Sudden Winter Dream (Ch 1.)

By GrowlBoys
published July 25, 2019

Bishop has seen much in the world and has enjoyed many of its pleasures. But one thing he can’t resist is the feeling of a handsome boy’s hole wrapped around his thick cock. In “Sudden Winter,” Bishop spots a lone man sunbathing by a nearby lake. Bishop uses his mystical tricks to get inside his head and learn all he can about him.

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This world is a big place. An ever expanding and changing place. I should know… I’ve helped to build it. What once was a hard and barren rock is now a chaotic collection of civilization and life. I’ve seen the once quiet skies become full of flying steel. The oceans have changed from the bubbling cauldrons of creation to a ever-warming and dying watery desert. And the forests – the beautiful, verdant canopies that I love – have retreated and diminished.

The forests have held a special place throughout time. The twisting, untamed trees provided shelter and protection to the most magical of creatures. Early man knew this and even revered it. Entire religions sprung up to acknowledge the sacred green relics and the natural temples of the divine. Mankind kept their distance, understanding the balance that needed to be kept. They need not enter our space and we would let them live in peace to discover their fires, wheels, and planted seeds.

But every so often, a brave traveler or shepherd would wander in too deep from the tree-line. Maybe out of curiosity or simply out of necessity, but it was rare that a mortal would set their sights on the activities of the forest inhabitants.

And as you can see, I can’t even maintain more than a few moments conversation around here without being interrupted by a sexy beast. I’m guessing you won’t mind if we continue while I carry on fucking this gorgeous creature?

I think fondly back to those times… Concepts such as shame, sin, and propriety had yet to be invented. Doctrines were yet to be written as writing was yet to be established. People, animals, and immortals all followed a simple philosophy: love, lust, and live… And did we ever!

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Wild, energetic orgies filled the forest. Mating calls of every beast that walked, crawled, or flew would echo throughout the undomesticated land. We, the Thebans – immortals, shapeshifters, creators – would drink, fuck, and fight; feeling mighty and energized by the living world we helped birth.

Prometheans, the spawn of our seed and the hybrid beasts of our curiosities, would crowd the clearings and take part in every manner of physical pleasure without worry or fear. Sometimes I could hear the echoing, howling, symphonic sounds of mating clusters from miles away, carried through the still summer air, as if we were all connected in that moment of passion.

Sadly, the world has somehow gotten smaller. The air is full of noise… Loud, screeching sounds of machines and anger. The sounds of the forest are lost and we can no longer hear the world around us. The forests have become sparse, losing their dense life and of the magic that made them sacred.

Even I have had to find a place among the mortals – the humans who once respected the balance. Their fire and wheels have gone far beyond what we could have imagined. Our only hope is that they don’t destroy themselves and the land they’ve taken!

When the mood strikes me and there is a calm in the world, I return to a small patch of forest just outside the city. The trees are younger and the magic that springs about is barely enough to draw the amorous spectacles of the past, but it’s a reminder of the excitement of what can be. It was a legacy long gone, a reminder of the power we Thebans once had.

By returning, I can help bring out the creatures unseen by mankind – the hidden forest dwellers who once could find refuge in any fertile, wild space. Certainly when I’m around they feel safe to come out and enjoy each other. As I removed my clothes, I stripped off the threads of the modern world and revealed my true nature. The sounds of the forest returned once more, albeit softer and for a much smaller audience.

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It was during this exciting gathering that I spotted a mortal just past the tree line. I quieted the Prometheans, alerting them to the presence of this man. They continued to fuck and frolic as they pleased, but they were mindful to keep their sounds low and under the ambient sounds of trees, birds, and the breeze.

It was a beautiful day by anyone’s measure; so it was not surprising that I was not the only one to escape the city to this peaceful pocket of paradise. I put a hand over the mouth of my stag lover, feeling my rock hard erection pierce inside his tight flesh. His legs kicked slightly with each thrust, trying hard to contain his excitement while also enduring the brunt of my breeding.

While I continued to fill my Promethean’s cavity, I watched the mortal man begin to remove his clothes. He seemed to have no concern or worry, feeling completely isolated and alone. He was not with others and he didn’t appear to be waiting for others to join him. He disrobed quietly, closing his eyes as the sun struck his skin, basking in its golden warmth and glow.

He carefully set his clothes aside, walking toward the edge of the pool of water beside him. It was a clear, clean reservoir of water that was somehow spared the pollution and desecration of other known swimming spots. His soft, modern feet struggled to step on the stones that circled the pond. Yet still, he persisted; willing to pay the small price of pain to feel the refreshing water’s surface.

He dipped one toe in, feeling its coolness. I watched his face as he considered his next move. He was very handsome! A striking, beautiful face with full, soft lips. His dark hair seemed relegated only to his head, leaving his skin smooth and exposed.

The creamy color of his flesh showed his distance from nature, not possessing the bronze glow of someone who frequented the open spaces. It was likely his first time in a while getting this kind of privacy and peace. A fact that made me all the more intrigued.

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The young man moved to a large rock on the water’s edge, where its depths were more pronounced. He took a deep breath, steeled his will, and took a plunge into the cool water. A brave young man, but also wise… He knew to let the shock to his system wash over him at once, letting the change happen in an instant rather than prolonging the inevitable. He had a strong spirit as well as a strong body, which only served to affirm my arousal for him.

He was a powerful swimmer. His muscular legs and buttocks propelled him through the water with impressive speed. When he broke up through the water, he took the air into his lungs with a sense of relief, as if he wasn’t just happy to be breathing again… It seemed as if he was trying to wash something off of him. It was some kind of hurt, like a stain, but I couldn’t discern what it was.

