By Rosesky
published July 5, 2019

Jake goes to the gym and finds some soccer teammates. One of them seduces him.

Rosesky: just wanted to thank you all for supporting.

“Morning, jockboy.”

Who the fuck? I tried to open my eyes, but the sunlight bore into them immediately. Something smells sweet… tastes. As my vision adjusted, Mason’s silhouette got clearer. He was lying beside me, on his side, smiling at me sleepily. He smells like vanilla. I can’t be with him without getting hornier by the second. My dick starts springing up, and I shift onto my side. I raise my hand to caress his cheek. He looks like he’s enjoying me more than I am. It gets me hard thinking about that. Am I still drunk? I don’t really care. The warmth of our bodies is all I care about.

“Hey there, sexy”, I try to sound seductive enough to get a morning blowjob. It’s the first time I’ve wanted somebody to stay the morning after, and I want him so bad. My dick wants him so bad. His ass was so good to me last night.

“You look cute when you’re worried.” He looks at me with a smile for days. His hand moves to the back of my head, and he leans in to kiss me. We start making out roughly, and he moves his hips closer. I move my hand down to his ass, and pull him into an embrace. His ass is so fucking juicy. Hot. I can’t stop groping it. Don’t want to either. “Oooaah-aaaww-aaaaawww”, he moans in between our kisses. He likes it when I do that, so I won’t stop. Not until he’s satisfied. My dick can’t get any harder, but it starts throbbing uncontrollably, slapping against his.

Forget the blowjob, I want to fuck him now. “Oh, baby, I want you so bad.” I brush his hole with my middle finger. He parts our lips, bending his neck back, grunting. Shit, he’s so fine. Even in his messy morning look.

He waits a moment and turns to me, grabbing my groping hand with his, and putting it between us. “You’ll have to wait, Jakey”, he pants, trying to regain his breath. I can tell he’s enjoying it, a lot, so why the fuck did he stop? “You’ve got to get up and go to the gym. I like my jockboys big.”

I want to complain. “Come on, baby, it’ll be quick.” I grind on him and huff on his neck. I was really getting into it, but he really looks like he wants me to go. “I don’t want to go if I can stay here with you.” He won’t budge.

“If you don’t go, I won’t want to see you.” He sits on the bed. I pout and give in. I can’t say no to his stern, boyish face. “Who knows, maybe you’ll like it more after a good night fuck.” Fine. The sooner I go, the sooner I’ll see him and we can have a nice day fuck. As I stand up, I notice my finger’s smudged with some violet goo. It looks nice, I wonder how it tastes. It smells really good. I want it in my mouth now. I look up at Mason and suckle on my finger. I’m giving him the puppy eyes. He grins. “You’re such a tease”. I moan around it, and he stiffles a laugh. He’s happy, I’m happy.

I drive to the gym. I look in the mirror. I’m grimacing, great. Probably from the cockblock, but hey, Mason’s worth it. I go in and greet some of the gym staff, and a couple of nameless people from I don’t care. A locker’s free, so I can get into it quickly. Warm-up, bench press, pullover, extensions, pulldown, biceps, toes to bar, wall plank, etc. It’s usually pretty intense, but the thought of getting back is giving me a rush. I have this weird feeling though. I’m incredibly focused, but I keep waiting in anticipation for something.

The last thing is my legs, always dreaded, but I’m ready. My hands are on the barbell, and quickly behind my back, as I get in position. As I lower, I start getting tingly. I’m getting pumped for this. I go at it quicker than ever, still slow, but I’m impressed. Must be the good night fuck. On the third rep, I begin getting the tingling around my ass. I feel heavier behind. I try to shrug it off, but it’s bothering me. I squint a little, trying to focus. It feels good. I can feel my dick hardening. It’s so small today. What’s the matter, shy after your big break yesterday?

I was so focused on the feeling that I didn’t notice Dom, Dave, and Cory from soccer looming over. “Jake fucking Tanner. I knew you were an asshole, but this is just ridiculous.” Yelled Dave in disbilief. Were they looking at my ass?

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re hitting on me Dave.” I can hear the other two laughing. “Does this turn you on, bitch? Well, you better go jack it off in some closet, jackass.” I’m so unamused, yet somehow I feel eyed. I look in the mirror, and I think I saw Dom grabbing his dick. That’s impossible, everybody’s watching and I really don’t think he’s gay. Fuck, it kind of feels nice. Not in public, please little Jakey.

“You’re the one showing those juicy melons around”, laughed Dom next to him. What the hell? I feel like this isn’t right, but can’t think of why. They’re gone now, so I finish up the rep. I’m kind of feeling pumped. Well, better not waste this energy. I’ll just do it all over. As I get into my second session, I can feel myself being ogled, but don’t mind. It always happens. I’m finishing up, when I notice that there’s barely anybody. Must be the midday hours, I’ve never stayed before.

