The first indoctirine

By Cuddlemetimbers
published July 11, 2019

A half orc looks for ascendance, but is altered in a way he could never imagine. ( my first published story)

Ledeaux examined the entrance to the cave, casting a large silhouette in the setting sun. The half orc stood 6 foot 5, his broad shoulders well defined, even under the thick leather armor. Although he was 30 years of age, he was very well built. His arms were the size of cannon balls, his pecs well defined, and a small muscular gut, glistening with sweat on his dim olive green skin. The leather pants he had put on hugged him a little too tight for his own liking, showing off a bulge that lined halfway to his thigh.

Ledeaux spent weeks following rumors to the mysterious “God seed,” a mythical item that could transform anyone into a higher being. The mouth of the cave led far in, and as he descended, he ignited a torch. He watched as the flame flickered off the walls, the smell of earth and cinder following him.

It must have been an hour, he thought, since he started this way. He hoped his adventure was nearing an end. It had been months since he had been home, and frankly he missed his husband.

As ledeaux walked, he began to notice the earth below him slowly change into a reddish flesh like substance. He reached down to touch it, and felt a thin, viscous liquid on his fingers. He sniffed it, being greeted by an unfamiliar scent. Almost a musk of a Male, but something else was there as well. He felt his cock twitch, but then stood ignoring it. He continued down the cave, the occasional drop of slime hitting his bald head, running down the back.

‘I should have packed a hood,’ he thought as he reached a large dead end, with only a singular column in the middle.

No wait, was it, moving?

Before he could react, he felt a large amount of slime hit him, and begin to run down his face. He tried to scoop it away, but only managed to spread it around further. In the uncomfort of the situation, Ledeaux failed to see the large member approaching him. It slithered up into his leather pants, sending him into a panic. He dropped his torch sending ash and flame to the ground. He began trying to grab it away, removing it from his leather trousers, but as he looked past, he felt terror creeping in.

Seeping out from the column, at least 12 red tentacles were approaching, spilling the same viscous liquid from the tips as had earlier fallen on him only moments prior.. He watched agape as the tip of one split open into 4 appendages, and begin to approach him. Before he had time to scream, the 4 appendages wrapped around the back of his head holding him in place, exposing a long orifice that snakes through the tentacle itself. The beast shot the slime out at a rapid pace. Ledeaux tried to keep his mouth closed, but another tentacle came from the orifice, and pried its way past his tusks and down his throat.

The tentacle in his pants ripped through, leaving him exposed from the waist down, as 2 more grabbed his thick arms and held them stretched out to his side.

He gagged violently at first, then suddenly felt no more urge to breath as the liquid filled his lungs. He felt as if he were at peace, like he no longer had to breath and that was okay. He also felt the liquid begin pumping straight into his stomach, feeling fuller by the second as his thick neck bulged with the member lodged inside.

2 tentacles began to circle around his thick legs as well, 1 climbing the front and beginning to wrap around his uncut 7 inch soft cock, pulsating to make his cock grow. The other tentacle snaked its way up to his ass, and began prodding at the hole. "It feels too thick, there’s no way it could enter’ he thought, as his stomach began to distend from the liquid. What was once a formidable muscle gut now looked like a large beer gut.

The tentacle around his cock rubbed him harder, causing it to go erect. An admirable 11 inches of uncut orc cock stood out from under his new belly as another tentacle approached the piss slit. He felt it slide up against it almost curiously at first, then forcefully worked its way inside. The sight of the tentacle moving through his cock was clear, the feeling is indescribable. He moaned at the intrusion, feeling the tentacle split, and work it’s way inside, and into both of his testicles. He felt his balls begin to fill, as he moaned in pure euphoria.

The tentacle at his ass now began to force its way in, violently. He tried to scream, but the member in his throat prevented that. He felt the tentacle swim it’s way through his intestines, spraying them with the new seed along the way. He felt his balls swell to the size of oranges, grapefruits, and finally small melons. His stomach was now larger than he had ever seen it, resting under his meaty pecs.

He could feel his body changing internally as well as externally. He looked nine months pregnant with a monster cock. His throat felt raw, but he found himself enjoying this. Suddenly, the tentacle in his ass withdrew, as well as his cock, leaving gaping holes in both places. He opened his eyes and saw many bulges moving towards him from the member down his throat. It wasn’t long before he felt them bulge force itself past his tusks, stretch inside of his own neck, and drop into his new belly. He could feel it inside him, like a long, thick worm. And suddenly another. And another. And another. His stomach was now bulging out to a point it began to sag. He felt amazing.

