The Beat Goes On

By MicroModal
published July 14, 2019

Changing the world, one pair of underwear at a time.

The Beat Goes On

I walked thru the front doors of my gym at about 4:15 am on a Tuesday morning. I needed to be at work at 7:00, I was approximately a 30 minute drive from the office and including time to shower and change that gave me just over two hours. Plenty of time. I headed straight to the locker room, picked an open locker and began to change.

As usual, a guy I had seen frequently at the gym but never spoken to arrived a few minutes after I did and chose an empty locker about 20 feet away from me. I was just closing my locker and heading out to the floor as he was kicking off his shoes and dropping his pants. My last sight of him as I walked out of the locker room was his blue button down shirt hanging loosely off his shoulders and his even looser boxer shorts (today’s selection had smiley faces on them) all wrinkly and bunched around his ass.

I was fairly certain his name was Mike from a few passing comments he had shared with other guys from time to time, but “Baggy Boxer Guy” as I referred to him in my mind, was an attractive man in his early 40’s. He appeared to be Hispanic with close cropped salt and pepper hair, dark brown eyes, some well blasted arms and a broad chest and back tapering down to a fairly small waist. Continuing on down he had a beautiful bubble butt that stuck out like two melon halves on the back of his body and well defined, slightly tanned legs. I had never been able to get a complete glimpse of what was going on between his legs as he was fairly modest in the locker room and changed quite discreetly. However, if things went well today, that could all be a thing of the past.

I don’t always start my workouts with cardio, but based on what I had observed, it was going to be essential for me to be in that area for a while, so I headed over to the treadmills and picked a machine about center of the pack. I popped in my earbuds, set my phone into one of the cup holders on the machine and started to run. About five minutes into my workout, BBG (Baggy Boxer Guy) appeared and picked a machine about 15’ away from me. He put in his own earbuds, adjusted his playlist and began his own workout. I waited about 2 more minutes for him to settle down into his pace and then paused my machine. Everything hinged on the next few minutes. I had achieved what I was about to attempt multiple times using a desktop or laptop computer, but never with a cell phone.

Opening the Bluetooth application of my phone I scrolled down thru the list of “available devices”. First in the list were my earbuds, with the sub heading “connected”. Following these were my other BT speakers all showing “Not Connected”, and below these was the heading for “Other Devices”. This list was, sadly, empty. I glanced over at BBG again and confirmed that he was in fact using wireless earbuds. I should have been able to see them. Maybe I was too far away? No, I had tested this at home and been able to reach devices at least 50’ away. That was when I noticed that my cell battery was only at 45%. Feeling slightly embarrassed for this newbie mistake, I was at least pleased to remember that I had planned for this. A quick 3 minute run back and forth from my locker and I had my rapid charging stick in hand.

Connecting the charge stick to my phone I moved the toggle from standard recharge to rapid charge. Technically I should have left the phone alone for 10 minutes to let the charge complete before I used the device, but I didn’t have that kind of time. I immediately switched back to my Bluetooth interface, and there, populated in my “Other Devices” window was a new entry, “Michael’s EarPods”. I clicked on the name and received a message “This device is already paired to another source, disconnect? (Y/N)”. While this message was filling the screen I noticed that other entries were appearing in the “Other Devices” background list but I was fairly certain I had my man, so I paid them no mind. I tapped “No” and immediately received a new inquiry, “Dual Pair? (Y/N)”. To this prompt I answered “Yes”. When I had tried this in the past with a computer the response was almost instantaneous. This time however, having only my phone, the process took much longer. The screen flashed…“Dual Pairing Please Wait - 1” then paused for about 2 seconds. This was followed by “Dual Pairing Please Wait - 2” and another 2 second pause, and then “Dual Pairing Please Wait - 3” etc all the way up to “Dual Pairing Please Wait - 12”. Finally, after almost 30 seconds I received the message I had been waiting for, “Dual Pairing Complete.”

I was a bit nervous taking the next step given the delay in the pairing process. Looking at my phone I saw that the battery life had risen to 55%. Typically on rapid charge it would have been nearly fully by now, but I guessed that using it while charging must have been slowing down the charge. Oh well, as long as the battery wasn’t going down I should be OK. I scrolled thru the various files on my phone, selected “BB Induction”, and then casually removed the earbud from one of my ears and went back to my workout. Thru the magic designed by people who think differently and a little tweaking of my own, BBG was now working out to a combination of his own playlist and my own special blend of Binaural Beats. Because Binaural Beats work by sending a different tone to the left and right ears the brain believes it is hearing one rhythmic beating sound. If the modulation of the tones is set correctly it can set up a situation in the brain much like a trance state, leaving the subject very open to suggestion.

