Backfire, pt. 2

By screamingmoist
published November 16, 2016

Brendan falls deeper into his own trap.

To say that Brendan was confused when he woke up was an understatement. He’d only been asleep for a few hours, so his brain was slow in putting together why he was naked in bed with Tyler in his friend’s room. It only took one prod from Tyler’s sleeping erection to bring the memories back. His stomach dropped and his heart started racing. Though parts of it worked, the spell had clearly gone very, very wrong.

Yes, Tyler was irresistible to guys, but Brendan had learned the hard way that also meant him. And yes, Tyler was also susceptible to suggestion, but for some reason so was he. It didn’t make sense. The longer he lay in bed with his naked friend the foggier his brain got, so Brendan carefully extricated himself from Tyler’s grip. He immediately missed the weight of his friend’s arm on his chest but he forced himself out of the room. The shower helped. Brendan ran through the spell over and over again and he was so focused that it took until he was drying off for him to notice how he looked. He was running the towel over his wet stomach when it finally dawned on him that he had abs. Faint, but visible abs.

“Holy shit!” He wiped off the steamy mirror and stared at his reflection. He clearly had more definition all over. He flexed a few times, marveling at how even that slight difference made him look. Then it hit him. “Oh…oh no…” he stopped flexing and paled. The spell had been to give him “what Tyler had.” Apparently he hadn’t been specific enough. Yes, he was getting what Tyler had, but that meant he was getting the effects of the spell, too. The full ramifications of that raced through his mind as he pictured himself as the ditzy, gay boy toy he’d wanted to turn Tyler in to. He’d have to find a way to stop this. But if he did, it would mean losing the things he’d wanted for himself as well.

“Mornin’ little squirt.” Brendan didn’t have time to make a decision before Tyler came sleepily stumbling into the bathroom. One look at the sculpted, naked adonis pushed all other thoughts from his head. His eyes were glued to Tyler’s hairy globes while his friend stood in front of the toilet taking a piss. He blushed at the sudden memory of his face buried between them. When they’d gone to bed it hadn’t taken long for them to pick up where they left off on the couch. They hadn’t actually had sex with each other, but they’d spent several hours doing everything else. By the time they passed out there wasn’t an inch on either of them that hadn’t been explored.

“Is that my name now?”

“You’re little and you squirt a lot,” Tyler said, squeezing Brendan’s package. “Seems like it fits.”

As much as he hated to admit it, hearing Tyler call him that caused Brendan’s stomach to flutter. He was also noticing that his friend didn’t seem at all bothered by the night’s activities, or that they were both naked and handsy in the bathroom now. They chatted while Tyler showered and Brendan went through his morning routine of shaving and brushing his teeth, but when it came time for him to get dressed he paused. The thought of his boxer briefs was suddenly repelling. He couldn’t physically bring himself to put them on, so he grabbed a pair of small red briefs from Tyler’s room. They were tight on his bulkier frame, but Brendan breathed a sigh of relief. Until he saw himself in the mirror. The spell called for skimpy clothes, and showing them off. He tried to put it out of his head while he finished getting dressed.

Work was even worse than the day before. He couldn’t stop thinking about Tyler, but for entirely different reasons than the previous day. Worse, whenever he left his desk he could feel the other guys in the office looking at him. Still worse, he found himself looking back. He couldn’t concentrate on anything. He blamed it on the physical changes, but his clothes felt all wrong. It felt like he was wearing a tent for a shirt and pants that were two sizes too big. He knew that wasn’t right. He knew his clothes fit him just fine, but he couldn’t get the thought out of his head. He soon learned that Tyler was having a similar morning. After only a few hours at work his phone beeped with a text from his friend.

“Hey little squirt,” it read.

“Hey,” Brendan said back. “What’s up?”

“Nothin’…just wondered how your morning was going.”

Brendan was a mix of emotions. He felt a rush of triumph that his spell was clearly working. In all their years of friendship, Tyler had never sent a “how are you?” text to him unless there was a reason behind it. At the same time, though, Brendan blushed at the thought that his beautiful friend was thinking about him. And then he felt a rush of dread at thinking of Tyler as beautiful. “Better now,” he responded, with a winking smiley face.

