KING REX 2 -- CHAPTER 12/ EPILOGUE: The End of the End of Time/ The Multiverse

By absman420
published August 3, 2019

This is it! Rex vs. the Time Stalker

From “THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE (A Recurring Crisis of Multiple Earths)” – as recorded and maintained by the immortal Composers

“The 31st Century is largely defined as a Scientific Utopia. Technological advances happened so rapidly that barely-industrialized civilizations suddenly found themselves literally changing overnight as they linked to the Planetary Web, a confederation of worlds commonly referred to as ‘United Space’.

“In the last years of the 30th Century, a trio of youths – each for reasons of their own – were on a journey to Earth, coincidentally sharing a spacecraft with billionaire branding expert R.J. Advert. Working together, these youths foiled an assassination attempt against the businessman, inspiring him to create/ fund a high-profile ‘club’ for youthful superheroes, based on the heroic ideals of the 21st-century hero Superion.

“Initially intended to create positive diplomatic publicity, it didn’t take long for these teenagers to earn their official deputization as agents of Law Enforcement. As the club’s reputation spread, boys and girls representing each planet of the United Space sought to join, swelling the membership to over a dozen. Although the phrase ‘Horde of Future-Heroes’ was used originally as a joke, it wasn’t long before the teens adopted it as their official name.

“At this time, the three founders of the Horde journeyed back in time – thanks to the discovery of the ‘Time Bubble’ by their compatriot, the computer/human hybrid Smartiak 6 – and recruited a youthful Teen Superion to join their ranks, the very being who inspired them!

“As the Horde grew in size, it seemed they faced greater and larger foes: the Horrid Half-Dozen, Electric Lord and the Evil-Version Horde, Hypnoso the Mind-Controller, the Dark God Rockface, and even the mysterious Time Stalker, who rules a domain known as The End of Time, separated from the normal universe by his ‘Iron Time-Barrier’ – a philosophical anomaly to be sure, given the cyclical nature of the universe, but existing nonetheless, a mystery even to the immortal Composers.

“However, the very existence of the Horde seems to prevent beings like the Time Stalker from advancing their selfish, evil agendas – without the Horde, the very concept of time could be in jeopardy…”

THE END OF TIME – The Time-Stalker’s Lair

“What do you mean the Horde no longer exists?”

Teen Superion and Alpha Lad stood defiantly against the Time-Stalker – the two heavily-muscled youths maintained their confident air despite being naked, interrupted in their love-making by this cosmic powerhouse and his villainous rampage.

The Time-Stalker was nearly giddy – he’d tried so many times. Who knew the key to destroying the Horde was something as unexpected as Lust, an emotion the Stalker hadn’t felt in so many eons, he’d nearly forgotten it existed? “I mean what I said,” he chuckled. “The Horde always played a dangerous game once they’d invited you to join their ranks, the very youth who inspired their existence. You see, any change, any damage to you while in the future, might you be killed or maimed, would change your adult timeline, negating theirs. And now that my agent has metamorphosed you into… this… hypermasculine thing that you’ve become, that’s exactly what’s happened. The Horde no longer exists!”

“Your ‘agent’…?”

Rex grumbled, threateningly, “Don’t do this…”

The Time-Stalker feigned surprise. “You haven’t told him who you are?” he questioned Rex, melodramatically. “Let me spare you the confession.” Deep beneath the hood of his robe, Teen Superion could see the Stalker’s toothy grin. “This is King Rex,” he said, gesturing to the bigger man, who suddenly aged to his adult self, fully-bearded, gigantic, even bigger than he’d been as a teen, “a 21st-Century would-be world-dominator who will subjugate, metamorph and enslave your adult self. I plucked him from the multiverse, realizing that he was the perfect tool to destroy the Horde from within – and even unwittingly, he’s performed exactly as I’d intended!”

