Bob's story - the beginning

By Baldwizzard
published July 9, 2019

An ordinary man has some extraordinary fantasies. He know they will never come true, but can you be sure?

****Damn. He should really stop reading this crap. Bob cleaned himself and closed, with a feeling of regret and shame at the same time, the browser. He had read one of those stories again that made him so horny. Stories about mind-control, sex and transformation. This was his little salacious secret. When you look at Bob, you would never guess, that he is gay and into kinky and kind of perverted pictures and stories. His private computer was full of pictures, stories and videos. Skinheads, bears, daddies, scallies – and since several months – heavily pierced and tattooed guys. He loved how their trashed their once so beautiful bodies with heavy and thick metal rings, tunnels, piercings and a lot of ink. Bob himself was neither pierced nor inked, oh no. In fact, he was quite the contrary. He was an ordinary guy in his mid-30s, average body on the slim side, a boring side-parted haircut of brown, straight ordinary hair, clean shaved face. His entire life was ordinary, average, normal, kind of boring. He was gay, but never went to the clubs, saying that he was not really into clubbing, drugs, alcohol and quick and meaningless sex. He had some friends, but no relationship. He worked as an industry merchant, an average office job. The only that, that was not average about him was his little secret. It was his escape and he even photoshoped pictures of himself, giving him some piercings or some ink. In the end, he always landed at gayspiralstories and read some of his favorite stories over and over again, jerking off. And all those sessions ended the same way: With shame and the feeling of having done something bad and dirty. The problem: His fantasies got more extreme over the time, he needed harder stuff to finally come into his handkerchief. A new kick for him was chatting, searching for masters, hard SM types in leather, skinheads. He begged them to force him into total submission and total transformation. Sometimes his chat-partners enjoyed the chats, knowing that this was all just fantasy, but most explained that all this talking about things that would never happen was annoying and boring. Some took him seriously and offered real transformations, at least a headshave, an earring or a small tattoo, but as soon as the conversation reached that point, he just logged out, sometimes even blocking the guys he had just chatted with. For days, he was stalking a guy’s profile now. He was tall, heavy muscles, a full beard, shaved head, a massive septum ring, big nipple rings and of course, he was heavily tattooed all over his muscular body. He was hard just looking at the pictures but was too afraid to say hello to this fetish dream. Around two weeks after he had first spotted the man, he suddenly got a message. It was him. He was so excited, he nearly spilled his coffee over the laptop. “Hi boy, saw you visited my profile. You like what you see?” He tried to be cool and wrote:

  • Yes, a lot! Hot body, hot ink, hot metal, really!
  • You have any ink yourself? Normally, I don´t chat with people without any public pictures but hey, was just in the mood for some real life fun and realized you live close by.
  • (He had not realized that the gayromeo radar showed him, that the man actually lived around 1,2 km away, oh god!!!) Sorry, it is because of my job (liar!). No, I don´t have any body-mods, yet, but I would really love to finally get some.
  • So, you are into kinky stuff? Forced cigar smoking? Forced muscle building? Ink, metal, all that?
  • Totally.
  • How comes that you don´t have any yet? Beginner?
  • Kind of. Never really had the balls to go through with it.
  • What would you like to do?
  • I think I would enjoy being a total sub, being enslaved by a muscular bald and heavily tattooed guy, do whatever he says, wear whatever he wants me to wear.
  • A bit rougher? Piss? Forced smoking? Forced modifications?
  • Absolutely, what would you do to me, Sir?
  • I am not really the guy for long chats, let´s have a beer and find out!
  • (logged out) He was heavily breathing. That was getting to dangerous. He had never seen that guy on the street, he would have noticed!! But now, a man like that was willing to meet? No, thank you, way to dangerous. On the other hand, he was super horny now and could play around a bit more… He logged in again.
  • Sorry, lost connection, I am back.
  • Thought you were just a faker. Ok, tell me, what would be your dream?
  • Being totally enslaved. No free will, in fact, I would love to be kidnapped, just like that, a van stops, a hooded man grabs me and off he goes to a secret place. He forces me to submit, to be his. He transform me to his wishes, takes away my old life. He forces me to give up my job, because he has a better one, one suited for a tattooed slave like me. He uses me to his joy and gives me to his friends. I do whatever he commands.
  • Sound good, maybe a bit, drastic, don´t you think? I mean, did you ever give in like that before? Like a real slave?
  • No, not really. But I am a grown man, I know what I want. This IS what I want. Would you do that to me?
  • I think that would require a lot of time, hypnosis… a contract maybe. I think all this transformation ideas you have a nonsense, sorry to be so harsh. If you want a tattoo, just get one.
  • But I want my Master to chose motive and position. I would never do it on my own, never!!
  • As I said, I am not for all this chatting. I am not into roleplay, neither. I want a sub, a slave, that really knows what he is doing. I think you should search for somebody else. Bye.

