By Baldwizzard
published July 23, 2019
10683 words

A young man is caught shop-lifting. The shop detective has some special ways to punish bad boys

Berlin in the year 2017. 19year old Robin lived here with his younger brother and his parents in a fancy neighborhood. His family was kind of wealthy, as his father worked as a successful lawyer and his mother as doctor in a private clinic. Robin really was a good looking guy. He just finished school and is one of those guys who always got the girls they wanted. Being 1,85m tall, having a perfect sixpack and a sweet ass, he knew his charms and therefor always is perfectly styled and dressed immaculately. He loved his hair very much, black, longish, dreamy out of bed waves. One afternoon he cruised around the neighborhood with his friends when he suddenly realized that he had forgotten his wallet. Shit. Right now he desperately wanted a fag. His chronically broken friends couldn´t help him und so everything started. Robin told his friends to wait for a minute, he just wanted to jump into the supermarket. Inside, he walked around a bit, walked to the cashier and – super fast – grabbed a pack of Marlboro Lights and put them in his pocket. While leaving the shop, he already heard his boys scream: “Man, hurry up!” but in this exact moment he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. “Stop young man!” he dark and deep voice said. Oh fuck, the store detective had caught him! “Do I know you?” Robin said with some fake arrogance in his voice. Normally that helped. He was such a beautiful boy, so well educated, came from such a good background, people never really believed he could be the guilty part in anything. But the detective only said: “Not yet, but you will know me a lot better after this is over!”. Now, Robin could see the guy, disgusting. He had black cargo pants on, a black, too tight t-shirt with the word ‘Security’ on it (man, that enormous belly!!), a shaved head and a jetblack horseshoe-moustache. “You can leave, your friend will stay with me a bit longer!” he said to his waiting friends. His gang, depended on his opinion looked at him and he nodded: “Yeah, I meet you in an hour at McDonalds!” That was not going to happen, but Robin did not know this yet. The fat bald dude guided Robin through the supermarket to small room without windows that was apparently his “office”. It reeked of cold cigarette smoke, sweat, beer and humid rooms. Robin grabbed the cigarettes and placed them on the table before him. He tried his second trick. With the look of a beaten puppy he said: “I am really, really sorry, here are the cigarettes. I just forgot to pay them, sorry, that was really stupid of me!” The bald, big guy leaned back on his chair. “It is a bit too late for that now, boy. You should know I have to call the police now, rules are rules.” Robin was shocked. The police? His parents would kill him! “Oh please, don´t call the cops. My parents will flip out, I do everything you want, really!” „Mhh, shop lifting is a crime and has to be punished!” “Please, please” Robin begged in panic, “my father is an important guy and it would harm his repution – and you don’t know how strict he can be. He will punish me so hard, please, I pay, or I do, REALLY, everything you want me to do!” Again, the detective heard “everything” and started to think. “Hmm, Robin, no? So, you would do everything what I want you to do when I don’t call the cops?” Robin saw some light in the dark. The guy was thinking already. “I swear!” He only wanted to get out of that stinking office. “Ok boy, I could need some help on my premises outside the city, you can work for your punishment, giving me a helping hand!” Robin was happy already, that sounded like a fair deal. Not that he really planned in going to any farm, but once out of this office, he was free and his friends would be his witnesses: He never was in this supermarket. So he agreed. “Sure, next weekend I am free, I think I can help you then!” The man shook his head. “No, no boy, my shift is nearly over and I take you with me right now!” Robin had no chance but to agree. 15 minutes later they took a old jeep and drove to a farm, far outside the city in the Brandenburg. No neighbors, no public phones, not even a real road. Just nature, trees, field, a high fence and behind that a huge farmhouse, barns, sheds and other agricultural things, Robin could not even name. “Wow, that is so huge and very coo, with all that nature and things…” Robin said, trying to be cool and friendly to the detective. “Let’s see if you think it is cool after you have finished your tasks, first you have to mow the loan.” He showed him the old fashioned gasoline powered lawnmower an left. Robin relaxed a bit. Yes, he hated mowing the loan and this one was enormous, more like a football field but it could have been worse. Everything was better than any legal proceedings and a shouting father.

