Boi Maker Inc.

By DMears
published July 7, 2019

Marty Pearson is a country singer who’s time is about up. However, some help from a handsome, blue-eyed blond might help him find a second coming.

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Without further ado, let the fun begin!

Marty Pearson was running out of luck. Being an old voice in the music industry meant his time was quickly coming to an end. People just didn’t go for his form of high-class country music anymore. The problems of being 67 years old and people thinking he was more like 75. Marty knew he needed to find a way to reinvent himself for this new age but in a way that still felt like him. That was when he saw the advertisement, the advertisement for Catalyst Endeavors Inc, a company that promises a reinvention unlike anything else you could imagine. Looking at the reviews for it already had Marty excited.


“Never thought I’d feel this good again. Thx Catalyst!”

“You’ll never be the same again. AND THAT’S GREAT!”

Marty was more than ready for the change this adventure promised. After booking his appointment, Marty went to sleep, excited for what laid ahead.

Rolling up into the facility’s parking lot, he suddenly became anxious. With how nice he dressed up today, one would think he was going on a first date, even pulled his long hair back. After a few heavy breaths he gathered up all his courage and walked inside. The lobby was pristine, yet cozy. A single reception’s desk sat in the middle of the lobby, behind the desk, a young man with blond hair, a single piercing in his ear. He barely looks 21, yet his sparkling blue eyes say there’s so much more to him. He’s dressed in a casual white t-shirt and skinny blue jeans, quite the casual look but he makes it feel somehow professional. He smiles a wide smile at Marty.

“Hello sir, welcome to Catalyst, how may I help you?” The young man’s blue eyes sparkle.

“Yes, I have an appointment. My name is Marty Pearson.” He gruffly says.

“One second. I’ll find you in the system then we can get started.” The young man goes to his computer and starts typing away. For a minute, he just blankly stares at the screen, seems clear he’s looking for something. A twitch in his eyebrow indicates he’s found something. After a moment… he just smiles.

“Here for the transformation package?”

“I suppose.”

The young man stands up. “Perfect, you can follow me. I’m Ryan, I’ll actually be administering the treatment to you today.”

“Oh. Really? You look a little young to do… whatever it is you do here.”

“I’m an intern but don’t worry, I still know what I’m doing. Follow me.” Ryan says with one final smile.

He leads Marty into a triage and hands him a light, pink robe. “Put this on and we can begin when you’re ready.” Marty is already feeling some alarms go off inside his head.

“Uhh, by any chance do you have a robe in a different color?” Marty hesitantly asks.

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid we don’t. For this particular treatment, you see, pink is kinda necessary. It’s a very calm, sweet color that all of our guests have positive reactions to.”

Marty isn’t sure if he should believe him (sounds like a bunch of bull) but goes through with it anyway. Ryan steps out of the room for a moment while Marty strips out of his clothes and into the robe. At first he’s kinda uncomfortable, but silky softness of the robe puts his fears at ease. Funny, maybe he will feel better once this treatment is over.

Once fully robed, he puts his clothes on the table in the triage then makes his way into the other room. It’s a nice, relaxing looking room with a bed in there. Marty knows he should be concerned but… the silky robe is making it hard to feel worried when everything just feels cozy. Maybe it’s part of the process? The bed that is. He goes over to the bed and runs his fingers over the silky sheets, they feel just as nice as the robe. He lays down on the bed, allowing the softness lull him a bit. Even if he doesn’t come out a changed man, this will have been one hell of a relaxing time.

Through the door enters Ryan, wearing nothing but his underwear, revealing his toned, smooth body as he gets closer and closer to Marty. Marty sits up for a second but Ryan quickly puts a hand on his chest, gently pushing him back down.

“What’s going on?” Marty asks, strangely, quite calmly.

“It’s the treatment you signed up for.” Ryan replies.

“The… this is the treatment?”

“Yeah, remember? Complete transformation.”

Ryan slowly rubs Marty’s chest, eliciting a small moan from the man. He’s never been into men before, and his chest has never felt sensitive before either. As Ryan continues rubbing, Marty grabs a hold of the sheets he’s laying on and tries to contain the excitement that is slowly building in him. Was this the transformation he wanted?

