Bubble - Gay For Pay?

By mw-scot - mwscot@gmail.com
published January 23, 2016

A straight guy does gay for pay, but a devious photographer has other plans

Gay for Pay

A couple months back in the student bar, I’d seen an advert for male models, and being as hot as I am, with my strawberry blonde hair, deep blue eyes, chiselled looks, and 6’2" tanned atheltic body with only a light dusting of hair, I thought why not. The fact I was also a penniless student and the idea of some spending money may of swayed my decision somewhat.

So I called the number, and a few days later I was being interviewed at a flash office block in the city, by a photographer called Bill. Bill was about mid-thirties, and looked as though he kept himself fit. I couldn’t initially tell if he was eyeing me up because that’s what he was being paid to do, or because he was gay, however I quickly learnt the ad was for models for an ‘adult’ website. So, his eyeing up was probably a mix of both…

Initially I was hesitant about the prospect of my nudes being on some website for their members to drool over, but Bill was very reassuring about how hot I looked, and how much they were willing to pay. So before I could refuse, I had a bundle of cash in my wallet, and Bill was taking countless shots of me stripping from my T-shirt and jeans. I’m sure he was getting aroused during the shoot, but he remained truly professional and never done anything inappropriate. I didn’t want to admit it, but I actually enjoyed the whole experience.

A week later, I got a call of Bill, saying how popular my photos had been on the website, and wondering if I’d be interested in doing some filming. He offered what seemed like an obscene amount of money to a student like me, in return for me jacking of on camera. Given how much I enjoyed the previous visit, and not ignoring the large sum of money promised, I agreed.

The next day I was back in the same studio, being handed some tight jeans, bright blue boxer briefs, and a slightly tight T-shirt with the website name on it. Bill also handed me a tablet loaded with a vast selection of porn to choose from to ‘help’ me along. I picked a photo set of a hot looking brunette, wearing very little. I’ve never really got of to full on porn, or full nudes, as I like to leave a little something to the imagination, and this brunette just seemed to tick all the boxes for me.

Following Bill’s instructions, I settled back onto the sofa, and after answering a few questions, he let me get to work. I started by rubbing my cock through the jeans, to get a nice distinct bulge showing, and given I’m 8” hard, it was a very distinct bulge. I eased the t-shirt up enough to reveal my six pack, before undoing the jeans, and pulling my hard cock out. I never bothered pulling the jeans or boxers down all the way down, I just proceeded to jack of and blow my load over my abs and the t-shirt. After a quick shower, I put my own clothes back on, and headed home with an even bigger wedge of cash.

It took a couple of weeks before I got another call from Bill. After saying how well the video had gone down, he was wondering if I would be up for more filming, however he wanted me to receive a blow job from a guy. The thought of doing something ‘gay’ freaked me out, but Bill had this way of putting my mind at rest, and reassured me plenty gay porn stars were actually straight and only doing it for the money, which again, was a quite substantial amount. He promised I could end the shoot at any time, and I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to. I said I’d think about it.

I still had money left over from the previous shoots, so it wasn’t as though I had any real need for more money, but it would mean I could afford to head of travel for the summer. Sex with a guy was something I’d never tried, and although the idea didn’t completely repulse me, it certainly done nothing to arouse me.

The following evening, after having had a couple post lecture drinks in the bar, Bill phoned me. I’m blaming the drink, but I agreed, as I knew the money would mean I could have a brilliant summer travelling.

I turned up at the studio a couple days later as agreed, where Bill introduced me to Davie. During the discussion I had left it up to Bill to select my ‘partner’ and I’d expected him to pick a reasonably masculine guy, but I couldn’t use masculine to describe Davie. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he effeminate, however he was only about 5’10”, and had the biggest bubble butt I’d ever seen on a guy. It just seemed all out of proportion, but he did look reasonably good for a guy.

Once again, Bill had laid out some clothes. This time just another T-shirt with the website name on it, and some black boxer briefs. The setting for the video had me waking up in bed with some morning glory, and Davie walking in and helping me out. Getting changed in front of Bill didn’t bother me, but for some reason Davie was creeping me out.

