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Brady is getting bullied at college. Luckily, Mark brought his magic to their class.

Brady was having a totally normal day.

Like, he just got up, spent like an hour getting dressed in white jeans and a pink T, and headed for his sport medicine class. He hated it – the whole idea was to be in a class full of over muscled jocks, see if any of them needed a discrete fuck buddy – but instead it had been like signing up for Bullying 101.

Tyler, this perpetually hungover wanna-be, shoulder checked me into a locker on my way into the classroom.

“Watch out fag,” he muttered as I hit the metal.

“Fuck you,” Brady spat back.

“You wish,” retorted Tyler.

“Hey guys,” said a deep voice from behind us. “We got a problem? Brady, these guys messing with you?”

It was Mark, this short little bodybuilder type who had more hair than your average yeti. He was also the president of the newest frat on campus. It’s a total sausage-fest, but Brady had jerked off more than once thinking about what went on behind closed doors. Rumor was that the whole frat was gay, and that they were fucking like bunnies on viagra.

Tyler just ignored me and pushed into the classroom.

“Man, that guy is such a dick,” Mark said in a sexy growl. Brady could feel himself getting hard in his tight pink briefs.

“Yeah, thanks,” Brady said, too flustered to respond with anything real.

“You’re welcome bro,” Mark said, smiling with the easy confidence of a hot dude who never learned to think about much.

Brady went to sit in his usual seat near the back. Instead of sitting with his fratbros near the front, Mark followed him back and took the next seat over.

“I really hate that you get hassled by assholes like Tyler,” Mark said. “It’s soooo not cool.”

“Yeah,” Brady replied. “But what do you do about it? It’s not like I can have a guy like you with me all the time. But seriously… thanks man, I do appreciate the backup.”

“No worries bro,” Mark said. “But… you’re kinda wrong.”


“I just mean, like, you could have a guy like me with you all the time.”

“…” Brady said.

“Like, not like I’m gonna follow you around or nothing.”

“Mark,” Brady asked. “Are you hitting on me?”

Mark let out a giant laugh. “Nah man, you’re not my type yet. But listen up, cuz I got a secret. I’ve got this special toy gun in my backpack. When I point it at someone and pull the trigger, it fucks with reality.”

“It… fucks with reality? What does that even mean?” Brady asked.

“Well…” Mark seemed like he was thinking really hard. “When I point it at someone and pull the trigger, whatever I say comes true. My bro Jake built it, back when he was Jacob, tho he’s nowhere near smart enough to understand it now. And after I changed him into the rockin’ bro he is now, he turned the tables and zapped me with it too.”

“You’re saying you weren’t always a hot jock?” Brady asked.

“I’m saying I was a runt like you, just like two weeks ago,” Mark replied. “So, whaddaya say, wanna join up? Our frat… we’re not exactly genius dudes. But what we lack in brains, we make up for in cock.”

Brady just sat there, trying to absorb what he’d been told.

“Oh hell,” Mark said, reaching into his book bag and pulling out a cheap plastic toy. “That’s a yes.” And with that, he pointed the ridiculous weapon at Brady and squeezed the trigger. Instantly, Brady felt some kind of energy washing over him.

“Don’t freak out, don’t draw attention, and don’t leave your seat until I tell you it’s okay,” Mark said. Class was starting, and he was doing his best not to let his deep voice carry across the huge lecture hall. Luckily a room of jocks isn’t exactly quiet.

Brady nodded. “Okay,” he whispered. “Now what?”

“Now… you only wear tank tops.”

Reality shifted around Brady. The pink T-shirt he’d been wearing pulled inwards, losing the fabric covering his arms, and clinging more tightly to his slight frame. Tho he didn’t know it, back in his dorm room, all of his shirts had undergone similar transformations. Dress shirts were now stylish summer tanks. T’s had moved towards more of a workout style. A few even retained their T-shirt cut, with their arms expertly sliced off with scissors.

“Okay… wow,” Brady whispered. “That’s really cool.”

“We’re not done yet bruh,” Mark smiled.

“Fuck no,” Brady mirrored his smile. “I already get teased by like half this class… if the only change is tank tops, pretty soon I’m gonna get teased by everyone. In all my classes.”

“Don’t stress bro,” Mark grinned. “You’re gonna look great in a tank… Now… “ he pulled the trigger again, “You always wear gym shorts or sweat pants.”

“Fuck!” Brady said, feeling his tight white jeans loosen into a gray pair of sweats. “Mark, I’m going to be a laughing stock. This shit looks good on you and your friends, but I’m not build like that, okay?” Brady hissed.

“Not yet you aren’t,” Mark grinned.

The thought rolled around in Brady’s head. Was this really possible? How was Mark changing his clothes? And could he actually change his body? Was there anything Mark couldn’t do?

“But…” Mark said with a devilish gleam in his eye. “I think we’re gonna do this a little different today lil’ bro. Tyler was a total dick to you. I think we should start by messing with that.”

Mark pointed the gun carefully at the man who had settled into a chair about halfway down the lecture hall. He squeezed the trigger and Brady watched as Tyler was enveloped in a warm pink glow, just like the one he found himself in.

“Tyler, you’re going to lose five inches off your dick size. Brady, you’re gonna gain five inches.”

The gun gave a small buzzing noise, and a light on its side flashed red.

