The Latest

By Willie Cici
published July 23, 2019

Reno needed a new cell phone. He had to have the latest …

Renato Vuoto strut about the floor of his domain. He had worked many long hours, saved his money, and now, had what he always wanted: autonomy. His dream – of owning a gym/health franchise – became reality. Renato (his friends called him ‘Reno’) struggled early on in his career. His parents immigrated from Italy when he was 2 years old. He was always the kid with accent, treated cruelly by students and teachers alike.

Reno, however, had an advantage: he was handsome. In his teenage years, he learned that a sexy, sculpted physique lured women to his bed. At 16, he learned an invaluable lesson: that teenager girls are a waste of time. Handsome, built and with an eye for fashion, Reno routinely cavorted at nightclubs, meeting older women who took the time to teach him the ropes. In college, Reno lost track of the campus hotties he bedded. With his degree in sports management and his personal trainer certification, Reno decided to pursue fitness as his career. His looks and physique served him well. After ten years of hard work and study, he had saved enough to purchase a franchise of a reputable national chain.

Reno, the hands-on owner, wore the trainer’s uniform every day: tight navy-blue compression pants and a tight lycra blue t-shirt. Some days, the trainers wore red, but today, it was ‘azzuro’, the color of the Italian National soccer teams. (To see Reno, click here). He mixed up his sneakers, wearing either his red, black or white cross trainers. He looked hot and he knew it. His clients let him know how sexy he was by frequent and constant propositions, which, from time to time, Reno accepted.

As Reno made his noontime rounds around the gym floor, he spotted his cousin, a patron at the gym, taking a selfie. From the rear, he did not realize who it was. As he faced the patron, Reno smirked. “Strunzo, what did I say about taking selfies on the gym floor?”

The cousin ignored Reno. He posed with his shirt above his chest, his abs on display. He needed little effort to display his lower body as the tight white compression pants molded to his strong, muscled legs and his dangling package, fill with blood and bulging like a porn star. (To see the gym patron, click here).

“Momo, what did I tell you about taking selfies?”, Reno said. He slapped his cousin’s hand hoping to distract him from his errant behavior.

“Yo, Reno. What the fuck?”, Momo shouted. “I’m just testing out my new phone.”

Reno shook his head. “How much they rip you off for that phone?”

“Nothing. My contract was up, so I was trading in. It’s the new X15. I can’t believe the shit it can do.”, Momo replied.

“And your last phone couldn’t take selfies?”, Reno teased.

“I wasn’t takin’ a selfie. There’s an app. ‘X15Body’. You snap a selfie and it tells you the parts of your body you have to work on and then recommends an exercise regimen.”, Momo replied.

“Let me guess. You didn’t have anything to improve.”, Reno answered, laughing at his long-time friend.

“Funny. It told me what to work on and how to mix it up, for my core.”, Momo said. He grabbed Reno’s hand and pressed it to his abs. “Feel that. I was good three weeks ago. Now, rock hard.”

Reno pulled his hand away from Momo’s abs. He shook his head and said, “You always had to have the latest toy.”

“This isn’t a toy. It’s got the best LG technology. I need it for work.”, Momo said. “Which reminds me. I’m late. I’ll see you around.” Momo hurried out of the weight room and into the lockers, where he quickly showered and returned to his job.

Bobby stood at the basin of his bathroom in his apartment. He was wearing his black Calvins, the only underwear he wore. He grabbed his new cell phone, the ‘X15’ and tapped the ‘X15Body’ app. He answered the initial questions. He answered ‘yes’ to a series of questions hurriedly, not paying attention to the questions. Finally, the app said, ‘Snap two selfies and wait for analysis’.

Bobby posed in the mirror and snapped the two requested selfies. (To see Bobby posing in the mirror, click here). He waited and stared at his new cell phone, as the app processed his selfies. Seconds later, a flash of light blinded Bobby, leaving the stud stunned and frozen. The app spewed dozens of instructions at lightning speed, at decibel and sound wave undetectable to the conscious human ear.

Bobby blinked and smiled at his studly image in the mirror. He walked into this bedroom, hopped on the bed, removed his black Calvins and stroked his cock. He would lie on his bed, stroking his cock until he burned enough calories to satisfy the ‘X15Body’ app.

