Hidden Passages: Chosen Family

By screamingmoist
published July 8, 2019

Aaron’s had enough of his roommates always stealing his girlfriends and decides to take matters into his own hands with the help of a certain book.

Aaron stormed down the sidewalk, furious at having caught his roommate with yet another of his girlfriends. Jake had known that Aaron thought of Tracy as more than a one night stand, but as always, the charming blonde jock couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Bill had known too, the stocky man always did, and like always he’d kept his mouth shut out of loyalty to Jake. The three of them may have shared a house, but it was clear who the odd man out was.

Tracy was just as guilty in this situation, but Aaron couldn’t entirely blame her. Even as a straight guy he could admit that Jake was on another level. His friend was stunning. And while he wasn’t bad looking himself, his generic, athletic build and boy-next-door face could never compete with something like that. To his credit, he wasn’t the arrogant monster that Jake was, but that never seemed to matter. No matter how nice he was, or how good in bed, it was just a matter of time before Jake swooped in, used them up, and moved on to the next one. Aaron was sick of it.

“Whoa!” Distracted by his rage, Aaron didn’t see the brown book blending in with the sidewalk in front of him. His foot slipped off the cover, sending him crashing to the pavement. “The fuck…is that a book? Where the hell did it even…” He grumbled and reached for the nondescript volume, thumbing through the pages.

Aaron didn’t know how long he sat in the middle of the sidewalk reading the insane writings, but by the time he stood he already knew what he had to do.

“What is this, an intervention?” Jake laughed as he entered the room and found Aaron sitting in a chair, waiting for him. He took one look at his friend’s angry expression and rolled his eyes. “I know you’re pissed about what’s-her-name, but we both know you’re not gonna do anything about it.” He nodded at the brown book on the table and rubbed a fist under his eye as if he was crying. “You whining about it in your journal like a pussy?”

“I always used to think, ‘man, if I had a dollar for every time Jake called me a pussy’…’” Aaron sighed, holding up the book. “Now I’ve got something better.”

Aaron’s grin was the last thing Jake expected to see. “The fuck is wrong with you? We’ve all put up with your weirdo crap for a long time, but this is some next level shit, dude,” the strapping blonde scoffed. “Don’t be a bitch ‘cause a set of tits came to her senses when she saw something better.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you,” Aaron said, his smile turning cold as it spread across his face. He set the book down and started writing. “I don’t have to be mad anymore. You’re right…you’re a pretty dude. I can’t think of anyone who’d make a better trophy wife. I mean, why go after girls just for you to steal them when I can get what I need from you?”

“Oooookay, there’s the line,” Jake laughed, his brow furrowing. “Time for me to goooOOOHH!” He gasped and shuddered at the pins and needle tingling that erupted in his lower abdomen. It passed quickly, but the chiseled adonis felt a strange sensation in his pants. “What…what just happened…” he stammered, his eyes going wide when he reached for his waist but found his arms locked in place. The only thing he could move was his head. “Wha…why can’t I move?! What the fuck is this?!”

Aaron stepped away from the book, his cold smile turning into an arrogant smirk. “Don’t worry. You won’t be freaked out for long. I just didn’t want to rush this,” he said as he started unbuttoning the frozen man’s jeans.

“Dude! Don’t fuckin’ touch me, man!” Jake growled, his bulging pecs heaving under his thin t-shirt. His mind was desperately trying to deny the unfamiliar, roomy feeling as Aaron’s hands brushed against the front of his pants. “What do you even think you’re doiiIIIEEEEE!” Jake shrieked when Aaron pulled his pants down, revealing a pair of flat, pink panties where his stuffed boxer briefs should have been. The thick hose that hung like a banana and the full, heavy balls that went with it were nowhere in sight. “Wh…where’s my dick? WHERE’S MY FUCKIN’ DICK?!” Jake bellowed, his ample muscle straining to the breaking point as he struggled in impotent fury. “How did…did you do this?! Did you do this?! I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you!” he snarled as Aaron slid around behind.

The other man lifted the back of Jake’s shirt, letting it rest on the solid, perky cheeks so he could snap a photo. “Damn, dude, these things make your ass look fiiiiine,” Aaron whistled, holding up his phone so Jake could see the shiny pink material wedging into the valley between his round, mostly-exposed rear.

