Warlock's Curse

By Dare Harvest published April 27, 2005

Mick gets cursed while handing out Bibles.

Warlock’s curse by Dare Harvest (magic, tg, Fm, Mm)

This document contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts that many people find offensive. Do not continue reading if you might be offended. This is fiction and fantasy. In the real world unprotected sex is dangerous.

Warlock’s Curse

Copyright 2004 Dare Harvest

This story may be freely distributed for free, if it retains its copyright notice.

Mick was strolling through the Pagan fair in the civic center of San Jose trying to pass out Bibles. How did kooks like this ever get permission to gather in public, he wondered to himself. Bad enough that gays were allowed to gather in public, but that pagans–heathen, superstitious, idolators–and half of them looked gay. He turned to look at one particularly outre person passing by and bumped into another–a man apparently wearing nothing but a leather cape, leading another wearing no more than a few leather straps.

“Faggot,” Mick blurted, “watch where you’re going.” The man looked surprised for half a second then smiled, made a few motions with his hand and mumbled some words that sounded like gibberish to Mick, but Mick was surprised to feel a tingle of fear as the man finished. Then he spoke to Mick, smiling.

“You said ‘faggot’ like it was a curse.”

“It was. You must repent or you’ll burn in hell.” Mick offered a Bible to the man.

“Yes, I thought it was a curse. So I gave you a curse of my own. I think you’ll come to understand its nature soon enough. And no thank you for the bible; I’ve read it already. But perhaps you would care to take one of my cards. You’ll be glad you have it soon enough.” Mick refused the card.

“I wouldn’t want to contact you for any reason unless to save your soul.”

“No, I don’t think I want you to try that. I’m afraid it would be so tedious. But when you start looking for me, you will be able to find me if you seek the Warlock Master. I’m on the internet.” He smiled again and turned his back on Mick who responded saying

“You’re on your way to hell.” The man trailing the Warlock Master looked back and smiled.

“See you soon, sweetheart.”


Mick circulated through the crowd for sometime longer but he got little positive response. At the edge of the crowd, speaking to passers by, he did a little better, but as time passed he became more and more uncomfortable. He felt tense, nervous and tired at the same time. He knew these feelings–he was starting to feel horny. It often happened in crowds filled with women–he grew horny. But his way of life commanded abstinence, at least until marriage.

Sometimes he masturbated, but always felt guilty and begged for forgiveness. Sometimes he would whip himself about the shoulders to drive away the demons of lust. Today the demons of lust seemed a little more frantic than usual. His penis was rock hard and uncomfortable in his pants, but his cotton briefs restrained it, and it wasn’t all that big anyway, so he wasn’t worried about an embarrassing bulge.

His excitement continued to grow as he drove home. He could hardly concentrate on the wheel of the car. His repetitions of the Lord’s prayer had died away when he found he couldn’t concentrate on the words and on the road at the same time.

He couldn’t remember the name of his next door neighbor, though he passed her on the stairs. She was very cute and they had been chastely flirting for sometime, and even gone on two dates to church events, but he rushed by her hardly stopping to say anything. She looked surprised but didn’t turn back. She was probably on her way to work–she worked as a waitress, but he couldn’t stop to think. He had to get to his apartment. He slammed and locked the door behind him.

He had to beat down the demons. He knelt and began reciting the Lord’s prayer again but it didn’t help–it only made him more horny. He stopped. His lust had become almost pain. And then there was a knock on the door.

“Mick? Are you alright? It’s Suzy. Can I help you? Is something wrong? You looked awful on the way in. Has something happened? Mick? Can you answer me? I’m going to call a doctor if you don’t answer; I’m going to cal the police. I’m worried. Mick…”

He pulled himself together as best he could and answered the door.

“Mick, what’s going on?”

“I’m battling demons, the demon of lust.” She giggled and looked at his crotch. There was a big wet spot from precum on his pants.

“I can see you are. You’re so horny your cock is leaking.” Mick had never heard her speak like that. “Oh, don’t be so shocked. You’re a choir boy but I never said I was. Even if I do go to church. I like you Mick. I’d be happy to help you with that.”

“But what about saving yourself for marriage?”

