Smoking fags

By Bigger
published August 1, 2019
7230 words

Let down at his new job, Chernobyl gets in the woods during the evening with his old buddy Parker, who shares a gift hoping to cheer him on.

  • Disclaimer: The word fag here is only used as a reference to a cigarette or a cigar. NOT to any vulgar discrimination toward gay men.*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It had been a long day. Chernobyl Moore threw his tailored black jacket on the backseat of his sedan. His new office was so hot that sweat stains marked his white dress shirt under his armpits. He loosened up the tie slightly and unbuttoned the neck button, hoping it would freshen him up. Slipping himself on the driver seat, the five-foot-nine lawyer let out a liberating sigh. So much for this new firm he joined.

The first meeting left him bitter, wondering if it were a bright move to leave his previous firm to join this one closer to his apartment. Perhaps the pay augmentation was a good thing, but what he preferred was the criminal justice, to plead in court. Not to work with the labour laws.

Chernobyl let out a sigh, shaking his head. It was just his first day after all. He didn’t know much of his new coworkers, except maybe one or two with whom he went to law school with. Otherwise, the environment was fairly recent.

Chernobyl turned on the car, and drove his way out of the underground parking. While he thought of heading home, his friend Parker Patterson had offered him to spend the evening together, that he had some gift to share to commemorate his late job.

“Not that I plan on staying there for much longer.” Chernobyl thought.

While the new job place was indeed closer to home, he found out that the time travel ended up being the same because of traffic jam. Just another reason to look out for another job. Almost an hour later, the worn-out lawyer made it out of downtown. It was a good thing Parker didn’t live far from his place or he’d have cancelled their reunion.

Just as Chernobyl looked for a spot to park his car by Parker’s building, the man in question walked out of his concrete tower, waving off at him. His other hand seemed to hold some kind of small box. Chernobyl drove toward him, then lowered the passenger seat’s window.

“Hey, what’s up, man? Had a nice day at your new place?” Parker joyfully greeted, bending slightly and supporting himself on the window ledge.

“Don’t want to talk about it yet. What’re you doing outside?”

Parker opened the door and sat on the passenger seat. Chernobyl didn’t say anything, figuring out that his friend probably wanted to head somewhere.

“Let’s go to Edgewood Cliff.” Parker declared with a knowing smile.

“Really?” Chernobyl sighed. It was a few minutes’ ride. Not that far, but quite a quiet spot where they used to chill out with a beer and a smoke in their early twenties. “Early twenties. We’re not that old yet.” Chernobyl refrained to himself. They were twenty-eight.

“Yeah, man. It’s been a while since we chilled up there. Might as well just make it like old times.” Parker accentuated.

The lawyer stared helplessly into Parker’s deep green eyes. His rugged face showed the hints of unshaven stubble and the darker skin was a testimony to all his days spent outside as a carpenter. His head hair was shaved, but Chernobyl knew it was only so that it hid his balding pattern. Poor guy. To think he used to have a headful of thick curly hair only a decade ago, when they left High School.

Chernobyl smiled, nostalgic, then drove back on the boulevard. The sun was not set yet, but the darkness of shadows was slowly smothering the streets. Chernobyl couldn’t stop himself from thinking back at how they’ve changed since High School. While he didn’t feel as if he changed much, his bookworm personality took the best out of him in his studies to become a lawyer. Consequently, he had packed a considerable amount of weight, now weighing about 250 pounds.

On the other side, Parker, who used to be pretty good at school too, simply dropped out in college, unable to keep on with the finances and stress. He decided to follow his father’s footsteps for a much simpler life and took the course to become a carpenter. He seemed much happier now, so much that Chernobyl envied his life. Because of his physical labour, Parker stood thick and strong, criteria that made him scored with women whenever he went to the bar. In angst, Chernobyl’s last girlfriend (and thus have sex) went back to a few months already.

The pair finally arrived at the spot. On this secluded side of Edgewood Cliff, they were alone at the edge of a forest, near a precipice where teenagers usually liked to hang out. If the youngsters came to annoy them, they could just drive off and find a better place deeper in the woods.

Turning off the car, Chernobyl stretched back on his seat fairly, hearing his friend opening the metallic box. He turned his head toward the container as an earthy scent filled the car. There, inside the box, were a bunch of handcrafted smokes. Thicker and longer than the average cigarettes, they were smaller than cigars. A bit closer to these in colour, though.