He needed more than two hours and when he was finally done, the detective came back, carrying two bottles of cold beer. “Cheers”, Robin said. “Man, I am really done!“ „Yeah, I can see that. You are sweating like a pig. No wonder, when you think about that mop of yours. You should mow that down, too“. „Yes, maybe, but I like it as it is and so do the girls! He toasted the detective. “Robin, mate, I told you, I would make a real man of you!” and he started to touch and pet his hair. Robin did not remember him saying that and he got uncomfortable with this big bald guy being so close to him. “I told you, you will be punished for the shop-lifting. You said you will do, whatever I say. Now it is time!” he grabbed Robin by his shoulders and guided him into one of the barns where a little table and a chair were waiting for the young man. But hey, he had mowed the loan, wasn´t that punishment enough? He stopped, when he saw that there were hair-clippers and ten envelopes on the table. The big guy pushed him with more than just gentle violence to the chair and now Robin could read that five enveloped were inscribed with “top” and five with “back and sides”. He started to panic. “No, no way, not my hair. No, I love my hair and how should I explain that to my parents, please, no, not my hair. My Mom is going to kill me!“ „Well Robin“ the detective said languidly. “You should have thought about that before you little shop-lifting and BEFORE offering me to do whatever I say. This is what I say: UNDRESS. You may keep your undies on, but we don´t want your nice fancy clothes to get full of hair!” Robin wanted to run away, but suddenly the strong man grabbed his arm and under pain, Robin said down. “Police” was the only word, the bull of a man said and Robin knew his fate was sealed. “You pic an envelope with “top” and one with “back and sides”, this means you decide yourself how hard – or should I say short – your punishment will be. Again Robin tried to talk himself out of the situation, telling the guy that he had money, that he loved his hair so much, that he had an important party coming up, that his parents would be mad but the guy silenced him with a wave of his hand. “Oh shut up Robin. I give you 30 seconds to undress and sit down. If not, I will shave that fucking head of yours bald!” Robin was terrified but he saw the dangerous sparkle in the guy’s eyes and slowly undressed. Shaking he sad down, trying to cover his bulge with his hands. “Now, chose two enveloped, quickly, we don´t have the entire evening! Every envelope contains a length in millimeter, 3, 6, 9, 12 and two jokers. If you pick a joker, you are free to keep your hair and go!” The first enevelope for „top” contained a 12, of my god. The second, for back and sides contained 3. “Oh no, please, don’t!” The detective smiled diabolicially. „That will be a nice contrast, that’s for sure!” He grabbed the clippers and put the attachement with the 12 on it on the machine. “Now, Robin, take a deep breath, it is going to be breezy on that head of yours! Say goodbye to your pretty boy hair!” Robin touched his long, silky and shiny black hair for one last time. The old geezer once again briefly lolled through the hair and said with a big grin: “And that’s only the beginning.” A humming sound filled the air and the machine was already attacking Robin’s forehead. “Let it go Robin.” The machine already touched the hairline and ate wide path through the boy’s hair. "Pity about the beautiful hair. Too late. Now we both have to go through with it. " The old guy got horny, obviously, as his enormous cock pushed against his jeans as a big, pulsing bulge. As he had finished the top, he mowed down the back and sides with the 12mm, too. The wool fell to the floor and stuck to Robin’s naked and sweating body. Robin was shocked and kept his mouth shout all the time, afraid, the old guy would change his mind and just shave him bald. The machine went silent and the bald man changed the guard to 3 mms. And the humming filled the air once again. Without warning, he attacked the boy’s back, pushing his head forward. He buzzed high, higher, so very high, without mercy before he attacked the right and after that the left side. That was a seriously short haircut! Suddenly, silence filled the band again, ended by the deep voice of the bald man. “So, Robin, we are done. In the wardrobe over there you find a mirror. Go, look at you!” Shaking, with hair falling from his body like leaved in autumn, he walked to the old wardrobe and opened the shrieking wooden door. And then, he saw himself. He couldn´t believe it. The guy staring back at him was a total stranger. In the mirror, there was a guy with a recon, 3mm sides, 12mm, no blending at all, just a hard line. Gone was the stylish out-of-bed-look. The sides looked greyish, with the skin shining through the short hair while the football shaped island on top was still super black. This cut looked very radical and gave him a brutal look.

The island on top was only 6 cm wide, the guy in the mirror looked brutal, like a Balkan ganster or young Nazi from Marzhan, Hellersdorf or Lichtenberg. Robin froze. All his life he had been a Zehlendorf Stylo, now he was a totally different type of guy. He hated it and he saw tears forming in his eyes. “So, what do you say Robin”, the old guy said sweet as sugar. “Please, can we do some fading? It looks terrible like that”. The bald man was suddenly right behind him, his large and sweaty hands rubbing the strange, short haircut. “That was not very nice Robin, I did such a great job and helped you with that ugly mop of yours and this is how you thank me? No fading for you. That is exactly how you keep it, you thieving pig. This is your first punishment!” Robin lost his nerves and stared to cry and screamed: “You are crazy you perverted asshole. Look at me, look at me!” Bam! The guy smacked him in his face, so hard, Robin saw stars. He grabbed Robin by his shoulder and dragged him back to the chair, a crazy shine in his eyes. The slim young guy had no chance. „Nobody, you hear me, nobody insults me or my work. But when the small pig is not satisfied, we shall make him happy!” He grabbed the machine again and removed the attachment. From who knows where he produced a bowl, a bottle of shaving cream and a one-way razor. Robin’s eyes widened in total shock. “No, please don’t shave my head!” The big guy looked at him. “Ok, I won’t, if you suck my cock!” he said already opening his jeans, the fat cock nearly exploding out. “But I am not gay!” Robin whimpered. „Good, so you can learn with a fat and big cock, the best way to start. So, take it in your mouth and suck it or I will shave you bald!” Robin wanted to scream or run away, but the guy looked so dangerous and he wanted no shaved head, oh no. But he was not gay, he would not suck a cock!! He pressed his eyes together, thinking of hot girls while carefully opening his mouth just a bit. The big guy was not tender at all, he grabbed Robin’s head with both hands, hard and painful, and pushed his head to his cock that forced his way into his mouth. Right when the cock was inside his mouth, the bald guy started to face-fuck Robin, hard, merciless and deep. Robin moaned in disgust and fear and nearly gagged several times which only made the guy fuck him harder and deeper. After what seemed like an eternity, the cock started to jerk uncontrollably and Robin was afraid the disgusting guy would shot his load his down his throat but instead, he removed the cock from his mouth and with one hand pressed Robin’s head down, rubbing his nearly exploding cock. And the, he came, shooting his hot load right on to the freshly shorn back and Robin felt it drip down his back and run along his cheeks. „Look at you Robin, what I mess, of course I clean that up!” He walked over the table and grabbed the razor cream and the razor and before Robin could react, he soaped up the sides and back. Robin felt weak, dirty and ashamed. “But I did what you said, please…Mister…” he sounded like he was very close to cry. “Don´t be afraid, it won´t be a bald head, but you did not like my cut, so give you my special. And now, shut up and enjoy it!” He shaved the back and sides with the razor two times, checking for any hair he might have missed. Finally, he rubbed in alcohol and Robin nearly screamed. “All done, now go and look at yourself faggot!“ Robin walked back to the mirror like a sheep led to the slaughter house. He looked so much more brutal, so ugly, it was unbelievable what a haircut could do. The 12mm on top, just a small island the rest just white, total hairless and smooth skin that shone. He tried to pull himself together this time. He kept his mouth shut while he touched the hairless head in disbelief. He saw tears filling his eyes. The old guy threw his clothes over to Robin. „Dress! I hope you are satisfied now you little recon-faggot!” Robin did not say a word, afraid of any consequences. Robin dressed slowly and automatically. “Robin, next Friday, 3 o’clock, we meet again for a refresh and some more farm work!” Robin stared at him in shock. “But… but this must surely be enough, please, don´t make me keep this haircut. I do all chores on your farm, but please allow me to grow my hair again! We have an important party next Friday!” That was a mistake. “That is perfect, so you can go to your little party with a nice and fresh haircut. I decide when you can grow out hair again. When you behave, I might be nice and lenient. Robin tried to protest again but the big guy yelled “You don´t have any saying in that. Next Friday, 3 o’clock, and woe to you, if not. I have the video tapes of your little action in our shop and I can still go to the police and call your parents. I have a copy of your ID, remember? But for today, we are done. Run. Just down the street, there is a bus-stop. In 20 minutes, the last bus leaves for Berlin!”

