C4 Welcome to Kommando Kamp

By AgingAthlete
published July 3, 2019

Jeff joins the Übermensch Society and starts his training.

After Jeff spoke with Dr. Maskulär, he made his way to the locker room to get dressed. He was somewhat surprised to see that his suit had been dry cleaned, his underwear and socks washed and folded, his wallet, phone, keys and watch laid neatly on the bench. How long he had been at the clinic, he wondered? Putting on his watch he realized that it had been hours since he had left the office. He called his secretary and told her that he would be out the rest of the day. After getting dressed he went out into the waiting room to find Jason waiting for him.

“Jeff, I am sorry you became one of the men who failed to meet their initial follow-up, but I hope everything is OK now. This is a major milestone for you.”

“No problem” Jeff replied calmly, “I think I understand.”

“Good, but there is more. Please sit down,” Jason said, motioning to one of the chairs in the waiting room. “First, let me tell you that an implant was installed in your scrotum while you were under, shortly after you arrived. The device allows you access to a number of secure areas in the building as well as other facilities. It also allows the Doctor to track you, wherever in the world you may be. As of now, you are a member of the Übermensch Society, a group of men who have undergone the same treatment that you have. There will be no more costs to you, in fact, the implant will allow you to purchase or charge things against a substantially large operating account that has been established for you, much like Apple Pay. The implant will also signal to you when you are in near proximity to another member of the Society–you should be sensing my presence as we speak with a slight tingling in your balls. I am sensing you.”

Jeff thought that he had felt something down there, but had imagined it was just an after-effect of his recent treatment. Jason continued, “The implant will also signal when you need to return here for follow-up. That would be a warming sensation, getting hotter the longer that you delay returning here. Lastly, I must tell you that if you do not want to continue, there is a ‘way out’. If you wish, the Doctor will remove the implant, under anesthesia of course, along with your testicles. The latter will be replaced with prosthetics and you will be given a lifetime supply of testosterone replacement therapy. We will also provide access to the sperm we stored for you on your initial visit with us, should you decide to father children at a later date. No one need know that anything untoward has happened to you. If you choose this route, you will no longer experience the changes brought about by the modifications made to your testes.”

Jeff was somewhat speechless, but his new level of calm control let him analyze the situation instantly. After a moment, he said, “So if I continue, what happens next?”

Jason explained, “As a member of the Übermensch Society, you have accepted, by default, certain responsibilities. The society will make sure that your personal life is not compromised, but you must continue to advance and develop. This will include various training activities and continued treatments. You will continue to evolve towards the perfect expression of human masculinity. I am at liberty only to tell you that all of this is part of a classified government program. Your continued development is towards producing the perfect soldier.”

Jeff was stunned, but now everything was beginning to make sense.

“Yes, Jeff, you were chosen for this, it was not a random opportunity that occurred as an outcome of your friendship with Jack. That said, Jack is also a member of the Übermensch Society.”

Jeff sat for a moment in deep thought, so much was racing through his mind. His tingling balls told him that this was an opportunity that he could not, that he would not, forego. “What do I need to do now?” he asked.

“Go home, fuck your wife, do your job, enjoy your life. The society will be in touch.” ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Jeff did as he was told. As he left the clinic, he discovered that the elevator was waiting for him. Likewise, on the ground floor, a cab had been called and his balls tingled as the doorman opened the cab for him, giving him a knowing smile. When he got home, Lisa was waiting, anxiously. “Karen called and said that you left early because you weren’t feeling well.”

“I took a walk, started feeling better and decided to come home for the rest of the afternoon. I’m feeling OK now.” Then Jeff embraced his wife, delivering a long deep kiss that made her swoon. He carried her effortlessly to their bedroom and they made torrid love. Life was good. By now Lisa had realized that after every lovemaking session with her husband she felt energized and renewed. When she gave him a blow job, it was like drinking an energy shake. She didn’t know what had happened to him with his new doctor, but whatever it was, she wasn’t complaining.

