The evening is not yet over

By Baldwizzard
published July 15, 2019
2554 words

Bob forgets about the newly inked slave boi and that is a dangerous thing

***Bob finished a third beer when a big leather guy approached him. The bald guy with the black full beard was muscled up like a bull, skin-tight leather jeans around his perfect legs and ass, his chest naked, only covered by a harness in black and red-leather. There were no words exchanged. Bob went down to his knees just there, at the bar and started to suck the guys big, wet, cut cock that was adorned with a nice, big silver PA that made clinging sounds to Bobs tongue piercings and huge septum. The horniness flooded his body and he forgot where he was or who he was. He was just a slave, giving a master whatever he needed, even if its was not Master.

The guys in the bar enjoyed the show and some came closer, kissing the leather-man, touching his muscles. One guy started to rim Bob and that feeling was so good, it was as if he was in heaven, a cock in his mouth and a tongue in his ass. But the tongue was not all, the guy started to fuck him hard, right here, in the bar, without mercy. A third guy placed his heavy boots into his nape, a fourth smacked his naked ass. Heaven, pure joy!! Other guys grouped around them, kissing, watching, jerking off, making out. The club was crowded but the show in the bar was too great to miss it. Suddenly, he felt grabbed by the neck, the cock gone from his mouth and his ass. The master dragged him to a room and the crowd followed. Here, Bob was placed into a sling and the show went one. A guy with a moustache tortured his nipples – oh yes, he deserved pain! – somebody smacked his balls and his useless cock before finally a guy started to fuck him with an enormous black rubber dildo before he finally used his own cock. People smacked him, fucked him alone and in pairs (oh hell, yeah!), they worked on his nipples and balls, laughed about his useless dick.

One tried to suck it. Suck him? That was more a sub thing to do… strange. The guy was working hard to get that cock hard and the feeling was quite nice, but of course, nothing happened down there while he screamed in pleasure during his fifth or sixth anal orgasm in a row. That feeling made him forget about that obviously sub boy sucking his dead dick. But hey, what was going on? Man after man left Bob, finally he was alone in the sling, dripping with come and sweat. Where did everybody go? A bit clearer in his head, he maneuvered himself out of the sling – a not so easy task – and looked around. In the next room, designed like a toilet, he saw all the man surrounding a young, slim, nearly skinny boy with brown, longish here, around 25 years old. Bob walked over with stiff legs. It was the guy who had tried to give him a blow job and he was moaning, while sucking the guy, who had face-fucked him in the bar. Hey, that was unfair. HE was the perfect slave, not that little pig! He was just a piggy slut while Bob was the real, perfect submissive slave. The guy saw Bob approaching and stopped sucking the big leather guy. He crawled to Bob, again trying to suck him. Oh no boy, not that. I will show you your place, pig. With that, he started to piss a hard, hot and string stream of piss right into the boys face. But he loved it, trying to get as much into his face as possible, soaking in it, bathing in it. Th other men followed and soon, he was swimming in a golden shower of pleasuee, rolling over the floor, but always looking at Bob, begging for me, calling him SIR and Master. That was not what he had planned…

Oh yeah, they pissed on him. He loved it. He loved the feeling of being used, he loved it, when the piss splashed on his naked boy, ran down his chest, he loved being soaked by that manly smell all over. He had have some piss experiences before, with younger guys, with some friends and an ex-lover, but never like that. This was paradise, all his kinky dreams coming true. He had seen that freakish guy with the tattoos and he knew right away, that he wanted to be used and dominated by him. The other guys were hot, too, kind of a fantasy becoming reality. He, here, only in rubber slip, being face-fucked and pissed on by a bunch of hot guys. But the tattoo-freak, that was the cherry on top, the real reason he was moaning in total pleasure. The guy was all he had dreamed of in his wildest and wettest dreams. That this perfect fetish-fantasy did not get a boner while he sucked him made him even harder and hotter. He had to be a real sub to please him, he knew that now. A real slut, a real pig. He had to submit himself totally to this master to get his attention. Maybe he should do something, he never did before and never wanted to do…

