Plus 3 - a homage

By Lusty Stallion
published July 31, 2019

Fat Matthew finds a genie who promises to improve his life - he doesn’t know that Genie can add 3 words to every wish

I’ve loved Derek Williams stories for ages and wanted to try my hand at a plus 3 story. All credit goes to him for such an awesome idea. Check out the inspiration to this story Plus 3 - the original Plus 3 - in the library

If you want to see this on tumblr (I post their first usually minus a proof read) you can check me out here

At 33, Matthew felt he’d wasted his life. He worked at the till of a gas station, earning minimum wage and couldn’t afford a place on his own. He lived like a slob, and his tiny flat exemplified this. As he trudged home after another long day which earned him just enough to live on, he thought about his life, the many choices he’d made which had led to this point. If only there was a way to change this. As he meandered down a dark alley, passed a couple of dumpsters, he thought aloud “I wish some magic could change my life”

Time scratched back and he declared “I wish some-one awesome and magic could change my life” Suddenly the genie appeared.

“Hey master, I’m here to grant your wishes.”

Matthew was astounded at what he was witnessing. He rubbed his eyes, unable to take in the genies amazing stature.

“I know I look imposing. I took this image from the mind of a guy walking past earlier. It was his loss, as he didn’t make a wish out loud like you. But the purple skin is because that’s your favourite color right?”

“Yeah….emmm…am I dreaming” Matthew externalised.

“You’re not dreaming, this is 100% real and happening to you. You made a wish in my hearing and I’m here to grant it. So here’s how it works, there are only 2 rules. I can’t make anyone fall in love with you or kill anyone. And don’t ask about the third rule about wishes. You have unlimited wishes, and I’m your servant as long as you want. Even until the end of your life should you wish.”

“Wow man, this is awesome. But wait, don’t genies make wishes turn against their master” The genie looked hurt, not betraying his true thoughts. “Master, why would I do that. I exist to serve, and I want you to have the best life ever.” Matthew looked into the genie’s hurt eyes and smiled, “Ok genie. We’re gonna have some fun. You can follow me home right?” “Of course master, but you’ll need to take my lamp” The genie handed Matthew this tiny black scratched lamp, which fitted into his pocket. An unremarkable vessel for a being of such power.

Of course, the genie would mess around with Matthew’s wishes. He was able to add exactly 3 words to each of his masters wishes, and none of his masters had ever complained, or even been aware.

As Matthew headed back, he said “Genie I want to make my first wish. I wish I had a hot girlfriend” Genie smiled and the clock skipped back “Genie I wish I had a hot boyfriend, never a girlfriend” “Ok Master, we can make that happen, but you’ll need to choose someone. Did you just want me to make one on the spot. I can do, but you could be more specific.” “Ok, poorly worded wish, let me think and let’s get back to that later.” Matthew wanted to check genie wasn’t messing with his wishes, while being completely unaware that the genie had permanently changed his sexual orientation.

As he walked down the next street, he saw a couple of nerds walking and talking about the latest Marvel Universe film. “You see those nerds, I wish they were hot studs, always the life of the party” Time skipped “You see those nerds, I wish they were super-hot built gay studs, always the life of the party” “You’ll love this master.” And suddenly the nerds stopped.

The tall lanky one with the wire rim glasses started expanding. His chest pushed out, stretching his formally baggy hulk t-shirt to its absolute limits, as his shoulders became much broader. His hair shortened to a buzz cut and his arms exploded, shredding the sleeves of the now extremely tight tee. His legs expanded in his trousers, pushing his skinny jeans passed the point of existence, and all elasticity snapped and reformed into compression shorts at the inflating hams and calf’s. His buddy, the smaller of the two, now looked like a stacked rugby player. His butt now popping nicely in his new compression shorts and his former captain America t-shirt replaced with and under armour muscle tee. The tall muscle stud grabbed his smaller man into a head lock and then started squeezing his meaty pecs as they walked to the nearest gay bar to pick up as many men as they could, for an all-night orgy.

