playing the Sims | 3 time for some fun

By leatherboy.f
published July 4, 2019

Chris meets Josh and they have the time of their lives. And Chris has to make an important desicion…

Part three | time for some fun

Chris’ master had put him on the large leather chair in the corner of the room. He was just mindlessly obeying and enjoying his new life when Chris noticed a few other sims in his house. The player had invited a few other sims into the house and he wanted Chris to meet all of them. The player ordered Chris to walk up to one of the sims, it was a tall and muscular guy dressed in leather pants, leather boots and a bulldog harness. Chris looked at the sim in front of him and couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. “wow this guy is handsome! And the items from the leather expansion look amazing on him.” Chris thought. The sim started talking in simlish which -to Chris’ surprise- he could understand! “hey, I’m Kay” Kay said with a charming deep voice. Chris didn’t know what to say or even how to say anything. All he could do was wait for his master to give him a command. And he did, the player pressed on the sim and choose “flirty introduction” and as he released his mouse button Chris started to talk. “Maisee sazah wazurp, meeno glavarp doolim” the simlish words just started flowing out of Chris’ mouth, he couldn’t do anything but obeying, not that he wanted to do anything else. Kay seemed to like his introduction and went straight to the point, Kay grabbed Chris’ head with one hand and Chris’ butt with the other and he started kissing Chris. The game quickly calculated Chris’ response and since he had a submissive and flirty nature he was very hapy with the kiss and he grabbed Kay’s head.

When the player ordered Chris to stop Kay introduced the other sims In the room. They were all dressed in kinky clothes ranging from a puppy outfit to a leather outfit or even a full rubber suit. And all of them were ready to play. The player introduced Chris to a new sim named Josh who didn’t waist a single second. Being the dominant sim that he was Josh pulled Chris to the side of the room and on to the sex swing. Chris obeyed and laid down on the cold leather swing and he put his legs up. Josh pulled off Chris’ boots and pants and removed Chris’ jockstrap to reveal his manhood. Chris was actually quite surprised that he had a dick, well that his sim version had a dick. He’d never thought that sims would have genitals at all. But there it was, and boy was it huge. While the size of his cock was still shocking to Chris, Josh was more interested in his ass, his virgin ass! Chris felt two big strong hands on his butt, he felt how Joshes fingers moved towards his asshole. As the fingers reached their destination Chris started to moan softly. He felt a new part of Joshes body touching his butt, this wasn’t a finger for sure. He felt Joshes dick. It pressed softly against his asshole and Chris was pumped with excitement. It was finally about to happen. Chris gasped for air as his muscle released and Joshes thick cock entered Chris’ body. It felt like his head was about to explode, moaning at every time Josh hit his g-spot, Chris was overwhelmed with pleasure and could do nothing but moaning and obeying. When Josh pulled out his dick Chris’ ass felt empty, he craved for more. Josh ordered Chris to kneel in front of him and suck his dick, Chris followed his masters desire and when he kneeled down in front of Josh he suddenly realised that he was still just a sim character and his real master, the player, was controlling him the whole time! This actually made it even hotter and with a completely drained mind Chris started to suck Joshes dick. It felt like he was choking but Chris loved it, the feeling of the giant cock in his mouth was amazing. It filled his entire throat leaving no space for air or words. As he was giving Josh a blowjob Chris felt more people touching his body. The other sims came over to them eager to join in on the fun. Chris -who could not see what was happening behind him- felt someone licking his feet, someone else started to kiss his back, another sim got a hold of his nipples and squeezed them and lastly Chris felt a dick sliding into his ass. He had never felt this much pleasure in his entire life, he knew that this was where he should be, for ever. It went on for hours and Chris had the time of his life. The moaning got louder and louder and when Chris felt like he was about to explode all the other sims came at the same time. Josh filled his mouth with his thick cum, the guy fucking him filled Chris’ ass up with semen and the rest of the sims came all over Chris’ body. Fully covered in thick white cum -from the outside and the inside- Chris laid on the ground, exhausted.

Josh pulled up Chris’ chin to look him in the eyes, “now it’s finally my time to cum” Chris thought. But little did he knew Josh had other plans. Josh showed Chris an object he had never seen before. In his hands Josh held some kind of metal device, it had a couple of rings, a pin and some sort of cage part on it. “Salorg shalba blurg” Josh said and Chris’ mind exploded with excitement. “was that actually possible?” Chris thought “But then… I won’t be able to come…” But there was no time for Chris’ doubts, he simply had to obey Chris watched as Josh put a thick metal ring around the base of Chris’ cock. Next he showed Chris the huge hollow pin with the cage part around it, Josh grabbed Chris’ dick and pushed the pin against his cockhead. Before Chris even knew what was happening a cold metal pin entered the shaft of his dick. It was inside him! Josh pushed all the way through until the pin had fully disappeared inside Chris’ penis and the cage covered the shaft and head of his cock. Despite Chris’ previous doubts he was excited about the metal device locking his cock away. He was now owned and controlled by not one but two masters! The first being his highest master: the player. And now Josh was his master too, holding the key to his goods. As Chris was fantasising about his masters a pop up appeared in the screen. Chris’ master, the player, smiled and grinned as he read it. It was a new ability Chris had learned.

“Chastity, your sim enjoys being locked away and not being able to ejaculate or to have a full erection whenever the chastity cage is locked. He is under the full control of the one with the key to his treasure.”

All the sims but Josh and Chris had left the house, and Chris wanted to ask some things. He might have been a total sub but he wanted to know who he was serving. They talked for a while and suddenly the conversation got to a very interesting point…

“I was just like you once, I too was a human, an actual person, a long time ago.”

Chris was gagged, there were more like him?! Though he didn’t remember much of his old life, his real life, he knew that he had not always been a sim. “you can stay here forever with us, join us” Josh said. With that sentence Chris’ mind just blanked, he didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden he knew exactly what had happened, he reminded how he purchased the sims expansions, how he got sucked into the game and, that he had been turned gay. It was all too much for him to process. “you can get your old life back Chris, but you can also stay with us, for good. Come join us Chris.” Josh whispered. Chris thought about his old life, all his friends, his family, his goals and dreams, could he just leave that all behind… for this? Chris couldn’t decide, but he actually didn’t have to. After all he was not in the position to make his own decisions. The player read the information that had just showed up in the screen.

“Congratulations, Aspiration is completed, Chris is now a loyal gay boy. Do you wish to continue this path? Your sim will engage fully in the gay leather & slave lifestyle. NOTE: after choosing this path your sim will not be able to go back. No new aspirations can be chosen, your sim will only be able to fulfil his true destiny.”

The player didn’t have to think long, he pressed oke and as soon as the game had processed his decision Chris’s fate was sealed. He felt the memories of his old life draining away and it felt amazing. This was where he wanted to be, the real world scared him. He wanted Josh and the player to protect him, to take care of him. And he would take care of them by serving their every need. Josh was happy with the decision that “Chris” had made. Chris looked into Joshes deep eyes and fell into his strong arms. Knowing that everything was as it was meant to be.

  • How will the story continue? What would you like to see? Give me some suggestions and maybe you will find your idea crossing Chris’ path in the future. This is not the end of his adventure for sure…
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