Holodeck Whore pt. 2

By Ethan White - ethan@indieerotica.com
published July 21, 2019
Category: Brainwash   Tags: #brainwash #slut #whore

After a year of mindless slutting around, Ensign Aaron Whelk finds himself in Captain Cain Woodward’s quarters, where he regains the best parts of his old self, and keeps all the best parts of his new self.

The proclivities of the crew of the CSS Virile was not something that the Terra Confederation Starfleet advertised to the public, despite it being their flagship exploratory vessel. However, the truth was hardly a secret to anyone that knew where to look—and there was plenty to see.

The CSS Virile was crewed by a bunch of degenerate sex maniacs, none of whom could ever be called heterosexual by any stretch of the imagination. Cameras installed in certain cabins per their occupants’ wishes pulled in numbers that were, without exaggeration, truly astronomical, both in terms of viewership and gross revenue.

The Virile was rarely at port, and being in deep space for such long lengths of time wasn’t conducive to stable connections to TConn, the modern internet. In the early days, this was alright, as the many loyal and quite wealthy fans were willing to wait for new material whenever the Virile was docked at a Confederation port.

As demand increased over time, the status quo became untenable. The Virile’s leadership, given a significant amount of autonomy by the TCS admiralty, decided that it was time to take the media business side of the Virile seriously.

Starfucks was established to address the issue of making new content available while the Virile was off during one of its missions. Despite being in port so rarely, the Virile produced so much footage during its deep space stints that Starfucks would get enough material to publish new videos weekly for years at a time whenever the ship docked.

In the vanishingly rare instances when the backlog of footage ran dry, there was hardly ever a shortage of crew members on leave more than willing to show up and record a new movie for the fans.

As the current captain of the Virile, Captain Cain Woodward had had his fair share of movies put up on the Starfucks website. He was every bit the sexual maniac as the rest of his men, though for the past year, he had remained regrettably chaste. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but there was a certain burden of duty to being captain that wasn’t always fun.

“Oh yeah,” Cain grunted. He had between his legs one of the newer crew members he was sure would rise to stardom as soon as they docked at the end of their mission. There wasn’t a better cocksucker onboard the Virile, which was saying something. “Yeah, work that fucking cock, baby boy… Unhhh…” Cain groaned, as he tangled his fingers in Aaron’s mussed-up mop of brown hair.

This was something that Cain had needed for a while. He hadn’t had good sex in a while, which was difficult when surrounded by so many hot men on a daily basis.

During the first few weeks of the mission, Cain had actually tried to balance having an active sex life with the requirements of his station, but ultimately his duties were what won out, leaving little time for more than frantic quickies before and after working hours.

The first order of business had been to get the Virile out of the solar system, which was easier said than done. Speed had been the first issue. Unlike smaller Explorer-Class vessels like the TESS Proteus, larger ships like the Virile, with a lot more inertial mass, required a lot more time to get up to cruising speed.

The Virile had hit cruising speed shortly after they crossed the orbit of Saturn, which had left safely navigating the enormous shooting range that was intrastellar space.

Cain propped up his back on his elbows and shifted his legs into the air. Aaron’s thumb had been prodding at his hole for the last five minutes, and it had been driving him Crazy. He let out a little grunt as Aaron’s lubed finger slipped into him. “FFuck, baby boy, you definitely know how to take care of daddy, don’t you?” he murmured.

The Virile was self-sustaining and quite idiot-proof, with state of the art threat detection and mitigation systems. Still, getting the ship past the Oort Cloud required constant vigilance. While Cain trusted his crew with his life, any number of things could have gone wrong while they cruised out of the solar system.

If there had been a way, Cain would have gladly expedited the process. “Constant Vigilance” meant constant boredom, and gods was it boring to watch mostly empty space day in and day out. Unfortunately, there wasn’t exactly anything they could do, seeing as it was profoundly illegal to enter or exit slipspace from intrastellar realspace.

Cain rolled his hips, fucking his ass on Aaron’s thumb. Over and over again, the head of his cock would hit the back of Aaron’s throat, and over and over again Aaron would gag and choke on his meat, sending a thrill through his body.

“Mmm… You love daddy’s big meat, don’t you, you little slut?” said Cain, reaching down and rubbing his thumb in slow circles around Aaron’s cheekbone. The ensign had been sucking him off for the better part of an hour and those pretty blue eyes still hadn’t once broken away from Cain’s gaze.

