Just Dance!!!

By Ayyy
published July 4, 2019

Jim and Ryan’s girlfriends text them to meet up at a new club for the night. When they get there, it seems that their girls aren’t there… or any girls for that matter.

The brunette let out a final grunt as the sound of metal crashing to the ground shattered the silence one final time. He was quite proud of himself at the moment, having reached his lifting goals well before he expected to. Quietly, he began wiping himself down, taking extra care to feel up his bulging biceps. At 6’2" and 215 pounds, the man was beyond impressive in stature, and he was well aware of it. In fact, he was almost completely unaware of his surroundings as he mentally complemented himself on the results of his hard work.

He was so unaware, he hadn’t even noticed the other man enter the room. Only when the man politely coughed did the brunette rise out of his stupor.

“You done eye fucking yourself? We’re gonna be late,” the man, a blonde with a thick beard of the same color, announced.

“Ugh, fine. Lemme just take a shower first,” the brunette responded, clearly disinterested in the events of the coming night.

“No time, the girls wanted us there in fifteen,” the blonde replied.

“But I’m all sweaty,” the brunette remarked.

“Jim, it’s a club. Everyone’s gonna be sweaty. Come on, I wanna get there on time,” the blonde countered.

“Oh fuck off Ryan, you’re only this interested cause you’re gonna get laid,” Jim, the brunette, pointed out.

“So? Just cause your girlfriend won’t put out doesn’t mean I’ve gotta deal with it,” Ryan explained. “We don’t all have to get blue balls.”

“You know I don’t get blue balled, even if she isn’t interested,” Jim replied, the two sharing a knowing look. “Now come on, asshole.”

With that, the brunette walked past the blonde and slipped on the cleanest looking clothes he had. By the time he was done, Ryan had already revved up the engine to their car, clearly anxious to get going. Not wanting to be left behind and never hear the end of it from his girlfriend, Jim had quickly ran outside and jumped into the blonde’s sleek convertible, leaving their apartment in the dust as they headed towards their destination.

“Their, uh, friend, isn’t gonna be there, right?” Jim asked.

“Which one?” Ryan replied, while speeding ahead to cut off the car in front of him. When the car honked in response, Ryan simply flipped him off and drove faster.

“You know, the fag? I think his name was Jack,” Jim clarified.

“Jackie, if I remember correctly. I have no idea. He might,” Ryan answered.

“Fucking hell, I hate those types of fags even more than the others. Always swishing and giggling and coming on to you,” Jim announced, as if he knew many gay guys at all.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. We’ll find a way to ditch him before the night’s over. Maybe we can play matchmaker and stick him to another of his kind,” Ryan remarked as he rounded another turn.

“Yeah, cause we want more fags in our life,” Jim retorted. It wasn’t long after that the blonde swerved into a parking space, not bothering to adjust himself so that he was actually in said parking space.

“This really the place?” Jim asked, looking at the rather beaten down establishment.

“I guess? Let’s just go check it out. Maybe the girls have gotten over all that flashy bullshit finally,” Ryan hoped, exiting the vehicle and walking towards the address they’d been given. Jim quickly followed.

They were even more surprised to find that the bouncer didn’t even hesitate to let them in. In fact, he seemed to be happy they arrived. Jim and Ryan, on the other hand, weren’t as pleased about meeting the bouncer. While almost as muscled as them, the man was clearly the type of guy that the two men would’ve hated, with glitter on his rather innocent looking face, and tight, skimpy clothes that left next to nothing to the imagination. They were glad they didn’t have to spend more than a minute dealing with him and they could be on their way.

“Are the girls here yet?” Jim asked, looking around.

“I don’t know, Rebecca hasn’t replied yet,” Ryan replied, before pocketing his phone and looking at his surroundings. “Hey, does something seem off here?”

Jim was starting to question the same thing. For starters, it looked like the crowd consisted solely of men, just as confused as they were. Jim couldn’t see a female in sight.

But there was another thing. It was quiet. The club hadn’t even begun playing any music yet. Just strobing lights going everywhere, giving the room an ominous vibe.

“Maybe we should go,” Jim reasoned. “This place is dead anyways.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna text the girls to meet us somewhere else. Even a flashier place is better than this,” Ryan agreed. Jim happened to lay eyes on a redhead who seemed to have zoned out and stared directly at him. Jim would’ve been offended, but he was clearly just bored out of his mind. Just as the brunette began to look away, the redhead suddenly developed a look of shock and jumped out of his seat. Jim, surprised, followed the redhead’s line of sight, only to find that behind him, the door to the club was being closed and locked with technology far more hi-tech than what the outside of the establishment would suggest. Outside the door, Jim could see the bouncer, smiling deviously at him and waving while the doors closed in front of him.

