Dirty Haircut

By major
published July 9, 2019

A college kid gets a hair cut he will never forget…or never remember. (Dirty story not for everyone)

“25 bucks for a haircut!?” James thought, looking through the shop window. “Fuck that,”

James pressed on through the cold streets, beginning to think that he would never find a place that met his budget. In reality, it wasn’t the price that was keeping him from entering these barbershops. Ever since he was a kid he hated getting his hair cut. Now, at 25, he still found the whole experience very stressful. He didn’t like talking to the barber, faking interest in conversation, he didn’t know what to ask for when it came to cutting his hair, and he never ended up liking what he got. “15 bucks” he thought, assigning a rather unrealistic price in his head. “If I can’t find a haircut for 15 bucks or less I’m going home”

James smiled and wandered in the direction of his apartment. He was quite certain that he wouldn’t find a barber for that cheap and even more aware that the direction he had chosen didn’t have any more shops along the way. Or at least, that’s what he thought.

Turning a corner there it was. The tell tale swirling barber pole outside a shop with a massive sign in the window that read: HAIRCUTS JUST $14.99. James was surprised, but not exactly happy. But, accepting that he had in fact found a shop that met his criteria, he tentatively walked in.

The shop was small, dark, and had a faint hint of smoke floating around the ceiling. James could smell the cigars burning somewhere but couldn’t see them, and it was not the most prominent smell. No, hitting James like a wave, the smell of a musky BO overwhelmed his senses. Everything about this place was overwhelming. It was hot, James was already starting to sweat under his layers, disorientingly dark, and the smell. The smell stuck with him as he thought about backing out of the store.

“Hello, young man,” Called a deep voice from behind the counter. James’ heart sank. Now that he was spotted it would be too embarrassing to walk away. The man behind the counter stood up and walked towards James. He was massive, towering over the small, scrawny, James. “I can take you right away, why don’t you hang up your jacket?”

James sighed and followed the mans instructions. “I’m sorry, just to clarify, a haircut is only 15 bucks?” James asked.

“Oh heavens no,” The large barber said. James panicked. He was such a push over he’d probably still stay no matter the price. But he was frustrated. “We provide far more than a hair cut for $14.99,” The barber clarified. “We give you a hot towel, a massage, a shav-” The barber stopped short noticing James’ rather fresh face. “Anwyays, we’re full service here. Come on in,”

James’ faked a smile and followed the barber deeper into the shop. Trying hard not to look too stressed, but more so trying not to breathe through his nose.

In the back, there was one other customer being tended too by an equally large barber. For barbers, James noticed, they were quite hairy with long heads of hair, thick beards and chest hair pushing out the collar of their shirts. Thick like fur. The other customer looked a bit younger than James, his eyes were closed and he actaully looked quite relaxed. It made James feel like he had made a big deal out of nothing. Reassured, he took his seat.

The large barber came up behind him, his gut pressing into the chair and his hands making their way to James’ head. His fingers slowly massaging his scalp through his curls. The musky smell only got worse with the barber closer to James. He didn’t know how he was going to get through this.

“Alright young man, what are we doing with your hair today?” The barber asked, still massaging his scalp.

“Umm, could you just tidy it up? clip around the ears and the sides? Maybe an inch off the top?” James listed off his well rehearsed requests. He figured that a script had the best chance of success. The Barber smiled.

“You’ve got it chief,” He whispered.

Jame’s shoulders relaxed and he let the barber get to work.

Besides the smell, the hair cut was going well. The barber hadn’t asked James any annoying questions and for the most part delicately tended to Jame’s hair. Even the smell became less noticeable as time went by and James was slowly starting to breathe through his nose again. The only uncomfortable thing was the boy beside him, who was apparently so relaxed that he’d occasionally let out a soft but noticeable moan. Jame’s was embarrassed for him. Jame’s could see him through the reflection in his mirror, The burly barber slowly massaging the younger man’s ears while he softly moaned. Jame’s felt bad for the barber but hopefully he was used to it. Jame’s barber put the scissors down and gently massaged his scalp once more. Jame’s took a deep breath, no longer noticing the smell, in fact, when he could catch a whiff of the cigar smoke through the BO it was calming, and made him sink deeper into his chair. The barber smiled behind him and continued to clip his hair.