“I can help you and still save myself for marriage. I’m a virgin, but you’re the only boy I’ve ever dated who didn’t even try to kiss me.”

“But we’ve only been on two dates. Chastity is important. We’re not married.”

“Well, I don’t have time to argue about it Mick. I have to go to work. I guess I’ll just leave you to deal with your demons. Bye.” She leaned forward, presenting her cheek to be kissed and as he kissed her, he could feel her hand stroke his hard cock. It felt good, but not quite right. He watched her go, enjoying her demure little figure and disturbed by his sexual thoughts, but somehow, the more he thought about her, it seemed to ease his lust.

He closed the door and knelt again to pray, but he wasn’t even halfway through his first repetition when the lust came on him stronger and more powerfully. He tried to concentrate on the words, but it was as if each additional word sent a little burning rod of sexual fire blazing through his tormented body.

He stopped praying, trying to meditate silently, but the only thing that he could think of was his cock.

It was time, he decided, for the cat. He had a real cat-o-nine tails that he used to drive his demons out when he was at his weakest, and now was that time. But he could hardly think to look for it. He spent forty minutes searching the apartment before he found it in its usual place–where he thought he had already looked.

A few blows about the neck and shoulders had him weeping, but like with the prayer, each blow seemed to fire his lust. He took off his shirt, thinking the stronger pain would drive the demons out, but it only made it worse. Then he decided he needed to strip, to whip the place where the demons were located. But even whipping his penis did nothing but momentarily drive away his erection–and even that loss of erection seemed to be coupled with a growing intensity on the return.

The tip of his cock was copiously dripping clear precum. He wiped it off with the underpants that he had been wearing, but a new drop soon formed at the tip.

It was no good. He had never tried so hard to fight off the lust that drove him to masturbation, but it didn’t help.

He took his cock in his hand and began to rub it. It felt good and right to be rubbing his cock. So good. Soon he was humming with pleasure, even as the shame of what he was doing burned in him. If he could cum quickly, the lust would be gone and he could pray for forgiveness.

But he couldn’t cum. He had never had any trouble cumming before. Stroking his dick felt great, but he wanted to stop, wanted to be free of the demons. But the more he stroked, the softer his dick got until finally he gave up in frustration and tiredness. His cock was soft and his arm felt like it was going to fall off from over an hour of stroking.

Well, he thought, at least my hardon has gone away. But his tension, the sense of being on edge, that was still with him.

He walked to the bathroom and urinated and then to the kitchen to get some food. By the time he reached the refrigerator his hardon had returned.

He opened the fridge looked around-past the cold pizza, past the leftover chicken he had cooked two nights earlier. His stomach was a little upset with anxiety and he didn’t feel like he could eat much, though he knew it had been hours since he had eaten breakfast. He had had no lunch–his stomach had been a little restless even then.

He pulled the milk carton from the fridge. That would help calm his stomach. He was going to drink straight from the carton when suddenly he wanted to drink it from a glass that would let him look at it. He wanted to watch it pour from the carton into the glass.

He drained the glass and poured another. He couldn’t stop watching the milk. He sipped the second glass more slowly, watching it swirl in his glass between sips, but soon it was gone. He started to pour a third glass but the carton was empty after only filling the glass maybe a third of the way. He thought of the cream that he used in his coffee and got that from the fridge and poured the rest of it into his glass.

He drank it slowly, savoring its richness. As he drank it he felt calmer, more relaxed than he had been for hours but it was gone too soon, and when it was gone he rapidly became aware that his hardon and lustfulness had not decreased.

He tried calisthenics; he tried pacing the apartment. He tried masturbating, but again, though he felt great, he couldn’t cum, and as soon as he stopped his arousal returned but seemingly multiplied.

Reading the Bible and praying–two of his main pastimes normally– only made his lust grow.

He couldn’t sleep. As the hours grew later he grew tireder but he knew he couldn’t sleep.

Around midnight he decided to start looking at pornography on the internet in hopes that the greater arousal would trigger an orgasm. But the results were much like masturbating without the pornography: he felt physically great, more relaxed, but he couldn’t reach orgasm. The more he stroked, the softer he got. His shame at what he was doing was greater, but too, he felt better when he did it.