“Just like old times.” Parker smirked, handing his friend one of the biggest.

“Just missing the beer.” Chernobyl added, taking the cigar-sized fag in his fingers. “Where did you get those?”

“A friend of a colleague on the job crafts them. I think he’s a native or something. Thought I’d open them with you.”

“You’re awesome, man. Have fire?”

Parker unbuckled his seating belt and dove a hand in his pockets. Chernobyl realized he was still belted and proceeded to undo the buckle. By the time he was done, his friend had the lighter on, waiting for him to put the end of the fag to the burning source. Cigarette in mouth, he leaned over to aim its end with the fire. When it was lit, Chernobyl pulled back and sat comfortably with his back on the seat.

The taste of the smoke was rather acrid, heavy even. It had been a while since he’s done this. His burning lungs made him to cough, adapting to the strength of the cigarette. His arms felt slightly tingly, so did his legs, like hundreds of ants were crawling on him. Had it been that long since he smoked? Chernobyl closed his eyes, his heart thumping hard. The car didn’t exist anymore. Parker had also left his mind. It was only him and his smoke. His sluggish limbs didn’t bother moving at all. He didn’t want them too. This smoke was better than any he’s had for a long time. Perhaps the best, period.

Hot. He was feeling hot.

Boiling even. Fuck, he’d have to clean his suit when he gets home.

His heart pumped harder. Faster.


His loins grew tight.

Was he getting an erection over this? That would be a first, not that he minded. He sometimes liked to masturbate and have a smoke, but a smoke-inducing erection? That was new. Languidly, he brought his free hand to his crotch, feeling the constricted bulge in his pants pulse with growth. “Damn. The crotch of those pants is tight. Should have considered that when I got them tailored.” He pondered. The silliness of the thought made him chuckle. As if he could have asked the tailor to make his dress pants erection-friendly.

A locking noise broke his reverie. Suddenly, Chernobyl realized he was in his car, not alone, but with Parker. He took the fag away from his lips and coughed in embarrassment, leaving his hand over his bulge not to fondle himself anymore, but to hide it from view. He turned toward his friend, only to realize he’s closed his window. He pulled the cigarette away from his mouth for a moment.

“Lots of bugs outside, tonight. You should close your window too.” He suggested.

Chernobyl stared silently at his friend, disoriented for an instant upon noticing he also sported a bump in his shorts. Although by judging the shape of it, it looked more like a tent rather than a discreet bulge. And Parker didn’t even bother hiding it. Instead, he closed his eyes again and put the smoke back to his lips, basking in the passive pleasure the smoke procured him.

Chernobyl blushed and turned his head away from the boner tenting his friend’s slacks. Was it an effect of these homemade cigarettes? Did the guy put Viagra in them or something? A buzzing in his left ear made him shake his head, then glance at the ajar window. Parker was right. At the border of the forest, they were likely to attract bugs. He resigned closing the window. If the air became too thick with smoke, he’d just recycle the air. Window closed, Chernobyl leaned against his backrest and brought the fag back to his lips.

How long had it really been since he’s had a girlfriend? The last time, it more felt like a friend with benefits until she moved away for work. Why was it that they always had to move for work? Was it really all about the chase for greed? A closer place to home? A better income? Perhaps it was a need for renewal. In this clustered and mundane society, it was so easy to get bored with the lousy routine.

Deep inhale. The cool burn of the smoke invading his lungs felt oddly comforting. The tightness of his crotch kept nagging him, so he caressed the growing bulge. If Parker didn’t mind about popping a boner, why should he? It wasn’t as if he’s never seen Parker’s junk. Right, it had been a while since he did, perhaps in college, in the locker room.

Lost in his thoughts, Chernobyl let go of his cigarette and brought his hand to his chin. He was somewhat surprised to feel some stubble, as he could usually go a few days without shaving. However, he shrugged. If it were growing faster now, it wouldn’t bother him much. In fact, he’s rather wanted to sport a beard for a while. Maybe he could try letting it grow like Parker’s. Parker had a hell of a hot beard.


Chernobyl’s eyes flung opened. Where did this thought come from? Did he just thought Parker’s beard was … hot? He meant aspiring, manly … and hot. Why was his head spinning now? Did he really find Parker hot? No, it was just his facial hair. Is that moaning? Chernobyl feared for a moment he had let out a moan, blushing red … but no. It wasn’t him. It was Parker.

