Personal Toy

By JoSmith -
published July 13, 2019

Jake has some fun with his boys

Chpt. 8

“Hey Tony.”


“Give me a kiss.”

He walked towards me and planted the most sensual kiss, not even dad or coach were this great of kissers. I was floored.


“You liked that?”

“I did.” He smiled again before enveloping me in his arms and giving me another kiss. I could taste Mark and that turned me on even more. I grabbed a hold of his meaty ass in his dress blues and a small moan escaped from his lips.

“Ok, you gotta go. I’ll see you soon.”

“Can’t wait for us to have some fun, Jake.”

“Damn officer. You are a bad boy.”

“The baddest.”

He turned around and walked out of the door. I was hot and bothered and if I wasn’t saving my load for his ass, I would go into the shower and fuck Mark right now. For now, I would let dad break this guy in. I went back to the kitchen and finally finished my sandwich.

I was on my phone finishing up my sandwich when Mark came down, only wearing a white towel around his waist. His bouncy pecs covered with a dusting of salt and pepper hair, his muscled gut led the way. He came over and gave me a shoulder rub; “That Tony is a hot fucker, ain’t he, kid.”

“He is. How is that hole of yours after that fuck?”

“Empty…used but empty. How about you fuck me on the kitchen island? That’d be hot, or you can fuck me on the bed or outside by the apple tree. I’m still hot for it.”

I turned around and looked at him. I pinched his nipples and he moaned, throwing his head back, still holding my shoulders to steady my assault on his angry nips. I continued feeling him up, anything I wanted to do to Mark he would allow.

“Who is my good boy?”

“I am, I’m your good boy.”

“That’s right. Now, I want you to continue feeling pleasure as I countdown from 10. Once I get to one, you will be empty, completely malleable. You will follow my instructions without any hint of your old self. Now, let’s begin. This pleasure you are feeling is the best you have ever felt…”

“10…you begin to feel pleasure all throughout your body.”

“9…your cock is hard as steel.”

“8…you are remembering the first night you were fucked by me.”

“7…you are thinking of Steve fucking you in my living room.”

“6…you are beginning to drip precum but won’t cum.”

“5…you are beginning to relax.”

“4… your ass is beginning to get that itch again.”

“3…you are starting to let go.”

“2…you are relaxed, open, and obedient.”

“1… you are empty. Once I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes, you will have no will of your own. You will be an empty husk, doing everything I command. You will only respond when I explicitly tell you to. You will not move until I tell you to or move you. You are nothing but my toy. Respond with, ‘I do,’ if you understand.”

“I do…”

Snap He opened his eyes and stared straight ahead. Was it necessary for me to do all of this? Nope. Did I like the control I felt from doing this? Yes. Did it turn me on? Absolutely. His eyes were glassy, his expression relaxed, his cock pointed at the sky, and I was about to have some fun with him.

I got up and circled around him. I slapped his ass and he didn’t even flinch. I tugged at his dick and he was unphased. I bit his left pec while tugging on his right nip and there was no reaction whatsoever on his face. I was turned on by the possibilities.

“Okay boy, I want you to repeat the following phrase, “My mind and body belong to Master Jake.”

“My mind and body belong to Master Jake.”

“Good boy. This is your mantra, even when you are out of this state, you’ll remember that you are my property. I am your master and you are my good boy. Now, I want you to go and get all of your toys and bring them to the living room while still repeating this mantra.”

He began to walk out of the kitchen slowly, like a zombie from one of those TV shows, repeating; “My mind and body belong to Master Jake.” I was turned on even more than I initially thought I’d be. I put away the dirty plate in the sink and went to the living room and waited. I could hear him walking upstairs and still repeating the mantra. As I began to take off my shoes, I heard him making his way back. I looked up and saw him with a small leather bag still repeating the phrase.

“You can stop repeating the phrase. I want you to take out the toys from the bag and place them in front of me.”

He got on his knees and began to place the toys in front of me. I could see a ball gag, couple of different size dildos and butt plugs, a pair of handcuffs with a key, a flogger, and a blind fold. Once all items were at my feet, he stood there and looked straight ahead. Even though I was in front of him, it didn’t seem as though he were staring at me.

“Stand up.”