Keeping one eye on BBG, I watched him continue his workout for the next ten minutes. I noticed his determined expression begin to wane a bit while his legs continued their rhythmic pumping on the treadmill. After the ten minutes his eyes had gone a bit glassy and I took my chances and started my next file. The beats continued and were overlaid with vocal instructions. I could not risk putting too much information into the file or making it overly long as his standard workout would be over in about another 5 minutes. Instead, the voice focused on repeating and reenforcing three messages. First, how he had recently been feeling that he needed to find new underwear. Secondly, He had noticed the underwear that the guy on the treadmill in the orange shirt and red shorts was wearing and he felt that he could openly speak with him about underwear choices. (Red and Orange, I know, but I had pre made this recording and had purposely chosen and worn an outfit that I didn’t expect anyone else to be wearing). Finally, the message that he felt an intrinsic trust for that man and knew that anything he told him was right and in his own best interest.

As it turned out, BBG ended up running for an additional 15 minutes after my vocal instructions began which gave them nearly three times the likelihood that they would be interpreted and understood. When I noticed him pressing the button to put the treadmill into cool down mode I quickly deactivated the speech portion of my file and left just the beats to sync up with his music. At the same time that his machine finished the three minute cool down program which had been stepping him down to slower and slower speeds, I engaged the cool down mode on my own treadmill, stopped the binaural beats and deactivated the Bluetooth feature of my phone. BBG grabbed his workout towel, wiped down the controls and side handles on his machine and then started to walk in my direction. I had about 1 minute of cool down left and was walking at a slow 2 minutes per mile when he walked up to me and said, “Hi”.

I pulled the earbud, which was silent, not that he knew that, out of my ear and said “Good Morning”. He stuck out his right hand and said, “I’m Mike”. “Al” I responded as I shook his hand and my walk slowed to a stop. He seemed a bit hesitant for a moment but then overcame it and started by saying, “Hey, I know this might sound weird, but you have some very bright underwear on that caught my attention and I noticed in the locker room that you don’t need to change into a jock before your workout. It looks like your underwear is pretty supportive and I wondered if you’d tell me what you think about it.” Gotcha! I pretended to be a little embarrassed for a minute and then responded, “Uh, yeah, sure. It’s the Second Skin collection from Tommy John, I think the color is called Oasis or something. They are really very comfortable and I can wear them for workout, everyday and even to sleep in.” I lauged a little and added, “well, not the same pair for all three unless workout comes last, but you get the idea.”

BBG, hereafter to be known as Mike, now that he had introduced himself, looked at me for a moment, his eyes darting down to my waist and back a few times before saying, “I would think they’d be OK for lifting, but are they supportive enough for running?” With a slight grin on my face I glanced down, grabbed the waistband of my shorts and tugged the front of them out and down to around my balls with my left hand. Gesturing with my right hand I indicated my crotch and told him, “Absolutely! Even though they are damp with sweat right now, see how they are cradling my junk and pulling everything up and away from my thighs?” He looked down with the same interest he might have looking under the hood of a friends new car, something he would never have been comfortable enough to do 45 minutes ago. Now however, he was a man on a mission. He wanted to find new underwear, I was a guy that he was comfortable talking to about underwear, and he instinctively trusted me. Those three thoughts combined in his brain to wash away his inhibitions about staring at another man’s crotch as long as it was for the right reason.

A long slow whistle escaped his lips as he said, “Wow! Those are great! And they look so much nicer than a plain ole jock!” “How about the back, can I see your ass?” I chuckled and shook my head a little, then glanced around the room. It was just after 5:00 and a few more of the morning regulars had started to drift in, but they had all passed by the cardio room and headed to the weight area. I knew there was a 4am spinning class that had been going on in the room next to us and they should be getting out any time, but spinners don’t typically head to cardio right after, so I probably still had a few minutes. Since we seemed to have the place fairly to ourselves for a few minutes more, rather than releasing the front of my shorts and then pulling out the back I just hooked both thumbs into my waistband and pulled my workout shorts down to my knees. My cock had already started to plump up a bit from his intense stare so I deliberately turned around so as to hide the lump forming in the front of my briefs and showed him my ass. “There,” I said, “how’s that?” He whistled again and said, “Man, those are amazing! And they make you look so good! I’d love to wear something like that but my wife would never buy them for me.”