They texted back and forth all morning about nothing, just so they could keep talking to the other. They were like a pair of lovesick teenagers. They’d even made plans to go to the mall that night after work since they were both hit with a sudden urge to change their looks. After a while it stopped feeling odd to Brendan at all. He was almost able to forget that anything out of the ordinary was even happening until that afternoon when his coworker Ian stopped by his office.

“Hey man, you catch that game last night,” Ian asked, sticking his head into Brendan’s office. He usually came by at least once a day just to hang out. Ian was a few years younger and fresh out of college, but he and Brendan quickly hit it off. The young blonde was a sports fanatic, both watching and playing, and neither of them needed an excuse to blow off work and talk about that instead.

“Uh, yeah, but I was only half paying attention.” Brendan blushed when he thought about what he and Tyler were doing while the game was on. He’d also felt a physical shock when he looked at Ian. How had he never noticed how attractive the younger man was? Perfectly styled blonde hair, bright eyes, pouty lips. A pair of prominent pecs bulged against Ian’s tight, fitted dress shirt, and Brendan’s eyes went wide when he looked at the noticeable bulge and huge bubble butt in Ian’s equally tight pants.

“Did I spill something on myself or do you just like what you see?” Ian had asked it jokingly, but there was a subtle shift happening in their dynamic. Things were starting to feel less like joking around and more like something else. Brendan caught Ian checking him out just as obviously. “You losing weight?”

Brendan pried his eyes away from the toned arms in Ian’s tight shirt sleeves. “Just trying to tone up a little.”

“It’s working…you look great.”

“Yeah?” Brendan was practically coy as he asked.

That was enough to shake Ian out of it. “Uh, I should, uh, get back to work.” The young blonde blushed and hurried from the office, leaving Brendan confused, afraid, and, surprisingly, disappointed.

The last few hours of the day were torturous. By the time Brendan left he wanted to rip the clothes that had been tormenting him all day from his body. As soon as he was in the car he actually unbuttoned his shirt but he had it off by the time he was halfway home. He didn’t even think twice about the walk to his apartment. He sauntered through the parking garage and through the building, happily shirtless in his dress pants with his briefcase slung over his shoulder, the strap resting between and accentuating his increasingly sculpted pecs. He actually enjoyed the hungry looks he got from the few men he passed, and he didn’t give a second thought to the women. All he wanted to do was get in his apartment so he could get the rest of it off. As soon as he was in the door he had his shoes kicked off and his pants unbuttoned when an underwear-clad Tyler came bounding over. He was like an eager dog waiting for his owner as he pushed Brendan against the wall and kissed him deeply. Brendan was thrilled, as much as he wished he wasn’t.

“Hey,” Tyler said, grinning from ear to ear when they came up for air.

“Hey yourself,” Brendan smiled back, his hands clamped to Tyler’s ass. They gazed at each other for a moment, each just happy to be around the other.

“How was your afternoon?” Tyler tugged Brendan’s slacks down and the other man stepped out of them, feeling like a weight had been lifted.

“Fine, just long. This day would not end.”

“I knoooooooow,” Tyler said, heaving a dramatic sigh. Neither what he said nor the way he said it were at all typical. “Hey, are these mine,” he asked, snapping the waist of Brendan’s briefs.

“Oh, uh, yeah. It was weird…I just couldn’t bring myself to wear mine this morning. Sorry…hope that’s cool.”

“Sneaky little squirt,” Tyler chided. “I’ll just have to take them back,” he said, pulling them down. He held them to his face once they were free and inhaled deeply. Brendan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The thought of straight, no-nonsense, tough guy Tyler huffing another man’s used underwear caused Brendan’s cock to spring to attention. “I suppose it’s alright as long as I get ‘em when you’re done,” Tyler said, pausing and looking Brendan up and down. “Damn, Bren, you really do look great today.”

Brendan looked down and had to suppress a gasp. What had been the start of definition that morning had blossomed into an official six-pack. His heart raced with excitement as he slid around Tyler to check himself out in a mirror. Sure enough, he’d become more cut throughout the day. What was formerly bulk had turned into specific, defined muscle groups. He didn’t just have big arms, he had equally developed biceps and triceps. His shoulders were starting to pop out more above his large, leaner pecs. Instead of looking smaller as it lost the excess weight, his ass seemed perkier than ever compared with his slimmer waistline. 