He stood up and again, kept his gaze concentrated at a far away point. I got up and again, began to play with his body, I could see how his dick kept twitching at my touch, precum beginning to drip but he would not be able to cum. I massaged his juicy pecs, felt his hairy gut, pulled on his cock, all the while he kept staring ahead. I began to kiss his neck, making sure to leave a huge hickey. After I saw the huge mark appear on his neck, I stood back and thought about what I could do next.

“Who are you?”

“I’m master Jake’s toy. My mind and body belong to him.”

“I want you to sit down on the couch, and raise those legs, making sure you are giving me access to that pussy.”

Right away, he walked towards the couch and sat down and raised his legs, his strong arms holding them in the air. His pink pucker was winking at me and damn, I got even harder.

“Mark, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see me?”



“You are perfect to me master. You opened my eyes, made me who I am today, allowed me to live the life of a cockwhore. You are handsome, strong, dominant but loving, you are perfection embodied, master.”

I was blushing, but I’d lie if I wasn’t flattered. This was the complete 180 from the stern man that was pissed off I had knocked on his door the first time we met back on campus. Now here he was devoted to me, legs raised and desperate for my approval and love. I grabbed the biggest dildo he had and began to prep his hole. The winking hole continued pulsing as it felt me touching it, Mark kept staring at no particular place, even though he had acknowledged just a second ago.

“I want you to react to how you feel, boy. If you want to moan, cry, scream, whatever, you will react. Do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

“Good. Put your legs on my shoulder and grab the dildo.” He did as instructed; “Now, I want you to think of the person you want to pleasure the most in the world. The dildo is their cock. I want you to really pleasure the fuck out of that cock, make them feel the best they have ever felt. The more you pleasure them, the more you get turned on. The more you get turned on, the harder your own cock will be. You will be hard as steel but unable to cum. No matter how hard you get and no matter what I do to you, you won’t be able to cum. Is that understood?”

“Yes master.”

“Good boy, now, start pleasuring that cock.”

As soon as I gave him the go ahead, he took the 14-inch dildo and shoved it in his mouth. He began to cough and gag, but never did he try to slow down. He moaned and groaned as he sucked on his imaginary man’s dick. He had his eyes closed as he pleasured this man. On my part, I was on my knees edging him, making sure to slowly stroke his dick and with my other hand finger fucking his pink hole. I should have thought of this before I made him shower, he had spit all over his face, sweat all over his chest and gut, my hands were both covered in lube and before long, the rest of his body began to sweat. The precum coming out of his dick was insane and the way he took my fingers was wild. I started at one, then added a second followed by a third. Soon, I was four fingers in and he hadn’t grimaced but rather, moaned louder. Mark was in pleasure beyond any I had seen him be. My cock was straining my pants, but this was about him, a reward for taking care of Tony. My load would be coming soon.

“How do you feel boy?”

“I feel fan-fucking-tastic master. Oh fuck, your boy feels amazing.”

“That’s what I like to hear. How is that cock your sucking?”

“It tastes like heaven. I love this cock.”

“And how is your hole feeling?”

“Used, wet, and stretched. Fuck me, master, please keep using that sloppy cunt.”

“Yeah? You want my whole fist in there?”

“Whatever you want to shove up my hole master but don’t leave it empty, please master, stuff me up.”

“Give me that cock you have been pleasuring. I’m going to shove it in to this sloppy hole.”

“Fuck yes, give me that cock, I love that cock, my pussy is ready.”

“You think you can take it, boy?”

“Fuck yes master, my pussy is hungry for cock. I can take whatever you need me to take.”

I withdrew my fingers from his gaping hole and replaced it with the tip of the dildo. Mark took it alright and by the time I had it in his hole, he smiled this dopy smile as he threw his head backwards. His legs still on my shoulders, his hands were idled on his sides, and my other hand was still on his cock.

“You took it like a champ boy.”

“Thank you master, thank you, fuck yeah, thank you. Give me that cock master.”

I pulled it out and slammed it in, getting Mark to scream grab a fist full of the couch cushions.

“I thought you wanted it boy?”

“I do master. Give it to me again, harder.”

I obliged, again pulling the dildo out before shoving it back in. Mark howled, tears in his eyes began to form but he continued to scream for me, “Yes fuck yes, more, I want more please master, keep using that hole.”

“You are a pain pig, aren’t you slut?”

“Fuck yes master Jake. Hurt me so good, give me the pounding this pig needs.”

We kept going for a while, his cock was hard and red, my shoulders were getting tired and his hole was angry from the pounding it was getting. I would have to end this soon; “Do you want to cum boy?”

