Decisions Decisions!

By MicroModal
published July 30, 2019

Mike and I go on a shopping adventure to update his look.

Decisions Decisions!

I had arranged for Mike to meet me at a national department store near downtown at 6:30 pm on Thursday night so that we could shop for his new underwear. This store was not my ultimate destination, but I felt the need to ease him into my plan. I arrived in the parking lot of the store at about 6:20 and headed into the store. We had agreed to meet up in the menswear section and so I headed to that corner of the store.

As I rounded the corner separating Men’s Suits from Men’s Basics I spotted Mike in the underwear section, looking a little bit lost. Approaching from behind and to his right I waited until I was about 3 feet from him and said in a fairly deep baritone, “Good evening Sir, can I help you find something?” Before he even looked up he began to stammer and say, “Uh, no, thanks, I was…..”, as his eyes took in who it was a smirk crossed his face and he laughed a bit. Letting out a breath he said, “Oh man, don’t do that to me!” I chuckled a bit and said, “Seriously man, it’s just underwear, you’re not in here buying crack.” “I know, I don’t know, it’s just…I think I’ve figured out why my wife buys my clothes, this is embarrassing.”

“It’s underwear, everybody wears it, you’re allowed to buy it. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you buy new underwear regularly.” I said, sounding somewhat like a salesman. It was painfully obvious from the look on his face that I was losing him quickly. He started to say, “Look, I’m sorry to have asked you to come out here but maybe” and it was then that I cut him off. “Mike, I understand. It’s a big store, there are a lot of people passing thru and you’re not comfortable.” A small smile appeared on his face as he expelled a breath he probably didn’t know he had been holding and he said, “Yes, that’s it.”

Fortunately I was prepared for this and after pausing to give the impression of thinking for a minute I said, “You know what, I know another store a few blocks away. It only sells men’s clothing, it’s fairly small and I doubt it will be very busy this time of the evening since it’s not in a mall. How about if we go check it out, and if you’re not comfortable there we call it quits?” Having not only another option that sounded more appealing than where we were, but also a built in escape clause worked it’s magic and he quickly responded, “That sounds like a plan!”

As we exited the store he asked me where exactly we were going in case he lost me and I said, “You know what, it’s really only a few blocks, probably less than a mile, why don’t you just ride with me and I’ll drop you off back here at your car when we’re done?” He thought for a quick moment and then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his car remote fob. He clicked the button and someplace a few rows over a car horn beeped twice. Looking at me he said, “Just making sure. Let’s go!” We walked to my car and as he went around to the passenger side I discreetly placed an ear plug in my left ear. The beauty and the problem with binaural beats is that you need them resonating in both ears for them to have the desired effect.

We closed the doors, belted up and I started the engine. Before shifting into reverse I discreetly hit the play button on my phone connected to my car’s BlueTooth system and a cadence of pops and clicks filled the background of the car sounding like radio static. I ignored it and shifted into gear and left the parking lot. In actuality it was a bit over a mile to the next store, but I took a slightly out of the way route to get there to give the beats time to do their job. By the time I pulled into the small parking lot at ‘Undies N Other’ Mike had an expression of complete calm and relaxation on his face.

I put the car into park and turned to look at him, “OK, let’s try this again. You trust me, right?” “I trust you” he droned. “And you know that if I recommend something to you, you’ll like it?” “Yes” was his only response. “And it’s totally normal for two guys to shop for underwear together.” Again, “Yes”. I had covered the points that I felt were necessary for the trip, but on a whim I also said, “And if we can talk about something like underwear easily, then you and I can talk just as freely about anything, right?” He actually seemed to pause and consider this comment for a moment, but then agreed, “Yes, we can talk about anything.” With a small smile on my face I turned off the radio, and then the car and began to unbuckle my seatbelt.

As I opened the drivers door to the car and discreetly removed the ear plug from my left ear I noticed that Mike was still sitting in the passenger seat and so I snapped my fingers in front of his face with a grin and said, “Hey, are you with me?” The question and the sharp sound snapped him out of his light trance and he looked at me, eyes regaining their focus with a small chuckle, “Yeah, huh, sorry. I guess I was just zoning out for a second there.” “No worries” I said, it’s been a long week already. He agreed and we got out of the car and entered the store.