Bob watched in amazement, how the guy was rolling on the floor, squeaking, obviously loving all that. And while he moaned, he looked at Bob all the time. Bob suddenly had an idea to humiliate that boy that had stolen his masters from him. He was furious, this thief had to be punished. He aimed directly at the guys face, who, in this moment, moaned with his mouth wide open…

He had opened his mouth wide in a moan of pleasure but with the goal of getting that golden piss of his new tattoo master into his mouth, swallow it, something he had never done before, never ever. It was delicious, it was the best thing ever. He drank it all, surprised how much his master could piss. He rolled over the floor, squeaking and growling, not able to stop him, piss, more piss, more, he opened his mouth to all men, drinking and drinking, rolling through the puddle of piss, smearing it all over his body. MORE!! He needed MORE, MUCH MORE. HE WAS THE PERFECT PISS-PIG. OH YEAH; THAT WOULD PLEASE HIS MASTER; OINK OINK …Oh no..grrnz…why did master stop, where good piss, oink, need more…why no more…oh no..grrn rrrnz, pleeeeaaase…mmooore

The man stopped pissing at the guy and stared at him. Bob was shocked, what was going on here. Good lord!!! The skinny was changing, no, that was not the real word, transforming before all eyes. That was absurd, grotesque and looked like a horror movie: Still rolling through the piss, his voice changed first, from a high-pitched tone to a deep, growling sound that changed to snorts, grunts and squeaks, mostly inhuman. But what happened next was really horrible to watch. Something grew at his coccyx, first it looked like a abscess, the skin swollen and red, maybe a kind of allergic reaction? But now, under the shocked stare of all men, that swollen red … thing… grew longer, it nearly looked like… no that was impossible, but it was undoubtly growing into a tail, a rosy and suddenly screwed tail, a fucking pig-tail! That snorting skinny guy sported a real pig-tail, what was that?? Oh god, and that was not all. Where is ears larger? Yes, they were and his mouth, what happened to his mouth. He still moaned his piggish-moans and one could clearly see the large tusks in his lower jaw and they were still growing. For a short moment the man (really? Man?) closed his mouth and the big yellow tusks were showing even with his lips sealed. But that was still not the end of it: His hair fell out, in big tufts, leaving only bristles, dark and thick and rough, not only on his head, but spreading all over his once smooth body. The guy did not seem to realize what was happening or did not care… but that seemed very unlikely, as his beautiful face changed, getting a brutal look, his brows-bow heavy and low, his eyes getting smaller before his entire face distorted, changes, disfigured, growing into a veritable pig’s snout, a humid pig nose that was shivering in excitement and horniness. The squeaking sounds grew even more inhuman, now really sounding like a pig, a boar to be exact. His body started to smell swinish as his belly grew and rows of nipples appeared where once his six-pack had been, now replaced by a fat, hanging belly covered in bristles. Six big, throbbing nipples at each side. Bob stared, his hand before his mouth and all the other man couldn’t believe what say saw until one guy said: “Hell, he is the perfect pig-boy!” and started rubbing his cock, other followed, some started pissing on the grunting pig-boy who’s fingers now merged into two big fingers and a tiny, useless thumb that wandered up at his wrist. His two big fingers had big, brown nails that gave those hands a hoof-like quality. His feet changed the same way..

