Memoires of Corin, a Sexdroid - Episode 0: Genesis

By sexdroid012 published November 21, 2016
Corin is transformed - and his new existence as a sexdroid begins

Ok, here’s the actual initial episode which starts it all. It’s quite short, but for me it’s also very intense, especially at the end.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

Episode 0: Genesis


Pressing my thumb on that contract sent a shiver down my spine. This decision had such mind-blowing consequences, I couldn’t even begin to grasp them. But I didn’t regret it. Nothing in my old life was worth returning to. Yes, the prospect of becoming a sex worker in service of Prof. Dominus wasn’t what I had in mind for my life, but compared to what I would gain, this sounded like an acceptable trade off. Especially since having sex all day sounded much more desirable than sitting at home all by myself.

“Congratulations! You’ve just made a life changing step. Come, we’ll start right away!”, I heard Prof. Dominuses voice but it took a while for me to understand its meaning. A bit shocked I said “you want to … to do the … the procedure right now? But I do have to settle my affairs, you know, say good bye, cancel my apartment…”. It was a lie, of course. There was just no one who would care that I was gone. I couldn’t fool the professor, though. He gave me his smile, which send another shiver down my spine. He gestured at another door with I hadn’t noticed before and just said, “Come, follow me!”.

He led me into another room which was filled with tables, laboratory benches and other stuff I couldn’t identify. It looked all very sterile, very scientific and very frightening. A couple of scientists were working in the room, all of them male. I couldn’t figure out what they were doing, but all of them looked up at me as I entered the room, obviously curious about the newcomer. I nodded to greet them, but they all just returned to their tasks without acknowledging me at all. Only one of them, a tall guy who looked somewhat clumsy and shy, smiled at me in response but only after a second he looked down on his table again, obviously quite embarrassed.

There was a man-sized bench standing upright in the center of the room, equipped with a white, smooth surface. Prof. Dominus pointed at the bench and said “Just stand there with your back against that bench!”. I looked skeptical from the bench to Prof. Dominus, “What is this? What are you going to do?”. “Well, what do you think? I’m giving you the perfect body. Don’t be afraid, you’ll feel great!”. Still not convinced I asked what everybody would ask in that situation “Will it hurt?”. His answer wasn’t all that reassuring, “At the beginning, a little maybe. But that’ll be over in no time. Come, it’s too late for second thoughts now, you’ve signed the contract. And you do want to change your life, don’t you?”. He was right. I had made my decision, now I had to go through with it. I walked to the bench, turned around and leaned against its cold surface.

Almost instantly I felt myself lifted a bit and pulled against the bench. My head snapped back, both my arms and my legs were forced in place next to my body. I struggled but I couldn’t detach any part of my body from the bench. It was like I was glued to its surface. Even my head was completely fixed onto the bench, I couldn’t move it one bit. I started to feel panic rising in my guts. About 3 feet (1m) in front of me, the air started to shimmer for a split second when a mirror field was established. It allowed me to see my own reflection as I’m being held upright by that bench. “Stop, I’ve changed my mind! Let me down, please!”. The panic started to overwhelm me. But Prof. Dominus didn’t hear me or he just didn’t care. A strange feeling washed over my body and I could see in the mirror that all my clothes had been disintegrated. I was completely naked now, seeing my not-so-attractive body in the mirror. Pudgy, with unregular, scrubby hair on my breast, an already bulging belly and an unimpressive, thick but short dick just barely sticking out of my bushy pubic hair. I saw my own face, looking pale and fearful, staring at myself.

Before I could even start to be ashamed being naked amongst all the people in the room and without any forewarning something stung me in the back of my neck and then the only thing I felt was pain. Such enormous pain, there are just no words to describe it, no experience to compare it to. I think I screamed, but I wasn’t even sure about that anymore. My ears were exploding with noise, my eyes only saw flashes bright as the sun, my whole body was on fire.

