Straight2U - Tyler

By TrevorTist published November 11, 2016

Tyler bros out.

Tyler Harrington talked his son backstage. His son was ready to go on stage as a carrot, the starring role of this year’s school play, and he was nervous. Tyler was grateful he was able out of Hartford in time to make it to the show. After a rancorous week of budget talks and legislative wrangling, he was happy for the distraction. He took a selfie of them and gave his son a hug. “Break a leg, kiddo.”

Tyler walked into the auditorium as he uploaded the photo to Facebook and Instagram. He saw Olivia, his wife of eight years, across the way speaking to some members of the school administration. He walked up to her and put his arm around her waist as they kissed the ass of the headmaster of Warbleton Academy. At $40,000 a year tuition, Tyler thought the headmaster should be kissing their asses, but that’s not how it worked somehow.

Tyler had been very popular with the ladies back in his days at Yale, even getting one girl pregnant. They took care of that quietly. At 32, he was still a solid 6’ 180 thanks to his dedication to his health and his personal trainer. Hell, he may have more women after him now than when he was in school. He wouldn’t say women his age were desperate, but they’re much pickier than college girls and most men his age had started letting themselves go. But he loved his wife (and the extraordinary wealth her family maintained). He wouldn’t say he was never tempted to cheat; he was a red-blooded American man, after all. Tyler would never compromise that by succumbing to his carnal desires for another woman.

The lights in the auditorium dimmed a bit, signaling the beginning of the show. Tyler put his hand on his wife’s pregnant belly and asked if they should sit down. Agreeing, they both turned to the seats Olivia had saved. They were fourth row, on the aisle in case Olivia had to pee.

Along the way to their seats, Tyler was stopped by various people thanking him and telling them they had voted for him. Tyler was a prominent Republican congressman in the state. He was a bright businessman and popular with his constituents and party leadership. Tyler was a gifted orator and debater, and his popularity, skill and good looks had the GOP eyeing him for D.C.

He excused himself from the constituents and took the second seat from the aisle. He turned his phone on vibrate as he sat down. Olivia scolded Tyler and told him to turn off his phone so he wouldn’t be distracted. “Babe, you know I can’t when the assembly is in session,” Tyler said. “They may need me for something urgent. We’re getting close to a deal on the budget, and I had to promise to stay by the phone in order for them to let me leave tonight at all.” Olivia sighed and looked away disapprovingly.

The lights dimmed, and everyone clapped as the curtain rose. He endured the talking mushroom and broccoli. Tyler had helped his son practice his lines during the week via Skype, so he knew he had a few minutes of torturous acting before his son came out. Just as his son was walking out on stage, he got a text. Being a good patron of the arts, Tyler was loathe to read a text during a play, but the text was from John. He always had to answer texts from John.

“Activate bro mode. 2201 Meadowlark Vale. 2 hours.” Tyler’s eyes glazed over for a second. He blinked twice and stood up to leave. He did his best not to disturb his wife as he climbed over her. It was dark, but for a second she could have sworn his dick was hard. It was kind of difficult to hide an hard, 8 inch piece of meat. She really couldn’t believe he was going to miss this. It was really important to their son. She enjoyed being a congressman’s wife and the perks that came with it, but lately he had been leaving at all times of day and night to deal with “urgent matters.” She hoped it would stop once the assembly was out of session.

Tyler walked up the aisle, dick jutting out. Luckily, it was dark and everyone was focused on the performance. He could hear his son reciting his lines as he opened the door to the auditorium and walked into the hall.

As he got into his car, he reached into the back seat and grabbed his baseball cap from his gym bag. He was on the capital baseball team, and they had had a practice earlier in the day. He wasn’t sure why he was putting on his hat. It just felt right. Once it was on, backward, he felt a sense of relief.

He fired up his GPS and headed to the address in the text. Luckily, it wasn’t far away. He thumbed his dick absentmindedly as he pulled up to the gated driveway. He pushed the button for the intercom. A few seconds later, he heard a man answer, “Hello?”

“Yeah, brah. You placed an order?” Tyler replied.

Tyler heard a buzz and the gate began to open. He drove to the front door and parked. As he walked to the door, Tyler could almost feel his mind slipping away a little more. He was a bro looking to help out other bros, and he couldn’t wait.

Tyler rang the doorbell, and almost immediately, the door opened. Jack stood in the doorway. He motioned Tyler into the house. “Right on, man,” Tyler replied in a surfer bro accent.

Jack was a 20-year-old tech wunderkind. He had achieved great success early in his college years when he coded and patented a process now used by almost every major online retailer. Having made his fortune, he left Silicon Valley and returned to his hometown. Like most young tech wonders, he was socially awkward and isolated himself as a means of self preservation. He had come out to his family long ago; that wasn’t the problem. His problem was that at 5’6" and 125 pounds, he wasn’t exactly what a lot of men wanted. At least not the beefy jock bottoms to which he was attracted. He was usually getting hit on by guys who wanted him to bottom for them, but he was a total top.