Teen Superion studied the suddenly-adult Rex. Every hyper-masculine, forbidden fantasy he’d ever had was made flesh before him – a villain? This man he’d just given his virginity to…? “No,” he whispered. “It’s not possible…”

“No?” asked the Time-Stalker, making a small gesture and a medium-sized, opaque orb appeared next to him, his Time Viewing Globe. An image of an adult Superion, as hypermasculine and bloated as Rex, dressed only in his cape and a thong made out of his S-shield. This massive adult version of himself knelt before this freakish King Rex and kissed his boots, then sat up on his haunches and started sucking Rex’s cock. Next a series of images of this Superion-slave helping Rex defeat other heroes, adding them to his Master’s collection. “As you can see,” rasped the Time-Stalker, “your boyfriend hasn’t told you the entire truth…”

“NOOOO!” Rex screamed, launching himself at the Time-Stalker. “Asshole! Fucking ASSHOLE!” He began punching the Time-Stalker, blow after blow – the Time-Stalker had a limited physical prowess, hand-to-hand combat had never been his strength, so Rex’s assault kept him off-balance enough that he couldn’t focus his powers. “You don’t get to use me like that! I will fucking destroy you!!”

“You will do NOTHING!” the Time-Stalker said, back-handing Rex with a wave of power – Rex flew off him and landed at Teen Superion’s feet, kicking up the dust. “Nothing but DIE!”

As the Time-Stalker began firing chronal blasts at them, Teen Superion swept Rex up, dodged and retreated back a kilometer or so – even then, with his telescopic vision, he could see the Time-Stalker advancing. “Is it true?” he asked Rex. “Is what he said true?”

Rex sighed and held Teen Superion gently by either side of the head. “It started out that way,” he said. “But my time with the Horde showed me how much I liked being a hero, being part of a team. The truth is: I love you. And I love that you love me… not because I’ve forced you to… but because you choose to.”

They kissed then, the adult Rex and the teen Superion. In that moment, as they both knew they were going to die, at least they both knew that their love had had a chance to live.

The Time-Stalker was almost upon them, so they broke their kiss. Foreheads together, Rex murmured, “If only we’d met at a different time…”

Teen Superion had a sudden realization. “That’s it,” he said, smiling. “That’s IT!” He kissed Rex quickly, then broke Rex’s hold, stepping back. “I’ll be right back!” he said, and flew straight up into the sky, disappearing almost immediately.

“NO!” the Time-Stalker screamed, coming upon the scene, enraged. “Where is he? Where did he go? Tell me before I destroy you!”

And before Rex could get an answer out of his mouth, reality changed.

Time altered.


And suddenly, Rex remembered everything!

They’d met as freshmen in college. Rex had just finished playing his first football game for Megalopolis U, playing inside linebacker at 250 pounds, when he was approached by this kid – Mark Trenton – who was easily twenty pounds more muscular, but who’d carried himself like he was all mild-mannered, so he didn’t seem that big. Almost immediately, this kid Trenton had revealed himself to be Teen Superion, telling Rex this crazy story about having met in the future when they’d been adults and that Rex would develop superpowers that could make guys hyper-masculine and homosexual. He’d said Rex was responsible for his new, bigger body – in the future – and that Rex himself would become this huge, hairy beast of a man!

Rex had already begun noticing things about himself – different things – things about his body and his abilities – inexplicable things that he could now write-off as “developing superpowers”. And he’d known he was gay since he’d been a little kid… he’d just buried it to play football. That Teen Superion had known lent a lot of credence to his story.

They’d become lovers so quickly, they’d almost entirely passed over the “friends” and “friends who have sex” stages of their relationship. It had been Rex who’d suggested Trenton “adult” his name to “Superion” – after all, he’d lived in Megalopolis now, not Kansas. They were out and proud – and neither of them, at the size they were, caught much flak. It had been hard, even for the homophobes, to look at them and not realize they were all-man.

For some strange reason, the more sex they’d had, the faster Rex’s powers had developed. He’d gone from 250 to 295 pounds during his four years of college, all the while dropping his body-fat percentage, becoming one of the most feared defenders on the field. He’d wanted to go pro very badly, but Superion had made the argument that he should use his powers for “good” not “profit” – how he’d loved Superion for helping him make those difficult choices! Without Superion, Rex had felt his life would’ve gone in a whole different direction – a not-so good one.

Instead, he became the superhero “Alpha Man” – Superion’s idea – and the two had almost immediately teamed up for adventures. Alpha Man and Superion had become the darlings of the Megalopolis gay community, these two gorgeous hunks of hero. “Lovers and Heroes,” he headlines had read.