The lockerroom is so quiet. I’m undressing when I hear footsteps coming toward me. I turn and see Dom looking at me innocently (1,2,3,4). Dom’s the kind of guy who gets attention because of his cute jock façade. Big eyes, curly-straight hair, cheeky attitude. He’s using all of that right now in front of me. Damn, I get why girls like it. Hell, he’s even bigger than me. I’m better at sports though, everybody knows it. My heartbeat’s racing a bit. Oh no, I’m still hard, and only in my gym shorts

“Shit, I knew it. You’ve been a fag all along, haven’t you?” I’m having a bad gut feeling, but my mind’s fuzzy. “I saw you leaving yesterday with that guy.” Mason? Fuck, he saw me. My head’s rushing. When I was with Mason it seemed like nothing else mattered, but now it’s all hitting me like a brick wall. “You know…”, he pauses. What? I know what? I’m taking a step back. He’s intimidating. Will he tell everybody? What the fuck, just say it. I’m heaving from the suspense. My legs keep taking me back. I hit the wall ass-first. Oh, that felt really good.

“Mmhh” I moan. What’s happening to my ass?

He’s approaching me. “If you wanted it that bad, you could’ve just asked.” He reaches slowly with his hands. We’re so close now, I can feel his breath. I’m paralyzed. He’s getting a hold of my ass. His hands are huge, but they can’t take it all. My butt feels so big.

“W-what?” I try to focus, but my gaze won’t move from his. He’s giving me doey eyes, and it feels really hot.

“Oh please, bro. You’re practically begging for a nice, big, warm cock in your mouth.” His voice is husky, so deep, and it’s turning me the hell on. “If you’re good, I might get down there too.” He gets past the threshold of my shorts, and squeezes my ass tightly.

“Ooooohh, uuoo-“, my voice drifs off. He grinds on me slowly, rubbing our dicks through the shorts. It’s on my leg, he’s fucking thick. He feels my puckered hole. I can feel it wet, sticky. The contact makes me feel so calm. I immediately remember the goo. Mason had it, why not me?

“Huh?”, huffs Dom as I grab his hand and slowly move it in front of his face. There it is. The golden chalice. Well, violet goo… that smells like vanilla? Fuck it, I’m too bothered for this. He’s entranced by it, getting his face closer with desire in his eyes. He unceremoniously licks his lower lip before getting it and his upper lip around his finger. “Mmmmmhh”, now he moans. His eyes roll back as they close. I can see him gulp. His adam’s apple is kinda hot. He begins contorting, pulling me by the hips with his leftover arm, and swiping me off my feet. His eyes open and close slowly, as if he was finding it hard to focus. I wrap my legs around his waist, but his dick is getting in the way. I reach down with my hand to lower his pants and boxers, so that his cock is freed. He can hold my weight on one arm. He’s so strong, I’m getting flustered. His cock springs up, hard as can be. I can’t resist, I want to feel it. My hand barely wraps around it. I twist it slightly, and he bends over a bit, causing my back to hit the wall. “Mpphhh”, he grunts, still lapping at his finger. God, I swear there’s nothing there anymore. I grab his hand and pull it out. His lips have a hard time letting go. A loud popping noise makes him open his eyes. He looks dazed, his mouth agape.

I took the chance to move forward and kiss him, groping his thick dick rhythmically. He’s losing it, I can tell. I feel so good. He’s trying not to spasm, but failing. Oh, the sounds that he’s making. I wish I had them on video. He just keeps moaning and grunting as we make out. He pins me against the wall, and his arm starts shaking. I take the hint, and put my legs down. His hand reaches for mine stroking him, and stays on it. I squirm a little from the touch. He retracts his body, parting from the kiss, making space for his release. Watching him feels like my first time watching porn. He’s so manly. His massive chest expands and retracts so heavily as he gasps for air. He throws his head back from the pleasure. I so want him in me. My hole is hungry for him. I can’t wait. I start moaning, hoping to get him hornier. “Aaaahh aaAAh aaaA”, ending in a high pitch. I can see him approaching. He looks back at me with a dopey grin. I know what’s coming, I need to act fast. I fall onto my knees and thrust my mouth around his dick. I want it so bad.

“Gaaaaaaawwwww”, he bellows, and I can feel my mouth filling with hot cum. I need to swallow, swallow, swallow… He’s cumming so much, it’s really thick. Too much. It tastes really bad, but I know that if I please him he’ll give me what I want. It starts to dribble out of the bottom of my lips, and a little sprays out pf the corners, but I swallowed most of it. Nobody will see it now. I take the rest on the floor with my fingers and slurp it down. I look up at him, and his knees begin to buckle. His legs are shaking. He’s about to fall, but I catch him by the sides. His body slumps forward onto me, his head on my right shoulder.

I feel the muscle of his sides and back, and wait for any sign of consciousness. His heart is pounding like a beast. It makes me giddy to know that it’s over me. I giggle. “I don’t know what you did, but thank you.” I hear his drowsy voice. He sounds like a boy who’s about to go to bed. Only much deeper. He grabs me by my arms and pulls himself back to stare at me. “You make me wanna hug you and then fuck you and… and then… both.” He says with a boyish laugh in the end, his eyes creasing from his dumb smile. I look down at his body. So hard and tight. His muscles are bulging in sync with his heartbeat. He’s so beautiful. I look back up, and his eyes have this glassy, sexed up energy even though he just came, hard. He’s looking down on me, slightly. It makes me feel wanted, appreciated.

