[Ass]umed PT. 3

published July 6, 2019

We find out some of the lasting effects of Tim’s encounters as he has one more. Will he be able to break the curse?

“Your next patient cancelled her appointment Doctor Drew”

The doctor snapped out of his reverie, shooting a sharp glare at the nurse who popped her head into his office door. He had been staring off for the last few minutes and he didn’t want to seem unproductive.

“I appreciate the news,” he answered back curtly. Put out, the nurse nodded and quickly went about with her duties.

Doctor Drew as of late had been distracted. He closed his eyes, leaning into the plush leather, and he was instantly back in with yesterday’s patient. That hot slut of a jock, spread out onto his examination table, his puckering rose bud begging for his dick. The doctor couldn’t understand it. That night he had tried to make love with his amazing wife of 20 years. Before, a glimpse of her ample bosom was all he needed.

It didn’t do anything for him now.

Dejected and disappointed, the doctor had spent the rest of his night binging on jock porn, salivating at the opportunities of depraved sex he missed out on with that boy.

He gripped the greying sides of his hair, pushing his hardening cock onto the bottom of his desk, frustrated by the missed opportunity. Images of cock and ass were like slides on repeat in his mind and he couldn’t even fight the desire if he wanted to.

The doctor wanted men. He needed them. He wanted to bury his dick in their willing assholes- as if awakening to a desire even hidden to himself, he could no longer hold back it’s tide.

The idea of sucking on a long hard member drove him crazy, as he gripped his hard cock through his grey slacks. He needed to fuck the ass of a man who worked hard on his body. Feel the muscles in his bubble butt grip at his dick. HE deserved it goddamn it.

He inhaled deeply, and he could swear the faint scent of lavender was in the air.

A quick search on the app store of his phone led him to the app he needed. Both elbows on the desk, with shaking hands he clicked download.

Once it loaded, he created his profile. His heart raced. He was ready to fuck. A quick snap of his ample dick, he decided on his username.


Tim Young, once the proud jock lay in the consequences of his depravity, his wrecked asshole red and throbbing, was leaking the wrestler’s cum onto his ruined sheets. His throat was sore from being face fucked, and his useless dick lay in a pool of it’s own cum after Brian had used him doggy style for the upteenth time. That wasn’t the worst thing. His dignity had been taken by two men, his pride ruined by the shit and saliva that now lined his throat everytime he cleaned the wrestler’s dick for another round. The worst thing was, he was starting to like it. He wasn’t ready to admit that.

The satiety he experienced, laying there in those few moments, was otherworldly. He felt himself coming back to himself, the afterglow of being well fucked started to fade. For the first time, Tim experienced the satisfaction of being a cocksucker well used.

“I was fucked by a man” he whispered to himself, quietly, afraid of admitting the reality. “A hot fucking wrestling captain, and his thick beautiful cock”

Tim’s cock twitched. He had been used for almost the entire day. Brian had given him almost no rest, yet every time he was full of cum to feed him. It was almost- magical.

Magic, could it be real?

Tim furrowed his brows as he lifted his ass off the bed, stretching as he jutted his ass away from him. He could feel the cum dripping down the curve of his ass and down his thick thighs and calves. He had to think.

The verse- or spell- or whatever it was recalled itself to his mind easier than he had anticipated as if it had been burned into his brain.

“Your body shall learn the touch of man, it will call to men like a siren, drawing them into your fate.”

That was fucking obvious. Tim sat on that thought longer than needed, flashes of the doctor’s fingers in his hole, followed by Brian’s incessant fucking. His dick hitting that P spot in his ass over and over. He could feel his cock sluggishly get to half mast as he remembered how fucking delectable his cock was on his tongue.

Tim shook himself, trying to keep his mind clear. Trying to focus as he lifted himself off the bed. He used his sweaty and used jock to wipe the cum off his legs and ass, leaving streaks of it all over his body. If anything, he had only succeeded in covering more of himself in cum.

He lifted his aching arms, to toss them across the room, when he caught a whiff of the nasty, musky mess that had become his underwear. His dick twitched.