I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but he was transfixed on my cock. I could practically see him drooling, and he kept feeling that big butt of his. I’d come across a few girls who I’d class as sluts, who would do pretty much anything to get cock, but Davie just seemed to take it to a whole new level. I just put it down to some kind of gay thing.

I eventually settled into the bed, ready for the filming to begin. Pretending to wake, I started to stroke myself under the covers with one hand, before sitting up against the headboard and picking up my mobile to find some porn. I had already loaded a few seductive pics of some hot looking women, which I started to browse. Pulling back the covers, I worked my now near hard cock out from the boxers and started to stroke it. On cue, Davie walked in, wearing only a pair of very revealing bright pink briefs.

“This isn’t the room I was looking for” Davie said unconvincingly, as I rushed to cover myself with the bed covers and acted flustered. “Err it isn’t” I stammered in response. “But it does look like you could do with a hand” Davie said approaching the bed. “I’m straight” I protested as Davie pulled the covers back to reveal my hard cock. “Doesn’t matter to me” I felt his hand wrap around my cock “mmmm” I moaned as he started to stroke my cock. “looks like you won’t mind me taking a closer look” Davie said seductively as he got on his hands and knees on the bed. “I’ve never done anything with a guy before” I said, as per the script. “Just relax and enjoy then” he said before engulfing my cock. “mmmm” I moaned involuntarily, as his obviously talented mouth got to work.

As he sucked my cock, I noticed him slipping a hand down the back of his briefs towards his hole, and I felt him moan around my cock at the same time. I gasped at the feeling, but also became aware of a sweet strawberry like aroma. It looked like Davie was now fingering himself, and the aroma was getting stronger. For some reason I reached down and pulled Davie’s briefs down to expose his butt, at which point I was hit by an even stronger wave of aroma. It was as if the smell was coming from his hole, and I had to get a closer look. As though Davie had read my mind, he moved around so his globe sized butt cheeks were lined up in full view, with his hole glistening at me. The smell was wonderful and I sunk my face in between his cheeks and started lapping at his hole.

“Lick my hole” I became aware of Davie saying, not having realised he had stopped sucking my cock, “dig your tongue right in there” I couldn’t help myself, his hole tasted so good. “I want your cock in my hole” Davie now pleaded. I never agreed to this, but the idea just seemed so hot. “Your hole needs cock” I said managing to pull myself away from the delicious hole. Before I knew what was happening, Davie had straddled my cock, and I was already balls deep with those beautiful globes resting against my body. His hole felt amazing wrapped around my rock hard cock, and as he started to ride up and down, I started to meet his movements in an animalistic like frenzy. After what seemed like an age, I felt the pressure in my balls build, “I’m going to fill your hole” “Fill me with your seed” Davie begged. “Here it comes” I said as I felt my seed fill his hole. “Yeah, yeah, uugghhhh” Davie moaned as he convulsed and shot his own load. After a brief moment Davie lifted up of my cock, and before I could regain any form of composure, he was sucking the remains of my cock, and his butt, along with that aroma was back in my face. Without thinking I started to like his hole clean.

“And that’s a wrap, boys” I heard Bill shout. “What just happened?” I said in a state of disbelief. “Looks like you boys got caught up in the heat of the moment” Bill replied with a slight grin on his face. “I never agreed to any fucking!” I argued. “Given how hot that was, how about double the agreed fee?” Bill quickly counteracted. “I’m not sure” I really couldn’t refuse that amount of money, but did I want everybody see me lick out a guy? I mean fair enough if I’d only fucked him, but I’d buried my tongue deep in his hole. “How about I edit out you eating out Davie’s hole?” “Err” “And you still get your double fee?” “You can fuck me again if it’ll sweeten the deal” Davie added with a wink. “I don’t fuck guys!” I faintly protested, but felt myself getting aroused at the thought. “I won’t film, and you guys can have the room for as long as you want” “Go on then!” I said as I started to stroke my cock and moved towards Davie.

