Mission Accomplished

By Willie Cici
published August 7, 2019

Andrew seduces a motorcyle-riding stud. His life will never be the same …

“Master Andrew, where have you been?”, the man said. He crossed the threshold of the main entrance of the mansion, walked down the stone path, towards the circular driveway that graced the front of the mansion.

Andrew Sullivan leaned against the padded seat of his new motorcycle. He wore a pair of distress jeans, a black t-shirt, an overpriced muscle watch and a pair of vintage aviator sunglasses. His gym regimen has paid off; the sleeves of his t-shirt strained to contain his guns and toned chest and core. (To see Andrew, click here). “Harrison, do you like my new toy?”, Andrew said to his butler and valet.

Harrison shook his head. “Yes, Master Andrew. It’s very nice.”, he replied politely. He did not like the motorcycle, as he knew Andrew’s father would not have approved.

“It’s long overdue. I’ve wanted a set of wheels since I was in college.”, Andrew said.

“Your father …”, Harrison tried to answer.

“Is no longer an obstacle.”, Andrew replied cavalierly. Andrew walked to the front door of the stately mansion and said, “And, quite frankly, Harrison, I don’t give a damn about what Father thought. Nor do I care to hear it from you.”

“Yes, Master Andrew.”, Harrison replied.

Andrew walked into the foyer of the mansion and climbed the circular staircase to the second floor, to his bedroom. With every step, Andrew’s smile increased. To the world, Andrew was the loyal, grieving son, having buried his mother and father within the span of one year. No one knew the truth: Andrew reveled in his orphaned status. The 26-year-old hated his parents (especially his father) because they deprived him the freedom to live his life as he wished. Their wealth could have allowed Andrew the freedom to pursue the career he wished. Instead, his father forced him to join the family financial firm. His father insisted that he marry by the time he reached 25. Luckily, his mother’s death provided Andrew the excuse to observe a period of mourning. That bought him another twelve months, during which, Andrew’s father passed away.

Now, the millionaire orphan had the life he always wanted. He was rid of his parents, had more than enough money to spend, and was free to live his lifestyle without his parents’ reprobation. Andrew had enough sense to know that he did not have his father’s talents. He hired excellent financial minds at the firm to keep business afloat. He also knew that loyalty demands compensation. His hired guns earned well.

Andrew had accomplished much in hiding his orientation. Secret clubs and frequent Caribbean vacations allowed him the leisure to fornicate privately. In town, to maintain the charade with his parents, Andrew dated several women. The last two were his dominatrices. Mistress Helena, a socialite and daughter of serious money, taught Andrew well the art of painful pleasure.

For now, Andrew sauntered into his bedroom, stripped out of his riding gear, and changed into exercise gear. He would not keep his 2:30 personal trainer at the gym waiting. The cute 22-year-old brunette enjoyed Andrew’s training session, the post-workout session in the shower and the obscene gratuity for services rendered. Andrew summoned Harrison to have one of the servants ready his Maserati convertible. Andrew would arrive at the gym in style.

Around 5pm, Andrew returned to the mansion. He parked the Maserati in the circular driveway of the mansion and entered the house. From the foyer, Andrew walked into the adjacent library. “Harrison.”, Andrew called out.

Harrison stepped into the library, steps away from the foyer. “Yes, Master Andrew.”

Andrew handed the keys to the Maserati. “Has cook prepared dinner?”, he asked. Harrison nodded ‘yes’. “6:30, please.”

“Yes, Master Andrew.”, Harrison replied. He stepped out of the library, leaving Andrew perusing the laptop computer on the small table in the corner of the library.

Andrew searched for ‘leather bars’ within a twenty-five miles radius from his suburban home. Armed with his new toy, Andrew intended to party the night at the leather bar and hopefully find a partner for the evening.

After dinner, Andrew returned to his bedroom, donned his jeans and black t-shirt and a black leather jacket and headed out of the mansion. When Harrison inquired as to his anticipated return time, Andrew replied, “Before sunrise.”

“Yes, Master Andrew.”, Harrison replied, disgusted with the master’s arrogance.

Around 1am, Andrew returned to the mansion. He walked to the front door of the mansion and waited. He had lured a stud to his home. The stud had his own set of wheels and was following Andrew back to the mansion. In minutes, the stud drove down the long driveway of the estate and reached the circular driveway. He parked his motorcycle and dismounted the vehicle. The stud wore no shirt. Andrew ogled the stud’s tanned beautiful body. He had the perfect chest: sculpted and cobbled. His jeans caught all the right curves. His manly, handsome appearance pleased Andrew. (To see the stud, click here).

The stud walked to the entrance of the home. “Nice place.”, the stud said.

Andrew said nothing. He opened the door and entered the mansion. He led the stud to the second floor, to the master bedroom. As the stud entered the bedroom, Andrew locked the door. He did not want Harrison to disturb him in the morning.