Jeff renewed his friendship with Jack, playing racquetball again with fervor, but now the tide had turned and Jeff won more matches than he lost–in spite of the constant tingling in his balls when around Jack. Jeff also noticed an increased libido that was hardly satisfied with his wife. After one brutal game with Jack that left them both breathless, Jack threw his arm around Jeff’s shoulders and breathed into his ear, “Jeff, would you let me give you a blow job?” Jeff was a bit surprised at this, but the constant tingling in his nuts when he was around Jack made him say, “Sure, go for it!” Jack did not hesitate, but quickly pulled Jeff’s shorts and jock down around his knees. Jeff’s huge member, enhanced from the raging hormones produced by his modified balls, instantly sprang to rock hard attention. Jack wasted no time enveloping it with his mouth, savoring the deep manly scent that emitted from his best friend’s sweaty crotch. “Ahhhh,” Jeff exclaimed as Jack pulled his entire rod down his throat. “That’s it, take it all.”

Jack was like a powerful vacuum cleaner, sucking Jeff intensely until the deluge of cum shot out of him, rubbing his huge balls as spurt after spurt pored forth. Jack did not allow a single drop to escape and when Jeff finally pulled back, spent, he licked his lips in contentment. A huge smile crossed his face as he helped Jeff to sit back onto a bench in the locker room. “You have no idea how long I have waited for that, man!” Jack exclaimed. “Your spunk is like some kind of magical elixir, I am so, so pumped,” he said as he stood up in front of his friend.

“Well then,” Jeff said, “let me return the favor.” Jeff stood quickly and grabbed Jack’s head with both hands, pulling his face to his in a powerful kiss. Jeff’s tongue plunged into Jacks mouth, swirling about, tasting what was left of his own power cum. Then he dropped to his knees, pulling Jack’s kit off of him, revealing his perfectly formed dick, rapidly increasing now in tumescence. He quickly sucked Jack’s member into his mouth, pulling it as deeply into his throat as Jack had done with him. He grabbed Jack’s balls roughly, squeezing, pulling and twisting them as if operating the controls of a pump. With each squeeze his own balls tingled more, as if the Doctor had planned the encounter and was egging him on. As he sucked, Jack moaned with the pain and pleasure Jeff was causing him. Then, when he finally came, with a huge groan of relief, Jeff drank his spunk as if it was life water. When Jeff finally pulled away, having drained Jack completely, both men sank to the floor, spent.

A few days later, Jeff began to sense a warming sensation in his balls. He didn’t waste any time, but called Jason immediately. “Hello, Jason? Is it time for my next treatment? It seems a bit early, but I’m ready.”

“No Jeff, the warming is because it is time for Kommando Kamp. Just hold tight, you’ll be notified.”

The next day when Jeff went into the office the first thing Karen told him was, “Mr. Waters said that he’d like to see you as soon as you got in.” Frank Waters was Jeff’s boss, so he immediately turned and went down the hall to his office. “Karen said you wanted to see me, Frank, what’s up?” Frank Waters was a VP in Jeff’s firm and a man that he not only admired but looked up to. Frank was older than Jeff and had a great deal of experience that Jeff had been able to tap as Frank mentored him. “Jeff, the firm wants to send you to an executive retreat in Montana for two weeks. I guess they are grooming you to take my place someday,” he chuckled, “do you think Lisa can let you go for that long?”

“Yes, Sir!” Jeff said, smiling, “she’ll manage.”

“That’s great. I’ve already given Karen your travel packet and the instructions on what to bring. Everything is included and we’ve already made the travel arrangements for you. You leave in two days, so take the rest of the time off and spend it with that gorgeous wife of yours!” he said winking.

“Yes, Sir, thanks!” When Jeff got back to his office Karen handed him a brown envelope along with his travel package. He decided to take a look at what the workshop entailed before leaving for the day. When he opened the envelope there was a single sheet of paper:


We look forward to assisting you in your executive training. You need bring nothing to the Kamp as all will be provided.