“Fix this!” Jake demanded, his handsome face crimson with rage. Ropey veins stood out along his straining biceps and up his thick neck as he bellowed. “You fuckin’ fix this right fuckin’ now or I swear to gooooUUUHHH…!” The yelling hunk groaned when Aaron slipped a hand down the front of his altered underwear and wormed a few fingers into Jake’s new orifice. “Fuuh….fuck…oh fuck…” he panted, his eyes wide with shock at the unexpected jolts of pleasure.

“You aren’t the only one who knows your way around one of those.” Aaron pulled his hand free and gave Jake’s ass a swat before he returned to the book. “What was that thing you always said about women? They only need to worry about dick and doing what they’re told?”

The horrified blonde paled when Aaron started writing again. “No! Look, man, I’m sorry! You don’t have to keep doing that! Lesson learned! I won’t…won’t…” Jake shook his head, blinking rapidly. “…won’t…my…why does my head feel weird,” he stammered.

“Because most of what was in it just disappeared,” Aaron shrugged. “C’mon, dude, let’s be real. You’re a district manager for a cell phone store. It’s not like you were putting that business degree to use anyway.”

“No! You can’t just…” Jake’s heart was a jackhammer in his chest as he struggled to recall anything about his recent college days but came up empty. He could remember being there, but he couldn’t recall a single thing about any of his classes or what he’d learned. It was the same going all the way back to high school. He could remember being the star athlete and prom king, but even rudimentary knowledge was lost to him. “Why can’t I remember any…”

“Hey, did you know…” Aaron stopped and laughed, “…shit, why am I asking? You sure don’t now! Fun fact: most basic day to day tasks only require about a fourth grade education. I put the cap there.” The chocolate haired man walked over and put his hands on Jake’s trim waist, laughing at his friend’s stunned expression. “Don’t worry! It’s not like you’re going to have to work or anything. Your job is to look pretty and keep me happy. You can do that, right?”

Jake started to nod but caught himself, shaking his head. “No! I…why am I…this feel so weird…” the blonde whined, sounding more confused than furious.

“It’s okay, it’ll all make sense soon,” Aaron said gently, tugging on the bottom of his friend’s shirt. “Lift your arms for me.”

Jake was equal parts relieved and horrified when he discovered he could move, but only to do what Aaron had told him. He raised his beefy arms overhead as the other man slid his shirt up, letting out a surprised yelp when it was pulled free. “Oh!” Jake gasped, a surprised look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron asked, grinning as he watched his friend squirm.

“I don’t…know…” Jake looked down at the broad, granite pecs looming above his washboard stomach and over at his broad shoulders and bulging biceps. Everything looked the same, but he was feeling increasingly nervous at being topless. It was an odd sensation for the athletic young man who was used to spending more time with his shirt off than on. It wasn’t until his arm was raising towards his chest that he realized what he was feeling: exposed. “What did you do…” he asked, holding a wide forearm against his chest to cover himself. The blonde stud was suddenly more concerned with making sure his nipples were covered than he was about his exposed new panties.

“Can’t be a trophy wife without a nice set of tits. You’ve already got a good pair going there…just needed you to see them that way.”

“oOOOaahhhooohhaaa…!” Jake groaned when Aaron moved his arm aside and squeezed the granite mounds of muscle on his chest. Externally the chiseled shelf of muscle hadn’t changed, but internally was an entirely different story. The blissful sensations rocking his solid body were just as intense as the ones that came from the burning, eager new opening between his legs. “What the fuck…what the fuck…” he panted, covering himself with his arm again when Aaron stepped away. He was horrified at how much he wanted his friend to keep at it.

“Awww, you don’t need to cover yourself around me, sweetheart,” Aaron cooed.

Jake let his arm drop, his body going flush with embarrassment at the surge of vulnerability he felt. A part of him wanted to punch Aaron in the throat for calling him sweetheart, but a quickly growing part of him absolutely loved it. He didn’t know what to do. Physically, he was mostly the same aside from one major difference between his legs, but the addled jock felt like an entirely different person. His usual arrogant aggression was gone, replaced by an embarrassed insecurity. Standing under Aaron’s watchful gaze, Jake felt like he should be doing something to please the other man. He WANTED to please the other man. He couldn’t worry about the gaps in his knowledge or the missing memories when Aaron’s plump, delicious cock was waiting for him.

