Serpents, Statues and Sorcery: A Tale of Mowgli's Jungle

By Sebastien published January 23, 2008
Mowgli and Kaa visit a treasury guarded by an evil Cobra. This ain't Disney...
Note: this story contains semi-consensual and non-consensual sex between male snakes and a human, and between male humans, involving bondage by constriction and paralysis. It is loosely based on characters created by Rudyard Kipling that are now in the public domain. The whirring noise you can hear is Kipling turning in his grave.

If you're only familiar with the characters from Disney's "Jungle Book", then forget everything about it. It has nothing to do with Rudyard Kipling's original story.

In Kipling's book Mowgli ("Mow" rhymes with "cow", NOT "go") is found as an abandoned orphan in the jungle by a pair of wolves who decide to raise him alongside their own cubs. Accepted by the wolf-pack, he is taught by Bagheera, the sly black panther, and Baloo, the wise old bear (who don't apear in this story).

One of Disney's worst crimes in "improving" on the original was to turn Kaa the snake into a simpering villain with a voice like Winnie the Pooh. In the original stories Kaa is an ancient and cunning rock python, a powerful ally but always slightly strange and alien.

Mowgli _does_ go to the human village at about the age of eleven, learning human speech and behavior, but later returns to the jungle. It's also worth pointing out that the *only* time he actually wears a loincloth is during the few months he spends in the village, and he never likes wearing it.

In the original stories Kaa escorts Mowgli to an underground treasure vault when he is about fourteen, where he meets the white cobra who guards it and has an interesting adventure that's nothing to do with _this_ story except for its setting.

According to Kipling Mowgli finally returns to humanity for good when he's seventeen. This story takes place in an alternate universe where Mowgli stays in the jungle for at least another year, and Kaa hasn't told him about the vault yet. It _must_ be an alternate universe, because the ending is one that Kipling would never have thought of.

I used to think you could go to Hell for even thinking about the kinds of things that are described in this story. So - all aboard the handbasket.


That summer Mowgli must have been about eighteen years old. His years of good exercise and healthy eating had given him strength and vitality beyond his years; often he would run thirty miles in a night just because he felt like it. He could stop a charging buck with one hand and not break into a sweat.

No wolf in the jungle would dare to challenge him, and even the hungriest tiger would think twice before trying to attack him.

It had been almost seven years since human eyes had looked upon Mowgli, and that was humanity's loss, for he had grown from a handsome child into a truly beautiful young man. His face might have belonged to some ancient Greek statue, except that it was alive and vibrantly expressive. It was framed by a mane of thick, matted black hair that fell to his chest and halfway down his back, and by a short, newly-grown beard and moustache. His chest and shoulders were broad, his limbs powerful without being over-muscled, and the soles of his feet were as tough as water-buffalo hide from all his years of running barefoot.

Not only his feet were bare but his entire body, since he had grown up in the wolf-pack with no knowledge of clothing. In his eleventh year he had attempted to return to the man-pack, and they had forced him to wear a cloth about his waist, which he found uncomfortable, and which prevented him from stroking his penis whenever he felt like it. When at last humanity failed to tame him he had returned to the jungle, discarding the hated garment forever and allowing his impressive manhood to swing freely.

His only remaining human possession was a steel knife which hung in its leather sheath from a cord about his neck. Lacking fangs and claws of his own, he made the knife stand in their stead.

It was the middle of the dry season and Mowgli was feeling hot and dusty, so he made his way to his favourite spring-fed rock pool. There he found Kaa the rock python, the great snake of the plain, already bathing after shedding his skin.

"Greetings, manling," said Kaa. "Wilt thou join me?"

"Of course, old flathead," replied Mowgli, placing the knife upon the ground so that it would not rust, and slipping into the water beside the huge snake. "Indeed I was coming to bathe. The day is too hot to be sleeping in the open."

The young man sighed as the cool water washed over his body, and he allowed himself to slip down until only his face broke the surface.

"Have a care, manling," said Kaa. "If thou fallest asleep thou mayst drown."

"Thou wilt not let me drown, flathead" yawned Mowgli. "If thou didst, who would drive goats toward thee?"

"Mayhap thou art right," Kaa admitted. "It seems I must hold thee tight, so that thy fat head shall not drag thy body into the water."

