Ed’s first victim... from Jeffrey to Jeff

By Beardfull1
published July 31, 2019

Ed finally creates his first ideal sexual partner according to all his fetishes.

The new big bearded hairy hunk Ed had become headed out the door to create his first sexual ideal partner. He was a virgin at 20 and horny as hell. Ready to fulfill all his sexual hairy fantasies.

As he walked down the street, he could feel his flowing beard rubbing against his chest. He felt the sun in his hairy arms and loved fondling with his now hairy fingers the thick tufts of hair that flowed over the edge of his shirt.

He headed for the local bar. Every time he caught his reflection, his dick stirred. He was extremely aroused, showing off his hairy face and big strong hairy body.

As he reached the bar. He felt a bit self-conscious but all his doubts disappeared as the bouncer looked at him in awe and let him through with a malicious wink.

Ed scanned the place. This was a regular neighborhood bar. No gays much less bears in sight. This did not surprise him, that’s exactly what he expected. And that’s why he had his URSIFICATOR with him. Ed approached the bar and ordered a drink. As the bar tender, a middle aged guy with an OK moustache, served him his drink he muttered: “that’s a very cool beard you have my friend”. This remark caused Ed to almost cum in his pants. He was about to explode. Years and years of containing himself, of denying his true gay nature where about to explode. He only needed someone to share all his wildest sexual hairy fantasies with.

Sitting at the bar he carefully started scanning the place. A few regular looking young guys… but nothing special… he wanted his first one to be really special.

As he sat there… the doors opened and a group of loud guys entered the bar. Ed recognized them immediately. They were the ex-football jocks from his college days. The typical blond all American well-built handsome guys. Ed couldn’t stand them. They were superficial, loud and bullies. But he had to admit they were a good looking bunch. Amongst them stood out who used to be the QB. A tall and very handsome guy named Jeffrey who was as nasty as he was good looking. He always had felt superior to the rest of the school, constantly mistreating his girlfriends which lasted but a few weeks. Intolerant and rude… Jeffrey had always felt the world didn’t deserve him.

Ed immediately made up his mind… he was the perfect subject for the transformation… he would be his first victim…

Ed sat at the counter checking out Jeffrey. Ed had ordered a beer and was sipping through it not noticing that his huge moustache, that covered his whole mouth, was now covered in white foam and dripping. When he finished the drink one hand went straight to his extra thick beard and started stroking it and playing with it and his other hand went to his crotch and discreetly started to rub softly against his bursting cock, imagining what was about to happen.

Jeffrey was a tall dude for sure, very fit and trim. Dark blond long hair dropped down almost touching his shoulders. Square strong jaw and piercing blue eyes. The epitome of a beautiful WASP kid.

Ed was so turned on thinking about all the possibilities for transformation he had for this guy that he didn’t realize Jeffrey had taken notice on his intense staring. He turned around suddenly and yelled at him… “What are you looking at… you hairy faggot!!!”

Suddenly the fantasies in Ed´s head disappeared and realized everyone at the bar was looking at him. The group of jocks started laughing and making fun, calling him all kinds of names. He felt himself blushing under his massive beard and decided the time had come to act.

Pretending not to pay any attention to the group, he left the counter and picked a booth at the very rear of the bar. As he was moving there he heard Jeffrey yell at him: “at least wipe the foam off that disgusting mop under your frigging nose… you pig”. Ed realized he was dripping foam from his mega stache and whipped it off with his hairy arm. The laughs and insults continued pouring out of Jeffrey and company. Ed reached his booth… all flustered. Took a few deep breaths to calm down, placed the URSIFICATOR on the table and started working…

He pointed the scanner towards Jeffrey, who was not paying attention to him anymore and had moved with his gang to the pool table, taking along a few girls with them.

He scanned the jock and got all his stats on the device. Everything was as he expected, but he payed particular attention to some stats:

Head Hair: Dark Blond, Thickness: 6, Length 6 Body Hair: 3 (Shaven) Facial hair: 4 (Shaven) Sexual orientation: Heterosexual 90% Sexual preferences: Blond slim teenage girls Sexual drive 80%

Perfect… he thought to himself… let’s begin now…

He wanted to make the transformation slow to be able to enjoy the process… Furthermore, he wanted Jeffrey to be aware of what was happening to him, so he checked the box regarding that. And mostly he wanted privacy to enjoy the process. He did not want the transformation to happen in front of everyone (he would do that to another victim…) So how to get him all by himself? A though came to his mind and he set to work…

He changed Sexual Orientation to Homosexual 1000% He also changed Sexual preferences: Strong hairy big bearded men. Sexual Drive: 100% Time of transformation: 2 minutes.

