Mancubus: The Game

By pienistheIV
published July 11, 2019

What’s this hot new game everyone’s talking about?

u gotta try this new game it’s so good

Damon’s old school friend from forever ago, Clive, was pestering him on messenger. They only ever really talked about games these days, and even then it was only ever a passing conversation.

oh yeah? what’s it called

Damon typed back. He’d have a few hours to spare after his big project was finished. It was crunchtime and the boss needed his code by yesterday. He needed something to look forward to.

mancubus dude, you’re gonna love it

A quick google search brought up the game’s page. Mysterious, no production details, just the title “MANCUBUS: THE GAME” in an ornate script splashed across the image of two piercing eyes set in an obsidian background. There were no screenshots, no videos, no anything. Nothing that could tell Damon what the game was about. It was also extremely expensive.

man, this game is expensive and I can’t even tell what it’s about haha

Even though it was more than he could afford, Damon wasn’t quite ready to give up the idea of the game just yet. Something was pulling on him, tugging at him to click the button that said BUY. The eyes seemed to bore into him, reaching into his soul.

There was a ding from his messenger app. Clive had sent him a link.

don’t worry man i got you got a spare key from a sale u r gonna love it >:)

Score! Damon knew he had to finish the code for his project, but a few minutes just figuring out the game wouldn’t hurt. He started downloading the game, thinking that he could finish most of his code up in the meantime, but no longer had he opened his work than the download had finished.

small file haha

yeah man u should install it

Damon clicked on the icon, and the installer popped up.

It seemed like a typical dungeon crawler with some kind of demon lore surrounding it. Heroes had to venture deep into the hellhole to defeat the evil Mancubus. No hero had yet returned from the deeps, they said, but maybe you would be the first. At least, that was the implication.

u made ur character yet?

man this is really in depth haha

There were sliders for everything. You could get the face to look however the hell you wanted. The character creation alone was pretty over the top. How had Damon not heard of this game before?

yeah i got mine to look like me p much here avatar.jpg

Clive sent through a character that looked more or less exactly what Clive looked like in real life. The face was spot on, but the body was a little different. It was way more muscular than the Clive Damon remembered, and the character model was covered head to toe in mystical tattoos. Plus, both nipples were pierced. Clive would never have pierced his nipples.

It was weird looking at something that looked like a hotter, almost naked version of Clive. But it was just a game, right?

wow that looks almost exactly like u haha



Damon messed around with the facial sliders, trying to see what he could do, but it seemed like the more he fiddled around with it, the more it seemed to look like Damon. After a while, Damon was just pushing the sliders to look as close to his real face as possible, and soon, it was like he was looking at a 3D model of himself. He added a bunch more muscle, though, giving himself the body he wished he had.

Weirdly, even though he never played as himself in games, Damon thought it was only right to go forward with this character. It was a dungeon crawler, after all, Damon reasoned. His character’s face was gonna be covered most of the time anyway. He clicked save and continued.

The next screen was the stat screen. All the classic stats were there, strength, stamina, endurance. Weirdly, wisdom and intelligence were nowhere to be found, but charisma was there, as were a few sliders he didn’t recognise. There was one that simply had the letters T and B on either ends of the slider. It seemed sliding it closer to B gave the character more endurance, and sliding it to T gave him more strength. He left it somewhere near the middle and kept going. He fiddled with a few more sliders, not really paying attention to what they said. He’d figure those out later. He just wanted to start playing.

It was easy enough. Damon’s avatar had some heavy armour and a sword. He had to attack the corrupted souls that inhabited the underworld, and he had to go deeper, fighting off the enemies as he went. It was pretty easy, dodging attacks and fighting back. He breezed through the first five levels of the dungeon.

this game seems pretty simple enough what’s so good about it

man, you gotta GO DEEPER

Damon was doing pretty good. He got hit for the first time when he reached level seven of the dungeon, and Damon was surprised when a piece of his character’s armour fell off, just after he’d been attacked by an enemy. It was just a pauldron, but it fell off of his character, and it didn’t seem like he could put it back on.

did my character just lose some defence points? what the hell?

haha u get hit?


it’s like the difficulty man u get hit u lose armour but if u lose armour u get more agile but u gotta keep GOING DEEPER

The game was starting to get much harder. Damon’s character was doing pretty okay, fighting off the hordes of enemies, but he lost his other pauldron and both his gauntlets by the time he hit level twelve.

i think I’m getting the hang of this

where u at

lvl 13

man that’s nothin things are gonna start getting real cool soon i think i hit 20 before it got rly good just keep on GOING DEEPER dude

Damon kept playing and his character kept losing armour. Soon, his character was down to just a mail skirt. The character’s muscles glistened with sweat as he swung his sword, and each enemy he slayed just added to the tension.

what level u at

Damon fought off another of the slavering horde.

like 60 something

They were coming thick and fast now. Every few seconds Damon had to swat away another enemy.

what happens if u lose all your armour game over?

The enemies had become more human like as Damon had climbed deeper into the dungeon. Sure, they were demonic, but they were buff, masculine dudes. And none of them were wearing pants. Some even had dicks visible. He’d never seen that in a game before.

nah man way better just keep goin DEEPER

Damon absent mindedly rubbed his crotch. He’d started getting hard at some point, which wasn’t that weird, given how much flesh was on display. Some of the enemies were even kinda hot. They were glistening with as much sweat as Damon was.