And now the guy was gone. Bob was disappointed. That had not been the exciting chat he had wished for. So, he read some his favorite story for his bed-time jerk-off and then, again ashamed of himself, went to bed. The strange chat was still on his mind the next week. He had to work some extra-hours and so he did not chat during the week and only had some quick jerk-off while watching videos of big, beefy, muscled up and inked men, always feeling dirty and guilty. Finally, the weekend was there, Friday, freedom, weekend. It was June and a hot night. After watching some TV he realized that he was out of Cola. He decided to walk the short distance to the small market to buy a bottle or two. He could use some fresh air as well.

It was not a long way and he walked it every day. But today, he had a weird feeling, as if the street was darker than normally. He was not a (very) fearsome man but he turned his head every minute, a strange feeling in his stomach. Don´t be an idiot. This is a good and save neighborhood, nothing will happen to you. The small street was leading to a larger one, with more lights and more traffic and he hurried up. Suddenly he had to close his eyes, as the harsh lights of a car blinded him. The car was not moving, it just stood there, engine running and while he tried to see anything through a curtain of tears, he heard the loud sound of a metal door being opened. Before he could react, a black figure came out of the light, a brutal grip, a sharp pain in his arm and after that, a black sack over his head. He could feel that something had been injected into his arm and he could feel his legs getting shaky. Before he could fall down, the guy with the black hood had grabbed him and now dragged him to the car. He was thrown inside the back of the vehicle, a van he would have realized of not under the black cloth, and when the door had been closed, he was in total silence and darkness. There was a kind of matrass in the big car. He was unable to move, his mind was clear, but his body was just like dead.

He was in such a panic; he did not realize what really was going on. He was just thinking about the fact, that he had been kidnapped. Why him? He had no money, he had no enemies, as far as he knew.

Bob had lost all feeling for time. The car was driving, he felt the vibrations in his head. His body was still totally paralyzed, even more, he had absolutely no feeling from his neck down. Nothing. He tried to scream but realized that even that was not possible. That was how a man in a vegetative state must feel like, imprisoned in your own body, while your mind works totally normal. Hours, days, months, years, decades or centuries later, the car stopped, and he heard the man, who had dragged him into the car, walking around outside and opening the heavy sliding door. He felt strong hands grabbing him and dragging him out of the car. He was placed into a seat, a wheelchair he realized, when the man was wheeling him to god knows where with squeaking wheels. He had been fixed inside the chair, if not he had slit out, still having no control whatsoever over his body. The echoes of the guys heavy steps and the squeaking of the chair made clear, that they were in a very large building, a industrial complex maybe? He was wheeled through what seemed to be an enormous building for quite some time but finally, the wheelchair stopped and he could feel (not really feel, it is hard to describe the “feeling”) being lifted out of the wheelchair and placed into another chair. Finally, the black cloth came off and he blinked, or he tried to, but even his eye-lids were no longer under his control. He really was in what looked like an old factory, a large hall, metal, some rubble. Right in front of him was man, covered in super tight shiny leather from head to toe, even gloves and a masked sealed every bit of skin. He was tall and very muscular, that was clear. The guy did not seem to take notice of him, he was doing something Bob couldn´t see but suddenly the man was there, close to him, so close, Bob could smell the scent of the leather. But just for some seconds, as the man placed a strange gasmask like thing around his entire head. The smell of rubber filled his head and it was hard to see anything through the two round glasses in front of his eyes. a strange-looking tube was attached to the mask, not very long and made of a sturdy plastic. He no longer understood the world. What was going on here? What happened to him? Moments later, he began to cough horribly. The strange man who had kidnapped him had stuck a thick, burning cigar firmly into the short tube of the gas mask. With every breath, Bob’s lungs and inner mask filled with the heavy, blue smoke of the cigar. The smoke burned into his eyes, which started to tear, the smoke burning in his mouth made his lungs moan.

