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Ed makes his hairy debut

By Beardfull1 -
published July 9, 2019

Third installment of this hairy transformation series. Things are only gonna get hoter from now on!

Ed still couldn´t believe his eyes… a few hours had passed since his transformation into this handsome hulky Adonis and he kept coming back to the mirror to admire his smooth big powerful body, his handsome chiseled clean face not believing it was really him.

But the moment had come, after quite a few jerk offs, to continue his transformation. What was about to come was what excited him the most! And he couldn´t wait any longer.

Almost trembling with anticipation Ed grabbed the URSIFICATOR and entered the specialized menu. There he found what he was looking for… the sub-menu for body and facial hair. This was his fetish. It felt great to be big muscled, toned and quite handsome, but that was nothing compared to what it must feel like to be really hairy all over sporting some big bushy something on his face… on display, for everyone to see and admire… the envy of every other man.

Ed had always fantasized about this, about showing of a thick carpet on his chest, poking out of his tee shirt on his neck, his back and his shoulders. Feeling the thick hair on his arms dance in the wind as he drives through the highway. Entering a swimming pool and coming out all drenched, his thick dark body hair soaked and dripping all over the floor, stuck everywhere to his now muscular body. And mostly he fantasized about big, really big, thick and bushy hair on his face. Not just a nice beard, but something quite spectacular, the kind of growth you can´t ignore, the kind that make heads turn and people comment, the kind that define a person and nothing else matters. A moustache that overtakes all your other facial features, one that you can see from beyond, sticking out on the sides of your face and that is so bushy that it sticks out a few inches under your nose. One that completely conceals your mouth so you can´t see it no matter how wide you open it. He had always wanted facial hair that seemed almost fake, almost too impossible to be real. An immense beard and moustache that would attract other hairy man as turned on by this display of masculinity and hairiness as he was. To play out with them all his hairy perverted fantasies.

Here was his chance… finally… inconceivable… almost magically. The device worked! He was now living proof of that, so in a few minutes he would see his whole life´s dreams and fantasies come true.

The sub-menu was quite extensive and specific, regarding all general aspects of the kind of hairy guy he could become, coverage, density, color, style. And then very detailed on each part of the human anatomy.

And so Ed started manipulating his statistics on the device, taking his time, savoring every decision he made. Making sure each detail would add up to the final result. He had though so much about this so he had a very clear image on his head of what he wanted to look like when the transformation was over. He did not need to improvise, Ed knew exactly what he wanted. He spent about an hour on the body hair sub-menu making sure everything was perfect.

When he reached the facial-hair sub-menu, things changed… there where so many options here… and Ed was so turned on by all of them he started feeling overwhelmed…

FACIAL HAIR OPTIONS 1- Stubble (Sub-menu) 2- Full beard (Sub-menu) 3- Circle beard (Sub-menu) 4- Moustache (Sub-menu) 5- Chin beard (Sub-menu) 6- Sideburns (Sub-menu) 7- Mutton chops (Sub-menu) 8- Cheek coverage (Sub-menu) 9- Neck coverage (Sub-menu)

THICKNESS INDEX A- Sparce B- Light C- Meduim D- Thick E- Extra thick F- Epic

TYPE OF HAIR 8- Straight 9-Wavy 10-Wiry 11-Curly 12- Very curly

COLOR G- White H- Light gray I- Dark gray J- Dark Blond K- Light blond L- Brown M- Dark Brown N- Red O- Black


Ed finally decided he wanted, for his first transformation a big bushy full long beard… With a huge bushy moustache to top it off. Something you could still see on some guys of the lumbersexual tendency and on some hard core hipsters. He had even seen some handsome models on-line sporting such beards. He wanted to adorn his handsome face with a manly big bushy growth that would still allow to show through his now beautiful features. He knew later on he would be able to increase his hairiness to epic proportions… but he wanted to do it slowly and in stages. Enjoying the process as it went along.

So he chose the settings:

2- E- 8- M

A full, extra thick dark brown straight beard. He wanted a longish beard… so he typed in 8 inches… that should do it for now. He entered the sub-menu for Full Beard and made sure it grew extremely high on his cheeks and would merge down into his thick hairy chest. He entered the Moustache sub-menu making sure the bush under his nose would be quite impressive.

As he pressed SAVE PREFERENCES, a waning displayed on the screen…


Ed had light brown hair but he wanted a darker shade now… so he typed YES to become a dark brown guy altogether.