Robin walked over the huge farm premises, shaking and ashamed. The guy had given him 3,5 for the bus and – ironically – the stolen pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He walked along the dark path, hoping that the bus-stop would be easy to find. Feeling the cool evening breeze on his shaved backs and sides drove him crazy. Back in Berlin, he wandered around for more than 2 hours, hoping to avoid his parents when coming home, but when he entered the large art-deco house, his father was in the hall-way making a phone call. When he saw his son standing there with the shorn head, he ended the call and his mouth dropped open. “Did you lose your mind? What have you done to your hair??” Robin’s mind raced. “Dad, I can explain. I was at a baber today, a Turkish barber and he had made a huge mistake and had to do the best he could, aehm, and this is the result!” “Which barber? This is mayhem, and I will sue him!” Shit. He thought about an answer. “This small shop next to the edeka market, aeh, Ahmed’s haircut!” “Ok boy, go to your room, I will take care of that!” A week full of embarrassment followed for Robin who explained his lie to everybody, blaming a totally unblemished barber for his crazy haircut. He did not plan in going back to this guy. He had have time to think. He had sexually assaulted him. If he would threaten him again, he would explain to this bastard that know he would go to the police himself. It was Thursday and so the detective decided to get a fresh up at his favorite barbershop, Ahmed’s. He was a good friend and his shop was right next to his supermarket. But when he entered the shop, he saw packed boxes everywhere. “Hey Ahmed, what is going in here?” The barber looked like shit. “Oh, Lutz, it’s you. Seems like I have to close my shop. A fucking lawyer has sued me. I allegedly committed bodily harm to his client and messed up his hair. This lawyer, Lichtenstein called, believe me, he has relations. I should pay or close 5000 euros. And he wants to make sure that I’m deported. " Ahmed pointed to a large envelope with a few copied photos in it. It was the complaint of Robin’s father. "Lutz here, look at the guy. He said, I messed someone. Here, have a look at this. Somebody has shorn this guy badly. Check out the pages here. Shaved far too high and then without any fading. That looks very brutal and stingy. But Lutz, oh man, I swear, but this scally-recon does not come from me! I know my customers, all of them. "Lutz looked at the pictures nearly froze, it was his shaved little victim, Robin.

The deceitful old woman was thinking. He had his obsessive shaving fetish for many years. He was a shave and haircut fetishist. He was not only radically short on his own, but he was an active shaver and was always looking for new victims. He did not care about the men who also lived this fetish. He wanted real victims who should give in to his fantasies in fear, or even better, have to be compelled by him. Lutz loved it, but his fetish had turned into a dangerous hobby over the years. For days, Lutz searched the gay chats for victims. Mostly he was looking for young, mostly shy or submissive men. Like a spider, he lured them further and further into his net.

And Lutz really was experienced. He initially ensnared his victims and rocked them to safety. He answered questions and nourished their sexual fantasies and longings. In doing so, he drove them slowly deeper and deeper into his favorite sadistic eroticism. When the often very inexperienced boys finally gave in and wanted to meet him, Lutz caught the trap. He lured them to his lonely yard, initially deceiving them about the safety of a normal sex date. But he was a brutally sadistic fetish master. He usually anaesthetized his victims with drops, occasionally he gave individuals, often at their request, even illegal BTM. Once the young men were no longer masters of their senses, Lutz used them in his undisturbed and mercilessly sadistic manner. He fixed the stunned vicims to his stool in the stable and then deprived them of all their body hair. He desired to keephis victims, who had come back to life, in full consciousness. He had already done this, countless times in innumerable variations. He always sexually used his victims during his shaving orgies.

He just did what he wanted with them, and afterward he usually dumped them half naked and completely shaved in a parking lot from which he released his shorn sheep back into the wilderness. The remoteness of his farm, his carefully guarded inconspicuousness and his deliberate anonymity were his tools. He had perfected this game in recent years. Occasionally, innocent victims who were expressly not involved in the scene went online. Such a victim was Robin and such victims were his dearest, because they were not only unaware of his tick on forced shaving, but also unaware that there were guys like him. So unconsciously they reacted naturally and with real panic when he mistreated them, as he wished in his abysmal inspirations and introduced in his dreams. Of course, these real sacrifices were rare and therefore very, very precious to the old man. Robin was a real gem, an absolute diamond for his collection. And now, with this Robin, he had the opportunity to take one last step and go further than he had ever imagined possible. He should not miss this opportunity, he would take care of that. He wanted to take this opportunity to realize his last, yet unrealized fantasy. He wanted his own slave now. And he should get it with Robin. He would just have to do it very skillfully. Achmed should be another of his tools.

Suddenly Lutz said to his buddy: "Ahmed, I think we fix that. Come on, you can stay with me. We have to talk. " “Ok Lutz, I need half an hour. The shipping company will come soon and to pick up the furniture from my piercing and tattoo studio. I had to sell everything on Ebay in order to get the 5000 Euro. "

Lutz went back to his detective bureau in the supermarket and spent the waiting time with tidying up. When he had sorted all the files, he found a passport. He turned it around and a fat grin beamed from his face. It was the identity card of Robin von Lichtenstein and he had it in his hands. Finally, Lutz picked up Ahmed and they drove to the farm. The two had a lot to talk about, or rather to prepare.