He was sitting looking at pornography when there was a knock on the door.

“Mick?” It was Suzy, home from work. “Are you feeling any better? Can I come in?” Mick had definitely reached a certain stage of desperation. He strode over to the door and pulled it open wide, without thinking, exposing himself naked and with a dripping cock, to anyone who happened to be there. It was late, so there was only Suzy to see, but he was suddenly humiliated, standing there naked in his doorway with Suzy looking on. And he was frozen for a moment, until finally Suzy laughed.

“Well, well, well, look at you. I guess you haven’t quite worked out those demons yet, have you? Do you want me to try to help you?” She stood there waiting a moment for an answer, until he shook himself out of his daze.

“Please, Suzy. I’m going crazy. I can’t control myself. Please help me.”

“Well, ok, I’d be glad to; I offered before. But do you want me to do it right here in the doorway so anyone can have a free show, or would you like to go inside your apartment?” Mick backed inside and let the door shut. “Why don’t you go lie down on the couch,” instructed Suzy. She followed him to the couch and knelt by its side taking his cock in her hands.

“Still drooling hard, I see.” She licked the head of his cock. “Mmm, good.” She bent to the side and kissed him, driving her tongue into his mouth. “You probably can’t taste yourself, but you taste good.” Mick thought that maybe he could–that the salty taste was him, not her saliva, and she was right, it did taste good, though he was humiliated by the thought that he had tasted his own cum.

Suzy was working on his cock, with her hands and her mouth and it felt as good as masturbating had, but wrong too–he lost his hardon quickly. “Well, I guess that’s not the response a girl likes to get, but it solves your problem. I went out with one guy once who couldn’t get off until I promised I would give him a snowball.”

“A snowball?”

“Yeah, I hold his cum in my mouth when he shoots and then kiss him and feed him his cum. I guess I’m gonna give you a snowball now.” His cock had rapidly bounced back to attention when she had described the snowball and shortly thereafter he was shooting his load in her mouth and then eagerly kissing her and draining his semen from her mouth. He loved the flavor and something felt very right about drinking it.

“Thank you. That was wonderful. Can I do anything for you?”

“As it happens, you can.” She stripped revealing a beautiful, slender body and soon, much to his humiliation and shame and fear for his soul, found himself lying on the floor with her sitting on his face. After a while she lay on the floor beside him.

“From snowball boy I learned to like dominating men. Sitting on a man’s face turns me on so much more than having him just eat me out. You seemed to like it too; you sure look like you’re ready for another snowball..” He was, and soon again he felt the contentment of having his semen in his mouth. He was so tired by that time that he passed out.

——- When he woke Suzy was gone, but there was a note on his computer: “Look at the pictures I left on your computer,” it said, “And feel free to cum by next door, anytime!”

After going to the bathroom, Mick turned on his computer and the first thing he saw was a big, hard cock dripping cum. It wasn’t long before he was sitting down stroking his hardon–he was hard again–looking at the pictures and websites that Suzy had opened on his computer. They were a far cry from the pictures of scantily clad and naked girls that he had been looking at the night before. There were pictures of women getting fucked and women sucking dicks. There were pictures of women who had dicks and there were plenty of pictures of men–men fucking men, men sucking men, men getting sprayed by cum. He looked at picture after picture of big, hard cocks shooting sperm. He looked at cocks shooting sperm on girls faces and on guy’s faces, on bellies, tits, chests and asses. Cocks shooting cum. Cumshots. He had never thought he would look at pornography and here he was looking at picture after picture of cumshots. He had been sitting at his computer stroking his cock for almost an hour before he realized the gross immorality of what he was doing. And he hadn’t prayed yet!

But prayer had the same effect as it had the day before. The more he prayed, the more aroused he became, the less he could even concentrate on praying. For an hour he tried to focus on his prayers; again, towards the end, he tried to beat his sin out of himself.

By midday he was back in the frenzy that had held him the previous night. He couldn’t stop masturbating, couldn’t stop thinking of sex, but couldn’t bring himself to climax either.