“See? I told you it wouldn’t be so bad,” Aaron said, watching Jake’s internal struggle. “We’ve just gotta finish your look…”

Instead of a terrified yelp, Jake giggled when a soft, thin camisole appeared on his torso. The thin straps draped over his broad shoulders and accentuated his prominent pecs and tapering waist as it hung loose above his navel. The exposed, naked feeling vanished as soon as the small garment appeared, his solid nipples pressing out against the fabric. This was followed by a pair of bright, terry cloth shorts that were significantly smaller than even his previous underwear. The tiny bottoms left almost all of his ass exposed as they showed off his powerful quads and drew attention to his missing package.

The ripped adonis smiled and pawed at his new outfit for several moments before it registered that he was wearing women’s clothing. “Wait…no! I can’t wear this!” Jake whimpered, his smile fading.

“Sure you can, honey! You’ve gotta look good, right? Show off that body? I can’t wait for you to see your new wardrobe…but we can play dress up later, okay?” Aaron turned back to the book, speaking as he wrote. “I told you…you don’t have to worry. As far as everyone’s concerned, you’re just one of the girls now. Blonde, dumb, with big tits and a nice ass. Just the way you like ‘em.”

There was just enough of the old Jake left to feel a stomach turning dread wash over him. This was worse than anything that happened to his body. For an alpha male, man’s-man like himself, hearing that he’d spend the rest of his days being treated like a dizzy bimbo, the way he used to treat every woman that crossed his path, was the ultimate horror. His days of being a stud were gone, he literally couldn’t remember them, while his days of being Aaron’s trophy were just beginning.

Jake trembled excitedly when Aaron wrapped his solid arms around him. Though he stood a few inches taller, he felt small and weak in the other man’s grip.

“We’ve got some time before Bill gets home…how about we take the new you for a spin?”

Jake practically swooned when Aaron’s rough hands squeezed his exposed bubble and his friend’s stubbled chin scratched across the top of his pecs. He was putty in the other man’s hands, willing to do anything and everything that was asked of him. “Yes please,” he purred, emphasizing the please as he reached down to squeeze Aaron’s hardening bulge. Instead of disgust at having his friend’s dick in his hand, all Jake could think about were the myriad other places he couldn’t wait to get it.

“‘Sup, loser,” Bill called as he walked through the back door.

It was the moment Aaron had been waiting for. He’d made sure Jake was standing at the sink, his altered body and new wardrobe on display when their beefy, dark haired friend came home from the gym. If things went as they should, the returning man wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary in the taller, handsome hunk’s new look.

Bill paused at the refrigerator, his prominent pecs glistening with sweat beneath his baggy muscle shirt, the patches of wiry hairs matted to the solid mounds. Aaron’s heart skipped a beat when the stocky man slowly looked Jake up and down, a thick arm flexing as he reached up to rub his bearded chin thoughtfully. “Fuck is this, babe? I don’t even get a hello?”

Aaron breathed a quiet sigh of relief, his heart lurching back into rhythm. Bill apparently didn’t see anything out of the ordinary about Jake’s tiny, empty cotton shorts, or the tied-on bikini top that stretched over the blonde man’s granite chest.

“Hi!” Jake chirped, wrapping Bill’s broad torso in his arms. “Ew, you’re all sweaty,” he giggled. Bill only grinned, reaching up behind with one hand to deftly untie Jake’s top while the other snatched it free. “Oh! Hey!” Jake blushed, instinctively reaching up to cover his pecs. He stuck his lower lip out in an exaggerated pout as Bill stepped away with the top in hand.

“What? Like we haven’t all seen ‘em already? Aaron’s goin’ through a dry spell…give him a show,” Bill laughed, pulling a protein shake from the fridge.

“Not a dry spell anymore,” Aaron said, winking at Jake. He’d spent the time before Bill got home exploring the blonde’s new body in intimate detail. The former ladies man had been just as eager, sucking Aaron’s stout rod like he was dying of thirst before nearly going hoarse from his lustful screams when his athletic friend put his new orifice to work. It had been better than anything Aaron could have hoped for. The mix of pure lust and confusion and horror on Jake’s face as his new pussy was pummeled nearly made up for the years of torment. Aaron loved that he could now bring the former alpha to his knees simply by squeezing his friend’s tiny nipples.

“Whaaaat? You’re slummin’ with him when you could have a real man?” Bill reached down and squeezed the bouncing cock outlined beneath his basketball shorts. “I mean, sweety, come on. You’ve got better options than pencil dick over there.”

