The forming of a plan

By Cuddlemetimbers
published July 17, 2019

Ledeaux finds a small hut on the outskirts of a city, and decides it would be a good place to spread his gospel.

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The path was stretched on ahead, winding and curving down the forest road. Ledeaux could only feel ecstatic, the recent memories playing over and over in his head as his cock bounced and leaked profusely with each step. He remembered feeling his body change, and giving that same gift to the bandit not more than an hour ago. In an unexpected twist, when he finally spread the God Seed into the man, he noticed how his once oversized stomach had deflated, exposing his six pack.

‘Never remember having one of those,’ he thought to himself while rubbing his chest. He could still feel himself producing more eggs, and as more time passed, his stomach began to grow again.

It was now the early hours of the morning and the half orc could finally see some semblance of civilization. He slid into the forest, using his new appendages for leverage, and peering out from behind the thicket.

The first building he had seen was very small, and made of stone if he had to merit a guess, with a thatch roof. Outside was a clothesline with only mens clothes pinned. Ledeaux felt his cock stir and his stomach rumble, and stretch.

It was getting to be time to breed again.

He walked cautiously, using 2 of the tentacles from his back to leverage the weight on the ground more evenly and giving a silent approach. As he turned past the side, he saw the tall door with rusted hinges. No deadbolt, no lock. Perfect.

Looking past the small cottage he could see what looked to be the outskirts of a town, more buildings beggining to accumulate. He turned back, gripping the brass handle tightly and slowly opening the door.

Quiet creaks led into a single room home. To the left, a wood burning stove, to the right, a wardrobe, a table, a floor length mirror, and a chest for storage. Dead ahead was a queen bed, occupied by a man he couldn’t see. Approaching the foot of the bed, he watched in silence as the shapes chest heaved with each sleeping breath. He used one of his back appendages to remove the blanket slowly from atop the man, and with his free hand began stroking his huge cock.

The man in the bed was very skinny, and if he had to merit a guess, a Half-elf. The age was hard to tell, but the man looked as if he worked hard, tell tale scratches and scars covering his pale body. His hair was short, and his septum pierced.

Ledeaux smiled, he was perfect.

The half elf shuffled in his sleep, turning to his side. Ledeaux approached the edge of the bed, his cock dripping just inches from the mans face. He knew that even in his sleep, the man would be able to smell the God Seed. It wasn’t long before he watched the elfs smaller cock harden. It had to have been about 4 inches. Ledeaux knew now that this man would want him, even if he hadnt wanted him before. . His stomach rumbled again, growing slightly larger. The half elf opened his eyes, wincing in fear.

“I have a gift for you, little elf boy. Would you like it?” Ledeax said, cracking a smile behind his large tusks. He felt the ovipositor in his throat shift, one tentacle brought down to caress the mans face.

“Who are you? " the half elf asked in a panic, " what do you want?”

Ledeaux laughed a deep, hearty laugh. He could see the other mans cock begin to leak, knowing that his mind wouldn’t be his for much longer.

"I already told you, I’m here to give you a gift. " the half orc put a knee down on the bed, feeling the mattress strain under his weight. He grabbed the back of the elf’s head, and forced it to the tip of his cock. “What’s your name, little elf boy?”

The elf could smell the cock and feel his mind get hazy. The sight of a half orc in his home should scare him, especially one with 4 tentacles sprouting out of his back. But for some strange reason, he was heavily endeared by the man. He could smell the body odor and cum dripping off him, but he could also feel his cock harder than ever before.

“Eros,” he chimed quietly. “What’s this gift you want me to have?”

Ledeaux smiled again, pushing his hard uncut cock to the elf’s lips, but not entering yet.

“Its the power of a God, and I want to give it to you. You just need to tell me, what town is this?”

Eros opened his mouth to talk, feeling the cum slip past his lips. His brain felt like mush. “Waterpik” he spoke.

“How many men?”


“Is there a dock?”


" will you accept my gift to you? "

Eros stared blankly. “Yes master.”

“Good boy, open your mouth.”

Within seconds, Eros went slack jaw, leaving ledeaux with enough space to Nestle the head in. With a hand still on the back of his head, he began to force the man to swallow his cock.

Ledeaux wrapped a tentacle around the mans waist, and used the other two as leverage for positioning himself over the man. His throat stirred again, but he waited. He wanted to savor this moment.

It wasnt long before he had to stop forcing Eros, the man voluntarily moving from the tip of the cock to about halfway down. He could feel it stretch his throat out and he didnt care. He had to have it all. He swallowed all of the precum, feeling it come out faster and faster. He felt the large cock slip further into his throat than before, but never all the way down. He knew he should be running, but he also knew he wanted this more than anything in his life. Eros removed the hard cock from his mouth, playing with the balls as he looked up. Did his masters belly look bigger than before?

“I cant get it all the way down sir,” Eros pouted, feeling the tentacle pull his waist closer to the half orc.

Ledeaux smiled a toothy grin. “That’s okay my boy, " he spoke, grabbing the pale ass of the elf, " I know somewhere else I can put it.” Ledeaux shifted the elf so that his massive cock was bouncing over the elfs. From where he was standing, his cock almost reached to Eros’ belly button. He slid his free hand down to his hole and began massaging it.