“Mmhmmmphhh… I lawvh yuhr cahkkk dahdddy…” gurgled Aaron, the vibrations from his throat making Cain’s cock jump.

“Good boy,” said Cain. God he had needed this. For the first time in a year, he could finally have sex without worrying that some part of the Virile was going to explode and kill them all.

Cain was impressed with Aaron’s skills. He was even more impressed by the boy’s initiative. He had scarcely gotten back to his room after getting the Virile safely into interstellar slipspace when Aaron had appeared at his door, offering “Special stress-relief services.”

Cain had known about the boy the moment he joined the crew, and had hoped that he would have the chance to show the boy the ropes. Still, he couldn’t very well fault Lieutenant Chance Jamison for what he’d managed to accomplish. Aaron had turned out very nicely.

Since his transformation, Aaron had become about as bright as Cain’s big toe, but was every bit as enthusiastic to do his job as Cain’s thick cock was to be sucked off. Cain simply hadn’t ever received such a masterfully sloppy blowjob before. He could see why the other men had given Aaron the unofficial rank of de facto chief pleasure officer.

Cain grabbed on to Aaron’s head and pulled the little slut all the way down onto his cock. He could feel and hear Aaron choking around his cock, throat clamping and spasming around his shaft. God he loved to watch the boy’s thick, muscular body writhe on top of his sheets.

Once he knew that he’d held on for long enough, Cain let go, and Aaron pulled off his cock with a gasp. His eyes were watery, drool and throat slime dripping from his open mouth. But he had a grin on his lips and a wild look in his eyes. He dove right back in for seconds.

From what Cain had understood about the boy, the old Aaron had been somewhat of a shy and introverted nerdy type. he certainly never would have guessed, given the sheer gusto that the Aaron in front of him was attacking his cock.

Cain licked his lips and moaned as Aaron inserted a second finger into his hole. It was more than he’d taken in a while, so it burned. But he like the little bit of pain.

Cain brushed stray locks of brown hair out of Aaron’s eyes. Whatever intelligence had once dwelt behind them had been usurped by the vacant, feverish, utterly depraved and sordid gaze that was looking up at Cain from between his legs. He loved it.

Had he been at the peak of his strength and not near-exhaustion at the end of a long day, Cain could have easily enjoyed Aaron’s mouth for a couple more hours. As it was, he could tell the boy’s jaw was getting sore, and he wasn’t in the mood to push the envelope at all. Gripping Aaron’s hair tightly, Cain rolled his hips and really gave it to the young ensign.

“You like that, baby boy?” said Cain, ramming his cock in and out of Aaron’s throat over and over and over again. “You like it when daddy skullfucks you, huh? You stupid little slut? Yeah… take that fucking cock. Take it!”

The gurgling, choking sounds that Aaron made as Cain skull-fucked whatever dregs of intelligence remained out of him only served to make Cain’s cock harder. He quickly reached the edge, thrusting faster and faster, using Aaron’s hair for leverage to hold on to his head.

Cain couldn’t believe that he had been missing this for the better part of a year. As he spilled over the edge, he forced his cock as far down Aaron’s throat as it could go and flooded the boy’s windpipe with all the cum that had been churning in his nuts for the last week.

Spurt after spurt after spurt of cum blasted out of the tip of Cain’s cock, and he made sure that Aaron received every last drop of it. He kept the boy impaled on his cock, nearly passing out from lack of air, for the better part of a minute before he released the ensign’s head and pulled the boy off him.

“Clean me up, slut,” said Cain, gently tapping Aaron on the cheek. “You did so good for daddy, baby boy. We need to do this more often. I definitely needed that.”

As much as Cain wanted to keep Aaron in this vapid, completely subservient state, there were internal bylaws for the Virile that had to be followed. “I’d love to keep you like this, but I think it’s about time someone put an end to your hazing.”

Cain used his neural interface to order a mnemonic chip from the ship’s stock. It popped up on his nightstand a half second later. He reached over and picked it up, pushing down on the center of the little silver disc to activate it. A pulsing red ring, offset by a few millimeters from the edge, lit up.

With his interface, Cain quickly pulled up Aaron’s file and the log of mental and cognitive modifications that had been done to the boy. He quickly picked out the worst offenders and configured the chip to remedy them. He left in some of the better things, such as the increased self-confidence, some of the extrovertedness, and the dudebro attitude which was a favorite of his.

Once Cain was done programming the chip, the pulsing ring of red light flashed blue and produced a single wave of blue light that rotated around the center of the chip. As Aaron was delicately suckling on his cock, Cain placed the chip against Aaron’s right temple and tapped it.

