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Brain to Brawn

By Insignia
published July 21, 2019

Time to shut down the Math Professor.

Always a fan of Derek Williams so decided to contribute to the series. Enjoy!

“And that is why to solve for y, you need to take the square root of the length and brea…”

The rest of the words could have been in Spanish and I would not have noticed. Chad and Brody and I were stuck in the middle of Professor Brane’s math lecture, listening to the old geezer drone on and on. Sitting at the back of the lecture halls, we still stood out like sore thumbs, our jacked out muscled bods stuffed into tiny chairs, our pecs pushing against the side tables. Normally at this time, we would be blasting delts and smashing quads in the gym but the headmaster told us if we missed any more classes they were going to close down the frat and so Jake convinced us bros to show up. Despite the chilly air conditioner, we remain in our sleeveless Underarmour and Nike compression tees and tights, keeping each other warm by edging each other’s dicks under the tables. Oh man I was so close. Just a little more and I’m gonna…

“Come on now, we are waiting Mr Callaghan.”

I emerged from my sexual haze and stood up, my dick so hard it almost broke the side table on standing up, and creating a clearly visible tent on my compression shorts.

“Sup, prof?”

“What is up is our lesson Mr Callaghan. Precious learning time wasted waiting on an intelligent response from you that I knew was wishful thinking on my part. Why the headmaster insists on keeping you and your Neanderthal friends in my class I will never understand. All of you are to stay back after class for a word. The rest of you are dismissed.”

The rest of the class filed out of the room, leaving us no protection against the steely gaze of the Professor, which seemed to grow more and more intense by the second.

“This fraternity is the bane of the university! Mark my words, I will shut down this fraternity if this is the last thing I do! And with my influence in the…”

Suddenly he was suddenly enveloped in a soft pink glow.

“Stop talking.”

No sounds came out of the Professor’s mouth, as his eyes went from conveying intense anger to unbridled shock and then fear.

“Woah bro! Good thinking brah,” Brody said, raising his hand for a high five.

“Honestly it was just instinct man. The old man gives me the chills. And no one talks shit about the frat.” I said before letting out a loud guffaw, returning the high five.

“Let’s start by looking at what we have to work with. All your clothes are gone.”

And with that the tweed three piece suit of the Professor started to fade away, until his bare body was in open display.

“Oh man bro, you did not think this through. That bod is sick, and not in a good way. Does he even lift bro?”

“Yea bro! He’s probably fifty tops. If he bothered to eat clean and lift dirty, there is no reason why he can’t be a jacked muscle daddy. Luckily we can help with that. Prof, you will gain 75 pounds of muscle and you have five percent body fat.”

Professor Brane’s body started to deflate dramatically, his saggy manboobs and rounded gut withdrawing into himself, and his double chin receding to reveal the defined cheek and jaw of a surprisingly handsome man. For one second he had the body of well-groomed intellectual who took care of himself, but then it started to pack on dense corded muscle. Huge broad pecs that extended like a shelf causing his nipple to point downwards, washboard abs and bowling bowls delts. Biceps and triceps that are thicker than most people’s thighs, and thighs that are thicker than some people’s trees. Lats that flared out into impressive wings and traps that swallows up the professor’s neck. When he finally stopped morphing, the Professor looked like a bodybuilder three days out.

“Now we are talking man! That is one hot muscle DILF.” I said, trying to contain my saliva and raging hard-on.

“He still wants to shut down the frat though.” chimed Jake.

“Oh yea I forgot. Well let’s make him so dumb that he forgets that part. Prof, you are as dumb as a blonde now.”

The spectacles perched from on Prof’s nose fell, but faded away before hitting the ground. He started to develop an even golden tan all over, with a tanline of a very tiny swimming thong. His salt and pepper hair shortened into a tight fade bleached blonde that is not entirely appropriate for his age. And finally his eyes, a dull brown, intensified into a deep blue just as the clarity was replaced by a deep haze.

“Nice bro. I guess we shouldn’t call him Prof anymore. In fact, Brane isn’t a name for a guy like him. How bout Braun? Get it? Cos Braun means muscle!” Brody exclaimed excitedly before bursting into laughter at his own joke.

“Haha good idea brah Braun it is! Braun you can talk now.” I said.

“Woah man, what happened? Why am I in lecture hall with you guys? And why am I naked?” Braun stated, looking at his chiselled jacked body and breaking out into a smile before trying to flex his arms and abs.

“Nah man, it was just a dare we put you on remember? You love the frat so much that you keep asking to join us even though you are way too old to join a college frat and would do anything we say. Including wearing our slutty pledge outfit all year round. It is your favourite clothing to work out in and you barely change out of it or wash it.”

Braun’s body get covered in a hot pink one-piece spandex suit, although covered was a generous term. It looked like a women’s swimsuit, and the back of the suit was cut like a thong which did nothing to hide his huge hairy muscled ass. His huge dick was barely contained in the pink fabric, creating an obscene bulge showing every detail. The word “PLEDGE” was displayed in bold black font both in the front and the back, though it was distorted by Braun’s massive muscle tits and wide back. The suit is heavily stained by sweat especially in the pits and crotch area and smelled ripe.

“So we let you crash our parties, but mostly so you can buy us beer, and so we can all have a turn at that sweet pussy of yours.”

The change was barely noticeable then. The back of the thong developed the unmistakable stain of crusted cum, and the vacant look behind Braun’s eyes were replaced by a hunger to be fucked like an animal.

“Enough words bros, can we go back to the frat so I can get sit on those huge dicks?”

“Sure thing daddy. But if you walk out like that you are going to get arrested, so let’s get you suited up at least for your new job, as our school janitor.”

A form fitting deep blue jumpsuit covered up Braun’s muscular body, the nametag with the words “Braun” displayed proudly over the left breast pocket. He kept the front zipper slightly lowered to show part of the pink singlet with the words “PLEDGE” and his huge pecs spilling out. And the suit had a hidden zipper at the back so the boys could always have access to Braun’s muscle pussy.

“That’s better. Now let’s get the fuck out of here.”

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This is a community series!
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