There was a voice in the back of his head. Forced smoking. It dawned on him suddenly. That could not really … no, that was completely impossible. But then, what if? Slowly, very slowly, a little feeling seemed to return to his body. At least he fancied he could feel the man in leather cutting his clothes with scissors.

The guy lifted him up to remove all clothes, even his underwear. Although the smoke was still burning in his eyes, he did not have to cough continuously. Was there a sound in the mask, sort of … buzzing? Or were they whispered voices? Inhale, exhale, calmly, you love cigars, you want to smoke cigars, you have to smoke cigars. You are dependent, you will beg your master to give you one. You want it. Yes, take a deep, deep breath, that’s good …

The leather man was back, with an injection in his hand, and again he was injecting something into the body of his defenseless victim. This time there was an injection and then he hung on a drip like in the hospital, with a cannula in his left crook and another on his right hand. Hoses were connected to the needles in his flesh and then the hoses were hung with large bags of different colored solutions, which now trickled into his body.

The guy fumbled at his dick, but he could not see what he was doing. The only thing he sensed was a kind of weight and then he heard a loud click before the guy started working on his numb balls. Again, he had the feeling that there a new weight down there, but it was hard to tell.

The strange buzzing sounds (or voices, he was still not sure) kept rolling in his head, inside the mask, filling his mind and it was hard for him to think about anything else. It was as if Bob knew that he was in danger, that he should be worried, concerned, afraid, but at the same time it was as if he was in a deep trance, a state of total relaxation, so deep, it was useless to fight against it. He realized, suddenly, that he could feel the warm leather of the hair he was sitting in, that there was a fresh breeze inside the enormous hall that cooled down the sweat on his naked body. The effects of the first syringe seemed to slow down. His mind was still cloudy though.

Now, he could feel that there was something around his cock, cold, metal and he knew it was a kind of chastity device that entered his penis at the front and kept it from going hard, not to speak about coming. And he the guy in leather had put weight and stretchers to his balls, pulling them down. It was not painful but now, with the drug losing some of its impact on him, it was quite uncomfortable, and he was able to slide a little back and forth on the chair.

The leatherman noticed but did not seem to care. The first cigar had burned down, and he prepared a second one before he walked out of sight and Bob heard the sound of metal on metal, small metal wheels on the uneven floor, rattles. He couldn´t see anything as the man in leather was still behind him, but suddenly, he could feel (that was still not the right word as his body was numb) him grab his left earlobe and second later something cold and wet was sprayed on. He man was wearing leather gloves, Bob remembers and then – a painlike feeling, as if something was driven into, no, through his earlobe. A pulling, some more uncomfortableness and then, again the strange feeling of a weight. After that, some strange pricks and strange cold feeling at the same ear, all over, before the guy walked to the other side and did the same thing to his right ear.

The buzzing voices (now, he was sure it was at least one voice hidden in the strange sound) kept telling him to relax, smoke his cigar, enjoy the weight at his balls and the new, alien feelings at his ears, that he was safe here, in good and capable hands, that he should relax. The man in leather was no enemy. No, quite the contrary. He was his friend, a man to protect him, a man who would take care of him, show him the right way… The mask still on his face, he felt a sharp prick on his neck and was gone…