Friday, the day of the party. When Robin came home, he did not think of going to the meeting with his involuntary new acquaintance. Berlin had more supermarkets where he could go shopping and his parents never went to this supermarket anyway, where this shop detective worked. When Robin entered the kitchen, his mother sat there. She had once again ordered her barber home. "Ah Robin, good that you come. Sit down! Pascale will try to do something with that hairstyle on your head. "

Robin sat down. His shaved sides had grown a little over the past few days. The stubble was about 3-4 mm long and Robin had black hair. Thus the sides, which had been completely blanked by the old man, and the back of his head were no longer looking so radical. Pascale tried his best to create a new cut and faded the sides into the top. The brutal recon had been transformed into a nice bald-fade by Pascale. Robin looked contentedly in the hand mirror and had a smile on his face for the first time since his last hairdresser visit. “At least a little more handsome,” he said to Pascale. “Hey Robin, you’re really a Stylo,” Pascale replied. “How did you know that this summer ultra-short is going to be totally in ?" Pascale had a crush for Robin. Robin did not really like that faggot but today he was genuinely thankful. He would be at least presentable for the party!

Robin took a shower and changed into his new, super expensive clothes. Then, he put on jacket and a snapcap. It was already 20 o’clock. Robin quickly gave his mom a peck on the cheek and walked to the front door. The moment he opened it, his grin faded. Lutz was standing in front of the door, in a suit and something in his hand. He grinned at him diabolically, silently leading his outstretched index finger to his mouth and making the famous gesture. Then Lutz started with his performance. "Ah, good evening. You have to be Robin von Lichtenstein. Look what I have here. Triumphantly, he showed the completely stunned Robin his identity card. You have to forget that in our supermarket or have lost it. Thank God I found it in front of Ahmed’s Barbershop and since I was spontaneously in the area, I wanted to bring it back to you right away. "

Robin could not speak, he was too shocked when his mother was already biting him. "Come on, Robin, thank the nice gentleman. Something like this is very polite.” Robin thanked him and accepted the ID and a small piece of paper. Lutz went and Robin started himself with wobbly knees, direction of the party. On the way he opened the little note. On the note stood: 19:30 clock, supermarket! And then another sentence that instantly rocked Robin. The sentence that Lutz had written read: If you do not want to come, you little pig, look into your mailbox! Robin immediately raced back to the house and opened the mailbox with his key before anyone else would. The mailbox contained a single sheet of paper.

On the sheet he saw himself in a picture, kneeling in front of Lutz and having his cock in his mouth. On the back was a second picture. There you could see the bald-shaven back of his head and the stiff cock of Lutz, who was just jerking on the shaved neck. It all looked like Robin was doing it voluntarily and in the first picture, even so, that he seemed to enjoy it. That could not be true. Robin had no chance in this game.

He wrote to all buddies that he had margin intestinal flu and ran straight to the grocery store. Once there, Lutz was already waiting. He just said, “Come on, you little lousy bastard, come with me!” Robin followed him and both went to Ahmed’s salon. Lutz opened the door and dragged the boy inside. He closed the lock again and closed the Opaque Curtain, too. The big room was completely empty. The cold neon light made the room seem even more spartan. In the middle stood a barber chair. Robin now began to submit to his fate. He stopped and waited silently. He was inwardly close to a nervous breakdown.

“Take off your clothes, you little dirty lying pig and sit down! And from now on you will suffer”-BANG- Lutz smahed his hands with absolute force in Robin’s face. In fear, the young man nearly jumped out of his clothes and sat down on the chair, naked. He feared that he would get the same ugly haircut again. "Oh Robin, little dirty, lying Robin, you did not want it any other way. Your lies must be punished. "He calmly took two metal clips from his pocket and quickly fixed the boy’s arms and legs to the heavy chair. “Look,” Lutz shouted, showing the boy his father’s letter to Ahmed. “It’s your fault, and you’ll have to pay for it.” Ahmed came in from the back room. He came with a large mirror and wordlessly placed him directly in front of Robin against the wall. “Ah Robin, I want to introduce you to someone,” Lutz hissed into Robin’s ear. "That’s Ahmed, look, you’ve destroyed this young man’s lifelong dream. Just destroyed with your lies. And for what you have done with it, you will now receive the just punishment. "

Lutz whispered into his ear "Look at you again and say goodbye to this Robin. You will never be that man again and most of all you will never look like that again. And let’s see if you recognize yourself in two hours. “I wish you a lot of fun Robin. Enjoy your change. You just have to let it happen with you.” Lutz laughed triumphantly at these words.

Robin sat firmly in his chair and had no chance to fight back. Ahmed went back into the next room and came back with a small dresser on wheels. Lutz stroked Robin’s hair and grinned at him as Ahmed opened the top drawer. Robin looked at Achmed’s piercing implements. It saw needles of various sizes, rings, plugs, tong fixation pliers and opening rings, clamps in various designs and steel guide bars. He could see everything so clearly because Achmed had already begun to get the objects out in front of him. Suddenly Lutz put the chair back back and stubbed Robin’s nose. “Enjoy your beauty treatment my little horny pig!”

Ahmed now put on surgical gloves and disinfected Robin’s nose. The boy was now totally surprised about all this. He had expected an even blatant haircut, but what the two were doing with him could never be concealed again. Achmed really enjoyed scaring Robin off with his devices. "Look, you little pig. I’ll introduce the part right here into your nose. With that I stretch your still too small nostrils a little bit. It’s going to hurt a bit, but we’ll both have to go through it right now. "Now he showed Robin the first needle. He had just chosen the fattest to freeze the boy’s blood in the veins.