Knowing he was about to enjoy what was coming he hit ENTER.

At first nothing happened. Jeffrey kept playing pool with his friends… Three girls dumbly giggling and hanging all around him. He was fondling one of the girls’ ass while his hand was probing inside her blouse. Suddenly, a strange look came to his eyes. He watched the girls in disgust and retrieved his hands. He pushed them away and basically told them to get lost. The girls didn’t pay much attention and immediately went to another welcoming jock. Jeffrey looked extremely confused. He remembered being the ladies man he had always been. Extremely attracted to pretty girls. But this instant he found them less attractive. Still he felt very horny… he would really like to have a good fuck right now. Suddenly, his attention drifted to his friends… but they were not his type. Wait a minute!!! He though… not my type!!! But I like girls! I’m not a fucking faggot!!! But he couldn’t help it. This instant he felt attracted to guys… I must have had too much to drink he comforted himself.

He started looking around the room but none of the guys had what he craved for… they were all a bunch of pre-pubescent teens, with girly hairless faces and bodies. He wanted a real man. His gaze reached the point where Jeff was sitting, watching him directly. As their gazes met, Ed smiled under his huge stache… Jeffrey couldn’t see his white teeth under the enormous bush of hairs under Jeff’s nose, but he could tell he was smiling by the spark on his eyes.

Jeff left his group without explanation, not that anyone cared… his buddies where to busy tending to the girls he had discarded. He reached Ed´s stool and just stood there… confused and extremely aroused at the same time. He knew he had been cruel to this incredibly sexy and hunky guy… but he just couldn’t take his eyes of him. His big erection was now apparent under his jeans.

Ed took the initiative… “Care to join me?” He asked in his new deep manly voice. “Don’t mind if I do”, was the only reply Jeffrey could answer. He sat down and as he did he started apologizing to Ed… “Listen man, I’m sorry about earlier… don’t know what got into me… I must have been jealous of the way you look my friend. Man! What an incredible beard you have there… and that stache of yours… is to die for!!!” As he said this, Ed´s hands immediately started stroking his bushy beard and curling his long extra bushy stache. Jeff watched in awe… he could hardly breathe… he felt warm all over… what was happening to him? He had never been attracted to guys… sure he could accept when a guy was good looking… but nothing beyond that. And surely not big hairy dudes!!! They were exactly the opposite of what he liked. (Thank god I’m not hairy, and what little hair I have does not belong in my body or face… he had always thought). And now, here he was, in front of this stranger… and he felt so aroused by the sheer masculinity he exuded. He could get lost in that dark beard…

As Ed continued teasing him with his beard and stache fondling, Jeffrey couldn’t contain himself any longer and asked… “Are you as hairy as you are bearded?” Ed couldn’t help but smile, he didn’t answer… he just opened a couple of buttons on his plaid shirt showing off his incredibly thick matt of dark hair covering his powerful pecs and well defined six pack. Jeffrey couldn’t hold it… he just had to touch that incredible growth. He reached out and started caressing the long dark hairs between his fingers… he went up to the beard and as he touched it, he came on his pants. That was a first for him… horny as he had always been, he had never cum before just by seeing and touching any girl.

Jeffrey started blushing and apologizing but Ed cut him short… it´s OK buddy… I have that effect on people.

Jeffrey said: “I have to go clean myself”. So Ed pointed him to the restroom at the back. Please don’t leave, Jeffrey begged, I’ll be right back… Oh… thought Ed… I have no plan of leaving… this is just getting started.

As Jeffrey made his way to the restroom, Ed pulled out the URSIFICATOR… it was time to get things really moving.

He went back to the stats on Edward and made quite a few changes… Then he found the specialized option he was looking for and pressed it…

He headed for the restroom, as he walked there he could feel a couple of changes he had made for himself… his already big and thick cock was gaining a couple more inches, both in length and thickness, and his big hairy balls where growing as well, filling up on his testosterone rich man juice he would soon need. He pushed the restroom door knowing he was about to have the most explosive sexual experience of his life…

As Ed entered the restroom, he pulled off his shirt and locked the door. No one was there but Jeffrey, who had stripped down his pants and was cleaning himself. As he turned around and saw Ed´s naked torso in all its hairy glory… with his extra bushy long beard grazing at his nipples Jeffrey´s cock sprung to attention… again!