Aaron waited for Bill’s hand to reach Jake’s mostly-exposed bubble before he started writing. Now that he knew it worked, he wanted to see what Bill’s reaction would be if he knew what had been done to the strapping blonde. While the beefy, shorter man stood squeezing Jake’s solid rear, Aaron scribbled in a sense of awareness.

The change was immediate. Bill blinked, his face going pale, then red, beneath his trimmed beard when he realized what he was doing. His jaw fell open as he looked at the bikini top in his hand, and the small lump where his friend’s heavy package should have been.

“Fuck! What the fuck?!” Bill jerked his hand away as though Jake’s ass was red hot, stumbling away from the altered man. He dropped the bikini top, a look of confused disgust on his face. “Jake? What…what the hell happened to you, man?!” He turned his attention to Aaron, his fury mounting. “Why are you just sitting there? Look at Jake! We need to…I don’t know…get him to a hospital or something!”

The equally confused blonde just giggled. “What? No I don’t…I’m totally fine,” he said with a vacant smile.

“Dude? No, you’re not. Did someone do this to you?” Bill turned back to Jake, wincing as he looked at his friend’s missing equipment. “Does…did that hurt?”

“Did what hurt?” Jake cocked his head and looked down at his flattened crotch. “No…Aaron didn’t hurt me…he felt great!”

Bill spun on Aaron, slamming his thick arms on the counter. “What the fuck, bro?! Did you fuck him like that? I’ll fuckin’ kill you!” The shouting, burly man only made it a step before his body locked in place. He swayed on his feet, the momentum nearly knocking him over at the sudden stop. His eye went wide, his bulky muscle straining against the invisible force. “Why can’t I move? Are you doing this?”

Aaron’s smile was smug and self assured. “I knew I made the right choice,” he nodded, ignoring the other man’s frantic questions. “Jake is such a good trophy wife. I mean, just look at him. All body, no brains, just the way you guys like ‘em. And you! So loyal to your bros! Some of them, anyway,” Aaron shrugged. “Either way, you’ll make the perfect pet. This whole thing really writes itself.”

Bill’s bulging pecs were heaving against his shirt, his eyes darting back and forth between the altered Jake and the writing Aaron. Unlike the handsome blonde, the stout beefcake had evidence that strange forces were afoot, making his fear more immediate. “Wa…wait…just hold on a sec,” he said, laughing nervously. “Pet? What’re you taaaahhh!” Bill gasped, his muscle shirt suddenly drawing up his torso. The baggy fabric pooled around his broad shoulders before shrinking and contracting as a collar around his thick neck. The frozen hunk looked down at his exposed, furry torso in shock. He wasn’t cut like Jake, but was covered with solid, bulky muscle, and where the tall blonde was all definition and sharp angles, Bill was hairy, curvy beef.

Before he had time to process the sudden collar, he felt a similar shifting in his shorts. Bill’s wide, meaty thighs were exposed bit by bit as the baggy, shiny material followed suit. In moments, what had been a pair of knee-length shorts with boxers underneath settled as a small posing strap that tied at the sides. The hairy stud’s face went red when he looked down at the stuffed pouch beneath his muscled gut that barely contained his thick cock and heavy balls. He could feel warm air on his bare, furry cheeks as he desperately tried to think of a way out.

“Oh…oh god…” he stammered. “Aaron, wait, please! Come on, man. Whatever you’re pissed about, we can make it right!”

“What do you think we’re doing?” Aaron asked, as if it was obvious. “Just ask Jake…he’s perfectly happy.”

“Uh-huh!” Jake nodded, practically licking his lips at the sight of Bill’s exposed, brawny frame.

“Like I told him….don’t worry! Soon you won’t have a care in the world.”

Bill opened his mouth to argue, but didn’t get a word out before a tingling sensation washed over his legs. He swooned, his eyes going blurry from vertigo as the room shifted around him. “Whu! Fu..fuck…what the fuck…oh god…” He stuttered when his vision cleared.

The dark haired man blinked at his altered lower half, not wanting to believe what his eyes were telling him. The meaty, powerful legs had been reduced to a fraction of their length. They were still thick and strong with muscle, but only about a third as long as they had been, leaving Bill with a disproportionate, top heavy look. The shortened man’s already prominent backside had inflated further, puffing out like a counterbalance to the overly long arms and prominent chest. “This…this can’t be real…” he panted, his olive skin pale with dread. At 5’8” he’d already lamented his lack of height, but now his head didn’t even reach the top of the counters around him. His stomach turned at the sight of his hands dangling inches above the ground by his sides, ready to pick up the slack where his stubby new legs failed to keep up. The arrogant jock wanted to cry at the image of himself knuckle walking like some kind of ape.