Aaron jumped as the chip’s adhesion mechanism engaged, and Cain got to watch as the haze of lust in the ensign’s eyes gradually returned to clarity. “Whoa…” muttered Aaron, pulling off Cain’s cock for a moment before returning to it, sucking the last few drops of cum out of it more enthusiastically than he had before being restored.

“Ensign Aaron Whelk,” said Cain, “Glad the intelligent part of you could join us again. Do you know where you are?” Aaron nodded, Cain’s cock still in his mouth. “Do you know who you’re blowing?” Again, Aaron nodded.

“Tell me, how did you find your first year aboard the Virile?” said Cain.

Aaron pulled off Cain’s cock and wiped the spittle from his lips with the back of his hand. He grinned, looking like such a fucking jock stud that Cain’s cock shot right back up to full hardness. It was clear that some of the dullness had remained, at least aesthetically. “It was fuckin’ amazing, bro!” he said.

Cain watched the cogs turn in Aaron’s head as what he had said dawned on him. He saw the tinge of pink creep into Aaron’s cheeks before the ensign blurted out, “I meant bro, Cap!”

Aaron clapped a hand over his mouth and turned, quite possibly, the most adorable shade of scarlet that Cain had ever seen in his life. “I meant Captain, sir!” said Aaron. Then, quietly, almost as if he didn’t even know he was saying it, Aaron added, “bro.

Cain threw his head back and roared with laughter. Aaron laughed nervously, looking like a deer in headlights. Cain clapped a hand on the young ensign’s shoulder and let his words slur a little as he spoke. “No worries, dude,” he said, putting extra special emphasis on the last word.

“You know I run a loose ship here,” said Cain. “If you wanna call me captain, call me captain. If you wanna call me bro, call me bro. If you wanna call me cheap fucking whore, call me cheap fucking whore! But if you ask me, I wouldn’t mind being called daddy again, baby boy.

The stunned look on Aaron’s face was priceless. So priceless, in fact, that Cain just had to take a picture through his neural interface. The shade of red that Aaron turned then and there meant one of two things: Aaron was undergoing spontaneous evolution into a hitherto-unknown species of human-tomato hybrid, or he was about to undergo spontaneous combustion staring from the face.

“Aww,” said Cain, grabbing his cock and slapping it across Aaron’s face. “What’s that? Does my baby boy like being called baby boy? Does daddy saying baby boy make your cock hard, ensign?”

Aaron let out a desperate little moan that Cain had heard enough times in his life to know by heart. “Aww, did my baby boy cum from being called a baby boy?” said Cain. Aaron’s red-faced embarrassment was all the confirmation that Cain needed.

“Well, aren’t you a good boy?” said Cain, chuckling as he ruffled Aaron’s hair. “Anyway, call me whatever you want, baby boy. I don’t care. As long as you don’t forget who’s in charge. Both here in my bedroom, and on the bridge.”

“Yes, sir, daddy, sir!” said Aaron, grinning as he regained some of the confidence that Cain had purposefully left inside of him. “Um… I don’t know how to say this, daddy… But, like… The last year is all kinds of fuzzy in my head.”

Cain reached down with his thick, muscular arms and put his hands under Aaron’s armpits. He pulled the ensign up so they were both lying on the pillows. “Ah, yeah, deprogramming does that,” said Cain. “Don’t worry, you’ll get everything back after a couple days’ worth of good sleep.”

Cain patted Aaron on the head. “Speaking of sleep, daddy’s had a long day, baby boy. Would you mind staying with me for tonight? We can talk about whatever you want after I finish fucking the living daylights out of you before breakfast tomorrow. What do you say?”

Aaron rested his head on Cain’s pillowy chest and sighed. “That sounds nice, daddy,” he said.

The next morning, Aaron was a bit more clearheaded. He remembered most of what had transpired during the year that he wasn’t really himself. He remembered being a dumb piece of meat, empty-headed and slutty 24/7, with an insatiable thirst for cock. The recollection had left him half-hard and humping against Cain’s leg.

Looking back with the benefit of hindsight and cognitive clarity, Aaron was able to figure out pretty quickly how he’d gotten from the shrimp that he used to be to the veritable sex god that he was, now. While a small part of him was hurt at what Chance had done to him, he couldn’t exactly complain.

While Cain was sleeping soundly beside him, Aaron examined what he could of his body. He’d done a lot of exploring as dumbass slut Aaron, but lucid Aaron hadn’t quite met his new physical self yet.