“What, you didn’t believe me?”  A grinning Tyler stood in the doorway watching Brendan check himself out. 

“Just wanted to see it for myself,” Brendan said, looking his friend up and down. He really was starting to look more like Tyler’s build. He felt his cock twitch at the thought and his stomach dropped. His eyes had automatically dropped to Tyler’s stuffed underwear, and even though he didn’t have a lot of experience with his friend’s body, he could tell the bulge was smaller than the day before. With everything that happened he’d almost forgotten about that part of the spell. And if he was mirroring all the parts of Tyler, that meant he was in trouble. He stared at his aching cock and paled. His already short dick was even shorter. It wasn’t by much, but to Brendan it was obvious. 

“You okay dude?”  Tyler’s smile had turned into a look of concern.  
 Brendan didn’t know what to say. The spell kept Tyler oblivious for the most part. He forced a smile. “Yeah, sorry…” Brendan stammered. He needed to know how much Tyler’s had shrunk. “Just making sure everything’s still there. How ’bout you?” He reached over and pulled down Tyler’s briefs, and his friend hardened almost instantly. He grabbed it and tugged a few times. “You ever measure that thing?”  

Tyler blushed and shook his head. “Never needed to. It’s big, that’s all I needed to know.”

“Come here,” Brendan said, tugging him along by his dick. He pulled a measuring tape out of a drawer and measured. 6.75 inches. His grip was enough to confirm that it wasn’t as wide. 

“Feel better?”  Tyler gave an embarrassed laugh while he watched Brendan do the same. 

Brendan wasn’t laughing. He knew he should have been just under six inches. Now he was just barely over five. And like Tyler, he’d lost some girth as well. He looked up, panicked, while he and Tyler stood there with their solid rods out. 

“What’s the matter? They look fine to me.” Tyler really was oblivious. He reached over and grabbed Brendan’s, causing his friend to gasp. “Feels the same, too.”

Brendan wanted to scream. He knew Tyler should be freaking out too, but just like the fact that he was suddenly fine with jerking another guy off, he had no idea anything was wrong. “Okay….okay…maybe this isn’t so bad,” Brendan told himself while Tyler stroked. “I wasn’t huge to begin with, and if I get a killer body out of the deal I can handle being a little smaller.”  It certainly still felt good. Tyler’s hand was electric. He reached over and returned the favor. The knowledge that he was stroking Tyler’s shrunken cock while the other man had no idea was enough to make Brendan shoot his load. 

Still, Brendan was conflicted. As soon as he stopped spurting he dropped to his knees and eagerly swallowed Tyler’s oozing cock. In less than a day his resentment towards the other man was fading. He’d started this whole process wanting to make Tyler into something he wasn’t, but now that he’d inadvertently been roped in, he didn’t know what he was feeling. He chose to focus on the warm liquid filling his mouth as his tongue wrapped itself around Tyler. 

“We deeeeefinitely should have started doing this sooner,” Tyler sighed, pulling Brendan to his feet. 

Brendan gave Tyler’s furry chest a pat and pulled his underwear back up. “Better late than never.  Speaking of…we should probably head out.” 
 Getting dressed was a challenge for both of them. Brendan couldn’t physically bring himself to put on most of his clothing, and neither could Tyler. They each settled on a similar outfit, looking more like they were going to workout than the mall. Each had put on the smallest shorts they had. For Brendan it was a pair of grey mesh gym shorts that only traveled halfway down his large thighs. They were plastered across his ass and showed off even his smallish bulge. Tyler had found a pair of old running shorts that were even smaller and showed off even more of his powerful legs. The thin blue material showed the outlines of the briefs underneath and were so tight across his prominent ass that they practically lifted and separated each cheek. For shirts, Brendan dug out an old, yellow open-sided muscle shirt that left most of his torso on display, while Tyler found a green scoop neck muscle shirt that showed off his impressive, furry pecs. 

It wasn’t until they arrived at the mall parking lot that Brendan even thought about their outfits. He caught sight of the two of them in a reflection and was mortified. They looked less like two athletic guys and more like two muscly queens. Especially with the way Tyler was walking. His friend had suddenly incorporated a sway to his hips, causing his already eye catching ass to bounce with each step. Brendan even caught himself pulling his shoulders back more than usual, puffing out his chest and putting a noticeable arch to his spine. The whole time, Tyler chatted away, completely oblivious. Even this was new. His friend was the strong, silent type, not a chipper chatter box. 

