One Night Only

By The Dirty Spiders
published July 12, 2019
7986 words

Gay friends hatch a plan to use magic tags on two old-bears and wear them for a night out.

The Magician writes: For a few months a while back the magic tags I developed started going missing. I found out that some of the people I gave them too were SELLING them! and I have since altered them in a way that this is no longer possible. luckily, I was able to tidy up most the messes this caused, but I shall leave it to tDS to, of course, post one of the near misses.

Act I: We’re Doctors maybe? or firemen?

They were in the smoking area out back. We couldn’t believe our luck. There was no cameras here because dozens of drunk bears would be fumbling and sucking each other off out here on Saturday night at about 2:30 and it was a long standing tradition for the place to just turn a blind eye. We got two of these magic transformation stickers from a mate for A LOT of money and we went specifically on the quieter Thursday night when we knew it would be possible to get a shot in. Gabe and I showed up right at the opening, you gotta use them in a place where there isn’t too many people or they simply fail to work and you’ve just slapped a stranger for no reason and need to explain yourself.

So yes. In we came and the next two men in the door were perfect. I felt bad, like some sort of horrible predator, but I was too excited and Gabe explained to me again and again how it is completely safe and I trusted him.

One was… about 5’10 he was wearing some leather, bald head, kind of old and tough looking he had and rich brown beard which was short enough that it only started curling like the tight curls on his chest. He was wearing a leather-gear ‘small waistcoat’ that showed his hairy man titties and round hairy belly. His thick skin was heavily tanned and his body hair was more ginger then brown and speckled with pepper too. Dark squinted eyes.
He paid no heed to either of us as he passed.

His friend was softer looking with brown hair and identical colored soft straight beard. He had kind round eyes and was wearing a cotton casual polo shirt and shorts. His body hair seemed straight and silky and thick from what I could see from his forearms and shins. His skin was paler and smoother. He was taller than his tough looking older leather-bear friend by about a finger. Unlike his partner his threw me the smallest of nods before passing up by.

I said to Gabe, under my breath “I want the tough looking one…”


“Hello men” I said. Leather-Guy had lit a cigar and was just taking a large pull (Perfect!) Friendly-looking-casual-bear looked at me then Gabe who suddenly approached him and slapped the magic tag on his right forearm


I clapped mine on leather bear’s exposed shoulder and both of the men collapsed into skin suits of themselves. Gabe let friendly-bear crumple to the ground but I grabbed cigar-bear carefully to stop his cigar burning him or something. He flopped down limply over my arm, and a small plume of cigar smoke escaped from his face. I picked up his floppy head and plucked the cigar from him.

“Heeeey….. what are you?…” I left him drape down again before he finished talking and now I was holding his lit cigar.

“Right."I said to Gabe "I just didn’t want him to get burned or something”

Holding his cigar and feeling his thick heavy form draped over my arm was already arousing. Gabe was picking up friendly-bear, who’s pants fell a bit reveling colourful green boxers.

“Come on, I want to put him on before his cigar goes out, we might be back in time”.

I clenched it in my teeth trying not to inhale the putrid smoke, and folded him up quickly with my hands. The skin suit he became was thick and tough, almost like leather sofa upholstery. His clothes had hard bits, probably metal, maybe some cigar tubes, he might have had piercings or a wallet somewhere too. I stuffed him boots-and-all into the satchel I brought with me and Gabe clumsily fumbled friendly bear into his.

“My one’s only wearing soft clothes”

“He looks really cuddly”

“Yeah, he feels lovely”

Three men came into the smoking area. They scoped Gabe and I, and we simply knodded.

“Come on” I said to Gabe casually, “Men” I was about to pass, but then I paused. “Do you smoke”?

“Ehh, Yeah” A quite thin bear with a goatee answered

“Here” I reached back to the thick cigar I had inherited, took a deep convincing drag of before offering it to the man. “We were just called in for service so no fun for us tonight. Better than wasting it”

The man paused a moment “sure” before accepting my gift.

“Goodnight men”

“Goodnight” Gabe followed

“Hey., I just need to go to the jacks” I said to Gabe trying to keep up my character, “Yeah, I’ll go too. It’ll save time”

And off we went to the jacks, leaving the men with the cigar and a vaguely convincing escape story? We both got the cubicles “Good luck Gabe, I might… stay with mine a bit”

“Sure” Gabe said without asking for context, “Mine seemed kinda angry” he said foreboding difficulty.


Act II: The Quietest I Ever Did

Cubicle door shut. I took leather-bear out of my shachel I removed his boots and put him on top of the back shelf in a heap. I could hear Gabe doing the same. I picked him up for a better look “Hey… what did you…. DO to me?” he asked slowly.