“I think we’re ready for what’s next.”

“Wha-” Marty is cut off.

His sheets and robe turn into pink mist, leaving him completely naked, then slowly encircle him until he’s completely wrapped in a pink bubble of pure air. It feels so soft. So nice. For the faintest moment, Marty tries to fight it but he quickly succumbs to it. He stares at his hand, watching the pink air swirl between his fingers. Watching the cracks in them slowly fade away, his skin getting smoother and smoother. His facial hair turns a light brown before thinning out into nothingness. In fact, all hair below his face, from his chest to his legs, slowly disappear. He feels himself up, starting with his deflating stomach, losing years and years of fat he’s stored from aging, until it is now flat, yet slightly toned. His chest gains a tiny amount of muscle to show that even though he’s not an adonis, he’s still ready for whatever comes his way. After a moment, the pink mist swirls around his dick, he rears his head back and moans, a very effeminate sound for someone once so gruff. He watches the mist slowly shrink his dick but make it thicker. The pink mist is so pretty, he just wants to stare at them for forever. Little does he know his face is going through the same treatment the rest of his body is, getting smoother and smoother until all cracks and wrinkles are gone. His hair shortens and turns into a light brown then forms a wavy pattern. He moves his hand down towards his dick and starts rubbing himself as the mist seems to be getting tighter, forcing his body to shrink from it’s former height of 6’2 to 5’7. Finally, he watches his legs lose all hair as they get smoother themselves. One look at Marty and it would seem clear he was barely 19 years old. His moans carry on as the mist slowly dissipates, revealing the smiling Ryan behind it. He smiles down at the newly rejuvenated Marty, who is already growing hard seeing Ryan’s gorgeous eyes.

“Wha… what did you do to me?” Marty asks in his noticeably higher voice.

“Just finishing part one of the treatment.” Ryan says matter-of-factly.

Marty pushes himself up, still completely naked, and tries to stand only to fall into Ryan’s arms. His dick rubs against the blond’s leg, forcing him to bite his lip to hide how turned on he’s already getting. He also notices how Ryan is a little taller than him, even more of a turn on.

“Woah there, calm down speedy. Gonna take a moment to pull yourself together.” Ryan says holding onto Marty. They can’t help but stare into each others eyes. Ryan takes a hand and slowly caresses his cheek. “Damn, you turned out better than I thought you would.”

Marty uses all his willpower to pull himself away from Ryan and stares at his reflection. He can’t help but feel his new, younger face and marvel at how different he looks.

“This isn’t even me. This isn’t what I looked like when I was younger. What happened?” He asks, flinching every time he hears how high his voice is.

“You picked the transformation package, this is it.”

“I didn’t think it’d turn me into an adorable twink!” Marty stops himself. Those final two words weren’t what he meant to say but he said them anyway. Ryan chuckles and just wraps his arms around the young man.

“Be honest here, you wanted the transformation so you could have a change, right?”

“Yeah bu-”

“This is it. This is it Mikey. The change you’ve been wanting.” Ryan says as he pushes his bulge up against Mikey’s butt and whispers close to his ear.

“Mikey?” Lost in the haze of what’s happening.

“That’s right, remember babe? We have a movie to shoot.” Ryan kisses Mikey’s ear. Mikey closes his eyes as Ryan slowly kisses down Mikey’s ear and his neck.

“Yeah… umm, maybe one… mmm, maybe one night won’t hurt.” Mikey says, lost in the haze of Ryan’s plump lips.

Ryan cranes Mikey’s head towards him. “That’s my little peach.” Then kisses him on the lips. Mikey returns the kiss in force, allowing himself to be used in whatever Ryan wants. Ryan, being the stronger of the two, picks him up, causing Mikey to wrap his body around Ryan’s, as they make out. Ryan squeezes Mikey’s butt, causing the young man to moan into the kiss. He lowers Mikey down a little bit so he can feel Ryan’s bulge through his underwear, rubbing against the rim of his asshole. He immediately rears his head back in ecstasy, giving Ryan the opportunity to kiss down his neck and nibble on his nipple.

“Please, don’t stop. Don’t stop.” Mikey breathes.