It may not be readily apparent from the name of the store, but yeah it probably is, that ‘U-N-O’ caters mostly to the gay community. Having said that, it was not my intent to take Mike there to expose him to gay culture or to shock him. Quite the opposite, I was trying to keep him as calm as possible while still getting him into some better underwear. If you live within the Dallas metroplex there really is no better place to find a great assortment of men’s fashionable underwear and umm…accessories.

We entered the store and I immediately noticed his eyes flicking from one mannequin to the next showing an assortment of briefs, trunks, thongs and jocks in a wild variety of colors and patterns. Mike’s eyes were wide and his mouth went from being slightly open into an “O” of surprise as he took in all there was to see and we were barely in the door. I wasn’t certain if what I was seeing was apprehension or anticipation, but I knew I needed to keep him moving either way and so after a moment I gave him a small push in the center of his back and said, “Come on, let’s get you hooked up!”

Moving further into the store we were soon greeted by a salesman asking what he could help us find. I let him know that we were on a mission to find some nice brightly colored briefs and he recommended a few different lines. We wandered the store picking up a few different items and while Mike seemed excited by what we were picking out I could also sense that his trepidation was inching up again, so I stopped him with a hand on his arm and said, “What’s wrong? I think you’ve found some great stuff.” “I know”, he said, "The colors are great and I think I like the cuts, but I’ve never worn anything like this before and these are kind of pricey to be buying something I can’t try on first. A small smile lit my face as I told him, “Mike, that’s the beauty of Undies N Other, you can try things on before you buy.”

That answer did not give him much comfort as he said, “Oh man, you mean other guys junk might have been in these already?” To that comment I literally did laugh out loud and after I calmed myself down I said, “No, no. Not like that. They sell sheer disposable super thin brief liners at the counter. If you want to try things on just buy the liner, strip down and put that on first and you can try on any underwear you like over it.” “Oh,” he said with a chuckle, “that makes me feel a lot better, about both issues. So yes, I definitely need to try some of these on.”

He purchased a liner close to his skin tone and went into a fitting room to try on his selections. I waited outside the room, close enough to be handy if he needed a different size, but not so close as to look like I was spying on him, though I really wanted to. After a mintue he called, “Al?” “Yeah man, how’s it going?” “Would you come in here for a second?” My heart leapt into my throat and after digging my fingernails in the palm of my hand to calm myself down I said, “Sure, be right there.”

I stepped into the fitting room and shut the door behind me. Standing a few feet from me facing the mirror was Mike in a pair C-IN2 Grip Sport Briefs in a yellow so bright it almost hurt my eyes. I learned later it was called Psycho Yellow, and the name was very appropriate. Since he was facing the mirror that meant that I was getting an eyefull of his absolutely beautiful ass. I had known that he had gorgeous glutes, but this was the first time I had ever seen them encased in tight neon yellow that hugged them so tightly it looked more like paint. Rather than just stretching tight across his buns, the fabric was slightly stitched to encourage it to sink into the crevasse of his ass and really show off the definition of his ass cheeks.

All thoughts of ‘don’t scare him off’ flew out of my mind and before I was even really aware that I was speaking I let out a loud huff of air and said, “Woof Daddy!” He turned his head to look back at me over his shoulder, laughed a bit and said, “So, is woof a good thing or a bad thing?” I let out a long slow whistle and lifted one eyebrow as I said, “Oh, it’s good! Definitely good!” I glanced at the chair and saw three other pairs of underwear sitting open out of packages and I noticed that these were the smallest cut of the four. I most definitely approved, but now to see where he was. “Mike, I think they look great clearly, but what do you think?” He turned to face me and said, “Well, that’s what I wanted your opinion about.” They are comfortable as all heck and I really love the color, but do they look too…obscene…from the front? As he finished his turn I noticed the deep V of yellow fabric was stretched down and filled out as if he had filled it with water balloons and it was standing a good 4 inches out in front of his thighs.

For the second time in a minute I had to catch my breath and stop myself from stammering as I said, “Noo, I think they look great! They really show you off in a great light.” “Yeah,” he said, turning back to the mirror and adjusting the waistband a bit, “That’s what I was afraid of. It makes me look like some kind of slutty underwear model.” He wasn’t wrong, but that was exactly the look I was hoping to get him into so I said, “Hey, you trust me, don’t you?” Without missing a beat he said, “Yes, I trust you.” “And you know that if I recommend something you’ll like it?” Again, “Yes”. "Well Mike, trust me, I love these and you will love them too. They look amazing on you. His grin started to return as he glanced back to the mirror and he said, “Yeah, they look amazing on me!”

