Big Changes chapter 4

By Lytcom
published August 9, 2019

When a stranger moves into town it begins to change the life of Sergeant Hall and everyone around him.

"Listen up, Sergeant Hall. The reason we called you in here today is that Mr. Blacks clothing store at ZoneOut is kind enough to donate the uniforms for our new civilian support staff.”

Sergeant Hall was ecstatic. Lately, he had begun hating his old, ugly uniform.

“Mr. Black has brought a few samples over for us to see, and since you are … were a Sergeant, I thought that you should get to try yours on first.”

“Thank you Sir, but you really don’t have to, I’m sure one of the other boys … I mean officers would be happy to do it,” Sergeant Hall replied.

Mr. Black spoke up, “Nonsense, you’d be perfect. Besides, the uniform is just your size.”

“Well, if you want me to, Sir,” he replied eagerly. “Where can I change?” he asked.

“What do you mean by that. You can change right here, silly”.

“Here?” Rick asked confused.

“Yes. Don’t be such a pussy. Go on. CHANGE” Chief Beavers yelled.

“YES SIR”, came the response from Rick as his dick instantly rose to full mast at the sound of the commanding police chief. He quickly stood up and removed his uniform as fast as possible.

“I see, I have a loyal customer here,” Vic Black said with a smirk as Sergeant Hall now stood in his yellow and black designer briefs from ZoneOut that did nothing to contain his boner.

“You’ll have to get rid of them though. You can’t wear underwear with your new uniform”, Vic Black explained matter of factly.

Nick didn’t even stop to question the absurdity of what Mr. Black had just told him to do. He instantly pulled down his briefs and now stood naked in front of his police chief and a complete stranger. Others would undoubtedly think the situation very strange, even a little gay perhaps. Just a few months ago Rick Hall would definitely have thought so too, but he knew better now. His time at ZoneOut had taught him that it was perfectly normal to be naked in front of other men, even with an erection.

Vic Black took in the sight of the naked policeman with great pleasure. He had of course seen him naked countless times on the recordings from the hidden cameras in the showers at the ZoneOut Gym, but seeing it up close in real life he could now see just how big the young policeman really was. And to think that that dick would have been wasted, had it not been for him, Vic Black thought before unpacking the new uniform and handling it to Rick.

There wasn’t much to it. Instead of a baggy button-up shirt, there was a tight-fitting black compression shirt with silver stripes down the sides and the police emblem on the left chest with the words “Property of RPD” written above it. The same words were printed on the back of the uniform, over his ass in much larger print. Instead of long pants, there was a pair of short and very tight compression shorts that did nothing to hide his hard dick. There was also a belt but it only had a radio and two sets of handcuffs.

Matching wrist cuffs and a collar with the word assistant written on it completed the uniform. He wondered why the cuffs and collar were necessary, but couldn’t bring himself to question Mr. Black’s choices. Except for the name tag that was, which was misspelled.

“Well, how do you like it, boy?” Chief Beavers asked him as he was buckling the tight belt around his waist.

“Well, it’s nice and all, but my name tag is misspelled,” he responded while pointing to the nametag on his right chest. “My name is Rick, not Dick.”

Mr. Black addressed that problem. “Oops, that must have been a typo in the computer, but Dick is a much better name than Rick for such a hot stud like yourself, don’t you think?” Somehow, when Vic suggested this, he could no longer see anything wrong or inappropriate with the name.

“Well, if you say so, Mr. Black, I can be called Dick at work.”

“That’s great, Dick. I’m glad that you like it, it looks good on you,” Chief Beavers said.

“Um Chief, there is one more question I have about the uniform, though."

“Shoot, Dick,” Chief Beavers replied.

“Why do I have a radio, two pairs of handcuffs, and nothing else on my belt?”

“Well, the radio is so an officer can call you when he needs you, and the handcuffs are in case an officer needs an extra set in a hurry.” Chief Beavers glanced over to Mr. Black.

“And since you mentioned the cuffs, Mr. Black wanted to try out a pair while he was here. You wouldn’t mind if he tried them out on you, would you?"

Dick locked eyes with Mr. Black. “Not at all, Chief,” he said with a smile.

“Good, I have some stuff to do, so I’ll leave you two alone then,” Chief Beavers announced. He shut the door as he left.

Mr. Black smiled and told Dick to come to him and turn around. Dick obeyed him without hesitation. He felt a pair of cuffs being taken off his belt and Mr. Black grabbing his left wrist. The cuff snapped tightly onto his wrist. Then Dick felt him repeat the process with his right arm, and then he was securely handcuffed. He tried to wiggle his wrists, and discover that they were hinged cuffs.

After handcuffing the former police sergeant, Vic temporarily returned his mind to normal; mostly normal anyways. His reaction was instant. “What the fuck did you do to me?” Dick yelled as he tried to move, anywhere that was away from him. His feet stayed firmly rooted to the floor.

Laughing, Vic replied, “Nothing that I haven’t done a thousand times before, Dick.”

Walking slowly around him, he went on, “By the way, thanks for pulling me over that day, if you hadn’t, I might have never found out about your wonderful little town.”

He ran his hand down Dicks body until he reached the hardon an started stroking it through the thin fabric of the new uniform shorts.

“I’ve been looking for a place to take over, to re-make into my own vision of paradise, and Riverside is just about right. So many young guys like yourself with such great potential to be hot himbos with nothing but sex on their minds. They just need the right push”.

“But how are you doing this. It’s all so wrong”.

Mr. Black laughed a menacing laugh.

"No, Dick, it is all normal. That is my secret. I’ve always had a talent for making people agree with me. My voice, my charisma. When I speak, everything just seems so right, no matter how wrong it was moments ago.

"Of course it works best when I am in the room and talking directly to the person I want to control, but I can do it remotely too. As a whisper hidden beneath the music playing in a clothing store for example or video and radio ads playing in a gym. And once you are in the right frame of mind anything and anyone can add to the changes. You do as others around you do because you all want to be normal. I simply redefine what is normal, he added with a devilish smile.

“Please just leave me alone, I promise I won’t tell anyone, just please let me go,” Dick begged him in the soft voice that he had permitted him.

Chuckling, Vic Black stopped in front of him, looked into his trembling eyes, and said, “I know you won’t tell anyone, even if I let you go, no one would believe you. At best, they’d ignore you; at worst they’d lock you away in a mental hospital for the rest of your life.” He set his hands on Dick’s shoulders as he said this.

“Now, I want you to go out there and model your new uniform for everyone, and you’re going to enjoy it, understand, Dick?” Vic returned his influence to Dicks mind.

Smiling, Dick replied, “Of course I’ll enjoy it, Sir, I look so fucking hot in this.” Vic gave him a playful swat on the ass as he walked towards the door in the Chief’s office in his new uniform, still handcuffed.

“Oh, by the way, Dick, as soon as you’re done, you should probably take care of that dick of yours. After all, it is only normal for a hot guy to blow off steam every once in a while” Vic Black casually called out, even though Dick was already halfway out of the office. It didn’t matter, as Vic Black knew the words had implanted themselves in Dick’s mind.

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