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Change Up! Chapters 1 & 2

By Whatalooker0234 -
published July 20, 2019

In effort to cover up a corporation missing funds, the company’s uses a doppelganger to replace the chairperson.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: This story is lengthy with several chapters and it is packed with details which help in the development of the story/plot. As such, if you are seeking a story for instant gratification then this story is not for you. If you are an individual who enjoys savoring in the content then read on. Enjoy! Oh, you are welcome to leave constructive criticism. I do welcome them as they will make me a better writer. Yet, please realize that writing any story then publishing it on the web does take effort, time and courage. So, as the phrase goes, “it is easy to criticize,but it difficult to explain why?”

Changing Up

Part 1

As I woke from my deep slumber, my eyes tried to focus on my surroundings. After a few seconds my eyes saw the white coloring of the ceiling above me. My mind in vain tried to comprehend my location. My eyes continued to peruse my surrounds; yet, as before, my memories were unable to excess any familiarity. So, I slowly rose from my bed. When I rose to my feet, my head immediately felt the outset of an extremely headache – the feeling was horrific. Therefore, I immediately sat down on the edge of the bed rubbing the back of my neck and the top of head in hopes to alleviate my pain. As I sat there, I kept saying to myself, “What in blood hell happened to me? Wow, I must have tied one on last night.” Then I remember that I was not drinking last night. To the best of my recollection, I was in my office argy-barging with my business partner, Roger, about missing funds. Our company was losing its shirt because of a $5 million investment that Roger had made without my consent or knowledge. I was absolutely fuming at Roger that night. We quarreled with him at the top of voice, shouting! I remember calling Roger several vulgar names. Yet, Roger kept telling me that he would be restoring all of the lost monies, soon, very soon, and to have faith. I told him that I scheduled an emergency meeting with the company’s board of directors was next week to mention our company’s dire financial situation to them. Roger’s face turned as white as a sheet. He then got down on his knees and begged, plead, for me to postpone the meeting. He suggested that I postpone the meeting for a few weeks allowing him time to switch funds around to give the appearance that the company had the equity. Upon hearing his scheme, I recall punching Roger in the face causing him to fall to the floor and telling him to go to get stuffed! Then I told him that I definitely would not play any part in his Ponzi scheme. I then walked back to my desk to pick up my briefcase and coat to leave my office. As I was about to exit my office through door to leave for the night, I felt something hit me on the head causing me to lose conscious.

After a long sigh, I came to the realization of why my head hurt, but I still had explanation why I was in this Spartaned furnished room with white walls, no pictures and no windows. Then when I looked down at my legs, I noticed that I was wearing light blue loose-fitting pants with a draw string around the waist. I was also wearing a loose short sleeve shirt with a V-neck and no collar. The outfit appeared to be surgical Scrubs. “This is naff!” I said to myself. “Where are my clothes?” Upon further examination I realized that I was also not wear anything underneath, no. underwear. So, actuality there was just a thin piece of blue cloth separated my cock and arse from its environment. “What the hell? The prat who put in here not only stole my clothes, but also my Under Armour. “Who’s the sad arse that did this? Bloody Hell!”

A few minutes later I rose back to my feet and walked toward the door. As soon as touched the knob, I hand sprung back caused by an electrical shock. I flapped my hand up and down to help with circulation. Then I tried the knob again. “Bloody hell!” I yelled out. “The bloody door is electrified. So, I yelled out, “Hello,” several times, in an effort that there was someone on the other side of the door who would hear me; thereby, letting me out; but to no prevail. So, I walked around the approximate 600 sq. ft. open concept room and I noticed in right corner was a single bed and end table with a dresser. Next to the dresser was a reading table and chair. In the left corner was a small writing desk and chair. In the middle between the bed and the door was love seat, a coffee table, a flat screen Telly with bookcase on each end filled with books and DVD’s. To the left of the door was a kitchenette with a small refrigerator, shove, microwave, a stackable washer and dry, a pantry with a breakfast nook. There was even a calendar. Near the kitchen was a metal sink next to a toilet and a tiny shower stall. Then to the far right were free weights, a bench press with various weight plates and other serious weight lifting equipment. Then in the center of the room facing the Telly was a treadmill. As I looked at my quarters,” I said aloud in a very sarcastic tone of voice, “Wow, all the comforts of home! (pause) Hmm, well planned out, too!”

After a few minutes of hopelessness, I ran to the door and began to bang on it for minutes while yelling out, “HELP!” “HELP, PLEASE!” This went on for what felt like an eternity or when my voice got horse, and my hands and arms got tired of the pounding on the door. So, I sod it and walked to the bed and sat there staring at the door waiting for it to open.

As I waited for the door to open, I continued replay the office scene between Roger and myself in my head. After a while I became barmy. I plotted my revenge against Roger once I got out. He was going to pay. As I continued to stare at the door, my eye lids became heavy. So, I slumbered off.

