C3 Exploden hoden

By AgingAthlete
published June 29, 2019

Jeff pays the price for failing to return for treatment, but becomes a better man for it.

Jeff had been sulking in his study for hours when Lisa came to the door holding the house phone, her hand over the receiver.

“Honey, it’s Jack. He’s called three times, and why is he calling on the house phone? Is your cell not working?”

After Jeff’s session with Dr. Maskulär he hadn’t been in a mood for anything but figuring out how he was going to murder his best friend, who was now on the phone.

“Nah, it’s working, I just don’t want to talk to him. Here, give it to me.” He reached out for the phone.

“Well, I don’t know what you two are in a huff about, but it’s probably time to go have a beer and iron it out,” she said, handing him the handset and walking away.

“What do you want Jack?” Jeff asked curtly.

“Hey bro, just wondering how it’s hanging with you. You haven’t returned my calls.”

“You know damn well how they’re hanging you bastard.”

“Aw Jeff, don’t be this way. You demanded that I give you a ref for my doctor and I did it. Now you’re blaming me for what happened. Jeez already.”

“Ok, you have a point. The whole thing has freaked me out. Can you meet me at Jeezos?”

“Yes, of course, see you in a few.”

Jeff hung up the phone and grabbed his coat, kissed his wife and left for the bar. He admitted to himself that he had pressured Jack to get him a referral with the doctor, but he also felt that Jack should have explained what the treatment entailed. Since the day that he had the injections, which now had been over a month, he had started to see changes. At first they were subtle and he wasn’t sure if he was just imagining them or if they were real. He did feel more confident, less fatigued after a long day–and much more randy. His wife even commented and asked what had gotten into him, but she didn’t complain, only to say that the multiple orgasms that he was giving her were wearing her out.

Jeff pulled into the parking lot of Jeezos, their favorite watering hole and saw Jack’s 911 parked sideways at the back of the lot. What a dick, he thought, someday someone was going to get Porsche rage and key him for that.

“It’s good to see you Jeff.”

“I am still very pissed at you and even now my balls are tingling just thinking about what happened!”

“No, that’s a good thing,” he soothed, “here, sit down and let’s talk.”

Jack had already ordered a pint of Jeff’s favorite IPA which Jeff sipped at slowly.

“You need to get out of your funk, Jeff. I mean, I won’t belabor the fact that you asked for it–you now have it and you need to deal with it. Enjoy it and build on it. I could tell when you walked in here that it was working, I haven’t seen that swagger in years. I also noticed that two women, yeah, those two eying you over there (Jack nodded towards a table by the windows) and even a guy, yeah, the dude at the bar looked you over as you walked in.”

Jeff laughed because he WAS being looked at and it felt good. He not only felt good, he felt powerful, almost superhuman. Then he realized that the whole ‘Übermensch’ thing that Dr. Maskulär had talked about was taking place.

“See?” Jack said, sensing his friends new understanding, “You ARE the man!”

Then Jeff remembered the needles and the most incredible pain he had ever experienced. The thought made him pull his legs together protectively.

“Listen Jeff, this was not a one time thing. At some point you will need to go back to the doc.”

“Hell no, that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.” Jeff had raised his voice and people in the bar turned to see what the commotion was.

“Calm down already,” Jack pleaded, “you are really not understanding what is going on.”

“OK, shit-for-brains, explain it to me.”

“Well, for one thing, once the serum starts to work, and it has clearly started, you have to have regular injections of it.”

“NO!” Jeff yelled, “That is not going to happen!” With that Jeff stood up and stormed out of the bar.

“OK,” Jack thought as he sipped his beer and tried to act like nothing happened, “suit yourself.”

Every morning Jeff checked his balls in the mirror. They seemed normal and he had taken to keeping them shaved. Lisa had asked about the shaving that he had received at the doctor’s office and he lied and told her that the doc thought he might have a rash or something. Then she told him she liked it, so smooth balls it was. In the month or so since he had been ‘treated’ his nuts had gotten larger as he was told they would. He had also gotten a promotion at work and had started running. Still angry at Jack, he hadn’t been back to their gym since before his visit to the doctor so he didn’t know if he could beat his buddy at racquetball or not, which was what had started the whole mess.