As Chernobyl turned his gaze to his friend, he nearly melted upon contemplating Parker’s magnificent beard. Was it really that long, earlier? He was sure that it was short and nicely trimmed when he got in the car … but now, Parker seemed as if he hasn’t shaved for a few weeks, if not a month. Stray hair peeked out of the beard bush, making it look a tad unkept.

“Love your beard, man.” Chernobyl commented.

Not that he wanted to say anything. It just came out. Parker opened his eyes and looked at him. He brought a hand to feel the coarse fur, only to make a disconcerted face. Chernobyl couldn’t repress the soft moan escaping his lips, upon watching his friend touch his facial hair. The bulge in his pants only throbbed harder. He was painfully hard. If he had been alone, he’d have pulled it out, but Parker was there. Sexy bearded Parker.

“What the hell? I didn’t realize how fast it grew.” Parker muttered, taking off the fag from his lips for a moment.

“Suits you good. Makes you look … wild and manly. You should let it grow more.”

Parker chuckled at that.

“Come on, Cherno, I’m already hairy. If I let it grow, I’ll end up looking like a fuckin’ Sasquatch.”

Chernobyl closed his eyes and took a deep drag. The few glimpses at Parker’s body in college came back to his mind. He wasn’t that hairy back then, but he could imagine him getting more hirsute as years flew by. As well as imagining his beard growing.


“Really?” Chernobyl enticed. “You weren’t that hairy in college, Park.”

“Nah, I got it after. My dad told me guys in the family got hairy in their twenties all through much in their thirties.”


“Fuck. How come are these dress pants that constricting? And am I getting an erection over this? Does this mean Parker’s gonna grow even furrier? Fuck me! I barely have crotch and armpit hair! Man, the air is so hot and thick with smoke. Should crack open a window … but there are fucking bugs. Maybe put the air recycler?”

“Why are you asking?” Parker asked.

Turning at his friend, Parker caught a glance at the obvious bulge in the dress pants. A smug grin crossed his lips and he put a hand at his own tent. Chernobyl felt his mouth go dry in an instant. Parker took a deep inhale before adding:

“Wanna see?”


“Huh … huh … what the…” Chernobyl stuttered, blushing.

Parker chuckled at his uncomfortable friend’s reaction.

“The hair, I mean. Wanna see how hairy I got since college?”

“Wait! Parker, I…”

Chernobyl could not finish his sentence before Parker cracked a devious smirk and started to take off his shirt. Speechless the lawyer couldn’t take his eyes away from his bare-chest friend. Parker didn’t lie about having grown hirsute: his torso was covered in thick fur. On the pectorals, a carpet of fur almost hid his tanned skin from view while a thick treasure trail joined his chest down to his crotch area. He might not sport the thick abs he used to in college, but his trim waist still showed strength.

As Chernobyl grew lost into his friend’s body, his eyes noticed Parker’s hand fondling the swelling python into his shorts. While he couldn’t remember having caught Parker with an erection before, Chernobyl still found it odd to see such a towering boner in his buddy’s slacks. Was he shoving something down there to make it look so big?

“These smokes are really good.” Parker moaned, taking in another deep drag.

That’s when Chernobyl caught something odd. The dense hair on his Parker’s torso seemingly darkened. Moreover, the mostly bare shoulders from his friend grew fairly darker, as if new hair had just sprouted from the flesh. Parker’s pole throbbed under the shorts.



Chernobyl kept looking at him, his eyes never leaving the skin which was growing more and more covered with hair, to the point where he wondered if he was hallucinating things from the consumption of the drug. That was probably it. Hallucinations. There was no way Parker has gotten hairier like this. Magic didn’t exist, after all.

“Nothing.” Chernobyl dismissed, turning his head away and sitting back on his seat comfortably … or at least as comfortable as he could. “You mind if I undo my belt? I think it’s too tight.”

Parker gave him an astute look.

“Too much office, too many snacks, eh?” Parker teased.

Chernobyl let out a cowed chuckle and went on to undo the belt buckle, eliciting him a moan of relief after. Bringing his fingers to the fag in his mouth, so he could take it away for a moment, he peered at his friend with awe. Parker looked intensely at him while one of his hands settled on top of his pitched tent. The lawyer wasn’t sure whether Parker had just realized his lewd erection and was trying to hide it … or if he were, as a matter of fact, fondling himself.