Without thinking, he walked out of his apartment and rang Suzy’s doorbell. He was totally naked, though he didn’t realize it until some of his other neighbors walked by. They were so shocked they didn’t say anything for a second. Then Ivette spoke:

“Is everything alright, Mick? You look a little excited.” Ivette and her boyfriend Lars were unmarried and Mick had warned them about the sin of fornication a number of times. “You should be careful about talking to Suzy in this state. If she doesn’t dump you, the two of you might end up fornicating.” Ivette giggled, but Lars was a little less gentle.

“Not that she could even feel your tiny little cock if you did.” Ivette giggled harder and Mick blushed and turned back to the door.

“Are you sure Suzy is home, Mick? Or are you just out to show off your bod to the girls,” Ivette mocked.

At that moment Suzy opened the door. And she laughed to.

“Why Mick, you do look horny. Were you trying to seduce Ivette and Lars?”

“Please Suzy, can I come in?”

“Of course you can Mick. Do you want another snowball? Mick likes snowballs,” she added to Ivette and Lars.

“Snowballs? I bet he likes cum no matter how he gets it. He’d probably love to suck Lars’s cock,” said Ivette.

“No, please,” Mick started to beg. “No.Homosexuality is a sin!”

“But your cock sure looked like it liked the idea Mick,” said Suzy. “Well, no point standing in the hallway all day. Do you want to come in Mick? You guys can come in too. Mick really loved it when I sat on his face last night. Would you like to watch me give him a snowball?” Ivette and Lars agreed and walked into the apartment, leaving Mick, still standing nude in the doorway.

“Well Mick, do you want to come in and shut the door or do you want to invite more people in to watch me give you a snowball?” Mick shut the door and followed her inside. “I think before I give you a snow ball, I want to ride your face for a while. Lie down there on the floor.” Mick did as he was told, lying down on the floor in front of the couch, by the feet of Lars and Ivette. Suzy, who was wearing a sun dress, stood over his head. She had no underwear on and he could see her pussy. His mouth watered and he licked his lips. It was wrong to engage in this activity, he knew. Immoral, sinful, but as long as he abstained from fornication it would not be a mortal sin. He started voicing the Lord’s prayer again, but that only focused his excitement and vision on Suzy’s pussy as she knelt over his face.

It seemed like she rode his face for ever, often bucking her hips. He wondered how many orgasms she was having. He wondered what Lars and Ivette thought. Twice he felt a mouth on his cock, but both times, though the sensation was pleasurable, his erection melted quicker than a popsicle on a summer day. Finally she lifted herself off his face. He gasped for air.

“Mick, that was great. You seem to enjoy it most when I don’t suck on your cock. But maybe it’s time for your snowball.”

“Please, yes, please.” Shoe lowered her mouth over his cock, but soon enough he was soft again.

“He doesn’t seem to enjoy having you suck him as he enjoyed sucking you.” Mick had forgotten Ivette until he heard her voice. He could see she was naked and sitting on Lars’s lap with his cock buried deep in her pussy.

“He couldn’t get off last night until he knew that I was going to give him a snowball. Today, even though he wants another, he can’t get off. Look: his cock is totally soft. What do you think Mick, do you want a snowball?”

“Please, please!”

“You do get a little harder when I ask you if you want the snowball. You don’t really want me to suck your cock, do you? No, I didn’t think so, you’re not getting hard at the idea of my sucking your cock. You like the idea of a snowball because you want to taste cum. Oh yeah, I can see that your cock likes the idea of tasting cum. Maybe Lars will let you taste some of his.”

“Oh yeah,” said Lars, “but right now the cum of mine he can have is shooting up into Ivette’s pussy. Ahh. Now that I’ve got my rocks off, maybe Ivette wants a little of that mouth of Mick’s.”

“Umm, yeah, that sounds great,” said Ivette, “I’m still ready for more, but I know Lars wants a few minutes to rest. I’d be happy to sit on the face of our little horndog preacher.”

“His cock seems to like that idea too. Mick, do you want to taste Lars’s cum?”

“No, I’m so ashamed. Please.”

“But just think of tasting his hot cum dripping out of Ivette’s hot pussy. No, your cock wants this, and I don’t think that I’m going to give you the choice. Go for it Ivette.”

