have you tried being gay?

By BlackShotEyes published November 14, 2016

A straight freshman just had a bad breakup. He decided to have some bro-time his best friend in order to forget the pain. Little did they know what will happen next..

" I knew it. I should have not trusted you." said Keith

" I’m sorry, babe. I made a mistake. I felt really lonely this past few months. " replied Rebecca.

" What the fuck? So you are punishing me by sleeping with another guy? I was so faithful to you. You even got pregnant with his child. What the hell. Don’t you guys even use condom? How does it feel to be pregnant and helpless now huh? " Keith shouted at Rebecca while barely holding his tears.

" I have always want what is best for you. I became nice for you and you repay me this way? " Keith added.

Rebecca still sobbing with her eyes red and kneeling down under Keith. She did not want any of this. She just suddenly felt like it. That one fine sunday, where she went out to the market and saw her ex-boyfriend. They chatted and went to a secluded area in the park without apparent reason. A sudden lust took over her and she had the best sex with him. Until today she still feels guilty about it.

“Goodbye Rebecca. I hope he made you happy.” Keith gave one last look and went to his seperate ways.

Keith was depressed, heartbroken and every other negative feeling mixed into one. He needed someone to talk to him as he is starting to get suicidal thoughts. He took out his phone and texted Marco, his best friend since primary school. Marco and Keith practically were best friend for life. It happen when both of them were 13. Marco was always grumpy in school and always get into fights but he always manage to survive through those ordeals. This made Marco a lonely person due to his anger issues. Keith was his only friend that always talks to him and made sure he felt welcome. After one emotional night where Keith and Marco talked about their family, Marco revealed that he comes from a divorce family. He misses his dad and his mom is not always at home. Marco’s sister even ignore him most of the time. This was the reason why Marco acted such a way. Keith console him and reveals he too is experiencing the same thing. Since that night, Marco knew that Keith is to be trusted. Both of them even got involved in swimming. When they first met, Marco was this chubby kid who was short while Keith has a lean body. Now, Marco is 6ft and has a very broad shoulders and lean voice. He has visible abs and has nice treasure trail going on. Marco has also one of the sexy deep voice. Marco’s favourite features to get girls and sweettalk to teachers. Keith on the other hand only grew to be 5ft 7 and has a stocky built. He blame his short height on lifting such a young age. But what Keith lack in height he make it up for his beautiful skin and intelligence. He is a public speaker and scores well for his high school examination. Both were fine looking man, something like the Supernatural brothers. But Keith is a homophobe. He always advocate against same sex marriage and actively make hate speech about them. In Keith’s perspective, being a gay is someone’s lifestyle, you can change.

Keith received a text from Marco telling him to come over. He then walked over to Marco’s apartment which was just 10 minutes away. Keith felt a weird tingle as he was about to approach Marco’s apartment. He quickly dismissed it as being cold.

[Marco’s room]

Keith knocked on Marco’s door and as Marco opened it, he was weirded out on why Keith looked sad.

Marco: hey man, come in! Why such a long face asshole? She didn’t want to fuck you?

Keith: Fuck you. I just broke up man.

Marco: (feels guilty) I’m sorry man. I didn’t know. What’s up buddy, I’m here to listen?

Keith: I just feel very betrayed right now. how could she cheat on me? i was so good to her.

Marco: There there buddy. Sometimes this bitch never learn to appreciate. You’re alright bro.

Keith: What did I do that made her want to fuck her ex? Does he give better sex?

At this point Marco put his arms around Keith shoulder trying to calm him down. This sends chill to Keith’s body and he felt surprisingly calm. He felt like he can really trust and give his all to Marco.

Marco: “Look buddy, you are the nicest boyfriend any girlfriend can ever have. Heck, you were loyal to her all the time despite having so many temptation. You were strong in handling her when she gets worried, throwing tantrum. Remember that time when you were busy and she was sick? You even managed to balance your time and….”

Keith listen attentively. He realise how sexy Marco’s voice is. Even Marco’s breathe was intoxicating to him. But wait, why is he feeling horny for his friend? ‘I’m not gay right?’ he asked himself. ‘but fuck marco, i just want to make out with you.’

Keith interrupted :" what marco? you felt that way?’ He brings his head at the same eye level with Marco. Marco: ‘Dude, not that close.’ Keith back off and blinked. What was he trying to do?

Marco: How do you feel now?

Keith: I’m feeling dizzy now. But you helped in calming me down.

Marco: I might just have calm you too much

He said, while pointing to Keith’s obvious boner.