Together with other heroes like Night Owl, Amazon Woman, the Purple Power and Speedster, they’d formed the Justice Club. Rex had never once been tempted to use his powers on these heroes – his love for Superion was too deep – though Speedster begged him more than once.

They’d married soon after that, Alpha Man and Superion, in one of the biggest ceremonies ever seen, attended by nearly every hero who’d ever been. It had been the happiest day of Rex’s life, the way the world had embraced their love. The headlines got updated: “Heroes and Husbands.”

They were crime-fighting partners and husbands for well over a decade, until the Crisis, and the Chronal blast that separated them.

That the Time-Stalker was seeking to destroy all that made Rex vow all the harder to stop him.

He wouldn’t lose THIS timeline.

THE END OF TIME – The Time Stalker’s Lair

In that instant – barely a beat after Teen Superion had disappeared – as Rex’s new memories flooded his system, his physique changed as well. The metallic lightning bolt faded from his chest – he’d never stolen the powers of Captain Thunder – while a golden wedding band appeared on his ring-finger and a golden cocking appeared around his groin. His body thickened as it became more dense, looking more like a muscle-daddy than a bodybuilder, the way his husband liked it, scruffy and hairy and darkly sexy – and his package, obscene and beautiful and greater than any man on Earth. And where he’d been naked, he was now in his uniform: the purple briefs with the golden bands, the boots and gauntlets. With his dense beard, the short cape, and Superion-shield tattoos, he appeared more than formidable.

Alpha Man at last.

“What’s happening?” the Time Stalker hissed. “What did he do?”

Rex smiled. “He changed time,” Rex said. “My husband changed time.”

“Your hus…?”

“My husband.” Rex snorted, smirking, displaying his wedding band. “You’re about to get fucked.”

And just then, a time-portal shimmered into existence to the left above Rex’s head and Superion materialized out of it – this massive bodybuilder, whose muscles Rex’s powers had sculpted to perfection, dressed only in a blue thong that barely contained his freakish endowment (also a product of Rex’s manipulations), his S-shield, held in place by a red leather harness that attached to his cape and a cockring beneath his thong, the boots and golden gauntlets like Rex’s – and the same simple gold band on his left hand. “I’m back!” Superion said, swooping down into his husband’s arms and kissing him.

“Well aren’t you clever?” the Time Stalker sneered. “You gave yourselves a little time together. And what good did it do? You’re still just two against a god!”

“We’re not just two,” said Superion as time-portals began shimmering all around them – dozens of them, all around… above… beneath… behind… beside… everywhere.

“We’re a HORDE!”

And from the many open portals, the members of the Horde of Hyper-Masculine Heroes emerged. Superion began the narration. “In the last years of the 30th Century, a trio of gay male youths were journeying to compete in a galaxy-wide bodybuilding contest on Earth – the Alpha-Superion Classic – coincidentally sharing a spacecraft with billionaire bodybuilding promoter R.J.Weider…”

Electric Lad appeared, his lover Magno Boy next, and finally their fiance, Psychic Guy, manifested as well. These three bodybuilders were in their late 20’s, though they still used their teen honorifics – and all three of them were dressed like Superion, in thongs that didn’t quite contain their masculine endowments and sleeveless tops that left their midsections exposed, big enough for their superhero emblems, but not to hold their pecs.

“Working together” continued Electric Lad, putting his hand on Rex’s shoulder by way of greeting, “these youths foiled an assassination attempt against RJ Weider, inspiring him to create and fund a high-profile ‘health club’ for youthful gay superheroes, based on the ideals, courage and sexual freedom displayed by the 21st-century hero Superion and his crime-fighting partner and husband, Alpha Man.”

Energy Boy appeared with his boyfriend Ghost Guy – these two had been together since they’d met at Horde tryouts, total gym-heads – then the insanely massive Val-Or and his husband, the violet-skinned roid-freak Blackout Lad – the fiery temper of these two caused some hot fights and some hotter make-up sex; they loved each other passionately. Superion was glad both he and his “Very Big Brother” had found such incredible love.