“Shh shh, It’s magic…”

“Probably shouldn’t talk to them” Gabe’s voice said quietly in the next cubicle

“Yeah, sorry”

I let his face flop back which made him again too weak and muffled to talk. I was too aroused to step into him so I grabbing him from inside his costume’s back-fold with one hand, and pulled down my pants and underwear with my other hand. I grasped the middle of his chest around my dick, where his curly hair was thickest. I felt his tough hairy skin on my dick and stickied him with precum. I gave myself a few pulls to feel his skin texture on myself, it was better than I thought and I could already feel myself tipping. I brought his head, and pecks up to fold over my dick, as I did his face and beard flopped helplessly on to my belly. I could feel his beard and nose limply press into me while I clumped a fistful of his chest to jizz into. “hmm! uuuuugh” It was the quietest most fearful-of-making-a-noise climax that ever happened in the world and I quickly used him to milk the rest of my jizz into his chest. I heard Gabe already leaving his cubicle and a new soft baritone voice said “see you out there”.

My regular voice answered back barely recovered from my climax “yep”

My breathless ‘yep’ made the newly-worn-man-voice chuckle.

Hearing him leave I returned to the big pile of jizz I put in my guy’s crumpled chest. I gathered him off my dick and twisted him in a way that kept my load from spilling all over the place. I carefully put him in a heap back on the shelf and wiped my dick up enough to grab a wet wipe from my satchel and clean myself a bit. I then dumped the knotted up chest jizz into the loo and tried to clean the patch of his hair up a bit too.

“You… just… came on me” he said weakly. I adjusted how I rolled him up to stop him making noise and I finally started to undress.

Finally naked I flopped him out, and took off his leather waistcoat (his waistcoat was blocking full access to step into his back-fold). Holding him topless felt really sexy. I started with his legs. I had already put his boots out on the floor. The toilet floor was still relatively clean because it was early. I grabbed him from behind holding either side his back folds open and holding his leather pants up at his hips. I stepped in.

“You’re stepping into me? Who are you?” a gruff voice sounded in my head, this must be his body syncing up with my mind a bit.

“Hello Sir. Yeah, we got these magic stickers, and you were our… sexy victims. I’m really sorry for messing up your night” I managed to communicate this mentally, and found the skill as naturally as one might find learning to whisper. I could feel his mind try to contemplate what was happening to him, “sorry doesn’t cut it, isn’t this…. assault or illegal or….something….”

I was considering his question as I put my other leg in and started fitting my dick and ass into his, I could feel the magic tag mediating his psychology and he was completely dealing with the situation in a calm way.

“Well not really, after it wears off, we’ll both forget that it happened, or something. There’ll be no actual real life consequences to pursue, as far as I know. Hold on fella…” There was something wrong with his dick not accepting mine. I had to put my hand down his pants and underwear (from the outside), and grab his dick to fit it onto me. Even considering what I was doing this felt a little like invading his privacy. Aha, a piercing.

“Ouu a piercing, maybe that’s why”

“Not gonna work?” he asked, and I detected a tone of spiteful amusement at my problem.

“It shouldn’t effect….”

I guided my dick into his. We were both flaccid, then snap! I felt a short alarming sting “O! FUCK!”… I had to stop myself screaming out loud with the sudden dart of pain. The piercing aligned to both of us and the stinging faded.

My discomfort made him chuckle at me and heard him think “this stupid kid…”

I ignored his amusement and gave his dick a test tug with me now in it. It felt good. “There” I said, making a point of the success.
I was also getting the hang of blocking him out of conversing with me whenever he wanted. I wanted to wear him how I wished, not with him constantly bothering me.

“Right, top side” I though, looking at the half floppy Leather-daddy-bear hanging from my hips. I put both my arms into him, I was now wearing him from the bottom up to my waste. My hands found his fingers and I rolled my shoulders to make his back-fold close in a bit, now it was just his head left. I pulled him up with his own hands like a reverse hood and snapped him over my head, and checked the seam at the back. I felt myself entirely snap to his body shape and he filled out to his natural body thickness.


I caressed myself and rubbed my belly with my tough, slightly stubby fingers. I felt great. The body almost instinctively inspired me to pinched it’s nipple as my hand was passing it. I winced a little at the pain but it immediately send shockwaves of electricity to this guy’ groin.

“Ouu, you like nipples”

I felt him thinking “Hey, this is…. sexual assault….or something, you can’t take over someone’s body…”

“Aww, come on Cigar-Bear, it’s ONE night, and your such a hot guy, I NEVER have a chance with people like you, and you just totally ignore me, I just want this ONE night”

“But you’re not supposed to just… MMM!” he was complaining about me taking him over but I squeezed his nipple even harder, I almost bruised the skin, this time both of us felt the sexual charge rip into our shared body.