I looked at him for a minute with an expression of ‘are you kidding me on my face’ before I said, “Your wife won’t buy them for you? Are you five?” I chuckled a bit at the end to take out some of the sting but he got my point. He laughed a bit and said, “Uh, no. But she buys all my clothes, so I just end of wearing whatever she gets for me.” This tends to be a typical straight guy answer so I was ready for it, “So, does that mean that you buy all of her clothes?” He laughed again, louder this time and responded, “Oh hell no, she won’t wear anything I buy for her, even the lingerie.” I stared at him for a minute and then went in for the kill, ticking off points on my fingers, “So, she buys evereything you wear, she won’t wear anything you buy for her to wear, you don’t like wearing the underwear she buys for you, you do like the underwear I’m wearing. Man, as problems go, this is a doozey. What to do, what to do? If only there was a way for you to, oh, I don’t know, buy your own underwear?” I looked at him for a moment with an expression full of meaning and raised my eyebrows a bit.

He had an uncomfortable look again for a moment before finally caving and saying, “I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’ve looked at some of the clothes at Target and WalMart, even the underwear, and I’ve never seen anything like what you’re wearing there.” “There’s a reason for that Mike” I said, “those are the stores where wives shop for their husbands. If you want something different you’ve either got to shop online or go to a store that caters specifically to men.” “Oh, I don’t think I could shop online for underwear. My wife would never let me live it down if a package full of underwear arrived in the mail.” he said. “Well,” I began, “I know a few places closer to downtown near my office that carry this stuff in stock, I could give you the store names.” With a sheepish grin he said, “I’ve got a better idea, would you mind going with me my first time so I don’t make a fool of myself?”

With that question my cock went from mildly interested to full on erection in a matter of moments and I quickly pulled my workout shorts back up before turning back to face him. “I suppose I could do that” I said. “Maybe one evening this week or next after work?” His eyes lit up and he said, “This Thursday eve would be great! My wife has a yoga class until 9pm so I could meet up with you after work and do some shopping!” I smiled at him and said, “Thursday it is. We’ll get you out of the 70’s and into some comfortable new underwear.” “Comfortable is great” he said, “but I also want sexy, like yours.” I laughed and said, “Fine, comfortable and sexy. We’ll set you up to be an underwear model. I’ll even take some pics for you!” I chuckled as I said that, and honestly I had ‘mostly’ been kidding, but he surprised me and said, “That’s a great idea! I’d love to see what I look like from all angles.” Wow…the next 60 hours could not go by quickly enough!

We exchanged cell numbers, each putting the other into our phones, and laughing at the idea that we would save each other with the last name “Briefs”, and parted ways to finish our workouts. I was actually giddy with the idea that I was going to be able to help this stud pick out sexy new underwear and even get to snap photos of him in them! I turned back to wipe down my machine and heard the door to the cardio room open again behind me. Looks like I had finished up with Mike just in time. I grabbed my towel and water bottle and turned back to the door and stopped dead in my tracks. There were several sweaty men all filing in the room one after another. They were all coming in, but none were heading to equipment. The lead man scanned the room for a moment, and when his eyes landed on me he and the rest of them headed my way. The group began to form a semi-circle around me. After a moment I recognized one of the gym staff coming in at the back of the pack, I was fairly certain he was the trainer who ran the spin classes. Putting that piece in place I reasoned out that the 10 sweaty men with the trainer must be his class and they had just finished up. Why would guys who had just spent an hour on cycles want to do more cardio now? I laughed a slightly nervous laugh and said, “Wow, I guess I finished up just in time. The room is yours guys.” One of the men in front, a guy in his early 20’s, about 6’1", 185lbs of lean muscle with sandy blonde hair, a cleft in his chin and an impressive mound in his cycling shorts held up a hand and said, “Wait, please sir! You’ve got to help us!” I was taken aback for a moment, but the desperation in his tone sounded sincere enough that I had to ask, “Help you? Help you with what?” The young blonde looked at me intently and said, “We all started talking during our class about how much we hate our underwear and we just had this feeling that there was a guy on the treadmills who could help us find something better! I’m pretty sure you’re that guy!”

Looks like I’m going to be late for work…

To Be Continued

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