To Live and Serve Rednecks- Part 1

By PupHearted
published August 11, 2019

A brown man in Florida goes to his redneck neighbors house for dinner and has an interesting experience.

Author’s Note- Welcome to a new series. Unlike before, this will be a more traditional hypnosis & mind-control story (i.e. minus the science fiction elements). There will be elements of incest, raunch, watersports and BDSM in the story and its continuing parts. There will also be some racial stereotypes that may offend some people.

Part 1

“That’s a fine piece of ass”, I said to my reflection in the mirror.

It’s true. At 40, I have a body that’s in physical condition. Not too muscled but not very slim & toned either, it perfectly rounds off my 5’10 and 170 pounds build. My brown skin gives me a nice exotic look, that sure piques the interest of many men.

My name is Raghav Gupta. I’m a second-generation immigrant (south east Asian heritage) living in a small town in Florida. I’ve lived here my whole life, mostly because I became a single dad at 15 (high school pregnancy) and had to step up and take responsibility. My son is 25 years old and he is a veterinarian in Washington DC. I’m a successful businessman, running the biggest real-estate firm in the district, and I recently moved into a 25-acre property in the outskirts of town. The house is located outside town-limits, at a whooping 20 miles from the town center in the middle of nowhere. The road to my house is empty for the last 10 miles or so and my only neighbor is the house across the street where a redneck father and son live. The realtor mentioned that they barely stay at their house, instead choosing to spend most of their time on the road and come back for a month once a year. That was certainly the case when I moved here six months ago as their house has been empty since.

I’m also gay, having realized at 20 that I was more interested in watching men’s ass than women. In a small town, finding guys to have fun is difficult and my sexual adventures are limited to when I’m out of town on business trips.

It’s 5:30 am Saturday when I was leaving home for my morning run. When I stepped out of the house, I observe two Harley Davidson motorbikes in my neighbor’s driveway. After a brisk 30-minute run, I get back home and work out at the home gym for a good 45 mins. A quick shower and breakfast follow and I’m ready to leave for work by 7:40 am. As I open the front door & step out of my house, I bumped into a wall of hair and flesh.

In front of me was a very large and very hairy bald man. He was about 50 years old, ugly and called himself Hal. He was wearing an unbuttoned plaid shirt that couldn’t hide the yellow stained wifebeater he was wearing. Below, he was wearing dust covered jeans with black biker boots, both of which had seen better days. I was unconsciously checking him out when I heard him give out a loud cough, which was enough to break me out of my trance and focus on what he was saying.

“Hey bud, just wanted to invite you for some grub tonight. My boy and I would like to know ya better, we being neighbors and all” Hal said with a kind smile. My mind however, was distracted by the stench wafting off of him. It was a mix of booze, tobacco, sweat, piss and a few others that I couldn’t place. The smell was repulsive and yet, I couldn’t help but smell it more. My distraction led me to unconsciously agree to Hal’s dinner invitation. By the time I realized what had happened, he had turned around and started walking back. I wasn’t thrilled by the prospect of going over to a redneck’s house for dinner but I was open to new experiences.

At 6 pm sharp, I was at their front porch again, ringing the doorbell. I was dressed in khaki pants, a red polo shirt that showed off my muscular body and a nice dinner jacket. In my hands was a bottle of chardonnay, courtesy of a client from Napa Valley, which I had been saving for a special occasion. The front door opened but this time it wasn’t Hal in front of me. This guy looked similar to Hal, except that he was probably in his mid-30s. He was also bald, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, rugged jeans and black boots, and gave off the same scent as Hal. He introduced himself as Rud (Hal’s son) while I stepped inside their home.

The first thing I noticed was the filth lying around. There were beer cans, cigar ends and ash lying everywhere, with the occasional packet of chips and other condiments lying here and there. The smell of tobacco, booze and body odor hung in the air as I made my way to their large couch. It was the only place to sit in this room and I was counting down the moments to when I could leave this stink hole.