“Fuck man, what did you just do?” “It was your wish master. Didn’t you just wish that those nerds became super-hot built gay studs, always the life of the party” “Well yeah, but…fuck. This is sooooo great genie” “Yes we are master!” and the Genie quietly smirked, knowing he would have the most fun of everyone.

They headed back to Matthews apartment block and encountered an old delivery guy in the entrance. “Genie, I wish this old man was a pumped up young jock straining out of his clothes.” Time turned “Genie, I wish this old man was a pumped up young jock straining out of his clothes, and wanting head.”

Suddenly the old guy’s wrinkled face became smooth and full of vitality. His older frame straightened and years of lifting hefty boxes, were swapped for a few years of heavy lifting in the weight room. The 63 year old lost 40 years from his age, and his uniform was at breaking point as his new powerful muscles swelled under his beige shirt and shorts. In his shorts, it looked like a python was wrestling for room. And suddenly the young stud looked desperate. Desperate for someone to empty his massive blue balls which were now churning cum at such a rate, it looked like he was going to pass out.

Matthew suddenly realised what he’d done. Why had he added those last words? He’d never sucked a cock before, so why did he wish for it? He looked around concerned.

When the smug hottie from across the hall walked down, gym bag over his shoulder, with a grin that came from knowing he was God’s gift to humanity. “Genie, I wish that son of a bitch was a horny cock sucker, who trains his body to satisfy better men than himself.” There was a blip and then “Genie, I wish that son of a bitch was a horny go-go boy cock sucker, who trains his thick body to satisfy better men than himself.” The SoB stopped and looked at the poor young delivery stud. His body thickened as he gained another 30lbs of muscle under his tight gym clothes. He saw the need in the young guys face and knew what he had to do. With a nice twirl, he sidled up to the delivery guy and led him seductively up to his bachelor pad, where he would no longer entertain hot young women, but service the buffer sex and satisfy every man who entered.

“nice one Genie. Let’s head up to the flat.” As they walked something occurred to Matthew “None of the guys we’ve seen so far have noticed you. Can they see you like I can” “No master, I appear to you only.” “But what about if someone makes a wish around you. Will you answer it?” “Well as they wouldn’t be my master, it would be my choice, unless you forbid it.” “No Genie, go ahead, unless the wish is about me of course, and then I want you to tell me” “You should probably make that a wish to make sure it happens”

“Ok, Genie, I wish you would tell me if someone wishes about me, before granting that wish, but that you would feel free to grant other wishes not about me if you want to” Time jumped back Genie smiled as Matthew had made this one so complicated, he’d made a fun error in his wish. “Ok, Genie, I wish you would never ever tell me if someone wishes about me, before granting that wish, but that you would always feel free to grant other wishes not about me if you want to” “Thank you Master. Your wish as ever is my command. I see we’ve arrived at your door”

Matthew opened the door and revealed the shit hole that was his flat. “I know it’s a pig sty, but what can I say, I’m not a tidy person. I hate clearing up. It would be great if my housemate Rich was better, but he’s worse than me.” “Is Rich here?” “Not at the moment. Although, he should be here any moment now.”

There was a turn of a key in the lock

“Speak of the devil. Hey man, how’s it goin?” “It’s been a shit day, I just need to crash out on the sofa man, hope you don’t mind.” Rich responded “No worries man. I’m sorry you had a crap day.” He winked at the Genie. “Rich, I wish you were a tidy freak, with tons of energy, who loves cleaning my house.” Time jolted “Rich, I wish you were a sexy tidy freak, with tons of energy, who loves cleaning as my house boy.” And suddenly, Rich’s belly sucked in and cobbled abs formed beneath his now tight tank top. His sleeves were packed with thick biceps and he looked wired and ready to work.

“Hey man, you do like to spread out don’t you. Not that I’m complaining, you know I love tidying your house.” Rich said “In fact Genie, I wish Rich is now called Dick and is my boyfriend who never cared if I fucked other men, or pimped him out” The clock ticked back “In fact Genie, I wish Rich is now called ‘Big Dick’ and is my beefy sex-obsessed boyfriend who never cared if I fucked other men, or pimped him out”

Dick went through another transformation. While cleaning the flat, he grew another 15lbs of pure muscle, and his love for tidying was fuelled by a lust for Matthew. Of course, it wasn’t true love as the genie had already explained, but the lust was overwhelming.

