Friendship Through The Ages

By DMears
published June 30, 2019

Kyle and Jason have been best friends their entire lives. However, after a painful realization is made, both will find some changes that’ll hopefully make things better in the end.

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Jason and Kyle have been best friends their entire lives and have seen each other through all the highs/lows they had. When Kyle lost his family a few years ago, it was Jason who pulled him out of a really dark place. While Jason made his first attempt to kick alcohol, he had Kyle to drink water with to hold him accountable. These two were truly the epitome of best friends and planned on staying that way till the very end. Well, looks like the end might be coming sooner than they anticipated.

Jason has been having even more eye issues than ever before, at first he thought he just needed a stronger prescription. That is until he went to the doctor.


The only word he heard that day. When he told Kyle, needless to say he was distraught.

“Oh my God.” Kyle responded in a distant way. His entire world was turning upside down again.

“Yep.” Jason said having a glass of water.

“Did you get a second opinion?”

“Yep, and they said the same thing. Spread too far.”

“Okay, well maybe we can find someone else! Someone who can actually help you.” Kyle said frantically.

“Kyle, bud, there’s no use.” Jason said acceptingly.

“Sure there is-”

“No there’s not. Can we please just stop talking about this and enjoy our meal?” Jason asks with as much venom as possible.

Kyle goes silent. They just sit there in the crowded restaurant, eating their meal. Hard to believe everyone else around them can have such a nice time while they silently wonder about what’s happening to them. A graduation party is happening at a large table, when they brought the cake over to her, her dad pushed her face into the cake. She’s still smiling though. At another table is a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary: one year. Such a magical number. But Kyle can’t find joy in the lives around him now, something he did after losing his family. Finding joy in other people’s lives was all he had left, aside from Jason that is, and now he’s going to lose his best friend.

“Excuse me.” Kyle said, getting up from the table. Jason just watches him walk away, not even trying to stop him. As Kyle walks outside, a young man in his mid-thirties notices him leave.

Kyle is outside, leaning against the wall of the building trying to pull himself together but is bothered by someone approaching him. It’s the man from earlier.

“Uhh, excuse me sir, are you okay?” the man said.

Kyle flinches and tries to pull himself together.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.” He sniffles.

“You sure? You don’t seem like it.”

“Well you don’t know me to say that for certain so just back off!” Kyle says.

“Okay, okay, if that’s how it is then I’ll leave you alone.” The man starts to walk off.

Kyle feels the twinge of guilt from being mean to a man who was just trying to be nice. “Wait! I’m sorry. Really I am. It’s just, I just found out some news today that is really hard to grapple with and… I’m just trying to pull myself together.”

“I’m sorry. Do you mind me asking what happened?”

Now Kyle doesn’t know why he did it, but he spilled his guts out to this man. Didn’t even ask his name. Maybe it was just the need to talk to someone and he was there, maybe there was something genuine and caring about him to make Kyle trust him. Funny, in all his 66 years on this planet, the only people he ever trusted this much were his wife and, of course, Jason. He finished speaking.

“I’m… I’m so sorry.” The man said.

“Yeah, it’s not an easy time. I just…”

“Just what?”

“I just thought there’d be more time. Ya know? It’s not fair. I just wish we could have a break.”

“It seems to me you both deserve it.”


The man has this air of decisiveness about him. “Okay, I know what to do.”

“What?” Kyle just gives him this quizzical look.

“Have a good night Kyle.” The man says and goes back inside.

Great, Kyle just spilled his heart out to a complete lunatic.

After the awkward dinner, Kyle took Jason back home and stepped inside with him. It was a nice home, the two sit on the couch for a moment and wait for someone to say something.

“I’m sorry I got so mad at you earlier.” Jason says.

“It’s fine. I’m sorry I walked out like that.”

“Probably safe to say we both have to deal with this in our time. Our own way.” Jason slightly smiles.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Gonna take me some time to figure this stuff out.”

Jason goes over to his best friend and hugs him, the two embrace the moment for as long as they can. When Jason moves a way a little, there’s something different there for a second. Something more than just friendship between the two of them. Definitely not brotherhood, not what they used to have, but… something new. After shaking it off, Kyle decides he has to use the bathroom. Jason immediately lets him go and sits back down.