And then it was over. All my senses were shut down. I didn’t feel anything, didn’t hear anything. I was completely blind, even the sense of smell had disappeared. I tried to do something, scream, move my eyeballs, close my eyelids – but I didn’t feel any reaction, nothing at all. Is this how death feels like? Had I been dead? Some time passed but I had no way of knowing how much. It felt like an eternity, days, maybe even weeks… but it was probably just a couple of hours later, when my hearing suddenly returned without any warning. One second complete silence and in the next I was drowning in a deafening level of noise around me. Still not being able to feel anything, not even my own body, still being completely paralyzed, I was swimming in a sea of noise. After a while, as I got used to the noise around me, I started to recognize it as the simple background humming and clicking that was filling the laboratory all along, but without being consciously noticed by me. Now, it was just so much clearer, crisper and with much more detail.

I tried hard to pick anything interesting out of the background noise when suddenly the world became a blinding white, slicing right into my brain. I tried to shut my eyes, of course, but my eyelids still didn’t react. First my ears and now my eyes were brought back to life, from one second to the next. It took me a couple of seconds to adjust, but eventually I could see clearly again. Much more clearly than I remembered, in fact. There was still my own reflection staring at me, but the details I could suddenly see… Like every single hair, every pore, the smallest flaw of my skin. I was disgusted by my own face, which was so unclean, so full of little zits, comedos and microscopic, festering wounds. Automatically I tried to look down on my body, and I realized that my eyeballs were responding to my will again. As I looked around the room, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Prof. Dominus standing there, looking at me with a strange impression of anticipation and … well, lust. I tried to shout at him, but my mouth and my voice still didn’t respond to my brain’s commands at all.

I looked back at my reflection. I was transfixed by my own eyes. They looked as I remembered them, but still… different somehow. I looked harder trying to figure out what had happened to them. My eyesight had improved immensely, if I concentrated, I could see the smallest details in my own iris, like I was looking through a microscope. Even the blackness of the pupils started to reveal some details… I had the feeling of looking at something artificial when I suddenly realized that this was exactly what I saw: A pair of mechanical eyes, extremely sophisticated ones. I couldn’t believe it! Somehow they had managed to replace my eyes with artificial ones, and I hadn’t felt a thing! Now that I thought about it, the same thing must have happened to my hearing.

My thoughts were in complete chaos when I heard Prof. Dominus’ voice. Before understanding his words, I was amazed about the texture, range and details of his voice which I just hadn’t been able to hear with my old, organic ears. “I see your new ears and eyes are already working properly. Perfect. I want my subjects to be able to see firsthand what’s happening to them, that’s why we install them first. Do you like your new eyes? They should give you an idea of how much better your body will be when we’re finished with you”. Somehow, his smile didn’t look warm and reassuring anymore.

“Just relax and watch what’s happening. There’s nothing you can do anyway. We’ve injected microscopic mechanisms, nanobots, into your body and they are now rebuilding it from scratch. Nothing will remain biologic, your whole organism will be transformed into a mechanical construct, an incredible complex one. With one exception: your brain, as I’ve promised. This will take a couple of hours. Watch and enjoy the process!”. Now, his smile just looked like an evil grimace to me.

In the mirror, I suddenly saw three differently sized hoses appearing out of nowhere. Before I could even try to figure out their purpose, the biggest one forced itself into my ass. Now I was glad that I still couldn’t feel anything. The second hose sheathed my cock and the third one entered my mouth without meeting any resistance. It looked like at least 3 feet (1m) of the hose were going down my throat before it stopped. I stared at my own body, not being able to believe what was happening to me. I started to see some movement under my skin and I heard an unnerving gurgling and hissing. The hoses were bulging slightly, like something was pumped out of my body. My imagination went into overdrive, in my mind, I was seeing my guts, my organs and everything else inside me being dissolved and sucked out of my body! But I still didn’t feel a thing.

This continued for what seemed to be ages to me, when I started to notice that the shape of my body was changing. It looked like my fat was disappearing or sucked out of me, my body, my arms and legs became quite skinny but still defined and well formed. Even the form of my face had changed slightly, it was a bit smaller now, smoother, less angular, almost androgynous, which strangely conflicted with my still quite rough, scruffy and unshaven skin. But looking more carefully at my face, I noticed that my skin was showing small changes as well. Ever so slowly my complexion started to become smoother, the rough pores and skin flaws were getting smaller and eventually vanished completely. All hair on my face and my body, including the area around my dick and crotch, disappeared as it was absorbed into the skin itself. The color of my skin was no longer reddish pale, as it used to be, it now had turned into the color of milk chocolate.