Jeff knew immediately that this was a front for an Übermensch Society activity, hadn’t Jason said that it was time for ‘Kommando Kamp’? He decided to make the last two days before the outing memorable for both himself and his wife.


Two days later Jeff boarded a flight to Knoxville and felt just slightly strange that he was going to be away for two weeks and all he had on him besides his wallet, phone and watch was a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a light jacket. At Knoxville he had been instructed to go to the arrivals lobby where a car would be waiting for him. The driver, dressed in standard limo attire, was holding a card up with his name. The car didn’t take him far, only to the other side of the airport where a helicopter was waiting for him at the General Aviation terminal.

“You must be Jeff,” the pilot said, holding out his hand as Jeff’s balls began to tingle, “I’m Kurt.” It was no surprise to Jeff that the pilot was Übermensch. He was about Jeff’s height and build, slightly older and just looked the part of a helicopter pilot–rakish good looks, military cut hair, dark aviator sunglasses. He opened the door to the chopper and motioned for Jack to get in the back seat and put the headphones on that were lying on the seat. After a comm check Kurt asked if Jeff was strapped in and then started the engine. Within a few minutes the chopper was in the air and they were headed east. After about a half-hour of flying Kurt said, “We’re headed to the Kommando Preserve. It’s about 50 square miles of wilderness acres in the Smoky Mountains that is only accessible on foot or by helicopter.” They flew on for another half-hour or so as Jeff saw less and less developed areas and roads and more mountain and forest regions. Finally the chopper slowed as Kurt selected his landing site in a clearing that had obviously been used before given the perfect circle shape surrounded by dense forest. The two men got out and Kurt reached behind the seats and pulled out a cardboard box. “OK Jeff, get naked and put everything in the box. I’ll have it for you in two weeks when I pick you back up.” Jeff hesitated for a moment and then pulled his clothes off and put them in the box with his other things. Then Kurt handed him what looked to be a pair of feet molds made from black rubber or silicone. “Here, slip these on. They were custom made for you.” Jeff put them on and then Kurt handed him a large knife in a sleeve with straps attached. “Strap this to your left inside calf.” Jeff did as he was told, thankful that at least he had protection for his feet and a weapon.

“OK, then,” Kurt said, “your trainer is called ‘The Beast’ and he’ll take it from here.”

“Wait a minute,” Jeff said as Kurt turned to get back into the chopper, “How do I find this Beast guy?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Kurt smiled, “He’ll find you. I don’t know when that will be and as it is late afternoon I suggest you find shelter and some water if you can.” Kurt climbed up into the chopper and Jeff pulled back towards the trees as it started up and then lifted out and away.

Jeff went into the forest and it wasn’t long before he came across a stream with water so clear it sparkled in the late afternoon sunlight. After taking a good drink, he sat back on his haunches to assess his situation. That’s when he heard the twig snap behind him. He couldn’t see anything but decided not to take any chances so he drew his knife, waving it warily towards where he heard the sound come from. He felt his balls tingle gently when suddenly out of nowhere a rock smacked his knife from his hands. Before he could react, something large and fast came crashing through the brush towards him. From the tingle he figured it had to be The Beast, but he wasn’t sure what his reception would be given that he pulled a knife on him. As the brush parted Jeff’s mouth fell open. The Beast was huge! He looked larger than the largest of any of the NFL offensive tackles he was familiar with, which he found difficult to fathom. The Beasts body was chiseled and massively lean. It was hard to tell if he was black, hispanic or just a deeply tanned white man. His face was square and rugged with a black, shiny beard that looked like he trimmed it with a knife. His black hair was long and almost seemed like a mane, with bright white silver streaks pouring out from in front of his ears and trailing backwards. It was hard to tell how old he was, but he was definitely much older than Jeff. But what fixed Jeff’s attention as The Beast came towards him was the fact that all he wore was what looked to be some sort of large gourd on his dick. It pointed up towards his rippled midsection and seemed to be held in place by a leather thong that went around his waist. Jeff’s eyes were riveted to the Beast’s huge balls, which looked like a pair of eggs in a tight wrinkled sack that sat snugly at the base of the gourd. As the Beast walked, the eggs moved from side to side.