Soon, with Ivette’s thighs wrapped around his head, he was lapping at her pussy and swallowing the thick juices that ran into his mouth. All the while he could only think how horrible and sinful it was, but he was so turned on that, when Ivette started cumming and Lars’s goo flowed into his mouth, and he felt another mouth on his cock, he exploded immediately. Then Ivette lifted herself off his face and Suzy kissed him, feeding him a load of his own cum. He knew it was disgusting and depraved and wrong. His face burned with humiliation and yet the cum seemed so right. He remembered drinking milk the night before and how right the cream had seemed–right but not quite right. He knew what he had been missing and wanting. Cum. And with the thought his dick was hard again. The other three laughed at him.

“Well Mick, I know you’re not done,” said Suzy, “but I have to start getting ready for work.”

“And we have to go,” said Lars, “we’re late already. But it was worth it.”

“Yeah,” added Ivette, “I loved having this little slut suck Lars’s cum out of me. I can’t wait to watch the preacher praying on his knees with Lars’s cock in his mouth. I bet he’ll love it. Too bad for you, Suzy, that your boyfriend doesn’t have a real cock, but maybe if you’ll let me get off on his face, I’ll share Lars’s cock with you.” Mick flushed with shame but his cock was rock hard and the thought of sucking on Lars’s cock, which was at least six inches long, made his breath come short. He was pretty sure that a six inch cock was just normal, but his own three and a half incher was the only cock he’d ever seen hard before Lars’s and in comparison Lars’s seemed huge. His first thought was to wonder how he could fit it all in his mouth. His second thought was that of course he wasn’t going to suck Lars’s cock.

He hardly even noticed Ivette and Lars leaving.

—— “Ok silly, I have to shower and get dressed now. You can stay and watch if you want or you can go back to your apartment.” He agreed to stay and, at her direction, followed her into her bedroom. Her bad was unmade and clothing littered the floor, including several pairs of obviously dirty panties. He wanted to pick them up as soon as he saw them but Suzy didn’t notice. She had another idea. “Look in the top drawer of my dresser, you might find something to play with while I’m in the shower,” she said, and then dropped her sundress to the floor and walked naked into the bathroom. She left the door open and he could hear the shower start running.

As she had directed, he walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. It seemed to be filled with panties. Were these what she thought he could play with? He lifted a few pairs into his hands and felt their fabric. He felt an increase in his sexual tension and his dick throbbed.

Every pair of panties that he lifted out were thongs. What did she mean for him to do with them? He thought of the panties on the floor and wondered if they still carried her scent. He picked up a soiled pair and sniffed the crotch. There was hardly any fabric there, but he rubbed it over his nose and he could smell the odor of her pussy along with the acrid scent of stale urine. It smelled right. But what had she wanted him to do with the panties in the drawer? He took out another pair – white lacy panties and held them up. What could she have wanted him to do with them? Wear them?

He found the thought arousing and humiliating at the same time. He was a man; he shouldn’t wear women’s panties! But it wasn’t a sin, at least not that he could think of, not like fornication.

He decided to try them on. He stepped into them and pulled them up, over his hips. He drew the thong into his asscrack and he shivered when he did. His little hardon was stiff in the panties, making a little tent with a wet spot at the end. They felt good. He was glad that Suzy had suggested it. Maybe she would lend him some.

He started looking through the panties that were there, and as he dug into one corner he found something else: a big dildo and a vibrator and a bottle of lube.

He couldn’t stop himself: he picked up the vibrator. It was about the same size as Lars’s cock: six inches long and about as big around as a big cigar tube. He rubbed it between his hands. It was appalling, this tool of the devil. He was horrified and disgusted, but he couldn’t put it down.

He wondered if it still smelled like Suzy, so he put it to his nose. He thought he could faintly detect her scent and, again without thinking, he licked it. He tasted her and soon found himself licking and sucking on the whole vibrator. After a while he noticed that he was still sucking on it even though her scent was gone. Then he thought again of the dildo. He put the vibrator down and lifted the dildo. It was flesh colored and shaped like a cock with balls. It was big–bigger than the vibrator by at least two inches and much larger in girth–more like a salami than a cigar. He caressed it with both hands, enjoying its weight and then he lifted it to his mouth. He licked the tip and again could taste Suzy’s juices.

