Chapter 2: Augmentation

By MarvelHypnoDude
published August 11, 2019

Mandrill finally gets access to one of the lesser known genuises in New York in the Mad Thinker. But will Mandrill kill him due to his condescending nature towards the phermone powered monkey and jeopardize his own plans?e


As I went into the building that I was instructed to go to by the coordinates that the Mad Thinker gave me, all i could think of was How long has he been watching me, was he sitting bcak in his chair jerking himself of to those bitches sucking me off and eating out my ass, Ive never been one to have an audience, unless its been an audience of my own creation and not some sick pervert stalking me because he wasnt fortunate enough to have the abilities that I possess. Although given that he was called the Mad Thinker so he had to have been super smart, no tsmart enough to be caught and defeated multiple times by various groups like the Fantastic Four. Regardless, I make my way thorugh the dank hallways that look like they haven’t been clean in weeks or even months. I might be some Ape fused with some Human (why do you think they call me Mandrill) but at least I had enough common curtosy to clean up my damn place every now and then. In fact, I wrapped myself up in my cape, covering myself up incase something caught onto my shirt that I just cleaned from my recent robbery. Finally I made it to some door and that same voice from the outside rang through out the hallway.

“Ah Mr. Beechman, so good you able to take time out of your busy schedule of raping poor girls and pretending they were men” said the Thinker in a superior tone, like hewa s better than everyone else. God I hate this guy already.

" Lool first of all, my human side is, well, lets just say renounced and I go by Mandrill for apparent reasons. Second, I put out the word that you could help me based on a hunch, I know you’ve dabbled in little enhancement products and I was wondering if you could help me in any way" My response was rather annoyed but who is he to judge what I do in my spare time.

" Now now Mr. Beechman, or Mandrill, no need to be defensive, I just called you down here to one of my secret labs to help you in any way I can, im sure payment wont be an issue for you now would it?" he asked in a very condescending tone, Im starting to realize why he’s been defeated so many times.

" Yea that wont be an issue given that I hauled off with about half a million in my recent bank robbery I just pulled off" I said with the most confidence Ive had in years.

" Thats nice. Split that money with me and youll have all the enhancements to your powers that you could desire" Thinker replied.

I was in shock, to think that this sonofabitch could just rip me off like that is just absurd. The arrogance of this little shit to make a fucking demand of that to me is so insulting that I had half a mind to tell him to go fuck himself on my shiny, throbbing, foot long cock and….. Focus Mandrill, focus….. long game is to be played here, dont blow this now, you can deal with this sack of shit later.

“Okay Thinker, you have a deal, I just need to know what I’m buying here, how exactly can you upgrade my powers?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

" Well Mandrill, I’ll need a sample of your DNA, preferably a hair, and not your ejaculate, then I’ll need time to synthesize the DNA into a serum that will allow the necessary changes to go into effect" he explained rather simply, I didnt think he would say something as condescending as….

“I could bore you with the details but you wouldn’t care, nor would understand.” There it is.

“But in the end if my calculations are correct, which they always are, your pheromones will have the ability to overwhelm not just females, but also males as well with little to no effort. Of course given that there are individuals with stronger willpower than most, it may take more time to break their wills and make them succeptable to you” The Thinker finally finished explaining.

Even though he was right and I was uninterested in the majority of what he was saying, I gotta hand it to him this guy really did know his shit. Even though it was incredibly annoying given that he thought that I was nothing more than a common animal, which is kinda true but beside the point.

I smiled at the Thinker “Deal. When do we get started?” I asked.

“If your up for it you can give me a sample through the vial that I’ve provided for you and you can pluck a strand or two from that monkey face of yours, as long as you come back witht the money we’ve agreeed upon, you will have your serum to make you more powerful and effective when dealing with your enemies” Thinker informed.

Ignoring yet ANOTHER jab at me, I just simply responded by nodding my head and saying “Got it. Im gone.”

Leaving the apartment building, I make my way back to my current hideout and gather up my money thinking to myself that if this all works than that self important, condescending asshole is gonna get his one day by my hand. Or maybe it’ll be done by someone elses, maybe the afformentioned Wolverine who I couldnt wait to make him “see the light” as me being his ALPHA. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, for now Ive the money altogether and I head back to the Mad Thinkers place. I even saw a broad walking down the street by herself, the thought of taking her came to mind but I’m so determined to make this happen. Just the desire of making someone like Wolverine mine and enthralled to my will, realizing who the ALPHA is makes me so hard in my trunks that I just wanted to jack off right then and there again. But like I said, business needs to be attended first, and that creepy fucker is watching me I know it.

“Heres your money Thinker. Now where’s my serum?” I asked rather impatiently.

Thats when the doors opened up and allowed entrance for myself, the air blowing in my face and sending my cape flying into the wind, not coming detached of course.

" I have it right here Mandrill. Didn’t take so long now did it?" he asked in a rather mocking tone. Yea I’m gonna deal with him one of these days.

“So how does this work, do I take it like medicine or…. OUCH!!!” In mid sentence that fucker jabbed me with the needle and dispensed the neddle into my neck.

" And Voila. It’s done." Thinker said so proudly of himself.

“THAT FUCKING HURT!!!” I shouted.

“You’ll be fine. i just administered the serum into your bloodstream which will change the chemical nature of your pheromones. In other words, you can control men as well as women. Just give it some time preferably 24 hours for it to take effect” Thinker explained.

“Is this permenant or do I gotta come back to get some more doses from you?” I asked

“Oh Mr. Beechman its very much permenant, I’m your one stop shop for everything you need. Just dont try to betray me, because if you do it wont work. I have made an antidote in that same timespan so your new augmented powers will be ineffectual against me. Not that I would be caught dead taking orders from some Ape. but as gesture of good will between us, I would like to provide you with an image inducer if you want to see your work up close and personal. Mainly because I think Humanity shares the same opinions as I do about you appearance.” Thinker explained in the same condescending tone that he’s been talking to me this whole time.

" Yea whatever, thanks" I told him as i stormed off and high tailed it back to my hideout.

All in all despite Thinker acting like some know-it-all asshole, he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Im back now at my hideout and I disrobe myself and now I’m buck naked in my room. Those fantasies are coming back to me again and springing my long cock into action yet again. Just imagingt that Wolverinr being my little Whore-verine and begging to stuff by my cock in his ass or my mouth was even enthralling me. Honestly, he was the epitamy of Manly Man as far as could tell and having him and someone like his brother Sabretooth being my little Sluttertooth servicing me like only they can would show anyone who dared to approach me that it’s my time and that I’m not an ALPHA, I’m THE ALPHA!!!

I just cream my self at the prosperity of it all and I dont even feel like cleaning myself, just letting my own cum set into my fur and making my smell all the more potent. Then again none of this has been tested and I could’ve been hoodwinked by Thinker this whole time. Just gotta find out if this stuff really does work, 24 hours he said, remebering that as I dose of into sleep. This will be interesting.


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