Hal was sitting on the stained couch, dressed similar to his son, and was smoking a fat cigar with a beer in his other hand. Hal was around 6’3, about 260 pounds while Rud was around 6’4 and about 230 pounds. They were biker rednecks without a doubt, as their bodies were covered in tattoos and piercings. A lot of their tattoos were highly offensive, including a stars and bars flag tattoo on Hal’s left arm. Rud had the same tattoo on his right arm, and both of them had other racially offensive tattoos on their arms and necks. They also had many face piercings, including on their ears, septum and lower lip, which combined with their very hirsute body, really rounded off their redneck look.

We made small talk and shared our life’s stories. Hal was born into a farming family in Texas and had his son when he was 14 years old. He had sold his family’s farm when his parents died, leaving him with a nice cache of cash. Hal and Rud made money on the road, doing odd jobs on their journeys and they loved driving through the country on their motorcycles. I suggested we open the bottle of wine to which Rud made a disapproving noise and flatly stated that they were a beer, whisky & scotch-only family. Not that I was complaining, as it left the entire bottle for me. I was sipping on my glass of wine as father and son were drinking beer, a cigar in each of their hands. We ran out of topics to talk about very quickly and Hal suggested we put on a movie before dinner. They played an action movie which we powered through for half an hour before Rud picked up the remote and changed the channel.

At this point, I had a good buzz going but it didn’t stop me from being shocked at what I saw on TV. A rather large black man was being rough fucked on both ends by two muscular white guys. I was alarmed at what I was watching but I saw Hal & Rud watching it intently so I didn’t say anything. In a few minutes, I got the second shock that evening when father and son whipped out their dicks and started stroking themselves. I was tongue-tied as I watched them stroke their big dicks, fascinated by the sight of their big cocks. Both of them had PA piercings on their dick, with additional rings hanging in the lower end of the glans. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, in real-life or porn, and I realized how turned on I was. Around the same time, I became aware of their smell. The raw stench of a man’s sweat, cum and piss, mixed with the masculine smell of tobacco and beer, made my head swoon and I watched with rapt attention as these two redneck bikers lewdly wanked off in front of me. I was practically drooling when I heard Hal’s voice.

“Like what ya see pup?” Hal asked with an evil grin, his hand still stroking his big cock. “Why don’t ya come closer, give me a hand with this?” My mind was racing but my body betrayed me as I got up and went to sit down next to Hal. I slowly touched his cock, stroking and marveling at it as Hal took his hands off and put them behind his head. Hal’s cock was around 7 inches in length but it was thick as a beer can. More than 5 inches in diameter, it was the fattest cock I had ever seen. About thirty seconds later, Hal spoke up again.

“Why don’t ya put your mouth on it? Give me a nice wet blow” he said, as he started to push my head down to his cock.

I didn’t resist as I felt my lips touching his PA and his cock head. Instinctively, I started licking it slowly, taking my time in feeling the cock. The width was alarming but slowly, with Hal’s guidance, I opened my mouth and took him in. My jaw was uncomfortably stretched around his cock, and I had taken barely 2-inches of it in my mouth. Inside my head, my conscience kept telling me it was a bad idea but the heat of the moment alongside the strong stench coming off of Hal and Rud kept me going. I sucked on Hal’s dick, taking another two inches before my jaw started to really hurt. Hal must have realized as he pulled me off his dick, lifted me and planted his lips into mine.

To say that this was the best kiss of my life would be an understatement. Hal took control of my mouth, as he smushed, nibbled and coated it with his spit. When he wanted me to open my mouth, he would pinch my nipple through my shirt. When he wanted to pass spit to me, he would grab my cheeks and squeeze them until my mouth was open enough for him. I was like a mold of clay, being expertly used by a potter and I was not complaining.

Soon, I found myself being pushed down again. This time, it was Rud’s dick in front of me. Like his father, Rud was well endowed standing erect at 8.5 inches. He wasn’t as thick like his dad, but the length made up for it. His dick was easier to suck, as I found it much more pleasing for my jaw. Above me, Hal and Rud were kissing each other, with Rud’s hand tightly clutching my head and keeping me locked in place.