Like what you see right?

Oh man! I don’t know what’s happening to me whined Jeffrey… I’m not gay… never been… someone must have drugged me or something… I like girls… I like pussy… I’m a man! No boy! This is what a real man looks like, replied strongly Ed, and grabbed Jeff´s face, pulling him into a strong hairy kiss. Jeff was surprised at first, but as he felt the soft thick long bristles of Jeff’s beard against his face… as he felt the long thick stache hairs tickle his nose and as he parted that extra thick curtain of hair with his tongue to find Ed´s welcoming mouth, all his resolve disappeared. He was lost… doomed forever!

He kept deep kissing Ed, feeling the hairy god push his face down. Jeffrey started licking and chewing Jeff’s bushy beard. He rubbed his face in it… going down and down. From his beard to his hairy chest… not knowing where the beard ended and the long chest hairs started. He kept licking… Ed’s hairy nipples, then his hairy strong abdomen… down the lush treasure trail… and there… amongst the thickest darkest forest of pubes he felt Ed’s manhood in all its glory… thick, hard, throbbing… awaiting for him.

Stop!!! A voice in the back of his head yelled! You are not a fucking cocksucker!!! If anything this guy should be sucking you! You are not a sissy girl… you were the quarterback, for Christ sake!!!

But he couldn’t help himself… he opened his mouth and let Jeff’s huge cock into his wet welcoming mouth.

He had never given head to another guy of course… that had always disgusted him… but now… feeling this guy’s hard dick in his mouth made him hornier than he ever imagined he could be. Little did he know that Jeff had turned him with the URSIFICATOR into a cock sucking fan.

Ed, on the other hand, was not aroused at first by this hairless pretty boy… but thinking what was about to come made him hard and ready for this cocksucker. Of course he had never had someone suck him… much less a hot young hunk. So he became more and more aroused by the experience but mostly by the sense of power and control he now had over this arrogant guy.

Jeffrey sucked hard on Ed’s cock… feeling his huge hairy balls against his face… lost in dark curly hair…

And the he felt it… with a loud roar Ed came inside Jeffrey´s mouth. This was new to the cock sucker… he was extremely disgusted at first, wanting to stop and spit the thick cum in his mouth. But something prevented him from doing so. Instead he swallowed the huge load Ed had sprang on him… and loved it!

As he did so he felt strange. He parted from Ed and stood up grasping for air. Something was not right… he could fill the cum he had just swallowed entering his system. He looked alarmed at Ed but he was just smiling… caressing softly his sticky manhood which never went soft, even after the hard cum.

What’s happening to me? Asked Jeffrey alarmed. Oh don’t worry… replied Ed… just a few minor adjustments I planned for you… Minor adjustments… what do you mean… you crazy faggot!!!! That’s all he could mutter. He was in excruciating pain… all his bones and muscles ached. It was so intense, he passed out. After a few minutes Jeff came to, confused. What happened? He asked Ed who was standing towering over him. As I told you… he calmly replied… just a few adjustments triggered by my thick man juice. Come… take a look…

Jeffrey stood up shakily and approached the mirror… something inside him told him not to look… he was terrified. As he stood there, he could not believe his eyes… There, staring back from the mirror was a stocky average size guy, strong and muscled, but more of a fireplug type. Very strong arms and legs (as he looked down), firm big pecs, nice abs… but still shorter and much bulkier than he had been. But that was not what startled him most! His beautiful blond hair was gone. While he was unconscious and Ed watched in delight Jeffrey’s golden hair had quickly receded into his skull, darkening as it did into a nice rich black color. As it disappeared into his head, it left him completely bald, with a thick 5 o’clock shadow. Not a shiny smooth scalp mind you, but a shaven one.

Jeffrey ran a hand through his prickly scalp. He couldn’t believe it… His good looks… gone forever. He stepped closer and through his tears he could see his face had changed as well. He looked older, more wrinkles on his face than before… his nose was wider, his lips fuller. His face rounder and less angular much more rugged… and much more masculine he surprised himself thinking. And his eyes!!!! They were no longer blue! The where now a deep rich brown. He did not look like himself at all!!!!