The brunette caught the blonde’s attention, exchanging glances for half a second before running to the door.

“OPEN THE FUCKING DO–,” Jim began before getting cut off. The two men were frozen in their tracks as they heard it. The room filled with the sound of dubstep crashing down from above. Jim couldn’t help but stay still and listen. Something about the song was enchanting to Jim. It made him feel something. It made him feel like he should do something. He wanted to–

It began with a tapping on the floor but soon developed into swinging, jumping, and all kinds of bops. Jim couldn’t help it. It just felt right. The low bass reverberated through him and he couldn’t imagine anything better that he could be doing with his time. Looking around, it seemed that everyone felt the same. The club was filled with smiles that accompanied every step, hop, and drop. Not everyone knew exactly what they were doing, but their enthusiasm made up for their skill. Even Ryan, who was never much of a dancer, seemed to be having the time of his life, getting lost into the heavy dubstep. Jim could definitely empathize. He didn’t know what was going on, he just knew he needed to dance.

The brunette looked like he could do this all night, but almost as abruptly as the music began, it began shifting, as if molding into something new. This version of the song had more of a melody to it than the last one, while still retaining the heavy bass and beats of the old. Jim continued dancing, but something felt off. He felt lonely. He didn’t want to do this alone. He wanted–

A hand broke Jim’s train of thought as it swung him around. Regaining his balance, he realized that Ryan had had the same thought as him, and began dancing with him. They began laughing and resumed their fun as they twirled and twisted one another, joyously. A part of Jim felt like he shouldn’t be enjoying dancing with a guy, his friend no less, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He was having fun getting spun around by his friend and loved the music. He looked over Ryan’s shoulder and saw that the redhead at the bar seemed to have found another redhead like him, and the two were enjoying themselves just as much as Jim and Ryan. He did not blame them. After all, the brunette wanted to be with his friend and just needed to dance.

With a final spin, the music began shifting again. This time, Jim began hearing a clear rhythm with the previous melody and the bass seemed to have lessened slightly. Jim loved this song even more than the last. It felt so good to listen to it. In fact, the brunette realized, he started getting aroused from just hearing it. His 7" rod began straining against his jeans, but Jim couldn’t help but love it. The music was so good. He felt like he should show Ryan just how good the music felt. He wanted his friend to Ryan to feel just as good. He wanted–

The brunette pulled the blonde close to him, their jeans crushing against each other. This way, Ryan had to have known that Jim was hard. He had to have known that Jim was horny from the music. And it was clear that Ryan was, too. The brunette could feel his friend’s member pressing hard against his own. Jim felt happy that the blonde felt the same way as him and felt like Ryan deserved a reward for making him feel that way. Wrapping his arms around the blonde’s neck, Jim began more forcefully pushing his dick against Ryan’s. It wasn’t long before the blonde had wrapped his hands around the brunette’s waist, and the two were passionately grinding against each other. Jim had thought at first that it was a little gay, especially because Ryan was lightly moaning occasionally, but he quickly reasoned that that couldn’t have been the case. He just wanted to have fun with his friend and he needed to dance.

The heat in his nether region was starting to become more intense than what Jim thought he could bare, but before anything could progress further, the song began shifting even more. This time, more melodies began appearing in the song and the dubstep began fading from the mix. Jim slowed down the pace of his grinding as he felt… icky. It seemed like such an odd word to use, but Jim felt it. It was like something was sticking to him and he needed to peel it off. He would do anything to get rid of that feeling. He wanted–

Jim stared down at himself for a second, realizing the issue. He was wearing too many clothes! He unlatched himself from Ryan as he grabbed the hem of his shirt, peeling it off and throwing it into the air. Ryan seemed to have a similar idea as he slipped off his shoes and khakis tossing them to the ground. Clothes went flying everywhere as Jim added his shoes and socks into the mix. It was only when he began removing his jeans did he realize that wasn’t the only thing being removed. His chest used to be thick with brown, fuzzy hair just moments ago, but it appeared that in the moments after he’d removed his shirt, the hair on his chest had fallen to the floor. Jim wasn’t sure how, but it looked almost as if the floor was absorbing them. All he could tell was that the hair was disappearing as fast as his clothes were, and before long he was standing there in the nude, hairless from the nose down.