When he woke up again later (he had no idea how long he had slept), he was in metal-framed bed, coved with a warm sheet, a cushion under his head. He realized the mask was gone and he was able to move. But, he was fixed to the bed. It looked like in a hospital for mental diseases he thought. He could sit in the bed and reach the small table where a bottle of sparkling water and a sandwich waited for him. Hungry, he grabbed the sandwich and ate it before drinking nearly the entire bottle of water. There was a bit of fear, but the words of the buzzing voice echoed in his head. Just then, he decided to look under the sheet to see, what had happened to his genitals. He saw a metal cage around his cock, a chastity device, that encircled his entire cock, while heavy and big stretchers pulled down his dark red and swollen looking balls. There was no mirror in the room, so he explored his ears with his hands. Tunnels, big tunnels in each ear, surely punched (although not pierced or inked himself, oh, ok, now pierced…) he had seen so many videos, read so many stories, he was quite an expert. What surprised him was the mere size of those tunnels in his ears. They were not just cool looking 10 mm, no, they were at least 35 mm if not larger. He hadn´t even known that this was possible. And not only that, his entire ears were covered in rings. He moaned in surprise and his cock wanted to get hard, which was a painful experience as the metal cage forced it down again. What a strange feeling.

When he moved his head, he could feel the heavy metal tunnels in his ear move, his ears swung from one side to the other. Maybe the tunnels were even larger than he had suspected. But wait, what was that? When he touched his face, he realized two things:

Firstly, there was a kind of bandage on his chin. Not from the typical bandages, but rather … cling film? And he smashed two piercings on his lower lip, one in the upper lip, exactly on the labium. A cold shiver ran down his spine. For the first time since he woke, he panicked. It was as though the calming effect of the strange voice subsided through the discovery of the numerous piercings on his face. But the panic could not overpower him. Even as his heartbeat accelerated and cold sweat broke out on his forehead, he suddenly saw that the tables next to the bed had a half-opened drawer. In it lay an ashtray, an expensive storm lighter, and a few cigars. The sight of the thick, brown rolls of tobacco was like a switch in his head. Instantly, the panic was displaced by desire. With trembling hands, he reached for the cigar, which had already been cut (the man in leather probably did not trust him and wanted no blades near him for the time being), stuck it between his teeth and lit it.

He smoked two cigars in a row, not only puffing it, but inhaling deeply. With every puff, he relaxed more, accepting what had happened to him. The bandage on his chin still concerned him but suddenly a door opened and the guy in leather, still with a mask on, stepped in. In his hand a syringe. This time, the drug did not paralyze Bob totally but he couldn´t fight the guy, not that he really had the intention. The man removed the bonds from his arms and legs, gagged him with a special gag that allowed the Master (he was thinking that word clearly for the first time) could insert a cigar or his cock, placed him in the known wheelchair and wheeled him to the large hall.

This time, he could see, that it really was an abandoned factory, enormous in dimension and surely not in use for several years. He saw the heavy leather chair and some smaller metal tables around it, he saw the drop-ins that would surely be re-attached to his body – and all this did not really concern him. Master had put a new cigar in the gag, a special one, with a different taste, bigger and sweeter. This calmed him down. As did the voice, that now was back. Master had placed Bluetooth earphones in his head and the buzzing filled his mind. He didn´t care when the Master grabbed heavy clippers and started to buzz of his hair. Tufts of it fell to the floor and filled his lap, covered his cock in the metal cage. He could feel the humming of the shearing machine on his head and instead of panicking, it was like a mental massage, relaxing, freeing, wonderful. The cold breeze sent shivers through his body and while he knew that this should be terrifying, at the same time, he not only felt relaxed but proud to make his Master happy. He did not even blink, when Master buzzed off his eyebrows as well.