Jack had met John by chance at a benefit in Boston for a gay charity. He and John began chatting, and the conversation turned to sexual proclivities as Jack ogled a few of the men that were a part of the event’s date auction. Jack made a ridiculous bid on a former Mr. Gay Boston and whispered to John how much he hoped the guy would put out. John, knowing Jack’s net worth, offered an alternative, more guaranteed, means of getting laid through his service. Since then, Jack had become one of John’s most regular clients, utilizing Straight2U’s services across the world.

Jack had used Tyler on numerous occasions. He felt a little bad hiring Tyler so often, knowing he had a family at home, but Tyler met every one of Jack’s checkboxes. That and Tyler’s ass was just too sweet not to hire. It also was a big turnon being able to activate Tyler in bro mode, this Ivy League-educated politician becoming a dumb jock hungry for his cock. Knowing Bro Tyler was just not smart enough to carry on an intelligent conversation was a relief to Jack’s social anxieties.

Jack led Tyler into the living area and offered Tyler something to drink.

“You got a brewski, bro?” Tyler asked as he absentmindedly scratched his abs, showing off just a hint of skin to Jack.

“Sure. While I’m gone, how about you change into the outfit on the sofa for me.”

“Right on,” Tyler relied with a stupid little laugh. He looked at the clothes in front of him. Calling them clothes was almost wrong. There wasn’t much material there. Tyler took off his hat and stripped himself of the Brooks Brothers outfit he had gotten for Father’s Day. His shirt, sweater, chinos and boxer briefs ended up on the living room floor. On went a jockstrap, a shirt with its sides cut off and a pair of square cut shorts. He put his hat back on backwards. The shorts bulged obscenely in both the front and back, showing off Tyler’s hark work in the gym and God-given gifts. Tyler laid back on the sofa and rubbed his erection while he waited for Jack to return.

Jack returned with a beer for Tyler and a bourbon for him. Jack eyed Tyler in his new outfit. His nipples showed on either side, and you could make out the edges of Tyler’s eight pack. Jack noticed the huge bulge in the shorts. He stared for a long moment, thanking whatever deity existed for hooking him up with John. He loved the way Tyler looked when he was bro-ed out. There was a small, but growing, wet spot where Tyler’s cockhead was, and there was a slightly glossy look in Tyler’s eyes as he admired himself. Jack sat beside Tyler and handed him the beer.

“Thanks, bro,” Tyler replied as he snapped back to the present and took a big gulp. Jack couldn’t help but look at the DSLs wrapping themselves around the lip of the bottle. His dick twitched a little knowing where those lips would be soon.

“So how’s your evening going?” Jack was trying to make small talk, something he was terrible at given his propensity for silence.

“It’s all good, man. Just chillin’. Sportin’ some mad wood though. Looks like I really need to get laid.” Tyler looked down at his election and flexed it for Jack to see.

“I can see that. Tyler, I want you to remember a few things. You find me irresistibly attractive, and my body represents perfection. You want nothing more than to be a good little bottom and service me as I wish. Now, how about you show me your money maker?” Tyler looked at him, confused. He didn’t get it. “Take off your clothes, Tyler,” Jack explained. He really was pretty dumb.

Tyler laughed. “Oh, duh.” He stood up and took off his shirt. He lowered his arms and flexed a bit to show off for Jack. Jack noticed the Yale lacrosse tattoo on Tyler’s left pec. “You like?”

“Very much. Now the shorts. Turn around and bend over when you take them off.”

Tyler complied with a half smirk. He liked it when Jack told him exactly what to do. It was so much easier not to think.

This was one of Jack’s favorite parts of the evening. Tyler unbuttoned the shorts and hooked his thumbs in the sides. He slowly bent forward to take them off as he was ordered. Tyler took his time so Jack got a really good view. As he did, his glutes spread and showed off his pucker. Jack licked his lips.

Now clad only in a jockstrap, Tyler turned around. Hard, his 8 inches didn’t fit in the fabric pouch of the jock. Jack saw Tyler had improvised and done his best under the circumstances. The shaft of his cock was sticking out the side of the pouch, and the leg hair in the area of his dickhead was matted with precum.

“What now, brah?” Tyler said dumbly, rocking slightly from side to side.

“Help me out of my clothes.” Jack stood up, Tyler towering over him. Tyler unbuttoned the front of Jack’s shirt and pulled it off. He couldn’t believe the perfection standing in front of him. Without being asked, he fell to his knees and grabbed at Jack’s pants and underwear. He pulled them down with one swift motion. Tyler stood eye level with the greatest, most beautiful cock he had ever seen. Tyler opened his mouth and grabbed Jack’s dick with his hand. “Nuh uh, not yet,” Jack said as he pushed away Tyler. Jack took his dick and rubbed it all over Tyler’s face. Some precum smeared as Jack rubbed his dick on Tyler’s upper lip. Tyler breathed deeply to take in Jack’s musk. “Now you can blow me.”

Tyler gathered some spit in his mouth and swallowed Jack’s 7 inch cock. They both moaned a little as Tyler began sucking in earnest. Jack looked down and saw Tyler looking back up at him with his hungry blue eyes. Tyler closed his eyes, twisted his head and took the cock to the hilt. He gagged a bit.