He kind of submitted a bit “but…. you’re not supposed to… just… I don’t know”

“Come on, Papa-bear. I’m gonna use you to make some stupid cub you wouldn’t even look at FAINT in a pool of his own jizz, just by saying hello to him”

“I don’t like abusing young cubs….” In his mind’s eye, I saw what he was seeing when he said young cubs, it was people about my age and I felt a tinge of respect and care in what he was saying. I was suddenly touched by this, but I tried not to let my guilt disturb the agenda of using this bear-dude how I wanted; this was one night only for me!

“OK, Look, I promise I won’t use you for evil, plus, if anyone is being used it’s you” I said as I put on the boots.

“That’s a good point” I heard him think.

“OK Pops, back you go, I need all my thinking space” I felt his consciousness dip to a more primal/dreamlike state while I took over more control.

I went to the toilet mirror and looked at the slightly frazzled chest hair I had caused. I picked at it and gave it a wipe with some water with a paper towel, it looked fine

“Oh! I bet that’s jizz!” a tall stranger was at the sink beside me.

“You might be right!” I said, enjoying my gruff-as-fuck voice.

“Hehe, I wish it was mine” The man returned to examining his face in the mirror for flaws and out of place eyebrow hairs. I left the toilet, and no sooner had I passed the door there was a man, younger than me, I mean older then… Wait; Younger then new me, older than regular me, who gave me a look. It was a look I’ve seen so often, I’ve given other people that look. ‘Why can’t I be with a guy like that’

I passed him and uttered a deep “mmMMMMmm” and gently slapped his arse as he passed. I heard an excited “ooo!” as the man disappeared into the loo.

“See, that’s the look!” I said, mentally, to my skin suit costume.

Act III: Turns out he knows his whiskeys

Reaching the bar, the place had filled up a bit. I tried to not act unusually delighted with how I was being looked at. There were people who were clearly eyeing me, all ages, some judgmentally some with a clear and, quite off putting sense of insistent ‘want’ Jesus, is THIS what’s it’s like being hot? I thought to myself.

I went to the bar, and reached into Daddy-Bear’s thoughts “OK, Pops what do we drink… ehh… what do I put into your body that it can take” I also felt my lovely hairy belly while I asked (ouu, and there’s his name!; born Fredrick, friends call him Freddy or ‘freddy bear’)

“Straight…double” I immediately barked at the bar staff, who was already filling a tumbler with a decent looking whiskey… single malt… 10 year, what? ahh, looks like Freddy knows about whiskeys and I was instinctively download his, quite impressive knowledge of it. I (old me) hates whiskey, I drink larger, and I felt Freddy scoff at the idea. I decided to go with the flow; it might seem weird if this guy, who might be a regular, suddenly changes drinks…

I instinctively reached for my wallet and paid for my drink “you’re even stealing my money” I heard him think,

“It’s you that’s drinking it” I replied

I waved the 90pence change as a tip and smelled… I mean ‘nosed’ the whiskey deeply. …it was sweet and deep and strong and I drank a bit… bright, harsh and full flavoured. It plumed in my mouth and burned my throat with a rich satisfying sting. ‘Want a smoke with this’ I reflexively thought accompanied by a pang of relaxed satisfaction coming from my body.

“Hey babe” an arm grabbed my ass and hugged me reassuringly. I instinctively turned and leaned into the warm voice.

“Hello Babe, are you doing OK?” I found myself asking and leaning in for a kiss. Our eyes locked… It was Gabe’s friendly-bear! ‘Husband’ instantly exploded in my brain.

“Yeah. I’m…” I weighed up my choice of words “…safe, are you… OK?”

“I feel great babe, I was a bit” he flashed his eyes “…unwell earlier, but I think I’m great now”

“I think I’ll be OK too” I said decidedly, I was starting to forgive these young fuck-wits for hijaking me and putting us on in the toilets like some kind of cat suit. It seemed like Jason is OK too, maybe they are just stupid kids… wait no… I mean, GABE seemed to be doing OK too… I was surprised these two bears were married, let alone in a relationship.

“let’s go have a smoke”


“Yeah, for sure”


A small worry crept into my forehead as friendly bear came with me to the smoking area “Hey, do we play around? cause…”

“Yes babe we do” Jason said reassuringly to… me? and laughed boisterously.

“Thank God” I said and almost cracked a smile myself before remembering I’m an old, gruff looking leather bear.
Babe noticed my break of character and squeezed me in one of his lovely hugs. I feigned stoic non-amusement but he was impervious. I took my second cigar of the night from it’s tube and clamped into it as we got to the back place. Hopefully this time I can smoke it.