His body, still numb, was then forced down from the chair, to his knees. The cigar was removed and replaced by Master’s delicious and large dripping cock. Through the gag, the hot penis was introduced to his willing and expecting mouth. There was not much he could do to please Master, but he tried his best and loved he used his mouth to throat-fuck him heavily while Master took out a small, white device. He started epilating the eyebrows. The pain was horrible, and he nearly chocked on his Master’s cock. But suddenly, the voices inside his head told him that he had to be brave, had to be strong to please his Master, pain was good, he liked pain, it needed pain to be constantly remembered that he was a slave hat belonged to Master with every fiber of his body. The pain was still there, and it was still horrible, but it was a good pain, a nice one, a pain that made him proud, because he knew Master would be so pleased in the end. Cock in his mouth, epilator at his brows, all that made him horny, so horny, but he couldn´t show it, as he was still locked in that chastity device. With every stroke of the epilator, now not only at his brows, but his head, too, he got prouder and hornier, is cock was dripping but in pain, a new pain, another pain he deserved and that was necessary to please his Master. It took hours with some breaks and a cigar but finally, Master was done and shot his load on his slave’s totally hair-free but red head. After that, a syringe and Bob was gone again.

Bob woke up in the known bed, fixed again to the bed. The voices were gone and again his feeling of fear and panic came back. His hands touched in total disbelieve his naked scalp that was smooth as glass. He searched for his eyebrows and only felt smooth skin. The bandage on his chin was still there but there was more… where his brows had been there was more than just skin. There were three rings on the right side and three rings on the left. Now, waking up fully, he realized a subtle pain in his nose and when he touched it, he nearly froze. His nose felt different, larger. What was that? He realized, that he had tunnels in both his nostrils, large ones, that deformed his nose. His heart started to race. That was crazy! And not only that, he had a huge septum ring, that was thick and heavy. And there was a plug below his lower lip, oh my god. And there were bandages at his neck, his arms, his chest, nearly everywhere expect his hands and most of his face. He was not able to see through the material, but he knew what they meant. Now his sweat was wetting the bed and he was shivering like hell. The cigar that was placed at the usual place helped him to calm down and like last time, he had just finished the second one, when the door opened, and Master entered the room. This time without a wheelchair. Bob was totally passive in his presence. The man tightened the straps that fixed Bob to the bed and then placed the Bluetooth earphones in his ears, the buzzing and humming already filling the slave’s head. After that, the Leatherman left the room for a short time, came back with some food, more cigars and after that, a small metal table on wheels. He unlocked slave’s cock and Bob could feel him spray something cold on his penis and his balls, followed by a strange feeling and after that, a sharp pain. Tears shot in his eyes, but the voice told him, that he had to be brave, a good boy, that he needed some decoration down there. Pain, more pain, more pain but finally it was over. More spray and a kind of bandage and Master was done. But he came back a short time later, now attacking Bob’s nipples. Fixed like he was, he couldn´t see anything but the voice told him that all was fine.

When Master was done, he looked at his slave, a shimmer of admiration in his eyes – or so did Bob think. The voice assured him, that Master was quite happy. The man gave him back some mobility before he left and Bob, the earphones still running, set up and looked down. Between the bandages on his chest, he saw two thick rings in his tits, pulling the nipples down. And on his cock, oh man! Not just a BIG PA, but rings down his shaft and on his balls, too. The voice told him how beautiful he was already and Bob wanted to believe that, he really did. But there was a rest of the old boring Bob how was afraid and in shock. That was not a game, oh no. The bodymodifications were heavy… But now the hunger won over his attention and he ate the meal, Master had given him. A cheeseburger with fries and a big, ice-cold coke. He ate like he hadn`t eaten in days (oh, by the way, he had not, Master kept him fed with hoses while he was asleep. I think you already guessed it by all the heavy morphs, that Bob was not only gone for a few hours each time!) but when he had finished the coke, he felt sleepy and minutes later he was snoring in his room, the voices running on in his head.

When he woke up again, he felt like a mummy. Every inch of his body, his head, his face covered in bandages, only his mouth left out. He was fixed tightly to the bed and heard the door open, saw Master come closer. He realized that the earphones were missing but he was excited. Not afraid. Master had a mask one as usual, but that one left his mouth free and the huge man bowed down to his slave and kissed him long and passionately. He wanted to absorb his Master’s taste, it was the most touching thing for him ever. His Master not hurting him although he was such a bad boy, normally pain was something he should expect from his Master, but this time he was so sweet and nice, so gentle. Yes, he was his, now and forever, he knew that now without any earphones. Master throat-fucked his slave for quite while and the slave realized something strange and a bit unsettling: Although he was not wearing his chastity-device, his cock did not get hard. Maybe it was because of the piercings… but… it was strange. He was horny, so very horny and he wanted to be consumed by his Master, fucked by his Master, throat-fucked by his Master, oh yes, but why was his cock still limp?