“Son of a bitch!”, Reno shouted. He knew it the minute the cell phone slipped out of his hand. When he picked it up, the cell phone screen was not only shattered, but the corner of the phone had splintered. Reno gathered the pieces, placed them in a plastic bag and headed to the mall, to the kiosk of his wireless provider.

When he spoke to a customer service representative, Reno asked, “Can you fix it?”

“I can bury it. I can’t fix it.”, the young techie replied.

“Funny. Okay, huckster. Show me the moral equivalent.”, Reno said. The young techie walked Reno over to the ‘X15’ display. “Yeah. I ain’t doin’ that.”

“Mr. Vuoto, you have replacement insurance so the upgrade won’t cost you anything. In fact …”, the techie said. He paused for a moment, typed some information on his tablet and said, “It’s $18 cheaper a month.”

“Okay. I guess it’s the latest model for me.”, Reno said.

“Do you have time for me to explain all the features?”, the young techie said.

“Can we do it in less than twenty minutes?”, Reno asked. When the young techie nodded ‘yes’, Reno said, “Let’s do it.”

About forty minutes later, Reno walked out of the mall with his new phone. He did not want to admit it, but he liked getting the latest toys. He never had the money to afford the latest toys. Now, with his newfound success, Reno decided to spoil himself – the latest Benz, the latest clothes, the latest cell phone.

Reno headed back to the gym. He found Momo, working out. He approached his cousin and said, “Momo, what was the name of that app you got for your phone?”

“‘X15Body’.”, Momo replied. “Why?”

“I had to replace my phone. I got the same one you have. I wanted to try the app.”, Reno answered.

“You’ll love it.”, Momo said. “Abs are rocking.”

“Good for you.”, Reno said. He walked away from his friend and found a quiet section of the gym. He downloaded the app. When the app activated, it asked Reno to snap a selfie on himself. He posed for his selfie and snapped a pic. (To see Reno’s selfie, click here). In seconds, it recommended a series of exercises to focus on various muscle groups. Reno was impressed. He prided himself on having the body that drove women wild. He felt disconcerted. The app recommended many different exercises focusing on his arms, core and shoulders. “Am I that out of shape?”, he questioned himself as he continued to review the recommended exercises.

Later that afternoon, Reno followed the recommended exercises on the app. When he finished, the app informed him that he would receive a different series of exercises every day for a month, using the theory of muscle confusion to work on his body. Tired, sweaty and beat, Reno walked into his office, grabbed his gym bag and headed for the showers. Luckily, he had an extra set of clothes to change after his shower.

A month had passed –

Reno woke up and readied for another day at the gym. When he checked his cell phone, he noticed an email from ‘X15’. He read the email. Since he reached the thirty-day mark, the app needed additional information on Reno’s progress. The app recommended a new selfie with his shirt off. Reno grabbed his cell phone and walked into the bathroom where he had a mirror to work with. He was wearing a pair of white compression pants. He grabbed his cell phone and tapped the ‘X15Body’ app. The app asked a series of questions, which he answered. When the questions seemed endless, Reno tapped ‘yes’, not bothering to read the questions. Finally, the app said, ‘Snap two selfies and wait for analysis’.

Reno posed before the mirror and snapped the two requested selfies. (To see Reno posing in the bathroom, click here). Reno waited for the app to process his selfie. Seconds later, a flash of light blinded Reno, leaving the shirtless stud stunned and frozen. The app spewed dozens of instructions at lightning speed, at decibel and sound waves undetectable to the conscious human ear. Reno stood frozen, his eyes and ears glued to the power of the app.

Reno blinked and smiled at his studly image in the mirror. He walked into this bedroom, hopped on the bed, removed his white compression pants and stroked his cock. For the next thirty minutes, he stroked his cock fast and furious, sweating profusely until he burned the calories that the ‘X15Body’ app demanded. When the app dinged, Reno grabbed his cell phone and tapped the ‘Done’ button on the screen. He stared at his groin, covered in cum. “What the fuck!”, he muttered to himself. Had he climaxed several times, he thought to himself. He hurried into the shower, bathed and toweled his body dry. When he looked at the alarm clock on his nightstand, Reno said, “Shit! I’m late.” Quickly, he dressed, grabbed his gym bag, packed some workout clothes for later in the day and hurried out of his home.

Reno arrived at the gym at the same time his cousin, Momo was leaving. “Momo, where you headed?”