“As you wish.” Ryan smiles. That smile always gets Mikey.

Ryan carries Mikey to the bed and plops him down then immediately gets on top of him. Grinding into him as they make out, their moans getting louder and louder as Ryan slowly moves down Mikey’s stomach, biting and kissing every inch of it until he reaches the small, yet very thick, dick. In one fell swoop he takes it into his mouth, causing Mikey to grab Ryan’s hair and yank a little. As Ryan sucks, he starts thrusting as hard as possible into the blond’s mouth, wanting to make every move count. After a minute of doing this, Ryan pulls back, pre-cum leaking from his lips then gets back on top of Mikey, stripping out of his underwear.

“Mmmmmm, that was naughty of you. Pulling my hair like that.” Ryan says, licking the tip of Mikey’s nose with the tip of his tongue.

“What are you gonna do about it?” Mikey winks.

“I think you know. Something tells me… you know.”

Ryan lines his dick up with Mikey’s ass and slowly enters him. Mikey grabs Ryan’s back and rears everything back in pure pleasure. As Ryan slowly thrusts in and out, Mikey feels himself lost in the heat of the moment. For a minute he’s gone until he sees his reflection, how slutty he looks and how effeminate he looks. For one wild second he remembers who he used to be but can feel it slipping away with every thrust. He puts a hand on Ryan’s chest, trying to slow him down but it looks more like he’s just enjoying the feeling his smooth skin. He stares at himself for another minute, feeling his old life and self slowly slip away as he gets harder and harder. He tries one more time to push Ryan but is interrupted when the young man grabs his dick and jerks him off. Thrown off by this wonderful moment, Mikey can only moan as Ryan whispers to him.

“That’s right baby. You like that?”

“Uh huh.”

“Want me to stop?”

“No Mr. please, don’t stop.”

“God. I fucking love you!”

“I… I- I love you too!”

With those final words, both young men cum a fountain all over themselves. With a few, final, powerful thrusts, Ryan empties everything he has into Mikey. And with one final jerk, Mikey empties his entire old life onto his chest. Both breathing heavily, Ryan leans down and kisses Mikey, a deep, passionate kiss.

“Think that recording will do?” Mikey asks in-between breaths.

“I think so.” Ryan smiles then goes for one more kiss, gently biting the bottom of Mikey’s lip then letting it flip back into place.

“Fuck, you know how to push my buttons.”

“Let’s go. Time to get cleaned for the next shoot.” Ryan says.

The two young men exit the studio, both cleaned off and fully dressed. Ryan wears his same outfit from earlier while Mikey wears a sleeveless shirt with a Pride flag all over it and short blue jean shorts that cut off right at his butt, revealing almost everything for people to see. He leans his head onto Ryan’s shoulders as they exit the studio. A man, someone who looks very much like a manager, exits from another room.

“Damn boys, that was awesome. Something tells me your viewers will love that!”

“Happy you enjoyed it Ron.” Ryan smiles.

“I’m only sorry I missed most of it. Such a shame.”

“Always next time sir.” Mikey winks.

Ron smiles then turns his attention to Ryan. “Oh by the way, did that singer ever come in?”


“Yeah, some old country singer wanted help revitalizing his career. Might’ve applied under the wrong application though.”

Ryan steals a glance towards Mikey, who’s still just leaning his head on his shoulder, then back at Ron. “Hmm… nope. Haven’t heard a thing.”

“Huh, okay. Most likely just didn’t show up. Anyway, have a good day boys, and see you tomorrow.” Ron hurries back to his office.

Ryan looks back at him and quickly remembers the clothes from the triage. He quickly grabs them and throws them in a bag before getting out of there with Mikey.

“What are those?”

“Just some old clothes someone left behind.” Ryan says.

“Ugh, pretty ugly. Who would wear these things?”

Ryan does his best to stifle a laugh. “No idea my little peach, no idea.”

Probably would’ve done Marty some good to research what this company was called before it’s reinvention, might’ve thought twice about where he got his help from. Then again, at Catalyst, formerly known as Boi Maker Inc., everyone leaves satisfied, even if it wasn’t what they originally asked for.

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