Master finally went away and worked on the restrains. Finally, he could turn his slave over and with some lube, he inserted his big cock in his slave’s virgin hole. He squeaked a bit but knew that now he really was Master’s property, pain turned to lust, lust turned to an emotion of total pleasure, a wave of heat, a storm of horniness, that blew away the tiny bit of old Bob. Now he was only a receiver, thankful for his Master to be so nice and friendly to give him what he really needed. Finally, Master filled his whole with his cum and moaned in pleasure while slave allowed himself to moan, too, still a tiny bit concerned about his own cock. But who was he to be concerned? He would not touch his dick until Master told him. When it was Master’s decision that he should never touch it again, he wouldn´t… When the Leatherman was done with Bob, he gave him a new injection, Bob fell asleep and the Master walked away.

The next time, Bob woke up, a bit of old Bob was back again, wondering what had happened and still thinking about his cock. Thinking about the tall leather guy fucking him made him horny – but still his cock did not react. He needed some seconds to realize, that he was no longer naked. Instead of the bandages all over his body and face, he was dressed in super tight black rubber, from head to too. His face covered in a mask, that only left out his eyes, two tiny whiles for the nose and that was it. Oh no, that was not true, he saw. His nipples with those heavy rings were exposed as was his ass, while his cock was covered in the latex material, showing his enormous PA and all the other ring. Something was around his neck, yes a doggy necklace. The door opened and like a puppy (there was really a tail inserted into his butt that now started wiggling, woof), he waited for his Master who had a leash in his hand. Click, and the leash was connected this collar. He realized, that this time, no restrains held him back. He jumped from the bed to his feet, ready to follow his Master. They walked through the factory, but after some minutes (it was already dark), Master guided him to the Van, placed him in the back and fixed the collar to a steel chain. Fixed that way, he drove in the back of the Van, not knowing where Master was bringing him. Around 45 minutes later, the engines stopped, and Slave waited excited like a dog for his Master to open the door. That was strange. It was a boring neighborhood; he had expected a club or something. Maybe a place where Master would present him to other doms. But that was… HIS old neighborhood. A bit of shame grew inside him, as Master leashed him and walked with him through the boring suburban streets. Some people stared at them, a man dressed from head to toe in leather, guiding a man in latex, his nipples naked, a tail in his ass… that was grotesque! While Slave still loved to obey, loved that everybody stared and wondered what kind of masquerade that was, Bob was there, too. And Bob felt uncomfortable, being remembered that this boring life had been his life and that know everybody was staring at him. Of course, nobody could recognize him in this full rubber-suit, but nevertheless, he was ashamed.

Was that a kind of punishment? A last test, if he was really under Master’s control now? For the first time he had doubts, he was not sure what he would say if asked. Master opened a door, HIS door, and guided him through the staircase to his old, boring flat in the second floor. It was such a strange feeling being back. He saw dust on his furniture and in the kitchen, two bananas had started a new civilization. It seemed that he had been gone for quite some time and not only the few days he could re-call. His old life seemed thousand of light-years away now. He belonged with Master, that was his life. But being in his old home gave new strength to the old, boring Bob, that was still inside him. This normal Bob started to ask why they were here - and how he looked. For the first time, he asked himself what had happened to his body, what he really looked like. Master, who had not spoken a single word and in all that time, finally came closer and removed the hood over Bob’s head. The material slid over his naked head and he realized that he was bald, sure, how could he have forgotten? Master blindfolded him with a kind of black scarf before he helped him out of the second skin, the rubber suit. Then, he guided him, strong as ever, calming as ever, into a another room, his bedroom. He knew, there was a big mirror and he was excited and afraid, the slave was excited to see what Master had given him, which gift he made him in transforming him, Bob was afraid what he could have done to his body, his face… And for the first time, he heard Master’s timbre, his dark, manly voice. “My dear slave, you have been a darling, obeying, doing whatever was asked of you. I know what your darkest desires are, your darkest fantasies. And now, my dear, dear slave boy, remember how your favorite story of all times ends!”