“I … I got a lunch date. It’s Saturday. It’s the fifth one in two weeks. That ‘X15App’ hooks you up.”, Momo said.

Reno looked at Momo. “Really? I haven’t …”

“I’ve had the app longer than you.”, Momo said. “They can’t get enough of me.” He flexed for his buddy. (To see Momo flexing in the car, click here).

Reno laughed. “Have a good time.”, he said. Momo honked the horn of his vehicle and drove away. As Reno walked into the gym, he spotted another member, Tyson, who had also recommended the ‘X15’ app to him. Tyson stood bare chested, staring into the mirror, infatuated with the studly sight reflected in the mirror. (To see Tyson, click here). He sported a decent physique before the app, but ever since, Tyson’s body clearly improved.

“Tyson, are you getting dates from your ‘X15’ app?”, Reno asked.

“I just started. I’m gonna need a prescription to handle all this action. Two this week already.”, Tyson bragged.

Reno shook his head and laughed. He walked away, headed for his office to answer some emails and return phone calls. Around 3:00pm, he grabbed his gym bag, headed for the lockers and changed into his exercise gear. He spent the next ninety minutes performing the routine that the ‘X15’ app recommended. When he completed the routine and entered the information on the app, the app recommended that he take several selfies so that the app could gage his progress. He headed for the locker room, stood in front of the mirror, removed his shirt and snapped several selfies. He forwarded the selfies to the app. The app confirmed that he would learn of his progress within a day or two.

A week has passed —

Reno finished his workout and headed for the locker room. Sweaty and tired, he removed his shirt and walked about the hallway. He sported his tight white compression pants that hugged his improved physique. He never suspected something like an app would improve his body, but it did. (To see Reno, click here).

When he reached the locker room, Reno checked his cell phone. He received an email from ‘X15Body’. The email played a recording for Reno to listen. As Reno listened to the email, he stood erect and frozen, listening to the instructions. He then read the address and time of his date. When the recording ended, Reno looked at the clock on his cell phone. “Good! I got time.” Reno showered and changed into his street clothes. He hurried out of the gym and rushed home to change for his date.

Later that night, Reno drove his Benz to an address about twenty minutes away from his home. He knocked on the door and waited. When the door opened, Reno said, “Hi! I’m from ‘X15Body’.”

The man standing at the door smiled. “Damn! You are hot. Come in.”

Reno did not notice that the man was wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. The man led him into the bedroom and said, “I want to see the goods.”

Reno smiled. After a month of ‘X15Body’, Reno had no qualms of undressing for the stranger. He knew he had the goods. Slowly, Reno undressed, performing a mock strip tease for the towel-draped man. When he finished, Reno stood naked, like the ‘David’. The towel-draped man undid his towel, knelt on the bunched-up towel and kissed Reno’s cock. “Nice cock.”

Reno said nothing. He let the man kiss, lick and then suck his dick. He felt his cock get hard and long in the man’s mouth. He bobbed his hips, face fucking the man, who gagged on Reno’s massive cock. The man rose to his feet, knelt on his bed and said, “Fuck me.”

Reno smiled. “My pleasure.”, he thought to himself. The man pointed to the lube on the nightstand. Reno greased his cock and slid his diamond-hard cock into the man’s hole. The man moaned as Reno plowed his ass. He needed little time to climax, showering his seed upon the man’s buttocks. The two naked studs collapsed upon the bed. The man took Reno’s hand and placed on his genitals. Reno understood. The man wanted a hand-job. “Only fair.”, he thought. Reno stroked the man’s cock until he orgasmed.

“That was great.”, the man said. He hopped off the bed. “You can get dressed.”

Reno found his clothes and started to dress. Once he finished, the man slid currency into Reno’s front pocket. “Worth every penny.”

“Thanks.”, Reno said. The man escorted Reno out of the bedroom, to the front door.

“Hope I see you again.”, the man said.

Reno walked out of the home and stepped into this car. He drove home, changed into some shorts and grabbed a beer out of the frig. He reclined in the living room and watched some TV. A commercial for the ‘X15’ played in between innings. Reno nodded his head ‘yes’ as the advert extolled the benefits of the ‘X15’. “Best cell phone I ever had. Nothing like the latest.” He finished his beer and grabbed another, clueless to the fact that Reno had joined the minions of jock-whores working the greater metropolitan area.

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