“I’ve been waiting for you boy!” the Beast thundered, “You need nourishment and I need to get my rocks off.”

“Sir?” Jeff asked, standing sort of dumbly as the Beast placed his huge hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to his knees. Now Jeff was almost eye level with the largest balls he had ever seen. Then the Beast undid the thong around his waist and pulled the gourd free of his cock. What a cock it was. Again, Jeff was thrown by the enormity of it as it quickly began to grow in front of his eyes, a huge drop of pre-cum forming at the tip.

“You know what to do, boy.”

“Yes Sir.” Jeff quickly put his mouth over the huge tip and sucked as much as he could of it into his mouth–there was no way that monster was going down his throat, but the Beast seemed content just to have Jeff sucking and licking on the head like it was a lolly pop. As Jeff worked the Beast’s dick the heady musk of the huge man’s groin made him swoon with lust. Now the Beast was leaning back, his hands on Jeff’s head, pumping the younger man as he groaned with pleasure. Jeff had reached up to cup the Beast’s huge nut sack, one huge ball in each hand–when he felt those monstrous nuts start to lift up towards the Beast’s body and he knew the man would blow his load soon. When the Beast came it was all Jeff could do to keep his mouth on the fire hose that his dick had become. Jeff drank the salty and sweet spooge and as he did he felt the invigorating energy of Übermensch man-milk spread through his body.

The Beast sank to his knees, spent, as Jeff continued to lick and suck the head of the huge cock while gently squeezing and kneading the huge man’s balls. “Enough, boy!” the beast said, pushing Jeff away and reaching for his gourd. “We have work to do, see if you can keep up with me and don’t forget your weapon!”

Jeff quickly found his knife and returned it to the sheath on his calf as he saw the Beast bound off through the forest. It was everything he could do to keep up with him and after it seemed like miles he found himself in a huge clearing in the forest that was obviously the Beast’s camp. The Beast turned to him, again pulling off his cock sheath and motioning to a circular area at the center of the camp. It looked to be a hard packed dirt circle ringed by stones set flush with the surface of the ground. Some sort of arena, Jeff thought, and that is exactly what it was.

“Now we fight, remove your weapon,” the Beast commanded. Jeff quickly undid the knife sheath on his leg and tossed it aside.

“First, let me take a look at you.”

Jeff stood calmly as the Beast looked him over like he was considering the purchase of an animal.

The Beast squeezed his biceps, then pressed on his pecs, spun him around and squeezed his glutes and thighs. Again the Beast turned him, now weighing Jeff’s scrotum and pulling at his dick, then pressing and testing the firmness of his abs. Finally, the Beast pushed his meaty fingers into Jeff’s mouth, examining his teeth as one would a horse.

“Hummph,” the Beast exclaimed, “not bad. Let’s see how you do in the ring. I want this to be a fair fight, but the rules only apply to me. I will not hit you with a closed fist or strike your nuts in any way. You, on the other hand, can hit me, punch me, grab me or kick me anywhere you like and as hard as you like to try and take me down. Both of us will signal that we are about to break a bone or dislocate something to give the other man the opportunity to tap out. There is only one round and it goes until one of us yields. Agreed?”

“Yes Sir!” Jeff said excitedly. He knew exactly how he was going to take the Beast down and it wouldn’t be painless for the big man. The huge balls on the Beast made an easy target and he felt confident that one good blow to them would drop him.

“OK,” the Beast said, “let’s go.”