He was doubly insecure as soon as they entered. Heads turned immediately. He understood why. They were two built studs who were practically prancing through the mall. He would have stared too. The looks they got from other men were equal parts confusion, disgust, and, thanks to the spell, lust. Part of Brendan wished he could be as oblivious as Tyler, who had his charming smile plastered on his handsome face as though he didn’t have a care in the world. 

His embarrassment only grew while they shopped and he was seemingly helpless to stop himself from femmeing out. 

“That would look sooooo cute on you,” he said as Tyler examined a tight, fitted dress shirt. His face turned bright red as the words were leaving his mouth. Later he loudly chirped “ooohhhh, your ass looks incredible in those,” when Tyler asked his opinion on a pair of slacks. His friend was doing the same to him, and it wasn’t just their words. They were piling clothes at each other like a couple of teenage girls with their mom’s credit card. 

They quickly attracted a group of male sales associates who were egging them on. The trio of men, who looked to be in their early 20s, were soon picking out the smallest and most revealing items on the racks, which Tyler and Brendan would happily try on for them. Brendan knew what was happening. He knew the men were equal parts mocking and getting off on it, but he couldn’t stop. The knowledge only made him want to do it even more, and he flirted back harder. They left the store with several large bags and three phone numbers. 

“Dude, I feel, like, soooooo much better,” Tyler said with an exaggerated sigh when they got back in the car.

“I knoooow,” Brendan said, leaning back in his seat dramatically. “So you gonna call your new boyfriends?”

Tyler just laughed. “Fuck you,” he said, his feminine new veneer cracking slightly as a bit of the old Tyler surfaced.

“That tall one was cute though,” Brendan couldn’t believe he said it even as he spoke the words.

“I liked the ass on the short one,” Tyler said, his face showing no hint that his words were out of the ordinary.

“He liked yours, too,” Brendan shot back. “You should send him a pic later.”

“WE should send him a pic later. He really wanted to see you in those purple underwear.”

Brendan laughed but couldn’t believe they were talking about some random guys like this. “You mean you don’t?”

“You KNOW I do,” Tyler said, squeezing Brendan’s thigh. “You wanna stop for a drink on the way home? I don’t feel like sitting around the house for the rest of the night.”

“Sure!” As much as part of Brendan wanted to get out of public, he was feeling just as restless. The encounter with the guys at the store made both him and Tyler restless in ways they weren’t used to. They stopped at a bar around the corner from their apartment building. It wasn’t fancy, just a small “beer and a shot” kind of place. As with the mall, as soon as the pair of buff queens walked in all heads turned, especially the men. Their gym attire set them apart from the mostly jeans-and-tshirt crowd, and they’d only been at the bar for a few minutes before a pair of guys took up the seats on either side of them.

Brendan looked over at the thin man next to him. He had shaggy brown hair and a trim beard framing in a cute face with an easy smile. He was wearing a button up plaid shirt that hung loose from a wiry looking torso and a pair of loose fitting jeans. “Hey,” he said, his bright blue eyes wrinkling as he smiled. “Just come from the gym?”

Brendan instantly warmed up to him. “No, the mall,” he said, smiling back.

“That must have been some intense shopping,” the man laughed, extending a hand. “I’m Paul.”

“Brendan,” he said, his meatier hand swallowing Paul’s thin fingers.

Paul let the grip linger. “Nice to meet you. That’s Todd,” he said, nodding towards his friend who’d been chatting with Tyler. Todd was wearing a tight fitting band tshirt that showed off a toned build and a pair of slim jeans that bubbled out in the back. His close cropped blonde hair and sharp features were immediately eye-catching. Brendan could see that Tyler was already practically hanging off the man. “Can we buy you guys a drink?”

“Uh, yeah, thanks,” Brendan said, reflexively leaning in towards Paul’s stool. They sat and drank, making small talk and, to Brendan’s dismay, flirting heavily. His hand kept finding it’s way to Paul’s knee while Tyler kept laughing and leaning into Todd’s shoulder.