“Yes master, my cock hurts, I need to cum badly.”

“Beg me to let you cum.”

“Master Jake, I beg you, please let me cum. I’ll do anything if you allow me to cum. Please master, please.”

“Fine, I’ll allow you to cum. I want you to count to ten. Once you get to ten, you will cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes master, aw fuck…1…2…3…4…5… aww shit, 6… 7… oh man…8 ugh, 9…moan…10 AGH!”

And at 10, the geyser that had been building since he began to play with Tony erupted all over him. I hadn’t seen him cum this long or hard before. I kept pumping his dick as he continued to scream and moan. The dildo was still shoved up his ass, his fists were clenched at his sides, his face was red just as his cock was. I stopped pumping when I saw him grimace at my pulling. I slowly took out the dildo from his hole and threw it to the side. His chest was rising and falling quickly, his cum covered torso glistened in the fleeting sunlight that peeked in from the outside. Mark looked satisfied.

“How do you feel?”

“Like I’ve gone to heaven and got a gangbang at the pearly gates.”

“I’m sure your slutty ass will be putting out even in the afterlife. Now, I want you to close your eyes. I’m going to snap my fingers and you will come out of trance. You will remember all of the amazing pleasure you felt. You won’t remember you were in trance but will remember that we had some fun. You will also know, deep down, that I’m your master though you won’t have to address me as such. Nod if you understand.”

He nodded, “Good. Now when you open your eyes, you will decide to clean up, get dressed in your most slutty outfit and then come back down here.” snap He opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled, stretched and got up to make his way to the bathroom. I really thought this was going to go differently. I thought I was going to make him pleasure me, rub my feet or give me a massage, but he had been a good slut and I wanted to take care of him for once. This was good. I put on my shoes and waited for him to come back down.

Shortly after, I heard him whistling as he came back downstairs and saw him in what he considered the sluttiest outfit he had and to be completely honest, it was hot. He wore a baggy tank top that left very little to the imagination, his huge pecs were exposed as what most of his torso. To call it a tank top was generous, it was more like a spaghetti strap that barely covered his front and back. His shorts, or what would have been shorts if they covered more than just his groin area, were bright red with a thin white stripe on the sides. He looked like the most delicious slutty coach I have ever seen, all that was missing was the whistle around his neck. He opted to wear flipflops instead of shoes, knowing full well he wouldn’t be clothed for long.

“Looking slutty coach.”

“Like the outfit, kid? These were the most revealing clothes I have.”

“If that’s the case, might as well just be naked.”

“I can do that. Want me to be naked, I’ll be naked. Whatever you want, you know I’ll do it.”

“Keep the clothes on. It’s getting late, let’s go back to my place.”

“I have a meeting tomorrow, let me pack a night bag.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you here. Oh, don’t forget to clean up your toys.”

He walked over to the toys and got on his knees and put them in the leather bag before going back upstairs. I could see his huge ass wanting out of those shorts and the outline of a jockstrap underneath. It was a great view. I texted Steve and told him coach and I were on our way and to have Tony ready for me. He replied shortly after coach came back down with a night bag with a winky face.

“Ready to go kid.”

“Let’s go and this time, try not to get pulled over.”

“Yeah, okay.” He replied sarcastically.

We got in the truck and drove back to my place. I was so horned up and being able to resist fucking Mark was difficult, but I knew that I would be rewarded for my patience once I got back. I mentioned to him that Tony would be there and I saw him smile and lick his lips. Just thinking that Fornelli would be there ready for me had gotten me more wired. I felt like a package I ordered online was finally being delivered and I couldn’t wait to play with it.

Finally, back home, as I opened the door, everything was quiet. By this time, Steve was done with his cam show and he should have been done with Tony’s crash course. Mark followed me inside and shut the door behind me.

“Where are ya fellas!” Mark yelled into the empty place, “Hey kid, I’m going to get some water, need anything?”

“Nah, go ahead. I’ll go see if I can find them.”

Mark went to the kitchen, I went to my room. All the lights were turned off and it was very quiet except for Mark in the kitchen pouring himself some water. I opened the door to my room and my mouth dropped. Officer Fornelli was on my bed in a black jock strap and wearing his police hat. He looked at, smiling broadly. I slowly closed the door and walked towards the bed.

“Welcome home sir.”

“Its great to be home officer.”

“I met your dad. Nice guy.”