I was distracted by this captivating swimmer, so much so that my fucking was hindered. I was aroused, but my attention was diverted. I pulled out of my stag, freeing him to enjoy in the passions of his brother Prometheans. Before I even took three steps away, another aroused beast was already inside him, finishing what I’d started.

I crept my way closer, making sure to avoid being seen. It was rare that such a specimen of man could be observed. Through some nearby bushes and tall cattails, I watched him; stroking my hard cock, feeling my desire for him build and curious about who he was.

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He pulled himself out of the water and rested back on his diving rock. The dark gray stone was warm from the sun, giving his body a welcome respite from the cool air and water. With his face toward the bright summer sun, he closed his eyes, allowing the hard surface to massage his muscles and lull him into a deep state of meditation.

I watched his chest move up and down. It was first a rapid undulation, a response to his swimming exertion. But as it slowed, I could sense him slipping into a peaceful sleep.


I stroked my cock, closed my eyes, and focused on the subdued mortal. I opened my mind toward his… In his state, my erotic imagination melded with his, allowing me to enter his dream and see what it was that he was trying to escape. Humans are usually too consumed with the demands of their lives, but in their sleeping state, they drop their guard and let in all kinds of thoughts and visions. Through that open door, me and my kind can wander.

As I saw into his dream, I learned so much more about him. His name was Nathan. I see him in his imagination, feeling the warm and sensuality of the sun spreading over his skin, which invigorated his loins and sparked his desires. He lifted his legs in his dream, feeling that warmth spread to his ass. His hole greeted the glow… That glow becomes dimmer; almost amber, and takes on the feeling of firelight. The scenery changes, the light begins to flicker and dance, all while I watch with excitement.

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The scene feels intimate. Lit by candles. The boy’s ass, open and exposed, is now greeted by a new warmth – that of the flesh. A figure enters his dream. Someone familiar to him, a lover – A former lover… The new person presses his cock to the boy’s hole, ready to enter his body and fuck him. This dream is confused by memory and longing. This young man misses this sensation, the feeling of being open to this visiting man.

As I watch, I see him penetrated and filled. His body moves to receive the pleasure, feeling his genitals swell as the lights create shadows on the walls of his mind. I know we’re still at the pond and it is the day in the real world, but this vision seems so real that the young man gives into it so completely, dropping all his mental barriers.

I wanted to know him, to feel him and what it felt like to have him. I projected myself deeper into his dream, taking the form of his ex-lover, sliding in where he had begun…

It can be intense to be inseminated by a Theban, even in dreams so it was no surprise that Nathan’s dream ended prematurely, leaving him hard and unfulfilled… Even I was left with a lingering arousal!

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I knew he would regain his consciousness soon, still sprouting his impressive erection. No doubt, he would be intent on leaving. Something about the man in his dreams bothered him. It was clearly why he’d come: to get away from him, whoever ‘he’ was. To move forward — Or maybe just leave him behind…

I grabbed my cloak and stepped back into the woods. I knew I had to make him stay. I had to make him mine. I couldn’t explain why, but there was something irresistible about him. Something deep in me that needed him, and I knew he needed me!

I walked a little ways, raised my hands, and moved my will through the air. The power of the forest and the elements worked through me, chilling the breeze and the water. Clouds condensed in the sky as the temperature rapidly began to drop. The trees and the grass were stripped of their greenery, leaving behind dark, bare wood.

A frost fell over the area, returning the progress of spring, returning the forest to a season of stillness and ice. Winter appeared in the wood, as far as the eye could see. No one outside would dare enter, and naked Nathan would not be able to flee.

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I watched from a distance as he arose, his eyes opening to greet the bright sky. The blue he’d seen before his dream was now replaced with a depthless white. Everything around him was frozen, covered in a gentle layer of snow.

As he left the dream world behind, he tried to make sense of the world around him. It made even less sense than the strange dream-fucking! He was slow to respond, as if I he was expecting to wake up again and be back on the warm rock. I saw him look around for his clothes, clearly cold from the winter air. He reached his hand to his pants, only to find them frozen into a hard, icy pile. He tried again and again to free them from their icy bond, but the ground was not letting go!

He stood up, terrified and confused, trying to make sense of the white world around him. I watched him closely, studying him… I felt my heart race with excitement, ready to go in after him…

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He didn’t see me as I came behind him. With his guard down, I was able to glamour myself to hide my true form. With a simple trick, I projected the image of Nathan’s former lover to help soothe him into a state of comfort and familiarity.

His consciousness was still infused with the chemicals released by his brain during the dream. I could tell he was confused, alarmed by the sight of his ex, but also happy to see him again. He looked me up and down; believing to see the naked, aroused body of his familiar mate.

He believed this must be a dream, it had to be! Another dream, both as strange and exciting as the one he’d had previously. The warm, dark glow of the firelight was replaced with the bright white of the winter sky. And despite the cold, his body reacted the way all humans reacted to the touch of the Thebans and warmed at my touch.

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I pressed my lips to his, feeling their soft touch on my face. It was like the feel of a freshly picked peaches off the branch. His lips were sweet, smooth, and decadent. Nathan kissed me back, running his tongue along mine. His saliva was intoxicating; shooting power straight to my cock and fueling with me an intense urge to fuck and breed!

I had to have him and he wanted me… His hard cock rubbed against my leg, as if to seek warmth in the cold, open air. I held him close, feeling his genitals swell as he pressed against me. I knew he wasn’t escaping or running now. He was at home in my arms, and I was going to fill up his hole with my seed…

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TO BE CONTINUED… Chapter 2 will be posted here soon!

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