Magno Boy continued the narration, looking confident and strong, putting his arms around both of his lover’s shoulders, Electric Lad and Psychic Guy. “As the club’s reputation spread,” he told the Time-Stalker, “proud homosexual boys representing each planet of the United Space sought to join, swelling themselves and the membership to over a dozen.”

Giant Boy, Solar Boy, Alchemy Lad, Refractor Kid, Electric Lad’s twin brother Weightless Lad and his beast of a lover, Tundra Fox, muscular boys all, though none of them as big as Val-Or or the bearded Gravity Boy, who appeared with his lover, pretty-boi Premonition, the platinum-blond with the bumping ass.

Smartiak 6, the muscular computer, continued the story. “At this time,” he said with reverence, as Proto Boy and Tiny Guy appeared beside him, “the three founders of the Horde journeyed back in time – thanks to the discovery of the ‘Time Bubble’ by their brilliant compatriot, the muscular computer Smartiak 6 – and recruited Superion and Alpha Man to join their ranks, the very beings who inspired them!”

Rex took a confident step toward his enemy. “So you see, Stalker, now you’re dealing with a team – a family – a Horde of Hypermasculine Heroes!”

Superion added, “And we’re not even done!”

Again, the portals opened and more muscular boys manifested – the Alternates: Snow Boy, Plant Kid, Rock Boy, Rainbow Kid, Night Boy (still with the crazy hairdo!) – the Horde Reserve: Prince Illusion and his consort, the Taekwondo Kid, plus Balloon Boy and his husband Duplicate Dude — the Training Academy: Invulnerable Boy, Muscle Boy, the White Warlock (Premonition’s Brother), the winged tracker Morningwood, and the hot-tempered, anti-matter being NRG-1 in his new Smartiak 6-built containment suit — the Heroes of Vallor (the planet Vallor, not Val-Or): CopyCat Kid, Gaseous Guy, Animal Boy, Inanimate Lad and the highly-evolved Caveman Kid – and even the Drifters: Quill, Emotion Boy, the Immortal Kid, the Swordsman, King Quantum and Bird Boy – Horde allies all, and all here with purpose.

Rex continued. “You see, Stalker. Thanks to Superion, we’ve had years to prepare for this moment.”

The Time Stalker laughed. “Bring all the allies you like – what can fifty mortals do to me?”

“You fool, they’re not here for you,” Rex growled. “They’re here for ME!”

And with that, he turned, faced his troops, and hit a double-bi while releasing on them a massive dose of pleasure and power – nearly fifty cocks started to get hard in response.

“They worship me!” Rex called to the Time Stalker. “And do you know what worship does?” he asked, flexing for them. “Do you?” He spun to face the monster. “IT CREATES GODS!”

As the nearly four dozen boys fell to their knees and began to masturbate, Rex began to grow.

“NO!” screamed the Time Stalker, as he began to expand his form and fire upon them. Smartiak 6 threw up a force-field, protecting most. Giant Boy expanded to 4.5 meters, to meet the Stalker physically at the same size, while Superion and Val-Or began an assault from the air. “It’s… not… POSSIBLE!”

“You yourself forgot the power of Love… and LUST!” shouted a nearly 3-meter tall Rex, as he hit the Time Stalker with a heavy dose of pleasure.

The Stalker reeled.

“More!” Rex shouted to the Horde. “I need more!”

He felt their hands on him — the Horde — touching him, touching each other, their free hands forming a human chain – as they linked, the power escalated. Rex grew.

“No!” The Stalker screamed as he fought Giant Boy’s headlock – he could feel the hardness of Giant Boy’s giant cock. He hadn’t felt anything like that in eons. “NO!”

Rex blasted him again. “Do you feel it, Stalker? Do you feel what you’ve forgotten? Do you feel LUST?!?”

And deep, deep down in his forgotten nether-regions, the Time Stalker’s shrivelled, ancient cock twitched to life.

“No…” he hissed. “Stop!”

Rex met the Stalker at an equal height of five meters, towering above the others, the Muscle God and the Time Stalker – the two continued to expand. Rex laid one hand deliberately on the Stalker’s forehead, while with the other, he grabbed the Stalker’s withered, forgotten cock – he poured his power into the ancient being. Giant Boy had to release his hold, the power of sexual pleasure radiating from them was too great. Overwhelmed, he dropped to his knees, unable to keep from his hand from own cock as he watched them grow.