The genie nudged his master, “So you’ve got ya boyfriend who’s also your houseboy…but can you really call this a house?” “O right, yeah… Genie I wish I lived in a mansion on the edge of the city, with a pool & a gym” Time skipped “Genie I wish I lived in a sex filled mansion on the edge of the city, with a pool boy & a gym” “Before I make it happen, am I creating a pool boy from scratch?” Matthew thought for a moment. “There’s that philosophy student who lives down the hall and takes good care of himself & who’s quite friendly. I wish he was my pool boy” Skip “I wish he was my muscular sex obsessed pool boy”

Suddenly Matthew, his house boy-friend Dick & the genie were in a grand hall in Matthew’s mansion. As for the sex-filled, that was to come. They spent the next hour exploring, and when they got to the pool, Frank the former philosophy major, now sexy pool boy greeted them with a gun show. ‘Big Dick’ looked for permission from his master & got the nod of approval. And he started worshipping Frank.

Matthew looked at the sexy studs & then down at his flabby form. “Genie, I wish I was a hot bro who loved the gym” Skip “Genie, I wish I was a hot otter bro who loved cock in the gym”

Matthew (now Matt)’s fat melted away revealing his hard-earned core, which was covered in a thin layer of beer fat. His arms were well worked & his pecs popped out perfectly. His arse bubbled & his cock thickened. And then light hair started growing. Even on his face giving him a rugged look. His chest, arms, legs, balls & feet were covered in thick brown hair which hid some of his definition but revealed him as the sexy man he now was. Of course, a backwards cap appeared on his head to finish the desired ‘bro’ look. Matt looked down at his body and loved what he saw. It was such a hot sight to see his new bro body, and it gave him an idea. He had the urge to show it off.

The sun was starting to set at around 8pm. Only 3 hours after meeting the Genie, Matt’s life had been completely changed. Now a gay lightly hairy bro who owned a mansion and two sexed up boys to play with. But the night was young and Matt had plans.

“Genie, we need to make more guys for our house, so I wish you’d take me to the hottest club in town.” zip “Genie, we need to make more hot gay guys for our sex house, so I wish you’d take me to the hottest club in town.” Matt and the Genie materialised inside the warehouse which had been turned into the hottest venue in town. Matt looked round at all the young college students and young professionals, blowing their earnings or loans on the weekend promise of alcohol infused fun.

“Genie, you’re so hot. I wish you’d take human form so other people could see you and would want to feel your hot body” He winked The genie was surprised, he’d rarely had a wish used on him. Zip “Genie, you’re so hot. I wish you’d take sexy human form so other people could see you and would want to feel your hot body and fuck” Now Matt had the hottest guy in the room at his side. And instantly the guys were noticed.

Matt headed for the bar, and turned to the stud of a genie and looked toward the barman. He was in his early 20’s. Probably a local student who worked in the bar to help pay his own way. He obviously worked out for an hour a day, and had a real eye for the ladies. Eyeing up the hotties as they paraded around with low cut tops, that made him hard. “I wish he was a real flirt, with a body builders frame and always topless” Zip “I wish he was a real flirt, with a body builders frame, 100 percent gay and always topless”

The guy in his black shirt, grew before their eyes. But this transformation didn’t go unnoticed. The barman was oblivious, but the 10 eyes on him waiting to be served were astounded by what they saw. He turned to the next guy he was serving, looked the guy up and down and said in his deep baritone voice “Hey sexy, I love what you’re doing to your body at the gym. Do you mind if I squeeze one of your heavy pecs? I’d love to know your work out routine.” The guy was speechless, and his girlfriend was not amused. She butted in, ordered her drink and walked her dazed stud away from the hunky barman.

Matt smiled looked round at Genie, and was surprised to find at least 2 women feeling Genie’s hard muscled body up and down. Squeezing his biceps, running their hands under his tank top and grasping his firm pecs.