When the letter from Dr. Maskulär arrived in the mail he almost threw it out, but thought better of it and opened it.

Dear Mr. Jones,

It is now well past the time for you to schedule a visit with our clinic, please call us to set up an appointment. It is imperative that you be treated soon.

He balled up the letter and tossed it out. Hell no he wasn’t going back to that torture chamber. Then, almost on cue, about a week later it started. He was shaving, getting ready for work, when a sudden pain hit him in the nuts, literally–at least that is what it felt like. A nut-tap, like you would get from your buds back in HS when you were distracted looking at a girl. He doubled over slightly and thankfully the sharp pain didn’t last long, but it came out of nowhere and caught him by surprise. He checked himself over and didn’t see anything, but something had happened, that he was sure of.

He got dressed, had some coffee, kissed his wife and left for work. By the time he got to the office he had forgotten about the event, until the heaviness set in. His sack felt like it was full of lead, almost as if his nuts had hardened into metal eggs, dragging down against the pouch of his briefs.

“Is everything OK Mr. Jones?”

Jeff startled and looked up to see his secretary, Karen, standing in the doorway of his office. He had pushed his chair away from his desk and sat with his legs spread, staring down at his crotch.

“Ummm, yeah,” he replied, looking up and composing himself, scooting his chair back towards his desk. “I think maybe the eggs I had for breakfast weren’t cooked enough,” he lied, “I’m feeling a little woozy, I’m going to take a walk.”

Jeff stood up and Karen could not help but notice the bulge in his trousers. She had wondered to herself what things looked like down there, her boss was not only handsome, but very well built–he certainly spent enough time at the gym. She had noticed a change in him over the past few weeks, but could not put her finger on it. He pushed past her and headed towards the elevator. “Hold my calls, will’ya?” he called back over his shoulder.

“Yes, Sir. Will do.”

Jeff left the building and headed towards Dr. Maskulär’s practice, a few blocks away. He was going to let the good doctor know what he thought of him in no uncertain terms. Suddenly he felt like he had been slammed in the nuts with a baseball. He doubled over, grabbing his crotch and rolling to the ground. A high-pitched screech had escaped his lips. A man walking by stopped and knelt down to speak to him.

“Are you OK buddy?” he asked, putting a hand on Jeff’s shoulder.

Jeff looked up and smiled weakly, the pain had started to ebb away. “Yeah, I think I’m OK.”

The man helped him to his feet and flagged a cab.

“What happened? It looked for a minute like you got slammed in the jewels, man, but I didn’t see anything.”

Again Jeff lied, “It was the operation, I guess I should have stayed home a bit longer. Thanks for getting the cab for me.”

“Hospital?” the cabbie asked as the man helped Jeff into the cab.

“No, my doctor’s office. 1313 5th Avenue.”

The man helping him into the cab looked at Jeff and exclaimed “My doctor’s in that building,” then knowingly, “You should not have waited this long buddy.”

Jeff’s mouth fell open as the door swung shut. He winced at the increasing pain building between his legs, but in a few minutes he was in front of Dr. Maskulär’s office. The doorman helped him out of the cab and paid the driver.

“The doctor is waiting for you, Sir,” he said as he helped Jeff to the elevator.

“WTF,” Jeff thought, “how many fucking people are in on this?”

Jeff stumbled out of the elevator, wracked with a worse pain in his nuts than the injections had been. They had swelled and felt like a pair of oranges rubbing painfully together at his crotch, his package grotesquely expanded.

The door to Dr. Maskulär’s office opened and Jason came out, grabbed Jeff from behind and under his arms as he passed out from the pain.

When Jeff came to he was in the oval exam room, mounted into the contraption such that he was lying back, his arms and legs spread wide. He stared down at his goods, a catheter had been inserted into his dick, which was taped vertically to his belly. His balls were huge, and they throbbed painfully, a small support sticking up from the floor kept them from hanging down.

The door opened and Natasha walked in. “Mein poor dear,” she said consolingly, her hand instinctively touching Jeff’s forehead, testing for fever, even though his body temp was reported on the monitor.

“Where is the Doctor?” Jeff demanded, his voice muffled by the breathing tube mounted to his face.

“He vill be here soon, just rest.”