The big man just stood in place as Jeff charged him from the other side of the ring. The Beast knew what Jeff was going to try to do and that was incapacitate him with a hard hit to the groin. Jeff’s plan was to ram his head into the Beast’s crotch before he knew what hit him. He thought he was faster than the Beast, and besides, he had the no rules advantage. Suddenly the Beast sidestepped and Jeff was astonished at how quickly the huge man could move. As the Beast stepped aside he landed a loud smacking slap to one of Jeff’s ass cheeks causing him to crash out of the ring and let out a loud yelp of pain. “Leaving the ring is normally an instant forfeiture, boy,” the Beast said menacingly, “but just this time I will allow it–proceed!” Turning around, Jeff charged again, wildly. This time the Beast did not step out of the way, but instead he crouched and slapped Jeff roughly across his face. “Owww! unfair, you said you wouldn’t hit me in the face!”

“No boy, I said I wouldn’t hit you with a closed fist, that was a slap, like this one.” The Beast slapped Jeff hard on the other cheek, hard enough to snap his head sideways. “If I hit you with my fist you’d be knocked out–I want you awake,” the Beast grinned. Jeff was starting to feel dizzy from the slaps, which might as well have been punches from the beefy paws that the Beast wielded. Angrily, he tried to kick the Beast between his legs, but the Beast just grabbed his foot and flipped him over onto the ground.

“Time to end this, boy” the Beast growled as he pounced on Jeff. Jeff’s breath went out of him as the Beast rapidly crawled over him like a huge spider, lifting his legs up to his shoulders and locking Jeffs’s muscular arms against his own thighs.

“This move is called a ‘spladle’ and I am surprised that you let me get you into it so quickly. You should be feeling a great deal of pain right now, but not enough yet to be damaging.”

Jeffs legs were spread wide, his butt was elevated and his head painfully pushed towards his crotch. All he could see in front of his face was his own cock and balls. His face had never been as close to his own groin as it was now. Then the Beast began to slowly tighten the hold and Jeff was forced to cry out, “I give, I yield, please stop!”

“What? I don’t understand, I think you have a bit more flexibility left in you” the Beast said chuckling and tightening a bit more so that Jeffs face was so close to his own dick that he could have licked it.

“Please SIR! I yield SIR!”

“Well then, I guess I can let you loose.” The Beast released his hold and Jeff crumpled into a fetal position, sucking for breath, beaten.

When Jeff regained his composure and sat up, the Beast held a gourd full of water to his lips, “Here, drink this.” After Jeff had drank the Beast pulled him to his feet.

“You have been bested and now must suffer a punishment of my choosing. You will assume the position.”

Jeff was bewildered, “What position, Sir?”

“Legs spread, hands on knees, head up and looking forward!” the Beast growled.

Jeff quickly assumed the position described, wondering if the Beast was going to fuck him.

“Very good, boy, very good.” The Beast was behind Jeff now, and laid his hands on the smaller man’s back, kneading his muscles, feeling his abs and glutes once more. Then he suddenly slapped Jeff’s ass with his huge hand eliciting a loud “Ohhhh!”.

“I am going to give you twenty, boy, and after each you will count, if you fail to count, I add a swat. If you drop your head, I add a swat. If you move out of position, I add a swat. Any questions?”

"No, Sir! Jeff exclaimed, relieved that he was only going to be spanked and not buggered.

“I like how your crotch is trimmed. Balls left a little fuzzy, but clean shaven at the bottom.” As the Beast said this he rubbed the shaved bottom of Jeff’s tight scrotum lightly with his fingertips. Jeff moaned and began to tremble, his dick now as hard as a wooden pole.

“Boy, you are way too tense, I’ll need to loosen you up a bit.” Jeff didn’t know what he meant by that, but he did know that he was feeling more relaxed after his balls had been rubbed.