“Now”, I said, “there’s just one more thing to check before you decide to buy them.” With a questioning look on his face Mike asked, “What’s that?” “Well” I continued, “when you buy a shirt, you find the right size and then you know that unless you have a major weight change, it will always fit the same way.” I could see from the look in his eyes that he was with me so far, so I pressed on. “But, underwear covers a particular portion of your body that will frequently, uh, alter it’s dimensions?” Confusion sat on his face for just a moment and then the light of realization and a smirk replaced it. “Yeah, OK, I get what your’s saying, but how am I supposed to judge that?” “Ha” I barked, “that’s the easiest part. You just need to get hard and let’s see how the briefs fit.”

I may as well have just asked him to fly. Mike looked at me and said, “Look Al, I’d kind of figured out that you’re gay, and I’m actually cool with that, but I don’t think I can stand here and jerk off in front of you.” “Oh, of course not” I replied, “that would be weird. As a straight man you’re not wired to do sexual things in front of another man. But, as a gay man, I have no problem with it. So, it seems like the answer is that I should jerk you off. I mean it’s not something I would normally suggest, but to your point, these briefs are not inexpensive and I want to make sure you get some that will be comfortable for you no matter what state of arousal you’re in. I think it’s the least I can do to help you out.” I watched my reasoning play thru his mind for almost a full minute as he weighed the idea of another man touching him against spending a couple hundred dollars on underwear only to find out later whether or not they really fit him. After another thirty seconds his mind was made up and he said, “You know, that would be awesome if you’d be willing to do that for me. You’re really a great guy!”

“Oh, don’t mention it, I’m happy to help you out. After all, you came to me looking for help with your underwear, I can’t very well stop until we’re finished.” I gave him a grin and he smiled back. “Okay”, I said, “I think that if we want to keep this from being any more weird than it needs to be, probably the best thing for me to do is stand behind you and give you a reach around. I can probably do it all from outside the underwear too so that you’ll be less uncomfortable.” He nodded his assent and turned back to the mirror. I moved in behind him, the lump in my crotch which had been slowly growing for the past few minutes was now nestled between those two beautiful ass cheeks. The heat coming off his ass penetrated thru my dress slacks and added more fuel to the fire in my groin, but I forced myself to focus and shifted my stance so that my cock wasn’t exactly pressing into him, exactly. Keeping my eyes locked on his eyes in the mirror I reached my right hand around his waist and lightly grabbed a handful of warm yellow mesh/spandex.

I began to slowly compress my thumb and fingers a bit at a time, getting the lay of the land as it were. Determining which bulges were scrotum and balls and which were parts of his cock. Even without seeing it or having my hands directly on it I was fairly certain that I was handling a very thick cock, and it wasn’t even hard yet! “Alright Mike, if we’re going to do this without me hurting you I’m going to need you to be very vocal and tell me what feels good.” “No problem”, he said, eyes still looking back into mine. I began by lightly shaking my hand, almost as if we were experiencing a small earthquake, just rapid little vibrations. I kept this up for about thirty seconds until I started to feel some movement in the briefs. I could not say for certain that he was getting hard, but something was definitely starting to stir.

Slowly Mike began to let his head lean back until it was touching the top of my shoulder and soft moans came from his lips interspersed with the occasional ‘mmmm’. A low chuckle rumbled in my throat and despite the corniness of it, I couldn’t help myself from saying, “He likes it, Mikey likes it.” To my surprise, Mike responded in a low growl, “Oh yeah, Mikey like.” As his cock began to plump I was able to discern more details thru the briefs and now had a good outline of his dick to target my strokes. I applied a little more pressure and purposely trailed my thumb along the thick tube on the bottom of his shaft on the downstrokes. Within another minute I had a hard, thick 9" cock well outlined beneath the thin fabric of the briefs pointing up and towards Mike’s left hip.

“There” I said, “take a look now and see what you think.” With that I pulled my hand away and took a half step back from him. The briefs were straining obscenely to hold his cock inside and they jumped a bit with each pulse as his cock thumped in time to his heartbeat. Mike took a slow deep breath, righted his head from it’s tilted back position and looked at himself in the mirror. “Wow, it’s so amazing. I never knew I could look this good, this…powerful.” He stared at himself for another few seconds drinking in his new look and then slowly his eyes came back up to meet my reflection in the mirror behind him. “You know” he began slowly, “since I’ve alredy decided I’m going to buy these, do you think you could help me to see what they look like when I blow a load in them?” I smiled back and said, “I don’t see why not, that’s what friends are for!”