In the bathroom, Kyle starts washing his face, trying to get whatever happened in there out of his head. However, he can’t help but notice something odd with his reflection. In the mirror he looks a little younger. Not much, but his wrinkles just aren’t as pronounced, his hair looks a little darker. He stares at his reflection long to tell that he looks like he’s getting visibly younger, barely 45 now.

He rushes into the living room where Jason. “Hey Jason! Do I look-”

He sees Jason for the first time. Whatever is happening to him, is happening much quicker. Kyle watches his best friend suddenly look like himself back when he was 37. No longer wearing glasses, in fact, most of his clothing seems to have disappeared, replaced with form hugging briefs. Kyle watches as Jason continues getting younger and younger, wondering if the same thing is happening to him. All the muscles from Jason’s younger years return as what gray is left in his hair completely disappears, leaving it a curly/wavy black. His pecs grow at an incredible rate, his bulge bigger than it has been in years, his thighs thick and strong, making him curvy in all the right ways. By the way he pops in his seat, it appears his butt is as firm as it was in those old days. Finally, an old, faded tattoo on his shoulder, a symbol of some kind, regains it’s luster. It was done, Jason was a young man no older than 24. He looks up from the book he was reading to see Kyle just standing there, he smiles at him.

“Hey babe, you feeling okay?” Jason asks.

Kyle realizes he’s been gawking. “Huh?”

“You ran off so fast I didn’t have a chance to check up on you.”

“Uhh, I…” Kyle trails off as he looks in a mirror on the wall and sees his own reflection. His own body has gone through many changes since he exited the bathroom. His gray hair is now completely black but shorter than Kyle’s. His body also firmer than it has been in years, the clothes he wears completely gone, replaced by black briefs as well (completely different from the loose boxers he put on this morning), and just watches years of stress and anguish melt away from his body. Once again, he was a handsome 24 year old as well. He pulls his eyes away from the mirror to see Jason closing his book and walking towards him.

“Do… do you see this?” Kyle stutters.

“I see a handsome man who is worrying me a little bit. Are you sure you’re okay?” Jason puts a hand to Kyle’s head, Kyle surprises himself and shutters at the touch. His hand is so warm… and soft.

“You don’t feel warm. Is everything okay?” He says while leaving his hand on Kyle’s head.

Kyle slowly grabs Jason’s hand and just holds it, looking it over. He’s expecting to see some form of wear and tear, something to let him know this isn’t real but he can’t find anything, all is wonderfully smooth and soft.

“Hmm, from the looks of this little guy, you are feeling quite alright.” Jason licks his lips and smiles.

Kyle looks down and sees the both of them are incredibly hard. He feels so confused but he’s not sure why. He stares at the face of the handsome man in front of him. Jason grabs his bulge and squeezes tight, causing Kyle to whimper. He squeezes a little tighter.

“You like that baby?” Jason whispers to him.

“Ugh… yes. I…” Kyle can barely get out. At first he’s totally willing to fall into Jason’s grip but a voice in the back of his head tells him not to. He quickly pulls himself together. “Wa- wait. Tell me… how do you feel?”

“How do I feel?”

“Yes, please, are you… are you sick?” Kyle asks with such hope in his eyes.

“Sick? Babe, I’m in the best health I’ve ever been in. Everything alright?” Jason says.

Kyle just smiles and says, “It is. Just wanted to be sure.” With that, Kyle allows himself to fall into Jason’s grip. He squeezes Kyle’s bulge even harder now, causing the young man to moan and groan with delight. Kyle leans in and kisses Jason, who accepts it with so much passion. The two make out as Jason sticks his hand into Kyle’s underwear and slowly massages his balls. The two grind in to each other, their moves are like one. Completely in sync with each other.

Eventually they start getting a little rougher and Jason pushes Kyle into the kitchen where he picks him up and sits him on a counter. The two continue making out as Kyle sticks his hand down Jason’s underwear and squeezes his butt. Every now and then Jason comes out of the kiss with a fresh moan. There’s this sense the two are releasing years and years of pent up emotion. In this moment, the two feel the most intense connection, unlike anything they’ve ever felt before.