After spending the next hour eating out Davie’s sweet hole, and fucking him in many positions, I eventually showered and prepared to leave. Bill was true to his word, and beside my clothes was a envelope swollen with cash, along with an extra t-shirt and a note “Thought you might like a t-shirt as a souvenir”. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the t-shirts I’d been given to wear on shoots, but it had the website name on it, bubblebois.com. I certainly wouldn’t be wearing it in public, but I’d have to check out the website when I got home.

Once I got home, I typed the website into my phone. As expected, it was a gay porn website, and they’d just uploaded their latest video, Ash takes Davie. I realised I’d never actually asked what name Bill had been using for me. Going by the preview video, Bill had kept his word and there was no sign of me licking out Davie’s butt. I happened to scroll down and noticed some comments below the video.

“Davie is so hot now he’s a BubbleBoi!” “You’d never think he was ‘straight’ in his previous vids” “I wonder if Ash will ever get Bubbled?” What are they on about I wondered. I followed the link to Davie’s profile page. It had some photos of him along with a list of his previous videos. The videos started with a couple of him jacking off, then there was some super subscriber only bonus only video called ‘Davie gets bubbled’, before various videos of Davie being fucked by lots of men. Out of curiosity I clicked the link for the super subscription, and then wondered who would be willing to pay that much for a porn site subscription. No wonder Bill could afford to pay me so much, if people were paying that much to see the videos. The annual cost was almost as much as he’d paid me for my original shoot. Clicking back, I happened to notice Davie’s butt didn’t look as big in his earlier videos. It was maybe just the camera angle or maybe the clothing choice, but it certainly didn’t look as big as those globes I’d more than willingly buried my face in earlier. The thought of which was getting me hard again. I’d have to ask Bill if I seen him again.

It was a couple weeks later before I heard from Bill again. He was telling me how popular my last video had been, and was wondering if I was interested in filming another fuck video, but live this time. He was offering even more money than last time, as apparently I’d been that popular. Being a bit wiser, I asked for a reassurance that if it was live, it would be simply me fucking some guy. I wasn’t wanting a repeat of last time. Bill reassured me that if anything happened I didn’t want, he’d happily stop the show and make sure any recordings were deleted. Given the money involved, it would let me hire a good apartment for the rest of my university course, so I would be foolish not to do it. The day before the agreed time, I curiously looked at the website, as I was interested to see how the live show was being promoted. On the front page, was a picture of me, with a big countdown timer showing 20hr15min19sec until Ash get’s bubbled. Super Subscribe now to see the show. In the haze of Bill getting me to agree to the show, I’d forgotten to ask what this Bubble thing was all about, and I’d foolishly never saved his number. I’ll have to ask him tomorrow before the show starts.

I arrived at Bill’s office, and was greeted by some big guy, who introduced himself as Tristan. He must have been around 6’4” and was a mass of pure muscle. He was wearing a pair of joggers which had an obvious bulge in them, along with a skin tight wife-beater which hugged his huge pecs and perfect eight pack. I assumed he must be here for some kind of support, as I’d very much doubt I’d be fucking him. As I walked into the studio, Bill was busy on the phone, but Tristan introduced me to another model, Tyler. Although not as tall as Tristan, he was dressed in similar clothing and also had a very noticeable bulge. I began to wonder exactly what kind of video I had agreed to, so when Bill finally finished his call, I asked if I could have a word in private. “No Problem, let’s pop into my office” He said in his reassuring voice. “What exactly are these Bubble vids?” “Guess you’ve been looking at the website?” “Yeah” “Just a marketing thing. It’s what makes our site so successful” Bill replied, looking slightly unnerved in a way I hadn’t seen him act before. “I thought I was coming here to fuck some gay guy, not some mountain of muscle?” “Don’t worry, they’re good models, and they’ll take good care of you” was the reply obviously trying to placate me “I’m not doing a show with them!” I protested “You’re getting a bit carried away” Bill looked a bit stressed, “just because they’re big guys, doesn’t mean the don’t like cock. Not all bottoms are stereotypical gay guys like Davie was” “You sure?” “Yeah, now why don’t you have a drink before we get started?” Bill offered, removing a sealed strawberry smoothie bottle from a person fridge behind his desk. “OK then” I said picking up the smoothie. “Your clothes are ready on set” Bill said as he picked up a camera, “we’re using the bed set down the end” “Cool” I said before taking a mouthful of the smoothie. “If you don’t mind, I’ll start the filming now, just to get the audience a sneak peak as you get ready”