As he spoke, the great python began coiling himself sinuously about Mowgli's limbs and torso.

"There," said Kaa. "_Now_ thou canst not drown. Indeed, thou canst do nothing lest I choose to release thee."

The feel of Kaa's scales sliding against his naked skin was incredibly sensuous, and the wild youth could not prevent himself from becoming instantly aroused.

The python's coils were powerful enough to crush Mowgli's body to a pulp if he chose. Instead he was content to hold Mowgli just tightly enough that he could not move. Mowgli struggled in vain against the snake's muscles. The feeling of helplessness was strangely arousing, and Mowgli felt his penis growing even harder.

In response, one of Kaa's coils pressed against Mowgli's huge, rocky erection and began slowly and gently squeezing and stroking it. At the same time the python's face moved close to Mowgli's in an imitation of a kiss, flicking his forked tongue against Mowgli's lips and cheeks.

"Oh... Kaa..." Mowgli whispered.

"Now," said Kaa, "could Bagheera do as much for thee? Can a mere wolf give thee such pleasure?"

Mowgli could not reply. He could do nothing but give himself up to sensation as the python's body squeezed and caressed him ever more insistently.

"Thy blood is warm, manling," sighed Kaa, "and thy body's heat is warming my blood too."

Mowgli was helpless to resist as the python's coils eased his legs apart, and a moment later Kaa's cloaca slid into the gap. Unlike a wolf, the python did not have a permanently reinforced penis. Instead, Kaa had a pair of small, flaccid sacs at the base of his cloaca, one of which was even now growing and hardening into a ribbed, semi-rigid phallus and gently inserting itself into Mowgli's rectum.

The jungle boy gasped as Kaa's hemipenis caressed his prostate, sending a flood of ecstasy coursing through his body. This triggered an even more intense burst of pleasure, and Mowgli moaned as he came long and hard, shooting white clouds of semen into the water.

"Ohh, Kaa," sighed Mowgli at last, "that was unlike anything I have ever felt before."

"What meanst thou, 'that was', manling?" said Kaa, who was still holding Mowgli tight and thrusting rhythmically. "I have not finished with thee yet. Indeed, I have scarcely begun."

The python was still holding Mowgli tight, and the realisation that he was still helpless to resist swiftly caused Mowgli to become aroused once more. Once more Kaa's body began moving rhythmically against Mowgli's, and this time the python paced his movements so that Mowgli could hold off climaxing.

The long, hot afternoon wore on for Mowgli in a haze of pleasure as time and time again Kaa's thrusts and caresses brought him to the very brink of climax and drew him back at the last moment. Mowgli still could not move or resist in any way, so there was nothing he could do but surrender to the bliss that was coursing through him.

The sun was halfway down the western sky by the time Kaa gave a shudder and Mowgli felt the snake's watery semen pouring into his anus. That was the trigger that finally pushed Mowgli over the brink and he found his pleasure building and building and building, until it could no longer be contained and burst out of him in a series of white-hot detonations of ecstasy.

When at last Mowgli could think once more, he found himself still lying in the pool with his head just above the surface. He had come so long and hard that he could smell it in the water. Kaa was still holding him up, but had relaxed his grip on Mowgli's limbs. For a long while, though, Mowgli still could not move, but could only lie in a euphoric stupor.

"That was wondrous, o Kaa," sighed the jungle youth. "Thou art truly a god among serpents, and I shall love and worship thee forever."

The python gave a hissing laugh. "Thy body is all the worship I require of thee, my hot-blooded little wolf-human," he said. "For tonight I have received my payment in full, but we shall see what further worship I ask of thee upon the morrow. For now, though, it is time to bathe and sleep."

The two of them swam over to the other end of the pool, where the water was not stained by semen, and washed themselves clean. Then Kaa slithered up the pool's rocky face to a small plateau where he could sleep undisturbed. Mowgli recovered his knife and then clambered after him with all the agility of a monkey, then spent some time massaging the stiffness out of his limbs.

Kaa curled himself into a big oval heap with a depression in the middle. Mowgli climbed into the depression and Kaa laid a protective coil across his stomach. To Mowgli it was as comfortable as a bed lined with the finest feathers.