Something was strange but he couldn´t care less as the masters started to piss again, rub their cock and admire the real piggy boy. He felt so free and relieved. Drinking that delicious golden shower was the ultimate sign of submission, surely the tattoo-master would fuck him now. He needed more piss and dirt, oh yes, mud, mud would be cool. Oh yeah, he snorted in excitement as the first load of cum smashed into his face, more rained down on his back, his head, more piss, yeah squeak, squeak, grunt, grunt, mooooooore, mooooooooreeeeeee. On all four, he went to the nearest master, trying to suck his cock, that cock that was dripping with piss, oh and the sweet smell of sweat. He licked the humid boots of the men, his legs in leather and then sucked his cock, which was not so easy with his snout. Snout? Hihihi, he giggled. He felt so much like a pig, he imagined a snout, squeak, squeak… but he had to be careful with his big tusks… He sucked squeaking and grunting, he drank piss and got fucked so many times, he couldn´t say how many men had inserted their cocks in his wide ass, tugging at his tail. It was just pleasure, but like all good things, finally it came to end.

The room emptied, the men leaving, so was MASTER, his tattoo master. Had he fucked him? He wanted him, still. He wanted more cock, more piss, more sweat, MORE MORE MORE, but ok, it had been an exciting night and maybe he should refresh, take a shower and look if that tattoo-freak master would be interested later that night. With his tongue, he touched his tusks and his wet snout and… what???? His what??? It was as if a cloth would be taken away from his mind. He raised, still in the puddle of now cold and stinking piss but what was that??? His hand, what had happened to his hand??? It looked more like… pig’s feet, two big hoof-like fingers. He screamed, or so he tried, all what left his mouth was a strident, shrill squeak. In shock, he put his disgusting hand over his mouth and squeaked even louder this time. He squinted to see what he had just touched. His face, what had happened to his beautiful face. He had a snout like a pig, tusks and a snout, hoof-like fingers – and now he felt his large, pointy ears swing. More squeaking. Standing up was not easy, as his feet had changed, too – and so did his entire body. He saw the fat belly, the six nipples, all swollen and reddish, he felt his fat enormous ass and he could wiggle with his new pig-tail. He needed help! He nearly ran out of the room, into the bar, the tattoo guy, he would surely help him! The bar was crowded with men and he tried to talk, but only squeaked and grunted. He heard them say that this was the best fucking pig-costume they had ever seen. It was no fucking costume, why was nobody helping him. He was in panic, grunting to this and squeaking to that guy, but they only laughed and complimented on this perfect latex-mask. They padded his nearly bald head or played with his large ears. And that made him horny again. He nearly lost control as everybody was assuming that he was just a kinky slave in a very special costume. But the guys who had just pissed at him… they must have seen what had happened. The tattoo man, where was the tattoo man??? The smell of manly sweat and leather, combined with the smoke of cigars and a hint of mud under heavy boots broke his will and seconds later, he was down on all four, squeaking happily while the men started to use him again…

Bob had left the club right after what had happened to that unfortunate boy. The transformation had opened a door in his memory, something he had felt after the skinny blond guy had transformed into a tattoo slave while expect him nobody seemed to care. That had been all part of his story, his favorite story. There had been this strange turn in the plot: The kidnapper was a kind of warlock or whatever, somebody who could change reality in all possible ways. And in his favorite story, this Ultra-Master had cursed his tattoo-slave. Whenever he forgot, that he was the ultimate slave and would accept other subs to please him, he would transform them into their darkest fantasy, even fantasies they did not really know they had. The tattoo-slave in his story had not believed that and went to a club, where he had sex with a sub boi that suddenly got transformed into an inked, pierced and super freakish type of man, ugly tribal tattoos, bald, deformed face. But except the hero and the transformed guy, nobody would notice that. Outside the club, the cursed and transformed new ink-slave would be helpless, lost, exposed. The story did not tell anything about the fate of the poor boy. Then, the ultra-slave would suddenly forget about that and would have sex with another super sub boy, that during a heavy piss-play would transform into an anthro-pig, the ultimate dirty pig-slave boy, again without the other men really realizing what was going on. And again, the story only said, that the poor pig would regain his mind and realize that he was now a boar-man, slowly regaining his ability to speak, nothing more. The hero of his story then transformed a third guy, but that would not happen, oh no. He was heading home now, already feeling so guilty about those two unfortunate souls he had corrupted already…

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