Despite his best judgement, he brought it to his nose, smearing the wrestler’s used cum across the bottom of his nose. He took in a deep inhale, and the effect was instant. Blood rushed to his head as he took in the man’s musk, cock now hard and throbbing. He planted his used jock into his face, inhaling it with his nose and mouth as he jacked off to the pheromones in both the stud’s shared sweat and cum. His ass still in the air, his body halfway up, and halfway down, he leaned in and and huffed his jock with one hand and jacked off his abused cock with another.

His mouth open, he began to tongue the ruined fabric, hoping to at least get a taste of the juices that absorbed into his former best friend’s underwear. He was jacking his huge cock furiously, feeling his juices build. He sucked on the front of Brian’s jock where it had been wettest with his precum, able to get a couple sips off of it, and he already wanted to cum so bad.

But his climax never came.

He switched over to fucking his overly sensitive ass, the day’s worth of fucking made each finger of his three fingers slip in easily, a loud sigh of satisfaction as he felt his chute being filled. He pumped his ass, face planted in the beautiful musk and cum and sweat. He was getting closer, so fucking close to blowing his load on his best friend’s scent.

But he still never came.

He sat up and fucked himself on his fingers while he sniffed his own dirty underwear for a couple more minutes but soon getting frustrated by the lack of release. He pounded his fisted underwear onto his side table with a slam, yelling out,


He needed some way to satiate his need.

“Desecrating you, as you have desecrated others, their undoing shall be your undoing.”

The curse was fucking real it had to be. How else could he, the big man on campus, the star jock on the football team, become a bottomed out slut. He would beg for release to anyone if this went any further. He thought about that doctor, and his best friend, who just dropped everything just to fuck him. How he could see the change happen as he looked them in the eyes. He should have been disgusted, terrified, but it was so hot.

Sitting on his disheveled soiled sheets, satisfaction never came, Tim again tried to clear his head before this horny fog had taken over him. Whatever was happening to him, will probably affect whomever he’d had sex with from here on out. They would probably never be the same. A pang of guilt hit him, as he thought about gentle Brian. Despite his size, skill, and stature, he had always been more of a pussy than anyone he’s met. He had none of the edge, men of sport usually had, and was usually content watching TV with his girlfriend.

The was going to change.

Brian had raped him, fucked him and used him like a sex toy. He didn’t care when he was choking on that beer can of a cock. It turned him on to hear Tim scream into his pillow as he fucked him. He had been screaming for more almost the entire time.

“Your lust will increase, become infectious, with no hope for release without another man. As a eunuch requires the lust of his king, every fiber of your being shall draw from the desire of kings.”

“That was probably it.” mumbled Tim, annoyed, blue balls and horny. He needed fucking dick to be satisfied. His mind quickly catalogued all the places he could fuck. Every broom closet, nook, or bathroom he had snuck girls into, he now imagined himself getting fucked by any man willing.

“No. stop it” spat Tim, pinching the bridge of his nose with his index finger in thumb, trying hopelessly to stop the onslaught of desires. It scared him how quickly and completely he succumbed to the idea of gay sex. For a man who use to control everything and everyone, losing it scared and thrilled him. He didn’t know what thoughts were his and which were the spell’s.

“You will become a slave to yourself, to the will of man. Until you have paid the debt that is owed, ten fold”

So far the entire curse had made sense. He got the fucking, he got making men into fags and fucking him without his choice. This, this he didn’t understand. What debt did that bitch mean? How could he had not paid his fill for the humiliation and pain he had already gone through? It made no sense.

Maybe everything would go away?

Inspired by that thought, Tim Young pulled his muscled and aching body off of his bed. His cock stood tall, and hard, unsatisfied despite his anal assault on himself. He gripped it hard, sighing before throwing on a pair of grey sweatpants, tucking his dick onto the waistband of his pants. He was so big, half his cock peeped over the waist band and poked his stomach. He gripped the outline of his cock again. No release would come from his penis, his ass was already hungry for another cock.

It had to all go away, but how?

Tim stumbled into the mirrored door of his single resident dorm. The small studio, barely large enough for him to comfortably move around. His eyes were bloodshot in his reflection, dried cum, in his hair, and his body scratched, bruised from being manhandled. Tim stood a little taller, hoping to reclaim some of his former glory.