This continued for the next 10 mins before I was passed to Hal again. As I was sucking him, Rud got up and stood behind me. I wasn’t sure what he was up to but I didn’t have to wait long as I felt his hot piss hitting me in my hair and travelling down my back, drenching everything in its path. His piss was very warm and stunk to high heavens.

The usual reaction to a situation like this is to confront the person who does so, correct? And while I knew that’s what I should be doing, all I could muster was a moan as I felt another inch of Hal’s dick push into my mouth.

I was enjoying someone pissing on me as I sucked another cock. The air was thick with the scent of piss and redneck body odour, as I felt myself being pulled up by Hal. Within seconds, they took off all my clothes leaving me completely naked in their living area. Before I could react, Hal put his palm on the nape of my neck and started to push me towards the stairs, with Rud right behind him. I was powerless to do anything, as I followed without question. I was aware that my cock was rock-hard and I was feeling things that I had never felt before.

The three of us went to the top floor where we entered their bedroom. I was certain that both of them shared the room as I saw both Hal’s and Rud’s clothes scattered all over. There were two pillows on the yellow-stained bed, both of which had been used recently. As I took in the sight around me, I felt Rud’s hand stroking my dick as I started to moan. Hal went and sat on the bed, his legs and fat cock dangling from the edge. My face was pushed down to his cock while Rud continued to stroke me slowly. My back was completely arched, with my ass pushing out and my hole exposed, as I bobbed my head up and down Hal’s dick.

When Rud removed his hand from my cock, I let out a whimper as Hal took this opportunity to push more of his cock inside. I had managed to take in 5 inches of his dick, as my jaw ached in pain. At that moment, I realized that my jaw was locked and I couldn’t extract my head even if I wanted to. Hal started to push himself inside my mouth slowly as I felt a cold finger circling my asshole. The cold touch of Rud’s finger sent a shiver up my spine causing my ass to twitch and quiver.

“Hey pa, looks like the pup wants a good ‘ol breeding” Rud gleefully said to Hal, his finger slowly making its way into my ass.

“Open it for me cub” Hal chimed in, as he kept me locked in place. After about 30 seconds of intense fingering, Rud yanked his finger out of my ass fast, causing a sharp pain. Almost immediately, I felt the cold touch of metal on my anal opening as Rud lined up his dick, preparing for a good fuck. He started to push in, as my sphincter parted to give way. The first inch or so went in easily until he had difficulty pushing in. My ass was resisting the intruder, and Rud was not happy about that. Hal’s hand grabbed my head as he pushed himself in. The momentary distraction of his thick cock making its way in to my throat was all Rud needed as he pushed hard and more of his cock went in. Pain shot through me as I wanted to cry and scream, unable to do either. Rud wasn’t gentle as he kept pushing more and more of himself, without giving me any time to adjust. My ass was open wide and he was deep enough, where I couldn’t push him out. Rud must have anticipated that, as he kept himself firmly inside, jabbing his dick inside me instead of pulling it out and pushing it back. A few minutes of mind-numbing pain gave way to a dull throbbing sensation, as the pain in my ass dissipated and loosened its grip on Rud’s cock. Rud took that as an opportunity to pull his cock out and then pushed it back in. He didn’t stop until he was all the way in, his hairy pubes tickling my ass. Father and son then started a rhythmic fucking, as Rud’s fuck pushed me into Hal’s cock. When I bounced back, Hal’s cock would be pushed out of my mouth as Rud’s cock would make its way in deeper. This continued for a good 10 minutes before Rud’s fucking became intense, signaling his impending arrival.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…Yeah take it bitch. Oh fuck, fuccckkkkk” Rud screamed as he dropped his load into my ass. “The pup has a good pussy pa” he finally said to Hal, pulling himself out.