“That’s a good look,” Aaron said proudly, coming around the counter so he could see the shrunken man.

“You can’t leave me like this…” Bill pleaded. “I’m a freak!”

“No, you’re not a freak,” Aaron said, scribbling in the book. “You’re a good boy!”

Bill’s heart started racing, a feeling of elation washing over him at the sound of Aaron calling him a good boy. He grinned from ear to ear, puffing his hairy chest out proudly until he realized what he was doing. With a groan of horror he shook his head, forcing the joyous feeling down. “What was that…? What did you just do?”

“I don’t have time to train a pet. We can teach you some new tricks, but I’m just making sure you’re a nice, obedient little guy. Can’t have you biting anyone.”

“No! You can’t dooook…do thiiieekk….” Bill’s eyes were dishplates when he heard his speech trail off into a series of grunts. He took a deep breath and tried to continue, only managing a series of screeching “ooks” and “eeks.”

“Don’t panic, don’t panic,” Aaron said calmly. “You can still understand everything I’m saying, right?” Bill nodded, able to process everything he heard. He just couldn’t respond the way he wanted to. Not with words, anyway. “Pet’s don’t talk, though. Unless you want to be a parrot?” Aaron laughed at the altered man’s horrified expression. “I’m just fuckin’ with ya. You’re too cute like this. Aren’t you cute like this!” he said condescendingly. “Speak…come on…speak!”

Bill tried to fight it. He clenched his jaw and screamed in his brain. “Ooooo! Oook!” His warped body turned crimson with humiliation even as he felt a rush of pride at fulfilling a command.

“Good boy!”

The stubby muscle man squirmed and beamed as Aaron reached down and tousled his thick, dark hair. He was so caught up that he didn’t even notice his barely concealed cock twitching when his friend rubbed his chest affectionately. “Ook! Ook!” the shrunken jock blushed at the unintentional vocals, the shock bringing him slightly back to his senses.

“We’re almost done, buddy. We can get rid of all that reading and writing and math. You’re not gonna need any of that now.” Aaron tousled Bill’s hair again and stroked a bearded cheek at the concerned look on his friend’s face. “Hey, you’re still probably smarter than Jake if it makes you feel better.” Aaron nodded over at the ripped blonde, whose hand had drifted to the front of his shorts as he watched Bill’s transformation.

“Oooo…ooo…oo…eek!” Bill started grunting, leaning his head harder into Aaron’s hand while the other man wrote. The sensations of his friend’s fingers stroking through his beard were electric. The terror he’d been feeling when the calendar on the wall became a nonsense jumble of symbols melted away as his skin became hyper sensitive.

Aaron loved the sound of Bill’s contented grumblings when he started rubbing the coiled muscle between his friend’s shoulder blades. He’d magnified bodily sensations, making sure that Bill loved nothing more than to have his hairy muscle stroked and petted. He was primarily a physical creature now, a slave to impulses that felt good like any other animal.

“I think we’re done!” Aaron closed the book and watched Bill sway, his powerful arms flexing as he fell forward on them before righting himself on his stout, wobbly little legs. He smiled down at the buff little neanderthal, glad to have left his friend’s handsome face untouched. The dark, brooding features and plump, full lips on the misshapen body were a perfect contrast.

The same went for his friend’s fat, twitching cock. Aaron had considered shrinking it down, but the sight of the girthy organ dangling between the shortened legs was too good to resist, especially when he knew how sensitive it was. The fact that Bill would hate to be so on display only sweetened the deal.

“How do you feel, handsome? You feel good?”

Bill was torn, hating and loving Aaron’s condescending tone. He was well aware of the monstrous deed that had been done to him, but that knowledge was outweighed by an overwhelming affection for his two friends. “OOook!” He grunted, nodding.

“Good boy! Why don’t you show Jake what you can do? Can you sit?”

On command, Bill dropped to his inflated cheeks, kicking his wide feet together. He was increasingly conscious of his solid cock tenting out his little underwear, having to fight the urge to grab it and start pumping.


“Oook! Eeeek!” Bill screeched out loud while speaking full, profanity-laced sentences to himself in his head.

