KING REX 2 -- CHAPTER 10: A New Leader

By absman420
published July 12, 2019

Is it Horde Election time again… or do they mean Horde ERECTION time again…?


In the hours before the Daily Meeting, there was little activity in the public areas: the galley, the gym, the entertainment/ media room. Psychic Girl had thought all those muscle boys would at least be at the gym, so she was surprised when she found it empty. Well, nearly empty – she saw Tiny Girl running laps on the elevated track. Waving, she used her Horde Flight Belt to gently float up. “Good Morning, TG!”

“Hey, Irma,” Tiny Girl said, slowing her pace as Psychic Girl flew along side her as she ran. “What’s up?”

“Nothing, really. Just… not a lot of people around this morning. I expected the gym to be busy, at least…”

“Because of all the muscles?” Tiny Girl shrugged. “Alpha Lad was in here earlier, working out with Energy Boy – I don’t know where they disappeared to…” she smiled slyly, “…probably sprokking in the locker room!”


“What? It’s no secret – they’ve all been sprokking the Nass out of each other. It’s been one long fraternal porn scene since you’ve been gone. I’m pretty sure Alpha Lad does something to them – I mean, when he ‘transforms’ them – unless guys really do think with their dicks!” She laughed until she saw Psychic Girl’s level expression, then she abruptly stopped. “What about Electric Lad?” she asked, changing her tactic. “Is he the same?”

Psychic Girl hesitated only for a second. “Yes…” she began, “…basically. I mean, I like the bigger muscles – he looks so… adult. But the, um… the…”

“… the dick,” Tiny Girl said for her.

Psychic Girl closed her eyes, as if saying something distasteful. “…the penis,” she said. “Well, that was a little… hard to take.”

Tiny Girl laughed at the unintended joke. “I bet,” she said. “Still, if he has anything like the sexual appetite of his sister…”

“What?” Psychic Girl interrupted. “What did you say…?”

“Ayida,” said Tiny Girl. “Weightless Lass – his sister. My girlfriend.”

Psychic Girl was even more confused. “But… isn’t she with… Tundra Fox?”

That seemed to be the biggest joke of all to Tiny Girl – she laughed loudly and fully. “What alternate reality did you just appear from? Weightless Lass and Tundra Fox? My girlfriend and… Smarty’s DOG?!?” She leaned back against the wall, laughing lightly. “That’s sprokkin’ hysterical, Irma,” she said. “I didn’t think you had a sense of humor.”

Smarty’s dog?

Instinctively – and even though she’d often promised not to do it – Psychic Girl searched Tiny Girl’s mind, scanning for anything unusual or intrusive. Sadly, surface scans revealed little – Tiny Girl believed what she was saying. She earnestly believed that she and Weightless Lass had been lovers for years and that Tundra Fox was….

Then Psychic Girl found it – there! Again! Some kind of… weird neural connection – some rewired synapses. Too powerful to unravel or snap without causing long-term problems, but proof that someone had definitely been tampering with Tiny Girl’s mind.

Somehow, she figured, Alpha Lad was mind-controlling the members of the Horde! THAT’S why nobody seemed the slightest bit flustered by all these changes and sexual transformations – they were all being super-hypnotized! Finally, she had some proof.

“Irma…?” Tiny Girl asked, afraid her laughter had been rude. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay, TG,” she said, gently touching Tiny Girl’s shoulder. “Actually, things are finally starting to make sense. Thanks. I’ll see you at the meeting.”

She flew off then, desperately needing an ally, but uncertain who could be trusted.

Alchemy Lad heard them sprokking in the locker room before he came upon them. He’d been searching for Rex ever since he’d stopped by Solar Boy’s quarters this morning to wake him with his daily blowjob only to find him sprokking the massive Val-Or instead.

Alchemy Lad wasn’t angry – not exactly – who could blame Solar Boy for taking advantage of an opportunity? Imagine… sprokking Val-Or? Alchemy Lad had fantasized about Val-Or plenty, even before Val-Or’s transformation. (Of course, Alchemy Lad had fantasized that Val-Or was a top/dom. But even though he was mildly let down that Val-Or was a big ol’ bottom, Alchemy Lad still wanted to get his mouth on Val-Or’s super-cock – even big ol’ bottoms liked blowjobs.)