There was something to be said about the effectiveness of the supplements and guidance that Chance had provided. Aaron had always imagined that with a little bit of guidance and the right dietary plan, he would be able to bulk up a little. Look like a runner, or even a swimmer. He’d never imagined he’d be able to pack on so much meat.

That being said, Aaron was still a little bit of a runt compared to the rest of the crew members of the Virile. He wasn’t complaining. He actually liked being smaller than everyone. It made him feel nice and safe and protected. Cain, especially, the captain, exuded an aura that just wrapped Aaron in a nice comfortable blanket of security.

Aaron found that he was just as sharp as he used to be. Maybe even sharper. Contrary to atrophying his cognitive faculties, his year of being nothing but a meathead had actually helped give his overworked brain a break. He was sure it had something to do with the psychological changes that he’d undergone, but his head wasn’t spinning with a thousand ideas anymore.

For the first time in his life, Aaron could live in the moment, without worrying about shit that he now realized he shouldn’t have even been worried about in the first place. He could think clearly, and well enough that whenever he thought of the difficult problems he’d had to encounter as part of his astrogation training, the answers leapt almost instantly to his mind.

For all of that, though, Aaron felt no inkling to return to work in astrogation. He had every intention to, eventually, but daddy Cain had promised to fuck the living daylights out of him. He remembered last night quite fondly. He didn’t think any of the crewmembers had ever managed to last so long in his mouth.

Aaron looked up at Cain’s sleeping face. He was definitely somewhat different from the rest of the crew members. The Virile boasted of a diverse bunch, but the captain definitely stood out among the crew.

Licking his lips, Aaron traced the features of Cain’s face with his gaze. Strong jaw, full lips, prominent cheekbones. He remembered how vibrant Cain’s green eyes had been last night. He’d looked into them the whole time he had Cain’s cock in his throat. They were very pretty.

Like the rest of the crewmembers, Cain was hairless from below the nose. Unlike the other crewmembers, Cain had a smattering of silvery grey hairs in his luscious mane of dark hair. The only blemish on the captain’s face, if it could even be called that, was a scar around his right eye socket that sported the telltale glimmering silver thread of a neural implant.

Aaron was wondering what could have caused an injury so severe that cellular reconstruction technology hadn’t been able to salvage the captain’s face when he realized that Cain was probably old enough that the technology had not been widely available at the time that he received it.

It didn’t detract from the captain’s handsomeness, though. If anything, it was an enhancement, lending his appearance a ruggedness that would have normally been provided by scruff.

Moving on from the captain’s face, down past his thick neck and broad shoulders, Aaron traced his fingers along the firm pectoral muscles he’d spent all night lying on. They were very comfortable, and the muscular bicep of the arm that the captain had pulled around Aaron’s shoulders just helped with the whole sense of safety that Aaron felt around the older man.

Cain’s stomach wasn’t nearly as well-defined as the rest of the younger men on the Virile, but he was no slouch in the abs department either. There was enough definition there that Aaron could trace his fingers along the grooves between the individual muscles.

It was as he was playing with the captain’s bellybutton that Aaron felt Cain take a deep breath and stir. “What are you doing there, baby boy?” rumbled Cain, the blanket between his legs rising as the monster between his legs rose with him. “I think that hand needs to be lower. Don’t you agree?”

“Mmm…” hummed Aaron, dipping his fingers under the blanket and wrapping them around the hot, throbbing shaft of the captain’s erection. “Is this low enough, daddy?” he murmured.

“I don’t know,” said Cain, with a little grin. “Why don’t you move your hand up and down a little bit so that daddy can tell for sure, baby boy?”

Aaron grunted as the captain slammed him against the hull of the ship. His fingers uselessly scrabbled at the faintly-warm, smooth surface of the metal. Cain’s hand around his throat made every breath laborious, and every ragged breath he managed to take made his cock jump with a thrill of ecstasy.

Cain rammed his cock into Aaron’s hole with enough force to smash Aaron’s cock against the wall. It was also enough to raise him an inch off the tips of his toes. Aaron was only glad that it wasn’t aimed right at his prostate because he wasn’t sure how he would have kept his load if it had been.

“Oh yeah,” grunted Cain. He pulled out almost all the way again, Aaron’s abused hole throbbing around the thick head of his cock. “You like that, don’t you, you little bitch? You like being treated like a nasty little whore, don’t you, baby boy?” growled Cain, his fingers around Aarons’ neck making it difficult to respond in any manner.