A light laugh escaped the bare-chest man, startling Chernobyl. He watched his friend which started rubbing his bulge more dotingly, and then acknowledged that Parker noticed his staring. No words were spoken. The smug grin on Parker’s face stretched as he went for another deep, long, drag of his smoke. He kept it inside and Cherno witnessed the oddest thing he’s ever seen.

Parker kicked back and spread his legs in front of him. As he did so, his whole body seemed not only to stretch … but to really stretch. Parker’s bulky shoulders seemed to slip slightly higher on the seat while his knees inched just slightly further forward. At the same time, the hair covering his friend seemed to darken (or thicken, Chernobyl couldn’t tell). The shoulders, which had crept vertically on the seat, were starting to disappear under a mat of fur. Even the beard on his face seemed to crawl down, obscuring his neck.

A wince of discomfort crossed Parker’s face. He involuntarily thrust his hips forward and Chernobyl watched with amazement the tent protrude further away, pulling Parker’s shorts’ waistband down, exposing thick tufts of his pubic hair. Unable to keep the smoke in, the hirsute man let it out, clumsily coughing as he did so. Chernobyl perceived movement under the glovebox where Parker’s feet were until he heard some thuds.

“Just taking my shoes off.” Parker said, manoeuvring to push them away, foot tip against heel.

Then it dawned on Chernobyl. Both of them had always been pretty much the same height, maybe with Parker having an inch over him. However, as he took in Parker’s half-naked body next to him, he realized that his friend appeared to stand just slightly taller than he remembered.

“Parker…” Chernobyl repeated.

“Yeah?” He replied, his hand still fondling his stubborn boner.

“What’s … going on?”

Chernobyl’s sudden concern seemed to pull his friend out of his reverie … at least temporarily. Frowning, Parker looked down at his own body, realizing he was hairier than ever … and sporting an erection threatening to rip his shorts away.


Maybe Parker blushed at the moment (it was hard to tell with all the hair on his face). Chernobyl simply watched Parker check himself out, vaguely aware that he started caressing his own bulge himself.

“I… I’m sorry, Cherno! I don’t know what came over me…” Parker muttered, embarrassed, pushing his tent to the side to hide it, as much as he could, from his friend.

“It’s fine… I think there might be some kind of Viagra or something in the smokes.” Chernobyl hypothesized.

“I’m gonna kill Chad!” He grumbled, teeth gritted.

“Hey, it’s fine, I tell you. I admit… I liked the view.”

The pair stayed silent. Chernobyl’s face reddened in embarrassment, so he turned away, driving his eyes on the still forest outside. Why did he just say that? Was he hot for Parker? He wasn’t gay … was he? And, to ease his conundrum of thoughts, Chernobyl took himself one deep, long, drag.

“Yeah.” He thought. “What if I’m hot for him a little? He’s my best friend. It’s not like that makes me gay. I’ve fucked girls before and I will still fuck girls after this night.” Chernobyl sensed the smoke kept within his lungs make him feel airy, yet dense at the same time. Like a large balloon reaching for the high skies above, only to be pulled down from the force of gravity below.


His pants, even unbuckled, felt constricted. Maybe if he unbuttoned them … no, he’ll unbutton them after he exhales. He had to keep himself from moving too much if he wanted to keep his breath in.

But it was just the pants. The whole dress shirt was snug. Had he put on that much weight recently? What about Parker’s earlier teasing him piling the pounds? Was it true? Chernobyl thought back to Parker’s face at the remark, at that smirk. Was Parker getting off on this? After all, he sported a big throbbing erection right now.


Chernobyl finally exhaled, unable to keep the smoke in much longer. Only then did he realize he went on to unbutton the pants, only to realize they were already open, but the button was missing. Even the zipper was down.

The sound of a heavy slap caught his attention. Chernobyl turned to his right, noticing Parker had taken out his big boner, which had audibly slapped against his furry belly. The penis was a weapon of destruction. Thick as a beer can and longer than two, the rod wasn’t far from the foot long mark.

While he held his smoke with his left hand, Parker brought his right one to the erection jutting in front of him, the head already glistening with precum. Even with his paw around it, he couldn’t bring himself circle the whole impressive girth of the cock. He grunted, left his cigar to his lips, and took his second hand to his monster, masturbating with both. In rhythm with them, Parker started gyrating his hips, thrusting into his hairy mitts. Unconsciously, Chernobyl had pulled out his own erection, swollen at almost 9.5″ rather the usual 6″.