He didn’t remember the next few minutes, but when Suzy came out of the shower he was lying on her bed on his back. He knees were spread wide and one hand was rubbing up and down tracing the path of the thong as it rode over his asshole. The other was feeding the big dildo in and out of his mouth as he tried to deep throat it.

“It seems you found more things in that drawer to play with than what I had anticipated. I can also see that you’ve already learned to take most of that big dildo down your throat: that’s pretty impressive. I don’t think I can deep throat any deeper than that. You’re gonna be a pro cocksucker before long.”

“Suzy! What’s happening to me? I’ve become a horrible sinner. I want to stop. I want to save my soul. And you, I thought you were a God-fearing woman.”

"I am. I don’t know. I’m not sure why I’m encouraging you to be a cocksucker. But it turns me on so much to dominate you. And to make you less self-righteous. I lived pretty wild for a few years and I was going to give it up when I moved here, but now I just want to sit on your face. I can still save my virginity for marriage, but definitely I’m going to save it for someone with a real cock, not that tiny little thing you have. “You’re just more fun like this. Like now, I’m ready to go to work but I just can’t resist ordering you to put on my sun dress over those panties and then pick up that dildo in one hand and the lube in the other. And now you’re going to walk over to your apartment after you wait for me to lock my door.”

“But anyone could see me!”

“I hope so. I want everyone to see what a sissy you have become.” And so Mick walked out of Suzy’s apartment wearing a sun dress and panties, holding in one hand a big dildo and in the other a bottle of lube. He stood by her door waiting for her, humiliated but relieved the he couldn’t see any of the neighbors. He was thinking of what they would think if they saw him, what they would think of the dildo, of what he was going to do with it. What was he going to do with it? He knew it was wrong, but he also suspected he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

—– Back in his apartment, still wearing the dress, he knelt to pray again, but again the results were only to drive him to a state of sexual distraction. Using the cat-o-nine tails only intensified his lust.

He set up his computer in front of a kitchen chair and loaded some of the pornographic websites he had been looking at earlier in the morning. Then he stripped, though he was somewhat loathe to remove the panties.

Next, using the big suction cup on the balls-end of the dildo, he stuck the dildo to the chair. Then he licked it. And licked it again. His throat was a little sore when he stopped trying to deep throat it. A look at the clock told him that he had been giving fellatio to the dildo for over twenty minutes. He had had no idea of the passage of time. His little cock was dripping precum. It was hardly a cock at all, he thought. Nothing like this dildo. This evil dildo that he couldn’t resist. He covered it with lube and then rubbed lube on his asshole.

He got into the chair and squatted with the head of the dildo pressing against his asshole.

He pushed, slowly lowering his weight and he could feel it opening his asshole, spreading it wide. It hurt terribly. He lifted himself off it but couldn’t resist long. Again he pressed down and it spread his asshole wider, and wider. Slowly, carefully, with many rests, he lowered himself down onto the big dildo. It took ten minutes to get the head inside his butt. Then, after pulling out and lubing his hole and the dildo more, he allowed it to enter him more fully, slowly lifting himself off and lowering himself again, deeper with each, long thrust, until after half an hour he was sitting on the seat of the chair, his balls resting on the balls of the dildo and its entire shaft buried deep in his guts.

He let out a sigh, a moan. He felt more relaxed, more right than he had all day, except, maybe, when he was sucking Lars’s cum out of Ivette. With the feeling of the dildo deep inside him he refocused on the computer. He had been slowly surfing gay sites for two hours, riding up and down on the huge dildo buried in his ass. His ass was sore but everytime he pulled off the dildo he felt so lost that he had to lower himself down again.

It was then, at the corner of one of the websites that he was visiting he saw an ad for The Warlock Master.

Without thought or hesitation, he had picked up the phone and dialed.

“The Warlock Master’s, may I help you?” The voice that answered the phone was the voice of the man who had been following the Warlock Master on a leash.

“I met the Warlock Master at the Pagan fair two days ago…”

“Yes, the Master met many people. He helps many people.”

“I tried to give him a Bible.”

“Ah yes, the self-righteous one. The Master expected that you would call. He gave me instructions. Are you ready to obey?”

