The Collector Chapter 2

By sb jb mc
published July 8, 2019

A villain in the city takes over the minds of jocks and heroes alike.

In the city, a newer hero has emerged. Web Wonder slings across the city from building to building using webs that shoot from the arms of his suit. He has been saving people across town, stopping robberies and ensuring the city is a safer place.

His black and red spandex-lycra suit perfectly fits his swimmer built body. While his frame is lean, his arms and thighs are thicker, and his butt is perfectly plump and round. It’s a fairly large bubble butt for his lean frame. No one knows what he looks like behind his full head mask.

Web Wonder’s life was about to change, but he just didn’t know it yet. He had heard of the Collector but didn’t understand what he was capable of.

I was on the port side of the city when I heard an alarm. I listened and headed towards it. I left the two bank robbers I just finished chasing in a web attached to a wall. The sirens were almost to them so I knew that was my exit cue.

I swung high across the buildings heading towards the alarm. I love the feeling of swinging in the air. I smiled excitedly behind my mask. This was probably my favorite part of the job. Catching bad guys, swinging place to place… what a life!

I stopped swinging between two small metal warehouses where the alarm was coming from. The alleyway between the two warehouses was quiet, and I didn’t notice any activity. “False alarm?” I thought to myself.

At the end of the alley on the other side appeared a man dressed in a similar suit to mine. He was in all black and red. His face was masked but not covered. He was full of muscle but I knew I could take him! I started walking toward him slowly as he stood there waiting.

“Web Wonder!” He shouted. “Nice to finally meet you. I am the Collector!” As he kept talking, his voice got more sinister.
“I’ve heard of you!” I shouted back. It was true, I had heard of him, but never anything good. I’ve heard heroes have disappeared from sight shortly after seeing him, but I wasn’t… that scared.
“Then you know it’s your time!”
“Not if I can help it!”

All of a sudden I was being shot at by suction cup darts coming from all angles. I used my webs to stop them and my suit to reflect them as much as possible. They were irritating but not hurting me in any way.
“Is that all you got?!” I shouted trying to remain calm.
“I’m just getting started,” he laughed evilly.
I shot a web up to the edge of the roof of the warehouse while still fending off the darts. I knew I could swing high up and get to him. As my web touched the edge of the roof, it slipped and fell off.
“Shit,” I thought to myself. “That’s never happened before!” I tried the other roof. Same thing, web slipped. I tried the walls, nothing. There was no way out but forward or backward.

I slowly started backing up fighting off the darts until I felt something pinch my ass. I turned to look at it, and there it was a tranq dart. I pulled it out as quickly as I could and started speeding up my pace to get out of the alley. Then another hit me in the ass. And another.

My vision began to blur. My head was clouding. I didn’t want to go down like this… this can’t be happening.

“Say goodnight, Web Wonder!” He cackled.

And then everything went black.

I had him. Web Wonder. I figured he’d be an easy prey, but I wasn’t sure how easy. I shut off the sticky darts and walked towards sleeping beauty. He landed face first with his muscular bubble butt staring at me. I inspected his limp body and smiled.
“Chad,” I called out. “Pick him up and let’s get going back home.”

Chad came out of one of the warehouses. He bent down and picked up the limp hero and carried him over his shoulders. He cupped his ass and brought him to my limo. I smiled as I taped a cloth full of chloroform over his mask covering his mouth and nose. I didn’t want him to wake up anytime soon.

Chad drove us back home and carried Web Wonder into an empty warehouse-like room. We tied him up to an X-shaped cross. I checked how his webs shoot out of his arms and realized it’s a mechanism in his suit. We pulled those out, removing his “powers”. What a useless hero.

I left the room dark with a single spotlight on him. I didn’t want him to realize where we were. I removed his chloroform rag gag and replaced it with a ball gag on the outside of his mask. I wasn’t ready to unmask him just yet. I walked out of the room and left him there to wake up and see what happens.

I awoke in a precarious position. I was tied to an X and gagged over my mask. I tried shooting a web and realized the mechanisms in my suit were gone.
“Shit,” I thought. I had no idea what to do or how to get out. I realized the ties were ropes, so I tried picking at them. At the same time, I was worried about the predicament I was in. What was going to happen to me? I need to get out of this so I can defeat the Collector!

I started trying to scream. I knew it wouldn’t help, but maybe if my tongue moved my mask which moved my ball gag a bit…. Nope. Ugh. I looked at my surroundings. I couldn’t see a thing. And then I heard something… someone?

I saw a man who looked like a wrestler come out of the shadows. He was dressed in just a jockstrap. What kind of villain is this?! He looked at me and smiled.

“Hello, Web Wonder.”
I tried talking to him but he couldn’t understand me.
“Get you out of here? You’re silly! My master will do great things with you!”
“Ahh fuck,” I thought. “He’s brainwashed… wait -” I realized, “that’s what is probably going to happen to me!” I started screaming louder into my gag.

He looked straight into my eyes and laughed, “Don’t worry, my Master takes good care of everyone! He makes me happy. Now he asked me to prepare you a bit for his arrival.”

He held out a syringe toward my arm. I started squirming and screaming into my gag louder.
“If you hold still, it won’t hurt as much!”
“Don’t worry, it’s just a little sedative.”
I kept squirming hoping he wouldn’t be able to inject me. I was wrong. He held my arm tight, so tight it hurt and shoved the syringe into my bicep.
“See, that wasn’t so bad. Enjoy the sedative!”