"Sleep well, manling," said the Python. "I sense that tomorrow will be a fascinating day for us both."

As the lovers fell into a long and contented slumber, neither of them could have guessed how true Kaa's words would prove to be.


The next morning Mowgli scented a deer nearby and Kaa's coils made short work of it. After they had fed Kaa shaped his body into a living chair for Mowgli, who reclined contentedly, absently fingering his scrotum.

"So, manling," said Kaa, "art thou content with all that the jungle has to offer?"

Mowgli looked thoughtful. "Most of the time I am content," he said, "but not all. The wolves accept me as their packmate and ally, but they no longer need me to protect them. Should more of the dhole [red dogs] invade our jungle, the pack is strong enough to defeat them without my help, or thy cunning. Akela died fighting the dhole, and my four wolf-brothers followed through old age. The young wolves respect me well enough, but there are none left that remember the old days. Baloo is old and blind, and even Bagheera grows slow from age."

Mowgli sighed. "All my friends are leaving me, and I feel lost and alone. I am no longer content to stay in the wolf-pack, yet the ways of the man-pack are loathsome to me. Where then shall I dwell, Kaa? How can I be content? I am neither man nor beast."

"Neither art thou snake," replied Kaa, "yet ever will I be thy friend and play-mate. My blood may be cold but my life is long. I shall not grow old before thee, manling. Already I have lived more than two hundred years, and I shall outlive thee by a hundred more. Stay with me, my hot-blooded one, and we shall live and hunt and lie together to the end of thy days."

Mowgli bared his teeth in a feral grin. "Some of the man-pack claim that serpents possess the power of temptation. And in truth I _am_ tempted by thy offer, Kaa. But surely then I would be no more than thy pet, or thy plaything?"

"And is that in truth such a bad thing to be, manling?" replied Kaa. "At least we shall see how well thou likest being my plaything for now."

So saying, the great python coiled himself about Mowgli's body and limbs once more, and once more the wild youth found himself helplessly aroused and at the mercy of Kaa's sexual devotions.

The morning and early afternoon passed in a haze of ecstasy, during which Mowgli must have come four or five times, and then the strange couple slept off their post-coital exhaustion as the sun slowly sank toward the trees.

As afternoon was giving way to evening Mowgli awoke, sighed and stretched languidly.

"So, manling," purred Kaa, gently caressing Mowgli's face with his forked tongue, "what sayest thou to my offer now?"

Mowgli smiled and ran his hand over the smooth scales of Kaa's great head and neck. "I shall stay with thee, at least for now, my tempting serpent," he said. "No doubt thou canst show me much of the jungle that is unknown to the wolf-pack."

"Even so," replied Kaa. "Surely the wolves have not heard of the White Hood's lair."

"White Hood?" said Mowgli. "Meanst thou a cobra? What have the poison-people to do with thee, old python?"

"It is true," Kaa said, "I have no great love for the cobras. To kill using venom requires no stealth or skill. Yet one day while I was exploring the chambers beneath the Cold Lairs," (he meant the ancient human city that had once ruled over a small kingdom, but was now abandoned and overgrown), "I met the White Hood, who spoke of treasure that any man would burn with desire just to lay his eyes upon. I chanced to speak of thee, and he bade me take thee to him, that thou mightest see the truth of his words with thine own eyes."

"I am not 'any man'," Mowgli reminded him. "I do not desire what men desire, and neither do I wish to return to the Cold Lairs. Rememberest thou that the Bandar-log [the Monkey-people] took me there by force, claiming that they wanted me for their king, and then would not let me leave?"

Kaa gave a long, slow hiss - a python's laugh. "Well do I remember, manling. Thou wert very small then, and thy bear and panther friends could not rescue thee on their own. So wisely they chose me to help, and I was well-rewarded that day, not only with lots of juicy, fat monkeys to eat, but with thy lasting
friendship and gratitude. But thou needst fear no Bandar-log today, manling. The Cold Lairs became a place of fear to them once the news spread of how I had feasted, and to this day not a single Bandar will dare approach it."

"That is well," laughed Mowgli. "Should the monkeys try to attack me now I would warm their backsides for them."