“Ahhh that’s better” I had put extra ritual into the cigar this time. I felt like I was exhibiting it to… myself; to the kid wearing me. I mean, I was making this leather bear smoke his cigar, so I could experience it… I toasted it before lighting and did a few extra twists, and made an exaggerated satisfying plume. The first drop of whiskey after it was heaven. All felt well. Jayson was extra-giddy too, probably because of the kid wearing him. I wondered what that one is like consider my one is kind of a… dumbass.

I saw a young cub gazing at me, he was by himself and looked like a penguin in the desert. He was a little tubby, with green eyes and dark short hair, no beard at all, but he looks like in another few years he might be fairly hairy. He was probably still only in his mid 20’s. Rather then just ignore him I gave him a brief nod. He tipped his drink in my direction and then spoke at me from across the divide. I think he asked something…

“Hmm?” I took my cigar out and leaned with my hand to demonstrate that I didn’t hear

“Did you have to buy that stuff… in a special shop?” He was looking at my waistcoat… but he was also dazzled by my belly and nipples.

I shrugged “Not really, there’s lots of places” I lifted the flap of my waist coast half to regard the article of clothing he was looking at, half to gauge his reaction to my mostly naked torso. I could see him look at me with utter helplessness…. This kid…. sheesh. He was so far out of his league. Not that he actually was, I just mean he thought he was…. Do I really have this effect on people?

“What’s a young man like you doing here?”


I beckoned him to come over. He shuffled over trying to remain nonchalant. He saluted babe, “This is Jason, I’m Freddy”

“Freddy” he repeated nervously

“Is this your first time here?”

“No, about my third, emm, Trevor, Trev. you?”

I took a pull of my cigar in confidant dismissal of the question “a long time, Trev”

“Are you two?….”

Jason answered for us “4 years married cub”

“Wow, so lucky” a small light in his eyes went out as he said this, but he quickly recovered

Jason smirked “Some days…” before giving me a look. Some days indeed.

“Are you looking for someone? Or are you dating? A bit of dick?”

“Yeah… ehh, looking for someone I like… older guys but” he quickly scanned me and babe to see if we were offended, he saw we were both just amused.

“Well make sure you mind yourself Trevor, this place is usually harmless, but lots of drunk horny men” I emphasised the veiled self-esteem-boost with a tip of my whiskey tumbler “they sometimes don’t know how to behave around handsome new cubs”

“Hahaha, hopefully the right ones do” Trevor forgot himself a bit and laughed goofishly.

“Atta’ man. You mind yourself Trevor” Jayson clapped the kid firmly on his side almost moving him slightly. The kid took this as his queue to ‘go get ‘em’ as they say.

“See you later fellas” He threw us a thumbs up and went inside.

“aww… Babe” Jayson embraced me, I whipped my head back to take my cigar out of his face and put it down in a nearby tray. We enjoyed the embrace.

“That was sweet. Was that, the kid?… the ones wearing us that….”

“Yeah a little bit” I admitted

“My one seems to be a OK” He leaned in to kiss me but we paused…

“Wuu!…. ehh Gabe?, should we let them kiss?”

“Yeah, jesus…. like, they’re married… “

“Yeah but we….”

“We’re not us tonight, I’m a big daddy bear drinking whiskey”

Friendly-bear moved to feel my balls and I let him. He disarmed our conversation and we shared a deep loving kiss. “I’ve got to go take a leak babe”

“Sure” I said, picking up my cigar and taking another sip of my drink, “I’ll be here”

Act IV: Jack’s Jackpot

As I smoked I remarked on how different it tasted in this body compared to the pull I took earlier as myself. You see, you gotta have my taste buds; all faded and worn with age. I worried about the sanity of the conversation I was having with myself. I deciding I’ve had enough, crushed out my smoke and went inside.
“More Whiskey”.

After refreshing my drink, I spotted babe across the way, going full french on a stranger. At first I panicked. Are we ruining a marriage?!, but then remembered that we function in a fairly open marriage. Was the guy hot? Not really, not as hot as me., and looks more like his kids’s type then Babe’s.

I should do the same… I scanned the room. Ouu hey, it’s Jack!… OK Jack is a character. He’s had the hots for me for about 2 years, but I’ve never been keen on dipping that young.

Young? He’s about 35! Jack was shaved head, shortish maybe 5’7?, longish black beard, quite fat, but also had a bit of meat on his arms. He saw me and nodded his greeting. He seemed to be drinking… entire bottles of wine! Christ.