Even my dick had changed, it was still not too big, but instead of looking like a thick short knob, it had become perfectly formed, slender, smooth, uncut and slightly darker colored than the rest of my new body.

I saw my whole body being slowly changed into an unblemished, smooth, unbelievably attractive young man, in one word, the perfect twink. It was very hard to accept that this was my body now. I wanted to feel it, touch it, make sure that it was real and not just a dream.

Eventually the rest of my senses were returning to me. I started to be able to feel my body again, feel the breeze of air around me, even though I was sure that there was practically no airflow in this room. I could tell that the temperature was exactly 72.5°F (22.5°C). As with my seeing and hearing, my sense of touch had been improved immensely. And the same was true for my sense of smelling. I was overwhelmed by the olfactory impressions that assaulted my nose. I never expected this room to be so full of all kinds of different aromas. I could separate each smell, could identify direction and source of each one of them. Especially the other men’s scent stood out, I could smell each one of them individually, could tell how much they sweated, if they took proper care of their personal hygiene and I could even tell that one of them was quite horny. And, yes, I could smell myself, in fact I could distinguish the scent of each part of my body. My skin, my hair, my armpits, my dick and my own ass.

Still thinking about how much I liked my aroma, that in fact I was turned on by my own scent, I was suddenly released from the bench. My naked feet touched the floor and then my body stood on its own accord in front of the mirror. Since I was no longer paralyzed now, I started to explore my own body with my hands, while watching myself in the mirror. I involuntary flinched a bit and gasped in surprise when I touched my own skin, as the sensation of being touched was extremely intense, extremely… stimulating. But that was not all of it, my fingertips could sense the texture of my own skin in unbelievable detail. I could feel its structure, I even could tell … that it was not human skin at all, not naturally grown biological skin anyway, but some artificial material which imitated the look and feel of real skin just perfectly. It had the exact temperature of 98.1°F (36.7°C) and felt soft and pleasant to touch. I couldn’t stop caressing myself all over my new body, enjoying the experience immensely. As I started to become more and more excited just by touching myself, my own scent, which I smelled in overwhelming detail, started to give away my excitement, which, in turn, increased my horniness even more. It was incredible how this artificial body was reacting, so human, so sexy, so hot. I really loved my new self, every part of it. Unsurprisingly, my dick also started to grow as I slowly lost myself in a sexual haze. Touching my now respectable, fully erect dick caused me to loudly gasp once again. “Oh fuck, yes!” I yelled involuntary. I never imagined that a simple touch could cause such intensive waves of pleasure.

Prof. Dominus appeared from behind my back, clapping his hands. “Perfect. I’ve outdone myself, haven’t I? I envy you, I really do. What a handsome, hot boy you’ve become. What do you think? It seems you like yourself a lot!”. His unexpected appearance had the same effect as a bucket of ice water spilled right over my head. I had completely forgotten that I was still standing naked in a room full of strangers. I stopped playing with myself and tried, in vain, to use my hands to cover my still erect dick. “What did you do to me?” I was surprised by my own voice. It had improved as well and I thought that it fitted my new body just perfectly. The professor replied, “well, exactly what I promised. You’re immortal now, for all intents and purposes. You’re most gay men’s wet dream. And… you’re mine forever!”. His voice became triumphant. If I had managed to mostly ignore my doubts so far, now was the moment when I knew for certain that I was in deep shit.