"Thou?" said Kaa. "Thou wouldst split them open, manling! Better for them that they should flee at the rumour of our coming."

Mowgli was silent for a moment. Then he rose and stretched himself. "Very well, then," he said. "I will come to the Cold Lairs to see what this White Hood has to show me, though I doubt that it will hold my interest for long."

"It is a night's journey to the Cold Lairs on those slow legs of thine," said Kaa. "We shall set out at moonrise and arrive when there is light to see by."

"And what shall we do until then?" grinned Mowgli.

It was a rhetorical question.

The evening passed in another blur of orgasms, and as the sun set Mowgli slept contentedly once more.

He was woken by Kaa. "The moon is rising, thou sleepy-headed manling. It is time we were on our way."

The two made their way through the jungle by moonlight. Mowgli ran effortlessly at a speed that few human athletes could have matched, though Kaa could easily have outpaced him if he chose, pausing only briefly to rest and drink from streams.

Finally as the sun rose they beheld their destination in the distance. The city on the hill, with its gilded spires and minarets and ornate stonework, must have been magnificent in its heyday, but was now decayed, crumbling and faded. Most of its minarets had fallen and its broken domes were inhabited by bats.

In its overgrown streets and plazas the Bandar-log had once made their monkey-kingdom, boasting that they would one day rule the jungle even though they could never keep one thought in their heads for more than five minutes. After Kaa had rescued the seven-year-old Mowgli from their clutches and feasted upon the Bandar-log as his reward, the monkeys had abandoned the city as well, leaving it for the lizards and rats.

"This way," said Kaa, and led Mowgli to a crumbling marble pavilion from which a stone stairway led down into darkness. Mowgli descended slowly, careful to keep his footing on the broken, rubble-strewn steps. As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness he saw a passageway at the bottom of the stairs which ended in a featureless stone wall.

The base of the wall had been cracked by a tree-root, making a narrow gap in the otherwise solid structure. Kaa slipped into the gap and Mowgli followed on his belly. It was a tight squeeze in places, but Mowgli eventually made it through, dropping three feet onto the floor of the chamber beyond.

The roof of the treasure chamber had also succumbed to the slow growth of tree roots and the chamber was illuminated by several shafts of light that shone through the cracks.

Rising to his feet, Mowgli realised that what he stood upon was not a solid floor, but a thick layer of tiny discs made of white and yellow metal, here and there accompanied by sparkling translucent stones.

The discs moved and shifted as Mowgli walked, making it difficult to keep his balance.

"These are like the things the man-pack call _money,_" said Mowgli, "except that these are bright and theirs is dull and brown."

"They _are_ money," came a voice from the shadows. "A vast fortune, far more than thou canst have looked upon ever before. Yet they form only the tiniest part of the great Treasure of Salomdhi. Look upon the King's treasure vault, young human, and be amazed."

The speaker moved forward into the light. It was an enormous cobra, perhaps ten feet long, far larger than any poison-snake Mowgli had ever heard of. Lack of exposure to light had caused the markings on its scales to fade until it was almost pure white.

The cobra raised its hood and reared up over Mowgli.

"We be of one blood, ye and I," said Mowgli in a serpentine hiss.

The White Hood made no reply to the Snakes' Master Word, but lowered his hood and turned to address Kaa.

"So, old python," said the White Hood, "thou hast brought the human as I bade thee. Good. It is long since I had a new plaything."

"I am not thy slave, venomed one, and Mowgli is no ordinary human. He is certainly _not_ thy plaything."

"That we shall see," hissed the cobra. "In truth I have never met a human that could converse in the tongue of serpents. That will make this all the more interesting."

Turning to Mowgli the White Hood said, "Look around, little human. Feast thine eyes upon the King's Treasure."

Mowgli looked. The entire floor of the chamber shimmered with gold and silver coins, jewelled rings and loose gemstones. Rising from the floor like islands in a jewelled sea were jade idols, suits of armour, porcelain vases taller than a man, marble thrones fit for prices, dozens of astonishingly lifelike statues, golden altars containing figures of gods, and wooden chests containing silken dresses, swords in ornate jewelled hilts, belts, bracelets, necklaces of giant pearls, and jewelled ornaments of every description.