“I’m sure you both had some fun.”

“I learned quite a lot.” He got off the bed and walked over to me. “Want me to show you?”


He grabbed my hand and kissed it before hugging me and grinding his hard package on mine. My hands explored his muscled back and ass. Steve was hot, the coach was fun but something about Fornelli really had me on another level. I think it was the cop thing or the fact that he was even more muscular than Steve. He continued to gyrate his ass, letting me knead his ass as he continued to kiss my neck before moving to my lips. This time, I moaned as he was making me feel so fucking good. This man, I’m sure, could make me cum just by kissing me.

“You like that, sir?”

“Fuck yeah,” I replied in a raspy voice, “What else have you learned?”

He smiled before squatting in front of me and beginning to undo my pants. He slowly pulled down my pants until they got on my ankles. He looked at me, devotion on his face and helped me to sit on the bed so he could undo my shoes. This was more…romantic. Nothing about this was rushed. Even with Steve, I would just say, “I want to fuck” and he would stop whatever he was doing and assuming the position. Same with Mark, he’d even beg me to fuck him when I was doing whatever. While that was hot, the ritual before was never important but now, the anticipation, the process, everything he was doing was making me hungrier and hornier for him. Soon, my shoes, socks, underwear and pants were off. Fornelli was massaging my legs, kissing my feet, making sure he gave me the respect I deserved.

“I really want you sir.”

“I want you too officer.”

He got up and got me to a sitting position and took my shirt off. Now, we were both able to touch, skin to skin. He got on top of me and put his body on mine as we continued to make out. We stopped kissing for a moment and again, the look of total devotion was on his face.

“Sir, before today, I had never fucked a man before and it was great. Then I came here, and Steve showed me how much better it would be to take it from a man. He said that I’d be lucky to even have your cock near me. Now that I see you naked, I can’t imagine not having you in me.”

“Is that what you want officer, you want me to be inside you?”

“More than anything. Steve prepped me, he showed me the ropes. I want to feel you inside me, make me one of your boys.”

“You need to prep me first.”

He gave me a quick kiss before getting between my legs, took off his hat and began to lick the side of my dick. He looked at me and I just held my own smile as I saw the man that pulled Mark and I over earlier in the day now, in my bedroom about to give me a blowjob. Soon, he got comfortable and took me in his mouth. He gagged at first but nevertheless, persisted in his duty to provide me with a kickass blowjob. Just like the make out session, this wasn’t one of Mark’s hungry, desperate blowjobs, this was slow and erotic. His ass was in the air, his hands on either side of my legs, his head bobbing up and down on my cock. Even though he gagged and coughed at first, he had gotten used to my girth and size. I was in heaven. Mark described our session as a gangbang in heaven but damn, this was mine.

The dimmed lights of my room made him look even sexier, the sweat all over his huge back glinted each time he moved. He was not as noisy as Steve, moaning each time he sucked me. He was quiet, groaned occasionally but otherwise, did his job quietly. I didn’t mind, a change of pace was good, and this made me realize that he didn’t have to moan or make noise because he wasn’t going for his own pleasure, this was all about me.

He looked up at me, his face covered in saliva, sweat on his forehead, his hair messy. He looked already used which made my hard cock even harder.

“Did I do good, sir?”

“You did fantastic officer. You should be proud.”

“I’m proud as long as you are happy with my services, sir.”

“You should be ecstatic then, I have never had such a great blowjob.”

“That’s great to hear. Thank you, sir.”

He took me in his mouth one more time before going towards my balls and sucking them and licking them.

“Damn sir, you taste so good. I never knew this is what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth.”

“Didn’t you suck Steve?”

“No sir. He gave me a dildo to practice on. He said I was yours to use and honestly, I’m glad he saved me for you. Since our first kiss, I couldn’t stop thinking of how you would use me once you got home.”

“Stop thinking about it and get in position. I’m ready to go in.”

“Fuck yes, sir. Thank you, sir. My ass is cherry; besides the dildo I took today, but you’ll be the first to be in there.”

I smiled broadly, and he saw, he smiled with me as he straddled me and grabbed my cock to direct it into his hole.

“I can feel your cock at the opening of my hole. I want this so bad, sir.”