“HOW CAN I REST?” Jeff screamed, “My balls are killing me!”

“Nein, you are fine. The only thing now is pain. If you had komen a week ago for the injections, this would not be happening. Now that you delayed, der ist ein protocol that must be followed. You are lucky you got here when you did.”

Tears welled up in Jeff’s eyes as another round of pain washed over his massive balls. Natasha brushed his forehead again and then left the room. After what seemed like hours the door opened and the doctor appeared. Jeff was going to yell at him, but he knew it wouldn’t do any good and he was counting on the doctor to take the pain away.

Dr. Maskulär looked him over and then gently squeezed each of his engorged nuts, like he was checking fruit for ripeness, causing Jeff to scream into the ventilator.

“I am sorry Jeff, I needed to test the course of the expansion and das ist the only way to do it. I vill not belabor the fact that you waited too long to see me–you were warned. Because certain metabolic processes were not halted by your scheduled injections, this is the result. You are only the third man in my care who failed to miss his first follow-up treatment. I have to tell you that this vill be far worse than the normal injection sequence. I told you during your initial interview that the most important thing in a man’s life is discipline. You clearly did not get that message, but I guarantee after today you will. There is a short window where we can reverse the current process. If that window is missed, your hoden will literally explode.”

Jeff could not believe what he was hearing and even though he was enveloped in the most intense pain of his life, centered at his groin and emanating like a dark, pounding wave out across his body, he knew that he had screwed up. Again, tears welled into his eyes and he was ashamed.

The doctor continued, looking into Jeff’s eyes like a stern father. “Jeff, I see that you regret your actions, or inaction, and there is no shame for a man to cry when experiencing the kind of pain that you are in. You are being given an energy vapor through your breathing tube that is keeping you conscious. It is essential that you be awake during the procedure or I cannot guarantee that you would survive it.”

Almost on cue Jeff’s bloated balls began to throb visibly and the level of pain it caused him was dull and searing, as if some giant was slowly pounding on him with a massive hammer, breaking him, tearing him down.

Jeff saw that the doctor was now sitting on a stool between his outstretched legs holding a syringe. Jeff winced as the doctor said, “Bite down on the mouthpiece as hard as you can.” Jeff complied as he felt the syringe being plunged into his left nut. He screamed like he had never screamed before and silently prayed to be rendered unconscious, thinking he would rather never wake up than to face the second needle, but the drug vapor would not allow it. The pain ebbed slightly, almost imperceptibly, as Jeff saw the second syringe poised above his right nut, then jammed forcefully into it. Again the wall of pain wave washed over Jeff and he screamed, long, loud and almost mournful.

As his body shuddered he began to experience a hallucination. He was standing on a beach at night, a huge vertical wave of dark water, the pain, had just washed over him. He remained standing, almost rooted to the ground as the wave receded and as it did so the pain went with it. Jeff stood looking out over the ocean, a warm breeze began to dry his skin. He was naked and slowly looked down, almost afraid of what he might see. His balls had returned to their normal size and again he wept, but this time for joy. He felt energized, powerful, commanding and fortified. Almost as quickly as it had appeared, the hallucination faded away and he was once more in the examination room.

Jeff looked down and saw his dick where it had been, taped up onto his stomach, the catheter removed. With a huge sigh of relief he saw that his balls had shrunk to normal size, large for a man of his proportions, but still normal.

“Ach, you are back with us,” Dr. Maskulär said as he removed the ventilator unit from Jeff’s mouth. “Here, trinken das,” he said as he held a glass to Jeff’s parched lips. Jeff drank greedily, his throat dry and parched from the ventilator and the screaming. The doctor then tapped his control screen and the support structure stood Jeff up and released him. As Jeff stepped out of the boots he was amazed at how good he felt, not weakened at all from his ordeal, calmly powerful and fortified.

“It vas just wassar, Jeff,” the doctor explained, sensing that Jeff may have thought he was given some sort of elixir. “What you are feeling now is the secondary effects of your treatment. After the first round, the effect is dominated by testosterone, which made you stronger, but also aggressive and impulsive. Now the special hormones that your hoden are producing are giving you the discipline you so badly needed.”

As Jeff walked towards the locker room to fetch his clothes, he turn to the doctor.

“Thank you, Sir.”

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