It was a treasure that men would have gladly slain each other to possess, but to Mowgli it was of no more interest than a field of colourful flowers - something to please the eye for a little while and then be forgotten.

"What is thy pleasure, human?" purred the White Hood. "A necklace of gold and jewels, perhaps, to impress thy females?"

"I have no female," said Mowgli, "nor want one."

"Oh?" said the cobra. "Well, if thy taste runs not to the art of love, then maybe the art of war is more to thy liking. My master collected some of the deadliest and most beautiful weapons ever made. The finest, so he claimed, are the long swords forged by the men of the east upon their distant islands. Such blades are hard to come by, it is said, for only death will cause their wielders to relinquish them, and those who wield such mighty blades are hard to kill. Yet my master owns a hundred. The least of them would make thee the mightiest warrior in all this land."

"I need no blade other than my knife," said Mowgli, "and that is for killing prey, not men. The stench of men's blood sickens me. Men are welcome to slay each other if they will, but I shall have no part of it."

"Surely, then," the White Hood crooned, "thou canst not resist the opportunity to dress like a prince? Here thou seest jackets and leggings of the finest silken brocade, trimmed with gold and silver thread and decorated with the finest rubies, sapphires and emeralds."

"Jackets? Leggings?" Mowgli howled with laughter. "Look at me, old serpent! Do I _look_ as if I desire to dress like a prince, or even like a man? I wish to feel the air upon my skin from head to foot. Never again will I wear clothes, no matter how much they might make me look like a strutting peacock."

The White Hood hissed quietly to himself for a moment.

"Clearly thou art hard to please, human. But if it is not treasure that thou desirest, perhaps I can show thee something else that thou wilt find interesting. Follow me."

The cobra led Mowgli and Kaa over to the far corner of the storeroom. There, upon pedestals that raised them just above the layer of coins, stood three lifesize figures of naked men with impressive erections, though none was as large as Mowgli's.

"Now, human," said the cobra, "what dost thou see?"

"Things shaped like men," said Mowgli. "They had such things in the man-pack, but they were smaller, and men called them gods."

"These are called statues," said the White Hood. "There are many of them within this chamber, but I consider these three to be the finest. Tell me, human, what dost thou suppose they are made of?"

Mowgli shrugged. "Coloured wood or clay, maybe. What does it matter? They are pretty, I grant thee, but I have no more use for them than I have for anything else here."

"They are not made of clay nor of wood, young human. At least touch one of them, and find out what they _are_ made of."

Mowgli shrugged again and reached forward to touch the nearest statue's chest. Then he gasped and drew back his hand.

"These... these are not made things," he gasped. "They are living men! Why do they not move or speak?"

"Quite simply, human," hissed the white cobra, "because they cannot. They can do nothing, for the Curse of Salomdhi is upon them."

"The Curse of Salomdhi?" said Mowgli. "What manner of thing is that?"

"My master King Salomdhi was a great sorcerer," said the White Hood. "He possessed powers far beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. To him, it was said, nothing was impossible. He it was who charged me with the guardianship of his treasure, granting me the gift of enormous size and strength as well as everlasting life."

The cobra's eyes bored into Mowgli's. "The curse, young human, is a trap for thieves. All those who attempt to steal from the King's Treasure will become as stone, just as these men have. They can never again move from this place, nor die."

"Manling," said Kaa, "something is wrong here. I do not trust this place nor its keeper. We should go now."

"Come now, brave Kaa," said the White Hood. "What harm can I do to thee or to thy human? I am no threat to thee. See for thyself."

The White Hood opened his mouth, exposing his fangs to Kaa's gaze.

"There, canst thou see? My poison is long spent, my fangs withered. Thou hast nothing to fear from me."

Mowgli, meanwhile, hardly noticed their exchange. As if in a trance he had stepped forward and begun to caress the nearest man's face and chest.

"They live," he muttered as if to himself, "and yet... they cannot move?"

Mowgli could not help wondering how the men must feel. It would be like being held still by Kaa, only more so, because there was no end to it, no hope of escape...

Mowgli was instantly aroused, his huge erection pressing insistently against the frozen man's, which throbbed helplessly in response.