The Beast had left the ring, but Jeff stayed in position knowing that any deviation would cost him. “This should loosen you up,” the Beast said as he held what looked like a small clay pot in front of Jeff’s face that was filled with some sort of ointment that smelled vaguely like Ben-Gay. “I use this when my muscles are sore, it should do the trick on these tight balls of yours.” Jeff gasped as the Beast applied a large dollop of the balm in the pot to his nuts. The Beast worked the oily salve all over Jeff’s sack, stretching and pulling the tight skin. At first, it had no effect, but as his hands warmed it Jeff began to feel a burning sensation.

“Arrrrgh!” Jeff cried as his balls ignited. He dropped his head to look back and saw his nuts pulsating, shiny and red from the rub, his scrotum now hanging low.

“You were told to keep your head back boy, that’s an extra swat.”

Jeff snapped his head back up, his teeth grinding at the burning pain in his balls. He squirmed as he tried to relieve the burn. The Beast gave Jeff’s balls a light pat from below and weighed his shiny and oiled sack with his fingertips. “Much better, much looser. Now we can get started.”

The Beast suddenly swung his hand down to land squarely on Jeff’s ass.

“ONE…SIR!” Jeff yelled quickly. Again, the Beast swung.

“Two, SIR!” Jeff yelled through gritted teeth. Now he was sweating and the Beast was just warming up. The big man paused to let Jeff settle a bit, then he expertly swung his huge hand from below to catch Jeff’s tight bubble-buns at the crease where they met his thighs. This new swing lifted the younger man up on his toes and almost caused him to pitch forward.

“Unhhhh…three…SIR!” Jeff cried, his entire lower body was burning and sweat was beginning to pour off him. Jeff would never have imagined that a bare hand spanking could be so painful, but the Beast’s hands were huge and like a rough sawn board.

By the nineteenth swat Jeff was in tears and his entire body was vibrating from the pain and the effort to remain standing. Now his head dropped forward in exhaustion, his eyes closed.

The Beast ran his hand through the wet hair on Jeff’s head, grabbed and pulled back. “I’d add another one boy, since you were supposed to keep your head up, but this last one will be special and you need an adjustment.”

The Beast reached down and grabbed Jeff’s oily ballsack, pulling it back between his legs. Then he reared back and brought his hand deftly down and up with a sidewards motion, his cupped hand slipping in and wrapping around Jeff’s sack, snapping it quickly back as the swat completed its course.

“Eeeeeyow!” Jeff screeched as this new pain shot up through his abdomen. He collapsed forward and gave a weak “Twenty, Sir.”

The Beast caught him as he fell forward, pulling him back. Then he sat with Jeff resting between his legs, cradling the younger man in his lap. “You did good, boy. A man needs to be able to accept his punishment well.”

Jeff’s cock was as rigid as a pole, his balls tingling, red and loose. As the Beast cradled him in his arms he leaned forward and sucked Jeff’s rod deep into his mouth. Jeff groaned from the sensations vibrating through his body as the Beast sucked at his dick like a young boy licking a Twizzler. It did not take long until his fiery balls drew up and he unloaded his cum into the huge man’s mouth. After a minute or so the Beast withdrew, smacking his lips. “That was refreshing, boy. Now we need to get to work.”

The Beast carried Jeff to the edge of the clearing and stood him up. Jeff was a bit shaky after his ordeal, but he managed to stand and smile weakly at the Beast, “Thank you, Sir!” he said firmly.

“Good boy!” the Beast replied, his huge hand tussling Jeff’s hair like he was petting his dog. “It’s getting late and we need to get some real food. Get your knife and follow me!” the Beast ordered.

Now Jeff had recovered somewhat and ran to the side of the arena where he had thrown his knife and sheath, quickly attaching it to his leg as Kurt had told him. The Beast had paused, waiting for him to get ready, but now he bounded off into the forest. Jeff ran to catch up and found that he could keep up with the huge man as they ran through the woods. Suddenly the Beast stopped and dropped to all fours, then he motioned Jeff forward. Jeff dropped as well and then crawled to where the Beast crouched and then whispered “There’s dinner, boy.”