“Tyler, forget about your gag reflex.” With that, Jack grabbed the sides of Tyler’s head and buried his dick as far as it would go down Tyler’s throat. Tyler relaxed a bit to accommodate the intrusion. He began stroking his own dick. He wanted to cum, but he was programmed not to cum until given permission. Ten minutes in, Jack was truly in heaven. Jack tensed up and shot down Tyler’s throat. Though he hadn’t been ordered to, Tyler swallowed. Jack pulled his dick out, and Tyler used his hand to help squeeze every drop out of the shaft and into his mouth.

“Cum, Tyler,” Jack ordered. Tyler thrust his hips and shot his load. With his dick still jutting out the side of the jockstrap, part of the load shot on the floor, though most dripped down his leg. Jack wiped a drop of cum from Tyler’s chin and wiped it on his tongue. “Very good. Drink the rest of your beer and then I’ll fuck you.”

“Sweet,” Tyler replied as he turned up his beer and rearranged his hat. When he was finished, he sat the bottle on the coffee table. “So where you want me, dude?”

“Just put your hands on the arm of the sofa and arch your back. Take off the jockstrap.”

Tyler moved to the sofa and did as instructed. His beautiful ass stuck out hungrily. Jack moved behind him and grabbed the lube from the side table. “Tyler, lube up my dick and your ass. Tyler, my cock is going to feel amazing in your ass, but you can only come when I do.”

Tyler eagerly lubed up Jack’s cock. He reached around and pumped a big squirt on his ass, flirtingly fingering his ass for Jack. Jack lined up his cock, pushing Tyler down to accommodate their size difference.

“Duuuuuuude,” Tyler moaned as Jack eased his dick into him. He started jacking his own cock at the same pace he was being fucked. Tyler was in heaven. He’d never felt quite such an incredible feeling before. Jack picked up the pace,and Tyler had to use both hands to hold onto the sofa as Jack impaled him faster. Tyler backed himself onto Jack in rhythm trying to get as much dick in his hole as possible. His big dick swung as he got pounded. “Fuuuuck duuuuude,” Tyler moaned as Jack continued to batter his prostate. He loved getting fucked by Jack.

Jack never lasted long after Tyler started moaning like a bro. He unloaded his second load deep in Tyler’s colon. Feeling the load inside him, Tyler came as well, spurting onto the sofa and floor. His ass clamped down on Jack’s dick, milking the last few drops from Jack’s balls.

Jack collapsed onto the sofa. “Bro, that was incredsies,” Tyler exclaimed as he sat beside Jack. His dick was rising again. “Round two?” He asked playfully, rubbing one hand on Jack’s stomach and one hand on his used hole that was leaking a bit of Jack’s load.

“Give me a few minutes,” Jack replied. They laid there quite a while, Jack holding Tyler in his arms. He enjoyed the company.

Frustrated, Tyler frowned. His hole was still hungry. He twisted himself around so his ass was in Jack’s face. He fingered his cum-lubed hole. “Please, man. I fucking need it.”

Jack relented and told Tyler to suck his dick to get him hard. Tyler fell to his knees without hesitation. As Tyler made love to his dick, Jack could feel Tyler’s erection on his leg, matting his leg hair with precum. Once hard, Jack told Tyler to get on his back. “I want to fuck you missionary like you fuck your wife.” Tyler wasn’t sure what he meant, but he complied.

Legs in the air, Tyler awaited his prize. Jack again slid his dick into Tyler.

“Fuck, man. Give me that nut,” Tyler egged him on.

With that, Jack gradually began pile driving Tyler’s chute. He could feel Tyler squeeze on his cock as he battered the tight but well worn hole. Tyler looked at Jack with hungry eyes as he furiously beat his dick while the invasion continued. Tyler looked at the clock and saw he only had a few minutes left. Jack picked up his pace. “Tyler, when I cum, you’ll cum too. It will be one of the most explosive orgasms you’ve ever had.” Jack gave a few more deep strokes and began dumping a second load in Tyler’s ass. Feeling Jack’s spunk up his ass, Tyler shot a massive load over his face, chest and abs.

Jack rested himself on Tyler, Tyler’s load sandwiched between them.

A few minutes later, Tyler’s internal clock went off. He dressed himself, his cum still glistening on his body. His clothes, now smeared with his cum, were disheveled compared to their perfect appearance when he arrived. In his normal voice and intonation, Tyler said, “Thank you for using Straight2U. John hopes you will use us again soon.” A small drop of his own cum dripped off his chin.

Jack watched Tyler as he walked himself to the door and back to his car. He touched himself as he thought about Tyler going back home to his wife with his load of spunk up his ass.

When Tyler arrived home, his wife was in bed reading. He walked to their bedroom and kissed her on the cheek. Olivia was having none of it. “I can’t believe you left the play so early. I had to lie and say you saw the whole thing and just snuck out to take a phone call. Where have you been? Are you cheating on me?”

“What? Babe, no. I got a call from Hartford that I had to take. It took much longer than it should have. I’m sorry. You are the only woman for me. I promise.”

She didn’t know why, but Olivia believed him. “Go wash your face. There’s something crusty on your chin.”

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