Placing a hand upon the man's cheek, Mowgli whispered in the language of men, "I find thee beautiful, and I... I wish to touch thee. Please accept my touches as gestures of love."

The man could not speak or respond, but his eyes gazed into Mowgli's in what Mowgli hoped was acceptance.

Pressing himself firmly against the man's rigid body Mowgli reached down and began slowly squeezing and stroking their penises together, while stroking the man's firmly-muscled back and bottom with his free hand and reaching into the man's mouth with his tongue.

It took half an hour for the man to come, his semen splashing their stomachs and scrota and Mowgli's hand. It took Mowgli another ten minutes, and the sudden burst of pleasure that he felt was even more powerful than any of the orgasms Kaa had given him.

Eventually he sank into a post-coital stupor at the feet of the paralysed man. Speaking once more in the language of the village, he muttered, "I hope... it was as pleasant... for thee as it was... for me... my friend."

"There, seest thou?" said the White Hood, lowering his head to gaze into Mowgli's eyes. "Thou _didst_ find a use for one of them after all."

For a time Mowgli slept. It might have been midday by the time he woke. For a moment he did not remember where he was, until he rose and turned to see the three motionless figures standing before him.

Remembering their helpless plight, Mowgli became aroused once more. This time he moved to the next man in line and repeated his plea, then knelt before him and took the man's permanent erection into his mouth.

As he rocked back and forth, kneading and caressing the man's phallus with his tongue while masturbating with one hand and supporting himself with the other, the White Hood approached him from behind.

"Allow me to assist thee, human," said the cobra, rearing up and inserting his hemipenis into Mowgli's anus before Mowgli had a chance to react.

The cobra swiftly wrapped around Mowgli's legs and torso, forcing him to continue fellating the frozen man and ensuring that he could not escape from the cobra's buggery. Once again the feeling of helplessness was making Mowgli harder and hornier than ever, and this time he came long and hard, splashing the floor with semen, well before the man he was sucking had finished.

The cobra was not finished, though, and continued thrusting himself into Mowgli while Mowgli continued to lick and suck the frozen man. After several more minutes Mowgli felt the cobra's semen pouring into him, and only moments later the man came into Mowgli's mouth.

Because the cobra still had hold of Mowgli's legs Mowgli could not pull back, and almost choked on the man's come. Eventually he managed to pull back his head and spit most of the man's semen onto the ground where it merged with his own. At that moment the cobra finally withdrew, allowing its come to drip from Mowgli's rectum.

Mowgli felt hot, sticky and drained. He had a nagging feeling that he was forgetting something, but the feeling was soon swept aside by his physical discomforts. His backside ached and his limbs were cramped from being held tight for so long. His mouth was full of semen and there was nothing to wash it out with. He had not eaten or drunk for hours, and there was nothing to sit on except piles of coins. But then a wave of fatigue washed over him and he slumped onto the glittering floor anyway, giving the three frozen men a glorious view of his naked legs and bottom.

The next time Mowgli woke he was not sure how long he had slept, but the shafts of light from the ceiling were falling at an angle. Sitting up and stretching, he discovered that his limbs were no longer cramped, and sleep had cured him of his fatigue. His mouth still tasted of semen, but he did not feel hungry or thirsty any more.

Standing, he walked over to where the third man stood on his pedestal. It was a tall, slender youth, about the same age as Mowgli himself, casually posed with his legs slightly apart, his arms resting at his sides. There was something that seemed familiar about him...

Stepping forward, Mowgli took a good look at the man's face. It had been seven years since he had been in the village, but Mowgli was convinced that he was looking at the mature face of one he had known as a boy.

"Kamya," he breathed. "Kamya, is it thou? Canst thou truly be the boy who wrestled with me in the village? Kamya, it is I, Mowgli, whom Messua took to be her son Nathoo." Mowgli was of course speaking in the village tongue, certain that his old friend would understand.

Mowgli moved forward and put his arms around the frozen Kamya's waist. "Thou didst more than merely wrestle with me, my old friend. Well do I remember thy tender embraces, late at night when the rest of the village slept. Of all the village boys, thou wert the only one whom I loved, the only one I was sorry to leave."