It was on floor 69 that Damon finally lost his mail. He was left with his sword, and nothing else. He was naked. No, his character was naked. Yeah. And his character was boned up as hell. His gigantic cock was throbbing.

whoa dude my character is horny as fuck

hot right

Damon couldn’t help but agree. It was hot. And it wasn’t weird that Clive was talking about how hot it was, either.

drop ur sword haha

Clive’s message seemed kinda flirty, somehow.

and then what

Damon’s hand hovered over the key that would make his character drop a weapon.


Just a winky face. Damon dropped the weapon. Now what?

He watched as the HUD disappeared. The controls, though, they seemed obvious at this point. Damon just had to… had to… point his character at one of the demons. One of the demons with a hard cock. Yeah, that was right, face a horny demon. Naked.

Damon could feel the cool breeze of the dungeon air, he could see the demon in front of him, goat-legged, horned and with a huge cock, jutting right out of it’s crotch. He lowered his stance… and pounced.

There was a small wrestling match and then suddenly Damon was on top of the demon’s face, and it was eating his ass. Fuck, it was so hot, the demon sticking its forked tongue deeper and deeper into his ass, and the demon was jerking itself off, faster and faster until suddenly, it sprayed cum high into the air and hit Damon’s face. No, screen?

oh man i just defeated another demon haha without my sword ;)

keep GOING DEEPER man u should try LOSING the next one tho haha

Yeah. Deeper. He had to keep going deeper, to defeat the Mancubus, that’s right. It was gonna be hard, naked, but Damon was up to the task.

He was slowed down along the way. The next demon he met somehow ended up face down with it’s juicy ass pushed up into the air, and Damon shoved his face right up to it to bury his tongue in the hole. Every demon he encountered was now entirely erect, and basically started jacking off as soon as he touched them. He knew he had to make them cum for some reason, and he knew that this was how you progressed. Make them cum, and go deeper.

And yet, Damon never touched his own cock.

Sure, he’d felt compelled to, particularly when demons started fucking him. They buried themselves in Damon’s ass when he let them, and the sensations he felt when they were pumping inside of his ass felt amazing, but for some reason, he knew that spilling his seed was losing the game.

He also fucked any demon that wanted it. burying his now monstrous avatar-cock into every digital ass he saw. It felt so real, that it was difficult not to cum, but somehow Damon managed it.

i still haven’t lost one yet haha

oh man u should call me when u do tho tell me when u LOSE

He was nearing level 100. He’d sucked and fucked every demon that crossed his path. He let demon after demon plow his ass, and he’d milked load after load, and still, Damon could do more. He wasn’t ready to lose yet.

And then, he hit level 100. The last level. The Mancubus level.

i’m at lvl 100

and u still haven’t LOST?


man it’d be so funny if you went SO DEEP and lost to the final boss like a LOSER a CUM DUMP LOSER haha just BLOW YOUR LOAD FOR MANCUBUS

Yeah. It would be funny. It would be awesome, actually.

The darkness of the room coalesced, and suddenly, the shadows were a man, right in front of Damon. With piercing eyes.

KNEEL Damon heard inside his mind. KNEEL BEFORE MANCUBUS.

Its cock, obsidian dark, was dripping with black precum. It would be so hot to lose to that cock, Damon thought. He thought about moving, but instead, knelt, which brought him eye level to the cock of Mancubus.

YOU WILL LOSE, Damon heard in his mind. DO NOT FIGHT ME.

Damon put both his hands on his cock and started to jack off, slowly.

I AM EVERYWHERE. And suddenly, Mancubus was not only in front of Damon, but behind him, too, and Mancubus’ breath was hot in his ear, even though he wasn’t speaking. YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME.

He felt Mancubus’ cock at his asshole, and it opened up as if the cock was meant to be there. The Mancubus in front of him took a few steps forward, and suddenly, the cock was at his lips, and he was sucking.

He was being fucked from both ends by the same demon, and he was almost overwhelmed by the sensations. The pleasure in his ass, and the pleasure in his cock grew, until suddenly, the Mancubus in front of him kicked one hand, and then two, away from his cock, and the Mancubus, from behind, grabbed his wrists. His painfully hard cock was just bobbing in the air, futilely, whilst he was spitroasted.

YOU WILL BE DEFEATED, UTTERLY, and the Mancubus in front of Damon started thrusting more aggressively, and the cock buried in Damon’s ass seemed to grow.

The pleasure, which had slowed without the sensations on his cock, began to grow again, centred entirely on his asshole. He could feel it build, threatening to overflow at any moment. Damon stayed at this point, constantly almost about to cum, and then going that slight bit further, until, finally, he felt the demon’s cock throb, and his mouth was filled with demon cum. It was only then that the pleasure spilled over and he was cumming, spewing forth load after load from his cock.

Damon was so drained. He felt entirely defeated. But he also felt something else. A burning lust.

NOW, Damon heard in his mind. TAKE YOUR PRIZE. LOSER.

Mancubus disappeared, and in front of Damon was a throne. Damon stood up, ass leaking with cum, and took his place on the throne.

And suddenly, Damon was back in his computer chair, only now he was covered in cum. And he was more muscular than before.

He was at the game over screen of Mancubus: The Game. He wanted to play another round, but before he did, he had a call to make.

He dialed the number.

‘Hey Clive. It’s Damon.’

Hey I hope this isn’t too confusing to read! And sorry I took so long to write a new installment. Tried something a little weirder for this one, I hope it worked.

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