Bill followed me down the through the studio, shouting to Tristan and Tyler to get ready as we passed them. As I headed on set, there was a pale blue t-shirt that looked two sizes too small, along with a pair of briefs that looked slightly big in a similar shade. “Tristan must of laid out the wrong stuff” Bill mentioned before I could even speak. “I’m glad of that, they’re not really my style” I added. “How about you try them on for size, and we’ll get some teasers while Tristan goes and gets something more suitable?” “I guess so” I conceded, as I downed the last of the smoothie, and stripped off. “I’ll go grab something else” Tristan winked at Bill as he left, leaving Tyler stood watching. I kicked of my jeans and boxers, and pulled the briefs on. They did feel a big baggy, even by straight standards. I then pulled my t-shirt of, before squeezing into the supplied BubbleBoi t-shirt. And I really did have to squeeze into it! When I finally did get it on, it was more like a tube top, and made me look and feel like a stereotypical fag. “Check out the hot gay boy” Tyler commented, making me blush, but then I was distracted by a strange rumbling. “Still wondering what Bubble is?” Bill asked from behind the camera. “Yeah?” I replied as I felt the rumbling from within increase. “It’s what was in that smoothie” “You spiked my drink?” I started to panic “You agreed to do a bubble video” “What does it do?”, I noticed the briefs were starting to feel tighter. “What would you say if I told you Davie was a perfect straight student before he was bubbled, and all he wants now is to have that big bubble butt of his stuffed with cock?” “No!” I started to cry. “Don’t worry, I told you Tyler and Tristan would take good care of you” Bill said with a grin on his face “I don’t want to be some dumb gay boy” “You will soon enough” Bill grinned, “but if you still want the fucking edited out after, the offer is still there” “Off course I do!” I screamed. “I’ll ask you again once we’re finished” Bill calmly replied. “Think he wants to see my cock yet?” Tyler impatiently asked while groping his increasing bulge through his joggers. I reached down and felt my ass. A shiver of pleasure ran through me at the feeling. They were getting bigger. I didn’t want this. How could I of let this happen to me. I felt more tears roll down my face. “Why don’t you find out?” I heard Bill say, as Tyler moved towards me. “I don’t want cock” I muttered unconvincingly. “I think you’re lying” Tyler said as he pushed me backwards onto the bed. It felt strange lying on my back with my freshly inflated butt. I’m sure I could still feel it growing. “No” I feebly murmured, as Tyler straddled me on his knees, moving towards my head while rubbing the bulge in his joggers. “If that’s the case, you won’t be wanting a closer look at my battered up cock?” he said while pulling his joggers down far enough to reveal a 10” monster. Deep down I knew something was wrong, but all I could do was open my mouth and wrap it around the cock in front of me. I could feel my desire for cock increasing. “Looks like the bubble is working nicely” Tyler taunted me, as I worked on his delicious cock. “I missed the start” I heard Tristan say disappointedly as he walked back in to the room. I then heard Bill and Tristan whispering, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying due to Tyler taunting me and telling me how good I was at sucking his cock. I felt my legs being pulled apart, followed by hands starting to caress my butt cheeks through the now tightly stretched briefs. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, at the shivers of pleasure I was feeling. “Looks like the bubble is working” I heard Tyler say in amongst the taunting. “So he won’t mind if I do this?” Tristan said as he pulled my briefs down. The sudden feeling of my hole being exposed sent a wave of pleasure up my body, and all I could do was moan around Tyler’s cock. “I don’t think he did” Tyler replied. “What about this?” I felt Tristan’s face between my butt cheeks, followed by his tongue working my hole. “Oh gawd” I mumbled around the cock in my mouth. “He liked that” Tyler panted. “What about this?” I felt something press against my hole, which quickly gave way. “GGGAAAWWWWDDDD” I moaned, which must of been too much for Tyler as I felt his cock swell and shoot his load into my mouth. Something told me something was wrong, but the taste of cum was nice, and I squirmed at the pleasure of my hole being fingered. “He’s got a skilled mouth” Tyler commented as he finally removed his cock from my mouth, and rolled over onto the bed. “He’s got a hot hole as well” Tristan said as he continued to finger my hole. All I could do was lay there and moan at the feelings coming from the fingering, and began to wonder how a cock would feel. “Fuck my ass” I moaned, looking down past my semi-erect cock, to see Tristan between my legs. “Thought you’d never ask” Tristan grinned back. He lifted my legs over his shoulders, and I felt his monster cock glide between my cheeks. “You feel big” “You’ll find out just how big shortly” as I felt his cock head locate and press against my hole. “Yeah” I moaned as I felt my hole give way. “I love bubble butts” I heard Tristan say as I felt his cock slide in and his balls rest against my butt. I was in pure ecstasy. I couldn’t belief how good Tristan’s cock felt buried in my butt. All I could do was moan. Tristan slowly started to pull out before pushing back in, which sent waves of pleasure through my body. “Fuck me harder” I moaned. “Sure thing bubble boi” he said as he increased his pace. The feelings just kept getting better. “Fuck me harder!” I shouted. The harder and faster he went, the better it got. “Lively!” as he went even faster. “HARDER!” I screamed. His cock felt so good, I just wanted it harder and faster. “HARDER!!” I was being absolutely pounded, and could see the sweat was running down Tristan with the effort he was putting into pounding my hole. “ARGHHH!” he screamed as I felt him start to convulse and shoot his load deep into my butt. The thought sent me over the edge, and I felt my balls tighten and shoot a load over my stomach and the nice tight BubbleBoi t-shirt I was still wearing. I wondered what my cum tasted like, as I quickly scooped it up of my stomach and into my mouth. “Need more” I said for some reason. That was good, but I wanted more cock.