He quickly helped Ryan after the blonde lost his boxer by taking the ends his designer polo shirt and ripping it open with as much force as possible. The blonde’s thick pelt of hair dropped to the floor just like Jim’s had, and the blonde’s beard followed. Jim hadn’t seen his friend’s face hairless since high school, but honestly wasn’t too unhappy with the new look. Jim quickly wrapped his arms around his friend’s neck once more, his now hairless and freed dick having unrestricted access to Ryan’s similarly free member. When the two began grinding once more, Jim couldn’t help but moan as their ministrations brought him to new heights. He looked over Ryan’s shoulder to see that his friend from afar was enjoying himself just as he was. His friend’s back was facing the other redhead and the two were hugging each other closely. Just like Jim and Ryan, the two were swaying to the beat of the music, though Jim could clearly see the other redhead’s cock sliding back and forth underneath his friend’s cock as the two grinded against each other. It was also clear that his friend was driving his ass into his partner’s nether region, desperately enjoying the sensations he felt. Jim should’ve been bothered by how slutty those were acting. Not to mention Ryan’s ragged breath and the precum sliding between them two was definitely not straight. He should’ve felt disgusted, but Jim felt the opposite. At the end of the day, he just wanted to have fun being naked with his friends and he just needed to dance.

When the music shifted once more, Jim almost didn’t even notice. He was practically edging against Ryan at this point and he was delirious with pleasure. If he had been paying more attention, he would’ve noticed that the melody had gotten significantly more poppy in this iteration, with the bass dying out completely. The dubstep remained, but the melody was now much more relevant. Jim looked into Ryan’s eyes for a moment and the tunes washed over him for a second. In that second, Jim felt his heart skip a beat. When did Ryan have such beautiful blue eyes? Jim began appreciating his friend’s physique, his looks, his heat. It made him feel something not even his girlfriend had really made him feel before. He needed to act on these feelings. He wanted–

Without realizing himself what he was doing, Jim closed the distance between his and his friend’s lips, sending sparks flying through him. The two began greedily exploring each other’s mouths, nipping, licking, and dancing with their tongues. While still swaying to the beat, the two began feeling up other parts of their bodies. Jim moaned into his kiss as he felt Ryan squeeze his ass and pinch his nipple. Jim couldn’t help but enjoy his friend– no, his lover’s face, abs, and cock. Everything in Jim’s mind shifted to how sexy the blonde was. He wanted him. He needed him.

Jim’s own mind began betraying himself, corrupting every thought he had. Every memory of his new lover now had a sexual light and Jim loved it. He no longer wanted women. After all, he was happy being naked with his lover and he just needed to dance.

This time, Jim was completely aware when the song shifted. The dubstep was almost entirely squashed as the poppy melody took over, only a light dubstep occasionally popping in. Normally, Jim would’ve hated this type of song, but this one quickly became one of his favorites. He liked it so much, it made him want to giggle. He began giggling more and more and soon Ryan joined in. He just felt so happy that he was with his boyfriend at this club. A desire grew in the brunette to take things to the next level. He knew what he needed to do.

The brunette jumped onto the blonde, wrapping his legs around Ryan. He stared into his lover’s eyes as an understanding grew between them. Slowly, Ryan used Jim’s spread legs to enter Jim, pushing further and further into the brunette’s ass. Jim began gasping and moaning as each thrust of the blonde’s cock pushed deeper and deeper. Jim was surprised that he felt no pain from this, only pleasure. It was as if his ass was meant for this.

It was then that Jim looked into Ryan’s eyes and noticed something. While not oppressive, it had been clear that age had taken a toll on his lover, the signs of it all over his face. At least, they had been. Jim could no longer tell where Ryan’s wrinkles had been. Peeling away, Jim could clearly tell that his boyfriend’s face was getting progressively younger with each thrust into him. As that happened, Jim realized his legs and arms had to wrap tighter and tighter around his lover to keep himself attached. Looking down, it was clear that Ryan had begun losing mass. Years of work at the gym began vanishing, as the blonde’s buff physique became lithe and lean. Jim was afraid that Ryan wouldn’t be able to hold him up any longer, until he realized that he too was changing. His lifting goals were evaporating as the biceps he was so proud of earlier faded into nothingness. His legs thinned out, maintaining only a sliver of muscle. Jim could see his abs and pecs becoming even lighter than Ryan’s, though his nipples remained slighted puffed. Even his cock, previously a 7", thick monster became smaller and smaller until it settled at a thin 4", though it felt as if Ryan’s cock had taken whatever Jim lost. Last, but definitely not least, Jim realized they were getting closer to the floor, as he and his lover had have collectively lost over a foot and a half of height. Neither was taller than 5’5", or older than 19 now. Jim should’ve felt horrified that he and his lover had gone from hulking studs to lean boys in a few minutes. Instead, he was ecstatic about his new look. After all, he was happy being a naked twink with his lover, and he just needed to dance.