Maybe more like ten inches, in fact. The hirsute masturbator let out a loud growl, which was enough for Chernobyl to startle. The last bits of Parker’s fag were consumed and the butt fell by the seat, as he opened his mouth to let out this blissful groan. If Parker appeared to stand straighter, maybe a little taller than Chernobyl a few instants ago, Parker now obviously towered over him by a few inches. His knees bucked and hit the glovebox and his head slipped past the head cushion, which was now level with his shoulders.

Hearing the loud animalistic bellow, Chernobyl witnessed Parker ejaculate all over the glovebox and the front window. More and more came out, like an undying geyser. The thick smoky smell filling the car grew even denser, the musk of male rut adding into the mix. Lost into the haze, Chernobyl missed that he stopped breathing, holding in the burning smoke from the fag between his lips. Suddenly, one of the lowest buttons of his shirt blew off, hitting the steering wheel.

The driver looked down and finally noticed how much he filled his uniform. The remaining buttons strained to contain the mass of his bulging gut. Already, his navel was exposed and, weirdly enough, it seemed to be surrounded with thick hair. Upon checking himself, Chernobyl realized the presence of many dark hair peeking through the gaps of his white shirt. Furthermore, he could not refrain himself from increasing his masturbation pace.


“Phew … man … that felt good.” Parker moaned, idly caressing the barely softening pillar before him.

Chernobyl then felt a wet, sticky, hand slap against his rounder belly. His eyes comprehended at that moment how broad Parker’s mitts were now, one of them almost eclipsing half of his swollen gut. Gosh … what a virile guy…

“So hairy…” He thought aloud, absorbed by the size of Parker’s hand, rubbing against his middle.

“Just like men are supposed to be.” Parker said, his fingers slipping through the gap, twirling amid the body hair.

“My feet hurt.” Chernobyl thought.

“Hairy, manly … horny.”

Even though Chernobyl had just witnessed Parker climax like ten guys, he felt the throbbing boner of his friend, his jack off buddy, pressing against his thigh. Smearing semen all over his expansive dress pants.


“Take another drag, Cherno.” Parker enticed him.

“This … this isn’t you, Park! These … things are doing something to … to…”

“C’mon, Cherno. Are you a man?”

“Pa… Parker…” He moaned, pitifully.

The intensity of Parker’s eyes on him made Chernobyl feel like a small helpless child for a moment. The smoke surrounding them, filling the car, was changing them. There was no other explanation to it. Chernobyl felt the length of Parker’s baseball bat thrusting against him, uncontrollably.

“Don’t you want to be a man?” Parker taunted, the hand caressing his gut slipping toward a higher position, reaching a nipple, squeezing it a little.

Chernobyl took a deep drag in an attempt to repress a moan. Another button popped off from his shirt, then another. The seat of his pants was growing so tight. He could feel the sides of his butt pushing past the sides of the seat. He had to resist. What was happening to them was beyond anything real. They had to breathe fresh air. They had … they had…

His friend’s lips came close to his ear.

“A big, robust, manly man.”

Chernobyl let out a cough, needing to grasp for fresh air. If only he could … pull open the window. He felt something wet against him. The realization of Parker kissing his ear filled him with dread, yet so much pleasure. And that beard against his neck… Why was he getting off to this … this … gay nonsense! Moreover, he couldn’t stop himself from listening to his brainwashed (or brain fried perhaps?) friend. Without further words needed, Chernobyl let himself breath another deep drag from the cigar-sized fag, almost completely consumed by then. Already, he felt the clothes tighten more. A soft tearing sound came from under his gargantuan thighs. Room was getting cramped.


RRRRRRIIIIIIPPP. There goes the pants.


The driver felt his knees push up against the steering wheel. Heels were slipping further. Head stretching higher, making Parker look less gigantic by the second.


The shoes couldn’t take anymore. Chernobyl let out a moan of relief as the tip of his large feet forced their way out of the hot cramped dress shoes, finally getting some air. He was catching up to Parker’s height. How tall was Parker now, anyway? Well over six feet for sure. Six feet and a half maybe? God, he was almost as big and as hairy as a wookie! No wonder why the car felt so cramped next to him!