I went over. “Here we are again”

“Yeah, good to see you” he gestured for a hug and I obliged, I lingered for a moment and let him feel my skin. ‘Out for a smoke?’ Me mimed with two fingers near his mouth.

I agreed. We headed out and he had a cigarette in his mouth before he started.

“Here with himself?”

“Yeah, he’s over ‘getting to know’ someone”

“Oh!” he offered me a cigarette “I know a good divorce lawyer”

“No I’ve actually just had one, it’s just easier to talk out here”

“Fair enough”

“How’s your sex life?” He was amused by my out-of-character question. He didn’t know it was this stupid kid wearing me.

“I’m trying to convince weather-beaten old men to blow me in the toilets”

“Do you want to try me right now?”

“What!?” he suddenly went serious.

“Do you” I took the cigarette from his mouth and flicked it away, then I leaned into him, crotch-first letting my belly rest on his shirt “want to try me right now” I embraced him surrounding his ass with my hands and stared into his eyes.

“Freddy bear….” He was torn between being so serious and vulnerable I felt kinda bad for him. “If this is a prank….” the word ‘prank’ betrayed so much frustration and sadness., the kid was making me see how handsome he was, and in fairness Jack was a good guy, why not give him this? I have the perfect excuse with this stupid kid wearing me.

I interrupted him “Me and Jay are having a sort of… adventure tonight and I know how you look at me. Just come here…” I turned my head to kiss him and he tentatively accepted. It was polite at first, but then his fantasy took over and he collapsed into it.

“Mmmm” he squeezed my nipple which electrified me, did he know? Maybe babe told him. He probably did, Babe talks about sex with everyone. He loved my reaction, he couldn’t believe that he was turning me on and I was letting it happen.

“Come on” I said authoritatively, and beckoned him to the darker part of the smoking area. It was around a corner of sorts and lit dimly with deep red light. There was already some men there kissing and sucking each other off. I could feel his energy spike and tense as he realized where I was bringing him. He already had an erection. I pulled him and kissed him again. I moved to pull the front of my pants and underwear down “take it” I said. He got on his knees and kissed my belly several times then took my dick

“Mmmmmm” He took it feverishly,

“MMMMMM” He started undulating with his neck. Is this good?
No kid, he’s trying too hard, but it is hot how much he’s turned on by me… yeah a bit, I suppose.

“Up” I said instructing him, he disengaged with a final suck and got back up. I kissed him sensually tasting my own precum on his lips, “my nips”

“Yes Daddy”

I presented my left nipple and he kissed them “Harder” I spoke. he gummed them a little harder. “BITE it” I barked, he immediately obliged “Yes Cub” He bit harder, “ERRRR” I enjoyed my own deep sexual growl “yes, come on”

“Errrrrrrr, now! Quick, take it” I said breathlessly “swallow me”, my masturbation, and his nipple biting was about to tip me over, He desperately hunkered down as fast as he could without injuring his knees (he was kinda fat). He got his mouth onto my dick and started sucking “swallow” I said “errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….” I spasmed two or three squirts of hot semen into his swallow, and he drank it down.

I held his head onto my dick and pumped the last few bits right into him. “Yes cub, good cub, come on; your turn” I helped him him up and took his pants down enough to expose his dick and ass, I picked him up and turned him around, like a kind of Heimlich manoeuvre. My spent dick was squished upward against his ass-crack and I grabbed his from behind, like a golf instructor.

“Come on Cub” I started pumping him. He was about to join in with his own hand, but I remembered Babe telling me Jack had a sensitive neck (it seems Babe likes knowing and telling everyones sex secrets). I kissed his neck and shoulder to see if it made a difference, making sure my beard ticked him.

“OOHH!!!” He wept with pleasure and almost went limp (bingo!).

“Stay standing cub” I reminded him firmly and he began uselessly trying to sure up his weakening back and knees while holding in his load as well. See? he won’t be able to hold it in much longer.

“OH, OH, OH” his crooning was beating in time with my aggressive pumping as he tried to stay standing upright.

OH…OOOOohhhhh aa!” he couldn’t do it any more and I squeezed a shot of jizz from him that almost crossed the room at hit the wall we were facing. The next two squirts fell pathetically to the floor as he almost buckled where he stood.

“Ohh…. ohhhh” He was still enjoying the orgasm after I finished him, for quite a while. I let him go and pulled my trousers up, leaving him to fix himself up.

“That was a once off cub… It felt as if you needed it”

“Oh… Oh…. I did” he said breathlessly “thank you… Oh fuck”

“Can I go next?” Some man quipped from across the space who had heard us.

“You can’t afford me” I immediately said, and I felt the kid laugh. (Hey this man has game!) Jack, who was still breathless also laughed.