Mowgli sighed. "And now thou hast come to this. I am truly sorry for thee, my friend. If I could, I would take thee away from here, either to stay with me or to return to thine own folk, as thou chose. But I cannot free thee from this 'curse' that is upon thee. I know not what manner of thing it is, nor in what fashion it holds thee helpless, still less how it may be broken."

Caressing his paralysed friend's back and buttocks, Mowgli whispered, "There is but one thing I can do for thee now, Kamya. For the sake of our love, I can remind thee of the secret pleasures we once shared."

Mowgli took his time, gently licking and caressing his old friend from head to foot. Then he kissed Kamya and pressed his tongue against his friend's. At the same time he took Kamya's throbbing erection in hand and began slowly squeezing and stroking it, doing the same for himself with his other hand.

While Mowgli was thus occupied, the white cobra wrapped around Kamya's legs and slid its narrow hemipenis into him. This increased Kamya's helpless ecstasy, causing his penis to throb and pulse even harder, and Mowgli knelt down before him. Kamya's erection was too big to fit completely into Mowgli's mouth, so Mowgli squeezed the back of it with his hand while slowly and delicately manipulating the front end with his highly flexible tongue and lips.

The shafts of light slowly climbed the walls as Mowgli and the White Hood attended to Kamya's pleasure. After an hour Mowgli and Kamya came almost simultaneously, gushing semen all over the coin-strewn floor. This time Mowgli was able to withdraw in time to avoid choking on come, although he did get a generous taste of his friend's essence beforehand.

This time Mowgli did not sleep. After a short rest he was ready again. This time he took Kamya's penis in one hand and began stroking his firm sac with the other. That left Mowgli's own erection momentarily unoccupied, and the cobra decided to take advantage of the situation. Mowgli gasped as the White Hood's mouth and throat engulfed his huge erection from root to tip. Fortunately the cobra's fangs were retracted, and in any case, as he had told Kaa, his venom had long since dried up.

Mowgli kneaded and caressed Kamya's genitalia with loving care, while the snake's powerful muscles rhythmically contracted and relaxed in waves and caused his own penis to spasm with ecstasy. Try as he might he could not hold off coming, and he found himself moaning with pleasure as his body was engulfed
by the most intense sensation of his life.

Mowgli came and came and came into the white cobra's stomach, causing it to expand as much as if the cobra had eaten a small pig. When he was finally spent he felt totally drained. His penis slid out of the serpent's mouth and contracted until it was no more than six inches long, and his aching balls hung
limp and empty. After all the sex he had experienced in the past few days he felt as if he might never feel horny again.

Kamya _was_ still horny, though, and so because Mowgli believed in finishing what he started, he once again took his friend's penis in his mouth and over the course of a long half-hour brought him slowly and carefully to the pinnacle of ecstasy, once again tasting his salty juices in abundance.

By this time the shafts of sunlight from the ceiling were narrow and red, and as Mowgli once more exhaustedly slumped onto the golden coins the light dimmed and vanished, leaving the chamber blacker than a tomb.


Mowgli was awakened by sunlight shining in his eyes. It must have been mid-morning, and one of the shafts of light had worked its way down the wall and across the floor to shine in his face.

The jungle youth yawned and stretched. Once more he felt strong and refreshed, as if he had eaten a hearty meal, even though in fact he had eaten nothing for two days. His mouth no longer tasted of semen, and when he examined the coined floor there was no sign that he or any of the frozen men had ever come onto it.

Mowgli could not explain any of these things. Perhaps, like the force that held the men alive and immobile, they were simply unexplainable, a part of the sorcery of the ancient King Salomdhi.

"Thou seemst to have slept well, human," said the cobra, rearing up before Mowgli. "I trust thou art refreshed for what is to come."

" 'What is to come'?" said Mowgli. "It is true that I feel I could stay longer, and mate some more with the statue-men, yet something else is trying to drive me back to the jungle. The air in here is stale, and I cannot smell the trees. Also I feel that something is not right here, that there is something I have forgotten..."

"What is there to _remember,_ young human?" intoned the White Hood in his most seductive voice. "Memory only leads to sorrow. Far better that thou shouldst forget the past and stay with me, my hot-blooded young mammal."

Mowgli's eyes widened. "What... what didst thou say?"