And suddenly, the tentacles withdrew, and receded back into the pillar. He fell to the ground and ripped the rest of his armor off, exposing his stretched green skin. He felt the worms inside him spread to his balls, ass and throat. He went to lick himself And found his tongue much longer than before. He also noticed he could now open his tongue at the tip, like the tentacle before. He felt it begin to spray his new seed, then stopped. He knew he must now save this seed.

This was the God seed.

Ledeaux felt a new appendage climb up his throat, 4 thick tentacles came out past his tusk, his long tongue in the middle. He could move them individually, and stretch them to about a foot long. He felt his cock rise, a stirring in his melon sized balls. Ledeaux felt a snake swimming in there, and his cock leaked the seed at a constant on the fleshy ground. He noticed that he also had a thick tentacle inside his colon that he could stretch out too, almost as if it were a tail. He felt like a God.

He knew he must share this. He stood, and began exiting the cave, large cock bobbing the whole way, the new appendages in his body slithering under his dark green skin. his belly jiggled while he walked, but that only made his erect cock leak more. Ledeaux decided to experiment with his new anatomy, feeling a tentacle from inside him slither down his cock as walked. He felt 4 more protrude from his defined back muscles. He noticed that his tentacles were green, and the ones from his back grew to be about 10 feet long. Each with a tip that split 4 ways.

He exited the cave, and began walking down the path in front of him, completely naked, new found appendages spraying the God seed in every direction. Ledeaux watched as the seed clung to the fauna, seeping into it and corrupting it. It wasn’t long before he heard a rustling in the bushes, and a human man with a sword came out. The man was around 6 feet, muscular, bearded, and wearing a bandana. A bandit.

At first the man said something about mugging him, but when Ledeaux stretched his new appendages, the man suddenly felt pure terror.

“I will show you the path of the God seed” Ledeaux boomed in a deep voice, as he prepared his new body for breeding.

Ledeaux used the new back tentacles to secure the man in place, ripping his clothes off with his strong hands. The man begged, but Ledeaux smiled, and extended the new tentacles from his own throat. The bandit didn’t even have enough time to scream before ledeaux wrapped around his head and forced his tongue into his throat spraying the seed, feeling his tusks brush up against his lips.

Ledeaux raised the man into the air, and back down over his cock, and while his stomach was being pumped full, ledeaux wasted no time pushing his fist thick cock inside. The man screamed a muffled scream around the tongue in his throat, but ledeaux just pushed harder.

Ledeaux could see his cock distend in the mans guts, he shot the God seed inside, growing his new follower. He felt eggs travelling up both his cock and his tongue, and slid them into the man

He watched as the bandits eyes rolled back in his head, but he kept fucking him. He knew this man would have to wait a few hours to accept the God seeds children, but ledeaux Would be long gone, converting another.

Ledeaux felt his balls seize, as he shot both eggs and cum into the man. The man looked now 9 months pregnant and ledeaux didn’t. Ledeaux knew he would look similar soon as more eggs were created, but he withdrew his tongue and cock, leaving the man naked on the dirt path, falling to the ground. Ledeaux looked down at the mans cock, as it began to harden. He knew his anatomy was changing, and felt his own cock grow larger and leak on top of him.

The man felt his insides changing and began to understand. He was given a gift. He could see the worms inside his belly as he examined. He began to pump his own cock, staring at the half orc. He could feel his insides change, his balls growing in size, his pecs rising from his once flat chest. His biceps ripped through, leaving him strong. He felt his tongue stretch out of his own mouth, as he leaned up and slid it inside of the orcs cock.

Ledeaux welcomed the invitation with a strong grip on the back of the mans head, forcing his now 13 inch cock straight down the bandits throat in one thrust. As the bandit made eye contact, ledeaux removed his thick cock and rammed it in again, his large balls slapping the bandit in the pecs. Ledeaux grunted once more, and opened the floodgates, impregnating the man with more seed. He removed himself, feeling the thick tongue leave his shaft, and let the bandit fall to the ground. He turned, and began to walk away, continuing to spread seed on the fauna.

Ledeaux didn’t turn back to look, hearing the man moaned in pleasure as the transformation finished. He instead focused on the new town ahead of him, where he could convert many more to his cause. He smiled a toothy grin.

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