Brendan wanted to be embarrassed. He knew this was what he’d intended for Tyler. His plan was to have his friend become an oblivious, cock hungry bimbo. And even though he knew he was in the middle of that transformation himself, he couldn’t stop. When he heard himself actually giggle he knew he was lost.

“So what are you guys doing now,” Paul finally asked after the third round of drinks.

“We were just going to go back home…we live right around the corner,” Tyler said, batting his eyes at Todd. “You guys wanna come hang out for a while?”

It wasn’t even a question. The tab was paid and they were unlocking their apartment door before Brendan could even stop to question what they were doing. Not that he wanted to. The only thing he wanted to do, and that he started doing as soon as they got inside, was taking Paul’s clothes off.

“Not wasting any time, huh?” Paul let Brendan undo his shirt and pull it off, exposing his lean, wiry torso. He had plenty of definition underneath the smattering of hair, but Brendan still could have picked him up with one arm. He leaned in for a kiss but Paul pulled back. “Sorry…that’s reserved for my girlfriend,” he said, grinning. “How about we use that mouth somewhere else?” Despite the size difference, it was clear that Paul was in control. Brendan didn’t even flinch at having his kiss rebuffed, he just reached down and undid Paul’s jeans. Brendan wasn’t expecting the long hose that he felt when he tugged them down, and Paul’s smug expression told him the other man liked his reaction. It wasn’t as big as Tyler used to be, but on Paul’s scrawnier body it looked massive. Brendan went to work immediately. He was too far gone to even question the fact that he had a strange man’s dick in his mouth; he just wanted to keep going. He bobbed his head back and forth rhythmically, grabbing Paul’s small, solid ass in his large hands. Brendan hummed and sucked contentedly until Paul pulled away. “Geez,” he panted, “what’s the rush?”

“Just a little excited,” Brendan said coyly, letting Paul pull him to his feet.

“Let’s take a little break.”

Brendan turned and saw an equally naked Todd leaning on the back of the couch with Tyler kneeling in front of him. The blonde man had the modest build of someone who worked out to stay in shape but wasn’t interested in bulking. His solid cock was average length but thick as it glistened from the time spent in Tyler’s mouth. He and Paul walked over while the two strangers exchanged glances.

“So are you two a couple?” Todd asked, taking a seat on the couch.

“Uh, no, just friends,” Brendan said as Paul sat on the other end.

“But do you guys mess around with each other,” the bearded man asked.

“Do you want us to?” Tyler looked over at Brendan with a slight smile.

Todd and Paul exchanged a similar look. “I mean, you guys are still dressed. Maybe you can help each other with that?” Todd settled back, knowing it wasn’t really a question.

Tyler didn’t say anything, he just turned and wrapped his sculpted arms around Brendan and started kissing his friend. Brendan returned the gesture, his hands grabbing the bottom of Tyler’s shirt. He slowly lifted it up, exposing Tyler’s hairy, shredded abs bit by bit. When it was pulled free Tyler took a more dramatic approach. He grabbed Brendan’s shirt by the collar and literally tore it off before roughly massaging Brendan’s prominent pecs and kissing his neck. The men on the couch were jerking themselves while they watched Tyler and Brendan paw at each other.

“Fuck, man, look at those two,” Todd whistled as they stripped each other down to their briefs and flexed. The two stripping men were chiseled from head to toe. “Think they do anything other than work out?”

“And suck dick?” Paul laughed.

“You guys didn’t seem to mind earlier,” Tyler chided while Brendan pulled his briefs down.

“We are NOT complaining,” Todd said, his eyes going wide at the sight of Tyler’s perfect, naked body. The hairy stud flexed and wagged his rigid pole while he turned in a circle so the two men could get a look at his large, round cheeks. Facing Brendan, he tugged his friend’s red briefs down and pulled him close in another embrace.

“Big muscles, little dick,” Paul said smugly at the sight of Brendan’s stout little cock. Brendan wanted to panic again when he looked down and saw that his dick was even smaller than it was a few hours ago. So was Tyler’s. “Hey, I’m just fuckin’ with ya,” Paul said, misreading Brendan’s worried expression. He got up and wrapped his arms around Brendan’s shrunken waist from behind, grinding his hard cock against the other man’s perky bubble. “I’m not interested in that anyway. I’m here for the cake.”