Upon awaking up, I noticed I hardcopy of the Wall Street Journey with an envelope with my name handwritten on top. I immediately grabbed the paper. When I saw the date I entire body froze in fear. “Bloody hell!” I shouted out. “I have been in shithole of a flat for an entire week! Five bloody days! I can’t bloody believe it!” Then I began to comb through the paper to find out what happen during my absence. There was nothing about me. I thought this was odd. I am the CEO of Memorare, a major corporation with 47.5 billion dollars in assets, and with a board meeting scheduled, well, for yesterday, and a president who had misappropriated millions of dollars due to a poor investment - withdrawing corporate funds for personal gain - yet, nothing! So, I then opened the envelop. Inside was a handwritten letter addressed to me from Roger: Stephen, sorry about the knock on the head, but you left me no choice. I knew from the get-go that you would never approve of the investment or would the board; yet, I felt that it was a sure thing! So, I forged your signature on the form – nobody questioned it! I was told that I would get a 100% return on my investment within 30 days. Therefore, I thought nobody would miss the money. I was not counting on the market crashing. When I got the news, I had to think fast in order to cover my tracks – not to get caught! I came up with a scheme which would buy me some time; yet, I was not counting on you to decide to call for a board meeting three months prior to our annual meeting to review our company’s finances. When you told me of your decision, I panicked! You caused for me to speedy up my alternative plan. When you confronted me in your office, I had to rush to save myself. Oh, you have a mean right hook! I felt that for days. I even worn a lot of makeup to cover the bruise. Anyway, Stephen, again, I am sorry I had to do this to you because you are such a wholesome guy. Yet, I definitely won’t go to jail. So, you, Stephen Thomas, the guy who is reading this letter inside that place unknown is in isolation until the dust settles on this situation and everything is as is was. Again, sorry Stephen! Oh, as you have already figured out the door is electrified. There are also reinforced rods on the other side bolting the door shut and the walls are solid clement. Your quarter’s was originally designed to be a fallout shelter in the event of a nuclear war. There is plenty of non-perishable food in the kitchen to eat, just add water. The food is for emergencies situation. I guess this is one. There is a manual with instructions on how to dispose of your trash, sewer, etc. on the kitchen counter. So, your new living quarters is designed to be inhabited by being totally self-sufficient for years. So, Stephen, do yourself a favor, relax, and look at this as mini vacation. Work out and read more. When you leave, and you will, I will be long gone. The missing funds will be replaced with interest and you will be able to return to the business world with you head held high. Personally, I know I made a big mistake, but do realize that if you when public with your findings, the company would have had to close it’s doors. I would be in jail. As for you, you would be “poison,” nobody would ever hire you. Therefore, I am doing you a big favor. Take care of yourself, Roger

Part Two

Based on the calendar in the kitchen, days became weeks then months. I worked out more than usual to handle my anger toward Roger. In back my mind, I continued to ask myself, what scheme did Roger cook up to explain my long absence. Someone has to be questioning my departure. Yet, whenever I watched the news there was no mention of me or the company. Then one Sunday afternoon when I turned on the telly to watch my favorite regular financial news shows, I heard a news commentator mention an upcoming interview with the CEO of Memorare Corporation. “What?” I said to myself. “Roger must have promoted himself or replaced me.” So, I waited eagerly waited for the interview. The host of show first introduced herself then her guests, Stephen Thomas, CEO, and Roger Van Borne, President, of Memorare Corporation. The camera first zoomed in on “Stephen.” The guy began to talk about the acquisition of Alexandrea Investments. He spoke of how the takeover would give Memorare more revenue to expand to a global market. He went on to say that eventually they planned acquiring even more smaller companies in order to increase revenue and market. While the guy was talking, I closely observed him. “Wow,” I said out loud, “this guy not only looked and sounded just like me, but he even had my mannerism – was he my clone?” As I continued to watch the broadcast, I noticed that the guy interacting with Roger as if they were the best of friends. Toward the end of the interview, the female host joked to Stephen about his assets causing everyone to laugh. She informed the audience that her guest, Stephen Thomas, had just recent appeared on Playgirl. He obtained billing for being the only male CEO of a major corporate with best ‘assets.’ Again, everyone laughed. The hostess then gave a directive for the photos to be shown on the screen.

“That dodgy chav has my arse!” I yelled out. Roger then got up and inquired of the audience if they would like for Stephen to show off his ‘assets’ by walking for you. The guy at first showed his embarrassment by refusing, but then he stood up. The guy then took off the jacket of his business suit, folded it, and laid on the chair. Roger told the cameraman to make sure to zoom in on the guy’s arse as he walked up and down on the stage. The guy walked the stage while the camera focused on his arse cheeks which was amphiliid onto the screen above the interview seating area and onto the screens in the audience. “The guy even walks like me!” I said outraged. The audience applauded wildly, both genders. When the guy returned to his chair, he spoke about his workout route. Then the show concluded. I watched the credits to find out when the show was filmed, two days ago. “This is bollocks!” I said to myself out loud. I was totally gob smacked by what I just saw on the telly. This explains everything. Roger found him a doppelganger who has assumed my identity with the company. This is pants!”

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