Bob’s mind started to race. His favorite story, the story in which a man was kidnapped, transformed, enslaved, freed from his free will, broken, trashed – and then brought back to his flat, where his Master told him, that their common time was over – for now. The slave then fell asleep, forgetting all what had happened to him until the next morning, when he woke up, discovering all his transformations and then… the world went dark.

His alarm-clock woke him up. It was 7:30, oh god, he was late!! Shit. He had to go to work… Something was very strange, he had have a vivid dream, a nightmare? He was not sure. In the still dark room, he searched for the light and when he had turned it on, he froze. What the hell?? His head started to spin, he was hyperventilating, his mouth dropped open, his heart was close to explosion. What was going on here??? His entire body was covered in tattoos. His arms, his hands, his fingers, his chest, his legs, everything. All creating one colorful Asian design, his feet, too and what was that…. Enormous nipple rings adorned his once so small and now heavily enlarged nipples. What had happened to his equally inked cock??? Heavy ring THROUGH the shaft, an enormous PA and an armada of rings through his balls. He felt a cold breeze on his head and when he touched it, he found nothing but smooth skin. He sat down on his bed, crying like a little baby and when he placed his face in his hands, he felt something strange, alien, shocking. And there was something with his tongue, and his lips… that was all getting worse. He needed to see it although he was deadly afraid. When he waked to the bathroom on shivering legs, the big rings in his genitals made sounds like church bells and he could feel his earlobes swing and more rings cling together. With ice-cold hands he turned on the light and what he saw was more than he could understand. The clinging sounds in his ears, that were inked totally black, were caused by two large metal discs, one in each earlobe. The flesh tunnels were at least 50 cm larger, if not even larger. The rest of his ears were covered in rings, rows of ring. The strange feeling in his lower lip was caused by a big plug, around 10 mm, that perforated his lip and would be a hole without the big, shiny black plug of horn or wood. Left and right from that… thing… he had two snake-bite-piercings. And good lord, his nose! It wasn´t his normal, boring straight nose anymore. Two big metal tunnels, one in each side of the nose, deformed his nose to a strange, broad form. And there was septum in his nose, that was so thick, it nearly filled his nostrils. His eyebrows were gone, at least the hair. Instead he sported a perverted variation in form of piercings, six at every side. But that was not all that had happened to his face and head, that was really totally hair-free. His entire head was tattooed as well, with a kind of dragon in Asian style, but not only his head, oh no. His face was covered in black, with only a few lines left in his natural skin-color and some red designs at his chin and on his forehead, as there was a red line in the middle of his nose. He was in such a state of shock, there are no words to describe it.

While he sat on the toilet, staring at his new colorful body and all that metal, he realized that he looked exactly like the guy of his darkest and most beloved transformation story. Every detail, the bald head, the tattoos, the piercings, all… but the guy in his story had been pierced at his genitals in a way, that made it impossible for him to come – or even get a boner as the guy in his story only lived to serve his Master. Oh, Master, a word with such a sweet and comforting sound… wait, wait, where did that come from. And how did all this happen to him. The answer to that question had to wait. He looked down, between his legs and saw all the piercings. They looked like described in his story and in terror, he rubbed is cock, what a strange feeling with all that metal. Was it even possible to pierce a man in way, that he couldn’t get a boner anymore? He rubbed his cock, then harder, finally fiercily, he felt some lust and to his own shock, he got turned on by this blemished and disfigured body. But his cock did not respond. His was horny like hell, but his penis did not react at all. Tears streamed down his face but suddenly, he fingered himself, putting first one, then two then three fingers into his ass. He moaned in pleasure, a pleasure that grew every second and only minutes later he experienced his first orgasm without shooting his load. The first time of many to come, this thought formed in his head. It was surreal, but in his story, the guy woke up one day after his transformation without any memory of how all that had happened. He realized that his cock was limb and useless now, went to a doctor and got his rings removed, just to get told that the effects of the piercings were lasting. The guy in his story had experienced the same self-penetration afterwards and had realized that this form of orgasm was even better.