He found them in the shower – Rex and his gym-buddy, Energy Boy, sprokking against the far wall while the steaming water sprayed on them. Energy Boy had his back to the wall, his legs wrapped around Rex’s waist as Rex pounded into him – Rex easily held Energy Boy’s weight, even though Energy Boy had clearly grown to the size of Val-Or, so ponderously over-muscled that freedom of movement didn’t seem possible.

But Alchemy Lad knew Energy Boy wasn’t gay – he’d been dating Ghost Girl since the two had been teens. Which could only mean that Rex was TURNING them gay…!

Alchemy Lad wasn’t surprised that he got a hard-on thinking that, either – he’d fantasized about it enough, a villain who’d turn them all gay. Alchemy Lad was in superhero-porn nirvana!

Maybe THAT’S why he’d been ignored by Rex! Because he was already…

It was then that Energy Boy noticed him standing there in the entrance of the shower room. Half-lidded, head rolling back against the wall as if powered by his moan, “Hey, Trom,” he said, gently smiling. “Join us!”

Alchemy Lad didn’t need to be asked twice. The last thing someone should do, when confronted with their porn fantasy, is hesitate. No! Sprokk the consequences! Jump in and latch on – pull up a hole – become the thing you’ve always wanted to be! Live the moment.

So Alchemy Lad joined them, sucking Energy Boy’s cock while Rex transformed him into something a little more… desirable – and capable of keeping up. Alchemy Boy loved it – this freedom – this power – this muscle – this COCK! Spirits of the Ancestors, how he loved this god among men!

It wasn’t long before he was begging for Rex to sprokk him – sprokk his thick and muscular ass – and it was only one incredibly powerful orgasm later that he surrendered himself completely.

His only regret was that he didn’t seek it out earlier.

Smartiak 6 released the contents of the Bio-Repair Unit, the Medi-Matic flushing itself clean and depositing Magno Boy at his feet. After briefly scanning and finding him within acceptable physical parameters, Smartiak instructed Proto Boy to carry their “leader” to the Super-Conditioner, the very instrument they used to use on Teen Superion, so he’d never remember his future when returning to the past. Smartiak postulated that using the Super-Conditioner to reinforce Hypnoso’s Medallion would create a more permanent neural-synapse.

Unfortunately for Magno Boy, that meant no going back.

With no visible emotion, Smartiak began the process – the machine hummed to life.

Everything was going according to plan – Daily Meeting would, too.

Tundra Fox woke feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It felt like he’d slept for days, like he was fully recovered and ready for action. Hopping out of bed, he surprised himself by how much ground he’d covered – what he’d thought was a hop had been an effortless leap. He landed casually and easily on his feet – dog, he felt good! Looks like Smartiak 6 really HAD found a way to improve his abilities.

Then he saw himself in the mirror and he was flabbergasted. He’d always had a lithe, gymnast’s or martial artist’s build, muscular but extremely lean – honestly, he’d never given his aesthetic much of a thought. Function over form, always – his body was his tool, not his display. He’d never even thought to consider whether he was handsome or not, he’d suffered a few too many blows to the face for that. Maybe that’s why he’d never had a lover – (No! He’d had a girlfriend… didn’t he? – No, not handsome enough…)

But then he saw himself – twenty, thirty kilos of new muscle on his frame – he’d gone from a martial artist to a bodybuilder, a hairy bodybuilder – hell, even Gravity Boy didn’t have the hair that Tundra Fox now had. But he kind of liked it, the crazy, kinky shoulder-length mane his hair-do had become, and his heavy five-o’clock shadow, it was the added mass that concerned him. With muscle this size, his gymnastic style of movement shouldn’t be possible, yet he leapt and flipped around his quarters with an ease that he’d never known. And it wasn’t just his physical abilities – he could sense himself in space in a very precise and unique way. He felt amazing!

Smartiak 6 – he owed it all to Smartiak 6.

He really loved that little living computer…

Wait. What…?

Even Tundra Fox realized that statement was out-of-character. He didn’t have feelings for Smartiak 6 – well, maybe gratitude, he thought as he flexed in the mirror, his big cock starting to rise. No, he’d always been a loner… a dog who needed the right Master.