The cobra was taken aback by the abruptness of Mowgli's response. "I... I merely said that it would be best for thee to stay here with me, young human."

"Thou saidst 'hot-blooded'," said Mowgli. "That was what... what _Kaa_ called me before we came here. I had forgotten all about Kaa! How could I forget my loyal old friend and protector? Was that thy doing, old cobra?"

"Nay, meddling human," hissed the cobra angrily. "That was not my doing. Salomdhi the Great had powers far beyond my ken, or thine."

"And where _is_ the python anyhow?" demanded Mowgli. "Kaa! Kaa! Where art thou, old flathead?"

Mowgli's cry reverberated off the walls of the vast treasury, but there was no reply.

Then Mowgli happened to glance in the direction of the frozen men, and beheld a sight that stopped his breath.

The three helpless statues still stood upon their marble pedestals, but before them on a fourth pedestal was coiled the great figure of Kaa, as frozen and helpless as the humans. Only his eyes, which stared pleadingly at Mowgli, held any indication that he was still alive.

The blood drained from Mowgli's face. "Kaa," he breathed. "Oh, Kaa, my friend, let it not be so!"

Mowgli shook and tugged the great python's coils as hard as he could, but try as he might he could not force them to respond. The python was as thoroughly paralysed as any of the men.

"I should kill thee for this, thou treacherous cobra," growled Mowgli, pressing his knife hard against the White Hood's throat.

"Killing me will not break the Curse," said the White Hood. "Said I not that it was not my doing? My master was the greatest sorcerer who ever lived, and the Curse that he laid upon this place was made to ensnare all thieves, be they man or serpent."

"Kaa was no thief," snarled Mowgli. "All he did was bring me here. Neither he nor I desired to take any of thy master's useless treasure. All we wished was to look and then go."

"It is far too late for that now, human," purred the cobra. "As far as the Curse is concerned, all who enter here without permission are thieves, and that includes the python..."

"And... and _me?_" breathed Mowgli. "No! It... cannot.... be... so!"

Mowgli was finding it harder and harder to talk. His body was becoming stiff, and when he tried to walk away he found his legs moving stiffly in the other direction.

"Behold, human," said the cobra. "Thy place is set."

A new pedestal had risen from the floor, next to Kaa's and facing Kamya's. With every fibre of his being Mowgli attempted to walk away from it, but the Curse had taken control of his body and he could do nothing but walk slowly, step by step, until he reached the pedestal.

Upon the pedestal were shaped recesses into which his soles fitted precisely. The moment they did so, his legs froze, his arms fell uselessly at his sides, his back became ramrod-straight and his head faced forward to stare into Kamya's eyes. Then, although there was nothing there, he felt as if something was reaching into him from behind and tenderly caressing his prostate, causing him to become helplessly aroused until the tip of his huge penis was pressing against Kamya's.

He could not move. Try as he might, he could not force his muscles to respond in the slightest. He could not even blink of his own accord. The Curse had completely taken over his body. Mowgli, the former man-cub and Master of the Jungle... was now a helpless statue!

_No,_ he thought. _This cannot be true. Surely this is but a bad dream! What of Bagheera and Baloo, and my human foster-mother Messua? Shall I never see any of them again?_

The White Hood examined Mowgli's frozen body and hissed approvingly. "Thanks to my master's foresight I now have two more playthings, one human and one serpent," he said. "I shall take great pleasure in their company, and I shall give them pleasure whether they wish it or not. The human first, I think."

The cobra looked at the thick, fleshy arch formed by Mowgli's and Kamya's erections, then reached up to coil his tail around them both and began squeezing rhythmically. Mowgli did not want to be aroused by the cobra's manipulations, but he could not help it. The Curse had also made him permanently horny.

As the long day wore on and the cobra brought him and Kamya to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, Mowgli found himself wondering if he and his friends would ever be free again......


NOTE: All of the named characters in this story are mentioned in Kipling's _Jungle Books_ - even King Salomdhi, although Kipling doesn't say he was a sorcerer, and Kamya, who's actually just some village kid who gets a single namecheck in one story. Turning him into Mowgli's (ahem) best friend was a huge bit of tongue in cheek artistic licence.

And yeah, I couldn't resist the "snake of the plain" gag. Please forgive.

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