As if encouraged by Parker’s deviant description, Chernobyl felt the vast expanse of his gut protrude further outwards, pressing against his … his … his lover’s strong hand. Funny how Parker’s hand didn’t appear so big anymore. More buttons popped away, revealing more and more of Chernobyl’s massiveness. His hair-covered belly hit the steering wheel, which seemed lower than ever. Not only because of his head inching closer to the roof of the car, but because his thick knees were inching taller on either side. The seat, the whole car, flinched under his increasing weight and mass. While Parker grew to enormous sizes, he’s somewhat kept his lean looks, although his muscle mass seemed to have slightly increased. It was impossible to tell with the thick pelt of fur covering his body.


While Chernobyl had found himself getting fat, he had yet to realize that it wasn’t just fat, but that he had indeed grown firmer all over. He thought back for a moment at college and wondered what would have happened if he had joined Parker to play sports. Or simply throw ball here and then outside. While not a fan of sports, his brothers and his father always complained he was too much of a bookworm. Come to think about it, he fairly liked to watch rugby. He even participate sometimes with his brothers and neighbours. There was something … primal, almost sexual, in playing roughly with his peers.


Chernobyl barely repressed a chuckle at that, some smoke escaping his lips. He’s been horny all night. All day too, for that matter. He was always horny. He couldn’t go through a day without jerking off twice. He couldn’t go through a week without fucking at least thrice (every two days). He just wasn’t. And with his lover sitting next to him in the car, sharing a smoke with him, baiting him, taunting him to no end … and with his foot long monster humping his thigh, there was no way he could not be horny.


Parker didn’t seem so big anymore. The car, unlike him, was getting small. Chernobyl used his free left hand to reach, with difficulty, the seat lever, and pulled it all the way back, giving him a little (yet not that much) room. Parker might have like this old car they used to own in college. It made them feel every inch of their superior size to anyone else, but Chernobyl was getting a bit tired of the clustered feeling inside this small vehicle. If his lean six-foot-seven lover could barely squeeze himself inside this car, how could he imagine him, Chernobyl Moore, a four-hundred-pound ex-jock six-foot-eight lawyer would fit?


Enough. As much as Chernobyl enjoyed the teasing from his buddy, he was now too horny to let it continue. The smoke done, he threw it on the ground dismissively and turned toward his lover, his boy. A lust of lust and fear filled Parker’s eyes as Chernobyl looked slightly down at him. Had they not been in this ill-fitting car, Chernobyl would have leaped at him and fucked him good. Instead, he grasped Parker’s thick head of hair and pulled him into a lewd French kiss.

Their earthy mouth scents and saliva mixed together, the smoke taste still lingering. The more they kissed, the more desperate Chernobyl grew. He pushed Parker’s face away and then forced it between his legs, where his fat eleven incher throbbed angry and purple. Parker had such a big mouth, always ending up talking, sometimes boring Chernobyl to no end, but there was a good outcome to it: he was taking him without complaining.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it, little cocksucker. Suck on daddy’s dick.” He spoke in between grunts.

Surely, Parker muttered something, as he felt a vibration on his penis, but he wouldn’t let the boy speak. Not before he got his own orgasm. The little bitch already had its own, without waiting for him.

The car rocked back and forth as Chernobyl started gyrating his hips, filling his boy’s throat with his thick erection. Erection that would have stretched his fine muscled ass, if they had not been that cramped in this fucking tiny car. Next time, they would take the pickup.

“Here it comes, boy! Hope … you’re … ready for a big one!” Chernobyl boomed as he emptied his new large balls inside Parker’s restless mouth.

Some cum slipped past his lips and dropped on the floor, but Chernobyl couldn’t care less. As he left his throbbing erection to die out a little, onto which Parker still nursed pliantly, he couldn’t get over that something … felt off. As Parker withdrew himself from his crotch, Chernobyl couldn’t help but feel conflicted upon watching his… (Friend? Lover? Boy?) buddy covered in a carpet of man hair, his head almost brushing the car rooftop. The shorts he attempted on pulling up couldn’t conceal the still half-hard python (had he just cummed again?), neither they did reach the knees anymore.

Even himself, Chernobyl, was half naked, his suit practically ripped opened and torn to pieces. The thoughts of his former reality conflicted with the thoughts of an imaginary one brought to fit the transformation they underwent. Parker himself, for once, didn’t say a word. Both men stayed seated for a few minutes, absorbing slowly the course of the events.

“Let’s head home.” Chernobyl finally muttered.

“Okay. My place or yours?”

“Does it even matter?”

Parker stayed silent. Chernobyl gave a quick glance at the metal box which contained the fags, lying on the floor between both their seats. If only one of the smokes had changed them that much, what would happen if they smoke another one? Or perhaps the whole box? Parker shook his head negatively and Chernobyl understood. Silently, he ignited the engine and soon went back to the road. None of them said a word during the drive.