THAT thought got him going – hard and suddenly horny.

And for some reason, he knew he’d find that Master at the Daily Meeting.

That’s where this dog would find his bone.

Arrival at Daily Meeting was uncertainty mixed with curiosity. Although the girls had seen some of the boys since they’d been back, this was the first time everyone was all together, so this was the first time anyone was really aware of the full extent of Rex’s manipulations.

Ghost Girl and Blackout Lass came together, both suddenly single – both blamed Rex, each in their own way – although Ghost Girl had broken up with Energy Boy and Val-Or had dumped Blackout Lass. What mattered was they were both angry – it didn’t take Psychic Girl to figure that out. As they entered, they almost ran into Solar Boy, whom neither of them had liked BEFORE his transformation, so it was easy (and natural) to give him some attitude.

For his part, he just rolled his eyes and moved on – he was used to those two bitches. That they were both now single made him laugh to himself – Bloody Nass, he’d spent most of the night sprokking Blackout Lass’ ex-boyfriend. Maybe if she’d been better in bed…

And then Giant Boy lumbered in, and they were distracted by that, his crazy four-meter mass – his ridiculous cock. (If Blackout Lass had known Val-Or had already ridden that, too, she might have come totally unhinged.) But he was big and blocky, mass with no grace. To study Giant Boy is to see the excess of Rex’s power with none of the finesse – bulk… and it ain’t always pretty.

Psychic Girl herself showed up a minute or so later, clearly looking for her boyfriend, Electric Lad. The other girls noticed “that look” immediately – Blackout Lass said something shady to Ghost Girl, something Psychic Girl would’ve picked up and ignored had she been paying attention. She seemed particularly guarded and suspicious of the boys, but really, of anyone.

So when Weightless Lass and Tiny Girl entered together, the normal concern and confusion of seeing these two – who’d never really been friends – acting like they were stupidly in love with each other, didn’t raise as many eyebrows as it would’ve if the boys hadn’t been getting more extreme with each appearance. Still, Psychic Girl noticed – she just didn’t connect the dots.

Not even when Tundra Fox came in with Electric Lad. No one had seen Tundra Fox in days, supposedly locked away in “experiments” with Smartiak 6, yet there he stood, and he’d clearly been through one of Alpha Lad’s “transformations” too! Heavily muscled – and hairy to the point of being shaggy – Tundra Fox looked like a predator, all action and no thought, but at least still human.

Psychic Girl had seen Electric Lad, so his changes didn’t register to her, but his sister, Weightless Lass, approached him immediately. Her reaction was half-humorous and half-concerned – imagine seeing your twin brother gain twenty-or-thirty kilos while you were away on a mission. Electric Lad’s shocking transformation was probably as difficult for her as it had been for Psychic Girl, but what surprised Psychic Girl was the way Weightless Lass treated Tundra Fox. The two had been going out for nearly as long as they’d known each other, but for some reason, they were now acting like friendly strangers – no connection, no physical interest, no emotion. Had they broken up, too? If they had broken up, they were acting more maturely with each other than either Ghost Girl or Blackout Lass were with their exes. That was an even bigger surprise to Psychic Girl.

And then the other successful couple – if Psychic Girl considered she and Electric Lad as “successful” past the body modifications – Gravity Boy and Premonition, who still entered the room as if they were the Prom King and Queen. She was just as beautiful as ever, a platinum blonde with a never-ending body – but now Gravity Boy seemed to be on the same level. As Premonition was the extreme for female beauty, so now was Gravity Boy as the extreme of male. Nearly as big as Rex himself, Gravity Boy was clearly more mature, hairier – still with his flattop, his beard went all the way to the middle of his mountainous pecs, themselves so hairy as to rival Tundra Fox. But there was something more… masculine about him than the others – Psychic Girl couldn’t put her finger on it. She was surprised they’d stopped sprokking and made it to the Meeting at all

Then, Alpha Lad’s whole little contingent came in: the big teen himself, flanked by the massive Val-Or and Energy Boy – Energy Boy looked even bigger than he had when Psychic Girl had seen him last. (Ghost Girl noticed it, too, turning away in disgust.) And, like Val-Or, he’d abandoned his leggings and wore only a scant thong that barely contained his obscene endowment. Clearly, Alpha Lad liked his boys to have that look. Behind them came the subservient Alchemy Lad and Refractor Kid, both of whom had obviously seen Alpha Lad’s “influence” but were clearly a level below the big boys – they weren’t even as big as Solar Boy or Electric Lad – but, admittedly, they both had big bubbly asses.