“Come on… I need a cigarette after that” Jack already had his pants done up and a cigarette in his mouth. I followed him to the main, better lit section of the area. He offered me a cigarette again, but I dismissed it. I reached for a cigar, clipped it and chomped it. “I’m used to these now” I said… not fully knowing if the kid meant himself or me. Jack offered me a light and I took it.

“That what good” I said as I took a long pull.

“Were you expecting otherwise?”

“No, I just, I’m having a good night after all, me and babe are…on something”


“No. No absolutely not. It’s more like a game we’re trying just for tonight, I’m surprised at how…” I gestured with my cigar, “ how young it’s making me feel. ME especially”

“You know you’re the best looking guy here?”

“Anyone is handsome” I said dismissively, “I’m just me…” but this part made me think about myself deeply, about things I was learning.

We spoke deeply for a bit, me and Jack., it was a strange conversation but fulfilling. I was enjoying the cigars but it was finally starting to make my head dizzy. This cigar-bear was a lot of fun but was I making him over smoke? Or am I him? Is the dizziness just the kid wearing me not used to the nicotine? Either way I need more whiskey.

“I’ve gotta go get a drink, do you want this?”

Jack indicated no, and I crushed the last of it out. “Come here” I took Jack in, kissed him deeply “One time only, I hope it was good for you”

“It was really, really good for me, daddy bear…” He sounded quite sad, and in a way I pitied him a bit, but I can’t make a clone of this old guy, so it’s not in my power to fix. Heading to the bar I found friendly-bear Gabe was wearing.

“How are you getting on?… we can chat because it’ll look normal anyways”

Friendly-bear looked at me funny for a moment, “oh yeah, Fred’s kid. We’re doing well….” His eyes changed… “you had sex with someone”

“Yeah… are you upset?”

“No babe I’m not, you know the rules” I recognized the tone.

“He does… I mean, I do… WE do”

He looked at me like he was deciding something “Give me a kiss then” Friendly bear kissed me, and pulled away

“Close, but no cigar kid. I know my husband”

Was my magic tag failing? Maybe it was the sex? It felt weaker, like I was merely just wearing him were as before I couldn’t tell who….

“I think it’s sex, I think sex weakens it”

“Oh I better shag someone in the bathroom so…”

“Should we bring them back to ours?”

“…maybe… it might be better to take them off at their house, take us off, whatever”

I decided to change course and visit the loo. I remembered how sexy I found this man. I wanted to see if I could play with him some more before the night got too late.

Act V: Gabe

I eyed up the urinal and thought about taking his dick out beside other men. The idea appealed to me so I did. As I eyed up the task I put some enjoyment into holding his dick with his hands. A man stood beside me and looked directly at me then my dick. He took out a semi erect penis, cut, and began pissing. I did too. I finished up and he did too, he then left the toilet without washing his hands.

“That’s a bit… dirty” I said in my gruff voice. I went to the sink and while washing my hands. I observed myself… I put my hands on my nipples again and squeezed them. I felt the old man get electrified “does that just keep working!?” I said to myself. I opened a cubicle and marched in, locking it after me. I rubbed myself all over, and pinched my nipples, I was turning the guy on. I reached up and pulled his skin costume off my head flapping it forward like a hood.

“Are you taking me off kid?”

“No just… I want to play with you” I took off his leather waistcoat, and put if on the door hook and peeled myself out of his top half, letting him droop down our front. I grabbed his face and starting using it to masturbate. If felt like I was using him completely. Wait no…. I wondered about if I come now, will the magic weaken ever more? I stopped, tidied myself up and put him fully back on. I quickly splashed water on my face and left to look for Gabe.

“Let’s go to there’s and have sex with them”


We got our stuff. Our satchels had original-us’s clothes while we wore Cigar Bear and Friendly bear’s bodies to their house. My guy didn’t even have a jacket and he walked to his house, letting the cold air just hit his tough old skin.
He seemed not to care. We got in the door.

“Ouu they have a nice place” I said.




We went to the living room, I instinctively went to a decanter and poured us both our drinks. I was a double whiskey, he was a rum and white. I tough about a cigar, summed up that I’ve had too many, and took one from the large humidor anyways. I brought it over with the drinks “Hey look at me, I said, preparing and lighting it”

“Aww babe really?” I felt an “in here?” vibe but before I even considered putting it down, Friendly-bear said “hold on…” He reached behind his head and lifted his face forward relieving his wearer and stuffing Jason’s face down into the front of his shirt.

“Ahh, you must be Gabe”

“Yes, you must be Freddy”

“I am” I said confidently lighting up my smoke. “I could get used to you” I said, referring to him letting me smoke in the living room now babe was ‘under’.