Slinking into his chair, Jame’s could now see the smoke lazily dancing around the ceiling. He bet it smelled nice. He wished it would dance down into his nostrils and he could breathe deeply. The BO behind him was also good. Wait. ..good? What the fuck? But it was good, musky, warm, manly. Jame’s thought that maybe one day he’d be manly enough to smell like that. And it made him smile. Thinking about being big, hairy, strong. Pressing his weight against inferior little men. Pushing them around. finally taking charge…. The buzz of the clippers around Jame’s ear shook him from a daze. James sat up surprised. Where had his mind wandered? He was so confused. But as quickly as the thoughts appeared they had slipped back away into his subconscious. He couldn’t even remember what they had been. He just felt warm and relaxed. The barber behind him was still passively working away, smiling wide. “He is such a nice man” James thought. The other barber was rubbing the younger man’s pecs.the boy shamelessly moaning quite loudly. “Wow, it really was full service,” Jame’s thought. “Was that normal? …rubbing the boy like that?” James started to wonder when out of no where his barber placed a nice warm, wet cloth over his face.

This was sensory overload. It must’ve been water but it didn’t smell like water. It smelt like the musk. Just the musk. Strong and condensed. It smelt…good. Undeniably good. James took big slow breathes as the barber started rubbing Jame’s pecs. Jame’s was embarrassed. He felt himself getting a boner. God he hoped the nice man didn’t notice. Fuck, what was happening to him. This wasn’t right. Jame’s felt the cloth get heavier. The barber must’ve been adding some fresh warm water. James felt it hitting his forehead in a gentle but steady stream . It soaked through the cloth, the smell attacking his senses. It actually became harder to breathe, it was so saturated. James opened his mouth for more air and the liquid trickled over his lips and onto his tongue. It tasted different. Salty, kind of, bitter maybe. The taste was incredible and James fell deeper into his trance, Letting the liquid drip from the cloth down his neck, the odd drop caressing its way down his spine and his chest. “Why hadn’t his shirt soaked up the liquid” Jame’s briefly wondered before letting it fade.

The barber continued to knead the flesh of Jame’s pecs. His hands were warm against his bare chest. Wait. Bare chest? Was he topless? Had he ever had a top on? He couldn’t quite remember. He was just thankful that his shorts were still on, hopefully concealing his boner that was growing so hard it hurt. He also couldn’t remember having this much flesh to play with. The barber was pulling on James like he was milking a cow and his body shifted with the pressure. James faintly remembered being scrawny but now he had thick meaty pecs. they flopped down when the barber finally moved lower towards his stomach.

James was skinny but had a bit of definition around his abs. As the barber rubbed his stomach James pushed his abs out to feel more pressure from the man. The barber rubbed deeper, leaning over Jame’s shoulder, his chest hair tickling behind Jame’s ear, his own furry pec brushing against Jame’s side. It too, felt bare. Jame’s shouldv’e been confused, should’ve been uncomfortable. but He wasn’t, he was in heaven. His stomach slowly grew in the barbers hands. The barber exposed james’ ear from under the cloth. Jame’s could feel his warm breath gently on his neck. Slowly, but powerfully the barber blew into Jame’s ear. James squirmed a little as his hard cock began to leak pre cum. “Fuck, that felt good,” he thought.

The barber blew again. Each time, Jame’s stomach grew larger. It felt like a beach ball growing under his skin. It was tight, expanding, and as the barber blew he continued to rub and the sensation Jame’s felt was something out of this world. He too, had started to moan, but he wasn’t embarrassed. Jame’s faintly heard the barber licking his lips, edging closer, and blowing one more time. specks of his saliva sprayed into Jame’s exposed ear. His stomach grew wider than ever, massive really, but still tight and in shape. It felt hot, but as it cooled the true weight of it sank in. Jame’s sunk deeper into the chair. His hard cock poked into his stomach. Warm. flesh on flesh. “Am I…am I naked?” Jame’s thought. He couldn’t be. he was too warm to be naked. Jame’s slowly moved his hand towards his body to make sure he was still clothed. He felt the tingle of something like body hair brush his fingers, but he didn’t have any, it had to be his sweater.

The barber gently moved James’ arms back to his side. He rubbed James’ shoulders and James relaxed once more. The barber carefully slipped the cloth from Jame’s face, but James didn’t open his eyes. he was too deep in his trance. The Barber gently massaged his temple. working his fingers across Jame’s damp face. He ran his fingers over Jame’s lips, which flopped open when ever they were caressed, bringing the salty taste of the barbers fingers to his tongue when they snapped back. Jame’s took another deep breath enthralled. In through his nose, out through his mouth. When his mouth opened the barber slipped his finger in and James began to gently suck on it. Sucking in the flavour of the mans meaty finger. It tasted so good. Each suck, relaxed him further.