“Huh,” Mark said. “It’s never done that before.”

They sat in silence. Mark was thinking as hard as he could, his forehead screwed up in concentration. Brady feeling foolish in his pink tank and gray sweats, all swimming on his twink body. But he also felt incredibly turned on. If it weren’t for his briefs, his six inch cock would be tenting against the loose sweatpants.

“Oh man…” Mark said, coming to a realization.

“Tyler, you’re going to lose three inches off your dick size. Brady, you’re gonna gain five inches. With the balls the match.”

Halfway down the lecture hall, they watched Tyler squirm as he felt a sudden discomfort in his junk. His body language tensed. From the looks of it, he’d realized what he’d lost… but not how.

Meanwhile, Brady was feeling incredibly confined. His new 11 inch python was squeezed tightly into a pair of pink briefs. It was downright painful.

“Can you get rid of my briefs?” Brady asked quietly. “I’m packed in here like a clown can man…” he winced in pain.

“No worries bro,” Mark replied. “Brady, you never wear underwear now.”

Brady instantly felt a freeing sensation. His giant cock was now pressing against the soft fabric of his sweats. Sure, it was tenting them out some, but at least he wasn’t strangling himself anymore.

“Thanks,” Brady whispered. “I kinda meant boxers or something, but this is actually pretty comfy.”

“Wanna keep going?” Mark asked with that devilish grin.

“Hell yeah.”

“Okay. Tyler, you’re gonna lose any muscle you’ve built up playing sports or hitting the gym. And Brady, you’re gonna gain it, but like top-heavy.”

The watched as Tyler shifted uncomfortably in his seat again. From across the room it was hard to tell, but the formerly gym-built bully seemed to shrink in a little. It was hard to tell beneath the hoodie and jeans he was wearing.

But in Brady’s tank top, the change was obvious. Over three seconds, his body piled on something like sixty pounds of muscle, taking him from a thin 130 at 5’10” to a buff 190. It looked like more, since Brady definitely cared more about chest day than leg day.

The formerly embarrassing tank was now a trophy. Brady’s thick chest and wide nipples pushed it out, explosive shoulders made it look too small, and powerful arms strutted their stuff.

“That was… amazing!” Brady whispered at Mark. There was a surge of testosterone and adrenaline coursing through his veins and it felt incredible. His hand discretely slipped into the waistband of his sweats, and he gave his cock a gentle tug.

“Man, this feels so good,” Brady said.

“Brady, your nipples are gonna be super sensitive. And Tyler, so will yours.” Mark replied.

And so they were.

Brady pulled his hand from under the waistband and moved it up to his now rock-hard nips. A gentle brush against the fabric was more that enough to take his cock from half mast to full. The way it was pressing up against the soft fabric of his sweats was getting obscene.

“This is getting obscene,” Brady muttered under is breath.

“Brady, you like showing off. Your big cock. Your awesome bod. You want guys to know what a stud you are,” Mark said, grinning.

“Fuck yeah,” Brady replied. “This is sick! Check this out,” he said bouncing his thick pecs with their light dusting of hair.

“Yeah, check that out,” Mark laughed.

“Excuse me…” came the sound of a shaky voice. It was Tyler, halfway down the lecture hall, trying to get the professors attention.

“Yes?” said the professor impatiently. You could tell that he hated teaching this class, and the Tyler’s of the world didn’t make that any easier.

“I’m not feeling too good,” Tyler said shakily. “Can I please be excused.”

“This isn’t high school, young man. Just leave quietly and without disturbing the class.”

Tyler blushed bright red and gathered up his things. He was shaky and nervous and clearly freaked out. Now that he was standing, Mark and Brady could see the clear loss of muscle from his frame. He was much less impressive now that the muscle was gone and the fat remained.

As he approached the door, Mark whispered “Tyler, you’re going to cum every time you’re embarrassed.”

An uncontrollable moan of pleasure escaped Tylers mouth as he stumbled towards the door.

“Damn, that’s satisfying,” Brady whispered to Mark.

“Yeah,” Mark said. “Now, we gotta finish you off man. I want you in our frat. But there’s like a few things you gotta be.”

“Okay, like what?”

“So, you know everyone in our frat is gay, right?”

“Yeah,” Brady said. “I already got that covered.”

“Hah, figured. And you know everyone is a total bro, right?”

“Yeah…” Brady said. “I can do that.”

“Cool,” Mark answered. “Brady, you’re a total bro. We’re even gonna change your name to Brody”

The changes were subtle this time around. Brody tank shifted slightly to show the words “BEER ME BRO!” in faded white text over the oversaturated pink of the fabric. A backwards trucker hat with the college logo faded into existence over his now messy hair. And a shift to his expression showed that he didn’t just like Mark now – he trusted him with anything.

“Love it bro,” Brody grinned a wide shit eating grin. He was still trying to keep it down, but his voice carried.

“And Brody, you’re gonna be pretty dumb now,” Mark added.

“Brody face changed a little. Instead of the innocent beauty of a young twink, his face became thicker. More simian. A heavy brow hung over hollow eyes.”

“Sick bro,” he said. “Hey, check this out,” and Brody bounced his pecs again.

Some time later - Brody wasn’t really good at telling time anymore - the bell rang and Mark told him he could get up. They were going back to the frathouse. It was time to introduce Brody and his body to the rest of the boys.

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