I moved in closer behind him again, this time taking no effor to hide the feeling of my erection pressing into his ass. He immediately leaned back into my chest and tilted his head back onto my shoulders and closed his eyes. I had never seen a less subtle non-verbal communication of ‘take me’. Reaching my right hand around him again I dispensed with any subtle touching and began to stroke his cock in earnest thru the briefs. As I said, the briefs were a bright yellow, but there was already a dark circle about 1.5" in diameter where the tip of his cock was pressed against them. Clearly Mike was a leaker. I moved my hand, first slowly, then more rapidly up and down his shaft. Occasionally increasing pressure and alternately going to feather light touches with only the tip of my fingernail scraping down the fabric.

Mike’s breathing got deeper and began to come a little quicker and his ass started to grind back against my cock wedged between his cheeks. I could tell he was enjoying himself, but with my own cock not only still in my briefs but also in my buttoned and zippered pants I was running out of space and it was starting to hurt. Using my left hand I undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my khaki’s and let them slip down around my knees. This left me in just my Orange Obviously Primeman briefs and the stretch in the pouch allowed my cock to actually wedge a bit further up his ass. To my shock, this actually seemed to get Mike even hotter and he started to rock backwards against the stiffness of my prick as I kept up the intense hand job on his cock. The wet spot on his briefs was now over 3" in diameter and rather than just appearing to be ‘damp’, the area was now sodden with a shiny viscous fluid.

Since my left hand had completed the task of lowering my slacks, I moved it up around Mike’s other side and used my thumb and index finger to swirl up some of that wet, sticky, slimy lube. Then, I moved my hand up to his chest and using that same thumb and index finger I began to trace circles around his left nipple. This added stimulation kicked Mike into overdrive and he began to buck back and forth almost uncontrollably alternately rutting into my hand and then driving back to feel the heat of my cock between his cheeks. After another minute of this I felt a distinct tightening of his ass cheecks and I knew we had reached ground zero. I wrapped my left arm around his chest and pulled him back to me, bringing out bodies tightly together. The sweat on his back soaked into the front of my shirt, but I couldn’t care less. Mike’s moans had gone from soft, to a low growling sound, and then his breath caught in his chest for a count of three.

Then the pulses began. I have felt many cocks go off in my hands before, but nothing was ever as intense as the pressure being released from Mike’s dick. I’ve heard the expression “like a firehose” used before, but this was the first time I had ever seen it. With the first blast a white foamy blob of cum pushed up thru the yellow fabric of the briefs. After the first blast, each successive spurt seemed to have an easier time of penetrating the material and rather than decreasing, the amount of cum erupting from the briefs increased with each pump of his penis. After 5 pumps his cum was actually spurting out of the briefs looking much like it would comming directly from a cock with no fabric in the way. Two, then three and finally four shots of cum actually were shot with such force that they left his body completely and struck the dressing room angled mirror to his left.

I held Mike tightly against me as he came down off his orgasm. I kept my left arm firmly around his chest to not only hold him to me, but more importantly to hold him upright. Most men get a little weak in the knees after an orgasm and I didn’t need him crashing into the mirror. As he started to get his breathing under control I used the fingers of my right hand to scoop a bit of cum off the outside of his briefs and I lightly dusted the tip of each of his erect nipples with the sweet, creamy fluid. As I brushed against each nipple it caused secondary involuntary shudders to wrack his body in small tremors of pleasure and he laughed quietly and made a half hearted attempt to stop me. When his breathing had finally settle and he seemed to have his legs under him again I removed my arm from around him and stepped back. To prevent the ‘after orgasm weirdness’ I quickly pulled up my pants and rebuckled my belt. As I finished getting myself back in order I looked back up into the mirror to find Mike’s eyes on me. With a half crooked smile he said, “You know, I was going to buy 5 or 6 new pairs of underwear tonight, but now I’m thinking that maybe we should just buy these and then come back again another time. I really should test each pair to see how they look with a load of cum in them before I buy them.” Smiling back I said, “Well, I started this, I guess I can’t run out on you now.”

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