I was exhausted by now. My mouth was sore from taking a beer can dick and my ass had taken a pounding unlike anything before. But my torture wasn’t over as I felt myself being pushed to the bed, on my back. Rud came and lay down beside me, as he started to kiss and stroke me. He was telling me what a good pup I was and I was doing a real good job. I could barely understand him, my mind numbed due to pain and my own arousal. It wasn’t until I felt my legs being lifted that I looked up to see Hal between my legs, completely naked. For the first time, I saw him in his naked glory. He was an ugly guy, but damn if he didn’t carry himself with confidence. He was a man’s man, covered in exquisite (albeit racist) artwork all over, that gave him a primal look. His piercings glistened with his sweat, as he placed my legs on his shoulders, ready to fuck me. A voice inside my head screamed for me to get out before Hal killed me with his giant cock, but I was too exhausted to move. When he placed the tip of his cock at my asshole, I didn’t resist and relaxed my hole for his entry. At the moment, I knew that resisting him would do no good and it would hurt me more as Hal didn’t seem like the type who would be patient while fucking.

As his head pierced through my ass, my mind screamed in bloody murder as I cried out in pain. Rud was slowly stroking my dick, as he took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck on it. For the briefest moment, I felt great pleasure in my chest and dick which resulted in my hole loosening up more. Hal pushed in, his monster cock tearing my insides, as I moaned and cried due to a combination of excess pain and immense arousal. He was a master fucker, as he took his time pushing in. I was sure that a cock his size would never fit in but I was proven wrong when I felt his pubes touching my ass. He was all the way in, all 7-inch length and 5.5-inch diameter of it.

Then the show started, as he started to fuck me nice and easy. Rud was still playing with my body, his hands exploring my body and his lips alternating between my nipples. He wasn’t stroking me anymore and instead, was squeezing his dad’s nipples while making out with me. A few minutes later, Hal laid down on me with his weight, his cock still lodged into my ass. He started to grind himself into me, his belly rubbing my cock and his thighs bumping against my balls. Hal and Rud’s faces were near me as they started to kiss each other and pulled my face towards them. The three of us were kissing, our lips smushed against each other as we shared our spit. Hal kept his unrelenting assault on my ass active, sweating like a pig and coating me in it. Instead of being disgusted by the smell of his sweat, I was very turned on and I grabbed his hips pushing more of him into me. Hal took that as a confirmation of my submission as he started fucking me harder, his face buried into my shoulder and his hairy sweaty body covering me in its entirety.

Soon, his breath became shallow as he started to grunt. His belly was rubbing against my own cock and I was on the cusp of a big orgasm. Hal yelled out as he pushed himself with a big thrust and his hips buckled, as he started to cum inside me. This pushed me to the edge and led to one of the best orgasms I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

Hal pulled out of me, as he pulled himself to me and presented his cock to my mouth. I could see it covered in his cum and my ass juice and instead of being revolted, I started to suck it till it was clean.

The last thing I remember before passing out, was Hal’s and Rud’s smell as they lingered close to me talking in hushed tones.

My eyes opened to the warmth of the early morning sun, as I woke up. I was sandwiched between Hal and Rud in their bed, their legs entangled with mine and their hairy bodies rubbing against my front and back. My jaw was aching, my ass was burning with pain as I slowly got up. The redneck father and son pair had managed to play some mind trick last night and turned me into their willing plaything but this was the end of that.

I quietly got out of bed, making sure that neither of them woke up. I started to stealthily move towards the door when out of nowhere.

“Ahemm, going somewhere pup?” Hal’s voice spoke, loud and clear.

I looked back sheepishly, as Hal sat up. He was holding his very erect dick while his eyes looked at me with malicious intent. Even though I was in pain, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. Memories of last night and my mind-blowing orgasm came rushing back, as I stood there like a deer caught in headlight, my own erection standing prominent.

“I could use your mouth right about now. I think Rud can use one too” Hal remarked, holding his gaze at me.

I was frozen in place, unable to decide what to do.

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