What have you done to me!!!! He screamed at Ed… look at me… I must be 30 years old!!! I’m a freak!!! 38 to be exact replied Ed. And may I tell you… you look spectacular!!! You are mocking me!!! Change me back… change me back! Jeffrey yelled desperately. That won’t happen my friend. We have only just begun with your new you. Nooooo… but I don’t want any more transformations!!! Are you sure about that? Ed asked in an intriguing tone? What do you mean?snapped Jeffrey. Well look at you… take a good look… something is missing don’t you think?

And for the first time Jeffrey realized he was completely hairless… not only on his scalp but all over his body. No hair at all. And he hated this!!!! This new strange body of his was screaming for some serious hair… not this smooth youthful skin. As he watched himself he suddenly realized he wanted to be hairy as his master. (Master!… where did that come from?) What was happening to him… hairy… him… yuck…or not so much… well… maybe just enough to look manlier…

As this thoughts entered his mind, he began to feel aroused again. He watched in awe as his cock grew in size… but that couldn’t be his cock… what he saw and then felt was nothing like it was before. Now it was shorter but much much wider. Like a log!!!

Come here boy… it’s time for your second dosage of man juice to complete your transformation.

Jeffrey couldn’t resist the calling of his new master. He was ready to come down on him again when his master’s powerful voice commanded him. Turn over and bend boy… NOW!!!

Ho no… though Jeffrey… now I’m gonna get fucked, like I fucked so many of my girls!

Face the mirror boy… I want you looking at your new changes as I fuck you hard. And with that, Ed rammed his huge hard cock into Jeffrey´s virgin hole. GOOOOOD Jeff yelled. Ed was thrusting hard… pushing his extreme tool deeper and deeper into Jeffrey´s ass. STOOOOOP!!! STOOOOP!!! He yelled, but the more he screamed Ed became more and more aroused. Look at us… he ordered… and Jeffrey looked into the mirror… and saw his new self being fucked hard by the sexy hairy beast. As he was fucking Jeffrey… Ed could feel his beard grow longer, gaining mass as well, as he had programmed on the URSIFICATOR, until it reached Jeffrey´s back and started brushing against it with every movement. He now sported an immense belt grazer beard… and felt amazing!!! Jeffrey saw this radical growth on his master and feeling the soft brush of the thick beard on his back made his reluctant mind snap… DON’T STOP MASTER… DON’T STOP… MAKE ME LIKE YOU!!! FEED ME YOUR MAN JUICES… I NEED HAIR… ALL OVER ME… I WANT TO BE HAIRY… I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!

At that moment, Ed came hard inside Jeffrey… and while he was cuming… his juices began to work.

First Jeffrey noticed between the contractions of sheer pleasure, how his face became darker and darker… it was the fantastic shadow of an extra thick beard. But the beard did not grow long, it remained as extremely thick stubble, so high on his cheeks that almost reached his eyes. The beard started to migrate to his neck… down and down until it became chest hair… longer than the stubble beard. This chest hair expanded rapidly… consuming his shoulders and then his back… OH NO… not back hair… thought Jeff with his last unchanged thoughts…. YES… back hair… and shoulder hair… and ass hair… replied a new rich deeper voice that was now his! No hair is too much hair… I want it all!!!

As if by his command, the body hair continued to invade his body. Thick in his abdomen, incredibly hairy legs and arms that connected to his shoulder hair. Jeffrey was all covered in hair. And as the final accent, he saw with sheer pleasure as his mustache hairs started to grow longer and longer… not only above his thick upper lip completly covering his mouth but wide at the sides of his mouth and well into the neck. As his stache grew bigger and bigger, forming the most spectacular biker stache both he and Ed had ever seen, his new personality took over.

He was Jeffrey the QB jock no more… Now he was Jeff, a 38 cock sucking bottom rough biker. Jeff stood up, admiring his extra hairy body, his bald head which would remain bald forever an lovingly stroking his most valued treasure… his immense black hanging biker stache… the envy of every man he was sure. He remembered clearly his old self as Jeffrey… but was ecstatic about his transformation and ever grateful to his master Ed. Now he couldn´t understand how for all his previous life he had rather been a hairless girly jock than this masculine hairy beast he had become, how he had rather had stinky pussy than big thick throbbing cock of fellow masculine men. He had been so mistaken… so wrong… but now everything was right… his master had corrected the mistakes… and he would be forever in his debt.

As all this went through Jeff´s mind, Ed stood there, smiling under his also huge bushy stache, caressing his hairy chest and admiring his new masterpiece. The experience had surpassed his wildest fantasies… but he was ready for more… he needed more…

Not bad for a first try he though… now… let’s see…. Who is next….

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