“No!” Matt yelled. “I wish the women in here all went home, but the guys can’t leave” Zip “I wish the women in here all went home, but the guys muscled up and can’t leave”

And the girls looked confused and started walking toward the door. The guy who’d been taken aback by the barman’s advance, was now asking his girl what he’d done that meant she was leaving. A number of guys tried following the girls, who they’d hoped would help them get lucky with, to the door. But as the girls left, the guys found they didn’t have any desire to follow them.

Now the room was only full of guys. About 500 guys of every shape and size, and then they started growing.

Every guy now believed he had always been this muscular and masculine, but each guy was also shocked at the transformations he was witnessing around him.

Matt was feeling relieved that the girls had gone. He was shocked at how wound up he was about the girls hitting on the Genie. After all, he’d wished people could see the hunky magic man. One guy knocked into Matt who reacted loudly “Watch where you’re going fucker” The built guy turned around, and retorted “Gees man, I wish you’d chill the fuck out and enjoy the party” Time scratched “Gees man, I wish you’d chill and fuck out and make us enjoy the party” Genie had cheated there, but it still did the trick. And he watched as Matt relaxed and looked around at all the hot guys

Matt said “Genie, I wish the DJ would let me speak to the crowd tonight” Zip “Genie, I wish the over-muscled sex hound DJ would let me speak to the crowd tonight” The DJ’s already now muscular body grew further and further until his top completely gave way.

Over the speakers the DJ called out “Yo, you man, yeah you next to the tall hunk, come on up. I get the vibe you wanna’ say somethin’ to us all” Matt had been unaware that his he’d stood topless in the bar, and while he’d wished it for others, hadn’t realised it himself.

Matt walked up to the mic. “Thanks man, what’s up homies? You guys are so swell now, why don’t the last of you who haven’t already loose your tops.” Some of the guys happily took off their tops, but others looked confused at what was going on. Why should they show off their hard-earned muscles? There were no girls to show off to, and they sure as hell weren’t showing off to other dudes. “Ok, I see how this needs to go. I wish you all loved showing off your hot bods, and you love others exploring your manliness” Zip “I wish you all loved showing off your hot sculpted bods, and you love others exploring all your solid manliness” Suddenly every guy gained another 10-20lbs of muscle and everyone was hard.

“O but, I don’t want to be a home wrecker, so I wish all the married guys were able to leave, but all the single guys will stay for the fun” Zip “I wish all the married guys were able to leave, but all the single guys will be gay and stay for the fun. Your wives will be in for a treat with you married lads, as you’ll still be keeping your new muscles.”

One guy saw his married mate walking out and tried to follow, but while his pal could walk through the door, he found himself walking back to the middle. He ran to the front and said “let me out man. I’ve got a sexy girlfriend who’s text me asking if I’m alright. We’ve been together for a couple of years. Please let me go”

“If you wanted it you should have put a ring on it. I wish you and all the other attached but not married guys would experience all the fun we’re about to have, but while remaining straight, despite all my next wishes”

The guy looked horrified. “Don’t worry, you can go back to your girl after tonight. The single guys will be forever what I make them tonight, but you can return to the state you’re in now. No more skinny ass guys will ever leave this room though. I wish all of you are now horned up for each other and know how to pleasure each other – yes you straight guys too” Zip – the genie loved these sorts of wishes “I wish all of you are now horned up for each other and know how to pleasure each other, cock and arse – yes you straight guys too”

The straight guy looked at the guy next to him. He looked at the guys raging hard boner (not noticing his own) turned his new bubble butt toward him and started grinding against the guys hard one-eyed snake. Within seconds, he was penetrated and felt the rush of ecstasy and pain explode in his emotions. The dopamine and serotonin surging to the pleasure centre of his brain.

The genie got in on the action, and within a few minutes had tweaked the sexual wishes of a number of guys, and now at least 5 guys had donkey cocks, 3 were now full time whores and loads were able to take obscene cocks down their throats and up their perpetually lubricated arses. Allowing genie to make his member grow to an inhuman size, making all the guys lust.