The wrestler smiled as he walked away. I kept trying to scream through my gag. Within a minute or two, my body felt like it was getting weaker and weaker. My eyes wanted to close but they wouldn’t. I didn’t feel like I could think clearly. I felt groggy and tired… my body started going limp, but I couldn’t sleep.

What felt like hours later, I saw him. The Collector.

My newest hero for my collection was worth the wait. It had been a long time since I collected a hero, but based on the shape of his body, it was worth every second. I have been watching him on camera as he reacted to Chad, and also to the sedative he just gave him. I could tell it was working as intended. He kept trying to keep his head up, but it kept falling down. He was limply tied to the X, his upper body leaned forward, being held back by his arms.

I walked over to him and started inspecting his body. I rubbed my hands along the outside of his suit and felt his arm muscles. He remained limp and sedated but tried to speak to me.
“Mmmmmph,” he let out the quietest moan/scream. I figured he wasn’t enjoying my touching him, but I couldn’t tell.
“Web Wonder,” I grinned, “I had to take you off the streets. Your body needs to be mine. Also, a red and black skin-tight suit is my thing. Only I can sport those colors.”
“Mmmmmph,” he rolled his head as I kept rubbing his arms. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his head back and looked straight at his eyes on his mask.
“You will be mine. You understand that, don’t you? You’re going to be mine forever.”

I knew under his hooded mask that he tried to, if not succeeded to open his eyes wide in terror and anger. He tried screaming “No!” but I only heard him weakly moan “mmph!”

I continued to rub my hands all over his costumed body. He continued to protest with every touch I made. My hands made their way down from his arms.
Pecs - perfect.
Nipples - hard, perfect.
Abs - perfect.
I kept noticing that his dick outline wasn’t showing as I made my way down. I reached for it, to grab it and felt a cup. I laughed, “Trying not to show when you sport a hard-on to anyone in your skin tight suit, are we?”
He slightly nodded.
“Well, that won’t last long. This cup has to go.” I looked for the zipper to his costume. I didn’t want to disrobe him entirely, but I wanted the cup gone. I found the zipper which ran up and down his back all the way to the top of his ass. I unzipped it all the way down, revealing his tanned skin. This was the first peek I had at any part of his actual self. I reached my hand into his costume and around to his groin. He tried to push his back up to stop me, but I used my other hand to pull his head toward me.
“Now, now, let me do my work boy.”
I reached into his what felt like trunks, and felt his hard cock. I grabbed his cup and pulled it out of his costume and zipped him back up.
“That’s better,” I said as I saw the outline of his hard cock. He tried protesting again until I reached down and grabbed a handful of his cock and balls.
“MMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!” he screamed.
“That’s it boy, fight me while you can. Soon you’ll be craving my touch.”
I grabbed his cup and placed it over his ball gag and nose. “Sniff it boy,” I cackled. “It’s your own scent!”
I noticed he wasn’t squirming as much while he was breathing in his cup. I grabbed some duct tape and taped his cup over his face in the same position. I placed headphones over his ears and switched the lights to strobe. I walked out of the room and left him there to succumb.

I saw the Collector walk toward me. My vision was blurry and my head was clouded, but I knew he sounded cocky. Most villains are, but this one was more than most. I kept protesting and trying to scream, but in my weakened state, I couldn’t.

He started touching me and feeling my arms. While it felt good as my muscles hurt, I didn’t want it to. He started working his hands down to my pecs, then my nipples, then my abs. I felt my cock growing from the feeling, but I tried to get it to stop. I tried thinking about anything that would turn me off, but the thoughts vanished before they could form.

Next thing I knew was he went for my cock. I smiled on the inside, knowing I had a cup on to hide my outline in public. I didn’t want to be all over the tabloids if someone saw me hard on accident. I was hoping he would give up knowing my cup was there…. Boy was I wrong. I squirmed and tried to stop him, but in my state, he was no match for me. I felt more violated than I did before. He would pay for this when I break free!

Now he’s rubbing the outline of my dick. Ugh, it feels good but I don’t want it to! It’s been a few days since my last release. I was planning on going home today and jacking off, but instead, here I am, being held captive by a crazy villain who wants my cock.

Then, he cupped my jock over my mouth and nose. Shit. The smell was intoxicating. I don’t know why. I’m not into men! I tried to hate it but I couldn’t. He took it off for a minute and then taped it on, leaving the cup there. Damn him. He must have sensed I liked it. I need to break free, and quickly!

He put headphones over my head. They started playing these weird sounds. Then the lights started flickering. Faster, slower, faster, slower…. I heard his voice in the headphones. “You will only obey me.
I will be your master.
You will succumb to me.”

“Psh! No, I won’t!” I thought to myself.

“Listen to the sound of the ocean, and the calming waves…” I listened. They were calming. I felt calm. The lights flickering pattern was predictable now. It was helping me calm down. The smell of my cup was keeping me calm. The sounds of the ocean kept me calm. I swear I heard words being spoken in-between the ocean waves, but I couldn’t make out what they were, or if they were even there.

I felt.. calm. My body felt… limp and relaxed…
My thoughts were stopping… relaxing…

My eyes were closing… and everything went black.

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