“Yes. Please.”

“I am your Master. Answer my questions ‘Yes, master’, or ‘no, master’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Where are you now?”

“At home, Master.”

“And what are you wearing?”

“Nothing, master.”

“Good, and what were you doing when you called?”

“Looking at the internet, Master.”

“Looking at what on the internet?”

“Pornography, Master.”

“Gay pornography?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And do you think you should be looking at gay pornography?”

“No, Master. It’s a sin.”

“And do you also feel humiliated?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And were you just looking at the pornography, as you sat there naked?”

“No, Master, I was masturbating.”

“And were you doing anything other than rubbing your cock?”

“Yes, master. I’m sitting down with a big dildo buried in my ass.”

“Ah, better and better. Well, now it’s time to take your ass off the dildo. The Master wants you to come in today, briefly. Immediately, in fact. How long will it take you to get here walking?” Mick looked at the map, he realized the Warlock Master’s address was only about a mile away.

“Ah, maybe half an hour master?”

“Half an hour will be fine. Now about getting dressed. Do you have any women’s clothes in your home?”

“Yes, master, a pair of panties and a sun dress.”

“Good, good. Wear the panties and the sun dress and nothing else except shoes. Bring the dildo, but don’t put it in a bag. Carry it in your hand.”

“Please, Master, don’t make me do that. What will people think?”

“That you’re a cock-loving faggot, probably, which is just what the Master wants people to think.”

“But Master, all the people I know, people from my church.”

“I don’t think they’ll want you in church much anymore, Mick. They’re going to call you what you called the Master–a faggot. And they’ll be right. Don’t you understand, you’re now a cock-loving sinner? You’re going to wear girls’ clothes from now on. You’re going to walk around on a leash following a man who wears nothing but a few leather straps. You’re going to want to suck cocks and have them deep in you. Doesn’t it feel good having that dildo deep in your ass?”

“Yes, Master.”

“How do you feel when you get off of it?”

“Empty, master.”

“You can’t even imagine how empty you will feel after being fucked by a real man. You’re going to be so horny for cock that you’ll quickly gain a reputation. Tell me, haven’t you already done something that will smirch your reputation for spiritual purity.”

“Yes, master, many things.”

“Have you tasted cum yet?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Your own or someone else’s?”

“My own and someone else’s”


“I loved the taste, Master.”

“Are you going to do it again?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you a cock-sucking faggot?”

“Yes, master. No, master. I mean, I haven’t sucked a cock yet.”

“Well, yes, but you will. I’m sure you sucked on that dildo you’re now sitting on. Anyway, now I want you to shave your faggot body, and get your faggot ass into your panties and your dress. Clean up your dildo and come over to meet your new masters, you cock-sucking faggot. I look forward to fucking your ass.”

“I do too, master.”

“Ah, good, good. I’ll be generous, I’ll give you an hour now, faggot. Don’t be late if you don’t want to be punished.”

Mick could hardly believe the feeling of emptiness when he lifted himself off the dildo. But he had little time. He jumped into the shower and shaved his body as quickly as possible, nicking himself several times, but soon he was done and none of the cuts bled too badly.

He dried carefully and pulled on his thong panties and pulled the dress over his head. He found a pair of sandals. He looked at himself in the mirror and decided there was nothing he could do to make his crew cut more feminine.

——– The walk across town with the dildo in his hand was one of the greatest humiliations of his life. People stared at him and laughed. At least three separate men offered to give him something instead of the dildo, but he had to turn them down–which he found hard. He also found he was hard at the thought of them fucking him or at the thought of sucking on their cocks. But he had a time to keep at the master’s house and so he could not stop.

Soon enough he was being ushered into the Master’s presence.

“Ah, our little slut has arrived. My slave reports that you have advanced quite nicely. Were the women’s clothes already yours or did you just acquire them?”

“I got them this morning, Master.”

“And can you imagine wearing men’s clothes now?”

“Please master, could I wear men’s clothes on my way home?”

“I give you permission. There are men’s clothes over on the chair there, some boxer shorts, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. They should fit you. You can put them on any time you like. You can put them on now, if you want.”