Aaron would have never pegged the captain to be such a violent lover but he enjoyed every moment of it. It had started out well enough, with him riding Cain’s thick cock on the bed, lube dripping out of his hole because Cain had insisted on filling him up with so much. Boy was he glad that he’d obeyed.

Aaron let out a strangled moan as Cain changed his angle of attack, his brutal thrusts now pounding away at Aaron’s prostate as he struggled to hold his orgasm back.

A framed picture of a younger Cain, on top of a nearby dresser, surrounded by boys that Aaron had learned were the captain’s actual sons, had fallen to the ground. The glass had shattered, and was scattered across the floor in little bits and pieces that were gradually being moved along as if by an invisible army of ants.

Aaron had noticed the picture while Cain was fucking him over the edge of the bed, and the captain had fucked him over to the dresser to introduce him. A small vase with yellow flowers that had been sitting on top of the desk was also in pieces now, the first thing to fall off as Cain fucked Aaron against the furniture so hard that Aaron had been afraid it would splinter and break.

A shallow gasping breath filled Aaron’s lungs with cool air as Cain let go of his throat. “Daddy’s about to cum, you little slut. Daddy’s about to fill this sloppy fucking boypussy of yours,” growled Cain, the fingers of the hand that he had on Aaron’s waist digging into Aaron’s flesh. “Do you want daddy’s cum, baby boy? Do you?”

“Fuck, yes, daddy!” Aaron screamed, as Cain’s hand on the back of his head pinned him against the wall while simultaneously, Cain’s hand at his waist pulled his hips away from the wall. Half-bent over, Aaron was powerless as Cain’s jackhammering of his hole reached a crescendo.

Both muscular studs grunted and roared and groaned like rutting beasts until Cain delivered a final blow and buried his cock as far up Aaron’s insides as it could go. Aaron lost his load, then, spraying the hull of the ship with his cum as he felt the captain’s own thick load spraying his insides white.

When he was done, and his softening cock finally slipped out of Aaron’s hole, Cain leaned over and gave Aaron a big kiss on the side of his face. He also gave Aaron’s ass a playful swat. “You’re such a good boy for daddy, ensign,” said Cain. “We should do this again sometime. How do you like your coffee?”

Aaron’s legs felt like jelly. Only Cain’s arms around his waist were holding him up as he drank from the mug of coffee that Cain had whipped up for him. He could feel the captain’s hard cock rubbing up and down the crack of his ass through the apron that Cain had thrown on.

“You know, if you want to take some measured revenge on Chance, you would have my blessing, baby boy,” said Cain. “I say what goes around comes around. He should spend a few days in the hole in the wall.”

Aaron shivered. He hadn’t thought about it, and didn’t really bear any ill will against Chance. But he did want to see Chance’s cute butt sticking out of a hole in the wall, available for anyone to fuck.

Cain reached up for one of the cupboards. The captain’s suite was far more than Aaron’s own. He wasn’t very high-ranked, so it made sense that he shared a common living space with a couple other officers of similar rank, but Cain had all of this to his own.

Cain pulled out what appeared to be a first-aid kit but for the fact that the top had two interlinked symbols for Mars than a cross. Inside was a three-level tray of glass ampoules that swung out on display with the lid.

The ampoule that Cain retrieved had a red stripe painted around the point where the glass was supposed to be broken. Cain popped the ampoule open and discarded the glass top in the garbage chute. He poured the contents into Aaron’s coffee. “Take a day off today, baby boy. Think of it as a reward for making it through your hazing. This will make sure you can fuck for hours on end without running out of steam.”

Cain picked up another ampoule, this one with blue paint, and deposited the contents in another mug of coffee. “This,” said Cain, “is a concentrated version of the compound that Chance was feeding you through your protein shakes.”

Aaron licked his lips. He was already hard, but as he gulped down coffee he could feel his cock get even harder. “That sounds amazing, daddy,” he said. “Thanks for the opportunity. Did you already send for Chance?”

“My pleasure, baby boy,” said Cain, reaching down and giving Aaron’s cock a quick tug. “He’s already on his way.”

Sure enough, a quick peck on the lips later, there was a chime to indicate that someone was at the door. “Come in,” said Cain, and the door hissed open to allow Chance into the room.

“You asked for me, captain, sir?” said Chance, before he’d had a chance to take in the situation. “Ah, I see,” he said, breaking into a small smile as he noticed Aaron standing there. “Welcome back,” he said, his eyes briefly flicking up to the mnemonic chip still attached to Aaron’s temple.