Apparently, driving with gigantic naked feet proved to be harder than Chernobyl anticipated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chernobyl looked through the wall-sized window of his office. As odd as it felt at first, no one seemed to have noticed nor his changes, nor Parker’s. That didn’t prevent them to buy a new wardrobe. Several months had passed since then. As much as Chernobyl had tried hooking with girls again, which he didn’t even have to try, he couldn’t get hard with them anymore and their hookup nights ended sourly. Parker experienced similar scenarios and whenever they met up, either for a regular smoke or a chilling evening, the two would end up fucking.

While Chernobyl had found himself to be more of a top, he grew to enjoy bottoming here and then for Parker, although he stayed dominant in both roles. After a few weeks, the two friends decided to move in together. Some nights, they two of them would keep fucking, alternating who’s topping and who’s bottoming until the early hours of the morning. Often, the rutting sessions would start off while watching pornography on the TV, starting off with straight clips until one of them would get frustrated not from hardening up and thus would change it to gay ones.

It was him who did the first move. One morning, before leaving for work, Parker was tying up his large size 17 boots when Chernobyl, eating breakfast, told him: “I think I love you, Parker.” They didn’t talk about it for the rest of the day. That night, Parker told him he had tried contacting the friend who gave him the fags, but he had seemingly disappeared. Chernobyl spent part of the night comforting his crying buddy, who kept saying he wanted to return to whom he was before. They didn’t have sex that night, but in the morning Chernobyl woke up to Parker drilling his gigantic ass with his foot long club.

Chernobyl brought a hand to his crotch, thinking back to the event, moving away from the window as he began groping himself. He remembered that, from then on, Parker and him started developing not only a fuck buddy affair, but a more sophisticated form of relationship. They would go out to a restaurant together, head to the theatre, go back to their place by the woods to chill … commence a loving relationship, after all.

A ringing from the phone on his desk took Chernobyl off his thoughts. After working a few weeks at the firm, they had upgraded his position, giving him his own office. Perhaps his new impressive, strong stature gave him a boost for that.

“Yes?” Chernobyl asked. Even his voice had changed. A touch deeper, what stood out was his powerful affirmation, although sometimes he found himself to get a tad too loud. Especially when he was drunk. Even more when fucking.

“Mr. Moore, Mr. Patterson is here to see you.”

“Send him to me.”

Chernobyl laid back on his office chair, the most robust he could get. Just thinking about his boy coming to see him for the lunch break was enough to give him a semi, even though he had fucked him that morning. A few minutes later, a knock alerted him. After speaking a loud “come in” the opaque glass door opened and Parker entered. The wilderness of Parker’s jungle-like beard gave the lawyer a spontaneous erection, which he did not bother to hide. With the thick bulge threatening the rip through his pants on full display, Chernobyl gestured him to close the door behind. A grin crossed his lips, knowing full well the show had an immediate effect on his lover.

“So … what is the reason of your presence, Mr. Patterson?” Chernobyl teased, groping his boner through his pants. Already, the outline of Parker’s hardening monster grew clearer and clearer with each step closer to the desk.

“Do you know what day it is, Mr. Moore?”

That smug smirk of his… Chernobyl would slam him against the wall, trap him with his big belly and kiss him to death. Obviously, he didn’t do it. Not that he didn’t bear the desire to. Parker would probably not even mind. Heck, he’d probably fight a little just to entice him to be rougher. Chernobyl sighed at the thought. God, he loved masculinity. Any doubt he had about returning to his old life died whenever he met up with Parker. There was just something about him that urged him to go on, to take care of him, to love him. And it was mutual.

“Yeah. I know.”

Chernobyl eased himself out of his chair and stood up, accidentally knocking the desk with his knees as he did so. Watching the world from this six-foot-eight point of view was rubbing off on him: while it bothered him at first, he was growing to like it. Everything was small or too small for him. Some of his tall colleagues complained about their height, but him, not anymore. Perhaps the fags they’ve smoked, exactly a year ago, have also twisted his own perception? He didn’t mind. Not anymore, at least.

“Good. Can you cancel your afternoon?”