That was enough to get Brendan’s attention. The last thing he wanted was to get fucked by a stranger, but you’d never know it by the way he calmly let Paul bend him over against the couch. Tyler was guided into a similar position next to him, but his friend was all eager smiles while Todd lined up behind him. Brendan had no idea what to expect, but it wasn’t the blinding pain he experienced. He gasped wordlessly while Tyler did the same. He thought his eyes would bug out of his skull as Paul slowly worked in deeper.

“Holy shit you’re tight,” Paul said admiringly, slapping one of Brendan’s cheeks.

“Dude, so’s this one,” Todd said. Instead of getting angry at being talked about like a piece of meat, it just turned Brendan on. He ignored the pain and wiggled his hips, causing Paul to plunge in and out roughly.

“MmmmMMmmm…” Brendan purred, wriggling more. “It feels….so…big…” he grunted while Paul fell into a rhythm.

“That’s ‘cause it is, little guy,” he said condescendingly, his bony hips pumping back and forth.

On the other side, Tyler was working up into a frenzy. He’d started groaning quietly, but that had quickly turned into a series of loud moans. “Oohhh…fuck…fuuuuuck…” he whimpered, his meaty, hairy pecs bouncing as Todd pounded. “UUhhh…yes…yesss…YEESSS….fuck…fuck…” His voice rose higher and higher. “Harder….har…HARDER…fuck me…come on…yeesss…”

His friend’s pleading whimpers drove Brendan on. “Oh shit…shit…jesus…ohhh…OOHHHH….I’m gonna…gonna…UUUUNnnggggg!” His knees buckled and the room spun. The floor dropped out from underneath him while his body was wracked with a wave of intense pleasure. He didn’t even notice Paul cumming inside him until the other man stopped pumping and leaned on his broad back.

They caught their breath while Todd finished. Tyler had apparently cum already and was letting Todd finish pumping into him with a blissful look on his face. “Ohhhh…oh fuck…fucking…stud…can’t…ohhh…” Todd’s small ass flexed, dimpling on the sides as he stuck Tyler one last time. “GGuuuuuhhh!” Tyler’s eyes went wide as he was filled, a sleepy grin spreading across his face.

There was only panting as Todd and Paul pulled out and Brendan and Tyler collapsed on the couch.

“That was fun, fellas,” Todd said as he got dressed. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

“Any time,” Brendan said, flexing his tired arms seductively. “We’ll have to switch next time.”

“Oohh…I look forward to that,” Todd laughed. He and Paul left, leaving Brendan and Tyler in a naked heap on the couch.

“Holy shit,” Brendan finally said after the two had left.

“I know, right?” Tyler stretched his broad frame and draped an arm around Brendan. “Those guys were good. That skinny guy looked like he knew how to use that thing.”

“He sure did. It was massive.” Then Brendan remembered what he’d seen. He hopped up and ran over to the measuring tape. His cock perked right back up and he stared in shock at his four and a half inches.

“Again?” Tyler came up behind Brendan and looked over his shoulder. “Looks the same.” He grabbed his semi-hard cock and stroked it a few times until he was solid again. “See? Same here, too.” He had no way of knowing that his just over five and a half inch dick was very much different. “Are you hungry? I. Am. Starving.”

Brendan just nodded numbly while Tyler started flitting around the kitchen. He left his friend to cook while he cleaned himself up. “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit,” he stammered in the shower. He’d just been fucked by strange men. His dick was shrinking. He was acting very stereotypically gay. And he barely felt the emotions that had started all this in the first place. Now the resentment only cropped up as something he remembered experiencing, not something he currently felt. When he thought about Tyler now he just felt butterflies in his stomach and an overwhelming affection. “What the fuck did I get myself into?” He laughed as he said it, unsure exactly how he should feel. He toweled off, wincing as he dried his shrunken cock, and sauntered back out into the other room, naked.

“Oh, good, food should be done in a few minutes. I’m gonna rinse off too.” Tyler scampered over to the bathroom. “Oh! Let me see those purple ones,” he called from the shower.