“So do you still want the film destroyed after the live show,” Bill interrupted, “Or do you want Tyler there to fuck you with that big cock of his as well?” My mind felt foggy, and something told me I didn’t want this filmed, but I looked over to Tyler’s cock, and knew what I wanted there and then. “If you really want that cock, you’d better sign the contract” Bill replied, as Tyler handed me a bit paper and pen. I looked at the bit paper, it was full of what looked like legal mumbo-jumbo and it made my head hurt. I looked up at Tyler’s cock, then signed the bit paper. I wanted that cock in my butt, but maybe I’d start with giving it another suck….

After spending several more hours sucking and fucking on cam, Bill finally said it was a wrap. He said as payment I could keep the BubbleBoi t-shirt, as it would let others know how exclusive I was, and to have fun on the way home. And fun I did. Tyler and Tristan took me to some gay sex club, where I lost count of the number of cocks I sucked and had fuck me.

I’m not sure how I ended up back home, but when I woke the next morning, something felt wrong. There was a guy next to me in bed. I’d never slept with a guy before. I checked my phone, and I was repulsed at what I seen. It was full of photos of me sucking cocks and being fucked by several different men. I reached down to check my butt, and it was huge. But it felt good. Feeling my ass felt good. That can’t be right. But I couldn’t help myself. I was feeling aroused just from feeling my ass. My hand made it’s way to my hole, and I pushed a finger in. “Mmm” I moaned. What’s happened to me. That felt good. I need more of that I thought, but I’m straight? “Morning” the guy next to me said. “Who are you?” I asked, not sure what to do. “Looks like the Bubble has worn of” He replied. “Bubble?” I was confused. I’m sure I should know what it was, but he started caressing my butt. “Want another cock in your hole?” “I’m straight” I protested, but done nothing to stop his advances. “You might think you are” he moved my legs to give himself better access to my hole, “but I bet you can’t say no to having your hole filled?” “Fill my hole” I dreamily moaned. I knew something had changed, but I just couldn’t say no to having my bubble butt filled.

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