The question struck Chernobyl, destabilized for a moment. With a frown, he Parker the fisheye, waiting for an explanation as to why he would get off. As much as he loved his boy, he wasn’t the type to stop work for an escapade. However, his demeanour changed suddenly when he saw Parker pull out a small metallic box from the inside pocket of his jacket. Without further word, the lawyer reached for the phone on his desk and called the reception.

“Elise? Could you move my afternoon clients to later this week, please? I sadly have to leave right now.”


“Thank you, Elise.”

Already, Parker had pulled out two of the changeful fags from the box. He put one to his lips and placed one between Chernobyl’s lips. The playfulness of his lover elicited a chuckle from him, but when Parker pulled out his lighter, the lawyer refrained him in his actions.

“Let’s get out of here first, Park.”

For once, Chernobyl found his lover to stay upright without moving, stopping him in his steps. He was about to remove the fag from his mouth when Park stopped him again, heading to light his smoke.

“Parker, what are you doing?” Chernobyl asked, self-conscious about smoking in his office, already thinking of the potential consequences of these magical cigars. “What if…? Not here!”

“Aww … c’mon, Cherno. You’re pretty high on the ladder here. Nobody’s gonna mess up with you.” With that said, Chernobyl watched Parker light his own fag before he gave a teasing poke into his big belly. “You’d better remove that big old suit, big guy.”

Chernobyl could already feel the smoke filling his lungs. God, has it been really a whole year already? He closed his eyes, basking in ecstasy. That blissful feeling was so distant, but the foggy memories from that fateful night surged on his mind as if it were only yesterday. Chernobyl opened his eyes and noticed Parker had removed the fat cigarette from his mouth to blow a cloud of smoke on his face. A fog Chernobyl greedily took in with a deep drag.

“Don’t you want to remove your suit, Cherno?” Parker asked, putting the fag to his lips, then rubbing the sides of the belly filling the already filled white dress shirt.

“Want me to … or would you rather watch me outgrow it?”

Chernobyl was a little startled, his voice had already dropped a little in pitch, sounding like a pile of rubble. Before his eyes, Parker seemed to inch down slightly, but Cherno knew he was not shrinking at all. He was growing. Again. His tightening size 19s dress shoes testified that. God, this was starting faster than last year. What Parker’s friend had put in these surely was acting differently with each fag. If the one he had a year ago had made him that big and uplifted his personality, to the point of climbing the ladder in the firm quickly, what would another do? Or two? Heck, he might become the new giant CEO of the company!

Parker’s eyes widened in lust. Chernobyl knew he liked what he saw. The smokes … they created some kind of addiction. Waking a need in him for more, a longing desire to smoke and grow. Was this what the power felt like? He liked the feeling of changing and so did Parker. Chernobyl grinned and took another deep, deep, drag.


A button broke from his white shirt. The shoulders of his dark jacket were getting tight. Parker didn’t seem to change much at first, although the hair on his head might have grown longer. The beard, which reached his chest, stretched further down. Maybe he looked buffer? He certainly wasn’t getting taller, at least for now.

Without any word, Parker reached up and pulled on Chernobyl’s tie, forcing him to bend down and share a sloppy kiss. The more asserting actions from Parker destabilized Chernobyl momentarily, who was turned on nonetheless. After the slobbery kiss, Parker let go of Chernobyl’s tie and the lawyer stretched back to his full height, looking further down at his boy than ever. He had to be seven feet tall by now … and the more he gazed at his tall lover, the shorter he ironically looked.

Parker broke their lust induced stare and walked away with a grin plastered on his face. Chernobyl’s eyes followed him like a predator watches his prey. Parker threw him a confident smirk before bending over his desk seductively. That was all Chernobyl needed to continue. He pulled on his tie to loosen it up a little and unfastened his belt. After finally hauling his wrist thick ass destroyer out, he tore opened Parker’s jeans and aimed the tip for the welcoming hole.

Parker startled and moaned at the tearing sound, but Chernobyl pressed his hand against his back, already feeling the hair and muscle filling and growing under the bottom’s jacket.

“You’re gonna have to get bigger if you want to keep taking daddy’s dick, boy.”

“Oh! I will … you’re just … so big…”

“That’s right, boy. Just breathe in.”

The instant Chernobyl gave into his first thrust, the desk under the two rutting men creaked loudly. Parker breathed in, fag clasped tight between his lips, hands holding against the complaining wood. Chernobyl witnessed the expansion of Parker’s back, then heard the first tearing sounds. The thrusts accelerated. They smoked. They grew. Chernobyl’s shoes exploded off his feet.

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