"Now you know why, unfortunately, I have to stretch your nostrils first. This needle here is my absolute favorite. Boy, really, you may be lucky that I stab you with my favorite needle. It’s sure to make a nice fat hole in your nasal wall. That really hurts, but you do not have to be scared. You are in good company. So far, my sweetheart has made everyone scream, even the real freaks in my studio. So you can scream as loud as you want. We’re here in private. "

Achmed started his cruel work on the boy now. With the clamp, he first widened the boy’s nostrils to make room for everything now following. He did not do it very brutally, Lutz had previously restrained him a bit, but he did not exercise it with much caution, either. So, it was already quite painful for the boy. He moaned softly as Achmed widened the clamp in his nose. And on it went. Achmed changed the gloves and now it really started. He picked up the needle and leaned over the chair, getting close enough to Robin. Now Achmed put on the needle and immediately began to pierce the boy’s nose wall. “Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Robin shouted as the needle of Achmed was quickly, but painfully driven through his nose. The piercer now used a ring that was quite fatigued for beginners and the ring-opening pliers, but left the fat needle behind in the hole that had just been raked. The opened ring was now inserted. Finally, the ring was closed again with the pliers. Now everything was set and Robin’s septum was done.

Lutz, who had followed with relish, put the back straight and Robin now saw himself in the mirror. Tears ran down his face, not just because of the pain, but when he saw the fat ring in his nose. Now Ahmed took a clipper out of the dresser and immediately removed the attachment. It suddenly went straight to the point. The Turk put the machine on his forehead and “bbzzzzzzzzzzzz”. Zack had shaved a first big swath and Robin noticed immediately that this time it would probably not be the old haircut again. Achmed enjoyed revenging himself on the boy in this way, and was railing without mercy. On top, then again on the already very short sides and the back of the head, until only small stubble was left. Now they had shaved Robin completely bald with the machine. He had now gotten the dreaded bald head. Achmed had shaved him very extensively, carefully and neatly, and the clippers fell silent. Lutz stroked again and again over the freshly shaven head "Hm, like sandpaper. A cool interim result, Achmed. "

He turned back to Robin: "But wait until we’re done with you. You’ll be shaved wet now Robin, until we do not feel a single hair, not a single stubble on your stupid square skull. "Robin caught his breath and he begged his torturers not to shave him a complete bald head. Lutz stroked Robin’s cheek and wiped the tears from his face. "But my little pig, for what is still pending for you, we must unfortunately shave your skull completely, you’ll be surprised why later tonight. "

Ahmed foamed the already bald Robin head and let the shaving cream soak in. In the meantime, he carefully sharpened his razor. Slowly, train by train, he scraped the last stubble from the poor man’s head. When all the foam with the boy’s stubble was scraped from him by the razor blade, the barber foamed everything up again and repeated the procedure. He repeated the process a total of four times, then took a towel and wiped away the last scraps of foam. As a check, he stroked Robin with his hands again and again over the completely hairless soft head. "Everything is smooth boss. No more sandpaper, "he said happily in Lutz’s direction.

Robin saw his now completely bald and white-gray shining head in the mirror. He looked dangerous, wet-shaven reflective bald head and a fat septum piercing. But it just looked like that. Despite his scary skinhead look, he also saw in the mirror that he was still defenseless because of his fixation on the chair. He now looked like a strong and muscular skinhead, in fact they had just begun to make just the opposite of him.

Ahmed rolled the chest of drawers next to the chair once more. He searched something out of the drawers. Robin could not see what the brutal Turk was preparing for Robin’s next ordeal. This time Lutz stood in front of Robin and pressed his head forward on his chest. Lutz fixed Robin’s skull with his strong hands and that these were strong Robin already knew of Lutz’ jaw-opening forced grip on Robin’s first blowjob less than a week ago. Once again, an electric whirring sounded through the empty room. What do they want to shave this time?, Robin thought. But this whirring was different than the sound of the electric shearing machine. The whirr was louder and somehow higher. It was also much smoother and shriller to hear. Something was moved back and forth with the small electric motor of this device incredibly fast.

As I said, Robin could not see anything. Suddenly he gripped the boy even more tightly and Robin noticed an eerie vibration and at the same time sharp pain at the back of his head just above his neck. Oh god, he’s giving me a tattoo. He screamed. “No, you cannot do that, stop, stop you bastards!” The whirring and the pain remained. Lutz hissed at him: "Look at you little dirty pig, you have nothing to say about anything that will happen to you tonight and besides, you do not deserve it any other way. You took Ahmed’s store and now Achmed takes your perfect look and now shut your fucking fuck up and stop whining! "

Ahmed worked quickly and focused on his work. He used and changed different needles for the contour, then took one of the fattest bug pins to fill Robin’s neck tattoo. After about three quarters of an hour Achmed’s machine suddenly stopped. Achmed smeared some Hustle Butter on the freshly chopped back of Robin’s head and got a small mirror out of his dresser. Lutz immediately released his grip so Robin could lift his head. They wanted him to see it. He looked again in the big mirror and Ahmed showed him, standing behind Robin, in his small mirror his finished work. They had stabbed a slave’s stigma into his skin. On the back of the boy’s head, visible to everyone, was now tattooed in thick blue-black Gothic letters that to what he should be made. “Skinhead-Slave-PIG-Slut”.

Robin cried and collapsed completely in the chair. "Why? How am I supposed to explain that to my parents? "" Well that’s not our problem, "Lutz snapped. "You’re going to tell your fucking lousy parents something, that you’re a horny little gay skinheadsau now and that’s all up to your crap. And that it was your own wish, just like last week’s haircut. You are the best liar of us, so make something of your talent Robin. "" So and now you can thank us Sklavensau. "

Lutz loosened the clips on the armrest and legs and pulled Robin off the chair to press him on his knees. He and Ahmed stood in front of him, already opening their pants. "Ahmed, he does not do that voluntarily yet. You have to help out a bit. "He took Robin’s head and pushed him towards Ahmed’s cock. “Mouth open and blow it, you dirty little slave pig!” Robin took the cock in the mouth and the began to fuck him hard and merciless. Lutz jerked his cock himself and it was not long before he began to moan loudly. He sprayed his entire load of cum on the bald head of the involuntary skinhead and spread his warm sticky cream with his hands on Robin’s smooth-cut skull. Now Achmed moaned harder and harder and the cock of the Turk began to twitch. He unloaded his balls and his whole sperm spurted into Robin’s throat. Ahmed allowed himself a joke. He pissed on the clothes of Robin, lying in the corner.