Psychic Girl didn’t think she’d ever figure out their hierarchy – was it just based on muscle size? Or cock size? Or some weird combination? THEY knew their place… or maybe they just liked it on the bottom. She winced at her own unintended pun.

Then the mystery man himself, Smartiak 6 walked in, looking as normal as ever, blue skin – lean… nearly SKINNY compared to these other huge boys – in his sleeveless white jumpsuit. Finally, thought Psychic Girl, someone untouched by Rex’s manipulations! (Perhaps even an ally…?) Obviously, being locked away with his “experiments” on Tundra Fox had kept him out of harm’s way for once. She actually breathed a sigh of relief to see him – and then Magno Boy joined him, also his normal self – and Psychic Girl felt confident enough that she let her guard down a little.

Magno Boy approached the speaker’s podium and everyone found their place – there was an air of normalcy and regularity that everyone responded well to – helping them accept these bizarre changes the boys had all gone through. Some of them actually clapped when Magno Boy ascended the podium.

Premonition shook her head. “Something’s about to go down,” she mumbled to Gravity Boy. “Be ready…”

Psychic Girl heard her, too, casting a sidelong glance at the built beauty.

“My friends,” their three-time elected leader, Magno Boy said, with more emotion than he normally displayed, “it’s good to be back and have everyone here at the same time – these moments are rare.”

Assent made its way through the crowd, mumbles and nods – at least everyone could agree on THAT.

Magno Boy continued. “I think the problem is with me – I’m a terrible leader.”

Now confusion, head shakes – there’s nearly universal disagreement. Magno Boy had always been beloved, except maybe some of the pettier members of the Horde. (Like Smartiak 6, Psychic Girl quickly thought. Smarty had never liked Mags’ leadership – but that was because Smarty always came in second to Mags in elections. Standard jealousy.)

“It’s true, my friends,” he continued, head hanging heavily. “It’s time to own up to the facts: I’m weak and stricken with faults – pathetic and useless. I’m NOTHING,” he cried, emotion breaking, tears in his eyes. “Nothing compared to some of the men in our ranks now. REAL men. Men of power and stature and huge, intimidating cocks… cocks… cocks that I need in me so badly! So badly that I abdicate my term as leader and nominate my replacement: ALPHA LAD!”

Psychic Girl read confusion from everyone, even Alpha Lad! Nobody had been expecting this.

Magno Boy, openly weeping, walked over to where Rex was seated, flanked by Energy Boy and Val-Or, and knelt before him. “I’m nothing before you,” he said through his tears – though it was obvious even to Psychic Girl that he had an erection. “I barely deserve your attention, much less the arrogance of trying to lead you.” He fell forward, prostrated before Alpha Lad, kissing his slippered feet. “Forgive me,” he begged. “Forgive my presumption. I nominate you to lead the Horde of Future Heroes and beg you to transform my useless self into something that better suits your service.”

“What?” Rex asked, standing, looking at the others. “What’s going on? Is this a joke?”

“I second it!” shouted Electric Lad, surprised to find the words that betrayed his best friend coming out of his mouth, but believing them with all his soul. “Alpha Lad for Horde Leader!”

And then Smartiak, “All in favor?”

And of course the “AYE!” bellowed by all those massive men was clearly deafening – though it surprised Psychic Girl to see Weightless Lass and Tiny Girl with them, too.

It was all happening so fast – what was going on? She could contain herself no longer.

“NO!” Psychic Girl yelled angrily, standing to face them. “Stop! Mags is being mind-controlled! I can feel the manipulation!” She turned on Rex. “It’s YOU!” she spit. “You’re doing it – changing them – trying to gain power!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Rex said, defiant in stance but not aggressive. “I haven’t done anything to anyone they haven’t wanted…”

“That’s what you say, but look at them – LOOK AT THEM! Look what you’ve done! It’s obvious who’s behind this!”