“Coffee, bro?” said Aaron, bringing Chance’s mug to the kitchen table.

“Don’t mind if I do, babe,” said Chance, taking the mug from Aaron. He took a couple of big gulps before sitting down. He smacked his lips. “Mm… That was tasty. Nothing like what you get at the mess hall,” said Chance.

“Well, that’s because I brought my own beans with me,” said Cain, taking a seat at the head of the table.

Cain had scarcely finished speaking when Chance let out a low moan. His eyes were glazed over, and he was fidgeting in his seat as he clutched the coffee mug in his hands. “Oh, so that’s what I tasted, captain,” he said, letting out a dull chuckle. He turned to Aaron, grinning as pink spread across his cheeks. “You sneaky fucker… I guess I deserve this,”

Aaron’s cock pulsed as Chance let out another moan. Chance picked up the coffee mug and knocked back the rest of the drink before lowering his hands below the table. It was pretty clear that he was playing with himself, even more so when he placed his feet on the tabletop.

Cain turned to Aaron, a small smirk playing on his lips. “Unfortunately, I have to report to the bridge soon. If you take him to one of the rooms you used to use at the back of the ship, a lot of people might want to take advantage. Do you want exclusive access to Chance for now?”

“If that would be alright, daddy,” said Aaron. He didn’t know what the captain had in mind, but if he could spend some quality alone time with Chance to make up for all the times that Chance had done the same for him, he would go for it.

“Come on, I have a unit installed in the suite,” said Cain. He got up and walked over to Chance, placing a firm hand on Chance’s shoulder. “Get up, slut. We gotta get you in position,” said Cain. Chance dutifully obeyed, stripping out of his clothes before following behind the captain.

Cain let Aaron and Chance through a nondescript door in the back of the suite. It led into a small High-VS holodeck like the ones at the back of the ship, but this one was clearly meant for more personal use. It was just large enough to fit a few people, and not an entire group like the the others.

The room was already set up to look like the one that Aaron had spent most of his year in. There was a wall going all the way up to around waist height, a soft bench for the “captive” to lie on, and another half of the wall that folded down from the ceiling to lock the victim in place.

“Fuck I feel so fucking horny, bro… Will you fuck me already?” Chance muttered, as Aaron helped him lie down on the bench. Cain grabbed the other half of the wall and folded it down. The two of them latched it in place, and all that was left was Chance’s ass sticking out of the wall.

Aaron licked his lips. Whatever drug Cain had given him was potent. His cock was so hard, he was sure that if he thrusted at the wall, he would cause an explosive decompression. As it was, Chance’s ass would have to survive him.

“Please, please, please fuck me already!” Chance begged, as Aaron stepped up behind him. “Mmm… FFuck, yeah!” Chance moaned, when Aaron slipped his fingers, slick with lube, into Chance’s twitching hole.

“You ready for me, bro?” said Aaron, placing his hands on Chance’s hips. He didn’t have the thickest, or the longest cock, but with the help of Cain’s drug, he was sure that he would be able to fuck the brains right out of chance.

“I’ll see you when my shift is done, baby boy,” said Cain, as he stepped out of the room.

“See you later, daddy! Thanks!” said Aaron, sliding a third finger into Chance’s hungry hole. And boy was it ever desperate for cock. It clung to his fingers, clamping around them like a vice. The mere thought of feeling that on his cock made Aaron’ salivate.

Aaron definitely wasn’t the shy little runt that he had been, once upon a time. He had realized his potential, and now there was nowhere to go but up. He pulled his fingers out of Chance’s winking jockpussy and lined his cock up with the stud’s hole.

With no warning other than a grunt, Aaron snapped his hips forward and buried his entire length in Chance’s more-than-eager pucker. Something wet and sticky splattered the inside of Aaron’s thigh as Chance immediately came. If that was a sign of what was to come, Aaron knew he was going to enjoy his special day with Chance immensely.

I know I didn’t make any promises, but I wanted to continue Aaron’s story a fair bit, so there it was. Part 2 of Holodeck Whore. Written in a frenzy over ~6 hours. I really enjoyed it! Though I don’t know if it’s for everyone. I’m not sure if I’ll continue this since this actually feels like a nice stopping point.

What did you think? I’d love to know your thoughts. Sidenote, if you caught the part where I tied the story of Project RE:GENESIS in with this one, you’ve got a very sharp eye and a keen memory!

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