Jeff looked to where the Beast pointed, a small clearing that sheltered what looked to be five deer casually munching on the undergrowth. One of them had looked up, wary of what might be a threat, but then it returned to eating the rough grass. The Beast turned to Jeff, “I’ll bring one of them down, you follow and slit its throat.” Jeff nodded as he quietly pulled his knife from its sheath. The Beast bounded forward as the deer, alarmed, began to scatter. He quickly brought a young buck down that was not quick enough to escape. Jeff was right behind the huge man and grabbed the deer by an antler and quickly drew his knife across its throat, blood spewing everywhere.

“This is your kill, boy,” the Beast said, “so you get to carry it back to camp!” then he laughed as Jeff hoisted the carcass onto his shoulders. Jeff had never felt more alive, more virile, than at that moment, covered in blood and with the weight of their kill on his shoulders. Now every praise that the Beast gave him made him want to do more, to do better.

Back at the camp the Beast showed him how to field dress his kill. Then the Beast showed him how to start a fire in the pit next to the arena using his knife, a piece of flint and some tinder. They cut slabs of meat and bone from the carcass and roasted them as dusk enveloped the camp. Jeff had never tasted anything as good as they gnawed the meat off the bones, then broke them and sucked out the marrow. Then the Beast took a forked branch, sharpened the ends and skewered the balls of the buck to roast them as well. “Here boy, one of these is yours.” Jeff sucked the roasted testicle into his mouth, savoring the salty chewiness. “This is sacred, boy,” the Beast said, “respect the maleness of this animal as you take it.”

After they had eaten the Beast went to the small hut at the edge of the camp and returned to the fire, which now was glowing in the deepening night of the forest. In one hand he held a pair of cigars, the other a bottle of scotch. Bellowing with mirth, he said “It isn’t all primitive here in Kommando Kamp, boy!” He handed one of the cigars to Jeff, who instantly recognized it as a top end Cuban. They bit the ends off and lit them from the fire, savoring the heady smoke and taking turns on the whiskey.

As they basked by the fire, Jeff became more daring as the cigar and whiskey relaxed them both.

“Mr. Beast, Sir, do you have any stories?”

The Beast looked at Jeff with a stern scowl, making the younger man regret his question. Then he let loose with a huge bellowing laugh. “Come here boy, of course I have stories!”

The Beast held one arm out and Jeff sat between the huge man’s legs, his back resting against one massive thigh, the Beast’s huge arm wrapped around his shoulders. As they smoked and drank, the Beast told his story.

“I was a graduate student at Berkeley,” he began, “studying genetic transmutation when the Doctor approached me.”

“Dr. Maskulär, Sir?” Jeff asked timidly.

“Of course Dr. Maskulär!” the Beast replied, cuffing Jeff playfully up against the side of his head. “He is the world’s foremost authority on genetic transmutation, but he’s a renegade, many in the field consider him dangerous, a maverick. He asked me to join him in his lab, to produce what he called the Übermensch, what we are today. I was the first to try the serum, it was crude, we made some mistakes in the DNA modifications. I went from a scrawny, bespeckled science nerd to become ‘The Beast’. The goal was not to create a new man, which I had become, but rather to enhance a man to his own genetic potential–that’s you boy!”

Again the Beast tussled Jeff’s hair affectionately, then continued. “We refined the serum and began the process of creating the Übermensch Society. Only men who pass muster are selected, so consider yourself special. Now it is my job to train you to reach that potential. I am the only Übermensch that does not require regular injections, so I guess that’s a plus.”

The fire had burned down to a low ember as Jeff stared into it, feeling the enormity of his duty and a deep welling of love and respect for the huge man in whose arms he lay.

“Well,” the Beast said, the stogies are butts and the whiskey is gone–time to sleep, we have a big day tomorrow."

The Beast stood and fetched a blanket from the hut, laying it on the ground next to the fire. Then he laid down, drawing Jeff into a spoon position beside him. In the warm embrace of the Beast and given that he was exhausted, Jeff fell quickly into a deep sleep.

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