“Honey,” said Electric Lad, trying to step in, trying to calm her down… patronizing tone…

Then she saw it – the same neural blocks in his brain.

“You, too!” she said. “He’s got you, too! Why didn’t I see it before?”


She had to run – there was little else to do at that point. She certainly couldn’t fight.

Using her powers to the utmost – even for her – she broadcast a feedback loop, a sort of psychic knock-out punch. It took a lot out of her, so she used it rarely, but it knocked out the Horde members in the room… they collapsed all around her, ally and enemy alike, even the mighty Alpha Lad…

…except Smartiak 6, who stood there, his skinny self wobbly but conscious – odd, she thought, that defense worked best against his semi-organic brain. He should’ve been the first to fall.

“Get out of my way, Smarty,” she said.

“I would…” he said, “…if I were Smarty…”

And Smarty morphed into Proto Boy – Grife, no wonder he’d been able to stand against her. Proto Boy’s shape-shifting brain was elusive to her, difficult to read – she’d described it as “dirty” in the past to the others. He’d always been able to resist her. What was going on?

Before she had much time to consider, Proto Boy morphed into a Nordavian Octopoid and wrapped her up within his suctioned tentacles, helpless.

“Please, Proto,” she said. “Let me go. Don’t let Alpha Lad control you…”

Proto Boy laughed. “He doesn’t.”

She exhaled, trying not to sound patronizing. “You may not realize it right now, but someone’s done something to you…”

“Someone has,” said Proto Boy, still smiling, “but not Rex.”

“Then, who…?”

“Then ME!” came a voice – they both turned to look. There he stood, the real Smartiak 6 – Psychic Girl knew this time – transformed like the others, not as heavily muscled, but bigger than he’d ever been. The same reverence for his stupid cock – all on-display and obvious. He wore some sort of amulet around his neck – she couldn’t clearly see…

“Even you, the legendary Ice Queen, couldn’t understand what it was like for me, the desire to experience sexuality, but the inability to do so – I was a computer that longed to be a man! For my own people, ‘orgasm’ was nothing but a word, a concept, unnecessary to procreation and therefore a waste of time. But then Alpha Lad came along and he… he gave me EVERYTHING! Everything I’d never had. And I will give him everything in return – including the Horde!”


He continued walking closer to them. “You think I’m crazy! I know – I understand. You’ve been with Electric Lad – you’ve known nothing but sexual disappointment. But you see, I’ve been with REX! I understand EVERYTHING now!” He was about a meter away from her face, smiling that lusty, crazy smile. He reached for the amulet. “And soon,” he said, “so will you…”

The amulet… opening… pink waves swirling…

It was Hypnoso’s amulet! Smarty had the ability to super-hypnotize them! THAT was how he did it! Smarty – not Rex! She’d been wrong! Smarty had been the bad guy all along! Her jealousy had made her wrong! Now they would all pay for her mistake…

Round, pink waves…

She couldn’t help them now – no one could.

NO! Someone could…

She felt the tiniest bit of strength come to her from somewhere…

…and then it was gone.

THE END OF TIME – the Time Stalker’s Lair

He watched them in the viewing globe, the defiant girl and the emotional machine. The Time Stalker was almost rooting for her as she stood against the Magical Icon, this “hypnotic pendant” – even with her superior mental abilities, she stood little chance against it. (Though he knew she’d broken its control before – but that was trivia. Ultimately it didn’t matter whether she succumbed to its power or not if she fulfilled her role in the Time Stalker’s scheme.)

And so, in that moment of time, that infinitesimal second, the Stalker stepped in. It took little effort on his part to slow the timestream around the medallion, but it would give her a few extra seconds to act in resistance. “Send the signal,” he mumbled under his breath. “Send the signal!”

Her hand slowly crept to her belt buckle.

“Hurry!” the Time Stalker hissed. “Do it!”

And she did! She hit the button on the side of her Horde belt buckle and sent out an alert – just as she gave in to the power of the pendant.

The Stalker tried to hold back the laughter. It was the end of them, whether they knew it or not. The foolish girl had called in the one person who would bring about their doom…


The Time Stalker did laugh – he released himself and embraced hysteria – long and hard he laughed.

The Final Act had begun.

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