“These energies are escalating too rapidly!” yelled Smartiak 6 over the rising wind, checking some gadget on his wrist. “He’s losing his ability to control this reality!”

“We have to get out of here, Smarty” shouted Premonition, in his lispy, airy tenor. “Something monumental is about to happen!”

“GO!” Rex commanded, his booming voice echoing his near-divinity. Tremors rocked the ground. “I’VE GOT HIM!”

The Time Stalker thrashed. “Nooooo….” he moaned, his cock continuing to harden. Eons… it had been eons…

“NO!” yelled Superion. “I’m not leaving you!”

“You have to get them out of here!” Rex said, pouring his power into the Time Stalker, massaging the villain’s tiny, neglected cock. “Only you and Val-Or can do it! GET THEM OUT OF HERE! SAVE THEM!!!”

The universe started to shake.

“I love you,” said Superion, smiling through his tears.

“I LOVE YOU! GO!!!!”

Like energy, they continued to expand, these two gods, locked together in combat. The very foundations of the universe grew with them – the build-up of energy was almost too great to measure. Using all his strength, Rex pushed, his weight, his strength, his power – he cast a glance over his shoulder to see Superion wrapping the remaining Horde in his invulnerable cape, preparing to break the time barrier.

“I’LL FIND YOU!” Rex bellowed, as he watched them disappear. ‘I SWEAR I’LL FIND YOU!”

The Time-Stalker orgasmed…


…and the Universe exploded. For the last time.

And for the first time.

From “THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE (A Recurring Crisis of Multiple Earths)” – as recorded and maintained by the immortal Composers


“The mysterious Time Stalker ruled a domain known as The End of Time, separated from the normal universe by his ‘Iron Time-Barrier’ – a philosophical anomaly to be sure, given the cyclical nature of the universe, but existing nonetheless, a mystery even to the immortal Composers.

“However, recent time-threatening events have occurred, revealing the key to the mystery of not only the Time Stalker’s existence, but the tenuous nature of his lair at the so-called ‘End of Time.’ When confronted by the New God Alpha Man, the Time Stalker was forced into sexual orgasm, releasing eons of repressed sexual energies – this set off a series of explosions that linked the End of Time to the Beginning – the genesis of life – the ‘Big Bang’ – creating the cyclical loop the Composers recognize as the heartbeat of reality, the contraction and expansion of time and space. In short, the Time Stalker’s orgasm birthed the Multiverse.

“As to the fate of Alpha Man, even we Immortal Composers are unsure. The explosion of sexually-charged chronal energy has in all likelihood cast him into the Multiverse, lost in time as well as space, but the extent of that theory is unknown.

“He has become a nearly Infinite Man.




There was a crackle of energy as the time-portal opened, its silvery metallic, oval surface suddenly breaking as the extremely muscular man fell through. He seemed uncertain for a moment, not sure where he was, but he very quickly identified himself as in “the present” and began his search.

He very quickly identified the Superion of this world – a senior, a product of this culture’s “Golden Age” – he’d long ago married ace reporter Maggie Malone, but they’d remained childless. He was a barrel-chested hero, graying on the temples but still handsome in his sixties.

He wasn’t Rex’s Superion, but Rex seduced him any way. (The old man turned out to be a good lover – a good omen for Rex’s own Superion as he aged – and Rex changed very little about him – no need. Well, maybe a little bump in the balls…)

The sexual energy gave him the power he needed to jump dimensions – he’d learned that early on in his search. So when he’d find the “wrong” Superion, he would make some subtle changes, fuck the guy, then try again on another Earth.

It seemed as though there were infinite varieties — infinite earths.


The Superion of this universe was black – as a matter of fact, all of the race-roles were reversed here. Rex took great joy in seducing this Superion – whom Rex would always rate a “better kisser”, but who prided himself on being a superior lover. Rex gave him the cock he deserved and had sex with him several times – though he’d only needed to once. He’d come back to this universe anytime…

…but it still wasn’t his Superion.


