” Didn’t like that…. wanna make it up to him some how….

“By the way, I never got your name?” My name… that’ll be enough….

“I’m Logan, what’s yer’s” Shit I feel so damn good….. startin’ to get a little hard….

“Jerome, nice to meet you” Jerome…. that’sa man’s name fer ya….

Damn… not gonna lie…. I don’t remember whole lot of the workout that me an’ Jerome had….must’ve been killer…. mainly because I was so zoned in on that scent…. it made me very horny…. but every time I heard him tell me we were doin’ somethin’ next…. didn’t question it…. just listened…. and smelled that wonderful musk…. but I do remember the last bit…. that shouldn’t have happened… slammed the barbell back into the rack….

“FUCK YEA BUB!!! That’s a real workout for real men like the Wolverine!!!” so proud of myself… didn’t realize what I said….. What will Jerome think of me?

“WAIT, you Wolverine? THE WOLVERINE?!?!” Shocked the shit outta the kid… I’m sorry Jerome please forgive me….

“Dude that’s fucking awesome man. Look don’t worry your secret’s safe with me” He forgives me…. oh thank ya kid… gotta show him my gratitude….

“Thanks Jerome. Yer a true friend an’ I trust ya an’ that’sa short list, they are” meant every word of that…. not many like him anymore…. I’ll do anything for tha kid…. anything….

Let’s go get changed man. I think we’re done here” felt like he should lead tha way….

“Ok. Let’s go, after you” smells like a fuckin’ man that kid does…..

Back in the locker room….. gotta say… best fuckin’ smell in the whole damn world that kid…. real mean smell like that… gotta take these clothes off…. clothes off…. dicks hard as fuck…. wanna jack off so bad to that smell…. it’s there again… the smell…. it’s everywhere… gotta jack off… oh fuck….feels so good….

“Oh Logan, turn around” what the… monkey man…. smells good…. he came to me…. wrapped me up in his majestic red cape….. rubbing his cock against mine…. please don’t stop…. my eyes closed an’ I moan deep… my eyes open an’ see his majestic light fillin’ my vision…. don’t wanna look away…. never thought I meet him…. but I’m meetin’ GOD.

“That’s right…. you love it when I grind my cock against yours…don’t you, Logan?” God is speakin’…. he deserves an answer….

“Y…yes… yes I love this so fucking much” eyes widen…. a click in my head…. this is perfection grindin’ me…. he’s god an’ I’m in heaven….

“Why don’t we celebrate today with a kiss… do you want a kiss Logan…. a kiss from The Mandrill… your ALPHA???” anythin’ fer you…. my…. ALPHA….

“YES, YES PLEASE KISS ME MANDRILL, MY ALPHA” I wanna kiss him…. I want those lips on mine so bad…. there was a ping… the world made sense as we made out like animals….. his lips on mine…. tongues sliding in….. furiously making out…. I don’t wanna end this…. but I wanna cum so fuckin’ bad…..

“ PLEASE , PLEASE LET ME COME MANDRILL!!!” I frantically moaned…..

Mandrill POV

We furiously made out like two starving animals who haven’t eaten in days. Tongues entering one another, this was one for the books alright. Until he broke the kiss to make a rather pathetic and desperate plea.

“PLEASE , PLEASE LET ME COME MANDRILL!!!” Never would I thought the mighty Wolverine would be reduced to this state, a moaning, naked, degraded whore begging for release. The desperate face he made, the tears in his now light-green eyes.m, the whimpering. It was a sight to see. His request however, would be denied.

“As much as I would love for you to come all over yourself like the two but whore you’ve been acting like, that has to wait. We are going home, don’t you want to go home Logan?” I asked in a caring, loving way.

“YES!!! YES I WANNA GO H-“ I cut him off mid sentence with my furry finger to his lips and the other hand squeezing his balls, he liked that by the loud moan he gave, but still couldn’t cum. Not until I told him to.

“Quiet Logan, I know you want me as badly as I want you, but we need to leave this place and return to my hideout. Change your clothes and meet my outside, ok?” I said stroking his furry cheek.

“Ok ALPHA Mandrill, I’ll hurry” he said obediently.

“Good” I dislodge myself from Wolverine and change back to my disguise from earlier.

“Don’t take long. I’ll be outside”


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