Andrew walked towards the bed. He started to undress. He watched the stud pull a small vial from his pants pocket, unscrew the vial and drink the contents. “A little juice.”, the stud said. Andrew smiled. The stud followed Andrew’s lead, undoing his boots, his jeans and his shirt. He stood naked, but for his black jockstrap. Andrew stripped naked, and stood against the edge of the bed. He wiggled his cock, inviting the stud to service. The stud knew his place. He kneeled in front of Andrew, kissed his cut cock head and licked the shaft of his cock. “Like that?”, the stud said. Andrew smiled and nodded ‘yes’. The stud swallowed Andrew’s cock. He bobbed back and forth pleasuring the arrogant 26-year-old. Andrew then turned around, demanding that the stud rim his ass. The stud performed as ordered. Andrew then hopped on the bed, lay against the propped-up pillows and wiggled his cock. The stud jumped on the bed and squatted, riding Andrew’s cock, reverse cowboy, bobbing up and down, feeling the power of Andrew’s thick cock in his ass. After several minutes, Andrew felt his nuts churning. He shouted, “I’m going to cum!!”. The stud hoped off Andrew’s fuck stick and sucked his cock to orgasm. He swallowed and slurped Andrew’s copious load of jizz. “Sweeeeeet!”, the stud cooed as he cuddled next to Andrew in post-coital bliss.

Andrew barked to his stud. “Get me a glass of water.”

The stud hopped off the bed. Andrew rolled about the bed, his back facing the bathroom doorway. He could not see his stud retrieve the small vial from his jeans’ pockets. The stud entered the bathroom and poured a glass of water from the tap. He emptied the vial in the glass water and mixed the clear tasteless liquid with his fingers. The stud returned to the bedroom and handed the glass of water to Andrew. Andrew drank the water. Within seconds of drinking the water, Andrew felt the effects of clear tasteless liquid. His eyes bugged as he felt a surge of heat course throughout his entire body. “What did you …”, Andrew said.

The stud smiled. He reclined upon the bed, resting his head upon the headboard. He wiggled his cock and said, “Come here and suck my dick.” Andrew heard the stud’s words. Andrew obeyed the stud’s order. He crawled towards the stud and immediately sucked the man’s impressive cock. “Don’t stop. Suck it. Now.”, the stud shouted. Andrew bobbed his mouth upon the stud’s engorging member. He tasted the first shots of pre-cum, a sour lemony taste. He pursed his lips. The stud grabbed the back of Andrew’s head and forced his mouth upon his rock-hard cock. “Suck it. Faster.”, the stud insisted. Within minutes, the stud shot his wad down Andrew’s throat.

As the cum trickled down Andrew’s gullet, he felt another surge of heat. “What is happening to me?”, he shouted. He wanted to release his mouth from the stud’s cock, but the stud grabbed the back of Andrew’s head and forced him to keep his mouth upon his cock, still hard and wet. Suddenly, a deep green light glowed about Andrew’s mouth. Andrew stared at the stud’s face and observed the stud’s face changing shape. Within minutes, the stud’s face resembled Andrew. Another minute passed; Andrew could not remember his name. Another minute passed; Andrew did not remember who he was or where he came from or what he was doing in the man’s bed.

When the green light extinguished, the stud pulled his cock from Andrew’s mouth. Andrew lay astride upon the bed. His manly 26-year-old boy, muscled and sculpted, had morphed into a twinkish dream. His body was lithe, lean and perfectly tanned. He had pouty lips and bubbly buttocks. His manly blondish hair had changed to a boi-ish blonde. He had morphed into the ideal boi toy.

“Good boy, Billy.”, the stud said. “You’re my good boy, aren’t you Billy?”

Andrew heard the stud call him ‘Billy’. He thought to himself, “I’m Billy.” He stared into the stud’s eyes. “Yes … Daddy.”

The stud smiled. “That’s right, Billy. I’m your Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy.”, Andrew replied.

“Good boy. Now, Daddy wants his cock sucked. Can you do that?”, the stud said.

“Yes, Daddy.”, Andrew replied. He crawled again towards the stud and licked the stud’s semi-hard cock. As he traced his tongue upon the stud’s shaft, Andrew said, “Like that, Daddy?”

“Yes, Billy. Just like that.”, the stud said. He smiled. The transformation was near completion.

The next morning, 10:00am –

Harrison climbed the circular staircase and reached the second-floor master bedroom. He tried to open the door, but found it locked. He knocked on the door of the master bedroom. “Master Andrew.”, he called.

Andrew rose from the bed and opened the door. He stood at the threshold, naked. “Yes, Harrison.”

“Shall I prepare breakfast?”, Harrison said, doing his best to avoid Andrew’s nudity.

“Yes, Harrison. For me and for my guest.”, Andrew said. Andrew walked into the bedroom. Harrison followed and stared at the bed. “His name is Billy. He will be staying a while.”, Andrew announced. “Do you understand?”

“I understand.”, Harrison answered with a tone of reproach.

“Harrison, for years, I hid. No more. Tell the staff. If they don’t like it, they can leave.”, Andrew said sternly.