A matriarchal world of reverse-gendered heroes – the Superion of this world was female. (Rex noted that, with respect to his husband, Superion made a terrible woman.) Though arguments could be made for women running the world more successfully than men, Rex was anxious to leave this Earth – he fucked Amazon Man to do it. And that was weird enough, thank you.

But it got weirder.


This Earth was populated with anthropomorphic animals, led by Lieutenant Lettuce, the heroic Guinea Pig, and the rest of his Crew from the Zoo: Scally-Cat, the magical mouse Cheez-Wizard, and the All-Seeing Bat.

Rex’s powers “grew” their upper bodies, but left them on these spindly, cartoon legs. It was almost impossible to fuck one – Rex had never had a kink for Furries, less so now – they thought everything was a god-damn joke.

He ended up fucking some dim-witted purple gorilla with a Brooklyn accent in a horizontally-striped sweater and a newsies cap.

He was anxious to forget that world.


A world of “backwards” history – heroes are villains; villains are heroes. The Superion of this world was a blood-thirsty tyrant, who held power with the help of his fellow Injustice Leaguers, but not even his sexy goatee made him worth the risk.

Rex gladly fucked the heroic Dexter Deadly and gave him the hard, painful fuck he would’ve liked to give the Dex Deadly of his own universe – the bastard.

He didn’t like these evil universes.


This was the Captain Thunder universe, where the “present” seemed to be forever mid-1940’s. Captain Thunder – who looked like an overly-muscular Fred MacMurray – plus the precious Captain Thunder Junior, Cap’s sister, Thea Thunder, and Uncle Dimwit Thunder – the whole Thunder Family!

As anxious as he was to find his husband, Rex took a little time on this world, seducing Junior, amping his musculature up twenty kilos or so and giving him a package that rivaled the good Captain himself. (For all Captain Thunder’s size and power, he had the mind of a child, innocent and naive – Rex found nothing worth seducing.) He gave Uncle Dimwit a body worth having, though – Rex hated seeing fat old men in spandex.

Then he got back to his search to find his Superion.


Parker Peterson, known as the cheerful, community Arachni-Kid, was swinging over a series of rooftops in midtown when he became aware of a shiny circle of light, a flat orb, in a back alley. Before Parker could say the phrase “dimensional portal,” there was a flash of light, a blink, and something fell from inside the oval disk. Something large.

This guy was bigger than the Incredible Mass! Dressed in purple-spandex shorts with gold trim, golden boots and wrist-bands, otherwise bare, displaying those ridiculously oversized muscles, his cable-thick veins.

The massive bearded giant stood, trying to get his bearings, or maybe just trying to get his thighs to navigate around each other. He began to walk toward the open end of the alley, when Arachni-Kid said, from his spot on the wall, "Hey, big dude. Are you okay?”

The muscleman looked up at him. “Hello, little spider,” he said, his voice deep and confident. “Can you tell me where I am? What Earth is this?”

Arachni-Kid bounced to the wall on the other side of the alley, displaying his speed and agility. “You don’t know from these lush surroundings?” Arachni-Kid said, with a gesture. “You’re in the great city of New York, Muscles. Never heard of it? Only the greatest city in the world?”

But the stranger was confused. “‘New York..?’” he said to himself. “This isn’t Megalopolis?”

This time, Arachni-Kid laughed. “Megalopolis?” he said, again moving. “Pal, you’ve been reading too many Superion comic books! I mean, us REAL superheroes appreciate the Distinguished Competition those fantasy stories give us, but uh… keep yourself firmly rooted in reality, Big Guy.”

The big guy smiled slightly, showing the tiniest line of teeth inside his heavy beard. “Rooted,” he mumbled. “Yes…”

Arachni-Kid suddenly felt very odd, as if he’d instantly gained a thousand pounds. Gravity strengthened, and Arachni-Kid could barely move. “What’s going on?” he said, just as the wall he was hanging on gave way, unable to support his weight. Arachni-Kid slammed into the pavement of the alleyway.

Alpha Man walked toward him slowly, almost seductively. “Yes,” he said. “What a MARVELOUS distraction I’ve found…” He reached out his hand, and Arachni-Kid could do nothing to stop him.

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