He set the timer of BODY HAIR TRANSFORMATION at 3 minutes… he wanted to see the changes in front of a mirror as he jerked off his now throbbing hard cock. And then the FACIAL HAIR TRANSFORMATION starting at three minutes later, just after he had enjoyed watching his whole body explode in hair. He set the timer for this growth for another 3 minutes… In 6 minutes he would be a different man alltogether… never going back to the hairless girly boy he had been his whole life.

He watched himself for the last time on the mirror enjoying the hansomness and fantastic body he had acquired and realized he had to deal with the mop on top of his head and his unimpressive cock. Ed wanted to sport a style that would emphasize his strong features, his big muscled body and mostly his soon to be hairiness all over. He also wanted a big, thick fuckstick proportionate to his new bulk. So he gave himself a nice big 12 inch cut cock quite wide and strong. He decided it would go well with a nice set of big heavy balls hanging low, so he typed that too. This would happen as his body grew the thick carpet. Then he opened the head hair menu and made the final adjustments, to take place alongside with his beard growth.

Finally, with huge anticipation, barely able to breathe and with his heart pounding with excitement, he pressed the ENTER button. Making sure he would remember his former self and with no reality change.

Ed stood naked in front of the mirror ready for what was about to happen. His unimpressive cock hard as a rock even though he had cum at least 5 times in the last hour or so. His balls where now empty and produced no precum and hardly any cum at all but still he was extremely turned on.

And then it began. Starting as a tingling sensation and turning into an itch all over his big strong body. Ed could see how his whole body started getting darker. As he approached the mirror for a closer look he realized his whole skin was covered in tiny dark dots… the heads of what he knew would be long thick hairs. And sure enough, in a couple of seconds Ed saw in great amazement as this hairs started to sprout from his skin. First around his big juicy nipples, spreading all over his big chest, entering the crevice between his pecs, flowing down into his abdomen. Growing and getting longer and thicker, gaining density. Ed started to rub his torso and abdomen moaning… felling in his hands as the thick tufts of hair continued to gain thickness and length. He had chosen to become a hirsute guy, with full coverage of his body. He wanted to look like those guys who seem to have a hairy vest on them. This big body deserved big hair, lots of dark, thick lush body hair.

Ed started pulling gently and slowly on his chest hairs, admiring the length they were gaining. Savoring the thick texture between his fingers, but mostly enjoying the density this new long chest hair had. He could no longer see the skin under it. Even spreading the hairs apart he couldn´t get to the see the skin as more and more hair started to grow filling the few gaps he still had between hairs.

Looking down Ed noticed the back of his hands had also very thick and long coverage, he now had very hairy knuckles. He stopped caressing his thick chest carpet and looked in disbelief at his big strong hairy arms. The hair was thickest at the forearms but continued uninterrupted up his arms into his shoulders, which were now also covered in dark hair that connected to his chest and neck, reaching up to his Addams apple.

Ed wanted to see his hairy back, which he was sure should be quite impressive. So he turned around and grabbed his cell´s camera so he could check out his back´s reflection on the mirror. And sure enough… his back was covered in hair almost as much as his front. He looked like a gorilla! And he LOVED it!

Hick throbbing cock was about to explode so Ed grabbed it and found a most pleasant surprise. His dick was now an impressive fuck tool long and very thick. It felt strange on his hands… but since he now had big strong many hands it felt quite adequate. Curiously he explored his testicles finding to big hairy low hanging kiwi sized balls, covered in thick curly dark pubes.

Ed´s big cock was dripping profusely with thick precum. No more would he ever run dry. This massive balls would produce all the man juice he would ever need… and then some! He started vigorously stroking his hard shaft and his moaning increased… but it sounded different, much deeper, richer, like a bass. “Oh fuck” Ed said and his voice was that of another man, a big burly man. The huge amount of testosterone produced by his giant balls had affected his vocal cords. Ed was ecstatic with this unforeseen side effect!

Ed continued to stroke, it only took a couple of those to make him cum… and cum hard! He had never seen so much cum come out and with such brutal force. His explosions reached the ceiling, stained the mirror, he had about 10 to 12 ejaculations each one stronger than the preceding, making a huge mess all around. His thick shiny cum was everywhere… all over the room… all over him.

Ed was mesmerized as he watched the thick drops of cum start to run slowly down his thick hairy body. He couldn’t resist and started rubbing his cum on his chest, his strong abs, his very hairy thighs and legs. Even his hairy feet which he now realized ended in very hairy toes! He wanted his manly cum all over his impressive gorilla body. He was so lost in ecstasy, in a primal bestial state that almost didn´t noticed the now familiar tingling and itching sensation spreading all over his face…

But as the itching grew stronger, Ed stopped playing with himself paying full attention now to what was about to happen…

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This is a community series!
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