“Yes, Master Andrew. As you wish.”, Harrison answered, bowing his head and retreating from the bedroom.

Andrew returned to the bed and spooned with his boytoy, Billy. The leather bar stud had assumed Andrew’s identity. He morphed his face and his voice to resemble the arrogant 26-year-old and then acquired his memory and identity. The stud Andrew picked up at the leather bar had assumed Andrew’s identity. Andrew had become ‘Billy’, his twinkish boi toy, the little bitch who would serve his lust. As Billy awoke, Andrew whispered into Billy’s ears. “Good morning.” Andrew slid his cock into Billy’s boy pussy. Billy moaned as Andrew pumped his cock into the twink’s ass. The last night’s marathon session of sex had not stretched out Billy’s boy pussy. Tight and firm, Andrew pleasured himself, plowing the twink’s ass until he filled Billy’s ass with his morning dose of cum. “Go shower. Harrison is serving breakfast.”

Billy traipsed into the en suite bathroom. As he showered, Andrew searched the dressers for appropriate clothes. “He can’t wear his old clothes.”, he muttered to himself. He found several pairs of fluorescent colored underwear, buried in the back of the dresser. He looked at the sizes: S. Andrew smiled. “Trophies.”, he thought to himself. These were the underwear of men Master Andrew seduced. Andrew selected a pair of pink bikini briefs and said, “Perfect.” He found a white t-shirt to match. When Billy walked out of the bathroom, draped in a towel, Andrew said, “Put these on.” Billy donned the pink underwear and white t-shirt. Andrew found a pair of black bathing trunks and said, “Now, let’s go to breakfast.”

When Andrew and Billy walked into the solarium, Harrison stood aghast. “Thank you, Harrison.”, Andrew said. He walked out of the solarium, leaving Andrew and Billy to eat their breakfast. The twink and his daddy enjoyed the breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and juice. When the couple finished eating, Andrew said, “Let’s go to the pool.”

“Yes, Daddy.”, Billy said.

Andrew led Billy out of the solarium’s glass-paneled door to the pool pavilion. Andrew stared at Billy sporting his pink bikini briefs and white t-shirt. His tanned, lean body contrasted with the bright pink and white. (To see Billy, click here). Billy removed his t-shirt and stared at Andrew. “Jump in.”, Andrew said.

Billy obeyed his Daddy. He jumped into the pool and swam. Andrew watched his boy toy swim in the oversized pool. He had enough underwear for about three or four days. Tomorrow, Andrew would take Billy shopping. He would need a wardrobe, age appropriate and role appropriate. Leggings, lace panties, thongs and some leather would serve sexy Billy well, Andrew opined.

The heat and humidity of the late morning demanded Andrew to join Billy in the pool. He dove in the pool and swam towards Billy. After several laps, the two lovers crawled into the adjoining hot tub and removed their clothes. Andrew sat on the bench. Billy climbed onto Andrew’s rock-hard cock. The warm bubbling waters of the hot tub tingled Andrew’s skin and lubed Billy’s boy pussy. “Fuck me, Daddy!”, Billy muttered. Andrew smiled. The real ‘Andrew’ would never have allowed the stud he picked up from the leather bar to fuck him in the ass. Billy, on the other hand, was mindless. The process left Billy with an IQ around 100. Billy did not need intelligence. He needed his good looks, sexy twinky body and expert pleasure skills to keep him living the life of luxury. Billy knew his place. For the moment, that meant riding Andrew’s cock, ready to take a full load in his tight boy pussy. When Andrew felt the surge of climax, he stepped out of the hot tub, dragged Billy along and positioned him, kneeling on one of the lounge chairs that surrounded the pool. He fucked Billy for several minutes until his climaxed. “Better out of the hot tub.”, Andrew thought. “Who wants to clean that?”

Billy reclined upon the laisse lounge and closed his eyes. He wanted to catch some rays. Andrew chose to hunt for his bathing trunks and hop back into the pool. As Billy strolled about the pool area, naked, searching for the bathroom. Harrison spotted the naked and wandering Billy and escorted him to the bathroom, next to the pool pavilion. Harrison then approached Andrew. “Master Andrew,”, he said, “should I find …”

“Billy. His name is Billy.”, Andrew said.

“Yes. Um … Billy. Should I find Billy some undergarments?”, Harrison asked.

“There are some in the top right-hand dresser in my bedroom. The dresser near the en suite door.”, Andrew said.

“Very well, Master Andrew.”, Harrison replied.

Harrison returned with a pair of white bikini briefs. As Billy exited the bathroom, Harrison handed the white bikini briefs to Billy, who rolled his eyes at the old man and donned the undergarment.

Andrew watched the entire scene, entertained by the old man and young twink. Billy spotted Andrew ogling him. He posed for his Daddy. The stark white wall of pool pavilion captured a glimmer of greenish light, creating a start backdrop for his posing Billy. (To see Billy, click here).

The former motorcycle stud smiled. He had everything Andrew Sullivan always wanted: unlimited wealth and unbridled freedom. Mission accomplished.

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