“Should clean up” he thought, reaching his door and walking out. The air outside was chillier than his apartment, and it made the nipples on his shirtless body stiffen. His cock sticking out of his sweatpants, perpetually hard until he had a chance to get off. Despite being uncomfortable, maybe even a little embarrassed by his state. The thought of putting a shirt on never came to his mind. That was probably the curse too- right?

Reaching the communal bathrooms had been no problem, as his suite was conveniently close to them. He had fucked and paid his way into getting the best of everything, and this was one of the little tokens of it. His bare feet padded onto the tiled floor with minimum noise. His hearing extra sensitive for the sounds of showers or other guys finishing off their nightly routines. He hoped he could just go in and clean himself off.

The bathrooms were empty- hoping to see that as a sign that his fortunes were turning, Tim slipped out of his sweatpants and approached one of the many shower heads scattered across the middle of the room. He pressed his palm on the button and was greeted by a hot steam of water.

Feeling himself physically relax, Tim opened his mouth and drank some of the shower water, swishing it in his mouth, the taste of cum swirling in his mouth. Instinctively he swallowed it all down. He pumped soap from one of the hanging dispensers, and rubbed across his body, cleaning the mess of the day off him. His cocked bounced along as his moved, as he tried to ignore the constant lustful desires wracking his brain. Being alone helped.

He began to soap his cock, up and down his shaft, and then following the base of his balls into his taint. A shudder ran up his spine. The moment’s repose and the hot water beating down on him, helped immensely.

Tim had to figure out how to fix this. Only yesterday, which seemed so far away now, he had been top jock, king of the campus that gave nothing to no one. Now, used and depraved, he was barely a shadow of that.

That witch. Or demon. Or whatever the hell she was said there were rules.

Tim was an expert at finding the loop holes in them- fuck holes. His hole.

Tim didn’t realize that he had been finger fucking himself again in his reverie, he we was knuckles deep into his ass when he heard voices at the entry way. His heart stopped.


The sound of laughter was getting closer, bouncing around the tiled walls. Tim quickly turned on all the shower heads in the communal shower so that steam would fill the room. He back himself into the far corner.

Maybe they wouldn’t notice him?

“And BRO did you see how Garcia tried to steal third base?”

Miguel’s excited chatter came incessantly, their baseball team had just qualified for the next round and he was high from the victory. The short stop, the the Latino baseball stud was wide and muscled, but the best defensive player in his team.

“yo he didn’t stand a chaaaance, man.” Dominic was known to be the most chilled out of his team. His white teeth shining in contrast to his dark chocolate complexion. His bright blue eyes amusedly witnessed his team mate bounce about like an excited puppy. Understandably hyped up from the win, but Dominic. He was always more chill.

“Fuck dude, Ser pan comido! I was in the zone bro!”

They walked into the showers, stripping off their grass stained Jerseys, glad for the hot water that was already streaming from their respective shower heads. Unaware of the voyeur in their vicinity.

Tim, through the steam drank in the male figures before him. A small Latin man was only about 5 5’ but shit was he built.

The other man there, lanky at 6 feet, Tim started to drool at the dark slab swinging between his legs, from his distance he could tell it was huge. His hole twitched. Unconsciously stroking his dick and caught up in the show.

There was a burst of laughter from the two of them and Tim snapped out of it.

“Shit what are you doing Tim” he scolded himself. Turning around quickly he hit his forehead on the cold tiled wall to get his head straight. A burst of cold water hit his back as he tried to shock himself back to reality. He gasped

“Hey, what was that?” Dominic looked up. Through the steam he could almost make out a figure on one side of the room.

“Pendejo, we’re not alone here Dom.” Came his friend’s hushed whisper.

“Just some dude taking a shower” the black athletes casually disregarded him but his friend couldn’t seem to leave it.

“Hey! Gringo what are you doing here” Miguel called out, having a man he didn’t know sneaking around while he was naked unsettled him deeply, and he had to get to the bottom of this.

There was no response.