Suddenly, to his side he heard a loud gasp. The sound shook him from his trance and he opened his eyes. The sight left him stunned. The reflection showed the other customer, only, he wasn’t seated anymore. Now the big barber was seated, hairy, naked, and the customer was straddled over his lap facing the man. The boy had grown, he had a big belly and a hairy ass, an ass that bounced up and down, impaled on the barbers massive throbbing cock. The boy bounced enthusiastically up and down, moaning louldy as the cock rammed into his guts.

Jame’s mouth dropped, his focus drifted over to himself, also naked. Also bigger, and hairier, what he saw terrified him, and yet his cock remained rock hard. His barber behind him was naked as well, although with his thick coat of fur you could barely tell. He seemed frustrated and smacked the other barber to get his attention.

“You couldn’t wait for me to finish could you?” The barber said to the other, who was still pounding the boy.

“Sorry boss,” The other barber said. “Here let me help,”

With that, he easily lifted the younger boy off his cock and dropped him with a thud onto the floor. The boy, helplessly entranced, shook off the landing and crawled for the barbers feet, licking at his toes while his gaping hole dripped precum and ass juices. The barber slowly hefted himself up and moved to Jame’s side. Jame’s was panicking. He tried to get up but failed, forgetting how much heavier he was now. He went to use more force but each barber grabbed one of his arms and began massaging.

“No, please, stop. I don’t want this,” James pleaded but the barbers kept going.

They worked their way down his arms. Rubbing him hard. They got passed his wrists, pulled each finger, cracking his knuckles, and then pulled both arms in unison before dropping them with a thud onto the arm rests. James couldn’t move them. They just flopped at his sides. He was panicking, trying to look around for help. trying to understand what was happening. The other boy, crawled up between his legs and started sucking his cock. Swallowing the thing whole. Jame’s cringed trying to ignore the pleasure. He looked at the boy, who’s eyes had glazed over and were staring vacantly up at Jame’s. It scared him, but fuck the boy looked so happy. So calm. so relaxed. James heard the boys hole sputter a bit more precum onto the floor. he was so relaxed piss dripped from the boys cock before it began streaming out creating a puddle under the chair.

“Smell familiar?” The barber said rubbing Jame’s ears. James cringed recognizing the musky smell.

James struggled to worm his way out of the chair but his barber held him back. The barber looked to his colleague and sighed.

“I’m sorry boss,” The other barber said.

“It’s too bad,” The one replied. “He would’ve been good in a few months. Real good. Smell how fast he’s coming along,”

The other barber gave a sniff of James’ pits and smiled.

“Damn. Too bad. This little twink will barely grow at all,” He said, kicking the nut sack of the boy who was still happily sucking James off. The boy barely flinched, moaning in pleasure.

“Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone. Please, I, guhh—” James begged before spasming with the pleasure of the blow job. This boy could really suck cock. It was distracting James from everything around him.

“Let’s just wipe him. Start fresh,” his barber said.

“You’re the boss,” the other barber replied and he leaned over the boy and held both of Jame’s wrist to the arm chair. His huge fat apron pushed the boy down further onto Jame’s cock. Jame’s moaned, cringed, and struggled to get away.

The barber began massaging Jame’s scalp again.

“Now boy, I don’t like doing this, I wish you’d just behave, but you’d be too much work now that you’re all spooked,” He whispered into Jame’s ear.

“Please, just let me go-”

“That little slut boy there could’ve been your little brother. He would’ve done anything for a hot hairy man like you. You could’ve fucked him, used him as a toilet. anything. you name it and that cock hungry slut would’ve done it for you,”

James couldn’t help moan thinking about it. The other barber pressed his large hairy apron against James and the slut boy took his cock even deeper.

“But you don’t want that do you? You want to leave. Don’t you?” the barber whispered.

“Yes…yes please,” James mumbled.

“Then go. Leave here. Leave your body behind. Let your mind slip away. let your thoughts go. Stop thinking. stop fighting. just….go,”

James moaned as he felt his mind go foggy. He felt his brain push it’s way up towards the barber’s fingers. It molded and tangled around his grip. Things still made sense, but they were tangled. They were tiring thoughts. and he did want them to leave. he wanted them to go. He was ready.