Eros moaned, feeling the thick finger slide into him. Ledeaux wasted no time sticking a second finger in. He brought one of his free tentacles to the young elf’s face, feeling the ends of it begin to split open and spill copious amounts of God Seed. The others followed suit as ledeaux climbed in bed, slipping another finger inside.

“Little elf boy, you look beautiful covered like this,” ledeaux said, removing his fingers and looking down at the cum soaked Elf. Eros opened his mouth and began licking the seed from around his lips as more began to cover his body. Ledeaux climbed over him, putting a hand directly on his throat. His cock began to push against his hole. He was almost ready.

“Are you going to breed me?” Eros cooed.

"Oh, I’ll do more than just breed you, " he leaned in, and licked the side of his face, his long tongue snaking down as he moved to his ear. He retracted his tongue and whispered “I’m going to make sure you’re mine forever”

Ledeaux could no longer take it, he felt his tongue stretch out of his mouth and open at the end. He could feel his balls swelling at the sight, and his chest tightening. The half orc met the half elf’s lips, forcing the appendage inside. His stomach rumbled as more eggs were produced. Ledeaux pushed his cock at the tight hole, feeling it slowly accept the entry of his giant member.

The elf boys eyes rolled into the back of his head as he willingly accepted the seed. He could feel every inch of the orc sliding inside of him. He could feel gallons of seed running down his exposed thighs and onto the damp mattress. It wasn’t long until ledeaux was entirely inside him.

Ledeaux held his cock in place, his tongue freshly depositing seed directly into Eros’ stomach. He watched as pecs began rising from the elf’s chest, his arms growing quickly as well. The only thing that didn’t seem to get more muscular was his belly, which now was starting to jiggle. Ledeaux began slowly sliding his cock out, almost all the way, before he rammed it back in suddenly. He began violently pumping the seed in from both sides.

Eros was in heaven. His ass, while stretched to the size of a fore arm, had never felt better because of his new master. He could feel his thighs ripping as cum puddled on floor around his bed. He felt strong, and positively bloated. Eros brought his hand down to play with his cock, but was stopped by one of his masters tentacles.

The tentacle stretched and snaked around his pale thigh, whipping his hands away. It split open at the tip,and sprayed more God seed on the exposed cock. Eros bucked his head forward, until he could feel the tusks on his lips. Suddenly, he felt his cock orgasm stronger than before. The tentacle was traveling down his urethra, stretching his cock out. Eros felt his cock grow around the green tentacle until it was almost as big as his arm. He could feel his balls swell to the size of his own fists.

Ledeaux had not let up, now pounding eros’ ass so hard you could hear it from outside. He felt 4 more tentacles extend from his mouth and wrap around the elfs head. It was time.

With each thrust, he was now feeling large eggs move up his own cock and into his ass. Eros’ throat had now stretched with each egg pushing into his stomach. His now 10 inch, thick elf cock was on fire. His balls now the size of ledeauxs, he could feel them stirring as they accepted more of his new host. His belly was beggining to jiggle more and more.

Ledeaux withdrew his tongue, retracting it and the other 4 tentacles back into his throat. What was once a large beer gut, is now a firm set of glistening green abs. He pumped his cock in and out harder and harder. He was nearing orgasm.

With one final thrust, Ledeaux leaned in and bit his new mate sensually on the neck while his cock unloaded gallons into Eros’ belly. Ledeaux leaned back, feeling the tentacle inside of the elfs cock retract, and join the others as they retreated into his back. His hard cock pulsed inside, and his new appendages completely disappeared.

With a loud pop, ledeaux removed his cock. Only a small amount of cum leaked out, he knew he backed the poor boy up. He felt his abs, and ran his hand down to his now softening cock. Eros spasmed in pleasure, feeling his body change. Ledeaux backed away and watched.

It wasn’t noticable at first, but his belly was actually shrinking and his muscles growing. Eros could feel his throat burning and his cock leaking. He opened his mouth to see that his tongue was now as long as his masters, and opened at the end. He could spray seed willingly, even though half of his house was already soaked.

Four more tentacles shot out from his mouth in front of a twisted smile. His belly hardened. He could feel something alien forming. With a hard push, he felt his sphincter open, and a large, fleshy egg began to poke out. It forced it’s way through, stretching to almost the size of a watermelon before plopping out.

Ledeaux watched, fascinated. He assumed the God seed would affect different species in a different way, but watching it was another thing. He lifted the egg, and felt veins on the surface. Eros retracted his tongue and other appendages back, and gazed at the egg.

“I have a feeling that when this opens, we will be able to show the power of the God seed to more people.” Ledeax set the egg back down in front of Eros. “Tell me my child, where did you work before your enlightenment?”

Eros sputtered with his new tongue, quickly re learning how to speak. “A b-bar. Skewered apple. In town. My boss wants me in before noon to set up”

Ledeaux smirked, leaving for the door. He turned to look at the floor length mirror by the wardrobe. He looked normal, despite what grew under the surface. He had to stay this way when he entered town, to avoid a panic.

He looked back at his new disciple. " I will send someone for you. Wait here my child."

Eros nodded as his master left.

Ledeaux walked to the clothesline, grabbing a sheet from it. He knew the other things were too small for him to wear now. He wrapped the black sheet around him as a faux robe, and ripped the line down. He secured his new sheet in place, and flipped the end by his back up like a hood. As the sun rose, be began setting to the skewered apple.

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