Big Changes chapter 3

By Lytcom
published August 8, 2019

When a stranger moves into town it begins to change the life of Sergeant Hall and everyone around him.

Rick Hall was ready to hit the showers. It had been a fucking fantastic workout, as usual. He was drenched in sweat from pushing his body to the max.

As a dedicated policeman, Rick had always been in modest shape but it had always been out of duty.

He never really enjoyed the time in the gym. He much preferred to spend his spare time reading a good book. Well, it had now been many weeks since he last opened a book.

Since joining the ZoneOut Gym it had almost become a second home for him. His friend Chris had absolutely been right when he said that workouts could be so much fun.

Rick truly enjoyed every second of it. Not just the workout but also bonding with the other gym-rats like himself. Besides many of his police coworkers, he had met a lot of new guys in the gym, helping them out, spotting for them and sharing tips about workout, diets and protein shake.

After workouts they spend a lot of time flexing for each other, comparing progress and admiring their hot bodies.

Lately, the ritual had begun continuing into the showers. Rick had been slightly alarmed when he first noticed how the guys looked at each other in the showers but that had quickly changed.

Now, as the steaming hot water from the showerhead hit him, Rick made sure to turn around so his new friends Tim and Jake could get a proper look at his naked body. He could tell from their rockhard dicks, that they found the show fucking fantastic.

His own dick was also pointing straight ahead at the sight of his friends’ naked bodies. And that was of course perfectly normal. Some would probably think it was a little gay, Rick thought, but he knew better.

As posters, videos and radio ads all around the gym constantly reminded them of, there is nothing sexier in the world than a naked man, so it is only natural, even unavoidable for a guy to get a hardon when looking at a naked guy.

As Rick left ZoneOut he made sure to show off his guns with a new navy-blue tank top that matched his new collar and wrist cuffs. He glanced at his watch and saw that he was already late for work but that didn’t really bother him that much anymore. Less time in that disgusting, ugly uniform the better, he thought.

Rick had only just arrived at the station and sad down at his desk when his name was yelled from across the room. Chief Beavers stood at the door to his office and he looked pissed.

As Rick nervously entered the office Chief Beavers quickly ordered him to sit down on the chair across his desk. It was only then Rick noticed that they were not alone. Sitting on another chair at the desk was Mr. Vic Black.

“Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Vic Black. We had something important we wanted to share with you, but since you have apparently decided that it’s okay for you to come and go as you please, we have had to wait for you” Chief Beavers said with a calm but clearly angry voice.

“I didn’t know there was a…”

“DO NOT INTERRUPT ME, BOY” the chief suddenly yelled at him. Rick looked at Chief Beavers with disbelief. He had never seen the police chief act like this. He had always been coarse and demeaning but never like this. And never in front of a civilian.

“It’s like we talked about while we waited, Chief Beavers” Vic Black suddenly said. “The young simply don’t have the proper respect and discipline nowadays”.

“You’re right Mr. Black. I don’t know why I’ve put up with it for so long, but it ends today. I will no longer accept this lack of respect, Chief Beavers proclaimed.

“That is good to hear. If you want things to change, it can’t just be out of duty. A police chief like yourself must take true pleasure in ensuring discipline among his employes”, Vic Black added.

“Pleasure…” Chief Beavers said with a strange dreamy voice as he looked the confused Sergeant Hall.

“I… I don’t understand…”

“DO NOT SPEAK WITHOUT PERMISSION”, the police chief yelled at the shocked Rick. He could not believe what was happening. However, he was not going to take it. No matter what, the police chief had no right to talk to him like that. He was going to file a complaint, Rick thought, but before he could say anything he heard clapping. It was Mr. Black clapping his hands.

“Well said, Chief Beavers. I know that I speak on behalf of Sergeant Hall and all the other boys here at the station when I say that it is an absolute pleasure to have you as a boss." Vic Black said with and overdramatically cheerful voice.

“In my line of work I get detailed knowledge of all the secret needs and desires that young men like Sergeant Hall here try to hide. It’s a fact, that all young men need to be disciplined. They crave it. It is in their very nature. Their deepest desire is to be controlled, to obey without question. To find a real man like you, Police Chief. A strong man to surrender to. Isn’t that right Sergeant Hall?” Vic Black asked as he turned his head towards Rick with a devilish grin on his face.

Mr. Black’s words had been like thunder in his mind. Rick knew he had been about to say something before Mr. Black’s speech but he just couldn’t remember what.

“ANSWER THE MAN, BOY” the police chief yelled.

“Yes.Sir. Sorry. Sir” Rick replied as fast as possible. How had he never noticed how hot the chief sounded when he yelled.

“He is right, Sir. I would love to be disciplined. I..I…Need it, no, I…I…I crave it, he exclaimed as he felt his dick tenting in his pants like never before.

“That’s more like it, boy. Don’t ever be late again, or I might have to punish you”, the police chief warned.

Nick said nothing, but secretly he did wonder whether being punished by a real man like Chief Beavers sounded frightening or extremely hot.

“With all this sorted, I think it’s time to show you why Mr. Black and I called you in here in the first place” Chief Beavers said as he looked at Mr. Black.

“Yes, I think our young friend here is ready” Black added as his devilish smile grew wider.

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