Relivit Part 1.1

By Jeep
published August 8, 2019

One more flash forward as Jake is facedw with a decision… a short chapter with finale coming soon

Jake blinked as his eyes adjusted to the glare of the light. He heard the applause of the crowd, and he popped a double bi, his favorite pose, before he took the trophy from the emcee and walked off stage…he’d just won the SoCal Classic as a Super Heavyweight, his justification for the last 4 years of hard work and struggle. He thought back to how he’d ended up in LA after he and Mike had both been disowned when they’d been caught by Mike’s parents… they’d both had a bit of money set aside from the various gifts from their Grandparents over the years, plus Mike had the car his parents had bought him for graduation. California was Mike’s idea, Jake was an actor, where else did they belong? They traded the car for an old van and some cash, and made their way west from Ohio.

LA was a marvel to the two handsome, cornfed boys from the middle of nowhere, but it was also crowded, filthy, and expensive. Within weeks their saved money was gone, and they both realized that it was time for jobs. There was only one skill that both boys had, and that was training, so they quickly found jobs at a gym in West Hollywood run by a grizzled, old bodybuilder from the 70’s, named “Doc” Grey. Doc was famous in bodybuilding circles for his vast knowledge of pharmacology, and before long both Mike and Jake were well on their way to bodybuilder status, but Jake especially responded to the older mans tutelage. He remembered how good it felt when Coach Adams had paid him attention and encouraged him. If Doc said it, it had to be right, Jake believed. So he worked out, he injected, he dieted and he grew… at 22 he was a sight to behold with beautifully rounded muscles, his prodigious cock, and a face that just hinted at innocence newly corrupted. As he walked offstage, his tremendous leg muscles rolling over each other under perfect bronze, paper thin skin, he saw Mike (who’d won the light heavyweight class in the same show), Doc, and another older man in an expensive, gray suit waiting for him.

As he neared the trio Doc said, “See isn’t he everything i promised you? Look at that face, look at that ass, this boy was meant to be a star!”

“Dude,” Mike said, "" this guy does movies, and says he wants us both for one… I mean, I ain’t no actor, but he says he can work with me, but you, YOU can act… this could be it, your break, you could totally do this!"

With that Mike reached up and put his arms around Jake’s shoulders and reaching forward gave him a long, lingering kiss. Jake gave in for a minute, and the two hunks, one blond, finely muscled, and All American looking, one dark haired and jacked beyond belief , explored each other’s bodies hungrily.

“That’s what we’re looking for,” the man said, " I’m Dave Branagan from Mr. B Productions, we specialize in bodybuilding and lifestyle videos for a diverse audience, and Doc here felt you could appeal to both markets. Jake, boy, you ready to be famous?"

Jake pulled away from Mike and looked over at Doc…

“Doc, you think this is okay? I don’t know…”

“Boy, the way I look at it is bodybuilding don’t pay jack shit, and you gotta make some money while you got the look… you don’t wanna end up like me managing a gym and training in your 60’s cause you can’t afford to quit… hell, I’d do it if someone offered…”

Jake thought for a few minutes… he pulled up those other memories of another life, the one where he’d graduated from Vanderbilt with honors, but without having had any real fun, the life where he’d met a girl named Jodi in Econ 101, who he felt no real passion for, but who was the type of girl his parents had always told to look out for, solid, steady, focused… they’d dated for three solid years before she consented to sex, and for that 15 seconds of pleasure Jacob had been expected to propose. He knew that in that half forgotten life, right now he was accepting an offer for a dead end job with Logan Shaw Logistics, Jodi’s father’s company… that whole life he was remembering where he had made his own decisions..

Then he thought about his last 4 years with Mike and Doc making the decisions. Years where he experienced what it was like to be young in a city that prized youth, years where he felt the grip of the iron, the feel of the pump, the feel of how natural it felt to give up books, and study, and unhappiness, how good it felt to just be and listen to Doc and Mike and let them do the hard part. He hardly realized how much he’d let go intellectually, how influenced he’d been by Mike’s jock bro attitudes. He thought of all the night’s where his cock had filled Mike’s hole, and how the early days of mutual lust had deepened to true love. Jake looked over Mike’s shoulder at the mirror, at the reflection of their bronzed, oiled up bodies… he felt his cock begin to harden again, even as depleted as he was. Jake thought of how he felt right now, euphoric, horny, relaxed, and above all happy.

The decision seemed so simple. He looked over at Mr. B and said one word, “Yes…” and then whoosh..

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