Brendan’s anxiety was already gone. He rummaged through their bags until he found the tiny purple bikini briefs. Instead of the embarrassment he’d have felt as recently as yesterday, he just felt sexy as he pulled the skimpy underwear on. Even with his shrunken package the pouch came to just above the base of his small dick. The thin straps of the waistband accentuated his rigid obliques and showed off his sturdy thighs, while the small patch of fabric at the back left most of his now-sculpted ass on display. There was no way he ever would have worn something like this before, no matter how hot the girl was. But now he strutted around the apartment feeling nothing but sexy.

“Daaaaaaaaamn, Bren,” Tyler whistled from across the apartment as soon as he saw his friend. He came over and looked him up and down, making him turn in a circle for him. “You are one sexy little squirt.” Brendan melted as he said that last part. A flash of the old Tyler came through. His voice deepened, his posture changed. Then it passed. “Oh my god where are mine?! I can’t wait to put these on!” Brendan watched the hairy muscleman swish across the apartment and dig through the bags like he had. “Which one should I do,” he asked in a whiny tone.

“Ohhh, do the orange one!” Brendan said with a giddy clap.

Tyler pulled open a bag and slid on a bright orange jock strap. The straps made his already impressive globes look even bigger while it lifted and thrust out his package in front. Brendan felt a twinge of regret looking at the other man and thinking lustfully about what it would have looked like if Tyler had been at his original size. “Well?”

“Shit, Ty, weeee aaarreee hot!” They hurried into Tyler’s room and looked at themselves in the mirror, flexing and giggling the entire time. Brendan couldn’t believe how good he looked. It was like he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He was covered in rock hard, striated muscle. Veins stood out prominently on his forearms and his calves looked like they were blocks of stone. He could have competed on a stage. Even his face had improved. His cheekbones stood out more and his jaw was more prominent. Everything looked more symmetrical. The only downsides were the tiny bulge at his crotch, and the way he was carrying himself. He still had an exaggerated arch to his back, and he was starting to talk with his hands.

Tyler was the same. Whenever he walked there was a new bounce to his step and he was entirely too expressive when he talked. He was constantly rolling his eyes while he spoke and drawing out words that didn’t need it. And he spoke often. Where he used to shovel food in his mouth silently, now it took him forever to eat because he wouldn’t stop talking. Not that Brendan cared. He was having a hard time paying attention to a lot of what Tyler was saying, but just the sound of his friend’s voice made him happy.

“Fuck, Bren, I really wanna rip those things off you, but I also really like watching you in them,” Tyler said as Brendan cleaned up the kitchen.

“So watch me in them now, and rip them off me later,” Brendan said, swaying his hips and dancing at the sink. He wasn’t much of a dancer, but it felt good.

“Ugh, we really should go dancing,” Tyler said, dejectedly. “I haven’t been in fooooorever.”

“Tomorrow’s Friday, we could.”

“Yes!” Tyler practically jumped with excitement. “We can go workout, then work it out.”

Done in the kitchen, Brendan came over and snapped the waistband of Tyler’s jock before sliding a hand between the hairy globes. “See, I like these because I get to look at you in them AND get access at the same time.”

Tyler gave a squeal and flexed around Brendan’s hand. “Oh! I almost forgot!” He abruptly ran over and grabbed his phone. He set it up on the table and wrapped an arm around Brenda. “Alright, flex!” Brendan did as he was told until Tyler let go and grabbed his phone again.

“What was that?”

“I took a pic to send to those cute boys from the store,” Tyler said, beaming.

Brendan just stared at the picture of the two beautiful muscle men. One a hairy, olive complexioned adonis, the other a smooth, tanned picture of well-proportioned perfection. “Here, take another one of me from behind to send to that hot little short one with the nice ass.” He turned and flexed his massive arms behind his head, his broad, tapering back inflating with ample muscle. Tyler came over and tugged the already low-riding bikinis down a little further to show off more of the granite orbs.

“There we go,” he said when he was done. “He’ll love it. I do,” he said, giving Brendan a peck on the cheek.

Like the night before they turned the TV on and fell into a giggling heap on the couch as they texted the pictures. Brendan couldn’t believe they were giggling about texting guys explicit pictures like horny teenagers, and he especially couldn’t believe that he was worried whether or not they would like them. Spooning with Tyler, he quickly forgot about it. This time his hairy friend was behind him, and the last thing he thought about as he drifted off was how soft the fur on Tyler’s chest felt against his back.

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