“Just leave it alone man,” the Dominic placed a hand on Miguel’s shoulders but he shoved it off roughly. At times, the shortstop was like a pit bull and once he locked on it was an ordeal to make him leave it.

“Puto, listen when I’m talking to you!”

“C’mon Miguel”

“Naw bro, i dont want dome fag checking me out”

Miguel marched over toward the silhouette, his bare feet padding against the wet floor.

Dejected, Dominic turned away and continued his shower. Determined to stay removed from the situation.

Every step Miguel took, the stronger the smell of lavender wafted across his nose. The man there was tall- taller than even Dominic, yet his confidence remained steeled.

“Did you hear me or what bro?”

Miguel was only a few feet away and the other man’s body was almost visible when-

“Don’t come any closer”

“Why you some pervert or something?”

Miguel could hear a soft moan coming from the man and it made his blood burn. He moved in closer.

“P-please, don’t!”

Tim Young, or rather his ass, was the first thing Miguel saw. The large quarter back was almost hugging the shower pole trying to put more distance between himself and whomever was coming.

But the Latin baseball player did, one look at Tim’s thick thighs and tight bubble butt and it was like he was struck by lightning. It took a moment for the shorter athlete to adjust to his new orientation and he just stood there staring at that ass clench and relax. His thic uncut dick was already standing to attention.

“Why you want some of this?” Miguel sneered. It was like his body went into auto pilot.


Miguel smacked one of the quarter back’s cheeks and watched it jiggle, and the blood seems to rush to his head.

“you want some of Papi’s dick puto?”

“N-no, please just””


Miguel was about to go for a second slap when Dominic had enough.


Dominic shut the shower head he had tried drowning himself in and turned around to pull his teammate and whatever unsuspecting soul he had come across.

There were some grunts, he couldn’t quite make sense of, so he hurriedly made his way over.

What he saw, stopped him in his tracks.

Miguel- the girl chasing Latin dog of the team was on his knees face buried deep in the reddened cheeks of his victim. He was like a man possessed glutting himself on the man’s rosebud with his tongue, as he tugged on his uncut shaft, Pre-cum flowing out and being washed in the water.

Dominic just stared, dumbstruck by the sight.

“What the hell-“ he started to say, scent of lavenders accosting him, seeming to almost fill him .

Miguel moaned into Tim’s ass causing the football player to cry out while holding onto the pole of the shower head. Tim jutted his muscled ass out as far as he could, get as much of that Latin tongue up his chute as possible. He could feel the glorious build up in his balls.

Dominic’s giant snake woke up, now getting harder than he could believe as he began to stroke himself to the sight of his team mate eating this man out- fuck. Not just any man it was fucking Tim Young- The Tim Young.

Dominic walked slowly over, eyes tracing over every inch of the quarter backs larger than life body, thinking about fucking it, thinking about how fucking good it would feel to have his black dick coat his insides. Dom has always thought he was at least a little bisexual at best, but now, fuck. He wanted that man. No, he needed men.

He made his way over to the other side, tearing Tim off of the pole and onto his foot long dick.

“Get your bitch ass on dick, boy”

Grabbing Tim’s neck he pulled him onto the tip of his cock, despite the mumbled no’s coming from the once proud star player. It wasn’t until Tim had his first taste that his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he moaned on that huge ebony fuck stick, pleasure coursing through his veins, causing a shiver all the way down his spine.

Tim could finally feel his climax get closer, but he was sure both men weren’t nearly done with him.

Why was his dick so hard for that?


How many hours Brian spoiled himself on Tim’s body, he did not know. What he did know was that he would never again have enough. The door shut behind him as he exited Tim’s apartment and he slumped onto the wall, utterly exhausted- and exhilarated. Men were just holes and cocks to be used. He knew that now, deep into the core of his being. The wrestler’s frame slide down the wall as he imaged the jock’s ass puckering, and begging for him again and again. How everytime he thought he was done, he would only look down at his hardening cock begging to be released again.

It was like a monster had awakened, and he never wanted it to go back to sleep.

Getting up, and walking down the hall, Brian contemplated on the whole new world that seemed to appear before him. He’d never be soft again during any of his meets, and maybe he can get a few of his team mates to put out.

He would fucking love that.

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