Jason slowly kisses down Kyle’s chest and stomach until he finally reaches his groin. He slowly draws back his underwear to reveal his enormous dick. With a few kisses, he quickly pulls it into his mouth, forcing Kyle to hold on to him and the counter to not fall off. Jason proves his dick sucking prowess with every bob of his head, every lick, every tongue flick of Kyle’s mushroom… needless to say, he had complete control of Kyle in this moment. He pulls himself up from Kyle’s groin and the two smile as they continue making out.

Then… Jason grabs Kyle from the counter and turns him around, still making out with him, but forcing him to hold onto the wall behind the counter for balance. He rubs his hands along Kyle’s sides, slowly going down, kissing every part of his beautifully smooth skin when he gets to his wonderful butt. He takes a few bite out of it, earning some powerful moans from Kyle. Then, after sufficiently parting his cheeks, starts to eat him out. The feeling of Jason’s wonderful mouth against his hole nearly made him cum right there. Jason continues to jerk himself off as he gives his man the best eating out ever.

Once Kyle is all lubed up from his saliva, Jason gets his dick ready to enter him. He teases his dick right next to his hole, just slowly moving the tip around the edges of his hole. He leans in to Kyle’s ear.

“How bad do you want it?” He whispers.

“Give it to me.”

“As you wish hubby.” Jason smiles then kisses Kyle as he enters his husbands hole. The screaming and moaning the two release fills the entire house. There is no slow humping to get used to it, no, Jason pounds away. His balls slapping against Kyle’s ass with every move he makes. While he does this, he reaches around and jerks Kyle off with one hand while twisting his nipple with the other. In the midst of his moaning, Kyle turns his head, hoping Jason would get the message, he does. The two make out, doing their best to hold things together long enough for a big finish. However, Kyle ends up finishing a little early, moaning into Jason’s mouth as his cum gets all over the counter-top. Jason, with Kyle’s cum on his hand, doesn’t stop what he’s doing. Instead, he uses one hand to push Kyle onto the counter and continues to pound away. Kyle, despite having already ejaculated, moans with such intensity you’d think he was in heat, in fact, the sound fills the kitchen only getting louder as Jason pounds harder. And harder. And harder. AND HARDER. Until…

He cums all inside Kyle, causing him to rear back in ecstasy, actually cumming again despite already doing so. With a few heavy breaths, Jason falls on top of Kyle, his dick still inside him. The two catch their breaths while Jason grabs Kyle’s hand. The two breathe then steal a kiss from the other.

“That was… damn… I think that was the best one yet.” Jason says.

“I know, ugh, I think I blew my load twice.” Kyle breathes back.

“Guess I’m just that good.” Jason smirks.

“Uh huh, or I know how to make you good.” Kyle smiles back.

In response, Jason slaps and grabs Kyle’s ass causing him to yelp and bite his lip with anticipation. The two kiss again and Jason peels himself off of Kyle. His husband turns around, slowly caressing Jason’s face then puts his arms around him. The sound of slow dancing music comes on from a speaker, startling them both.

“What was that?” Kyle asked.

Jason thinks for a second then laughs. "Oh, sorry, I completely forgot. I programmed the speaker to play our wedding song.

Kyle looks at Jason with pure stars in his eyes. “Such a romantic.” He smiles.

Jason smiles back. “Happy one year anniversary babe.”

“Happy one year anniversary.”

The two kiss again then rest their heads on each others shoulders as they slowly sway to the music. Kyle’s hands around Jason’s shoulders, Jason’s hands on Kyle’s hips, what better image could this be right now? Little did they know, the man from earlier is watching them from the window as they dance.

“Enjoy this boys. You deserve it.” The man smiles then walks away.

The two men are still dancing, eyes closed, thinking about their lives and where things will take them. Both can’t wait to start a family, they just haven’t told the other person yet. But there’s no rush. Tonight, these two will dance and make more love. Tomorrow, they’ll talk about the future. Isn’t it great when you marry your best friend?

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