But Lutz still had of his plan in mind to transform the boy into his slave. Now he had taken him so far that the young guy was completely beside him. He was just wax in the hands of the experienced masters and Lutz started the final part of his slave hunt by shouting at the totally intimidated boy: "So you sow, now you can go to your fucking kids party. Have been made chic by Achmed. And now watch out. Before we see each other again, you have to shave your bald head every two days from now on, wet and thoroughly. If you don´t do that, we have left many spots on your body, which could be beautified and remember your bald head is not the end, it was worse if no more hair grew on your pretty head right? You belong to me now and will do everything I tell you, my little slave. "

They just disappeared and left Robin totally smeared with cum and piss with a shaved bald head, the newly finished tattoo as his slave mark on the back of his head and the fat septum piercing in his nose. Of course, Robin did not go to the party. But, what should he do now? In the wet piss-stinking clothes, with a bald head and fat ring in the nose, he went on the road. He just wanted to leave. Thank God he had some money with him and his cell phone as well. He wanted to call a taxi, but changed his mind. surely no taxi in the world would take him, looking and smelling like that. Crap! He was totally overcast and completely desperate. His nose burned like fire, and his neck hurt like hell too. Surely this whole crap would ignite. Completely dumbfounded, he stroked his bald head. But why? Why did that happen to him? He rummaged for his cell phone and realized that it was not in his right trouser pocket as usual. That was weird, he usually put it in there. But it was now in his left side pocket. Well. It really was not the moment to think about it. He picked up the phone and thought. Taxi? No. But he could call the police. After all, the two freaks, those pigs, had kidnapped and severely abused him. He was not drunk and surely the cops would believe him. He dialed the emergency call and waited.

It took a moment for a voice to answer. Something was strange. But the suddenly sobbing Robin said: "Please, come quickly. I was kidnapped and … "he tried to explain to the officer where he was and found a bus stop a few meters down the street. “I’m at the Waldschlösschen station on line 314!” The man at the other end of the line tried to calm the crying boy. “We’re coming as fast as we can, do not worry!” Robin trudged slowly and snivelling to the bus stop and dropped himself exhausted on the bench. He thought about what his parents would say. On the other hand, he could take out the piercing, thank goodness, and if he would let his hair grow a little longer, he could hide the tattoo until he had done a laser treatment. Something that was possible today, after all, right?

Deep in thought, he did not notice that a car was approaching. That had to be the police. He got up and wanted to wave when he realized that it was a dark van. Well, the police would be coming soon. The dark car slowed down and immediately Robin got a faint foreboding. The car stopped right in front of the bus stop. Lutz jumped out of the passenger door toward Robin. "Oh no, please, please do not. They said I have to be in two days … "While he was still stammering, he had already caught a big slap. "So you wanted to call the police you stupid little lying pig? Do you think I’m stupid or something? I played around on your phone a bit. And now, barely he is outside, he tries to run to the police. No. It is not that easy”. Robin whimpered with fear and wanted to run away but Lutz was just too strong. He grabbed his arm, twisted it, and forced Robin inside the van. He was tied up with cable ties, his mouth was stuffed with a rag, and a black sack was put over his head. After a few moments, he felt a sharp pain in his arm and lost consciousness.

He woke up later when ice-cold water was splashed in his face. Ahmed and Lutz stood in front of him and grinned at him diabolically. “So, look at him, our little pig is awake again!” Robin wanted to say something. He noticed that he was not only completely naked and tied to a cot, but also had a gag in his mouth. "So, you thought you could just run away and whistle at the cops? That was very, very, very naughty of you. Don’t you think Ahmed? "He just grinned and nodded. "Well, I warned you. This was just a little fun compared to what could happen to you when you get rude again”. Robin whimpered. Lutz came closer to his face and glared at him from his cold eyes.

“Ahmed, my naughty slave belongs to you for now, you know what to do.” Ahmed had a hair clipper in his hand. At least that’s what Robin was thinking. What does he want to shave now, Robin thought. When Ahmed turned on the device, there was a very high, almost screeching sound, that was very different from the whirring of the hair clipper and the screeching of the tattoo machine. Ahmed approached and leaned over him. Only now did Robin realize that the thing was not a hair clipper. It was an epilator! He tried desperately to turn his head away, but he was just too fixed. Already the device slowly ate into his left eyebrow. His tears ran down Robin’s face again. Tears of anger, fear, despair and pain. Thousands of pinpricks maltreated him and it took forever. Eventually, however, Ahmed was done with it and wiped the place where once Robin’s eyebrows had been and now only a bare strip of skin, with a cloth. Robin could barely breathe. The cruel Turk was already at the right brow and the merciless game started again. He had a bald head and soon no longer brewing. Robin could not believe it. He would now be completely disfigured by the two. He could not do anything about it.

Lutz stood with his muscular, crossed arms leaned against the wall, the whole grinning. "You think that’s bad? Then just wait for what is still to come, little skinhead sow! Ahmed is allowed to be very creative on you today! And believe me, this is only our beginning! "Ahmed went to the small table and came back with disinfectant spray and needles. It began. “Oh no, not more piercings,” Robin thought. But he already felt the cold spray on his right eyebrow. It burned like hell because of the epilation that had just been done on him. Zack, the first needle came already too. Achmed drove her mercilessly with his practiced fingers through the flesh of his defenseless victim. He immediately took a second needle and repeated his cruel work again and again. And again and again. There were four rings on the right, four on the left. This really became a trip to hell.

“Well, slowly, we come closer,” Lutz sneered from the corner. Robin felt the Turk spraying the cold spray on his right nipple and afterwards the sharp pain. He whimpered like a kitten as the needle pierced his nipple. They did not give him a break, no time to breathe. The pain slowly filled Robin’s whole body with crippling numbness. He barely realized that Achmed was about to redesign Robin’s entire body with the steel-hard body jewelry. Slowly, Robin’s pain-twisted twitches subsided. He was granted no mercy anyway. Robin was brought back by the voice of Lutz, he now stood next to his slave on the bunk and already played greedily around his new toy, while he gave his commands to Achmed.