“Shake?” Aaron shook his head when Bill reached a long arm up to shake his hand. “No, not like that.”

The little man cocked his head, then blushed as he realized the true command. He lumbered to his feet, propped himself up on his arms, and started shaking his inflated cheeks in Jake and Aaron’s direction.

“Good boy! You’re so good at that!” Aaron draped his arms over Bill’s shoulders, his package digging into the back of his friend’s head as he stroked the patch of wiry hairs on the shorter man’s pecs. The shrunken Bill smiled ecstatically, letting out a series of proud little grunts. “You want a treat? Come here…”

“Oook! Oookoook!” Bill beamed when Aaron reached down and untied his little poser, letting his hefty balls and aching rod fall free. The altered man didn’t realize how much he’d hated the sensation of being clothed until it had been removed. Despite his humiliation at his warped body being on display, he reached down and wrapped a hand around his throbbing cock.

Aaron pointed over at the lusty eyed blonde. “Since you’ve been so good I think Jake will help you out with that, won’t you sweet heart?”

“Sure!” Jake said, pulling his hand away from the damp spot that had formed on the front of his shorts.

Even though he was the one responsible, Aaron was still surprised by the speed with which his two friends fell on each other. They landed in a heap on the floor, Jake’s shorts kicked off before making it all the way to the ground. Aaron pulled out his phone to film the proceedings, laughing at the combination of Jake’s eager squeals and Bill’s animalistic grunting. The shrunken man was kneading Jake’s chest, causing the blonde hunk to squirm and writhe while he hammered him like a jackrabbit. Bill’s inflated cheeks shook wildly in his desperate humping, any technique or pacing he used to possess lost beneath the tide of sensation. The stocky man always bragged constantly about how good he was in bed, and Aaron loved it when, just over a minute later, the grunting ape stud blasted into his friend.

“Ooo…ook?” Bill looked stunned at the sudden release, embarrassed by how quickly it happened.

“I bet that felt good, huh?” Aaron said, rubbing Bill’s back as the other man pulled out. His shortened friend looked up at him, a quiet “eek” slipping out. “Don’t worry…Jake can finish up. Can’t you?”

“Uh…uh-huh,” the sculpted blonde groaned, writhing on the floor as he fingered himself with one hand and played with his chest with the other. Bill dropped to the ground next to him, absently toying with his feet while he watched.

Aaron could barely contain his triumph. He’d reduced the arrogant Jake to a ditzy, horny housewife who saw no problem with fingering himself on the kitchen floor, and the gruff, burly Bill into a friendly, obedient pet. Not only would his friends never steal another of his girlfriends; Aaron didn’t even need to look for one in the first place. He’d just built the perfect family.

“It’s so nice out,” Jake chirped. The blonde adonis grinned from ear to ear, a chiseled arm thrown around Aaron’s broad shoulders as they walked down the sidewalk. His shredded torso was mostly on display, covered only by a small, hot pink tube top that was little more than a strip of fabric around his prominent pecs. Far from being embarrassed, Jake basked in the sensation of the warm sun on his tanned skin, feeling none of the humiliation that the former alpha jock should have. The idea of strutting down the street, his missing cock clearly on display beneath the flat front of the daisy dukes, should have been horrifying. As it was, all he felt was content to be with his two friends, along with the occasional stab of pride whenever he caught a passing man’s eyes lingering on his exposed cheeks and muscled thighs.

Bill’s feelings about their evening walks were more complicated. The warped man was mortified at the thought of being paraded on a leash, his altered body fully on display aside from whatever small underwear Aaron let him wear. Most of the time it was nothing but a tie-on poser, or a small jockstrap, but whatever the style, Bill hated it as much as he loved it. The shortened stud was happy to be wearing anything besides a collar, but after only a few minutes his skin would start to crawl, begging for freedom from the confining fabric. The same went for his wide, stubby feet whenever he had to force them into his little sneakers. His palms were already becoming rough and calloused from the constant use as he loped along to keep up with his two friends, the added benefit being that his already beefy arms and broad shoulders were piling on even more muscle from the frequent effort.

“It sure is,” Aaron sighed, slipping his arm around Jake’s trim waist. He smiled as he watched Bill’s plump rear bounce while the smaller man lumbered at the end of the leash in front of them. His friend had quickly learned to pace his knuckle-walk trot so as to not choke himself by getting too far ahead. He nodded and waved at another passing couple, loving when the young lovebirds stopped to pet Bill’s thick black hair and burly pecs like he was some kind of dog.