Of course, this was all just a nightmare. Now he knew that. This was all just like in his stories, stories he obviously shouldn´t read before going to bed. But knowing that this all could only be a dream made him horny again, and he searched for a dildo he had bought years ago and never ever used. He found it, some lube, too and started to pleasure himself again, and again and again. Tomorrow morning, his bed would be soaked with cum. He never had a dream in which he knew he was dreaming, that was still a bit irritating, but what else could be the explanation?? Nothing, of course. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. That was REALLY strange in a dream. Surely he would wake up soon, that must be his alarm clock… Whoever knocked and rang at his door kept trying and so he walked to the door, naked, opened it and was confronted with a screaming UPS guy who threw whatever he had in his hands to the floor and ran away, shouting things like pervert. This dream was getting weirder and weirder every second. The parcel was large and heavy and he carried it into the living room. That had been part of his story, too. The master, still unknown to the slave, would send him cigars to stay in training, a collar he was supposed to wear all the time, some rubber clothes (all normal clothes had been removed from the flat in his story, only some underwear and some plain white t-shirts and jeans left), skinhead clothes and fetish clothes and a letter. He opened it – and what a surprise – they contained exactly the predicted things. He grabbed a cigar, in a dream he surely could smoke one, and so he did. When he reached into the box again, he cut himself at a page of paper. That did hurt a lot and it was bleeding. He sucked his colored finger and the taste of blood filled his mouth. Ok, that was strange. Feeling an orgasm was strange enough in a dream, but pain? Shouldn´t he wake up? Fear was creeping up his spine and he felt how cold it was in the flat. He could smell and taste the tobacco, he felt his blood ponder in his finger. Shivering again, he turned on the radio. Music filled the room and when he went to his window to have a look outside, he saw his well-known street, people doing whatever they were doing, cars, a bus. He heard the noise of the traffic and a singing bird. He felt the warm sunlight on his face and when he opened the window he could smell the city and feel the cool morning air. That little piece of reality was like a signal to his brain. This was no joke, no prank, no dream. All this was real. He really was inked, pierced and impotent, he really was smoking a cigar while he had a dildo in his ass. Trembling he walked to his bedroom again, opened his wardrobe – and it was empty except some underwear, a pair of jeans and some plain white t-shirts. But he found a box, filled with dildos of all sizes, butt-plugs and other bizarre sex-toys. He ran to the box. It was filled with rubber-clothes, leather clothes, a harness, some skinhead clothes, boots, a collar – and, red from his own blood – a letter, handwritten. He grabbed the letter, removed the dildo and sat down to read whatever the Master had written him.

SLAVE, You realized by now, that all this is no dream at all. I fulfilled your darkest desire and best kept secret. You are the man of you story now, in every aspect. From permanent hair-removal over piercings, tattoos, clothing, cigars to a useless dick. That seemed a bit hard to me, but as I wanted to be true to your story, I gave you what you obviously wanted. And you will learn (or did you already learn by now?) there are still ways to be pleasured and ways for you to come to a climax. You know, maybe better than me, how your story continues from now on and to be honest, I don´t have the time neither the space to keep you as my permanent house-slave. Your story was unsatisfyingly vague when it came to the slave’s daily life as a heavily tattooed and pierced man, so I think you have to figure out that party by your own. But now you can embrace your dark side, finally. You can go to all those kinky clubs in town to get fucked and used by every dom in town – and you will do it, oh yes you will. But you are mine now, don´t get me wrong. Once in a while, I will just be there and for a period of time, I determine, you will be mine and mine only. You will be my totally submissive slave. Could be tomorrow, could ne next week, could be in a year, you will never know when I will be there. I don´t need to tell you, that your cock is a forbidden zone for you but feel free to pleasure yourself with the toys I put in your wardrobe. That was not in your story, call it artistic freedom. To make the transition to your new life a bit easier, I sent you some special cigars. They will help you to relax and do what you really want to do. I watch you. MASTER

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