Jim was on the verge of cumming when he heard what he somehow knew was the final song change. The bass and dubstep completely gone, pop ruled the club now. Jim would’ve believed that any music like this would’ve been very gay and not his style just an hour ago, but now, this was by far his favorite song of all time. He wanted to hear it everywhere he went and wanted others to hear it in their heads when they saw him pass by. He gave Ryan a lascivious kiss as he milked his boyfriend’s cock. He wanted the world to know what a sexy, twinky slut he was. He needed them to know.

The brunette got more enthusiastic about getting plowed in public, loudly moaning and gasping to get as much attention as possible. The blonde, for his part, made sure that he added to the chorus while keeping in time with the beat of the music. All around, the two could hear the passionate throws of pleasure, and they refused to be left out. Ryan began smacking him ass, and Jim could feel it expanding with every slap. Jim ran a hand through Ryan’s hair, and was pleased to see it now had streaks of sky blue scattered within it. Ryan ran a hand down Jim’s spine, and the brunette was now well aware of the snake tattoo on his back. Jim twisted a nipple on Ryan, and knew he’d be playing with it more now that it had a ring on it.

The couple began pinching, rubbing, and kissing various parts of each other’s bodies, each touch changing them a little more. Each change brought Jim closer and closer to the edge, until Ryan finally drove him into a wall, clutching his neck and chest for support. Jim could feel this changing him to his very core and heard himself moaning higher and higher without being able to control it. Finally, the brunette couldn’t hold it any longer, and began spilling his seed all over his boyfriend. In response, the blonde came too, shooting cum deep into his boypussy. The brunette let out a satisfied whimper as he felt the cum fill him up, as if it was changing him permanently, and he never could go back.

When the two came down, Jimmy couldn’t help but giggle at what just happened. The couple had always been naughty at times, but they’d never done it on the floor of a club like this. Then again, it wasn’t like they were the only ones. Jimmy could hear others still fucking all around him, but he didn’t care. In front of him was the best boyfriend a guy could ask for, so why would he complain?

He deeply kissed Ry, this time not with the heat filled passion they had before, but with love and deliberate care. When they broke, Jimmy giggled some more before finally speaking. “I love you honey.”

“Love you, too, baby,” Ry replied, kissing him once again. The two were then interrupted by a tap on their shoulders. Looking at the source, Jimmy noticed it was his red haired friend from earlier, though this time, his hair had lightened to almost a bright pink to clearly distinguish himself from his partner, who was fingering the pink-haired twink’s ass as he spoke.

“Uhm, hi gUYS!” the pinked haired guy began, struggling to contain himself. “I’m Bri, and this is my boyfriend SamMY! Ungh, can we join in? I’m horny as fuck!”

Jimmy and Ry smiled at each other before pouncing on the two twinks, glad that they went to the club tonight.

“Come on bitch, we’re gonna be late!” Jimmy told the girl trying on new dresses.

“How did we get to the point where you were the one who wanted to go to the club more than me?” the girl replied.

“Honey, you know it a crime to have this ass away from a club more than 48 hours,” Ry stated, slapping his boyfriend’s ass as he came into the room. “And we’re almost at hour 47 cause of that photoshoot yesterday. So we gotta hurry girl!”

The girl rolled her eyes at her new gay friends. The two had no idea that just a month before, the brunette had been her boyfriend and the blonde had been her friend’s. Not that the girls had any feelings for them anymore. Always cheating and not caring, the girls knew that those two boys needed to a change, so of course they’d send them to “the club”. They had no idea when or how it had appeared, but they knew it was something special. Everyone who went in came out in more ways than one, and they loved their new lives. So why wouldn’t they change stains on society into much better versions of themselves?

“You boys ready?” Another voice asked, as footsteps approached. When the black head of hair popped in, a look of astonishment crossed his face.

“Girl, you are not wearing that to this club!” the boy announced. “Here, this one’s sooo more your style.”

“Thanks Jackie,” the girl replied, thankful for her other gay friend.

“Yeah, thanks Jackie,” Ry added, fondling the guy’s cock through his pants.

“Yeah, thanks Jackie!” Jimmy mimicked, pecking the black haired twink on his lips. The girl sighed. Someday she’d find a guy who didn’t “turn out” to be a total twink. But today, she was glad she got to go to the club with her gay besties, because they all just needed to dance.

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