The misshapen jock hated his eager squeaks and grunts as much as he loved the feeling of the stranger’s hands stroking his beefy body. He knew he should be horrified, but all he could do was lean into it, smiling up at the pair while his stout cock throbbed. While he hated the constant condescension, Bill couldn’t decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing that people viewed him as a pet.

It wasn’t like there was anything they could do for him. He’d searched the entire house for the strange book that Aaron used to cause all this but came up empty handed. His gut told him it was gone for good. He hadn’t seen Aaron use it since that day, and he knew his friend wouldn’t have stopped with the two of them if he still had it.

Far from being a relief, the book being gone was like a punch to the stomach. It meant he and Jake were stuck like this for good. He’d spend the rest of his days as a naked little ape man, while Jake was trapped as a muscled, dickless bimbo. There was a part of Bill that wanted to act out his simian appearance and bite Aaron’s throat open every time he saw the other man, but he could never act on the impulse.

It never lasted long anyway, as it was always quickly replaced by an overwhelming desire to please whenever Aaron was near. The first time he’d found his friend’s cock in his mouth he hadn’t even realized he was going for it, but by the third time he was actually excited. He hated to admit it, but the feeling of Aaron’s warm, solid rod against his tongue felt almost as good as having his own eager hose sucked.

Getting fucked was still an overwhelming experience for Bill, not from the pain, but from the intensity. His enlarged new cheeks were just as sensitive as the rest of him, and combined with the size difference as he sat on Aaron’s lap, all he could do was writhe and grunt helplessly. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy it; he just hated how it made him feel like a true animal.

He tried to make the best of his situation, to focus on what felt good. As horrified as he was for his friend by Jake’s new reality, he absolutely loved fucking the tall blonde. The sensations were magnified for both of them, making Jake just as eager for Bill’s fat cock as the little man was to use it. His reduced stamina was increasing with practice, and while he knew he’d never be the expert stud he used to be, Bill was happy that he could at least last longer than a couple minutes. He wanted to ask Jake if he felt the same way, he just didn’t know how. His grunting squeaks were unintelligible, and he couldn’t write anymore. He couldn’t even read enough to point to the words he wanted to say. All he could do was go by the other man’s actions, which seemed cheerful enough.

Jake certainly didn’t act like he was concerned about strutting around the house in lingerie, even when other guys were over. If anything, the handsome man seemed to enjoy the attention. He donned his skimpy, feminine clothes eagerly enough whenever they left the house, and he was just as happy to have Aaron strip them off again when they got home. It was still jarring to see the brawny hunk act so exposed whenever his shirt was off, and Bill still felt a small stab of guilt whenever he blasted all over the other man’s perfect face after grinding his cock into Jake’s muscle tits. But the way his friend whined and squirmed beneath him didn’t give the impression that he was upset by it, especially considering how often he wanted Bill or Aaron to do it.

“Good boy! Were you making friends?” Aaron cooed condescendingly, tousling Bill’s hair when the strangers waved them off.

“Eeeook!” Bill nodded, smiling despite himself. His semi hard cock was tenting out his tiny jock, but instead of being embarrassed all he could think about was how he couldn’t wait to get home and take it off.

Aaron let Bill scamper ahead and leaned into Jake again. A part of him regretted getting rid of the book as quickly as he did, but he didn’t want to risk it falling into the wrong hands or being used against him. As much as he’d loved to have grown their family, he was satisfied with their new arrangement. “How about when we get home,” he said, squeezing the exposed bottom of Jake’s round, solid bubble, “ you wear that red lace for me?”

The tall blonde giggled and pursed his lips. “With the heels?”

“Of course,” Aaron said, his cock throbbing at the thought of his athletic friend in the red corset and matching stilettos. The novelty of watching Jake’s masculine, jock body strut around in high heels still hadn’t worn off. He doubted if it ever would.

“I hoped you’d say that,” Jake purred in a seductive whisper.

“C’mon Bill!” Aaron gave the leash a quick pull, causing the other man to stumble as they turned back the way they came. “Time to go home…Jake’s got a treat for us.”

The hairy man’s annoyed expression turned into a broad smile, his semi-hard cock twitching to full mast and escaping from the small pouch at the thought. “Oook!” He grunted, straining against the leash and pulling Aaron along behind him as he hurried for home.

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