“Yes sir, it was just your husband that was objecting”

“He means well” I said, “do you want one? there’s more over there in the humidor”

“No thank you, I don’t want to impose on you any more then we have already” he watched my cigar “I don’t even know if….”
I offered it to him, and he took it carefully

“Just take a short puff and don’t inhale. Yep, that’s it cub”

He took a puff and weighed up the sensation before grimacing. I chuckled at his expression, he moved to hand it back.

“hold on to it for a moment” I said “So you and this kid wearing me… are you friends?” I felt like grilling Gabe would be fun.

“Well we’ve just been friends for a long time”

“And you bought these magic tags?” The young man considered my summery and took another puff from my cigar, grimaced again, and offered it back to me. I took it and smoked it confidently.

“Well, they were pricey, and word is the guy has been told to stop making them, so we’ll never be able to get them again”

“Never again?” I knocked back a good bit of my whiskey.


“Cub, do you wanna suck me off?”

“What?! … Al are you in there, or is this the old man?”

“You don’t need to worry about who’s here Cub, it might be me enjoying wearing this old man, or it might be me changing my policy on how brittle and naive I believe little cubs are”

“Al, you’re kinda… melting my mind dude” Gabe was flustered, and stuck between awkwardness and exploration.

“Do you like Jayson’s body?”

Yeah. it’s great”

“What do you like about it?”

“Well he’s soft and warm and big and really nice”


“well , I’m not sure I should…”

“We’re married cub, we don’t have secrets, you’ve seen the real him?”

“I think…” Gabe looked for the right words “…I think he’s a sex monster, I can’t even begin to relate to his… his…” Looking for the right words troubled him, all while using Jayon’s own hands to express what his lexicon could not.

“Ahh so you’ve seen it, but right now, he’s not even awake is he? you’re just a cub wearing his body. Considering this is one night only, don’t you want to make the most of it little cub? Do you find me attractive?”

“Well… yes you are”

“And you want to role play with these stickers of yours? or am I too old for you?”

“No, you’re amazing!!”

“Finish your drink, and let’s have a play. Leave Jayson where he is for now” I took my dick out as I said this. I knew my power play had worked. I watched the cub make several confused decisions while downing his rum. There was nothing left for him to think about. He approached me on the sofa carefully, eyeing my dick and knelt down with his fearsome, borrowed bear-body. There it is. He started sucking me. I smoked my cigar and let myself get dizzy from it, while the cub tried to feel his way into the task. I waited knowing I needed to stop him at just the right moment. I felt him getting more passionate and more frustrated.

“MmmmmmmMMMMMmm wait, wait cub, that’s enough. Come here”

I crushed out my cigar and brought him up to kiss “Are you feeling horny cub?“

“Yes” he said almost breathless, “fucking…yes!!” His passion turned almost to fury.

‘There it is’ I thought, satisfied I had done the job "Come on, you’ll know what to do”. He simply made a noise. The voice was wrong, but there was no mistaking that sound, I’d know it from anywhere.
I got up and notice he waited for me to leave first. He did this to be behind me as I went to our bedroom. He was breathing, manically trying to control himself. I took my boots off while he pursued me and was naked from the waste down by the time we got to the bed. He had done the same. I was wrestling with my waistcoat once I reached the bed, but a young impatient voice growled “Leave it” and pushed me onto the bed. I assumed doggy position as clambered on top of me. I heard some sloppy jerking to ensure absolute stiffness and then he expertly and smoothly pushed into me with nothing except a firm exhale.

Act: VI, “Was that you or him?”

“Ehh….” the grunt was the same, just the voice making it was different. He was completely possessed by the want to fuck.

I stayed quiet, both of us did. I was concentrating on the wild animal behind me, fucking me slowly. He started sweating, and grunting louder. The kid wearing me was alarmed by the sensation of pain, but I assured him to instead concentrate on the passionate raw fucking that was happening. I felt my prostate getting pushed by the bell of his dick, we both started sweating and he increased his speed.

“OK” the young voice gruffed. He started slapping into my ass, his borrowed dick and balls and big warm body were slapping with regular liquid clicks against my ass cheeks. I was dizzy from the alcohol and over-doing it with cigars. “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” He got faster again, but never losing his smooth forcing motion. The fucking was almost circular and absolutely attuned to the highest possible amount of force and smoothness and he shook my entire body with it.
“ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” He spasmed and dumped warm semen inside me and quickly exited almost before finishing and fell onto the bed breathing heavily. I jerked myself off too and spilled it straight on the bed.