“Oh, thank you master.” Mick couldn’t keep himself from falling to his knees and bending over to kiss the Master’s feet. He made no move to remove his women’s clothing or put on the men’s clothes.

“Now slave, I want you to tell me all that has gone on with you since we met yesterday.” Mick poured out his story, telling them about Suzy and Lars and Ivette and sucking Lars’s cum out of Ivette, and all the humiliations he had experienced and all the sins he had committed. He even told how much trouble he had saying no to the men on the street.

“And you just can’t stop wanting more, can you, slut?”

“No, master.”

“Well, don’t worry, slut. On your way home you won’t have any appointments, so you’ll be able to stop with anyone you want. But right now I want to see you deep throat your dildo.” Mick did as he was told.

“You love it, don’t you?” Mick nodded without taking the dildo out of his mouth.

“Well, slut. My curse has run its course and your transformation is complete. You are a new man now. But I can cast one spell more for you, and it’s your choice. You can have a bigger cock, if you want. Six or seven inches, or more? Would you like to have a ten-inch cock? Well, you can, if you agree also to become a shemale. No Hormones, no surgery, just mystic power will transform your body, widening your hips, shrinking your shoulders, subtly adjusting your face and growing you a pair of boobs that will out-do even your cock. I think the cock will grow to seven inches and the tits, 38DDs. What do you think, slut? Do you want to accept my offer? I’ll give you ten seconds before I decide you’ve rejected it.” He had counted down to two when Mick accepted the offer.

“Good choice, slut. I did think you would make a good shemale slut and I was sure that you didn’t have the strength to deny this additional change which I know you feel to be a humiliation. And now it is time for you to serve me and satisfy me and in so doing seal your fate.” The Master opened his robe, revealing a cock resting on his belly that was mostly hard already and easily as big as the dildo that Mick had been practicing on. Mick’s mouth watered, he was ready to grab it as soon as he was given permission. “Before you touch my cock, slut, one more choice. You can be free of my curse. All you have to do is refuse my dick. Resist for even a minute and you will be free. When I say ‘go’, you are free to suck my cock and confirm your transformation into a shemale cock slut who will always live with the humiliation of what she thinks as her sins. Or you are free to stand up, take off your panties and dress, put on those men’s clothes over there and go home, free to continue your fundamentalist life free from the feelings that have gripped you since we met yesterday. You know you should stand up and free yourself from the curse, and follow the strict commands of your faith, don’t you slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You know it’s the right thing to do and that if you don’t resist, it’s just because you’re a worthless, spineless little slut at heart, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And when I say ‘go’, are you going to stand up and resist? Walk away, strip out of your dress and panties and put on men’s clothes?” Mick couldn’t look at the Master’s face, only his cock. It had become fully hard and it was even larger than the dildo. It was immense, as big as a salami in a supermarket. Mick licked his lips. He wanted to say yes, to say that he was going to free himself, but he licked his lips again.

“I want to, Master.”

“Of course you do, slut. Well the time to make your decision is here. Go.” He looked at his watch. Mick looked at the dick. He thought of the Lord’s prayer and started to recite it for guidance. He knew he needed the strength to get up and to escape this curse. He wanted to; He visualized getting up and walking away, stripping off the panties from his shaven body. As he had so many times in his life, he started to recite the Lord’s prayer.

In the days that followed he realized that had been the wrong thing to do. He remembered how the Lord’s prayer had just driven him into a further frenzy earlier that day and the previous day, but the habits of many years are difficult to break. The last thing he consciously remembered whispering to himself was “forgive us our trespasses,” then, the next thing he remembered was the feeling of completion and satisfaction as his mouth engulfed his master’s cock.

He savored its flavor as it ran over his tongue and welcomed the feeling of submission he got when it slid deep into his throat. Finally, when the Master came, shooting cum into his mouth and all over his face, and Mick swallowed his master’s thick cream, he realized there was no going back.

Minutes later, Mick was on his knees begging the Master to take his anal virginity, and when the Master was deep inside him, so too did his other master, The Master’s slave, complete him by filling his mouth with a thick, hard cock, just as the master was filling him from behind.

When the two of them shot their loads into Mick, his penis exploded in what was the most intense orgasm of his life.

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