He barely heard the buzz of the clippers before the barber roughly shaved a line down the middle of his head. James saw stars. He couldn’t grasp the hit to his psyche.

"what…WHa—"James muttered as the barber shaved another patch.

From forehead to neck The barber shaved away James mentality. It was like coming up for breath from underwater and being shoved back down. Eventually…James stopped fighting. He relaxed. Sank deep into his chair and as the clippers took the last of his hair he spasmed and shot a hot load down the boysluts mouth.

James let his mouth droop open as he stared blankly at the huge body of the man draped over him. Not a thought in his head.

“Alright, let’s get him tuned,” his barber said.

The other barber retrieved a burning cigar from the dish. took a huge draw and roughly mashed his mouth to James’, which flopped open making it difficult to create a seal. He breathed gently into Jame’s lungs, passing the smoke to him. James easily inhaled deeper and deeper, life springing back into his muscles as the smoke diffused into his bloodstream. Suddenly he was awake, but primal, not thinking, just feeling. He was hungry now, for what… he didn’t know. But fuck that smoke sparked an impulse in him he couldn’t control. He started panting like an animal.

“Relax beasty,” The barber behind him said. “Smell this,”

The other barber shifted so that his armpit was right in Jame’s face Jame’s sniffed but quickly couldn’t stop himself from licking as he groaned into the mans hairy pit. So relaxed a fart slipped from under him and piss started pouring out of his cock right into the waiting mouth of the hungry slut boy. Jame’s unphased eagerly ate and sniffed from the sweaty mans pit.

His barber turned his chair around spinning both the boy slut and the other barber off James while he did. The other barber grabbed the boy slut and threw him down on the other chair. The boy eagerly lifted his knees to his chest teasing the barber with his pulsing hole. The barber spat onto his cock and then mercilessly rammed it into the boy sluts puckered hole. He moaned under the force of the mans fucking.

Jame’s, having been spun away from all that was now facing the other barbers own musky cock. The smell drew him in and he eagerly took the huge veiny monster. If he had any sense left, he would have gagged. But he was now just a fucking animal and easily swallowed the thick piece of meat. The taste was unbelievable and he craved it. It made him tingle and spasm. The barber skull fucked him hard, ruthlessly. He came down Jame’s throat, who eagerly accepted the load. Within moments hot piss flooded his mouth. The same bitter taste the cloth once had, if he could’ve remembered that cloth. That was like a lifetime ago. He drank the piss down too.

The barber rubbed Jame’s shaved head, smiling down at his creature.

“You’re gonna be fun for a while. But you would’ve been more fun had you listened,” The barber said. Jame’s didn’t understand a single word.

“There’s one more taste we gotta get you accustom to,” The barber said with a wicked smile before swinging the chair aggressively around.

Jame’s was now facing the fuckfest on the other chair. All he could see was the backside of the big hairy barber and the feet of the boy on either side of him, rocking with each thrust. The barber had propped his one leg on the chair for extra leverage and his massive sweaty ass crack was spread wide, calling for James. James licked his lips and crawled through the piss puddle before diving face first in the huge ass. He didn’t hesitate, he didn’t stop to smell the musky scent he would have loved. Instead he just ate. Buried his tongue deep into the barbers hole, reveling in the flavour. His body was spasming, his cock was hard again as he ate away.

Just as he went to take a breath the barber behind him snuck up and rammed his cock into Jame’s virgin hole. He should have screamed. It should have destoryed him. But he was already wrecked. The pain, the amazing stretching sensation just made him hornier. The barber behind him happily fucked the willing hole, ramming Jame’s harder and harder. The other barber, feeling Jame’s poking around back behind him drilled a fart into his face as he continued to plow the boyslut. James didn’t even notice.

The barber continued to ream james. reaching underneath, he twisted James’ nipples making James writhe uncontrollably. He continued to spasm as cum spewed from his cock once more. As the barber pounded his ass he was shoved deeper and deeper into the other barbers sweaty man hole until finally, completely out of breath he passed out. His face fell with a splash into the piss puddle, the barber continued to fuck his ass until he once again unloaded into the boys guts. He pulled out and wiped his cock clean on Jame’s wasted ass cheek. Then the two barbers carried the boyslut off to the back room. Leaving James in a puddle on the floor.

But that didn’t matter. James was gone. This beast would wake in an hour or so and helplessly crawl after his new masters. drawn with a ravishing hunger for anything they’d give him.

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