Keith was shy and tried to cover his boner. Marco decide to grab Keith boner. ‘You like me eh? Let me give you a blowjob’ Instantly, Keith obeyed and removed his hands from his crotch. Marco slowly tried to touch Keith’s boner in hopes that Keith will stop him. Surprisingly, Keith just stayed still with his eyes close and hands by his side.

Marco: you really want me to touch you huh? how about this?

Marco grab Keith’s penis and rub the tip. Marco loves his dickhead rub this way. All of his girlfriend know this and do it on Marco’s penis. As Marco was rubbing Keith’s boner, Keith felt hornier as the longer Marco rubbed it. He started to move his his slightly to savour the feeling. "omg, why am i so horny? i just want to make out with marco.’ Keith looked at Marco and kissed him passionately. Keith felt Marco up by touching his nipples and his body. Marco was overcome by the feelings and reciprocated . Marco started to feel horny and speed up his jerking speed on Keith’s penis. Suddenly, Marco pushed Keith away.

Marco: What the fuck was that? Did we just made out?

Keith looked confused and said: " what? dude, i could not control myself. beside your dick seems to be standing proudly." Marco immediately covered his crotch. Marco was embarassed that he enjoyed it.

Keith: Come sit with me and talk to me about it.

Marco: okay but i will sit far away from you.

Marco sat by the couch.

Keith: I dont know what happen. But it felt really good. Although i dont want to admit it. For fuck sake, sit closer to me. I dont want to shout.

Marco came nearer and stand infront of Keith. Keith started to look at Marco’s crotch and wondered how does his friend dick look like and how will marco’s orgasm face looks like? Keith snapped back into reality and disgusted by his thoughts. but his hand starts to creep on Marco’s crotch and he started massaging them. Marco stood there wanting to leave but his body would not respond. Only his penis is starting to harden. Keith slowly opened Marco’s pants. By now, Marco looked down with annoyance and disgust but his body would not respond. Keith opened Marco’s underwear. Marco’s dick was 7 inches long. His balls seems full and he has a nice bush. Keith realise that this is his first time seeing his friend naked and turned on. Keith hold the shaft while his other hand tried to feel Marco’s testicle. ‘I want to make him shoot’ thought Keith.

Keith slowly lick his balls as he moaned with every lick. Keith then smelt the balls while slowly jerking the penis. Next, he put it inside his mouth. There was a taste of smega which turn Keith more. He felt like he is sucking on Marco’s essence. Marco by now is squirming but drunk with lust. His body felt so good radiating from his crotch. He suddenly realise how handsome Keith is. His muscular bestfriend. He wondered how does Keith’s dick taste like. Back in reality, he really wants to shoot but Keith deliberately makes it slow. Keith sense that Marco might not last long, he then quickens his pace while masssaging Marco’s balls. Marco let out an animalistic howl. He looked tired but which such a horny face. Marco’s mouth was opened as he whimpered and moan. That was the best blowjob he had. He shot so much into Keith’s mouth. He felt like he was in a coma for 30 seconds. Keith swallow it all and upon realisation puke out the cum. Marco overcome by the orgasm lied down. Keith was tired so he decided to join.

Keith and Marco looked into the eye and started to furiously make out. Marco struggled to open Keith’s clothes but finally did it. Keith’s penis was 6 inch but he has bigger girth. This turned marco on more and he wanted to make Keith felt good by touching his dick. Marco went down and put Keith’s dick inside his mouth to return the favour. Keith enjoyed it so much that he was squirming so hard and he jerk Marco’s dick.

It did not took long for Keith to shoot into Marco’s mouth. Keith was buckling and his body arch. such a powerful orgasm for Keith as well. Marco had the same reaction where he puked it inside the rubbish bin. Suddenly, Keith became aware and realise the homosexual act he has done to Marco. Marco had the same reaction. Both of them looked horrified on what they have done. They were silent the whole time.

Keith: errrr..see you next time marco.

Marco: I guess…

Keith left the apartment and felt extremely guilty. He just felt violated and felt bad for his friend. ‘To be fair, both of them came, so i guess everyone is happy. at least we didn’t fuck, right?’ Keith was trying to rationalize his homosexual act. Keith walked back home in confusion and guilt. Meanwhile, Marco was observing Keith. He too was confused and felt weird that why he was actually open to the act. Keith was homophobic while he was not but both of them are straight. Marco suddenly saw Keith’s ass moving . He felt a slight turn on. "i wonder how it feels like?’

There was a camera in Marco’s living room which recorded all of the scene. The camera was quite hidden and would require extra attention to notice. Behind the camera video was a teenager smiling cynically as he downloads the video.

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