Deity (Part one: Born Again)

By Nameless
published March 17, 2008
1711 words

Some gods want blood, this one prefers a different bodily fluid..


Part one: Born Again

There are things in this world that lay in the darkness… sleeping… dreaming… till the time is once again right.

The skies roared in agony as thunder ripped apart the sky, clouds swirled under oblivion as something fell back down to earth.

“What was that?”, Billy said. He had been getting up every five minutes from the rain pouring down on the small tent, and the thunder clashing above.

“It was nothing! please go back to sleep… and stop waking me up at every sound!” Aaron said pulling his sleeping bag over his head.

“This was loud, I think a tree fell over near us!” Billy said

“Why me… Look the wind isn’t strong enough to knock a tree over, just go back to sleep!”

“But what if a tree falls on us?”

“Go back to sleep or you won’t live to find out!”

Falling back to sleep the two friends slept though the rest of the tremulous night. Billy and Aaron were very close friends. Billy, the smaller of the two had brains where he lacked brawn, and Aaron was his opposite. The two had became close friends when they found out in a curious turn of events that they made a great team at bars picking up girls. Both were quite good looking, billy with a boyish charm and wavy dark brown hair, and Aaron with his blond stylish hair and surfer look, between the two of them, no woman of age was safe(and in some cases no woman that looked vaguely of age).

The storm died down and the night ensued till at last the golden beams of morning broke the foliage of the trees. Down deep in the woods, in the center of a small charcoal crater lay a figure of a young man. Opening his eyes the young man got up, blinking as he examined his body.

“This is new…” he said, pulling at the taught skin of his six pack abs “Theres no meat! This can’t be healthy… times certainly seem to have changed, theres barely any hair either!” the man who appeared to be no older then twenty said running his hands across his smooth skin. “Well I guess I can’t complain, if this is what they want, its what they will get.” the young man said standing up, the morning sun shining across his tanned skin.

He sniffed the air with a smile.

“Its been so long…” he sniffed the air again taking a deeper breath “Theres one…” sniffs again “no two! Two boys nearby…” he pauses for a moment savoring the smell “Smells like… fun”, he says walking though the woods toward the two campers.

Billy yawned opening his eyes, his hand absentmindedly reaching down and giving himself a playful squeeze. Looking over he saw Aaron still asleep, making a tent in his sleeping bag. Bobby sighed, Aaron was going to want to drag him off clubbing after this weekend… which wasn’t really the problem, Billy and Aaron were good friends, but Aaron was constantly thinking about sex and that meant he was rarely wanting to actually hang out.

Billy turned on his side to get a few more minutes of sleep, trying not to let his life worry him. something started moving outside the tent, shuffling slowly closer to the flap of the door. Billy swallowed nervously as he watched the entrance of the tent. He went to brush the hair out of his face. When his hand reached his brow he felt something sticky on his tip of his fingers. Sniffing them, he then reached into the sleeping bag his fingers touched something warm puddling around his bellybutton clinging to his fingers as they brushed into it. tracing his finger around the puddle his fingers were slowly worked their way to his dick.

As his fingers were about to touch the shaft something banged against the side of the tent

“What the hell?”, he said, oblivious to what he was about to do. Aaron groaned in his sleep, Billy’s attention suddenly seemed to switch to Aaron who had shifted in his sleep, and now his chest lay exposed to the open air. Billy had seen Aaron shirtless hundreds of times before when he was showing off his muscles to practically any passing girl, but for some reason… and for no discernible detail… he looked different.

Billy’s eyes shifted from Aaron’s chest to the entrance of the tent as it began to open.

“Hey get out of here!” Billy said jumping out of his sleeping bag and reaching for the flap.

Billy’s head reached the entrance as a hand reached inside lifting the flap away. Billy stared at the face that was two inches from his own. It had that same quality he had felt about Aaron earlier, but the feeling was much stronger with the boy in front of him. Billy found himself speechless his mouth hanging open, his eyes locked on the naked youth in front of him.

The god smiled for a moment, cherishing the moan Billy made in response before speaking.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you two, I’ll let you get back to you… fun”, he said with a strange smile.


Billy was stunned, his mind filled with unidentifiable feelings that suddenly became clear as if a veil had just been lifted from his mind the second the youth had pulled his head out of the tent. Billy gasped, he felt hot, very hot, and very… many other things.

“Hey man, whats up?” Aaron said slowly waking from his sleep. Billy was frozen in embarrassment, he was on his knees, completely naked with the biggest erection he had experienced in his life, that was also incidentally leaking like a open faucet. Aaron rubbed his eyes before he opened them, he always had, Billy thought quickly in this last precious moment to think of a reason. Billy closed his eyes in concentration, trying to think of a excuse to tell Aaron, but when he closed his eyes to think of what to say his mind kept wandering picturing Aaron’s body… his perfect body… Billy attempted to stifle a moan, but it came out quite loud and provocative

“Dude, what are you doing?” Aaron asked. Billy froze, he tried to think of anything, anything at all, anything but Aaron… he failed.

“up already? What did we do last night?… my head hurts.”

Billy almost choked on his own tongue when he felt Aaron’s warm hands slide against his skin pulling him backward.

“What are you doing!?” Billy yelled as Aaron rolled over next to Billy, leaning on his side

“Having some fun!” Aaron says giving Billy’s nipple a little pinch, which made Billy squirm and moan.

“Stop.” Billy managed to say despite the reaction it was causing

“Come on, admit you like it!” Aaron says pushing Billy onto his back. Billy was caught off guard.

“What?” Billy said as he started to sit back up.

“Admit you enjoy it when I do this!” Aaron said suddenly jumping on top of Billy with his legs spread on either side of the now pinned Billy. He then reached down and with both hands gripped both of Billy’s nipples. Billy’s toes curled as he writhed under Aaron’s playful fingers.

“I… I.. I don’t know… oh god!” Billy tried saying, finding concentration hard as his dick was pushing against Aaron’s butt.

Billy was fighting to hold on to his thoughts, every fiber of his being seemed to want to just grab Aaron and just fuck him all day long. Something, that he was quickly losing control over, was telling him something was wrong.

“Come on just admit it, I want you so bad right now!”, Aaron said taking a moment to nibble on Billy’s lower lip. Billy’s dick ached for attention as it pressed against Aaron’s perfect ass, he vaguely remembered things shouldn’t be this way, but right now all he wanted was Aaron. Something inside Billy seemed to snap as a lewd grin spread across his face.

“I’m going to give your ass such a fucking your going to feel it for a week!” Billy said

“Sounds like fun,” Aaron replied as Billy pulled himself out from under Aaron and locking into a deep lustful kiss.

The god sat outside the tent listening to the sweet sounds of rough young sex, he took in a deep breath tasting the tantalizing flavor of sweat and musk that permeated the primal forest air.

“I’m going to like this century I think!” he says walking into the woods leaving the two friends to their hours of passionate sex.

Some gods want blood, others prefer a different bodily fluid. Like most gods however once they get a taste of what they want, they are never satisfied. As the god walked though the forest he sniffed the air in search of a new offering… He paused a moment sniffing the air turning his body in a new direction…

“This is going to be interesting” he said, bursting into a sudden sprint, his youthful body gleamed in the sudden patches of golden sunlight that broke though the canopy above…

Part two: (coming soon!)

(Author’s note: Thank you for reading this story, I am glad I actually finished one, I keep starting and stopping on stories never really fleshing them out. I look forward to comments and criticism, and I look forward to writing my other installments of this story. If you have suggestions or ideas please post them in comments.)

[P.S. if you want I can post all my unfinished stories and ideas on the wikki for others to expand on or complete them]

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