He slowly got on it and little by little, I entered the tightest hole I have ever fucked. He was tighter than Mark and Steve which was something I didn’t think would be real. Fuck, his hole was already lubed up, his insides were warm and welcoming. I could feel him contracting his hole as more and more of my cock went in. He bit his lip but didn’t make much noise. He was panting, groaning, but continued guiding my cock in. Finally, my entire cock made a home in his hole, he put his hands on my chest and slowly began to bounce. He had his eyes closed, concentrating on his rhythm, making sure he wasn’t hurting himself or going too fast. He wanted to savor this. I began to feel his arms, something I wanted to do as soon as he took off his shirt at Mark’s place. Fornelli opened his eyes and we made contact for the first time since he got me inside of him. With a renewed vigor of realizing that he was making me feel good, he began to bounce faster, moaning a bit in his deep voice. I felt him up and down, making sure to really play with his chest and abs.

“Your body is perfection officer.”

“It’s all yours to play with, sir. Aww fuck, you’re fucking me so good.”

“It’s all you officer but if you really want to see how good I can fuck, get on your back with your legs in the air.”

“Fuck yes, sir.” He got off me and quickly assumed the position. With those massive legs in the air, I aligned my dick with the opening of his hole and went in. He screamed and looked at me, urging me to do it.

“You want me to fuck that hole officer?”

“Fuck that cop ass, sir. Give me that cock.”

I grabbed his thighs and fucked him. He started slow, bouncing on my dick which was nice but now on his back, I was going to fuck him fast and hard. I had been holding my urge to fuck since we were at Mark’s place and now I was finally breaking him in properly. I began to pick up speed, making his pecs bounce, making him groan and moan.

“Fuck me sir, fuck that cop hole. Damn, that’s good, use that hole, make it yours.”

“Oh, I’m planning on it. Going to claim this ass as my property.”

“Aw fuck yes, make me your cop slut. I want to be yours, fuck yes, give me your cock, sir.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Fuck me harder sir, make this cop your fucking property.”

“Damn Fornelli, I’m gonna cum.”

“Breed me sir, mark that hole with your load. Goddamn give me that spunk.”

I fucked him harder and soon, I was unloading in him. Just as Mark came a geyser, I felt I came a fucking ocean. Cum filled him up to the point that it was coming out even with my dick in his ass. I had never cum that much before. I continued to fuck him, making him moan. I fished out his cock from the side of the jockstrap and stroked it lightly. He groaned a bit. The cock was already covered in precum, but I wanted a real load from him. I put my hand near his mouth and told him to spit on it which he did. He was feeling his pecs, my spit filled hand found his hard cock and I began to stroke him.

“I want a nice load from you officer.”

“Aw fuck sir, anything you want. I can feel you mixing our load in my ass. Fuck.”

I continued stroking him, eliciting louder moans and before I could tell him anything else, his load came out like a bullet, coating my hand and his torso. In the afterglow of his orgasm, Tony grabbed some of his cum and smeared it all over his huge pecs. He kept eye contact with me. I took my cock out of his hole and grabbed some of my own cum and mixed it with his, lathering up his body with our loads.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever done, sir.”

“You were a great lay, Fornelli.”

“Does this mean, well, I don’t want to be too forward or clingy, but…Does this mean that I’m yours now?”

“If I said yes?”

“You would make me the happiest man in the land.”

I got on top of him and kissed him. His face was flushed, his body warm, our loads all over his torso made us stick together.

“You are mine officer. Whenever I want that ass—”

“You can have it. Shit, I’ll even give you my route and you can take me in my cruiser.”

“That’s hot.”

“Whenever you want me, I’ll be ready. Fuck, I’ll even fucking move in here to give you better access to my body.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“You just tell me time and place, I’ll drop everything for you Jake.”

I kissed him again. He hugged me tight as we began to make out. His ass was leaking cum, but I didn’t care, I would change the sheets later but right now, this guy was my priority.

“You should call into work and say you aren’t feeling well and stay here.” He smiled and gave me another kiss, “I called off for the rest of the weekend before I got here. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t want to be away from this place for a while.”

“You continue to surprise me officer.”

“You haven’t seen nothing yet.” We rolled over, he was on top of me now, he went down to my dick and took me in his mouth again. I gasped and grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down on my cock. He kept his composure until he couldn’t anymore and began to cough. Even though I had just loaded him up with my biggest load, my cock was still hard as steel.

“I swear I will get better at taking this cock.”


“Even if I have to practice on you every single day.”

He chuckled at that and went back to cleaning my cock. Yeah, this was going to be the beginning of a great weekend.

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