Still on all fours I deeply kissed him before flopping over myself, landing clumsily on my own bits of jizz.
I reached up and pulled the head of the man I had worn since the start of the night.

“Lets take them off” I said to Gabe


We both started peeling the bears off of us, they were both naked now and sticky with sweat and sex juice. We were naked too.

“Can I jerk off into your one?” I asked Gabe

“Yeah, wait a sec…” although me and Gabe never has sex, we had learned so much so fast from these bears that there was no embarrassment left to feel in each others company. Us jerking off beside each other felt mild by comparison to be honest.

“Do you want him?” I said offering Gabe the naked cigar daddy I was peeling off myself.

“yeah chuck him here” he said, bundling up friendly bear and placing him beside me.

“Mmmmm” Gabe threw the skin-suit over himself, it was sweatier and floppier and less responsive. He rubbed its body hair on his face, started slowly masturbating with it.

Friendly bear was sweaty but still remarkably soft and warm. I came before Gabe did and gathered friendly bear into a heap and put him to one side. “I’ll be back in a minute” I said leaving the bed.

“OK” Gabe was still playing leather-bear and working up to jerking off with him.

I reappeared with two drinks, and a cigar.

“I just what to see…here” I handed him a rum. He had just finished and emptied jizz into leather-bear’s chest letting the skin and body hair collect the load before scrunching him up.

“Haha, I did that too, back in the cubicle”

I sat on the bed and sipped the whiskey, taking on it’s taste with my own taste buds. Gabe sat up against the headboard and gathered Leather-bear up in a heap. He bundled him up to his crotch to sop up his after-sex-dick-juices as well as for make-shift modesty while he drank beside me.

I gathered up friendly bear and did the same, and then examined the cigar I was holding. I tried preparing it like I remembered Fred doing, and then lit it up, examining the experience.

“How is it?” Gabe said, sipping his Rum.

“It’s not the same. It feels so strong” I summed up my feelings, “But, it feels appropriate, also I probably gave myself, and him nicotine poisoning tonight, like for real” I said, adjusting the pile of soft floppy flesh bundled at my crotch.

“He’s a nice person” I said, indicating to Gabe’s ‘crotch pile’.

“I thought he was scary!” Gabe said, clapping the pile for emphasis “until… “ and he gestured toward my crotch pile “Hey! and, was that you downstairs, or him?”

I pulled the cigar thoroughly “It was both of us, It’s like we became a new person… I can’t explain it…”

“My one was so nice but, he was guarded. I just though it was because I stole his body, but it’s because he’s a sex monster when he gets going, I’m glad I’m not… like him…." Gabe said thoughtfully while taking a drink before changing his demeanour "but he really loves your guy”

“Yeah same… are we bad people?”


“Yeah, still, It’s a shame, like will we never meet these guys again? Like we just forget? and they forget?”

“I think so, that’s what happened the last time I used one, I only remember I used one, the NEXT time I used one…”

“Oh, yeah, but I mean, like these are nice people, I wish… we could… remember what….” my phone beeped. I picked it up. “Oh my god it’s 4:00 am, also… who the fuck?” Gabe’s phone beeped too.

Epilogue: At least, they brought them home

Text inbox: [Hello boys, had fun? I didn’t intend my tags to be bought and sold like magic roofies, my new versions are no longer accessible to people I don’t hand them to directly, If you want to know your daddy bear victims after the wipe I can have it so you remember the night as a milder, less abusive version of your adventure, You’ll have memory enough to recall one another if you bump into these men again]

My brain did something unusual. I looked over at Gabe, who was transfixed on his phone like it was transfixing him to his screen. He was typing a response.

I decided to address this strange text message. too If felt like I really ought to.

[Yes hello, did you make these tags? Wow you’re amazing. Yes I’d love to know these men after tonight]

[OK, Done. Thank you for illegally using my magic services and making my life a mess, enjoy your life long addiction to cigars by the looks of things, and also, do you want to come to the occasional magic party I throw now that you’re both obviously transformation magic enthusiasts?]

[Yes!! Absolutely definitely we do]

[OK, Done. I’ll also invite your Daddybears too as a way of apologizing for being victims of my STOLEN magic skills. They seem lovely, well, one of them is a bit… high in the old sex drive charts, but he’s fortunate to have a capable partner]

[Yeah so we’ve discovered]

[I bet you did, good night men, please save me some magic clout by kindly fucking off from this couple’s house before morning so they can reset in peace and take your satchels of clothes with you. The tags, and vague recollections of drunk sex will do the rest]


Judging by Gabe’s expression he’s had a similar conversation.

“Did you say yes to knowing them?” he nodded

“And the magic sex parties?“ He shook his head

“What!? Why not!”

The End

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