Matt let the mass orgy continue for about an hour, and then, once the men looked satisfied, he got on the mic again, and the hot DJ lowered the beats while keeping a good trance-inducing throbbing bass.

“Guys, I live in a mansion just out of town, and I need some of you to move into it. Only answer if you’re now a hot gay stud, not one of those second-class straight guys in the room. I’m asking you to keep your job, but to leave your current accommodation. And instead of paying your landlord, you’ll be paying me the same rate you do now. You’ll have the use of any of the beds in the house, as anyone will be able to sleep with anyone. By joining me, you’ll be agreeing to live in a constant porno. There’s no privacy in my house, no space to call your own. By living there you give your consent to any guy, any time, anyway. No-one is a total top or bottom in my house. Everyone’s a cocksucker & no-one’s a wanker. There truly is no need for masturbation with so many hot studs around.

So first, do we have any chefs in the room?” 2 hands went up. “Great, I wish you guys were our young studly chefs,” Zip I wish you guys were our young 5 star naked studly chefs, rustlin’ up great food all day every day. Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of help. Everyone mucks in.”

The two now hunks in their 30’s lost years 10 years, and transformed into two smooth young hunks, flexible for all their hard work outside of the kitchen.

“What about accountants in the room?” 4 hands. “hands down if you’re apprentices.” Only 1 hand stayed up. A guy who looked like he was in his 40s. “I wish you were our housekeeper & accountant” Zip “I wish you were our bulging youthful, housekeeper & sex-driven accountant” And the years fell off the muscled stud. Clothes would always look uncomfortable on this fella.

Matt & the genie had lots of fun creating the studs to fill the sex mansion. By the end of the night, at least 60 of the crowd were itching to live in this perpetual porno. “Genie, I wish there were film cameras and microphones in every corner of the house. And I wish that dancing guy & his grinding mate were the producer & director of the live stream of our mansion of porn” Zip “Genie, I wish there were film cameras and microphones in every corner of the house. And I wish that dancing guy & his grinding mate were the dirty minded, sex-driven producer & director of the live stream of our mansion of porn”

Both guys suddenly gained the knowledge and skills to direct and produce the hottest porn channel in the world. A perpetual reality TV of the lives of these sexy hunks. Of course, they also gained even dirtier minds, and already planned to get their bro master Matt to install speakers in every room so they could direct each shot on their multi-channel live streaming service to menkind.

The next morning, the men woke up after a night of sex. One guy, who still worked in IT, was now the house technician in his down time. He rolled out from between the other studs he’d gone to bed with & headed to the shower. As he opened the door, he could hear that someone was already enjoying the warm water, and he naturally got in behind the black hunk. He grabbed the shower gel and lathered it on his hands before massaging it into the powerful guys body. They might have seen each other in the club last night. But they didn’t know names or anything about each other, other than how hot they both were, and filled with lust.

Even with little time to get the advertising out, Dean and Shane, the dirty minded producer and director had found these early birds at it in the shower and had been live streaming this to the world. Already, they could see the hit rate flying off the chart, with over 5,000 viewers which was growing every second.

The IT guy then turned the stud round and showed his willing arse, which was so tight and perky. And the black monster entered and filled him – all live for the world to see. After the hot shower with the glistening black body builder, he wandered downstairs to see what was going on. His 7” soft cock swinging between his legs.

Then he saw bro master Matt. Naked except for his cap, great body, hair everywhere, the IT guy couldn’t help but make a wish. “I wish Matt was blonde, even more muscular with a desire to fuck all day long.” The genie was close at hand, and smiled “I wish Matt was blonde in the brain, even more muscular with a desire to fuck all day long.” And genie watched his master look slightly vacant. He caught sight of Mr IT & threw him against the wall. Right then & there he ploughed IT’s bubbled butt, much to their mutual pleasure.

Genie loved seeing the fruit of his labor. The fat straight Matthew he met yesterday afternoon, was now the master of a sex mansion after converting the majority of guys at a night club into his personal porno reality. What would Genie do next?

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