“I want to be inside of you”, he roars, and I gulp. I’m breathing hard from watching the entire climax up close. I sit back on the floor, and shift my legs forward. He moves his under mine, shifting his frame forward. He crawls toward me steadily. How did I not notice his gorilla chest before? His pecs bounce with every movement, and his abs crunch ever so slightly. It’s enchanting. He plants a tender kiss on my lips, and I reach for his pecs. I grope them, and find his nipples. We both moan. I press one and then the other. They’re big. I can feel him shudder over me. I lay back steadily until my back hits the ground. God bless my amazing abs for allowing me to. He moves with me, and kisses me once more, bringing one hand in the gap between my huge ass and my broad back, and the other behind my head, parting our lips. “Shit baby, I feel like a fucking teen around you. You make me so hard.” I feel the pressure of his dick, but my shorts are in the way. He knows it too, so his hands move down to take what is left of it off. He moves back until he can throw them aside, and comes back over. He lies on top of me, lifting his weight with his arms. I raise my legs so that his cock is slapping against my hole. He takes it in his palm, bending over and resting the other behind my neck. He knows that my hole is well lubed, I can see it in his primal expression.

His head pokes my hole, and I shiver. It’s my first time. I can’t take my eyes off of his. My hole is expanding. Holy shit, it feels weird, but it slips right in. Immediately after, I’m used to it. He looks down and back up several times while he keeps going. Our bodies quiver from the intensity of the experience. I somehow feel like it’s more pleasurable than it should be. I can sense his heat, how my body transpires, every pore open to release as much steam as possible. I can hear a quick spurting sound as his cock keeps going in, slowly. “Oooh, pleeaassse, DooohmmMM” I half-moan. He grabs my left leg and holds it on his shoulder. “AAAAHHH” I get a thundering pleasure from inside. It must be my prostate.

“Ooh baby.” His base finally hits my cheeks.

“Want me to do it again, bae?” He grins sexily at me. I want to give myself into him, melt in his arms.

An irresistible desire bubbles up inside my soul. “Fuck, yeess. I want it rooughh.” My mind is getting numb. I want it hard.

“Hahaah, I’ll make you scream my name.” He threatens playfully. He’s like a puppy. A very brawny, lean, maculine pup. His figure expands as he pulls his hips upward, and rams inside me at once.

“HHOOOOOHH”, he’s so good. His dick is like a drug.

“Fuck yeah, moan like a bitch in heat.” I will, I will, I will. After that, he just keeps thrusting wildly. His grunts are the sexiest barritone, and his muscles just keep bulging. There’s no rhythm, just pure uncontrolled pleasure.

“DoooOOHMM, FFUUUuuuckk, Meeeee, pleeeeeaaasee.” My dick is so hard. Who cares if it’s not as big as yesterday? Dom seemed to notice because he quickly grabbed it and started pumping it hard. “Mmmmpphh, Doomm, haardeer. Fasteeer, fuck me hard!” His grunt kept getting louder. I’m losing the sense of time. We keep at it. My senses are waking up as I feel myself close. I can smell the musk in the air, the salty stench from our sweat combined with a bit of the sweetness that comes from my hole. The grunts are mixed with the sound of our skin slapping with each other, our bodies grinding on the hard floor. His hand is still resting on my neck, giving me support. I focus on the bids of sweat on his forehead, the way that his mouth hangs from the sheer lust of the moment. His eyes boring into mine, claiming me as his prize. His hand keeps squeezing my cock. I can’t hold it any more. I’m so close. “Dom Doohm Doooohmm DOOOOOHMMMMMM!” I scream his name into the air, holding his shoulders and closing my eyes to brace for the impact. My dick throbs intensely, releasing four ropes of cum.

“Yeeaah, cum for me, bitch.” He groans lustfully, not stopping for a second. His thrusts only become faster. His thighs are smacking my ass now. He grabs my pecs and begins groping them desperately. It feels like heaven. “Oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck OH FUCK YEAH” His hips halt many times as I feel my hole twitch, hot sticky cum dribbling out. He pulls out and his arms slowly give way. He lands on top of me, only to roll over to the side because of the uncomfortable position. His touch is like fire to my skin. I try to calm down before I move further. Such a good fuck. I can barely move. My core is killing me. I bet it’s worse for him.

He starts huffing as he struggles to catch his breath. He’s facing my direction, on his stomach and with his eyes closed. If only I had the energy to get near and kiss him. I need to stand up. This fuck after my double session today. I might need a wheelchair tomorrow, I laugh. I also cough, a lot. I have difficulty getting up. Dom needs my help to even sit on the floor. He looks so happy, so unbothered. “We should do this again sometime, Jake.” He winks at me.

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