“No Achmed, just make take it a whole number larger, or better yet two!” Ahmed laughed and the pain became much worse shortly afterwards, but then ebbed off a bit. In his position, it was hard for Robin to see exactly what had happened. The strange pull of a surprisingly heavy weight told him that he had not just gotten a little cool nipple piercing. Ahmed had given him a big, heavy and above all thick ring. He had barely digested the shock, as the spray was applied to his left nipple and Achmed’s needle did her terrible work here too. “Yeah, fine, good!” His master barked out of the shadows as Ahmed introduced a very heavy ring into the second nipple.

Of course, it was far from over. Next came the ears. The entire auricle was plastered with rings and plugs, 10 rings on the left, 10 rings on the right. And he got 10mm tunnels. “You’ll see my little one, if we have extended your holes to 30mm, then it starts to get really cool!” He was crazy! Bad enough that he would have those terrible holes for months, but would never let anything in, he thought quietly.

“He is still too beautiful, our little one, but you have to be able to do something,” said Lutz, scratching his stubble chin. He went to Ahmed and whispered something in his ear. “Sure, that works!”. He walked away for a moment and then came back with the equipment he had already used for the tunnels in his ears. Robin also recognized the spreader, which he still remembered from his septum. What did he want to do? Cold steel was again led to the still hellishly burning nose. He already felt the mechanical pressure of Achmed’s instruments on his nostrils and bam, and Robin got punched plugs in his nose, a right-bam one on the left and -Bam- then one in the lower lip. He almost lost consciousness, everything here was like one of the most terrifying horror films.

He felt the needle, which dropped him into a deep, dreamless sleep. He did not know how long he had slept. When he woke up, he was still tied to the cot. Light penetrated the room through the wooden wall. Ahmed and Lutz were already or maybe still there. Robin’s whole body ached as he looked around disoriented. So, it has not been a bad dream. “Good morning little pig!” Lutz greeted him. "Today we continue, I hope you have brought a little time. Oh yes, I forgot, you have all the time in the world. "

So it went on. Ahmed tattooed him today for hours with only a few cigarettes and piss breaks. His right arm was decorated down to the palm of his hand with a tribal. Finally, Ahmed inked S-K-I-N on his knuckles. Robin was in a kind of trance the whole time. They had given him drugs. When Lutz took the gag from him, he was even too weak to scream. Greedy, he drank almost a liter of water and choked down a broth, which Lutz instilled into him. When Robin had eaten everything, Lutz served dessert. Quick and without mercy, he led his cock back into Robin’s mouth and fucked it. When he had thrown his cream into his slave’s mouth, he put the gag back on him and it went on.

By the afternoon, it was time for the left arm. Here he got a spider web on the elbow, again tribals and the word “OI” in a laurel wreath on his upper arm. On the knuckles stood H-E-A-D. What else. There was water again, broth and cream and he was allowed to pee in a chamber pot. Lutz and Ahmed disappeared for a while and Robin dawned. He was still dazed and could not believe what was happening to him. He succumbed. After a good two hours, the two men came back. Ahmed still said nothing and Lutz examined the work.

“Good, we will have reink some parts in a few days. But, Achmed it is already very nice, so, let’s continue!” After another few hours, his neck was decorated with a big skull on the right and a spider on the net on the left. When Ahmed began to tattoo his throat, his victim whimpered despite the dizziness, because that was hellish. A chessboard and dice now graced his neck. After a third helping of water, broth and cream, there was the already known needle and Robin was gone. That went on for 5 full days:

The chest was tattooed with a huge eagle whose wings covered his entire body and reached over his entire back. On his six-pack belly stood in fat black Gothic letters “Skinhead sow”. Even the shins and calves were covered with skinhead motifs all over. Band names, shaved skinhead skulls, kicking ranger boots, everything that Achmed could think of , he stabbed mercilessly into the virgin flesh.

On the sixth day, Robin got none of the usual sedatives. Awaking from the deep comatose sleep in the morning, he no longer knew where he was. He was still tied to a cot and his mouth was gagged. But something seemed different. He was in another room. White tiles in neon light. He was still tied to a bunk, but that was not the old, stale-smelling leather bunk, but a slightly newer model. It looked more like a doctor’s treatment room. The bright light hurt his eyes. Ahmed stood over him, wearing some kind of strange sunglasses. "Well you little pig, now we are slowly approaching the finale. Let’s see how you like that part, "he said.

Robin’s head, which had been shaved several times by the torture duo, was now covered with a cool gel. It felt very different than shaving cream, which he still had not gotten used to. Ahmed was busy with some medical device behind him. Now he put a kind of darkened diving goggles on him, as you know it from the solarium. And then: a hellish sharp pain and heat. “Shit, are you tattooing my head?” Robin groaned. He couldn’t see anything and he did not know what was going on. The whole thing seemed to take an eternity. Heat, pain, heat, pain. Only when the gel was applied to his eyebrows did he realize what was going on. But it was too late. He rolled like a worm, but the fixation was just too strong. There was no escape. Lutz’s voice could be heard from the background. "We do not want our little skinhead to get as hairy as he used to be, no? This is the latest from the latest. An ultra-strong laser, where used, nothing grows anymore and if it does, that is no longer worth talking about! "

Robin completely panicked inside. He knew he had been tattooed somehow, but it was all so blurry. He still remembered his right arm and somehow he remembered pain on his leg or stomach? No, rather on the leg. He did not know what was going on. It was all wrapped in a gray veil. He would be completely disfigured, completely transformed! They were depilating his eyebrows! But that was not all. It went on for an eternity until every spot on his body was struck by the hot death ray. Then he was lubricated again with some cream and then driven together with the stretcher back into the dark room. Ahmed fumbled around his face and suddenly, his nose hurt, as did his ears and his lower lip, but he could not say why. It was a throbbing pain, but nothing compared to the laser straight, that had been hell. How could he explain all this?