“What do you mean? What are you going to do to me? Let me go! I want to leave now!”. Prof. Dominus ignored me and just said “sexdroid zero zero four, come here!”. I looked at him confused, having no idea who he was talking to, when I noticed a naked man entering the room and approaching us. It was Jost! But… he was behaving very strangely. He looked straight ahead, his eyes completely frozen and unblinking. His movements were smooth but strangely regular and much too exact to be natural. “Jost! What are you doing here? Why are you naked? Jost? Jost!”. But he ignored me completely. He didn’t look at me, he just stared straight ahead into nothingness. After a few more steps, he stopped right next to Prof. Dominus, freezing in a perfectly straight and stiff posture. In a strangely plain, completely emotionless but still very familiar voice, he said:


“Jost, what’s wrong with you? Jost, look at me, please!” I pleaded at the perfectly motionless figure. “Don’t waste your breath, boy”, Prof. Dominus sniggered, “it’s not registering anything you’re saying. It’s just a sexdroid. It only follows commands, my commands to be exact. And it is exactly what your future is going to be!” I shouted “What the fuck did you do to Jost?” – “Oh, I think you misunderstand! I didn’t do anything to it. It has been like this for almost 5 years now, when the man who called himself Jost came into my service, just like you did today. That was also the day when Jost ceased to exist as a person. He, no, it became sexdroid 004.” – “No! You’re lying! I’ve been together with Jost, he’s a living, caring man! The man I… I’m in love with! This … this thing cannot be Jost; it must not be him!” I was yelling and screaming now. Prof. Dominus addressed the thing that was looking like Jost:

“Activate demonstration mode. Reprise previous role as Jost, same parameters. Execute!”

The statue came to life. One second just an unmoving thing and in the next a totally normal, beautiful, naturally looking person. He turned to look at me and I saw his warm, gentle eyes. He didn’t smile, though, instead he looked so sad and hopeless when he said “I’m so sorry, Corin, my love. I really am!” I couldn’t believe what was happening, my life was falling apart right before my eyes. I pleaded “Jost! Jost! What are you doing here? Help me, please! Let us leave this place, right now!” I heard the professor saying “End demonstration mode!” Jost immediately returned to his previous frozen posture like nothing had happened.


“Jost! Please! Jost!!!” The professor raised his hand, “Jost cannot hear you. There is no Jost, there never was. Anyway, no need to worry, boy, it’s going to happen any second now. Savor your last thought, Corin!”. An ice-cold shiver ran down my beautiful, perfect new body when Prof. Dominus eyeballed me, his face now just a grimace of lust and greed. My head was full of hate, full of panic, full of despair. I hated this man, I wanted to grasp him, strangle him, kill him!

And then it happened. It was the most peculiar feeling. It felt like something was being sucked away from me. Small pieces of my memory at first, layers of experiences seemed to fade away. I gasped in panic. What was happening to me? Then my feeling of despair suddenly died. It was gone, I couldn’t even remember what it meant to be in despair. I forgot about my childhood, even that I ever had been a child. The hate for the professor grew weaker and weaker… and was eventually replaced by total indifference. At the same time, I forgot about Jost, my love to him, that I ever had been in love, I stopped being able to love. My eyes went wide, fear and panic now being the only emotions left to me. I forgot my name. Fear, only all-consuming fear dominated me… then… nothing. There was no identity. No self-awareness. No thoughts. No will. There was only one thing left: A total and overwhelming drive to obey any command filled every inch of what had been my mind just a minute ago. This most basic drive was pure bliss and content.

Prof. Dominus

The transformation was completed in just a couple of seconds. A pity really, I wished I had more time to enjoy the show. The boy just was about to attack me, when he suddenly inhaled sharply as he realized that something unexpected was happening to him. His eyes widened and darted around in panic. I could see how he fought for his identity, how he tried to hold on to his memories and feelings. But the isolator, that had been installed in his brain, was doing its work mercilessly. It isolated his memories, shut down parts of his brain, put central functions under its total control, installed hard wired behaviors and patterns, downloaded skills and programs into the helpless piece of organic matter that used to be Corin’s brain. His eyes slowly stopped moving. Even though I knew that it was only an illusion, I’d swear that I could see the shimmer of self-awareness fading out, as his eyes became just dead globes. My dick was hard and throbbing. Then, eventually, the subject’s body stood up into a perfectly straight posture, its head snapped back to an upright position, its eyes moved into a neutral position staring straight ahead into nothingness, unseeing and unaware. Its penis, though, was still standing erect and even harder than before. I heard it exhale – and then it stopped breathing altogether. Sexdroids don’t need to breathe after all.


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