And why had nobody ever searched for him? How long had he been with these lunatics? One week, one month? A year? He had no idea. It worked feverishly in his mind, which was a little clearer for the first time since being held here in this hell. He had to get out of here somehow, but how? He thought of the tattoos on his arm and who knows where else. He just hoped his memories were somehow distorted. Surely, he could cover it somehow, until he could remove it. After all, his father had a lot of money, which had to be good for something. And these rings in the nipples, he had to take them out again! But had there been more? Something about the ears? He just did not know it.

Lutz was suddenly over him. "Well, seem you are back with us, sow? That’s good, because we do not want you to miss the grand finale. We still have a little something to do with you. Then you can finally admire yourself in the mirror. "Ahmed was just rolling in a large mirror, which was covered by a cloth. Like in one of the most perverted makeover shows. The Turk went to his workplace and rummaged around. He then put on gloves again and Robin saw the piercing needle again. “That’ll hurt a bit now …” Ahmed said and laughed badly. Ahmed’s hand in the cold rubber gloves grabbed his cock and Robin knew immediately what was coming. Nevertheless, he took a sharp breath as the needle punctures his cock to give him a fat PA, then came the syringe. This time it had been just a light dose.

“So Ahmed, you have about 3 hours, then we have to be ready, will that work?” Ahmes scratched his chin. “Well, at least I can do something in time!” Lutz punched him. “You are a genius, you can do it” and Ahmed started with the last tattoos.

When Robin woke up, he had a terrible headache but his mind was clear. He was still totally fixated, but the two lunatics had put the bunk in an upright position. He was now almost upright. The mirror in front of him was still veiled. His neck was tight and his heart was about to jump out of his chest. What had the lunatics really done to him? He was terrified to see what exactly had happened to him. Sweat poured down his body as Lutz revealed the mirror quite melodramatically. “Say hello to your new I, you little pig!” The cloth slipped off the mirror and Robin opened his eyes in utter disbelief and just wanted to scream, scream, scream. He was still gagged, and so only silent tears of despair ran over his face. Nobody would recognize him like that.

He was completely hairless, the missing brows gave the face something strange, almost expressionless. The shaved bald head shone in the light, completely hairless, though still slightly reddened by the laser. However, this was barely visible as his hairless head, completely shaved, was disfigured with tribal tattoos that stretched from “SLAVE” in the neck over his forehead. On the shaved sides of the skull the words “SKINHEAD” on the right and “SKINPIG” on the left were inked in Gothic letters. A tribal also pulled over his forehead and ended right at the root of his nose. Although the eyebrows were missing, he had a kind of perverse equivalent: On each side sported four thick rings where once his perfect hair bows had been. His once perfect, narrow nose was strangely deformed. On the right and left were thick black plugs in the nostrils, which made them appear thicker. If he ever took out those thick plugs, he’d have real holes in his nose! An equally thick plug stuck in his lower lip. He had a tattoo on his chin like a Maori warrior. There were so many rings in his ears that he barely saw his ears. But the most blatant were the 50mm tunnels in the earlobes, through which he could see the cot behind him. The septum had been enlarged again and hung down almost to his upper lip and was absurdly thick. His whole neck had been tattooed, on the sides, in front, everywhere. Both arms were inked and also the backs of the hands. He saw the words S-K-I-N and H-E-A-D on the knuckles and the huge SKINPIG on his perfect six-pack. As if someone would pay attention to those muscles now. The nipple rings were huge and heavy, pulling his nipples down. Even the legs and feet and surely his back were covered in tattoos. There was nothing to hide, nothing to do. You would never be able to remove so many tattoos. And then those fat plugs in the face, the huge tunnels in the ears.

The tears ran and ran and ran. "Do you see my little one, that happens when one does not want to hear and also lies. A eecon, wait a few months and you would have been the crush of all girls and boys again. But no, first you had to ruin Ahmed’s shop and then run away and call the cops. Ask yourself why nobody is looking for you! Well, that was a bit tricky, but unfortunately after the party there had been a terrible car accident with a taxi and a pedestrian, and the driver recognized you. You have found your identity card there. At the spot where you fell from the bridge and drowned. Bad thing, the corpse could not be found. Your parents were really sad. "

Robin’s eyes widened in sheer horror. He could not be serious. "Well Tom, that’s what you’re called from now on. You have a great job in a shop for skinhead outfits. Running away is futile, because we have a microchip implanted in your body. Where, I will not tell you and if I take the gag from you now, you will not scream, no one hears you anyway. "

8 weeks later. An escape attempt had failed and had been severely punished. The plugs in the nose and lower lip had been significantly enlarged again and now Robin - or Tom - sported tattooed sideburns in the form of Springer boots and a tear under the right eye. The tunnels in the ears had reached 65mm by now and Lutz had told him that only 80mm would be over. Punishment was necessary. So far, no hair had regrown. Robin-Tom used to smoke from time to time at parties. Lutz now made sure that he always had a cigarette in his mouth. “That’s part of a real skin’s attitude,” he told him.

18 weeks later. Tom-Robin did not seem to learn. Now the entire face had been inked, ears at 95mm and the plugs in the nose had changed the entire shape of his face. There was nothing left of the handsome young man and swarm of girls. During the day he worked as a freak in the skinhead shop, in the evening he served Ahmed and Lutz.

1 year later. Tom had gotten used to his new life. What else was could he do? He had thought about escaping again. He had only wanted to know what they would do to him. But where should he go? With his 105mm tunnels and the completely inked body, he had no chance anyway. And nobody would believe his story. He now smoked 2.5 boxes a day and the heavy beer consumption in the evening had changed his once perfect body. He had lost his athletic body and looked more and more like Lutz with his fat beer-belly. More and more often he found himself having fun in the evening when he served his masters, especially with Ahmed the Turk who fucked a skinhead. Well, it could have been worse, maybe.

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